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    Walkthrough by Moxy__o_O

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    Tales of the Drunken Paladin
    Big Trouble in Little China, Maine
    Walkthrough by Moxy and Land April 2012
    Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved
    ================================== Contents ===================================
    . Introduction
    . Litchfield
    . Larry's Labyrinth
    . Litchfield Forest
    . Richmond
    . Swamp
    . Gardiner
    . Gardiner Thieve's Hideout
    . Chocolate Caves
    . Ocean Passage
    . Ice Mountains
    . Bowdoin
    . Desert
    . Lewiston
    . Lewiston Caves
    . Pine Forest
    . Freeport
    . Super Castle
    . Passage to China, Maine
    . China, Maine
    . Caves under China, Maine
    . Augusta
    . Augusta Mines
    . Save Realm
    . Hobotropolis
    . Hobotropolis Sewers
    . Ram Stables
    . Prison
    . Lost Save Ruins
    . Lava Mines
    . Aftermath
    . Auction List
    . Item List
    . Shop List
    =============================== Introduction ==================================
    NOTE: I will list the items that I have found, you may find more. Some
    information given will be from the game's website forum boards. 'Check' is a
    gaming term which means to face an object and then to press the appropriate
    action key. In this walkthrough 'check', 'search', 'look', or etc. means to
    face the object and press SPACE BAR or something that equals the space bar. You
    will be checking everything in this game.
    I have decided to use neither articles nor conjunctions when listing multiple
    objects. While reading the walkthrough you will find mistakes including
    spelling, grammar, syntax, descriptive, omission, etc... rely on your instincts
    to correct these issues.
    I would also like to give a special thanks to Land. His walkthrough can be
    found at the game's website (http://www.drunkenpaladin.com/). Without his
    guidance this expanded version would have been incomplete. Therefor, I have
    listed him as the co-author.
    =============================== Game Information ==============================
    Game Designer : Anebriate
     Game Company : The Drunken Paladin
     Release Date : 2009
         Platform : RPG Maker VX
     Game Website : http://www.drunkenpaladin.com
    The game is an epic RPG. The platform is RPG Maker VX. The content has mature
    themes and adult humor. This game is a satirical romp with challenging game
    play and lots of hidden material. A very nice effort by the designer and I
    commend his hard work.
    ============================= Note on Leveling Up =============================
    Leveling up is more than just raising your stats and learning skills, it gives
    Brownie Points to distribute into various stats such as...
    HP     increases max Hit Points
    MP     increases max Magic Points
    ATK    increases Attack
    DEF    increases Defense which lowers physical damage received
    SPI    increases Spirit, which controls magic ATK and magic DEF
    AGI    increases Agility which controls the action time bar
    ACC    increases Accuracy
    EVA    increases Evade
    CRIT   increases Critical for regular physical attacks
    SK SPD decreases wait time used for skills
    IT SPD decreases wait time used for items
    AGRO   increases the odds of that person being attacked
    Recommneded stat distribution (?)
    Brownie Points are limited and precious. By the end of the game, you will only
    have enough to max out one stat. You will be unhappy if you waste your points.
    The following suggestion is based on maximizing the character's main attack
    and minimizing his worst vital stat. For me, the only important stats are ATK,
    DEF, and SPI.
    Character: Stat:
    Anebriate  SPI DEF
    Emma       ATK DEF SPI
    Palmer     ATK SPI DEF
    Albert     ATK
    Deemer     SPI DEF
    Webber     ATK SPI DEF
    Dave       EVA SPI
    Karla      AGRO
    Robert     ATK DEF SPI
    Greg       SPI DEF
    B'Arby     ATK DEF SPI
    *                                                                             *
    *                                 Litchfield                                  *
    *                                                                             *
    Search the bedroom for Warm Beer. Exit the room and check Anebriate Ulysses
    Longfellow's house for Coupon for Larry's, Full Throttle, Warm Beer.
    Leave the house and follow the road to the right and up. Refrain searching for
    items and exit to the right. After the event...
    Enemy:     HP: EXP: $: Drop 1: Drop 2:
    MECHANICOR ?   9999 20 ?       ?
    Just use Ultra Death Move Times Infinity and he will fall fast.
    Afterwards, search Belinda's house for Women's Underwear, Lady Sandal, Warm
    Beer, Red Key. Read the letter and exit the house.
    ==================================== Story ====================================
    NOTE: Around the towns, on the ground, are various flowers and rocks.
    Throughout the game, pick all the flowers and mine all the rocks. The
    locations, varieties, and quantities will not be listed.
    On this screen (Residential area, not in the houses), search for Full Throttle,
    Warm Beer, Tears of Children.
    Walk left, up and visit the first house beside Belinda's and talk to the
    sleeping girl. Search Emma's house for Fishing Vest, Lady Sandal.
    Search the brew and smelt shop for Pansylion, Tears of Children, Heavy Metal.
    Go to the Town Square which is to the right of the houses. Search this screen
    (Litchfield Square) for Warm Beer, Tears of Children, $350. Search inside the
    Library for Warm Beer, Gross Hippy Stuff.
    On the right side of the tower, check the bookstand. Go all the way north to
    the top screen. Loiter around until night, then go inside the building with the
    guard. Go to the left and grab the chest for $350. Go down the stairs and check
    for Tears of Children. Follow the path to the bottom right side and into the
    next area. Check for Warm Beer and head upstairs. Search for $250 and go up the
    next set of stairs. Again, go up the stairs. Check for Rum and go up the
    ladder. Open the chest for $2000, Litchfield City Guard Helm. Now that you have
    enough money, back all the way out.
    Search this screen (castle entrance) for Tears of Children. Once it's daytime,
    go back to the store and buy the book. Take it to Emma and she will join your
    party. Reply that your name is Anebriate.
    ================================ Side Quests ==================================
    With Emma in your party, go back to the town square and talk to Sarah the white
    haired girl for Tears of Children.
    Go back up and talk to the woman with red hair. She will ask you to find her
    lost chickens. There are three. The first is up and to the right of the three
    children in a group. The second is just to the left of the girl who asked you
    to catch them. The third is back down near the entrance to this area (it may be
    on either side). Check the chicken lady for a reward of Randy, Roger 'n'
    Ralph's Hot Sauce.
    Search this screen (market) for Tears of Children, Tears of Children, Donut,
    Warm Beer, $200, Full Throttle. The inn has Pansylion. Rosa Stands' Item Shop
    has Lady Sandal. Hank's weapon shop has Rusted Tin Vest. Harold's travel
    supplies has Poison.
    Go up and talk to the blue haired girl. She will ask you to hurt a kid named
    Phillip. Talk to the blonde haired kid and if you hurt him the girl will give
    you a $100 reward. If you chose '(I can't do this)' and talk to the girl, she
    will get mad. Then go back and talk to Phillip for Plastic Alien Epee.
    Go north and talk to the red haired guy, Joe. He will ask if you like
    dinosaurs, say 'Yes'. He will ask what kind and reply 'T-Rex' for Sweet-Ass
    Dinosaur Club.
    Go to the area on the left and into the red roofed house. Check for Fishing
    Hat, Lady Sandal, Tears of Children. Exit.
    Go to the blue roofed house on the left. Check for Lady Sandal, Dusty Key, Warm
    Beer, Rum. Leave the house.
    Go down and to the left till you see a boulder, talk to the girl to learn how
    to pull objects. Check the chest for $250. Return to the plaza and buy a Rope
    and Mama Judy's Toenail Clippers. Return to the previous area. Go to the red
    house. On the right side of it, walk between the house and trees. Walk up to
    the wall and use the rope. Go up, check for Warm Beer x5, return. After you
    mine the neaby ore check the hole in the wall for Rum.
    Sneaky shops appear at night. Near the inn buy Sneaky Pete's Foghorn from
    Sneaky Pete.
    During the night and with Emma, head to the Mayor's house, on the north west
    side of the plaza. Go out the back door and talk to Sarah. Then go back inside
    and talk to the Mayor to extort $3000 from him. Search Mayor Thompson's house
    for Rum. Exit.
    =================================== Story =====================================
    Follow the road left and up and go into your house and grab the chest
    containing your gear: Pointy Spear, Old Iron Suit, Rusty Iron Bucket Helm.
    Now that you have found everything, check your equipment. Go back to the well
    that is below Sneaky Pete and check it.
    Enemy:      HP: EXP: $: Drop 1: Drop 2:
    Grumble Bee 280 45   33 Poison  ?
    Find Larry's Tavern and talk to the hobo in front of it twice to save, then go
    Walk up and around the table to the left and examine the barrel on the left
    four times, twice to get Slimy Key and twice more to get Rum. Examine the urn
    in the bottom right side for Poison x3.
    Talk to Larry the barman. Try to leave. Talk to the priest Palmer who joins
    your party. Check his equipment. Examine the piano to move it and then go down
    the ladder.
    *                                                                             *
    *                             Larry's Labyrinth                               *
    *                                                                             *
    Enemy:                     HP: EXP: $: Drop 1:           Drop 2:
    Conspicuously Large Spider 220 24   30 Poison            ?
    Conspicuously Large Mouse  200 22   35 Hairpin           ?
    Rabies Monster             140 15   20 Tears of Children ?
    Go down the first path and grab the chest with Tears of Children. Then go back
    up and head to the right and take the first path down and first path left and
    follow it to the chest with Oldy Moldy Boots.
    Go back up to the top and head all the way to the right and grab the chest with
    Warm Beer. Head back left, go down and check the skeleton for Cool Glowing
    Rock, return. Go down the path on the left again. This time head all the way
    down and check the crate for Hedgehog Club.
    Then go all the way back up and to the left near the beginning. Go back down
    across the 2 bridges and go to the bottom left path. Take it down to the left
    till you find a switch and pull it. Head back up to the four way intersection
    go down to the crate for Full Throttle, return. Follow it all the way right and
    down, right and up. Now the pillars are gone. Talk to the save hobo, save your
    game. Then head to the right, up and right again to the differently tiled room.
    Rest on the bed. Check for Trident.
    Return to the save hobo. This time head down and follow the path to the old man
    and check the chest in the small path to the bottom right for $350.
    Now go to the right and check to jump across the blocks on the left side of the
    water. Once you reach the end, check the chest for Tears of Children. Then head
    to the right and down at the path to the right, go right and up, pull the
    switch. Go down from here and check the chest for Rum. Then head back up, left
    and down, follow the short path right. The hole is an optional fight...
    ================================ Optional Boss ================================
    Enemy:       HP: EXP: $:  Drop 1:       Drop 2:
    Rad Scorpion ?   400  350 Full Throttle Spring-Loaded Steel Claws
    Not too bad, use your skills for an easy kill.
    Head all the way back up and back across the jumps to the left of the old man.
    Head back up to the room to rest and go save again. Head back down to the right
    and this time go straight down with the pillars gone and head left. Go up the
    small steps and check the chest for Overcoat. Go back down and jump across the
    water, continue left. Ignore the path down and keep going left. There is a
    small hole beside a corpse, examine it and Emma will find Hairpin. Go around to
    the left and up to the right to the house. Use the Slimy Key to go inside.
    Go to the broken crate in the top left and 'disturb' it and you will fight
    Barnaby Jones.
    ================================ Optional Boss ================================
    Enemy:        HP: EXP: $:   Drop 1:                  Drop 2:
    Barnaby Jones ?   550  3000 Barnaby's Badass Cutlass ?
    On the other side of the wood platform is another broken crate. Examine it for
    an Ancient Weaponry Relic (Gugengraham Hammerfist).
    Exit and pull the switch to the right. Head back down and to the right. On the
    top path, head right past the intersection and event to rest or not will occur.
    Occasionally throughout the game, you will be faced with choices that may
    affect your relationship with your party members. As far as I can tell, this
    has no bearing except on dialogue content. Resting will raise Emma's
    relationship while not resting will raise Palmer's.
    Continue heading to the right. Ignore the path up as it's a dead end. Examine
    the small hole for Full Throttle. Keep going to the right into the next area.
    Check for Warm Beer, $100. Go up the ladder. Check for Tears of Children x3. Go
    up the ladder. Check for Sharp Metal Thing. Head out the door to return to
    Litchfield proper.
    Just head a little to the left and you will be taken straight to the burning
    Bar. On the outside, check the door and go in. Go behind the counter to find
    a backdoor.
    Afterwards, exit the inn.
    Talk to the green hair guy named Daryl, just outside the inn. He will ask you
    to find the person who took his stuff and sold it. He says the guy who took it
    will be at the monument at night. Go save. Then at night, talk to the
    suspicious guy just above the small steps by the monument...
    ================================ Optional Boss ================================
    Enemy:        HP:  EXP: $:  Drop 1:      Drop 2:
    Albert        2165 450  750 Juju Sticker Lucky Rabbit's Foot
    You don't have to win this fight but I suggest that you do. Use your best
    skills and hammer him into submission.
    After the fight go back to talk to Daryl. If you won then you will tell him you
    lost. If you lose then you will tell him you kicked his butt and then get a
    crappy reward.
    NOTE: You need Mining Pick to collect ore.
    Once you are done gathering ores and herbs or not, go to the area right of the
    Town Square to the Cathedral. On the right side outside of the cathedral is a
    chest for Tears of Children. Now go inside. Go to the room on the left and
    check for Lady Sandal, Bullet-Proof Monk... Robe. Head back out to the right
    and search for Tears of Children. Talk to brother Geoffrey at the alter. Head
    to the top right room and check for Warm Beer. Head upstairs, go in the first
    room on the right and check for Habiliments of a Nun. Go back out and to the
    room on the left for Trusty Beatin' Stick, Cardinal Vestments, Woman's
    Underwear, Tears of Children, Pansylion. Head out the Cathedral and back to
    Town Square. Exit below the Town Square.
    During your travels, try to keep Mining Pick x10 and Rope x10 in your pack at
    all times. Sometimes when you mine a rock, you will find an additional
    Meteorite Shard along with the ore. This is random and the chance is very low.
    Regardless, you want six of them.
    *                                                                             *
    *                              Litchfield Forest                              *
    *                                                                             *
    Enemy:           HP: EXP: $:  Drop 1:   Drop 2:
    Tree Sap         350 40   35  Warm Beer Trident
    Giant Lumberjack 550 55   50  Warm Beer Lumberjack Axe
    Grumble Bee      280 45   33  Poison    ?
    Just head to the right on the world map to go into the forest and an event will
    happen. Head to the right and save at your Magical Save Hobo.
    ================================ Side Quests ==================================
    Head to the right of the hobo and follow the path right and head down. Follow
    the serpentine path collecting flowers and ore. The hole in the ground is a
    cave with a decently hard fight. Go back and save then return. Heal and check
    the hole...
    ================================ Optional Boss ================================
    Enemy:             HP: EXP: $:  Drop 1:              Drop 2:
    Weirdo Earth Chick ?   650  750 Crystal Whiskey Vial The Purple Painmaker
    Don't take these optional bosses lightly. Use your best skills and use any
    items that you think are necessary. Some bosses are weak to certain attacks so
    you need to experiment with your party's skills to become familiar with their
    properties. She can and will kill your party if you simply try to attack your
    way through the battle.
    Afterwards, check for Dark Iron Vestments.
    =================================== Story =====================================
    Return to the save hobo. Go down and talk to the vaguely familiar person. After
    the event, continue down and to the left. Keep heading left then go up through
    the trees for Warm Beer. Head back down go a little further down for $150. Keep
    walking down between the stump and tree and use Sneaky Pete's Foghorn to wake
    Harold in front of the chest for Pspeare. Continue walking to the right, stop
    by the store if you want and buy anything you might need.
    Once again, head down and to the right go between the dead tree and tree hug
    the trees on the bottom and walk right and check the chest for Hedgehog Club.
    Go back left and continue going down on the main road, follow the path to the
    right. Head to the right some more and then exit on the bottom.
    *                                                                             *
    *                                  Richmond                                   *
    *                                                                             *
    ================================ Side Quests ==================================
    Go inside the house on the right side of the well and go up the stairs. Crawl
    into the hole in the wall and talk to Bernard the dog. He will tell you he
    wants to get out of the hole. Go back downstairs and talk to Douglas and he
    will say he has known about the dog and that it's all right to let him out. Go
    back to Bernard and give him the good news and he will give you Bernard's
    Magic Stick. Remember this house for later - the potatoes in the kitchen area.
    Search Bernard's house for Rum, Tears of Children, Warm Beer.
    Search Lance's house for Rum. Clint's house has Soft Velvet Pumps. Talk to the
    guy by the well who is wearing white.
    =================================== Story =====================================
    Grab the chest right and down from Bernard's house, hidden behind a tree for
    Tin Foil. Use the inn in the north part of town to heal up for the upcoming
    boss. Visit the tavern and buy a Carrot for later. Save at the hobo then go
    inside the nearby house.
    Check for Crusty Metal Helm, Full Throttle. Go down stairs and check for Sun
    Block. When you're ready, talk to the bald guy in the center of the symbol.
    ==================================== Boss =====================================
    Enemy: HP: EXP: $:   Drop 1:     Drop 2:
    Deemer ?   600  1000 Head Circle Felt-Lined Fat Suit
    Deemer joins your party. Choose from the remaining members to form your party.
    As a side note, for display purposes keep Anebriate in the first slot. If you
    want to have access to all of your items (as I do) then return to your save
    hobo to swap out party members and strip them. Then form your party.
    =============================== Black Bridge ==================================
    Just walk around to the bridge and head east on it. Once you reach the sleeping
    guard, talk to him for Face Piercer. Head right to exit.
    *                                                                             *
    *                                   Swamp                                     *
    *                                                                             *
    Enemy:             HP: EXP: $:  Drop 1:       Drop 2:
    Jelly Belly        600 85   97  Sound Shrooms Tears of Children
    Evil Plant Monster 800 93   104 Poison        Gross Hippy Stuff
    Just head to the right from leaving the bridge and you will enter the swamp.
    Start out by heading to the right when you get to the water, instead of jumping
    right, jump down. Follow the path right for Jar of Female Angst. Go back left
    and jump up, now jump right, walk right, up and jump up. Walk to the right and
    jump down then right. Then walk up following the path as it's linear and talk
    to the magic save hobo and save.
    Walk to the left grab the chest for Rum. Back on the path, follow it down to
    the left, walk between a few dead trees to the chest holding a Sound Shrooms.
    Follow the path back down and left and when it goes up, find the small opening
    below and grab the chest of Rum. Then follow the path going up and left and it
    turns right. Stop at the shop and buy anything you may need and rest to heal
    up. Walk down and around the two dead trees and then head up and right and then
    once you get to the crate go up and go all the way to the left of the water and
    jump across. Pull the rock twice, jump down, walk right, jump up, walk left by
    the rock and jump up again. Head left and walk up and follow the upper path
    right then head up and left and open the chest to obtain Morning Wood. Remember
    this area for cave punching.
    Head back out this area through the bottom exit and jump across the water to
    the right into the small clearing between the trees and grab the chest with
    Rum. Head out of the clearing and follow the path down and around to the right
    to the cabin.
    NOTE: Here is the Meteor Shard Worksmith for Meteor Shards. He will make items
    for $10000 and 1, 2 or 3 Meteorite Shards.
