If I have this on PC, do I have to rebuy it for PS4?

  1. I don't mind rebuying it, it's quite cheap. Just wondering if I can avoid it. I have the regular version, no collector's edition on PC, downloaded from Amazon. If I get the digital download of FF14 from PSN, do I have to pay?

    User Info: Miwa27

    Miwa27 - 5 years ago

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  1. Hi MIWA27

    Short answer: Yes

    Long answer: You will need to have a valid copy registered for each platform you wish to play on (Windows, Mac, Steam, PS3, PS4) in order to play on that platform, plus Heavensward if you want to access that content. This means, if you have a valid copy of A Realm Reborn and Heavensward on your PC, you will need to buy a copy of BOTH for the PS4 in order to play it on your console. If you buy a copy of A Realm Reborn for the PS4 only, you will not be able to access Heavensward content. The game licenses are not cross-platform.

    If you log into the Mog Station you can see which platforms you have licenses for under the "Your Account" Screen (scroll down to the Account Status --> Version section).

    User Info: Mortalis868

    Mortalis868 - 5 years ago 9   1


  1. Yes butnits worth buying, its an exceelnt game.

    User Info: gdaubian

    gdaubian - 1 year ago 1   8

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