Can I just buy basic version for PS4 version and still use my PC account which is purchased up to SB?

  1. Ive been using my PC to play, and ive already purchased up to Shadow Bringer on PC. Already got to Storm Blood content.

    Now I wanna use my PS4 to play with a friend of mine (Please dont use the argument "just play on your PC while playing with your friend").

    My question is simple, can I just buy the starter edition for PS4, and use my account (since im gonna be starting a new character with my friend)?

    User Info: dreamer25

    dreamer25 - 1 week ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You will be able to use your same PC account on PS4 with all your currently created characters, but you will not be able to access any content past Heavensward on PS4 unless you buy the appropriate license for PS4 specifically. Also worth noting that your HUD/hotbars will not carry over between the two, so you'll have to redo all of that. Finally, your account will be linked to your PSN profile, and on that profile no one will be able to log in with any other account unless you disconnect them, which has to go directly through Square Enix support and uh... mileage may vary on that one. That might not be an issue for you, but just figured I would give the heads up.

    User Info: Eeveefan09

    Eeveefan09 - 1 week ago 2   0
  2. Im a traveler, I have my ps4 at home and laptop almost everywhere I go. Is the transition of saves pretty good enough that if I turn off my laptop, and decide to continue via PS4 (or vice-versa) that (aside from internet possible problems) I should be able to continue my progress?

    My apologize for my possible impossible to understand rambling since its really hard to phrase the question XD

    User Info: dreamer25

    dreamer25 - 1 week ago
  3. Dreamer25: Absolutely. I'm playing on PS4 and on two different PCs myself. There are some minor troubles between clients though but nothing gamebreaking - majority of things is kept on server (items in armory/inventory, gil etc.) but some information is kept on client side (like inventory sorting order, macros, key bindings). You'll see for yourself, nothing to worry about really

    User Info: Rejpal

    Rejpal - 1 week ago
  4. The HUD/Hotbar stuff is not true. You can use the server backup option within the game to store your settings in the game's server and download it from other devices.

    User Info: gb094

    gb094 - 6 hours ago

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