    Search Swampy Joe's house for Richmond Moonshine. Out of the house continue
    right and then go up in the next area and head down to the right and grab the
    chest just a little to the left containing a Beanie.
    Then head back up and talk to the Quiz Master and take his quiz.
    The answers are:
    1. Litchfield
    2. Sneaky Paul
    3. Cardinal
    4. Steve
    5. Robert Flame
    6. They
    Leave the swamp behind the Quiz Master.
    *                                                                             *
    *                                  Gardiner                                   *
    *                                                                             *
    Before spending any money at the shops, let's scavenge the town. As before the
    areas are divided by screen changes.
    Entrance Area:
    Search the grounds for Lantern, Jar of Female Angst. The item shop for
    Pansylion, $275. The inn for $75, Tears of Children, Lady Sandal, Richmond
    Moonshine. The pub for Warm Beer, Pansylion. Ann and Henry's house for Poison.
    Slums Area:
    Search the grounds for $350, $400. Keith's house for Long Braided Whip. Rotten
    Joe's house for $250.
    Residential Area:
    Search the grounds for Rum. Norma's house for Apple. Katherine's house for Full
    Throttle, Nice Suit, Rum, Pansylion. Meatloaf's house for Plate Armor.
    ================================== Side Quests ================================
    Moxious Orb
    With Albert in your party, talk to the girl to the left of the entrance of
    Gardiner. She disappears but leaves an item behind, check it for Moxious Orb.
    The Broken Clock
    Talk to the woman in the top left corner by Sneaky Pierre's store. She will ask
    you to find 20 pieces of her clock.
     1 [ ] in the shade just up and right from the woman
     2 [ ] in the cave to the right of the building to the right of the woman
           (where Dave is hiding, beside him)
    19 [ ] in the bar in the slums beside the guy with red hair on the left of him
     3 [ ] in the shade in the bottom left corner of the slums beside the chest of
     4 [ ] in the house directly below the woman with the 2 guys talking beside it
     5 [ ] in the dirt beside the trees just right and down from the 4th's house
     6 [ ] on a pile of rocks in the first area beside a giant palm tree and 3
           small trees in front of the pub, very hard to see
     7 [ ] small patch of dirt to the left of the Inn in front of the informant who
           takes $20 from you
     8 [ ] 2nd floor of the Inn just past room 1
     9 [ ] in the item shop by the crates on the right beside the table, grab the
           chest with $275 while you're at it
    10 [ ] beside the green leaf roof house and palm tree and fence in the first
           part of town, grab the chest in area west for $350
    11 [ ] on the right side of the fence in the first area near the top beside the
           top of a palm tree
    12 [ ] inside the fence with the boat port in the beach dirt beside the two
           palm trees by the crates
    18 [ ] in the port house beside the small crate and a barrel
    13 [ ] just outside the fence of the boat port near the heavy metal rock right
           beside the water
    14 [ ] directly above Doctor Weird on the left side of Meatloaf's house
    15 [ ] between the fence and mountain at the bottom below Doctor Weird sitting
           on a patch of grass
    16 [ ] house just up and left from 15th, sitting on the first floor beside a
           covered urn
    17 [ ] house to the right of 16th on the second floor in front of the giant
    20 [ ] in the first area of the weapon shop caves
    Reward: Pancho
    Hit the Child or Not Hit the Child....
    There's a little kid running around the bottom left side of the top area
    between two houses. If Emma and Palmer are in your current team then you get
    the options of strike the child or not. Hitting the child will raise Palmer's
    relationship while not hitting the child will raise Emma's. Do as you wish.
    Eyebrows of Time
    Talk to the old man on the second floor of the house south of Meatloaf's house
    then come back here before heading off to King Steve's house for his Eyebrows
    of Time.
    Doctor Weird's Hunts
    Talk to Doctor Weird on the left side of Meatloaf's house and he will ask you
    to hunt a potato monster. Go to Richmond and inside Bernard's house during the
    day. Examine the basket of potatoes and choose to 'Tamper Further' and then
    select 'Yes'.
    ================================ Optional Boss ================================
    Enemy:     HP: EXP: $:   Drop 1:           Drop 2:
    Bad Potato ?   800  1250 The Potato Peeler ?
    Just use your strongest attacks and tear him apart. Make sure you make
    Anebriate use Share the Goods if he uses Quake.
    Return to Doctor Weird. He tells you to hunt a chicken next. It's at the Ice
    Mountains back half. Head up and right then head directly down and into the
    cave, you will see a chicken. Talk to it.
    ================================ Optional Boss ================================
    Enemy:     HP: EXP: $:   Drop 1:               Drop 2:
    Chickenbot ?   1500 3350 Chickenbot Spine Whip ?
    He uses a spell to lower everyone's AGI. He uses it often, which is a downfall
    for him. His normal attack can hit low DEF people like Emma for upward to 900.
    Have Anebriate use Snow Caps to keep the party's HP high.
    Return to Doctor Weird. Next is the Devil's Cow. Far top left side of Pine
    Forest, examine the hole in the ground.
    ================================ Optional Boss ================================
    Enemy:   HP: EXP: $:   Drop 1: Drop 2:
    Diabolus ?   3300 5500 Cow-L   Diabolus' Eyes
    Hits for 900+ and can blind.
    Go back and talk to Doctor Weird then talk to Doctor Steve for your reward,
    Doctor Weird's Coat and Doctor Steve's Specs.
    ================================ Optional Boss ================================
    An Unpaid Debt
    Enemy:   HP:  EXP: $:  Drop 1:              Drop 2:
    Jim      1600          Richmond Moonshine   ?
    Mitchell 1600          Crystal Whiskey Vial ?
    Chad     2000 1000 405 Wizard Scissors      ?
    Talk to the mohawk hair guy, Flakes, in front of the pub in the first area.
    Take the letter to Chad in the pub in the slums, he's the one on the right at
    the table of three. You must go back to Flakes and then go back to Chad in the
    pub. Fight them and then go back to Flakes and you get a voucher for a free
    item at Sneaky Pierre's shop.
    ================================ Optional Boss ================================
    In the cave with Dave and the second clock piece, is what looks like a treasure
    chest... but it isn't, it's a boss (kinda).
    Enemy:     HP:  EXP: $:   Drop 1: Drop 2:
    Booby Trap 1400 300  1200 ?       ?
    For beating it, you get a Cold Stone from the chest.
    =================================== Story =====================================
    From the front of town go left into the next area and go in the pub in the
    slums. Talk to the guy (Webber) with a big beard and armor at the table on the
    far right. Go back to the front of town and head up and go around the back of
    the pub and go up to the next area. Talk to the hobo and save your game. Then
    head up the left side of the fence and into the large house with green leaves.
    Palmer will chicken out and ditch you there. So go ahead and talk to the guy in
    black by the table.
    ==================================== Boss =====================================
    Enemy:   HP:  EXP: $:  Drop 1:             Drop 2:
    Meatloaf 5000 750  550 The 'Loaf's Loafers ?
    Pretty simple fight. However, he has two special attacks. One which can deal
    damage and another that can silence two people. If Anebriate or Deemer get
    silenced use a Sound Shroom on Deemer and Anebriate or have Anebriate use Warm
    Beers to heal while Deemer casts Fireblast and Emma normal attacking.
    After the fight go to the Pub in the slums and talk to Palmer at the bar and
    then talk to Webber again. Then go to Sneaky Pierre's store just above the pub
    and he tells you the password. Next go back to the first area, stay the night
    at the Inn, save at the hobo. Go into the weapon shop and check the big chair.
    *                                                                             *
    *                           Gardiner Thieve's Hideout                         *
    *                                                                             *
    Enemy:        HP: EXP: $:  Drop 1:   Drop 2:
    Floating Lava 650 72   115 ?         ?
    Limp          900 125  220 Sun Block ?
    Head to the cave to the right walk to the spot with a few rocks in the lava and
    jump there. Head right and grab the chest for Ring of Punching Children. Walk
    to the right of the chest and up. You will hear a rumble and then a fight will
    ================================ Optional Boss ================================
    Enemy:            HP: EXP: $:   Drop 1:              Drop 2:
    Weirdo Fire Chick ?   1275 1400 Crystal Whiskey Vial Robe of Radness
    A bit more difficult than others so far but still easy. She tends to burn you
    with a weaker attack or she will hit someone for around 400 or hit everyone for
    around 200. If Anebriate dies you will be in trouble.
    Anebriate having Share the Goods will help alot here as it can heal all for
    around 300 at low LVLs, Deemer should cast Water Glob, Palmer use Cardinal
    Catastrophe as it hits three times, Emma normal attack or Spooky Strike.
    Head back to the first room and go inside the door head straight up and talk to
    the door and you will be let in. Head up the steps and talk to the guy wearing
    a hood in front of the desk and he will tell you the person you're looking for
    to has fled into the back area.
    Search this area for Crystal Whiskey Vial, Mining Pick, health restore sack,
    Exquisite Armor Replica, Dead Mouse, Rum, Felt-Lined Slippers.
    Go left, continue going up then right and then go left and up and talk to the
    save hobo and save.
    *                                                                             *
    *                             The Chocolate Caves                             *
    *                                                                             *
    Enemy:  HP: EXP: $:  Drop 1:       Drop 2:
    Ghast   450 125  135 Sound Shrooms Tears of Children
    Warwelf 900 190  230 Full Throttle Bear Claw
    Pull the lever beside the save hobo and go down the bottom left side. Wait till
    the spikes drop and pull the bottom rock down then go up top and when the
    spikes are down push the top rock down. Go up the stairs.
    Check the right side of the stacked crates for a Jar of Female Angst then on
    the crate to the right side of the stairs look for a Queen Elaine VIII's Ninja
    Star. Return to the save hobo.
    Search for the Old Skeleton Key here. Then go above the save hobo and climb the
    ladders and go left and down the ladder open the chest for Full Throttle. Head
    down the next ladder and go into the cave walk through the linear path and go
    out the cave exit and open the chest for a Warm Beer... Heck no. HECK NO!
    Watch as Anebriate kicks the chest's butt and get your good reward of a
    Necronomicon book for Emma. Head back through the cave and up the ladders and
    now go further up into the next area.
    Head up and check the crates for a Richmond Moonshine, ignore the cave for now,
    head east and climb up the two ladders and flip the switch, return to the cave
    entrance that we ignored. Go to the back of the room full of treasure. Get the
    $15000 and Executioner's Cleaver. Then exit the Chocolate Caves. Go talk to
    Webber who will join your party. Return to the switch area.
    Go back down and follow the path and go up the ladder to the chest containing
    the Spook Foil go back down and keep going left past the broken crate and
    barrel and climb the ladder. Check the Mining Pick to get it. Examine the
    broken urn for $1200 and continue to the right and climb down the ladder then
    head up to the next area. Check the broken barrel behind the guy running back
    and forth for a Knightly Hattery. Talk to Ernie then head left and open the
    chest for Tears of Children. Save at the hobo.
    The next room is full of poison and after a small amount of time it's game
    over. Completing the puzzle, getting the chest and mining the ore in time
    leaves you with like one second to spare. Once you enter you cannot exit. So,
    if you want it all then you gotta do it all at once.
    Grab the chest with Girly Scarf and mine the Chocolate Rock Ore then
    push the broken table left
    push the boulder right
    push the broken urn right
    push the next broken urn down
    push the broken box right
    push the boulder down
    push the urn left twice
    and then get out of there.
    Talk to people in the room that you want in your current party. Search for The
    Great Bibble. Then leave the room and out of the Inn go back to the weapon shop
    and back into the underground city talk to the hooded guy at the desk again to
    buy a snow parka. Leave and go to the port and talk to the woman then look at
    the papers on the desk to the left. Then talk to the woman again she will tell
    you he is hiding. Head to the slums and go in the cave with the booby trap
    chest and second clock piece by the wannabe Royal's house. After talking to
    Dave go back to the dock talk to the woman again then go out the right door
    talk to Dave and go further right to the world map.
    *                                                                             *
    *                               Ocean Passage                                 *
    *                                                                             *
    =================================== Boat ======================================
    You can now go backwards much easier, however a lot of paths are currently
    blocked off by rocks in the water. Take this time to do any side quests that
    you may have skipped because soon you won't be able to.
    Sail west and land at the beach grab the chest with Tears of Children x3
    behind the tree. This route also takes you back to Litchfield.
    From the port again, sail south on the light color waters make your way to the
    right to the small piece of land with a chest holding a Harpoon and $500.
    Back to the port, head up and to the right this time into the passage
    Stop at the first land and go inside the cave for a Full Throttle and follow
    it around leading out open the chest for a pair of Camel Hair Gloves. Go back
    to the Boat.
    Go up and around to the right and stop at the land and follow the small path
    to the right. Open the chest with a Green Kimono, go back to the Boat.
    Head down and head to the right and stop at the left side of the big tree and
    examine the large crate for a Richmond Moonshine. Take the boat to the other
    side then go inside the cave examine the first crate on the left for a Golden
    Apple. A small shop, not much to buy. Head to the room to the right and talk to
    the woman walking around to stay the night to heal. Examine the small cabinet
    on the right side of the guy in bed for a Flask o' Jack. Go down the ladder and
    examine the small cabinet next to the small crate and bucket of water
    containing a Fancy Lad Spear.
    Talk to the maid down there with Emma in your team. She will comment on how
    Anebriate is becoming nice. Anyways, head back up the ladder and out the left
    area and back to the boat.
    Sail to the right going up and right and then take the right path going down
    again. Instead of going straight up, follow the path right into the next area.
    Sail up right until you can stop at a small piece of land with a chest for a
    Flask o' Jack.
    Then continue sailing the path, ignoring the bloody spot and hole (nothing to
    do there yet). Continue heading to the right following the path down, right,
    up, right, down, right and you will eventually be out.
    ========================== Eastern Auction House ==============================
    Make sure Deemer is in your team. Go to the top of the area, hug the wall and
    examine the well. If Deemer is in your team, he will melt the ice and get a
    center bottom to leave. Open the menu and save your game before going to the
    next area.
    *                                                                             *
    *                                Ice Mountains                                *
    *                                                                             *
    Enemy:          HP:  EXP: $:  Drop 1:           Drop 2:
    Chilly Scorpion 900  215  160 Gross Hippy Stuff Crystal Whiskey Vial
    Bluedini        1250 252  225 Tears of Children Wizardly Shirt
    Start by heading right, then head down between the trees. Continue to the right
    and grab the chest containing Fuzz Fists. Then head back up and open the chest
    containing $600. Stay along the mountain wall walking right go down between the
    two trees and head down and talk to the guy who says his dog ran off. Remember
    the dog's name is Alfred. Head right along the road and then head up right from
    there. Go further up right for a chest with a Full Throttle. Head down and head
    directly to the right, go to the right some more and open the chest containing
    Tears of Children. Go further right a little more to the right then go up right
    and head up some more till you see the dog. Walk up to it, when it asks what
    the dog's name is, choose Alfred. Then walk up to it and examine it and it will
    come with you. Then go up and right to grab the chest containing
    Mountain-Climbing Boots. Examine the small hole in the wall for some Rum.
    Go left and talk to the guy sitting beside an axe. He will ask you to kill
    three witches. If you have been following the side quests you have killed two
    of them already. Now go back to Cliff and return Alfred to him... he will thank
    you for returning Alfred.
    ================================ Optional Boss ================================
    Enemy: HP: EXP: $:   Drop 1:          Drop 2:
    Alfred ?   800  1100 Alfred's Ribfist ?
    Just treat it like any normal fight just wail on him with normal attacks. He
    only barks to lower spirit, normal attack about 100-200 damage or heals for
    Now follow the dirt path right and up into the cave which is a non battle area.
    First up examine the hole that Albert was looking at for Defense Drink. Follow
    the path, ignore the orbs for now, and walk through the path. At the fork in
    the road go up, at the second one go down. Climb the vine ladder open the chest
    containing Crystal Whiskey Vial.
    Pull the snow ball/boulder onto the blue switch. A small cave will break open,
    examine it to find the Godsayer.
    Head back down the vines. Then follow the path to the top right, examine the
    red orb and activate it. Check the shop if you need anything or need some
    brewing done. Check the shelf right beside the orb for $100, examine the single
    jar on the counter for a Rum. Follow the path left again.
    Talk to the magic save hobo and save. Keep going to the left and activate the
    blue orb. Go down the rope.
    Enemy:       HP:  EXP: $:  Drop 1:       Drop 2:
    Plasma Tubes 1000 145  190 Full Throttle Cold Stone
    Follow the path right. In the bottom right corner is a wolf, Emma says we got
    to help it...
    ================================ Optional Boss ================================
    Enemy: HP: EXP: $: Drop 1: Drop 2:
    Wolf   ?   ?    ?  ?       ?
    Fetal postion through the fight. After about three attacks on you, the battle
    will end and then you really get to help it. Do NOT kill it.
    After you help it, the wolf digs a small hole in the ice. Examine it for a
    Blood Blade and $3000 and go back up the rope.
    Head back through the cave to the first fork and go down to the right and
    examine the green orb and grab the chest for a Flask o' Jack.
    Head back to the front and activate the purple orb and the gate should open.
    If it doesn't, press the yellow switch by the pillar with four small orbs and
    redo the orbs in the order of red blue green purple.
    Save at the magic save hobo and head up just as you walk beside the rock...
    boss time.
    =================================== Boss ======================================
    Enemy:       HP: EXP: $:   Drop 1:             Drop 2:
    Tommy's Bull ?   2150 4000 Icy Hooves of Death Tommy's Bullhorn Sledge
    He hits about 400-600 with each hit and can put people to sleep or slow people
    down. Use Cold Beverage if one person is missing 400 HP or Snow Caps if someone
    is missing 1000. Use your best skills and keep your HP high and no one should
    Save at the hobo again, exit to the north.
    =============================== Side Quest ====================================
    Only if you have already done Doctor Weird's first side quest to kill the
    potato and gotten the new one to hunt the chicken. Head up and then head
    directly down and into the cave you will see a chicken, talk to it.
    =============================== Optional Boss =================================
    Enemy:     HP: EXP: $:   Drop 1:               Drop 2:
    Chickenbot ?   1500 3350 Chickenbot Spine Whip ?
    He uses a spell to lower everyones AGI, he uses it often which is a downfall
    for him. His normal attack can hit low DEF people like Emma for upward to 900.
    Have Anebriate use Snow Caps to keep the party HP high.
    Examine the dead body for $300 and an Overly Complicated Halberd. Leave the
    cave and walk back the to main path.
    Hug the mountain going left between the mountain and trees and continue left.
    At the far end to the left, grab the chest containing a Viking Helmet. Head
    back to the main path and just go straight up to get out of the mountains.
    *                                                                             *
    *                                  Bowdoin                                    *
    *                                                                             *
    Check the whole town grounds for Fish, Tears of Children. The inn has Seal Club
    in the side yard, Bowdoin Brew upstairs. Zachary's house has Bowdoin Brew.
    Gloria's house has $400, Tears of Children. O'Henry 'da Smith's has Bowdoin
    Brew. Dock house has Jar of Female Angst, Dracula Robes.
