Technic al problema with the game (Black screen)?

  1. Ok, i've errore everywhere...
    In Short i've downloads the game like a week ago, for 5 data everything was ok. Buy fromyesterday the game Exploded.
    Everything i trucchi to enter a realm It crashes and got a Black screen. The audio external to the game (like Spotify or discord) continue to go, the PC Itself continue to run perfectly. Only the graphic card start ti ringrazio tuo fast.
    I have tgis issue only with ffxiv.
    I've tried lot of things: to download another louncher (from steam), to change the dx in the louncher from 11 to 9, to download older diverse foto my card, to remove the lock in the card buongiorno the Power optionof the PC, to modify a file in the game's files (following a guide founded on reddit), ti modify the graphic optional in the game...
    But nothing, It continue to go in Black screen.
    My card is a GtX 1060 3gb from Palit
    My os Is win 7

    Please, help me.

    User Info: Geline

    Geline - 2 years ago

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