I did pre-ordered my FFXIV and never got my theme or avatar for buying it. Where and who do I talk to for my pre-order?

  1. I brought the game exclusively for the badass darknight chapter with his fighting a Angel after defeating his long time rival in true warrior class. I only got interested in this game after you introduced it in Final Fantasy 15 event. So after seeing the badass trailer I baught it. It said you would get a theme and avatar for pre-ordering it. If I am not going to get it I would like my money back for being ripped off. The game was never played. I had 5 surgeries and had to recover from the use of not being able to use my left arm and back.

    User Info: DynastyFayt

    DynastyFayt - 2 weeks ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Contact the Square Enix support center.

    User Info: chocobo_loco

    chocobo_loco - 2 weeks ago 8   0


  1. What platform did you preorder on? If PC, what storefront did you go to for this? When did you preorder? What event are you talking about in question? These bits of information are important to let you know where you would need to go.

    User Info: omegaGogeta

    omegaGogeta - 2 weeks ago 3   0
  2. Talk to sony I think, if you bought it from psn store

    User Info: SlicingWind

    SlicingWind - 5 days ago 0   0

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