    ================================ Side Quests ==================================
    The Cheating Wife
    Go in the first house on the right at the front of town. Search this house for
    Richmond Moonshine, Winged Timberlands, Vegetable Knife. Go up to the second
    floor and examine the open book then go back down stairs and talk to the woman.
    You will be taken outside, Emma will talk to Anebriate and then give him Emma's
    Home-Made Spear. This also raises Emma's relationship.
    Go to the pastry shop and buy a Sticky Bun and return to the dragon statue in
    the front of the town and talk to the guy in his underwear. Agree to give him
    the Sticky Bun and you will go somewhere for a long conversation followed by a
    flashback. After all is finished, grab Ugarr's Pendant from the ground.
    Francesca the Snow Queen
    Talk to the boy in red by the snow man in the first area. Tell him the snowman
    is missing a nose and agree to give him a Carrot. You will be rewarded with
    Francesca the Snow Queen's Top Hat.
    Relic Weapons List
    Go to the weapon shop and talk to the guy with grey hair walking around then
    agree to help. He will give you a list of weapons to find. You won't be able to
    finish this quest until the end of the game.
    Removing the Frost Bees
    Enemy:    HP: EXP: $:  Drop 1: Drop 2:
    Frost Bee 890 190  165 Poison  ?
    Go in the house in the bottom right side of the 2nd area. Talk to Leah she asks
    you to clear out the basement. Search for $300, Poison. Then examine the 5
    pillars each one will start an easy fight. Just attack, once your finished talk
    to Leah again. She gives you Karate Clothes.
    Lesson in Pouches
    Go to the big house in the 2nd area just to the left of the entrance. Go
    upstairs, check the four pouches and watch as Anebriate freaks out more 'n'
    more. Then grab the chest with Glittering Fancy Armor. Continue looking for
    Baseball Bat, Bowdoin Brew.
    =============================== Optional Boss =================================
    Head behind the dock. Jump across when you walk past the bubbling water she
    will come out and attack.
    Enemy:           HP: EXP: $:   Drop 1:      Drop 2:
    Weirdo Ice Chick ?   1850 1900 Mind Mixture Crystal Whiskey Vial
    Her Frost Bolt hits about 200-500, normal attack around 400 and her hit all
    hits everyone for about 200.
    Grab the chest for Bowdoin Brew. If you have done both of the other two Weirdo
    Chicks, go back to the guy in the Ice Mountains where we found Alfred the dog
    and he will give you an axe for Webber called The Witch Slayer that silences as
    well as $5000.
    If you have not done the quests in previous areas, do so now. You won't be able
    to return to do them till chapter 4 and some like the Weirdo Earth Chick will
    be comepletly blocked off. You can also take this time to get the next Doctor
    Weird hunt.
    ================================= Story =======================================
    Let's start off by going to the bar in the back of the first area and talk to
    the bartender. He will tell you more about Archibald. Leave the bar and head
    up. Follow the road to the right into the next area, talk to the bald guy in
    front of the building and then go inside. Talk to the guy in red with a mask
    then talk to the guy in a dark red hood. Leave till night time (rest at the inn
    to waste some time), once it's dark, go to the campfire spot in the first area
    at the far bottom right side. At 00:00 talk to the guys around the campfire the
    boss will appear, saying they will do something at 05:00. Go back to the Jets'
    hideout and tell them.
    Then go rest at the Inn and Archibald confronts you. Telling you he knew all
    along what you were doing. He warns you not to go back to the Jets.
    ============================= Side Quests part 2 ==============================
    Unwanted Uniform
    After Archibald comes to your room in the Inn, go back to the campfire spot and
    talk to the redhair guy and say you were going to give the uniform to him. He
    returns the favor with Darold's Climbing Staff.
    ================================ Optional Boss ================================
    Finishing the Jets
    Unlike what Archibald says, let's return to the Jets' hideout. They confront
    you and you must fight them.
    Enemy:      HP:  EXP: $:   Drop 1:     Drop 2:
    Bennie      ?    1250 1600 Mohair Suit Electric Boots
    The Jets A  2200 ?    ?    ?           ?
    The Jets B  2500 ?    ?    ?           ?
    The Jets C  1900 ?    ?    ?           ?
    Have Deemer use Pointy Hail and Emma Dark Smoke Sweep and the Jets will fall in
    about 3 hits. Then just normal attack Bennie for a win.
    Last chance to use your boat to go back before the next event.
    Go to the palace, enter, go left and in the next area go up at the first path
    into the library and talk to the librarian. Grab the Pansylion off the counter
    and the first bookshelf on the right, ON THE LEFT SIDE TOP, for a Necklace of
    Eyeballs. Now leave the library and go to the right wing of the castle and
    examine the empty crate beside the blue haired guy at the table for a Sharpened
    Snow Shovel. Examine the crates to the right of the table for Crystal Whiskey
    Vial. Leave the castle and Dave will meet you. He is locked into the party so
    choose your favorite two people, I chose Emma and Deemer (I chose a straight up
    physical ATK party of Anebriate, Emma, Palmer or Albert, Dave. Equipped for
    ATK and AGI to blitz attacks in the upcoming Desert. Moxy). He tells you to go
    to the port. It's the far right side of town. Head across the peer and get on
    your boat.
    Your now stuck on these waters until chapter 4, you cannot go back to the
    beginning. Start off by sailing right and down along the land and disembark on
    the rocky part with small patches of snow. Head left across the bridge and go
    down and left further along the grass. Ignore the sign bridge and town on the
    right as there nothing in this current version, continue going down.
    You arrive in a desert just for Anebriate to pass out and have a flashback.
    When in control, walk right and up to the ladder and go in the cave beside a
    pile of gold. Once in, just walk towards the gold and the flashback will end.
    *                                                                             *
    *                                  Desert                                     *
    *                                                                             *
    Enemy:          HP:  EXP: $:  Drop 1:       Drop 2:
    Sandgoyle       1450 265  215 Sound Shrooms Sandgoyle Tooth
    Giant Tarantula 750  185  200 Poison        ?
    Sand Ninjas     850  230  225 'Nocs         Sand Ninja Mittens
    Start off by grabbing the chest beside the makeshift bed for a Running Stick
    and exit. I recommend running from fights as the timer still progresses during
    battle but if you can't, always use your best skills and if you get multiple
    targets then use multi skills.
    Head out the cave and into the desert. It's so hot you only have so much time.
    If the timer runs out you are sent back to the cave. Cut cacti if your timer
    falls below 0:45 for another 0:30 added onto your time.
    Head to the right and grab the large standing cactus for more time if your down
    to 0:45. Continue going down and go down and then make a dash to the cactus
    down and to your left for some more time. Talk to the Magic save hobo for some
    more time and to save. Don't bother reading what he has to say as the timer
    still runs while he is talking, just keep checking as fast as you can to skip
    through it and then save.
    Head left a little and then go directly up and grab the chest containing Cat o'
    Nine-Tails. Use the cactus nearby to get more time if needed. Head back to the
    hobo and save again, this time he doesn't give more time.
    From the hobo go down and then go right and grab the cactus if needed. Go
    further right, this area has no monsters and a couple of cacti. Then go up and
    then go right and up the vine and climb off the side of it. Go into the cave
    and open the chest containing Flower Crown. Talk to the merchant and agree to
    buy his deal for $5000, you get:
    Bernie's Supply Bundle
    Tears Of Children   x5
    Bowdoin Brew        x5
    Richmond Moonshine  x5
    Jar Of Female Angst x5
    If you run really low on time (0:25), you can drink from the water beside the
    merchant for an added 1:00. Head out the cave and back to the left and return
    to the save hobo. Then go further on down.
    Run down and grab the first cactus if needed and keep going down and head
    right. Use the cactus if needed and keep going right. There's another cactus
    just to the right of it if needed. Head further down and then go left. Follow
    the path and there's a cactus, keep going left and then head up. Heading right
    examine the hole in the wall for a Jar of Female Angst.
    Go down and right from there and head into the cool cave. There is no timer in
    here. Heal up and examine the crate, choose to tamper with it and then a
    familiar face appears to try to get revenge. Kick his butt like last time.
    ================================ Optional Boss ================================
    Enemy:        HP: EXP: $:   Drop 1:                Drop 2:
    Barnaby Jones ?   2500 4000 Staff of Barnaby Jones ?
    His normal Attack deals about 900+, his Spooky Ghost Pirate deals 300+.
    Make sure you have Emma. Blind him with Spooky Strike so he isn't constantly
    hitting you hard. Make sure Anebriate uses Snow Caps if someone gets hit.
    Palmer do Cardinal Catastrophe. Dave is pretty much worthless in this fight so
    make him use items if needed. Deemer just cast whatever spells he has.
    Backtrack to the save hobo grabbing cacti again when needed. Head back down
    again grabbing cactus into the bottom area again. This time instead of going
    down and left, we're gonna go right at the fork.
    =============================== Quiz Master ===================================
    1. Bluedinis
    2. Fighting Pants
    3. Eye of the Tiger
    4. 'Nocs
    5. Webber
    6. Pilot
    7. (blank)
    You should still have plenty of time left from the 2 mins he gives you. So
    quickly head right, up, right and there's a cactus just down right if your low
    on time. Head out the right path and you're on the world map again. Take the
    time to save.
    *                                                                             *
    *                                 Lewiston                                    *
    *                                                                             *
    ================================ Side Quests ==================================
    Dinosaurs part 2
    Talk to the guy walking around with green hair near the office. He asks if you
    like dinosaurs, say 'Yes'. He asks what kind, say 'Triceratops'. Reward:
    Zelga's Toenails
    If you bought Mama Judy's Toenail Clippers, then give them to the little girl
    on the second floor of the mine where a lot of people are. She will give you
    Zelga's Toe-Junk Picker.
    Ipod Quest
    Go to the Inn and examine the hole in the wall beside the guy at the far right
    side and get a note saying to go to the abandoned shack at the docks between 2
    and 4am. So go to the abandonded house right beside the dock. When it's time,
    enter. He will tell you to bring the parts. There's four, you can't get them
    all yet.
    Ipod memory chip - hidden in a log in Pine Forest
    Ipod frame - in a dead corpse hidden in a cave above the fruit stand in Free
    Ipod wire - bought from a guard in super castle
    Ipod Wheel - from mystery box quest, spend $10000 on boxes
    Reward: $20000 and Macinsquash.
    Mystery Box
    Talk to the guy with white hair in the top cave and buy his Mystery Boxes for
    $1000 for Warm Beer, $3000 for Sticky Bun, $6000 for Ipod Wheel.
    Albert's Home
    With Albert in your team, go in the cave examine the pillar in the top right
    room of the cave and go inside examine things for Thievein' Cowl, Poison x3,
    Jar of Female Angst x3, Claw Fingers. Look around some more and then leave.
    =================================== Story =====================================
    Go up and right from the entrance and approach the door and get interrupted by
    the save hobo and he ditches you. Proceed into the house grab the Crystal
    Whiskey Vial from the broken crate on the right and talk to Maurice. Leave the
    Follow the cart track left and up. Keep going up and go inside the cave, this
    is Albert's home cave. Search this area for Jar of Female Angst, The Staff of
    One-Thousand Fists, Fermented Beer. Go up the southern ladder and check for
    Poison. Go outside for Nikes. Return near the first cave entrance and climb the
    ladder beside the guy.
    Go right and then go up and left. When you're at the top, talk to the
    bartender. Search this area for Fermented Beer, Tears of Children, Donut.
    Walk back to where the little girl is walking around and take the path down all
    the way till you're out of the cave. The inn has Crumpled Note, Fermented Beer.
    Follow the tracks all the way to the ladder, collecting Full Throttle, Mining
    Pick, Donut, Crystal Whiskey Vial as you go and climb it. Go in the cave. Walk
    around the walls and go out the back door.
    Follow the wall up the left side and climb down the rope ladder. As you do a
    new save hobo appears, so make use of him and save. This is a good time to
    reform your party. Check this area for Frosted Pineapple Cake, Fermented Beer.
    In the shack where you find the iPod dude is Fermented Beer.
    Head up and talk to the guy in front of the port (you will need at least $7000)
    and then try to walk up after buying a boat.
    A man interrupts you, asking you to help them by defeating something. So let's
    go back to the cave with the bar and talk to the guy walking around just below
    the locked blue door. Then talk to the green haired guy he will give you a key.
    *                                                                             *
    *                              Lewiston Mines                                 *
    *                                                                             *
    Enemy:         HP: EXP: $:   Drop 1:   Drop 2:
    Huge Lava Rats 950 195  250  Sun Block Jar of Female Angst
    This cave is extremely straight forward. You can't come back here once you
    ==================================== Boss =====================================
    Enemy:    HP: EXP: $:   Drop 1:                 Drop 2:
    Deep Crow ?   2850 3600 Deep Crow Bone Javeline Deep Crow Feather Cap
    First off, he is extremely fast. He can blind while doing about 400-500. His
    Shadow Boxing deals 1000+.
    If Anebriate gets blinded, ignore it, and just keep him healing. If Emma or
    Palmer get blinded, cure it right away with Dave. Have Palmer use Cardinal
    Catastrophe a lot and it will die eventually. If Anebriate dies getting back
    into the fight might be hard.
    After the fight, talk to the guy who asked you to kill it. Also Winona, the
    vendor whose husband/son was going to be sacrificed, will give you Gross Hippy
    Stuff x2, Sound Shrooms x2, Sun Block x2, 'Nocs x2 for defeating the darkness.
    Then go to the dock and leave. After gathering the red mushrooms in Augusta,
    come back and talk to Davis (another vendor) for Ye Olde Lewiston Dome.
    Sail south for Chrome Dome.
    *                                                                             *
    *                                Pine Forest                                  *
    *                                                                             *
    Sail north along the land until you see some tents. Stop off here and walk into
    the trees... Search for Frenzied Crygasm Chalice, Scarlet Feather Cap, make
    sure you grab the iPod Memory Chip from the log in the top right corner.
    ================================ Side Quest ===================================
    If you have done The Robot Chiken hunt for Doctor Weird and went back to get
    the next one, examine the hole in the ground in the far top left side of the
    area left of the exit. Save first.
    =============================== Optional Boss =================================
    Enemy:   HP: EXP: $:   Drop 1: Drop 2:
    Diabolus ?   3300 5500 Cow-L   Diabolus' Eyes
    Hits for 900+ and can blind. Hits hard and fast, a challenge.
    The exit is in the top left corner. Take the time to save on the world map then
    examine the tent to go in.
    *                                                                             *
    *                                  Freeport                                   *
    *                                                                             *
    Upon arriving and walking up, you run into a fight.
    ==================================== Boss =====================================
    Enemy:     HP: EXP: $:   Drop 1: Drop 2:
    Mechanicor ?   2770 5500 Mechaxe Crystal Whiskey Vial
    He's all around weaker than Deep Crow.
    Climb the wall by the fruit stand right beside the sign, open the chest for
    Shark Tooth Anklet, talk to the man for Flask o' Jack and examine the corpse at
    the end for the iPod Frame.
    Back out, talk to the woman on the right side who is blocking the peer to the
    chest and say 'Your eye is like...' she will let you by to get Paladidn't.
    Search the area for Funky-Fresh Headband, Jar of Female Angst, $800. Head up
    into the house just above there and check it for Frenzied Crygasm Chalice,
    Falconry Glove, Fermented Beer and then talk to Leonard across the counter.
    Dequip Albert. Sail across the northern water back to Litchfield. Stop by
    Gardiner to finish Doctor Weird's quest and also get the Eyebrows of Time.
    *                                                                             *
    *                                Super Castle                                 *
    *                                                                             *
    =================================== Story =====================================
    Save outside Litchfield, enter. Watch the scene, save at the save hobo.
    Search Litchfield. Emma's house has Moonwalk Shirt, Frenzied Crygasm Chalice.
    To the right of the inn is Righteous Ring. Most northern screen has Frenzied
    Crygasm Chalice, Rainbow Ring.
    Run the Litchfield Forest for new paths and Frenzied Crygasm Chalice, The
    Griever, $150, Fermented Beer. Check Old Man McMace's Cabin for Old Man
    McMace's Ring.
    ============================== Super Castle ===================================
    Enemy:           HP:  EXP: $:  Drop 1:             Drop 2:
    Litchfield Guard 1800 290  250 Richmond Moonshine  Fermented Beer
    Court Wizard     1600 310  270 Jar of Female Angst ?
    Sergeant         2500 400  425 Sergeant Mask       ?
    Try to have at least $15000 before you go in the Super Castle. Return to
    Litchfield and then go inside the Super castle. After talking to Larry, go up
    and fight the guards. Check for Frenzied Crygasm Chalice. Then go upstairs.
    Go left and take the path up and then downstairs, down the next set of stairs
    and grab the chest containing That One Book. Examine the barrel by the note on
    the wall for a Jar of Female Angst.
    Go back up the two sets of stairs and then go up the stairs just below you.
    This time the guard in here won't attack you. Examine the box on the table for
    5th Floor Room Key and grab the chest containing Megashark Tooth Fist.
    Go down the stairs and walk to the right side of the room. Fight the guard on
    the right side of the room and head up the stairs that he blocked.
    Examine the middle cabinet to get the Cherriest of All Shoes. Fight the next
    guard and head up the stairs.
    Go to the room just below you and examine to right drawers for a Jar of Female
    Go up the middle room stairs and check the library shelves for Everybody Poops,
    return. Go to the far bottom left room and head upstairs, fight the guard and
    examine the first crate by the fire for a Crystal Whiskey Vial. Follow the path
    right, fight the guard head upstairs.
    Either fight the guards or try to walk between them to get to the room of the
    left. Use the key you got to open the door and talk to Belinda for Package for
    Mr. Washington. Examine the drawers on the right for a Donut the make your way
    to the room next door.
    Examine the empty crate for $3500. Go up the stairs to the right, hug the top
    wall going left and you can avoid the guard. Continue left and fight this one
    go down and examine the empty crate for a Fermented Beer then go upstairs.
    Talk to the guard on the right side of the table in the bottom left corner and
    buy his key for $15000. Go right and up the stairs into the first room, grab
    the chest containing The Scorpion. Go in the room just below that one, grab
    the chest with $1700. In the room to the left of that one, examine the empty
    crate for a Flask o' Jack. Use the new key to open the room above that one and
    examine the drawers for the iPod Wire. You can rest here.
    Go upstairs, grab the chest containing the Frenzied Crygasm Chalice.
    Go up the steps and kill the guards and head up. Kill the sergeant for the
    10th Floor Gate Key. There's a store in this room with decent weapons.
    Head back down the steps and into the room in the bottom right. Head up the
    stairs and examine the cabinet on the right for a Cowl of Undeath. Go left and
    the magical save hobo will appear like magic. Go all the way left and grab the
    chest containing a Stump Mantle.
    Save and talk to the sergeant.
    Enemy:          HP:  EXP: $:  Drop 1:                  Drop 2:
    Castle Archmage 7450 430  455 Frenzied Crygasm Chalice Staff of the Archmage
    Last chance to level up in the basement area. Try to get at least one Sergeant
    Mask. Also, you can finish the iPod quest now.
