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  1. I've read that there are monthly fees, what is that for if I paid the full game I shouldn't have to pay more every month like xbox live. Can someone kindly explain this to me what these monthly fees are?

    User Info: Zelxios_Djin

    Zelxios_Djin - 5 years ago

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  1. Traditionaly, MMO games come in one of two flavors, Subscription or Pay-for-Premium.
    In Subscription based games, you pay a monthly fee and have full access to all parts of the game at all times. This is the method used by FFXIV and World of Warcraft.
    Pay-for-Premium games are typicaly free to download and play, and give you the option to pay real world money for in game items. Depending on the game, these items are either purely cosmetic or sometimes have an actual in game effect.

    Online games do require upkeep, paying the bills for the server to be online, paying for a tech team to be on call when the game goes down, and paying programmers to provide updates. A single purchase price does not cover all these costs, and definatly doesn't make the producers any money, so a constant influx of money is needed to not only pay for the upkeep of the game, but also to keep the publisher in a good light with their investors. They do this be either charging a flat monthly fee, or by letting you pay them to get a giant purple chicken to ride down the street on.

    That being said, the current rates, if I remember them correctly, is $9.99 (US) for a single character per month, or $14.99 for up to 40 characters over 8 servers.

    User Info: D_vin

    D_vin - 5 years ago 17   1
  2. $12.99 for Entry. 30 days.
    An introductory subscription allowing 1 character per World (monthly billing only).
    * A maximum of 8 characters can be created.

    $14.99 for Standard; 30 days, $44.97; 90 days, or $89.94; 180 days
    A standard subscription allowing 8 characters per World.
    * A maximum of 40 characters can be created.


    User Info: MMX377

    MMX377 - 5 days ago

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  1. Maybe they want to expand the game and would rather people pay to play monthly to make it worth their time.

    User Info: Then0rm

    Then0rm - 4 days ago 0   2

  2. The short answer is the games get substantial free updates every 3 months, and you are essentially paying for that instead of dlc being sold individually, by the end of each expansion cycle (roughly two years) the game nearly doubles in size with free updates paid for by your sub

    User Info: singhellotaku

    singhellotaku - 1 week ago 1   11
  3. This is a 5 year old question.

    User Info: LinnaKeaton

    LinnaKeaton - 6 days ago
  4. Actually if you consider the amount of things that SE bills you for and the amount of content you receive in return it's quite awful. The fact of the matter is that MMO's tend to be cash cows for companies (assuming they're successful) due to how the game needs very little maintenance (especially one like FFXIV that borderline copies and pastes content from patch to patch).

    The fact is, most of that money just goes into SE's pocket to fund other ventures like FFXV (formerly FFXIII versus), KH3 and FF7 remake.

    The amount of content you generally receive per patch cycle will be either a 24 man dungeon OR a typical 8 man raid, 2 dungeons, and 1 ex primal. Nowhere near the roughly 40 $USD you pay for 3 months of gameplay even factoring in server costs which tbh are not that substantial like some make you think. It's not like the graphics in this game are exceptional either as it uses graphics dated to the early part of the 2010's. By comparison, you could literally purchase an entire game on steam for what you get a 24 man dungeon, 2 normal dungeons and 1 ex primal for.

    Then tack on

    -Mogstation (cash shop)


    -Subscription fee

    -Base game

    -Fee to watch livestream

    -Fee for services like name change, world change, character change

    And you can see that they are billing you in so many ways and no other video game on Earth really bills you as much as FFXIV does other than maybe WoW and gacha games. The content released is not even comparable to individual titles and a large part of that money really goes back into SE's pockets. They had no problem developing the game even without the cash shop in place. Most of the extra sources of income are really a result of SE trying to make more money on FFXIV

    User Info: mistermikeymike

    mistermikeymike - 5 days ago

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