Should I play on PC or PS4?

  1. Well basically Im a newbie and i want to know how should i play the game on my Pc or my Ps4 pro.

    User Info: Gilbert2414

    Gilbert2414 - 3 months ago
  2. PC, and only PC.
    I know a lot of people play on PS4 and have fun but this will leave you limited and constantly facing the challenge of adapting to managing this giant MMORPG (with more content and things to manage than World of Warcraft) on a controller with 8 main buttons.

    MMORPG such as WoW don't get a console release mainly because of the issue with controls. Final Fantasy has to make console versions because Japanese are not into PC gaming.

    My advice is to play only on PC. It is much more comfortable and you can access things much easier. For an MMORPG this is crucial.

    User Info: Desune

    Desune - 2 months ago
  3. I play on PS4 (albeit with a keyboard to type) and my experience is great. PC is not the only viable option, if you prefer it.

    User Info: Dust_monster

    Dust_monster - 2 months ago
  4. Good info guys.... I appreciate it

    User Info: Gilbert2414

    Gilbert2414 - 2 months ago
  5. the PS4 has more than 8 buttons, there are at least 32 (maybe even 48) - 8 while holding R2,8 while holding L2, 8 while holding R2 then pressing L2, 8 while holding L2 then pressing R2. There's all the ones from double-tapping R2 or L2, but i forget how many that is (i think 4 each). There are different ways to organize this with different shoulder button combinations, but the number of buttons doesn't change. I've been playing on this scheme since the ARR betas went live on PS3, and I've had no issue. There are still more buttons to be used than skills for any job

    Also, the controller works on both as do Mouse and KB, so the control scheme is irrelevant to the platform

    User Info: Miannucci

    Miannucci - 2 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. The accepted answer is wrong. You are not locked to the platform. The only issue is that Steam and Windows are two different things and can't be mixed. You can have PS4 and PC at the same time, I do and go between them all the time.

    User Info: stallion8426

    stallion8426 - 2 months ago 23   6
  2. stallion is correct, ff14 can be played on both pc and or ps4 thanks to crossplay but cannot be played at the same time.

    User Info: Locke90

    Locke90 - 2 months ago
  3. I think what they meant is that if you buy the game on PS4 and want to switch to PC you can... but you have to buy the game again. Or viceversa.

    User Info: GrayFox2510

    GrayFox2510 - 2 months ago


  1. I'd strongly recommend pc. While I think they made an amazing effort working in the keybinds into the controller at the end of the day its not made for that. You've got dozens of keys you need for buffs, rotations, shortcuts, menus, emotes, quick keys. The pc is also the "main" version so you won't have to worry about delayed patch support or it being dumped for the ps5 version or anything like that. I hope you'll have fun with the game.

    User Info: legefy

    legefy - 2 months ago 9   2
  2. It depends on your preferred mode of communication. FFXIV is a highly social game so you need to ask yourself how will you be communicating with your fellow teammates. Will you be typing or using your voice is an important distinction and question to be made between PC and PS4. Try both if you are dedicated enough.

    User Info: HeIImasker

    HeIImasker - 2 months ago 5   0
  3. Does anyone even use voice-chat in FF XIV? I've never seen that unless you do discord, I guess. I don't support discord and the way they promote anti-human racist propaganda, sexualization of people and pedophilia.

    User Info: Desune

    Desune - 2 months ago
  4. on PS4 game runs very good, i recommend it. i enjoyed it a lot and i still playing it

    User Info: gdaubian

    gdaubian - 2 months ago 2   0
  5. Preference. You can even plug-in a keyboard and mouse on PS4 and play like you're on PC.

    User Info: lloydknight

    lloydknight - 3 months ago 3   2
  6. So on the Pc you can't use a controller

    User Info: Gilbert2414

    Gilbert2414 - 3 months ago
  7. Yes, you can. You can use an Xbox One controller on PC

    User Info: psduckie1

    psduckie1 - 3 months ago
  8. or use PS4 controller on Steam.

    heck, you can even use a generic/third-party controller. Just configure it on Steam.

    User Info: lloydknight

    lloydknight - 3 months ago
  9. Thanks for the info I appreciate it

    User Info: Gilbert2414

    Gilbert2414 - 2 months ago
  10. ps4 controller works fine with utilities like DS4 Windows

    User Info: Insomnamarth

    Insomnamarth - 2 months ago
  11. Don't listen to anti controller spammers, if you have a decent gaming pc then pc sometimes gets content faster and it likely runs better than ps4 depending on specs. However, ps4 offers pretty much the same experience. If the game wasn't meant to played with a controller it would be pc exclusive like wow

    User Info: Micah_the_wooly

    Micah_the_wooly - 1 month ago 0   0
  12. Do PC if you can.

    There is no ingame dps meter and the only way to know how you're actually doing is via a third party tool called ACT which you can't access via PS4.

    User Info: dw1989

    dw1989 - 2 weeks ago 0   0
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    thompson420 - 1 month ago 0   2
  14. I don't know why so many people disagree with Meghiddo's answer. You cannot switch between platforms unless you have purchased a license for each separate platform. If you buy the game and expansions on the PS4, you cannot play your account on PC unless you buy the PC license AND the expansions again.

    User Info: Jin_13

    Jin_13 - 2 months ago 4   8
  15. Because he said your account will be "locked". You account is never locked stuck on a single platform. This isn't one of those games that specifically have a Sony server. You can use your account freely, given you have another license of the game.

    That's why he's incorrect.

    User Info: Pencil

    Pencil - 2 months ago
  16. Then many people were misinterpreting "locked". Even you just said that you cannot use your account without another license for the game on the other platform, hence your account will be "locked" to that platform.

    Meghiddo was not incorrect at all. The only reason anyone says so is semantics.

    User Info: Jin_13

    Jin_13 - 2 months ago
  17. The account is not locked. You just don't have the license to use the account on another platform. You buy a license you can use the account on another platform.

    Semantics is important when it can lead to people thinking that you can't use an account created on the PS4 on the PC or vice versa.

    User Info: nedrith

    nedrith - 2 months ago
  18. Except it was made pretty clear that the licenses are required for the other platform. Even stallion's answer above is incorrect, as he fails to mention that the different licenses are required to play on either platform. It is also all over the forums both on Lodestone and even here on GameFAQs.

    As Arvis would say... "Ha! Semantic nonsense!"

    User Info: Jin_13

    Jin_13 - 2 months ago
  19. Which isn't really a big deal considering that the game and expansions go for about 20$. This is 40$ less than what you would have paid without a discount and 20$ less than what you would have paid for both PC and PS4 versions.
    The amount of content and love this game has justifies any extra spendings.

    User Info: Desune

    Desune - 2 months ago
  20. Game runs pretty bad on PS4. If you have a decent PC I'd recommend that.

    User Info: TatsuSuou

    TatsuSuou - 2 months ago 1   10

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