    Fully heal your HP and MP using your weakest healing items and save again.
    ==================================== Boss =====================================
    Enemy:     HP: EXP: $: Drop 1: Drop 2:
    King Steve ?   ?    ?  ?       ?
    He hits for 600+, can attack twice for 600+. He throws shurikens for 600+. He
    casts magic reflect, if he does this and you have a mage, just make the mage
    use MP items on Anebriate.
    If more then one person starts dying, don't be afraid to go on the healing side
    tossing Full Throttles till you can use a Flask o' Jack to get everyones HP
    full. Keep your weakest person using magic items and have Palmer using
    Quadriplegic, and your other heavy hitter attacking with whatever. I used
    Emma's normal attack. It can be difficult if he focuses on one person. Just use
    Share the Goods and Snow Caps if someones HP is almost gone. After you do so
    much the battle stops but you still get EXP (not sure how much).
    You wake up in your room at your house. Go out and talk to everyone.
    Depending on your relationship with Emma (if you even got her) affects what
    she says. Open the chest for $15000, King's Ring, Power Paste. Go outside, once
    you have talked to everyone, and save at the magic save hobo.
    After saving, follow the road up and right to Larry's. Upon going to the next
    area you will run into Webber or Webber-Anne depending if Webber is already in
    your team, if he is not he will join you here.
    Check Lichfield for Frenzied Crygasm Chalice from one of the triple girls.
    Search Larry's Tavern for Spiked Grape Juice. The Trophy Room is finished and
    Talk to Joe the kid who liked dinosaurs, this time he asks what's better than
    dinosaurs? reply 'Bears' he will tell you go find someone in Bowdoin. Talk to
    him again for a Bear Club.
    Leave town through the path beside the Super Castle and run into Antoxicate.
    Continue out of town and talk to Webber-Anne and then get on your boat.
    ================================ Side Quests ==================================
    There are alot of new side quests available in areas you have been already. I
    will only list the town names and the sidequest info as by now you should be
    familiar with the towns.
    ================================== Richmond ===================================
    Bernard the Dog part 2
    Go inside Bernard's house and talk to the man and woman to find out Bernard is
    missing. Go outside and walk up to the pub and talk to Bernard, grab Bernard's
    Magic Pouch that he leaves behind. This allows you to talk to animals.
    Bernard the Dog part 3
    Return to Bernard's house and talk to him and tell him you have the pouch.
    Return it and he gives you Bernard's Not-Magic Stick.
    NOTE: You may want to hold off on this, as you won't get the pouch back again
    until much later, and you need it sooner than later. Moxy.
    The Muderous Bear
    Talk to the Eskimo Ernest who was always yelling because he had his ears ripped
    off he asks you to kill a bear in the mountains to China, Maine.
    ================================== Gardiner ===================================
    The Guy with a Bow
    Go to the pub in the slums of Gardiner and talk to the guy with red hair at the
    first table beside the bald man then talk to the bald man with a bow.
    ================================ Optional Boss ================================
    Enemy:         HP:   EXP: $:   Drop 1:        Drop 2:
    Crazy Skinhead 10000 5150 4250 Skinhead Shank Dr. Martens, Ph.D
    His normal attack hits about 600-800. He can put people to sleep and he can
    inflict Bleed on someone.
    ================================== Bowdoin ====================================
    The Bear Fighter
    ONLY if you have done the quests Better than Dinosaurs in Litchfield and
    started the murderous bear quest in Richmond, go in the house up the ladder in
    the first area that's normaly locked and talk to the guy sitting in the chair
    after talking to him, grab the Chainsaw from the chest.
    ================================= Free Port ===================================
    Lyrics for the Bard of Freeport
    talk to the bard just above the old woman Wilma he asks you to talk to the
    pirates and listen to their stories for him.
    [ ] Paul at the fruit stand the guy with the red bandanna
    [ ] Frank the guy walking around just to the right of Paul
    [ ] Captain Rolph who is walking around above the weapon shop
    [ ] Corsair Mary the woman who was blocking the chest on the dock
    [ ] Armor Shop owner
    [ ] Theodore at the stand just left of the armor shop
    Then go back to talk to the Bard Rick for Rick's Ivory Spear and $9500.
    =================================== Story =====================================
    Take the sea voyage to the eastern waters, head south, further south, then the
    port until you see a small dock with snowy rocky ground and disembark and head
    right until you see a sign. Save and go up.
    *                                                                             *
    *                         Passage to China, Maine                             *
    *                                                                             *
    Enemy:                HP:  EXP: $:  Drop 1:        Drop 2:
    Snow Scorpion Supreme 2600 570  600 Fermented Beer Frenzied Crygasm Chalice
    Snow Lizard           1650 420  320 Fire Water     ?
    Flying Goatdinis      3650 600  720 Fire Water     Goatdini Staff
    Check this screen for Full Throttle, Flask o' Jack, Polar Bear Slippers, Mind
    Head directly left from the entrance until you see a dead tree then go straight
    and continue up. If you have started the Murderous Bear quest and gotten the
    Chainsaw, go inside examine the small hole in the wall by the blood to get
    Nevermiss Gloves. If you think you're ready, walk over to the bear to the
    HARD FIGHT. Recommend being Lvl 25+ with good armor.
    ================================ Optional Boss ================================
    Enemy:           HP:   EXP:  $: Drop 1:            Drop 2:
    Interfecio Ursus ?     17000 0  Murder Bear Jacket Interfecio Ursus Bow
    It can raise it's DEF. Lower everyones attack. Hit a single person for 1200+
    and stun. Hit a single person for multiple 300+, healing how much it deals
    often around 2000. Has critical.
    Whoever uses the Chainsaw will hit near constant 1000+, if good ATK. Emma can
    hit 800+ if she has good ATK and uses Spooky Strike. Deemer can hit 800+ if you
    use Power of a Thousand Suns. If you use anything except those you will either
    hit nothing or 1. Using Kiwi fruits that silence but ATK+ will help, since if
    he raises his DEF and lowers your ATK, your going to hit less then half of what
    you should be hitting.
    NOTE: I used three people buffing plus healing and one attacking, lots of
    items, LV 25. Took near 30 Full Throttles, 10 Kiwis, Emma debuffing plus Dave
    as a back up healer. Used Webber (or Palmer) as Chainsaw attacker. Equip for
    DEF and AGI (EVA for Dave) only, Kiwis will pump your ATK. Used Flask o' Jack
    as a last resort, around 3. Come back later if you're not ready, brutal.
    Go back and talk to Eskimo Ernest in Richmond and claim your $40000. Also
    return to Bowdoin and claim Johnny Roxard's Guitar. NOTE: if you are still
    equipped with the Chainsaw then it will stay in your inventory.
    Head left outside then talk to the guy on a bed to start the quest China Fried
    Head right back to the entrance, head up the frozen steps.
    NOTE: After finishing China Fried Chiken quest, take a Fried Chiken to the hole
    in the wall over here and a fox/dog will tell you a secret. You must have
    Bernard's Pouch. You will also receive Tough Tincture.
    At the hobo save. Then go left head up the steps following the path, check the
    chest for Frenzied Crygasm Chalice. Keep going right then go up, right, up the
    steps. Head into Cheever's Cabin and examine the table for some Fire Water talk
    to Old Man Cheever to get a pass then talk to him again to start the dragon's
    egg quest. Head back to the save hobo.
    This time head all the way left and keep going left at the cross roads and head
    down the ladder and into the cave. Jump across the holes, jump further across
    and flip the switch, jump back across. Pull the boulder down once then push it
    down again then pull it left, jump across then hold and pull it down three
    times, push it right then up then right onto the switch. You will hear a click.
    Jump across the holes to the bottom right corner to go out of the cave. Grab
    the chest containing the Light Saber. Go back through the cave and to the
    crossroad. Then head left and grab the chest containing a Frenzied Crygasm
    Chalice and head up the steps and use your rope to climb the wall. Grab the
    chest containing Gross Hippy Stuff then head up the ladder, choose to go in the
    cave and get the dragon's egg. Take this back to Old Man Cheever for Cheever's
    Go back to the crossroads and head up the steps and head up the steps again.
    Stop by the cave on the left to rest and heal. You can't check the cave out so
    continue on up then talk to the dude in shades by the bridge... darn he must
    think he's cool and all...
    =================================== Boss ======================================
    Enemy:      HP: EXP: $:   Drop 1:              Drop 2:
    Shakespeare ?   5275 7800 Shakespeare's Shades Velvet Doublet
    Can hit for 500+ and sleep. Can use a hit all water spell for about 400+. Can
    confuse 1 person. Normal attacks for 700+.
    Don't know his HP but it is a heck of alot. Not a difficult fight, just heal as
    needed and be prepared to revive. He can be debuffed and status ailed.
    Head across the bridge, going right just before the steps and continue up then
    go through the back path, head right and then down the ladder.
    Keep going down ladders, head right up the steps and examine the wall to use
    your rope to climb. Talk to the person in red, grab the chest for Fire Water.
    Head back down the ladders on the right into the next area. Go down, head right
    and examine the rock. Climb the wall with a rope and talk to Nock Churris.
    Give him some 'Nocs and he will give you $5000 and Nock's Socks.
    Continue going right, head up the steps and then go in the cave. Buy a Broom
    and a Hammer. Pull the snow boulder away from the wall and go down the ladder.
    Make sure you fully heal your HP and MP and go in the very large cave.
    ================================ Optional Boss ================================
    Enemy:        HP: EXP: $: Drop 1:                           Drop 2:
    Super Groober ?   5975 0  Francois of Englebert's Cross-Bow Groober Goo
    It can single attack breath Seduce someone for 900+. Normal attack someone for
    500+. Has critical. Music Notes? 460+ damage plus Seduce.
    Heal Seduce with Naughty Notes. If you don't have or run out of Naughty Notes
    let whoever is seduced die, except for Anebriate.
    Head back out of the cave and continue up the steps. Welcome to China, Maine.
    *                                                                             *
    *                               China, Maine                                  * 
    *                                                                             *
    Grab the chest for Essence Infusion on the right and then go into the house and
    talk to Mayor Frank. Emma's relationship will change the following dialogue
    with Karla. After a few exchanges of words, Karla joins but isn't locked into
    the team. However, Webber is still locked in. Check Mayor Frank's house for
    Tablet Piece, Frenzied Crygasm Chalice, S.O.A.P., Fire Water. Back outside, go
    up the steps, head left and save at the magic save hobo.
    =============================== Side Quests ===================================
    China Fried Chicken part 2
    Go down the ladder and across the bridge in the first area and go left and into
    the house. Use your broom to sweep up all the piles of dirt. Use your hammer to
    repair the counter and wall. Throw out the chicken on the table, clean the moss
    off the wall with your spear and examine the crate with a hole to fight.
    =============================== Optional Boss =================================
    Enemy:       HP:   EXP: $:   Drop 1:        Drop 2:
    Mighty Mouse 12000 2075 5000 Fermented Beer Power Paste
    Poison Punch 700+ and Poisons. Normal attack for 700-800
    Go back to Lieutenant Sanders and tell him you have cleaned the place. He will
    go to China and open a store. Later, you can talk to him any time for as much
    free chicken as you want.
    Tibbles the Cat
    Left of the save hobo is Tibbles. If you have completed Bernard the Dog part 2
    and have gotten the magic pouch then you will be able to talk to him. Give him
    the dead mouse that you found a long time ago and he will dig out a hole in the
    wall behind him. Check it for Tibbles' Rival.
    Delivering Gifts for Nicholas, The Saint
    Go to the church in the northern part of China, Maine. Grab the chest for a
    Halberd of Heat, go inside check the church for Tablet Piece, Communion Wine,
    $15000. On the 3rd floor of the church talk to Nicholas, the Saint and then
    examine the crate on the far right. Head downstairs to the first floor, we're
    going to hand out gifts. You may need to swap out party members to complete
    some deliveries.
    [ ] Father Gordon
    [ ] Travis, who is Kevin's father
    [ ] Mayor Frank
    [ ] Harry the inn keeper
    [ ] Doc Vacation, who is on the inn's 2nd floor
    [ ] Tabatha, in the kitchen of her house slaving away
    [ ] Mrs. Webber
    [ ] Mortimer the barkeeper
    [ ] Sarah
    As a reward, you get Saint Nick's Hat and Saint Nick's Mitts.
    Carol's Love Letter
    Talk to Carol the green haired girl past the bridge on the left side of town go
    to the house to the right of the save hobo. Talk to the blue haired kid. Search
    Kevin's house for Fire Water, Lady Sandal. Go back to Carol. You can either
    'Tell her the truth' or "Lie to her'. Either way you get the Women's Perfume.
    If you 'Be a general douche' then you get nothing.
    ================================== Story ======================================
    The inn has Fire Water, Five Finger Face Fu&&ler. Tabatha's house has Fire
    Water, Rouge, Wellies. Alphonse's house has Alphonse's Holy Symbol.
    Go to Webber's house by going to the left area and across the first small
    wooden bridge. Inside head upstairs, go into the left room and talk to Webber's
    Mother. Check the house for Frenzied Crygasm Chalice, Donut, Webber's Dad's
    Next go to Sarah's house. Go back across the bridge down the steps and left
    across the next bridge, first house on the right. Go to the girl sitting in the
    chair. Check Sarah's house for Biology Boots.
    The Weapon Craft Shop has Air (?), Cold Steel. Outside Sneaky Pavlov's is a
    Tablet Piece. Inside is Tear-Beard Broth.
    Next head to the pub and talk to the guy in armor with orange hair. Win or lose
    the mini game, you pass out and are taken to Webber's house. If, by some
    miracle, you managed to win then you would have acquired Tablet Piece 4.
    Go to the church and examine the tablet to the right of it, then go above
    Sarah's house and examine the stone. Choose 'They're Switched Around!' and use
    the move buttons to change the numbers to '4576'. Go down the ladder.
    *                                                                             *
    *                          Cave under China, Maine                            * 
    *                                                                             *
    Enemy:           HP:  EXP: $:  Drop 1:    Drop 2:
    Regular Dead Guy 3500 550  390 Fire Water ?
    Dead Librarian   2500 630  460 ?          ?
    Head down the first two ladders then go right and up those two and grab the
    chest containing the The Batman Symbol Shield. Head back down the ladders and
    go down the next one, go down the small one and go left up ladders to grab the
    chest for Tear-Beard Broth. Head across the ladders to the right side, follow
    the path down and head left across the bridge. Head down the steps and rest at
    the bed. Then go down the ladder.
    =================================== Boss ======================================
    Enemy:         HP: EXP: $: Drop 1:                Drop 2:
    Dead Anebriate ?   6000 0  Dead Guard Chestguard  ?
    Dead Palmer    ?           Dead Priest Headwreath Salamander on a Stick
    They have the same skills as Palmer and Anebriate but not high tier ones. Kill
    Anebriate first so he won't keep healing Palmer, then kill Palmer.
    Return to Sarah's house and talk to Sarah. Return to the hobo and save (Webber
    is finaly unlocked from the team). Return later to get an item from the mayor.
    ================================== Boat =======================================
    NOTE: You can give Belinda the Women's Perfume for Belinda's Pendant now (if
    you do this with Emma in your party then Emma's affection will go down). If you
    have done both Tibbles and the secret message from the fox hole then you can
    return the pouch to Bernard for Bernard's Not-Magic Stick now.
    Go out of town and 'Skip' down the mountains. Get back on your boat and sail
    down along the deep water and head left going up at the first chance. Once you
    see land go right and up you will appear on your boat. Examine the crate to
    your right for a Club in a Box. The maid is a shop, take time to talk to your
    companions and save at the hobo (IF YOU SAVE HERE YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING ELSE
    THAT YOU CAN DO IT). After talking to everyone, the door is on the right side
    of Emma, in case you can't see it.
    ================================== Boss =======================================
    Enemy:      HP: EXP: $:   Drop 1:            Drop 2:
    White Whale ?   6750 7125 The Blubber-Carver Ivory Harpoon
    Hits for 200-500+, can paralyze, water attack on all for 500-700+. HE IS WEAK
    Save after the fight and examine the tent to go into Augusta.
    *                                                                             *
    *                                  Augusta                                    * 
    *                                                                             *
    Search the first screen for Tear-Beard Broth, Vine Whip, Kingly Crown, Gross
    Hippy Stuff, Herbal Tea. The smoke filled house has Communist Manifesto.
    ================================ Side Quests ==================================
    Medicinal Fungus
    Talk to the guy walking around the lower right side of the first area. He will
    ask you to collect five red Mushrooms. Walk around the beach picking up the
    tiny red mushrooms, not the brown ones. After you collect all five RED
    mushrooms, return them and he will give you $7000.
    The Painter Scam Artist
    In the first house on the left. Go inside and talk to Gentleman Jim Stavy, Emma
    and Karla will try to convince you to buy his painting ($50000). Do it if you
    have the extra money to... waste. Emma and Karla will feel ashamed and you get
    the painting.
    The 'Hot' Eskimo
    Talk to the girl wandering around in a parka and tell her to lose the parka.
    Reward: Parka of Sally Forth.
    Examine the Rock in the water beside the small dock in the first area.
    =============================== Optional Boss =================================
    Enemy:       HP: EXP: $:   Drop 1:           Drop 2:
    Rock Lobster ?   6350 8800 Rock Lobster Helm ?
    Uses a spell that hits all for 600-700+ and stuns all. Has very high defence.
    Can single attack someone for 1000+ and inflict bleed plus blind.
    Examine the pouches on the counter beside the potion maker.
    =============================== Optional Boss =================================
    Enemy:      HP:   EXP: $:   Drop 1: Drop 2:
    Pouch Demon 14500 5500 6500 ?       ?
    Confusion attack for 700+ and confuse. Normal attack for 500+.
    Have Emma blind him with Spooky Strike so you aren't hit as much.
    =================================== Story =====================================
    Go straight up from the entrance and go in the fence and house. You can use the
    bed here to rest. Put Robert in your team even if you don't want to. You need
    him for one thing. Check for Robert's Dad's Ashes, Pansylion, Lady Sandal.
    Go out and head all the way right into the next area and examine the road block
    on the far right side in front of the cave. Check this screen for Frenzied
    Crygasm Chalice. Go inside the house behind the hobo and go up stairs, check
    for Tear-Beard Broth. Madame Sosostris will give you Umbrella. Check the house
    for Donut, Jar of Female Angst.
    Change and check your party. Save. Go into the cave that was previously
    *                                                                             *
    *                               Augusta Mines                                 * 
    *                                                                             *
    =================================== Boss ======================================
    Enemy:         HP: EXP: $: Drop 1: Drop 2:
    Dead Steve     ?   9000 0  ?       ?
    Dead Anebriate ?   ?    0  ?       ?
    Dead Palmer    ?   ?    0  ?       ?
    Normal attack and shurikens hit about 500+. Has Snow Caps, Share the Goods and
    Spark Plug. Has Cardinal Catastrophe and Quadriplegic.
    This can be a tough fight... kill Steve first, then Palmer, then Anebriate.
