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Guide and Walkthrough by lordgod666

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 06/16/2012
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           ,---.          |                       ,-.-.o         |
           |--- ,---.,---.|--- ,---.,---.,---.    | | |.,---.,---|
           |    ,---|`---.|    |---'|    |   |    | | |||   ||   |
           `---'`---^`---'`---'`---'`    `   '    ` ' '``   '`---'

       ~|~|_  _   |  _  __|_  (~ _    | _  /~\ |`  ~|~ _  _  _ __|\ | _    
        | | |(/_  |_(_)_\ |   _)(_)|_||_\  \_/~|~   | (_)| |(_|  | \|(_)|_|

Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls Of Tong-Nou Walkthrough/FAQ by lordgod666

Version 1.02
                              TABLE OF CONTENTS

         -1.0- Hints

         -2.0- Characters

         -3.0- Walkthrough

         -4.0- Items


         -6.0- Helix Palace

         -7.0- Version History

         -8.0- Contact

         -9.0- Copyright

         -1.0- Hints

Here are some general hints before you consult the main guide:

- There is no penalty for death so don't worry about experimenting

- Don't talk to the a-mong family, they steal items

- Some puzzles can be solved with alternative items from the marketplace

- Items such as the golden flower reappear after use

- The answer to the question in the tree of life is "Tou-Gyou". This isn't
mentioned in the game as far as I can tell

- Try reading the Tong-Nou book, searching the palace of dreaming or talking
to characters for hints

- The glasses (found in the middle flame on the path to the land of time)
make the computer puzzles much easier and can translate some signs around
the world

If anyone knows if the wind chime, bottle gourd or morning glory have any use
other than trading please e-mail me.

Thanks to Phil Salvador of The Obscuritory for the "Tou-Gyou" solution.

         -2.0- Characters
([*] Indicates that the character's stage is linear)

Parts needed to select the character are displayed as eye/nose/mouth

2.1 Tou


Resides in the Land of Life (Ming-ken). Guardian of the Tree of Life. Toh's
mission is to register new life. In order to register life, he must travel to
Shi-chieng (Land of Time). Toh's fetish is mechanical apparatus. His fingers 
are long and thin. He also wears accurate eye glasses. However, Toh cannot 
bear his very own physique. An aero dynamic body (a hole right in the middle
of the body) with a long and winding neck are the subjects of his inferiority 

2.2 Jin [*]


Resides in the Land of Desire (Yui-wang). Born in Yui-wang (Land of Desire),
with a mission to serve as a faithful subordinate of King-gyou (King of
Yui-wang). Jin likes gold before anything. Therefore, admires King-gyou for 
his body of gold. Wishes he were born of gold. Jin detests water, for it will
corrode his bronze body.

2.3 Sha


Resides in the Land of Desire (Yui-wang). Under orders of King-gyou (King of
Yui-wang), Sha's mission is to collect all four musical instruments of the
Tong-Nou World. Sha is the chosen one. Only he can play the instruments. Toh
loves music and can play any instrument. Winds up in his music room located
with Yui-wand (Land of Desire). He fears a world without music. Next to that,
he cannot approve of tone-deaf King-gyou's singing.

2.4 Gyou [*]


Resides in the Land of Time (Shi-chieng). Born in Shi-chieng (Land of Time)
to perform the Ritual of Time. His mission is to feed flames to the Candles 
of Time. Being able to fly freely, Gyou enjoys hazardous aviation tricks like 
nose diving. The fact that he must accomplish his assigned task is annoying.
He would rather give it up and to on another freestyle flight.

2.5 Zen [*]


Resides in the Land of Dreaming (Mon-chien). Guard of the Ice Wall of
Mon-chien (Land of Dreaming). Born with the words of duty, "notify all 
change." Born within and prisoner of the ice wall, gazing at the river flow
and intersecting Magatamas are his only pastimes. To be confined within ice 
is heartbreaking. Hopes to literally "break the ice" someday upon completion 
of his mission.

2.6 Byou


Resides in the Land of Dreaming (Mon-chien). Under the orders of Sui-syou
(King of Non-chien), Byou's mission is to head towards Ming-ken (Land of Life).
There he must collect the Eyeball of Dreaming. Born with a wrench. Since his 
body is decorated with leaves, Byou loves to camouflage in the shade of trees.
However, he receives frequent bullying from his fellow comrades because no 
other creature in the Land of Dreaming possesses leaves.

