buying japanese version of hard copy, but i can play it in English, right? (haven't bought the game)

  1. i bought my hard copy, which is european pc version, and i can play the game in 4 different languages. (jap, eng, german, french). I know that in order to kick in euro vers of registeration code, you must have a euro SE account, which i had no problem with. as soon as i play the game, i can choose between the 4 language on launcher, which won't effect which server you can play, nor will affect you you will meet. i use euro SE account and currently playing in Japanese server, in english interface.

    however, my friend, from taiwan, wants to play this game. there, they only sell Japanese version of the pc ff14. so does japanese version, having jap reg code, with jap SE account, can change between the 4 language like all other region? she reluctant to buy it just yet because of this. Taiwan only sells Japanese version ( as far as she had tried so hard finding the english).

    i need just this confirmation. if anyone can give me a convincing positive answer (with links if possible), i'll ask her to buy the japanese version. also, will there be language trouble while installing the game?

    Thank you in advance

    User Info: mrzinedine

    mrzinedine - 5 years ago

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  1. You can play with anyone as long as they are on the same server as you are.
    I already played with japanese players so I can confirm it.
    The game will however advice you and your friend to play on the corresponding server but you're not forced to do it.

    You can change language in the launcher (Japanese, English, French or German) My best friend is playing in Japanese and I'm playing in Franch although we both bought or games togheter in our local shop in Switzerland.

    User Info: sangernambu

    sangernambu - 5 years ago 1   0


  1. There should not be any problems with the two of you playing together as long as both of you are on the same server.

    I don't have the japanese version but I assume you can just change the language from the japanese launcher into English.

    User Info: BGM_yoshiki

    BGM_yoshiki - 5 years ago 0   0

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