    ================================ Side Quests ==================================
    Finish up any mini quests now. Also smelt, brew, craft, buy items, return.
    NOTE: Smelt everything you got.
          Brew everything you got.
          Craft your Meteorite Shards with Swampy Joe.
          Craft with your other ores for any items or equipment you like.
          Sell the worst stuff.
          Buy the best stuff, including Flask o' Jack at Lewiston Bar.
          Save most of your money for later.
    ================================== Story ======================================
    Enemy:   HP:  EXP: $:   Drop 1:          Drop 2:
    Scorpish 2400 580  660  Tear-Beard Broth ?
    Eyeguy   3700 1100 1200 Fire Water       ?
    Go through the cave and follow the path and grab the chest holding Wiggly Red
    Bow. Head back and then go down the straight forward path. Once you get to the
    save hobo, save. Then check the cave for Tough Tincture, go down.
    =================================== Boss ======================================
    Enemy: HP: EXP: $: Drop 1: Drop 2:
    [????] ?   ?    ?  ?       ?
    Don't attempt to win this fight. You can win but if you do, you can't progress
    the game, so just let him kick your butt. You must last long enough for him to
    use his killer move.
    Everyone in your team is gone. Save at the hobo, equip the Umbrella weapon and
    go back in the boss room. Check for Tear-Beard Broth and step into the center
    of the Hexagram.
    *                                                                             *
    *                                Save Realm                                   * 
    *                                                                             *
    Enemy:       HP:  EXP: $: Drop 1:       Drop 2:
    Save Wraiths 1300 650  1  Full Throttle Frenzied Crygasm Chalice
    Follow the track into the next area, checking for Tear-Beard Broth, Fermented
    Beer. Go left and up as you walk past the sign you will be sent into a fight,
    win the fight. Follow the path and save at the save hobo. Check the pouches in
    the middle for Gross Hippy Stuff.
    Head all the way right on the top path into the purple area and then head into
    the portal in the cage like spot in the bottom side of the room. Check this
    area for Flask o' Jack. The Magical Weaponmaster Hobo shop has Defense Drink.
    Go in the room with a hammer, smelt some bars with the guy on the left. This
    shop has Wacky Purple Chunk. Back outside go to the top left side of this area
    and into the house with a hexagram symbol and talk to Emma. Check this room for
    Tear-Beard Broth.
    Go back to the hexagram and teleport back to the cage and go around down to
    talk to Deemer. Check this area for Magical Hobo Brew. Continue going down the
    ladders and follow the path to the next hexagram, grab the chest for Crystal
    Whiskey Vial, and go through it follow the path and talk to Karla. Check this
    area for Teacher's Handbook, Frenzied Crygasm Chalice, Magical Hobo Brew.
    Return to the student taking the test and say '042' for a Fargo's Feather Pen.
    Then head back to the save hobo.
    Head back right and go up the brick path into the room of gold talk to Palmer,
    check for a Sound Shrooms. Then go through the hexacrest walk down and talk to
    the guy in a black bandana, depending on your relationship with Emma affects
    how Anebriate talks to him. This screen has Fish, Donut, Tear-Beard Broth, Full
    Throttle, Daedric Tower Shield. Don't search the hobo dojo until you have a
    full party. Head left to the pub and talk to Dave inside, check the pub for
    Frosted Pineapple Cake. The inn has Pansylion, Band-Aid, Warm Beer, Meat
    Mittens, Paranoid Letter. Go all the way back to the save hobo again.
    From the hobo head down into the ice/water area, check this lounge area for
    Rainbow Mukluks, Band-Aid and talk to the hobos. Magical Doctor Hobo Jonathon
    will start a 'find the delivery-man' mini-quest. Return and jump across the
    blocks to the left side then go down and then left again into the cave step
    into the hexacrest. Jump around to find The Ice-Breaker, Tear-Beard Broth,
    Flask o' Jack. Jump across to the right side and then up and talk to Robert
    near the door, once again return to the save hobo.
    Head left from the hobo through the pillars and into the hexacrest. Head right
    and up and talk to Webber. For the last time return to the save hobo he tells
    you the council will meet you now. So get your best party together and save.
    You can check the hobo dojo now for Magic Hobo Brew and...
    =============================== Optional Boss =================================
    Enemy:         HP:  EXP: $:    Drop 1: Drop 2:
    Easy Money     ?    ?    ?     ?       ?
    Loose Change   ?    4700 20000 ?       ?
    Go back to where you found Webber. Before stepping into the Hexacrest equip
    your best DEF/AGI Spear.
    ================================= Mini Boss ===================================
    Enemy:         HP:  EXP: $:   Drop 1: Drop 2:
    HoboCutioner A 4500 3300 3600 ?       ?
    HoboCutioner B 3500 ?    ?    ?       ?
    Heal your HP and MP and head down through the hexacrest, head down for another
    set up your final team, heal, change equipment and so on.
    =================================== Boss ======================================
    Enemy:                               HP: EXP: $: Drop 1: Drop 2:
    Theodore Guildenstern Chesepeake III ?   ?    ?  ?       ?
    Hobotomy multiple strikes of 200-400+. Dirty Fighting chance of Blind on all
    (cure right away on your melee). Swarm of Fleas (magical, I think) hits 1600+.
    Normal attack 1400+. Spell Drain drains a large amount of MP. Lies and Slander
    lowers everyones SPI. Post Traumatic stress 1400+ also confuses. Game Over
    instant Death on one person.
    After dealing so much damage the battle will come to an end.
    Continue talk to everyone in China, Maine. Emma's response is changed based on
    your relationship with her. Talk to Mayor Frank for China, Maine Medal of
    Courage. Save at the usual spot in China, Maine.
    *                                                                             *
    *                               Hobotropolis                                  * 
    *                                                                             *
    After all that, it only gets MUCH harder from here. You no longer have access
    to the Save Realm (for now). Go ahead and make sure you have the best
    equipment you can get for Anebriate, Palmer, Robert and Karla. Do any side
    quests you haven't done, since you won't get a chance for a while. Open your
    Menu and select the option 'Hobotropolis'.
    After the fair sized scene, go in Augusta to meet up with Palmer and Robert
    (you can go to Richmond and get Bernard's Magic Pouch back again now). While
    working your way to the Hobotroplolis back door check for Ice-Cold Wizard Beer,
    Magic Hobo Brew, Squid Tentacle. Then go on to the cave in the east to return
    to Save Realm and go to the Silver Hopping area and jump to the cave in the
    bottom left side and use the teleporter. Jump across the platforms to the right
    and then up go in the door and make your way to the area to the right by
    jumping on the platforms. Talk to the guard standing in front of the door by
    the sign 'Hobotropolis'. He tells you it's switching time and asks you to find
    the other guard. He tells you that you have to get back in time and then you
    can sneak past.
    The guard is in the Pub in the Gold area where Dave was. Talk to him (check
    the student in front of the pub for Omar's Apprentice Scarf) and he will take
    off. Rush behind him and get back to the gate and push/pull him out of the way,
    check the empty crate for Hobo Token x5 (there's a time limit). Enter.
    Check this area for Hobo Token, go down the stairs.
    *                                                                             *
    *                             Hobotropolis Sewers                             * 
    *                                                                             *
    Enemy:        HP:  EXP: $:   Drop 1:                  Drop 2:
    Little Fu&&er 500  250  115  Frenzied Crygasm Chalice ?
    Save Bull     3600 1380 1500 Mining Pick              Gorenado Boots
    Sewer Imps    3150 860  650  Imp Shrimp               ?
    Search this area for Poison, Magic Hobo Brew, Flask o' Jack, Riot Shield, Huge
    Spider, El Moondome. Rest Room has Tear-Beard Broth.
    Be careful in here, the monsters are rough. As you walk by, the hobo will see
    you but won't stop you. Go north into the next area then go left and talk to
    Karla (finally a 4th character again). Flip the switch above her (the room
    below has Goddess Grief, Flask o' Jack, return) then head back down to the
    first room. Then go directly left, then up when you get to the wall and go
    through the open door.
    *                                                                             *
    *                                 Ram Stables                                 * 
    *                                                                             *
    Upon arriving in the lobby, you will be forced into slavery in the Ram Yards.
    Let's bust out of here. Check this room for Ice-Cold Wizard Beer. Check Miss
    Fizzbucket's room for Sniper Stew. Talk to Miss Fizzbucket to start her
    From here until later, neglect to check objects. I will tell you when to start
    checking again. Why? After you work your way through the Ram Stables you will
    have free and uninterrupted access. So, just chill and we will come back and
    check everything.
    Go into the room on the left and get 'caught'. Talk to the person above...
    =================================== Boss ======================================
    Enemy:           HP:  EXP: $:   Drop 1:         Drop 2:
    Stables Enforcer 9000 3250 4500 The Poop Shovel ?
    He can lower ATK, Rock magic for 300+.
    Have Robert use Scalp and bleed him. Have Robert use Leg Shot to lower AGI.
    Have Karla use Shield Bonk and confuse him. Palmer use The Ultimate Sacrifice
    to hit hard and stun him.
    Then head down out of the room and go inside the cabin and talk to the person.
    Leave the cabin after the talk and then you must move the rock in the top right
    onto the switch in the bottom left side.
    If you get close to the guards, they will get suspicious. If they see you they
    will hunt your butt down and kick you back into the stable room. Use the small
    cubby hole by the shed on the left side to make them stop chasing (but if they
    touch you there, they can still find you). Once the rock is on the switch the
    door is opened and will stay open.
    In the next room immediately go up into the cubby hole to disable the guards'
    search since its unlikely you wouldn't get spotted. Be careful they can still
    catch you. Once you have an opening, pull the rock out to the right avoid
    stepping on the glass, if you step on it while pulling the rock it makes you
    let go and it draws the guards attention. If you can, try to get behind the
    boulder so you can push it rather than pull, as that's much safer and watch the
    guards move. I got caught a dozen times in here and you must break the glass
    jar to the right of the boulder to move it there. If they're not hunting you
    and you got a good 3 to 5 steps from each of them (more would be better), spam
    push/pull the rock onto the switch and head for the door. Even if you get
    caught before getting to the door it stays unlocked, so just head back and make
    another attempt at the door using any methods.
    Talk to the hobo in the white clothes on the far right, for Stables Cabin Key,
    and go inside the cabin back in the first guarded room and talk to Magical
    Racer Hobo Melissa, leave the cabin.
    Go back to the person who gave you the Stable Cabin Key then head right and
    talk to Magical Save Jockey Jasper standing beside the pillar with a gold ram
    for Hobo Token Pouch. Go back to the room to the left and go up to the guy
    blocking the stairs, talk to him and he will move out of the way. Head up the
    stairs, go to the hexacrest on the right and step in to teleport to the path to
    casino head down, checking for Three-Leaf Clover, jump down twice left once
    down once and go left (if you head further left and then check the balcony,
    Robert will spread his father's ashes and learn an ability Achilles' Heel) in
    the door marked casino go to the room to the left to find the slot machines the
    beginner slot is the one between the two guys. Start with it to get a feel for
    the slots then the medium are to the right, expert on the slots above, the slot
    to the left of the guy is for professional, the one to the left of it is
    reserved for masters, so you can't use it yet.
    Here's a list of slot token values.
    Slot:         Donut Cherry Berry Skull Bag Beer Fire Water Gem
    Beginner      3                                 2          1
    Intermediate  5                            4    3          2
    Experienced   7                        6   5    4          3
    Professional  10                 7     6   5    4          3
    Masters       25    10     8     7     6   5    4          3
    Once you have gatherd 50 tokens head back to the guy beside the pillar with the
    gold ram he gives you a white ram voucher. Head into the stable and go to the
    room with the cabin talk to the guard, Magical Stables Enforcer Bert, closest
    to the top area, he will get you the White Ram.
    You now can't be thrown back into the stables. Go to the far right again back
    to the room with the big words 'Ram Races' where the guy who gave you the
    ticket was, talk to the man across the counter for your C-Class Racing License.
    Return to the stables and check them for Tear-Beard Broth, Magic Hobo Brew,
    Chocolate Cakes. The Casino area has Ice-Cold Wizard Beer, Hobo Token,
    Pansylion. In the Casino Bar you will find the delivery man, John Foots,
    Messenger. I chose 'It's My Business Now', after going back to Dr. Jonathon,
    talk and then...
    =============================== Optional Boss =================================
    Enemy:       HP:  EXP: $:    Drop 1:                Drop 2:
    Dr. Jonathon 8200 9250 10000 Dr. Jonathon's Scalpel ?
    In the Casino Inn there is a man, Bertrand, who wants a couple of items for a
    prize. Run around and collect the items for the loan of Cave Puncher. Later
    you will find an item using the Cave Puncher and return the item to Bertrand
    for obtaining the Cave Puncher permanently. Try the new device on the hole in
    the wall here for Tough Tincture.
    Return to Ram Racing area. Check this area for Crystal Whiskey Vial, Groovy
    Bandana, Human Hand.
    Keep checking the spicy potato crate, you need Robert in your party, for...
    =============================== Optional Boss =================================
    Enemy:     HP:  EXP: $: Drop 1:        Drop 2:
    Hot Potato 2500 9000 0  Hot Potato Hat ?
    This is... a strange fight. Only Robert can hit it and only about 200ish at a
    low level and he only has one ability 'Pow', it hits for 2400+ and burns. Can
    kill most in one hit. Use your fastest people and have everyone besides Robert
    using Full Throttle on anyone the moment they die.
    Spooky Strike, Shield Bonk, Spark Plug can hit. Come back later if you need or
    want a better party.
    You must do well in about 4-5 races for the next event to happen so head down
    and continue to go down until you see a path to the right go over there and
    enter the races between noon and midnight. After a few rounds of 1st and/or
    2nd place, a weird looking goblin will come down and ask you to go with him.
    After the event, talk to Greg again to progress the game.
    At the base of the stairs you have to choose who you want to have talk to
    Mister Groobs, results are the same with everyone but some of them can be
    You can go to the right and down the stairs. Search the rooms for Blademaster
    Vest, Goddess Grief, Ice-Cold Wizard Beer, Hobocutioner Honey. Return.
    After the scene go down the steps and to the left to leave and Greg will stop
    you once again to hand you a... kid's drawing... then enjoy a few scenes of
    your old pals for a bit.
    *                                                                             *
    *                                   Prison                                    * 
    *                                                                             *
    Enemy:            HP:  EXP: $:  Drop 1: Drop 2:
    Hobo Prison Guard 3300 900  600 ?       ?
    Hobo Prison Guard 3100 900  600 ?       ?
    Hobo Prison Guard 3000 900  600 ?       ?
    Hobo Prison Guard 2600 900  600 ?       ?
    Back at Anebriate, you are surrounded and thrown into prison (always knew it
    would happen some day). A sad scene of Palmer and then back to our hero
    Once again Greg shows up, placing something in your cell. Pick it up then
    pretty much check out the door, the dead skeleton for Fermented Beer, the light
    and the wall and the next scene starts. Examine the box for Throwing Knives,
    Hobotropolis Teleporter Stone.
    Then look at the cell grate and play a mini game. Hit the hobocutioner in the
    middle. Go up the stairs and you have to throw at another hobocutioner, if you
    miss then you will have to fight...
    Enemy:       HP:  EXP: $:   Drop 1:              Drop 2:
    Hobocutioner 3000 1250 1400 Ice-Cold Wizard Beer ?
    hits for 400+. Hobocutioners Favorite Thing hits about 160+ twice. Armor Break
    hits for 800+.
    Have Anebriate use Spark Plug to attack for about 400+. Use Snow Caps to heal
    whenever your HP gets to 1000 or lower. You may have to use a Frenzied Crygasm
    Chalice (+300 MP).
    After you either shoot him or slaughter him walk to the right to talk to
    Palmer. Then go further right and talk to Karla to get her hairpin, then go up
    the next set of stairs. Robert joins you, go back down stairs and check the
    doors of either Karla or Palmer (doesn't matter what order), check Karla's cell
    for Holy Pendant. You may or may not release Magical Prisoner Hobo Horace in
    the left most cell for unknown results. If you won the mini-game then the dead
    guard has Ice-Cold Wizard Beer.
    Head back up the stairs then jump across the hole to the ladder leading up,
    check for Tear-Beard Broth, Scotch Soldier. Talk to Gorbochov to learn it's
    about to be boss time and then SAVE!!!
    Head down and try to leave... Clint and Marv show up.
    ==================================== Boss =====================================
    Enemy:     HP: EXP: $:   Drop 1:              Drop 2:
    The Warden ?   8000 2200 Warden's Bloodletter Hobo Power Paste
    The Jailer ?   ?    ?    Ice-Cold Wizard Beer ?
    Warden's normal hit for about 800-1000+. Warden has Wrangling Man which does
    about 800+ AGI/DEF Down. Triple Ninja throws 3 rounds of 400+. It's a Trap for
    physical reflect (Palmer's Holy Spirit and Robert's Flame Arrow still hit).
    Jailer's Number 22, a lightning spell hits about 1200+. Can heal 1 for 400+.
    Electric Cage hits all for about 400-800-1100.
    Have Anebriate on full time heal. Robert use Achille's Heel or Scalp. Palmer
    use the Ultimate Sacrifice on The Jailer for about 2000+ and The Sacred Five on
    The Warden for about 2000+. If the Warden uses It's a Trap then do Holy Spirit.
    Karla can throw items, doubt that she has any decent skills yet.
    After the battle, save again. Then go out and then up the ladder, go down and
    towards the hexcrest. After the scene, dequip the character that you are going
    to let go, head down out of the room. Choose who you DO NOT want come with you
    (e.g. Robert). Check the office for Ice-Cold Wizard Beer and...
    =============================== Optional Boss =================================
    Enemy:       HP:  EXP: $:   Drop 1:           Drop 2:
    Spelling Bee 6000 1450 1330 Gross Hippy Stuff Spelling Bee Bonnet
    Go out back to the main lobby of Hobotropolis. You now have some freedom to do
    as you wish in Hobotropolis.
    ============================ Side Quests and Fun ==============================
    Master Slots
    If you choose to leave Robert behind, go to the casino slots and talk to Robert
    in front of the masters slot machine. He will move away and now you're free to
    use it!
    ================================ Dangerdome ===================================
    Enemy:              HP:   EXP:     $: Reward:
    Burgercrusher        7500 0        0   3 Blood Coupons
    Cromswarp            8000 0        0   5 Blood Coupons
    Ringo the Dingo      7000 0        0   8 Blood Coupons
    Hobocutioner Oswald 16000 0        0  12 Blood Coupons
    Billy Neptune        6500 0        0  12 Blood Coupons
    Teddy Neptune        7000 0        0   0 Blood Coupons
    Barnaby Jones           ? 0        0  15 Blood Coupons
    Barkley                 ? 0        0  15 Blood Coupons
    MECHANICOR              ? 13000    0  20 Blood Coupons
    Recommended level 29+
    Head up the stairs on the left side above the downstairs to ram stable and
    follow the path and teleport to the Dangerdome, check for Ice-Cold Wizard Beer,
    Dudley's Underpants (now with the underpants go talk to Hobocutioner Davis in
    the hobocutioner barracks for Hobocutioner Rapier, return), Blue Berries. talk
    to the guy across the bar and get tricked into participating. Once inside talk
    to the guy on the far left to get your Dangerdome weapons (needed to do any
    damage!), Wizard Powder. Then save at Borgochov if you want, check this room
    for Magic Hobo Brew (later check again for $10000, Wizard Powder) and the room
    below for Hobo Token, Death Petals. Head into the arena.