2.7 Retsu [*]


Resides in the Land of Life (Ming-ken). Born as a vermin, dwells around
Mingke-shu (Tree of Life) of Ming-ken (Land of Life). Born with words of duty,
"help the troubled." Retsu prefers to keep hidden in shrubs and bushes. Likes to
gnaw at grass and trees. Birds that peck at insects and Moku-gyou (King of
Ming-ken who dislikes vermin) are constant threats to Retsu.

2.8 Kai


Resides in the Land of Time (Shi-chieng). Guard of Shi-chieng (Land of Time)
who protects the Candle of Life. His mission is to go and draw the Water of
Dreams, which will be used to extinguish one particular candle. Dressing up in
colorful flames turns him on. Burning red is his favorite color. Although his
body is constantly up in flames, this doesn't necessarily mean he's a 
passionate one. He dislikes water that opposes fire. He fears that they will
put out the flames of his body. Reluctantly heads for Mon-chien (Land of 
Dreaming) to fulfill his mission.

2.9 Rin

One morning, Rin discovers the absence of his soul. It appeared to be the act
of Tong-Nou, the island which lies far to the east. Once a year Tong Nou, the
living island, devours the soul of humans. Once a soul has been taken, he or 
she will be left to weaken and eventually die in emptiness. Rin decides to
head for Tong-Nou to regain the missing soul. Before the journey, Rin stops
to visit Yashiro. On the way, Rin encounters a white snake and receives an 
Amulet and a Furoshiki. Yashiro had given him a temporary soul. This made him
temporarily able for forty-nine days. Rin set out to sail towards Tong-Nou,
the island far to the east.

         -3.0- Walkthrough

After the intro, start by clicking the left cheek of Tong-Nou and entering the
room. Open the chest and pick up the book, this provides useful information
throughout. Walk down the right path and click the middle flame and pick up the
glasses. We no longer need Rin so click the left flame to kill yourself and
again when the amulet saves you, earning the Rin plate. Select the left eye,
nose and mouth to select Tou.

Begin by heading forwards (talking a left at the first junction) until you
reach the forest. Head forward-left-forward-right-forward-left to reach the
tree of life and talk to the king.

Turn round and head back to Tong-Nou. Once you reach Tong-Nou, enter through
the left cheek like before and head to the fire room. Click second from left
fire to reach the land of time. Turn right and head forward/left to the stairs
on the opposite side of the tower. Head to the top of the stairs and enter the
computer room. Activate the computer and use the wooden disk to begin name
entry. In order understand the keyboard you have to use the glasses so they
display their phonetic sound and enter the following names:


You Will receive the registration card. Return this to the tree of life to
complete the section.

Pick the left eye, right nose and left mouth to select Sha. You will start
in the land of desire. Take two steps forward and turn left. Move the pillar
and click the two dragons at the end to get the golden flower. Exit this room
and use the golden flower on the altar. After speaking to the king, return to
the secret room and collect the golden flower again. Turn round, take a step
forward, turn left and click the left statue to open a secret passage to the
land of time. Proceed to the stairs like before and start climbing them.
Eventually the music will be interrupted by the sound of a drum. Use your 
bells and collect the drum of fire. Exit the area and head to the tree of
life. Play the drums to get the koto of wood.

You now need to head to the land of dreaming. Normally this is accessed
through Tong-Nou's right cheek, but you can take a shortcut here by
approaching the tree of life turn away then back towards it and 
click the outline of the king of dreaming. From the place where it displays
"The land of dreaming" head forwards, left,forwards, left, forwards, right,
forwards, forwards, right, forwards, forwards, right, forwards, left, 
forwards to reach the palace of dreaming. Pass the guards by either giving 
them the golden flower or typing "Golden Flower" and head into the palace.
Go to the second door of the right corridor and play the koto to enter.
Click the object in the room then click the projected image to get the 
flute of water. You now need to return to the land of desire. There is
a shortcut in the second door from the left of the far end of the palace.

Face the pillar opposite the room with the dragons and play a musical
instrument to open a secret passage. Enter and play the four musical
instruments to finish Sha's segment.


