Will you get banned using nude mods?

  1. I saw people screenshoting their character which are nude in the game. Wont you get banned from using nude mods? I also heard that mods are only visible from the client sides only. Is that true as well?

    User Info: michael_shane

    michael_shane - 1 year ago

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  1. It's impossible to definitively say whether you will or won't get banned for something that's technically against the Terms of Service. With that said, it's unlikely you'll get banned as long as you're not sharing screenshots on social media or streaming with the mods on.

    You're correct that the mods are only visible from the client side; other players won't see your mods unless you're streaming or sharing screenshots.

    Bottom line: keep it to yourself and you're probably fine.

    User Info: Jolteon

    Jolteon (Expert) - 1 year ago 32   1


  1. To add in to what Jolteon posted, periodically SE will update their launcher and it is possible your mods can trigger something back to SE.

    It was a while ago and an in game friend was suspended for running a glam mod in game. That player received a 7 day suspension with a treat of ban if caught again.

    Keep it to yourself and completely disable mods during patch updates.

    User Info: colddeck64

    colddeck64 - 1 year ago 21   5
  2. mods are client side only they can't punish you for applications on your pc that dont affect the gameplay of others

    User Info: Micah_the_wooly

    Micah_the_wooly - 8 months ago 4   3
  3. This isn't true. They can and have banned people for client-side mods, both nude mods and parsers. It's more that they usually won't, unless you're sharing your NSFW screenshots in a very public place or using other people's numbers as a way to shame them.

    User Info: Funcoland

    Funcoland - 5 months ago
  4. They can't tell if you're modding textures. People who get banned do so as a result of confession or posting evidence they are manipulating the client.

    They can tell if you're running a program hooked in to the exe.

    User Info: _Emi_

    _Emi_ - 3 months ago
  5. One of the modders who created the widely used eyes and hair mods is banned so just don't post it to your actual social media accounts that can trace back to your ff14 email

    User Info: JepMZ

    JepMZ - 1 month ago 0   0
  6. if you don't talk about it, they cannot. a patch will break your mods, but se's launcher isn't sophisticated enough to detect anything. if anything, they may think something was simply corrupted.

    anyone who was banned for it was talking about it and sharing screenshots.

    User Info: strred

    strred - 1 month ago 1   4
  7. Use common sense pal. What do you think? Its a game, not a adult website.

    User Info: gdaubian

    gdaubian - 1 year ago 20   82

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