    You have to fight in several battles before you can leave. You get no BP or
    dollars from this. If you lose you don't get Game Over but you go into a small
    room examine the dead body for a Rock Harp and head out to the right, use your
    Cave Puncher to expose a room, and up the stairs (note everyone is dead!!!)
    and you can either try again from the start or just leave and come back at a
    later time but if you manage to win you get a Dangerdome Crown and if you save
    up your Blood Coupons you can buy a sweet weapon from the Blood Coupon shop.
    After winning, go back into the arena and grab the chest for Meteor Shard then
    go down stairs and move the rock onto the switch and go in the back room and
    open the chest on the bottom right side of the room for Sir Roberto's Golden
    NOTE: I honestly don't know how Land got through this at level 29. For me, I
    needed to be around 33 and had to purposely fail four or five times to spend
    Blood Coupons for a backlog of good Dangerdome items. Also, don't try to lose
    at MECHANICOR, you won't be thrown in the pit but will get the game over
    screen. So, if you have saved over your files and you cannot beat MECHANICOR
    then you may be stuck and may have to START THE WHOLE GAME AGAIN! Keep one save
    file that is before Dangerdome just in case you have to reload. Moxy.
    Go up the stairs on the right side of the lobby above the stairs leading to the
    sewers and talk to the girl behind the counter and buy the Jampacolpyse ticket
    for 15/30 Hobotokens then go on up into the flashing light and talk to the guy
    standing on the red carpet he will give you a 'test' if you manage to do really
    well you will get a Challenger's Card.
    Prizes: ?
    Water Gnoblin Knockers
    In the house at the top left of the first residential area (YOU CAN ONLY PLAY
    IT SO MUCH, AFTER 10 PLAYS YOU GET GAME OVER!), you basicly play whack-a-mole
    you must walk to the holes and hits the water gnoblins quickly The Pity Pot,
    filled with glum water, can restore you somewhat so that you can play more
    36+         - Ghosts bonked Pity Pot
    36+         - Ghosts bonked after getting Pity Pot, Watergnoblin Gnocker
    34+         - after both of the above, Meteor Shard
    32 <---> 34 - after weapon reward, Goddess Grief
    26 <---> 28 - after weapon reward, Tear-Bearded Broth (29)
    21 <---> 22 - after weapon reward, Frenzied Crygasm Chalice (24, 25, 26, 28)
    NOTE: SHIFT plus direction for sprint. I was never able to do this. The Pity
    Pot is a very useful item. Try to get it. Also the listed numbers needed do not
    match up to my trials. Moxy.
    =================================== Story =====================================
    Sherry's bar has Lady Sandal. Once your ready to get on with the story, go up
    either side of steps going up from the Hobotropolis lobby. Talk to the guy
    beside the house with the hammer and then go into the top right house. Go to
    the bottom right and talk to the old imp looking guy then go in the door. Check
    for Save-Eater Cap.
    *                                                                             *
    *                             The Lost Save Ruins                             * 
    *                                                                             *
    Enemy:          HP:  EXP: $:   Drop 1:       Drop 2:
    Save Drowner    2850 1425 1975 Poison        Drowner Tendrils
    Nether Shepherd 2720 1010 1150 Murder Cheese Nether Slippers
    Savegoyle       3550 1370 1560 Goddess Grief Save-Bound Book
    Go in the first house/door closest to where you come in and then go straight up
    into the house for Save Unoculars. You can choose to put Deemer in your team if
    you want, but Karla and Palmer are better for this part IMHO (Contrarywise, I
    found Deemer to be better. Moxy).
    Talk to the red haired girl named T-Red to start the search for save souls and
    Head on down and step on the small shadow covered area just below the brown
    steps for a Save Soul. Then go to the bottom right of this part and go down
    open the chest for a Scotch Soldier, then go back up.
    Go in the house in the middle then go up to the next one and grab the chest for
    Goddess Grief. Go back and this time take the house on the right. Stand at the
    top of the light pole so your under it and grab the Save Soul. Then go up and
    up again. Take the room on the right and step down once and left once and grab
    a Save Soul. Then go in the room on the right and follow the paths to a chest
    containing Billy Dodgemaster Vest.
    Go back to the first part of this area and go in the left door this time. Go
    past the ladder and go right (your pretty much forced into a fight but not
    if you're lucky). Monsters here are hard. If you fight Nether Shepherd have
    Anebriate constant Share Good, Greg Slippery Jingle/Defend, Palmer Holy Spirit,
    Karla Defend.
    Once you go through the door, go in the small alcove on the bottom left for a
    Save Soul. Go up into the next door and go straight right against the wall for
    another Save Soul. Go back to the ladder we skipped and go up it.
    Follow the path until the two doors with a pillar between them and go in the
    left door. If you got the Cave Puncher, examine the cracked wall and go inside
    to get the Green Ram and a chest with a Full Throttle. Then go back to the two
    doors and pillar. Stand on the right side of the pillar and push it left. Step
    where it was and flip the invisible switch on the wall.
    Go in the right door and down into the next one and down again into the next
    one, then go straight up. OK, this is a block puzzle.
    1st start off by pulling the grave on the right down the rope ladder. 2nd the
    closest block to it, push right till it's past the ladders. 3rd the block that
    is up, pull twice then go around it with the ladders. 4th go up the ladder and
    walk right, pull the tomb on the right once then go down and up the ladders
    into the temple. Go up the ladder on the right, grab the chest for Sniper Stew.
    If you have the Cave Puncher, punch the cracked wall go inside and grab the
    Ancient Bones (needed to keep the Cave Puncher permanently).
    Head back down. If you have any extra Clovers left or think you can survive
    then I'd say leave again and save. Grab the last save soul near Gorbochov in
    the first residential area by the light post and chair and talk to T-Red for
    Cardboard Tube. Then come back and talk to the mysterious man in the hood...
    ==================================== Boss =====================================
    Enemy: HP: EXP:  $:   Drop 1: Drop 2:
    Albert ?   13500 7500 ?       ?
    He is incredibly fast. Normal attacks for 1100+. Silence Fist hits for 1200+
    and silences. Absolute Silence hits all for 300+ and silences. Falcon Drop Kick
    2 hit combo for 1700+ (ouch!). Shadow Boxing hits for 2700+. Cat Like Reflexes
    AGI up.
    I recommend Karla being a high enough level to use Glorious Statue or you're in
    for one heck of a fight. Have Palmer use Ultimate Sacrifice for 2000+ a hit.
    Go ahead and grab the glum water from the bowl where Albert was, if you have
    the Pity Pot, then head back out to Hobotropolis.
    On your way out, your swapped to Cat-Emma. Try to walk out to the Hex for the
    next scene. Once you are in control of Anebriate again, go to the fireplace
    with the door and walk in. Your relationship with Emma will affect the scene
    Back in Hobotropolis, take the portal on the left side to get to the ram races
    place and head up into Groobs' office. Choose the new party by checking them.
    Once you have selected three, it will ask to confirm, say 'Yes'.
    ================================ Mini Quest ===================================
    Old Lady's Cat
    Talk to the old woman, Retired Hobocutioner Dianna, who stands where Gorbochov
    used to be in the Old Ruins. She will say she lost her cat. It's hiding in the
    Residentials 2nd Area. Take the first split right and follow it till you find
    the cat. After returning the cat check the glowing spot for Meowloween's
    Now leave Hobotropolis and return to the earliest part of Save Realm. Go in
    the small cave to go into the graveyard.
    After arriving in the cemetary and a small scene, the party switches over to
    Albert. He is now LVL 39. Use his Brownie Points to raise his stats and give
    him some better equipment and get ready for a battle.
    ==================================== Boss =====================================
    Enemy: HP: EXP: $: Drop 1:        Drop 2:
    Bebop  ?   5000 0  Bebop's Bonker ?
    Just use Shadow Boxing and he falls fairly quickly.
    Unequip Albert to get your items back. Don't leave anything of major value on
    him. Go up the ladder. You cannot do anything in here except examine the door
    with the guy inside. Everything else just makes Albert go '...'.
    Back to Anebriate and his team, save at Gorbochov and go behind the top right
    tree into the small white opening. After the scene, you acquire Hobotropolis
    Pass, so you don't need Greg. Then you must choose your team again. This time
    make sure you bring along Deemer and choose two others.
    Grab the chest with a Power Paste and examine the water to fill Pity Pot some
    more, if you have it. Go out to the main room of the graveyard and examine the
    gravestone with vines on it. If Deemer is in your team, he will clear them. If
    he is not, you can't change party members and will miss out on the Honorary
    University Pinion.
    Hidden Book
    Go to the prison where the guy Albert rescued was and examine the broken barrel
    in there to aquire Book of the Dead.
    Then head back to Hobotropolis and go in the Ram Race area and up the stairs as
    if you were going to Groobs' office but make a right and go into the
    Hobocutioner's rooms and talk to Hobocutioner Gordo the green hair one on the
    right near the bottom. He gives you a map of Save Realm with two X's marked.
    Now we set off to place the fireworks. Rather than directions to each one, I
    will simply list their locations you can only set 10 of them (! = do these).
     1 [ ] in the hobocutioner downstairs room beside the beds
     2 [ ] in the Ram Races Registry room
     3 [ ] behind the guy sitting in the chair in the Hobotropolis Lobby
     4 [!] the restaraunt in the first area of Residentials (right beside
           Hobotropolis lobby)
     5 [ ] top right corner of the Jampacolypse stage room
     6 [ ] in the Dangerdome registration room
     7 [ ] beside the B-Class rank ram race
     8 [ ] in the small park area to the left of the casino
     9 [ ] in the casino beside the beginner slots
    10 [ ] in the pub in gold town
    11 [!] in the orange area (grab the Crystal Whiskey Vial along the way) at the
           research room in the room usually locked. You can get in if you got the
           pass from the graveyard (talk to the blue ram then talk to the blue
           haired girl and trade her a cold one for the ram talk to the ram again).
           Grab the Scotch Soldier from just to the left of the arrow.
    After you have set 10 of the fireworks, head back to the cemetary's back room.
    ================== (I'm Done Path (going against Greg)) =======================
    You wake up in the Inn room, depending on your affection level with Emma she or
    Webber will be sitting beside the bed. If your level with Emma is high,
    choosing 'Emma' raises her affection more, choosing the others raises there
    friendship, depending on who you choose. But Emma is the obvious choice to me.
    Once you have control, examine things in the room. Avoid the cabinet till after
    you have saved, then come back and check it out.
    =============================== Optional Boss =================================
    Enemy:         HP: EXP: $: Drop 1: Drop 2:
    Wraith Riddler ?   ?    ?  ?       ?
    He will give you a riddle. If you do not solve it you have to fight him.
    Answer is '100' and '100' and you get Riddler Stick for solving his riddle.
    Go out, check for Hobo Token, and down the stairs into the casino lobby.
    Gorbochov will stop you and deliver a letter and tell you to meet your old
    friend in the new house in the Purple area of Save Realm. You can now finally
    change your party with him.
    ================================ Side Quests ==================================
    True freedom again. You being able to choose your team. Now you can do any side
    quests in Maine using any team you want. You can check out the Auction in
    Freeport and more.
    Weapon Collector
    Remember that guy back in Bowdoin, Maine who was asking you to collect some
    items for him? The last two are here in Hobotropolis. Golden Handscythe in the
    second room under Dangerdome where a translator is. Swackenheimer Swimsword
    bought from the casino Exchange shop for 250 tokens. If you gathered the
    others, as I listed them, you should now have all of them. Return them all to
    the collector in Bowdoin for $100000, Trophy, Ugarr's Karate Certificate.
    [ ] Gugengraham Hammerfist
    [ ] Queen Elaine VIII's Ninja Star
    [ ] The Godsayer
    [ ] Francois of Englebert's Cross-Bow
    [ ] Swackenheimer Swimsword
    [ ] Sir Roberto's Golden Handscythe
    The Black Ram
    Acquire 600 Hobo Tokens and buy the Black Ticket from the casino exchange. Take
    the ticket to the girl in the shed at the ram stables, then head into the Ram
    room where you fought the stable hobo and go in the newly opened back door.
    Then talk to the two girls to the right.
    Selecting 'Gimme Dat Ram' nabs you the amazing black ram.
    Selecting 'Aw, Forget It' gives Anebriate a new skill... yummy...
    Selecting 'MY MIND' just ends the conversation.
    Sergeant B'Arby
    Once you have one to four of Groosashi Receipts go to the snowy mountains
    before Bowdoin. Go in the cabin in the first area and talk to Groosashi. Then
    talk to B'Arby the cat for options.
    [ ] Groosashi's Spear
    [ ] Groosashi's Platemail
    [ ] Groosashi Boots
    [ ] Pet Cat
    Get the Pet Cat last, if you want all of the items. Sergeant B'Arby goes to
    Anebriate's house. Go there and keep talking to him, he will join your party.
    ================================== Story ======================================
    Go to the house in the top left corner of the Purple area, check for Pansylion,
    Mango, and talk to the guy across the counter. Go upstairs and talk to Wesley.
    After the scene you're given a list of people to find. Return to the meeting
    room and search for Scotch Soldier (! = guide for ME, YOU can do as you wish).
    Engineer 1      [ ]
    Engineer 2      [ ]
    Architect 1     [ ]
    Architect 2     [!]
    Blacksmith 1    [ ]
    Blacksmith 2    [ ]
    Con Artist 1    [ ]
    Con Artist 2    [!]
    Translator 1    [ ]
    Translator 2    [!]
    Mathematician 1 [ ]
    Mathematician 2 [!]
    You can only get four of them. And there are two of each class, a basic person
    and a 'better' one.
    Con Artist and Mathematician are really important for getting a good reward at
    the end. Getting a good translator can affect stuff after the game but if you
    get it, you can't get something else. So you cannot get both either way.
    Blacksmith 1
    The blacksmith shop in the bottom left corner of funky Purple Town
    Blacksmith 2
    The smith in the house in the Hobotropolis Resedentials. He asks you to go into
    the basement and get some bars.
    Enemy:  HP:  EXP: $:   Drop 1:         Drop 2:
    Batwolf 4350 1480 1175 Batwolf Threads ?
    At the first jump spot, jump down twice and right three times, grab the chest
    with Goddess Grief. Jump back to the first area. Go to the furthest spot on the
    right jump down, left, down, walk down once and jump left again. Stand at the
    furthest down spot and press SPACE as the whirlwind goes by to catch a ride on
    it. On the other side, walk up between the left or right spikes, wait and time
    it and go on the side that fires its arrow. You can try to time the spikes but
    they move so quickly, it's hard. I just hold up and take the hits.
    Once on the other side, walk to the bars and chest with Ocarina of Space walk
    up the ladder and examine the hole to return to the front of the room. Go up
    the ladder and take the bars to the smith again.
    Engineer 1
    Engineer Dan (in Purple area of Save Realm the guy obsessed with flying
    Engineer 2
    Talk to Fizzbuckets in a room beside the ram registery area. She asks for a
    cog. Go into the Residential areas and find the place that looks like a small
    house that you could rope into. Go inside, check for Ice-Cold Wizard Beer and
    ring the bell. Afterwards, take the cog back to Fizzbuckets.
    ============================== Optional Boss ==================================
    Enemy:       HP: EXP:  $:   Drop 1:  Drop 2:
    Save Emperor ?   14980 9175 Save Cog Emperor Blood Bow
    eep... mommy??... recommended lvl 35+
    Architect 1
    Guy sitting in the silver Area Pub.
    Architect 2
    Girl way back out in the Residential temple where Albert was.
    Con Artist 1
    Sneaky in the Sneaky Embassy in Gold Town.
    Con Artist 2
    Girl in the casino bar who asks you to kill the Box Demon in her closet.
    ================================ Optional Boss ================================
    Enemy:    HP:   EXP: $: Drop 1:    Drop 2:
    Box Demon 28000 8500 0  Box Cutter ?
    fire attacks, ice attacks, paralysis attacks and Beat Boxing hits everyone.
    Anebriate heals, Emma use Curse of Weakness, Palmer use Quadriplegic, Deemer
    use Water Glob. Use Full Throttles and set up for AGI.
    Translator 1
    Ram Racer Bar.
    Translator 2
    Under the Dangerdome.
    Mathematician 1
    Math Mathematician Maple in Residential lobby area.
    Mathematician 2
    Professor Meats in secret room in orange area of Save Realm. Need the Pity Pot
    full of glum water to wake him up.
    After you have gathered all four. Return to Wesley in the meeting room to start
    the operations. Talk to Wesley at the table and then talk to everyone in the
    NOTE: I had the misfortune of leaving now and returning to Hobotropolis to
    finish up mini quests, gathering items, optional bosses, etc. I picked up a
    fifth member of my recruited team and ruined the following event. UNLESS YOU
    room and continue the event. Moxy.
    Then talk to Wesley again and choose 'It's Go Time' to proceed in the game.
    ======================= (I'll Help (going with Greg)) =========================
    Choose 'I'll Help'. After planting the fireworks, Greg gives you a list of jobs
    to gather and after a short scene, you appear in the casino bar. You must find
    four people to pull off a big heist.
    NOTE: see above for locations and info.
    After you have gatherd all four, talk to Greg's assistant in the casino Inn and
    say 'Let's Go'. Talk to Greg in the top left corner and then talk to everyone
    in the hideout.
    Talk to Greg again and choose 'It's Go Time'.
    *                                                                             *
    *                                 Lava Mines                                  * 
    *                                                                             *
    Depending on the people you recruited affects the upcoming events. So there are
    definately plenty of ways for these things to unfold.
    Walk on through the caves grabbing the chests for Three-Leaf Clover, Essence
    Infusion, Lava Root (don't know if they change based on anything). Examine the
    tablets in the cave.
    If you didn't pick an Architect then...
    ================================ Optional Boss ================================
    Enemy:       HP: EXP: $:   Drop 1:              Drop 2:
    Save Groober ?   2480 2175 Crystal Whiskey Vial ?
    Ugh... if you are getting slaughtered then you are under leveled. Use your best
    skills, debuff and pray he doesn't use Devil Maw twice in a row.
    Continue, use the bed and save at Gorbochov on a different save file.
    Enemy:       HP:  EXP: $:   Drop 1:      Drop 2:
    File Serpent 5975 1815 1440 Poison       Lava Root
    Save Siren   4850 1520 1290 Naughty Note Save Siren's Harp
    Continue through the caves and eventually you arrive in the vault. After the
    scene, grab the chest on the far right for a Golden Mallet. Go on right into
    the next area. The battles here are pretty easy in comparison to the
    Residentials but if you just wanna get through here, use a Clover or use
    Intimidating Flex, and walk through. Go into the cave and walk to the most
    obvious rope spot ever. Toss one and grab the chest with Flask o' Jack, head
    out the cave to the bottom right. Then go in the door. Walk north through the
    lava filled heck hole of a cave. Go in the cave near Gorbochov.
