How much does ffxiv cost?

  1. I don´t really understand how much ffxiv costs. Do i need to buy the game/version and then pay monthly sub?
    And how much does that sub cost? And can you buy a sub longer than a month?

    User Info: MollyVj

    MollyVj - 1 week ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Complete edition is 59.99 and the sub is either 12.99/month for 1 character per server max 8 i believe, or 14.99 per month with multiple characters allowed on servers. Complete edition includes the base game, and all expansions.

    User Info: Mauler_OoR

    Mauler_OoR - 1 week ago 3   0
  2. Also, to add to that final question, you can buy a sub for longer than a month at a small discount (paying for 6 months is less expensive than paying for 1 month 6 times).

    User Info: 7daysko

    7daysko - 1 week ago

Other Answers

  1. Base game with expansions varies depending on the platform, around £50. Sub is £7.69 per month (about $10)

    User Info: OneTruePlayer81

    OneTruePlayer81 - 1 week ago 1   1

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