Pick the right eye, left nose and right mouth to select Byou. Head to the
palace of dreaming and enter the kings room (at the very centre of the
palace). Talk to the king by clicking the eyeball on his chest. While you
are here, try and pick up the peach to the right. When he asks a question
you need to answer "Ying". Collect the peach and enter the room opposite
the king's. Use the peach to kill the monster so you can collect the water
magatama. You now need to head to the land of life. There is a shortcut
to it through third door on the right of the palace. Head to the tree of
life, stand in front of it and keep turning round until you see and ant.
Collect the and and keep turning until you see an image of the king of
life on the tree. Talk to him then use the ant and quickly click his
mouth to enter. Turn to face the king and collect the magatama of wood
floating to his left. Talk to him and answer "Tou-Gyou" to gain entrance
to the tree's roots. Collect the eyeball and head back to the king of
dreaming. Use the wrench to complete the segment.


Select Kai by picking the right eye, nose and mouth. Head to the computer
room, use the glasses on the computer and enter KA-GI-YO-U. Head to the
palace of dreaming and enter the door on the left of the entrance. Click
the image to find the water of dreaming and collect it by using the leaf
sack. Return to the land of time. With your back to the tower's stairs you
need to head one step forward, turn right, one step forward, turn right,
three steps forward. Use the leaf sack to finish the segment.

Select Jin with the left eye, right nose and left mouth. Advance through
the text to complete their segment.

Select Gyou with the left eye, right nose and right mouth. Keep clicking
to finish the segment.

Select Zen with the right eye, left nose and left mouth. Keep turning side
to side until you see something at the top of the screen. Click it to finish
the segment

Select Retsu with the right eye, right nose and left mouth. Turn side to
side until the segment is complete.


At this point, we need to gather the remaining magatama to finish the
game. Use the nameplates on the seal to unlock it, then head back to the
land of desire. Use the golden flower on the king to access the helix
palace (it dosen't matter which item you choose). Go to the roof and collect
the metal magatama before leaving the area. Head to the land of time and
speak to the king again (by entering KA-GI-YO-U on the computer) to get
permission to collect the fire magatama. Head outside and find the side of
the tower that doesn't have a symbol on the floor and turn right to find the
candle with the fire magatama. Head to the central mountain and talk to the
symbol halfway up the stairs and you are instructed to head for the land of
desire. Head there and talk to the symbol above the king to be directed to
the land of dreaming. Talk to the symbol in the entrance to the palace to
be directed to the land of life. Head there and take a left at the first
fork and a right at the second to find the symbol. Finally, head to the
land of time and talk to the symbol directly ahead of the entrance. Return
to the central mountain and talk to the symbol on the steps to get the
katana. Head forwards and enter the shrine through the window at the top
left. Use the katana, then use the 5 magatama to finish the game.

         -4.0- Items
Note that any consumable item (such as the Golden Flower, Eyeball Stone and the
six items given to you by the king of desire) will return to their original
location after use and can be collected again for re-use endlessly.

Tong-Nou Book
Gives background information on the characters and mythology, as well as some
puzzle hints. Found in chest in Tong-Nou's left cheek or traded for in the

Gives a second chance after death. Useless since dying isn't punished.
Given at start and can trade for another in the marketplace.

Saves your life if you break the pillars in the Helix Palace or can be traded
in the marketplace. Trade for in the marketplace.

Used to kill the monster in the land of dreams, fed to Tabelinai for a hint
or can be traded in the marketplace. Found in the king's room in
the land of dream or trade for in the marketplace.

Eyeball Stone
Used to trade in phantom marketplace. Found by clicking on stalls in the

Used to make the king of life sneeze. Found on the ground to the side of the
king of life

Wind Chime
"Comforts the lonely and sad soul with music" according to the
book of Tong-Nou, but I'm yet to find a use. Trade for in the marketplace.

Morning Glory
A laxative according to the book of Tong-Nou, but I'm yet to find a use other
than trading. Trade for in the marketplace.

An alternative to the ant for making the king of life sneeze or can be traded
in the marketplace. Trade for in the marketplace

Use while facing any Tong-Nou symbols to translate them. Found in middle fire
on path to the land of time.

Gold Ingot
Can be used to gamble with Yo-a-mong on the roof of the Helix Palace, winning
you an eyeball stone. Found in the safe in the Helix Palace.