    If you need to level up, make use of the bed and Gorbochov. Don't waste items
    as you can't return to the surface (which is why I said to save on a different
    file earlier).
    Flipping the switch activates the upcoming boss. Rest and fight around if your
    level is low but don't press the switch. Examine the water for another dose of
    glum water for your Pity Pot and chest for Flask o' Jack and then make use of
    the bed. Flip the two invisible switches on the walls in front of the water. Go
    back out.
    =================================== Boss ======================================
    Enemy:              HP:  EXP:  $:    Drop 1:                    Drop 2:
    Hobocutioner Willie ?    16000 11500 Hobocutioner Willie's Helm ?
    Newbiecutioner A    7500 ?     ?     Scotch Soldier             ?
    Newbiecutioner B    8500 ?     ?     Ice-cold Wizard Beer       ?
    This can be a tough battle, I killed the enemies from weakest to strongest.
    Talk to Gorbochov and save. Once you're prepared with your best team and setup,
    go up either the left or right paths.
    =============================== Boss part 1 ===================================
    Enemy:      HP: EXP: $: Drop 1: Drop 2:
    The Old One ?   ?    ?  ?       ?
    Not much to say about this guy. Simply fight him as some extremely healthy foe
    who can blind you. After so much damage the battle ends.
    =============================== Boss part 2 ===================================
    Enemy:  HP: EXP:  $:    Drop 1: Drop 2:
    Old One ?   19000 28000 ?       ?
    Sacred Trinity three hits of 1100+. Sweeping Darkness hits all for 500+. Frost
    Bite physical attack for 2400+. Flash Freeze hits for 400+ and causes Freeze
    status. Physical and Magical Reflect.
    After the battles watch the credits.
    *                                                                             *
    *                                  Aftermath                                  * 
    *                                                                             *
    If you 'saved' Dan Burgercrusher/Red Lion talk to them and you will get a
    reward. Also if you saved the lives of the people who were working for you, you
    get two different types of beer. If you got the best Translator, talk to him
    and he will give you a vague treasure map. If you got the best Translator and
    Architect and examined the tablets in the cave then talk to the Translator to
    give them to him. Enjoy the scene and find Gorbochov (Albert is available!).
    ================================ Side Quests ==================================
    Ram Racing Major Leagues
    Think your a great Ram Racer? After winning in the A-League/Veterans Race a
    bit, you eventually get to race against the darn pros against:
    1 Black Ram
    2 Red Rams
    1 Green Ram
    The race is by no means easy. Green Ram is probably the worst one you should
    attempt it with, anything lower than it will probably not cut it. You're gonna
    need more than good controls to win. The Black Ram racer being better in
    every way. Take the lead early and cut your opponents off so they run into you,
    if you fall behind you're never gonna win.
    If you win you get 25 Hobo Tokens. You can keep attempting the races. Also
    Gorbochov starts calling you the champion (in the race lobby).
    Golden Ram
    Get the Gold Ticket from the auction. Then go to the ram stables and in the hut
    there's a wall to punch. Enter, check for Angel Robes and talk to Korrema and
    ask about the golden ram. Wait for the game clock to roll past 00:00 then talk
    to the gold ram....
    Enemy:          HP:   EXP:  $: Drop 1:           Drop 2:
    Child of Cosmos 40000 17000 0  The Golden Fleece ?
    Cosmic Rays... heals you for 2400? Cosmic Shield reflects magic cast on him.
    Cosmic Charge hits 1700-2600+. Cosmic Presence hits everyone for 700+ and
    lowers attack. Normal attack 1700+.
    If you can last in battle for a while (defend, The Delectables and spamming
    Share the Goods to stay alive through his slaughtering) then the battle comes
    to an end and the ram eats your Gold Ticket. Return to the ram selection and
    register your brand new Gold Apollo Ram. This ram has insane normal speed
    compared to the others. Very fast acceleration, easy turning and refills
    stamina insanely quickly!!
    Hobotropolis Launch Gem
    Go to Augusta and open the chest near the entrance for Hobotropolis Launch Gem.
    I have no idea if this was available earlier.
    Return of Washington
    Go to McMace's Cabin in the forest south of Litchfield and get the Golden Key.
    Go in Augusta Caves and at the first cave, go inside and throw your rope up to
    the ledge, head through the bloody room. Examine the door with the key, you can
    get in.
    ================================ Optional Boss ================================
    Enemy:                 HP: EXP:   $:    Drop 1:                  Drop 2:
    Dead George Washington ?   330000 45000 The Cherry Tree          Venerable Torn
                                            Destroyer                Petticoat
    Dead Anebriate         ?   ?      ?     Frenzied Crygasm Chalice
    Dead Palmer            ?   ?      ?     Frenzied Crygasm Chalice
    Palmer is pretty much absolute must. Focus on killing Anebriate first and then
    Palmer should die fairly quickly. Save Washington for last, as he's a hard
    fight of his own.
    Sobering the Drunk
    In the orange room with the 11th firework spot, talk to the drunk after you got
    a full Pity Pot and splash him with it. Reward: Professor Meat's Calculator
    Immune: All.
    ================================ Cave Punches =================================
    Back at the swamp, past Black Bridge, go to the area where the you found the
    Morning Wood Staff. There is a cave hidden behind a tree. Inside, check for
    Adventurer's Hat.
    Litchfield area with Anebriate's house (check the rock blocked chest again for
    $2500, if you haven't already).
    In China Mountains, near the hut. Inside check the empty crate for Crystal
    Whiskey Vial and a mysterious boy. For me, checking the golden statue reset
    Palmer's level to one!
    There may be more cave punches. Also, you can mine certain cavern walls for
    hidden ore, if you desire. I found some in Lewiston Mines and Passage to China,
    Main. You may have found some of these already.
    ============================== The Blue Rose ==================================
    In Bowdoin, go in the house in the top right corner and talk to the Young Woman
    and she asks you to find the Blue Rose. In the wilderness to the south, go to
    the mountains just outside of town and go to the bottom right part of the first
    area (south side). Follow the path up the right side until you see the Blue
    Rose. Take it back to the woman, after the scene the woman's name changes to
    Blue Rose, you also get the item Petrified Blue Rose.
    ============================ Save Academy Spear ===============================
    If you set a firework in the Research area, go to the magic house in the
    Residentials (where Deemer was) and talk to the girl there she will give you
    the spear.
    ======================= Antoxicate's Death Knight Sword =======================
    If you set a firework in the Cafe in the Residentials where Antoxicate works,
    go to the cafe and then head back to the lobby of Hobotropolis and Antoxicate
    comes up to you and complains. After he leaves, you get his Sword.
    =============================== Lava Forge ====================================
    Take your old lava rocks to Mark the smelter who lives in a side room at the
    hobocutioner's rooms. Then take your new Bars to the smith (2) at Wesley's
    hideout, Greg's hideout, Smith building of Residentials, depending on which
    path you took and if you hired him or not. He takes two lava bars to make a
    random lava item.
    ============================= Ugarr's Training ================================
    After you return the weapons to the collector you get a ticket for Ugarr's
    training. Sleep at the Inn if it's day to make it night, then talk to Ugarr
    beside the statue again.
    =============================== Optional Boss =================================
    Enemy: HP: EXP: $: Drop 1: Drop 2:
    Ugarr  ?   ?    ?  ?       ?
    Everyone's weapons are unequipped. Everyone is pretty much weaker except maybe
    Albert. Only 'punch' type things work.
    Palmer's The Sacred Five works pretty well. Alberts Shadow boxing does pretty
    good too. Anebriate needs to be on full heal 'cuz even at level 40, Ugarr hits
    painfully hard. Most of Emma's skills do pretty much nothing but if you raised
    her ATK, her normal should be fine. Robert is pretty much worthless without his
    bow... Karla can work as she always has Glorious Statue. Webber same downfall
    as Emma.
    After the battle Ugarr offers to teach ONE person Trance. Choose who you want
    from a list. Trance: halves damage received and heals HP (no actions) for a few
    ================================== Bowdoin ====================================
    In the Bowdoin magic shop is a sack. Keep checking it, leave and come back
    later, keep checking it... Eventually...
    =============================== Optional Boss =================================
    Enemy:     HP: EXP: $:   Drop 1:  Drop 2:
    Sack Demon ?   1000 2250 Sack Hat ?
    Judging from the battle's ease, you could have gotten this trophy battle much
    ================================ Litchfield ===================================
    In the area with Anebriate's house, go to the far top and examine the hole in
    the wall use the cave puncher on the wall. In the room, pull the rock from the
    left to the right, pick up the Mining Pick and continue to move the block onto
    the switch. Then go back out of the cave and that spooky looking house can now
    be entered, go to the second floor and examine the wall.
    =============================== Optional Boss =================================
    Enemy: HP: EXP:  $:    Drop 1:     Drop 2:
    Flimp  ?   17250 24000 Flimp Sauce Flimp Lute
    Hits about 1400+. Burnjaw 1800+. Can Crit.
    With Deemer in the party, examine the magic circle thingy. Grab the chest
    containing Circlet of Him and flip the switch to the left of the chest to open
    the door. The other hexcrest is an alternate entrance to below Groob's office.
    ================================== Story ======================================
    Go to Groobs Office and go down the stairs that he always refused to let you go
    down. There is a new slot machine. Only this one uses your tokens for blood
    Go in the door below and examine the papers on the desk and after reading all
    three entries, the monster over in the cell comes after you.
    =================================== Boss ======================================
    Enemy:     HP: EXP:  $: Drop 1:           Drop 2:
    Rocksteady ?   16000 0  Rocksteady Mantle ?
    Go down the ladder in the top left corner, check for Haste Nuts, to return to
    the vault where the heist was. Check for a Donut, Hobo Token x20. Follow the
    path you took to get there the first time until you finaly arrive at a cave in,
    cave punch the cracked wall and go in grab the chest for Donut and then jump
    across the water to the right and then throw your rope down below and then walk
    to the corpse examine it for the Chainsaw Bow. Return to the room where the
    book was above the vault.
    Then take the path leading right and walk south across the track go in the door
    in the south, check for Sniper Stew, and then cave punch the wall. Go in
    examine the next door to input the secret code ('002').
    Next examine the bookshelves in the room to the right then you must flip the
    three switches in the room before the timer ends. You have 0:04 to do this.
    Start with the bottom left switch then the one to the right and lastly the one
    in the top right room. No room for mistake move one spot off course and you
    will fail and have to start over.
    If you got the Translator and vague treasure map and have a shovel you can dig
    in here. Take the time to dig the whole room up for random items and cash and
    Theodore's Journal and Staff. Read the tome from your item menu and after
    finished, Anebriate learns Ultra Death Move Times Infinity.
    Walk down back out of the room and enter the teleporter.
    =================================== Boss ======================================
    Enemy:   HP: EXP:  $: Drop 1: Drop 2:
    Greg     ?   16170 0  ?       ?
    Red Lion ?   ?     ?  ?       ?
    Recommend being LVL 40.
    They both can crit for up to 4500. They're pretty fast. Greg can put the whole
    team to sleep. Red Lion can cause Deep Burn. Red Lion can also raise his AGI.
    Red Lion has a fire breath thing that hits all for 400+ and burns.
    They're easy to kill... as long as you aren't getting slaughterd in a matter of
    ================================== Auction ====================================
    The auction is in Freeport and begins at 00:00. Items in the auction start at
    1/4 there normal value and some items can't be purchased anywhere like Crystal
    Whiskey Vial and stat boosters.
    Each person in the auction has a certain limit to what they are willing to
    spend. However if they 'like' an item they will spend even more on it. If you
    bid a certain percent more then the items current bid you can make others stop
    bidding on that item. Once the auction starts you can usually pay $1 less
    than an item's retail price to get it right away. Constantly trying to make
    smaller bids and the price of an item in auction can go past its retail price.
    Avoid this and bid high and fast (around 4/5 of the retail price) on rare
    expensive items. You can press SHIFT if you want to skip the bidding on an
    All the items at the far bottom of this list are 'rare' and do not come up much
    in the auction. If you buy and then examine the Voodoo Doll, Emma will learn
    Voodoo Song.
    Start Price...Retail Price...Item
        9............35..........Sun Block
       19............75..........Sound Shrooms
       22............85..........Naughty Note
       25...........100..........Strawberry Medium-Height Cake
       32...........125..........Warm Beer
       32...........125..........Lava Root
       38...........150..........Sticky Bun
       40...........160..........Frosted Pineapple Cake
       58...........230..........Chocolate Cake
       60...........240..........Gross Hippy Stuff
       63...........250..........Full Throttle
       69...........275..........Tears of Children
       82...........325..........Richmond Moonshine
      100...........400..........Bowdoin Brew
      100...........400..........Fermented Beer
      163...........650..........Fire Water
      175...........700..........Herbal Tea
      188...........750..........Jar of Female Angst
      225...........900..........Magic Hobo Brew
      250...........999..........Three-Leaf Clover
      300..........1200..........Ice-Cold Wizard Beer
      313..........1250..........Frenzied Crygasm Chalice
      325..........1300..........Sniper Stew
      325..........1300..........Haste Nuts
      325..........1300..........Murder Cheese
      633..........2530..........Scotch Soldier
      638..........2550..........Tear-Beard Broth
      838..........3350..........Crystal Whiskey Vial
      950..........3800..........Goddess Grief
      975..........3900..........Flask o' Jack
     1250..........5000..........Power Paste
     1250..........5000..........Defence Drink
     1250..........5000..........Mind Mixture
     1250..........5000..........Sneak Sauce
     1250..........5000..........Tough Tincture
     1250..........5000..........Essence Infusion
        ?.............?..........God Juice
        ?.............?..........Hobocutioner Honey
     6250.........25000..........Voodoo Doll
    11250.........45000..........Groosashi Receipt
    15000.........60000..........Ancient Scroll
    18750.........75000..........Gold Ticket
    =============================== Trophy Room ===================================
    a. Bennie
    b. Pouch Demon
    c. Alfred
    d. Sack Demon
    e. Bad Potato
    f. Chickenbot
    g. George Washington
    h. Injured Wolf
    i. Diabolus
    j. Rad Scorpion
    k. Mighty Mouse
    l. Quiz Master
    m. Weirdo Ice Chick
    n. Weirdo Fire Chick
    o. Weirdo Earth Chick
    p. Albert
    q. Rock Lobster
    r. Interfecio Ursus
    ================================== ITEMS ======================================
    Some items do not appear in or remain in your inventory, those items will not
    be listed. I have arranged some items in a more presentable fashion, rather
    than the way they are listed in the game menu. Some items in the menu inventory
    are catalogued differently, I have placed them in a more germane category.
    Because of the line length constraint, some item names have been shortened. The
    SELL tag is a guide for ME, YOU can do as you wish.
    Anebriate                   ATK DEF SPI AGI HIT% EVA Element
    Pointy Spear                6               95       Pierce         SELL
    Trident                     12      2       95       Pierce         SELL
    Basted Pig-Sticker          13  2           95       Pierce         SELL
    Farmer Todd's Scythe        15          2   95       Edge           SELL
    Face Piercer                19  3           95       Pierce         SELL
    Fancy Lad Spear             20              95       Pierce         SELL
    Pspeare                     21  2   2       95       Pierce         SELL
    Overly Complicated Haldberd 25              95       Edge, Pierce   SELL
    Lightning Rod               25  10          95       Pierce         SELL
    The Harpoon                 25      5       95       Pierce         SELL
    Heavy Metal Spear           27              95       Pierce         SELL
    Bronx Spear                 30  5   5       95       Pierce         SELL
    Aquafresh Spear             31      4       95       Pierce         SELL
    Rick's Ivory Spear          33  12  12      95       Pierce         SELL
    Pablo's Pointy Stick        34      3   3   95       Pierce         SELL
    Gigantic Bottle Opener      36  3       3   95       Pierce         SELL
    Zelga's Toe-Junk Picker     36          7   95       Pierce         SELL
    Cold Steel Sticker          39  12  9       95       Pierce, Ice
    Paladidn't                  39      8       95       Pierce         SELL
    Deep Crow Bone Javeline     40              95       Pierce, Blind
    Emma's Home-Made Spear      40  8   3       95       Pierce         SELL
    Warden's Bloodletter        40      16  16  100      Pierce
    Acid-Warped Javeline        42              95       Pierce, Poison
    Trash Javelin               44      6       95       Pierce         SELL
    Halberd of Heat             45          13  95       Pierce, Fire
    Ivory Harpoon               48          6   95       Pierce         SELL
    HUGE Spear                  49              95       Pierce         SELL
    Dangerdome Spear            50              95       Arena
    S.O.A.P.                    50              95       Edge, Critical
    Umbrella                    50              96       Umbrella, Water
    "Little Spear"              50  5   5       95       Pierce         SELL
    Wacky Purple Spear          51  17  12      95       Pierce
    Meteorite Maimspear         55  13  26      100      Pierce
    Save Academy Spear          57  18      10  97       Pierce
    Hedrick's Custom Spear      60  6   6   6   95       Pierce         SELL
    Groosashi's Spear           60  15  15  15  98       Pierce, 2x hit
    Crest Trident               66      16      95       Pierce
    Emma                      ATK DEF SPI AGI HIT% EVA Element
    Sneaky Sword              9       2       95       Pierce             SELL
    Plastic Alien Epee        12      3       95       Pierce             SELL
    Tin Foil                  15          2   95       Pierce             SELL
    Ape Rapier                16      4       95       Pierce             SELL
    Juju Sticker              16      5       95       Pierce             SELL
    Wiggly Warlock Weapon     17  1   1   1   95       Pierce             SELL
    Vegetable Knife           20              95       Pierce             SELL
    Wizard Scissors           23      5       95       Pierce             SELL
    Spook Foil                24  -2  3   3   96       Pierce             SELL
    The Potato Peeler         24          5   95       Edge               SELL
    Blood Blade               26      4   4   95       Pierce             SELL
    Heavy Metal Dagger        29              95       Pierce             SELL
    Bronx Rapier              35      3   3   95       Pierce             SELL
    Barnaby's Badass Cutlass  35          -5  95       Edge               SELL
    Sandgoyle Tooth           36              95       Pierce             SELL
    Box Cutter                40              96       Edge               SELL
    Skinhead Shank            40  15  -10     95       Pierce             SELL
    Golden Knife              40      5   5   95       Pierce             SELL
    Cold Steel Rapier         42      9   9   95       Pierce, Ice        SELL
    Light Saber               43          8   96       Edge               SELL
    Elephant Epee             43  7   3       95       Pierce             SELL
    The Blubber-Carver        44  6   6       95       Edge               SELL
    Dangerdome Dagger         50              95       Arena
    Dr. Jonathon's Scalpel    50              100      Edge, Bleed
    Poison Stilleto           50      5   5   95       Pierce, Poison
    Skimitar                  53  -15     20  95       Edge               SELL
    Wacky Purple Piercer      58      11  11  95       Pierce
    Frost Stilleto            59  12          94       Pierce, Ice, Stun
    Hobocutioner's Rapier     64  9   9       100      Edge
    Cardboard Tube            68              100      Edge
    Palmer                    ATK DEF SPI AGI HIT% EVA Element
    Face Mace                 11              95       Blunt            SELL
    The 11th Commandment      11  11  11  11  95       Blunt
    Trusty Beatin' Stick      16  4           95       Blunt            SELL
    Hedgehog Club             18  1   3       95       Blunt            SELL
    Sweet-Ass Dinosaur Club   19          3   95       Blunt            SELL
    Unicorn Club              24  2   4       95       Blunt            SELL
    Seal Club                 25      2   5   95       Blunt            SELL
    Morning Wood              26      2       95       Blunt            SELL
    Baseball Bat              30              95                        SELL
    Heavy Metal Club          30              95       Blunt            SELL
    Bane Cane                 32          2   95       Blunt            SELL
    Bronx Club                35  1   2   2   95       Blunt            SELL
    Black Rock Basher         35  15          97       Blunt
    Jonny Roxard'd Guitar     35      25      95       Blunt, Paralysis
    Hurtin' Stick             45              95       Blunt            SELL
    Bear Club                 45  5   5   5   95       Blunt            SELL
    Cold Steel Mallet         45  5   5   5   95       Blunt, Ice
    Pavlov's Pounder          45          10  95       Blunt
    Dangerdome Mace           50              95       Arena
    Club in a Box!            50  2   2       95       Blunt            SELL
    Boomstick                 50  5   5   5   95       Blunt            SELL
    Wacky Purple Club         58  5   10  7   95       Blunt
    Watergnoblin Gnocker      63      10      97       Blunt
    Gold Mallet               65 10           96       Blunt
    Albert / Sergeant D'Arby  ATK DEF  SPI  AGI HIT% EVA Element
    Knucks                    10                95                      SELL
    Spring-Loaded Steel Claws 16                95                      SELL
    Metal Punching Mits       21                95                      SELL
    Fuzz Fists                24  4    4        95
    Bear Claw                 25                95                      SELL
    Heavy Metal Mitts         30                95                      SELL
    Alfred's Ribfist          31                95                      SELL
    Monkey's Paw              34            2   95                      SELL
    Nevermiss Gloves          35  -200 -100 30  100                     SELL
    Megashark Tooth Fist      35       10       95       Pierce, Sticky
    Bronx Punchers            35            5   95                      SELL
    Claw Fingers              38            6   95       Edge           SELL
    Cold Steel Claws          45            15  95       Ice
    Five Fingered Fac Fu&&ler 47       5    5   95
    Meat Mittens              49  10            95       Blunt, Dark
    Dangerdome Claws          50                95       Arena
    Punchhands                55                100                     SELL
    Wacky Purple Poin Fingers 63            18  95
    Magma Mitts               68                96       ?
