If I buy ShB, will i be able to play through all the content up to that point?

  1. I have up to StB on ps4 but I want to move to PC, where i only have the base game. If I buy ShB will I have access to my character and all the previous content on PC?

    User Info: xMoriKunx

    xMoriKunx - 1 year ago

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  1. Yes. Since you already own the base game on PC, when you buy Shadowbringers you will have access to all of the content.

    However you will need to log out in a Stormblood or older area if you want to play on your PS4.

    User Info: colddeck64

    colddeck64 (Expert) - 1 year ago 7   3
  2. Unless you change to a new race in which case you can only log in with ShB access.

    User Info: MetallifiedKISS

    MetallifiedKISS - 1 year ago


  1. I just purchased the ShB expansion for 39.99 from their site and did not have Stormblood yet, it was included.

    User Info: Atownak

    Atownak - 1 year ago 1   0
  2. Expansion access is platform specific. To have full access you need to have all the expansions on pc, not just ShB

    User Info: Insomnamarth

    Insomnamarth - 1 year ago 3   7
  3. This is incorrect as Shadowbringers Expansion, all Prior Expansions are included.

    User Info: roleplayergamer

    roleplayergamer - 1 year ago
  4. yes for whatever platform you buy it for. You cant buy the expansions on the PC though and have that upgrade your PS4 version, for instance, as for that you would have to also buy the expansions for the PS4 too. Thats what they were talking about.

    User Info: panforis

    panforis - 3 weeks ago

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