How do you claim your Collector's Edition In Game Bonuses?

  1. I thought it had something to do with mail, but I can't figure out where to receive mail at.

    User Info: SennenMugetsu

    SennenMugetsu - 7 years ago

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  1. All in game bonuses are sent via the Moogle Mail Delivery system.

    Just find a moogle in Old Gridania opposite the theater floating.

    User Info: thelovemonk

    thelovemonk - 6 years ago 6   1


  1. All items are delivered via mail. just go to a mog delivery moogle. (the floating-white-chibi winged-cat things) if you open your map you will see a little envolope icon. thats where the delivery moogles are. one in New Gridania opposite the theater, one in Limsa lominsa near the teleport point or one in thanalan that's near the adventurer guild. there the best places if you are just starting. whatever city you start in has one nearby

    User Info: OrlithNightfire

    OrlithNightfire - 5 years ago 5   2
  2. If you are still having trouble (assuming you bought the physical copy), under the code, it should list a website where to can apply the code to your account, the EU website is:
    You should then see all of your bonuses linked to your account and then available in your in-game mail. (If you have done this and have still not received your items, try relogging)

    User Info: Sirroose

    Sirroose - 7 years ago 2   1
  3. I haven't gotten mine, either. I've filed two tickets with GMs and gotten nowhere.

    User Info: Cervantesx

    Cervantesx - 7 years ago 2   2
  4. The first time you login on each of your characters after entering the keycode, you should have Mail waiting for you (above the minimap). Find a Delivery Moogle and you will have a set of messages with the promo items attached.

    User Info: erickei

    erickei - 7 years ago 0   1

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