I was going to try Dancer but a friend told me it's the worst DPS job and is all RNG, is that true?

  1. Just wondering if its actually the worst DPS class and if it is all RNG dependant, I don't mind some RNG but if the entire class is all RNG then I don't know.

    User Info: ModernHeritor76

    ModernHeritor76 - 2 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. It's a videogame and trying it out for yourself won't hurt you.

    But Dancer is an extremely basic class. I've played all the classes in this game so far and none is so simplistic even at lv80 as that class. So I guess it's ideal for beginners as anyone should be able to do well with it. And it's still kinda enjoyable to play. I generally did like leveling it and will probably still play it from time to time. But it's just way to basic compared to any other class for me to stick to it long term.

    And the rng is not that bad. Yes, rng plays a huge role in that class' design but it's not as bad as I remember it to be with Bard for example, where you have to constantly be staring at your hotbars because all kinds of skills would proc all the time, based on critical hits and whatever else. Like I said Dancer is an extremely simplistic class so there's not much you can do wrong or mess up about it. If you don't notice that a skill has proc'd right away, that's fine. Just use it on your next GCD turn. You won't lose any dps because of it usually.

    And the class also has 2 dance skills that both deal aoe damage, so there's no deciding when to use which skills against 1 v multiple enemies or anything like that either. Just use the aoe rotation against 2+ enemies, the single target one against a single enemy and the dance skills whenever they're available. Can't get any simpler than that.

    User Info: Atzenkiller

    Atzenkiller - 2 weeks ago 11   10

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  1. Dancer has very useful damage buffs and that's where its main strength lies, and less so in the damage it deals itself. It's by no means the worst; I believe that title would go to Bard, a worse Dancer that has both lackluster personal damage and lackluster buffs.

    RNG does play a considerable role in terms of what attacks you can use, but there's a skill that automatically procs everything which you get at the later levels that helps with this.

    User Info: Makio

    Makio - 2 weeks ago 9   1

Other Answers

  1. Honestly, with only a *bare* handful of exceptions across the games history, the difference between the best DPS and the worst DPS has been minor at best. You can clear pretty much any content in the game with the least optimal party possible; balance is something this game does quite well.

    User Info: blabla102384756

    blabla102384756 - 2 weeks ago 6   0
  2. Of the 3 physical ranged dps, dancer has the best aoe damage potential, followed by mch with brd way behind.

    User Info: NaitoOkami

    NaitoOkami - 2 weeks ago 5   1
  3. Try it. Regardless of whether or not it's the best in progression raiding, you may enjoy it and that's what matters.

    User Info: psduckie1

    psduckie1 - 2 weeks ago 6   2
  4. Dancer is playing Simon Says for the most part, and it's weaker DPS is offsetted by the massive buffs it gives to its dance partner, so it's better for multiplayer content than single player content.

    User Info: supersayandoyle

    supersayandoyle - 6 days ago 2   0
  5. It's not really the worst. It is heavily RNG dependent though for its personal damage though.

    User Info: FlameMagician

    FlameMagician - 2 weeks ago 1   7
  6. The title of worst dps job in the game goes to RDM. DNC meanwhile is the best job in its class, better than BRD and MCH.

    I wouldn't worry about the RNG element of the job since it's not as bad as some make it seem. It's actually fun in a way since you won't be stuck with the same static rotation all the time.

    User Info: Don0508

    Don0508 - 2 weeks ago 2   26

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