Main quest dungeons?

  1. How many of the story quests send you through a dungeon?

    User Info: xoden

    xoden - 6 years ago

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  1. There are quite a number of dungeons in the game.
    Lvl15 Sastasha (story dungeon for quest "It's Probably Pirates.")
    Lvl16 Tam-Tara Deepcroft (story quest "Fire in the Gloom.")
    Lvl17 Copperbell Mines (story quest "Into a Copper Hell" )
    Lvl20 Halatali (OPTIONAL)
    Lvl24 The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak(Story "Into the Beast's Maw")
    Lvl28 Haukke Manor (Story "Skeletons in Her Closet,")
    Lvl32 Braflox Longstop (Story "The Things We Do for Cheese.")
    Lvl35 Sunken Temple of Qarn(OPTIONAL)
    Lvl38 Cutter's Cry(OPTIONAL)
    Lvl41 Stone Virgil (Story "In Pursuit of the Past")
    Lvl44 Dzemael Darkhold (Optional but needed for some Grand Companies)
    Lvl47 Aurum Vale (Optional but needed for some Grand Companies)
    Lvl50 Castrum Meridianum (story)
    Lvl50 Praetorium (story)
    Lvl50 Wanderer's Palace (optional)
    Lvl50 Amdapor Keep (optional, but required for your relic weapon)

    So while you can finish the story by doing those I've marked with story quest, it is beneficial to run the optional dungeons at least once for the bonus exp they give. Some of them are good to farm at the given level because they give good drops. E.g Brayflox gives good gear that pretty much can last you until the mid forties.

    User Info: BGM_yoshiki

    BGM_yoshiki - 5 years ago 2   0


  1. Thankfully in 5.0 the Trust system is being introduced. So you will be able to run these story required dungeons with NPCs and not have to wait for a group to be found.

    User Info: NiteX

    NiteX - 6 months ago 1   1
  2. 16, I believe.

    User Info: King_Moogle

    King_Moogle - 6 years ago 0   1

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