How to show all quest areas in minimap?

  1. When I first start the game, all of the quests and (!) markers appear on the minimap. However, when I click on one specific quest on the right side of the screen, it switches to showing only that particular quest on the minimap. And once that quest is complete, NO quests appear on the minimap.

    How do I toggle this to display all quests and pending quests on the minimap again?

    User Info: Hi_Neighbor

    Hi_Neighbor - 6 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Quest tracker only shows 5 quests at a time and you can't change which are displayed. Complete a quest shown there to get something else tracked. No telling which quest will get tracked though.

    If it's a short quest in a region you're not going back to for a while, I'd just abandon it and come back later.

    User Info: Edalborez

    Edalborez - 6 years ago 1   0

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