Small Mallet
Used to destroy the pillars in the Helix Palace. Given to you by the king of
desire when you enter the palace.

Stops you from dying if you use after eating too much in the palace. Given to
you by the king of desire.

Moon Water
Causes an instant game over if drank. Found in the Helix Palace

Sun Water
Saves your life if you drink the moon water. Given by the king of desire.

Sheep Intestine
Prevents you from getting an STD in the helix palace. Given by the king of

Required to eat in the Helix Palace or can trade with in the marketplace.
Given by the king of desire.

Golden Flower
Used to bribe the guardians in the land of dreams or to enter the Helix
Palace. Found by clicking the two dragons behind a pillar in the land of

Used to check which character you are currently controlling. Given when
you first die.

Koto Of Wood
Needed to finish Sha's objective. Found at the tree of life

Drum Of Fire
Needed to finish Sha's objective. Found on the stairs in the tower.

Bell Of Gold
Needed to finish Sha's objective. Given at the start of their section.

Flute Of Water
Needed to finish Sha's objective. Found in a room in the land of dreams

Little Box Of Sound
Plays all the instruments at once when used but has seemingly no purpose.
Given on completion of Sha's segment.

Registration Card
Give to the king of life to finish Tou's segment. Given when you enter all
the correct names in the computer.

Eyeball Of Dreaming
Give to the king of dreaming to finish Byou's segment. Found inside the
tree of life.

Leaf Sack
Fill with water to extinguish the candle in Kai's segment. Given at the

Used to pick up the eyeball of dreaming. Given at start of Byou's segment.

Disc Of Wood
Used to put the computer in name entry mode. Given at the start of Tou's

Key Of Gold
Used to open the safe containing the gold ingot. Found on a shelf in the
same room.

Aids navigation in the land of time. Mostly useless. Found one step forward
and two steps left of the candle opposite the warp to the mountain in
the land of time.

Katana Of Five Forces
Used at the end of the game. Given when you collect the five magatama.

Bottle Gourd
Used to trade in the marketplace. Given by the king of desire.

The Phantom Marketplace is entered through any stone with an eyeball (such as
the one on the path to the forest) and you can trade items as an alternative
solution to some puzzles.

Eyeball Stone = Wind Chime or Morning Glory
Bottle Gourd = Koma
Eyeball Stone + Koma = Hitogata
Eyeball Stone + Chopsticks = Amulet
Eyeball Stone + Morning Glory = Peach
Hitogata = Tong-Nou Book
Amulet = Tong-Nou Book
Peach = Tong-Nou Book

         -6.0- Helix Palace

The Helix Palace is a semi-optional area entered by giving a Golden Flower to
the king of desire. To complete game you only need to get the magatama on the
roof but each room has some degree of interaction which ultimately leads

Room Of Greed
This room contains various treasures that can be interacted with to give
messages about the king of desire and the rest of the palace. Clicking one of
the goblets gives the key to the chest. The left drawer contains the hammer,
the middle contains the gold ingot and the right contains an eyeball stone.

Room Of Appetite

This room offers you food which can be eaten if you have the chopsticks in
your inventory. If you eat all of it you will die unless you quickly use the


The Room Of Immortality

This room makes you pick a bottle of liquid to drink. Water does nothing, 
poison gives and instant game over and the moon water (second bottle from
left) traps you in an infinite barrage of random images until you load or
quit, unless you have sun water in your possession.

The Room Of Sexual Desire

In this room is possible to interact with various sexual objects around the
room. Click the legs too many times and you will rape them, killing you with
an STD unless you have a sheep intestine in your inventory.

The Room Of ???

I can't actually find the name of this room anyware since there is nothing
living to say it. You can smash the pillars if you have the hammer, which
kills you unless you have the hitogata.


You can find Yo-a-mong on the roof and gamble your gold ingot for a chance
to win an eyeball stone but this is pretty much pointless. This is also the
location of the metal magatama.

         -7.0- Version History

1.0 Complete submission 6/2012
1.01 Added missing info
1.02 Added subreddit info 10/2015

         -8.0- Contact

To discuss this or any other of Osamu Sato's games visit:


or message me on Reddit, username FuadRamses

         -9.0- Copyright

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

Copyright 2012 Lordgod666

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