    Deemer                     ATK DEF SPI AGI HIT% EVA Element
    Dangerdome Staff           50              95       Arena
    Staff of Barnaby Jones     50      0       97       Blunt            SELL
    Bernard's Not-Magic Stick  60      0       95       Blunt
    The Staff of 1000 Fists    37  2   2   2   95       Blunt            SELL
    Magician Staff             11      5       95       Blunt            SELL
    Frost Torch                15      5       95       Blunt, Ice       SELL
    Running Stick              24      5   7   95       Blunt            SELL
    Heavy Metal Staff          25      5       95       Blunt            SELL
    Goatdini Staff             40  8   5       95                        SELL
    Gay Staff                  14      6       95       Blunt            SELL
    Staff of the Sorcelator    28  6   6       95       Blunt            SELL
    Bronx Wizard Stick         33      7       95       Blunt            SELL
    Bernard's Magic Stick      16      8       95       Blunt            SELL
    Darold's Climbing Staff    24      8       95       Blunt            SELL
    Ruby Staff                 59      9       95       Blunt
    The Highlander             38      9   9   95       Blunt, Lightning
    Pointy Black Staff         28  5   10      95       Blunt            SELL
    Living Staff               31      15      95       Blunt            SELL
    Cold Steel Spellmaker      37  5   17      95       Blunt, Ice
    Riddler Stick              25      18  18  75       Blunt
    Wacky Purple Staff         48  10  22      95       Pierce
    Theodore's Save Staff      44      33      100      Blunt, Light
    Webber                     ATK DEF SPI AGI HIT% EVA Element
    Tropicaxe                  10      45      95       Edge, Wind
    Lumberjack Axe             22              95       Edge             SELL
    The Poop Shovel            25          10  95       Edge             SELL
    Executioner's Cleaver      27              95       Edge             SELL
    The Purple Painmaker       29      5   5   95       Edge             SELL
    Heavy Metal Axe            32              95       Edge             SELL
    The Crushilator            32              95       Edge             SELL
    BeBop's Bonker             35  15  15  15  95       Blunt
    Tommy's Bullhorn Sledge    39              95       Blunt, Ice, Slow
    Bronx Axe                  40              95       Edge             SELL
    Sharpened Snow Shovel      41              95       Edge, Ice        SELL
    The Witch Slayer           44              95       Edge, Silence
    Fiery Axe of Fire          46              95       Edge, Fire
    Triceraxe                  47  5           96       Edge             SELL
    Cold Steel Crusher         49  4   3   4   95       Blunt, Ice
    Dangerdome Axe             50              95       Arena
    The Wedge                  52              94       Edge             SELL
    The Griever                56      6   3   96       Edge, Dark
    Mechaxe                    58              95       Edge             SELL
    The Siren                  58  7   3   5   95       Edge             SELL
    The Macinsquash            58  8   4   -5  95       Edge, Light
    Malcom's In the Middle     58  15          95       Edge             SELL
    Burgercrusher's Maul       60  20          96       Blunt
    The Ace of Spades          60          6   95       Edge             SELL
    Rusty Old Axe              63          8   99       Edge             SELL
    Wacky Purple People Eater  68  13          95       Edge, ?
    The Cherry Tree Destroyer  73  8   8   8   96       Edge
    Cheever's Axe              75      -15 -25 95       Edge             SELL
    DangerDome Grinder         76              94       ?
    Dave                       ATK DEF SPI AGI HIT% EVA Element
    Leather Whip               24              95       Whip            SELL
    Cool Whip                  28  3   2       95       Whip, Ice
    Long Braided Whip          29  2   2       95       Whip            SELL
    Whipped Chocolate          31      5       95       Whip            SELL
    Cat o' Nine-Tails          35  2       5   95       Whip
    Chickenbot Spine Whip      38      5       95       Whip            SELL
    Chain Whip                 38      6   4   95       Whip            SELL
    Vine Whip                  40      6   6   95       Whip            SELL
    The Scorpion               41          7   95       Whip            SELL
    The Squid Tentacle         46          13  95       Whip
    The Sparkle Whip           46  7   5       95       Whip            SELL
    Razor Wire Whip            49      9   9   95       Whip
    Dangerdome Whip            50              95       Arena
    Dragon Tongue              60          9   95       Whip, Fire
    ACTION DAN'S BIKE CHAIN    62  8   8       97       Whip
    Antoxicate's Death K Sword 65      12      96       Edge, Dark, Blind
    King of Shadows            68      18       ?       ?, Dark
    Karla                      ATK DEF SPI AGI HIT% EVA Element
    The Wall                   18  18  18  18   ?       ?
    Round Shield               40  6   5       95       Blunt           SELL
    Daedric Tower Shield       40  20      -10 95       Blunt           SELL
    The Dartboard              47  12          95       Blunt           SELL
    Riot Shield                48  10  8   8   95       Blunt
    Dangerdome Buckler         50              95       Arena
    Articulated Bone Shield    50  8       8   95       Blunt
    Trash Can Lid              54  15  6       96       Blunt
    The Batman Symbol Shield   56      -10 12  95       Blunt           SELL
    Robert                     ATK DEF SPI AGI HIT% EVA Element
    Chocolate Long Bow         34              99       Bow             SELL
    Wiggly Red Bow             34      8       95       Bow
    Little Indian Bow          38              95       Bow             SELL
    Flamethrower               43  -15     12  94       Bow, Fire, Burn
    The Ice Breaker            48  4   4   4   95       Bow, Ice
    Dangerdome Bow             50              95       Arena
    ACTION DAN'S SWEET BOW     51      6   6   95       Bow
    Interfecio Ursus Bow       60          10  95       Bow
    Emperor Blood Bow          64  7   7       95       Bow
    Chainsaw Bow               75  -5  -5  -5  95       Bow
    Greg                       ATK DEF SPI AGI HIT% EVA Element
    Save Siren's Harp          40      11  11  90       Seduce
    Pleasure Flute             45      20      95
    Dangerdome Harp            50              95       Arena
    Harp                       55              95                       SELL
    Flimp Lute                 55      15      95       Fire, Burn
    Hobo Snare Drum            59  8   8       96       Light
    Lava Lyre                  60  -8  -5  24  96       Fire
    Rock Harp                  65  10      -15 95                       SELL
    ACTION DAN'S MUFFLER HORN  68  9           96       Light
    Ocarina of Space           80              65
    Other Equipment           ATK DEF SPI AGI HIT EVA Element
    Sharp Metal Thing         5               96      Edge
    Face Pick                 8               96      Pierce
    Plain Old Sword           12              96      Edge
    Awesome Ninja Sword       15              95      Edge
    Katananananaa             20              95      Edge
    Throwing Knife            30              95      Pierce
    Staff of the Archmage     32      14      90      Blunt
    Sharpened Candy Cane      39              95      Pierce
    Chainsaw                  50  10      10  94      Chainsaw
    Swackenheimer Swimsword   55              95      Edge
    Skin-Flap Shield              2               1
    Bone Shield                   6               2
    Charred Buckler               7               3   Fire
    Ultra Awesome Super-Spear 500             95      ?
    Future Boots              200 200 200 200     200 ?
    God's Helmet (Probably)       500                 ?
    Bejeweled Champion Armor      500                 ?
    Gugengraham Hammerfist
    The Godsayer
    Queen Elaine VIII's Ninja Star
    Francois of Englebert's Cross-Bow
    Sir Roberto's Golden Handscythe
    Books                   ATK DEF SPI AGI HIT EVA Guards
    Everybody Poops         -10 -10 -10 25                          SELL
    That One Book           5                   5
    Save Magic: Selec Prose 9       9
    Save-Bound Book         12          8
    Communist Manifesto         1                    Edge, Blunt
    The Great Bibble            3   5   3
    Ultimate Survivor Guide     10
    Fortune's Files                 3                               SELL
    Sneak Pierre Fr. Dict.          4   4
    Tome of Words                   6                               SELL
    Pavlov's Witchy Notes           8           6
    Necronomicon                    10               Dark element
    Book of the Dead                16
    The Alphabet of Mojo                10
    Shoes                   ATK DEF SPI AGI HIT EVA Guards
    Blown-Out Slippers      3   3   3                               SELL
    Harold's Above-Av Boots 3   7   7   3
    Cherriest of All Shoes  5   4       5       5
    Nock's Socks            6   4       3       2
    Standard Issue Sneakies 6   6       12
    Baby Club               7                                       SELL
    Polar Bear Slippers     7   4   7
    Nether Slippers         12  3
    Nancy Sinatra Galoshes  14  7
    Oldy Moldy Boots            2                    Poison
    Soft Velvet Pumps           2   3           1                   SELL
    Felt-Lined Slippers         2   5           1
    Sheepskin Booties           2               1                   SELL
    Biology Boots               3               5
    Nikes                       4       6       2                   SELL
    The 'Loaf's Loafers         5   5   5
    Bunny Slippers              5       10      3
    Winged Timberlands          5               4
    Gorenado Boots              6   9   9            Wind
    Sandshoes                   6   11
    Wellies                     8   10               Sticky
    Dr. Martens, Ph.D           11                   Stun
    Misc.                   ATK DEF SPI AGI HIT EVA Guards
    Meteorite Maul Mitts    18
    Girly Scarf                 5   5                               SELL
    Petrified Blue Rose         10  6   6
    Omar's Apprentice Scarf     10  10
    Chocolate Charms            10      -5           Earth          SELL
    Wand of Nasty Bits              9                               SELL
    Boots                   ATK DEF SPI AGI HIT EVA Guards
    Grum Boots              -10 8   20  -10                              SELL
    Spiked Metal Shoes      2   4
    Mountain-Climbing Boots 3   2               2
    Pierre's Stompers       5   3
    Lava Waders             8   8       8            Fire
    Cured Leather Boots         4               1
    Chain Boots                 5                                        SELL
    Icy Hooves of Death         5   5                Ice
    Plank Walkers               9   9                                    SELL
    Metal Galoshes              10                                       SELL
    Electric Boots              10                   Lightning, Paralyze
    Rainbow Mukluks             11  5   5
    Burly Boots                 14                                       SELL
    Groosashi Boots             15  15               ?
    HEAD                       ATK DEF SPI AGI HIT% EVA Guards
    Obscured Vision Helmet     -10 11  11  11                       SELL
    Hot Potato Hat             -10     -10          15              SELL
    Surgeon Mask               -8  3   20  -8                       SELL
    Eyebrows of Time           5   5
    Nurse's Hat                5   5   5                Bleed
    Scarlet Feather Cap        5   5   5   5
    Deep Crow Feather Cap      5   5       5            Dark
    Viking Helmet              5   7                4
    Webber's Dad's Helmet      5   20  5
    Groovy Bandana             6   6   7   7
    Imp Helmet                 6   6                5
    Grimy Headband             7   1   7
    Gentlemanly Bolero         7   7   7   7
    Adventurer's Hat           9   5       9            Stun
    Blue-Jay Helmet            10  4   10  -10                      SELL
    Tibbles' Rival             10  1   -10 10       5               SELL
    Dead Priest Headwreath     15  6       -15                      SELL
    El Moondome                18  18  -8  -8                       SELL
    Kingly Crown                   1
    Hairpin                        1   2            1
    Sneaky Paul's Facemask         1       2        2
    Shades                         1                4   Dark
    Fishing Hat                    2                2               SELL
    Francesca the Snow Top Hat     3                    (regen)
    Pinty Het                      3   2                            SELL
    Flower Crown                   3   3   4                        SELL
    Beanie                         3                2
    Molten Crown                   3                13
    Rusted Iron Bucket Helm        4                                SELL
    Pope Hat                       4   3                            SELL
    Furry Bear Ears                4   4   7
    Pointy White Hood              4   5                            SELL
    Floppy Headgear                4   7                            SELL
    Fancy Circlet                  4       8
    Head Circle                    4                3
    Doctor Steve's Specs           5   12
    Sticky Steel Helm              6                                SELL
    Sack Hat                       6                   prevents Critical
    Weird Asian Hat                6   4   4
    The Toppest Hobohat            6   6               (half MP)
    Sneaky Sombrero                6       10
    Crusty Metal Helmet            8                                SELL
    Litchfield City Guard Helm     8   3
    McGreenthumb's Greenhat        8   16
    Funky-Fresh Headband           8       8
    Danger Dome Crown              8       18
    Gladiator Hat                  10  2   2
    Saint Nick's Hat               10  10
    Shakespeare's Shades           10  10  10
    Circlet of Him                 10  13  13
    Ye Olde Great Helmet           10      6
    Plastic Paladin Helmet         11                               SELL
    Good Luck Helmet               12  8               (regen)
    Black Rock Helm                14                  DEF down
    Spelling Bee Bonnet            15
    Save-Eater Cap                 15  -10                          SELL
    Rock Lobster Helm              15  15
    Cold Steel Circlet             15      6
    Hard Hat                       16                2 Blunt
    Falcon Helmet                  16      5
    Chrome Dome                    18                               SELL
    Ye Olde Lewiston Dome          20                  Poison
    Contraceptive Helm             22                               SELL
    Hobocutioner Willie's Helm     24  12            4
    Sergeant Mask                  25
    CHEST                      ATK DEF SPI AGI HIT EVA Guards
    Overcoat                   2   3                                  SELL
    Green Kimono               3   5   3           3
    Thievin' Cowl              4   4       4       4
    Cowl of Undeath            5   10  5                              SELL
    Abominable Abdominals      5   30  5
    Velvet Doublet             6   8   13
    Magical Save Frock         7   7   7   7
    Cow-L                      7   13  7   7
    Armor of the Squire        7   32  7   7
    Doeskin Dress              8   8   8
    Thrash Vest                8   22                                 SELL
    The Golden Fleece          10  20  10  10
    Groosashi's Platemail      10  35  10
    Moonwalk Shirt             11  8
    Thunder Epaulets           12  14  8               Lightning, Paralysis
    The Corpse Grater          12  24
    The Sneaky Shroud          13  10      13
    Hobo Citizen T-Shirt       15  14
    Blademaster Vest           15  25
    Murder Bear Jacket         20  20
    Wedding Gown                   1
    Women's Underwear              1                   Sleep
    Ghostly Cowl                   1       6       6
    Poncho                         2               8   Sticky
    Fishing Vest                   3   2   2                          SELL
    Habiliments of a Nun           3   4                              SELL
    Old Iron Suit                  4                                  SELL
    Mormon Mantle                  4   3                              SELL
    Cardinal Vestment              4   5                              SELL
    Mohair Suit                    4   6   6
    Wizardly Suit                  4   9
    Cardboard Bard Cords           4               2                  SELL
    Fur Coat                       5                   Ice
    Nice Suit                      5   3   3                          SELL
    Lab Coat                       5   4   4                          SELL
    Dracula Robes                  5   8   10
    Venerable Torn Petticoat       5   10          5
    Robe of Radness                5   12  4
    Bullet-Proof Monk... Robe      5               4
    Moira's Wool Sweater           6   4                              SELL
    Judicial Robes                 6   4   6
    Karate Clothes                 6       6       2
    Felt-Lined Fat Suit            6               3                  SELL
    Rusted Tin Vest                7                                  SELL
    Doctor Weird's Coat            7   18
    Leather Pieces                 7       2       3
    Pippin's Wing Coat             8       8       8
    Reinforced Superwood Tunic     10                                 SELL
    The Unstabbable                10                  Edge, Pierce
    Billy Dodgemaster Vest         10      6       12
    Parka of Sally Forth           10      10      5
    Batwolf Threads                11      14      5
    Racing Jacket                  12  8
    Angel Robes                    12  18              Magic
    Exquisite Armor Replica        13                                 SELL
    Speedsuit                      13  13          3   Lightning
    Chill Suit                     16                  Ice
    Plate Armor                    17                                 SELL
    Glittering Fancy Armor         20  9
    Hot Rod Mantle                 20      5                          SELL
    Flexiplate                     20      10      5
    Dark Iron Vestments            22                                 SELL
    Supreme Judge Mantle           24  12
    Stump Mantle                   25                  Earth
    Hank's Scalemail               28  4   4
    Dead Guard Chestguard          29  20  -20                        SELL
    Ruby Red Ladymail              30                                 SELL
    Black Rock Vest                30                  Dark, Silence
    Y'aarrrmor                     35
    Rocksteady Mantle              44      -10         ?
    Meteorite Mantle               45                  ?
    ACCESSORY                  ATK DEF SPI AGI HIT EVA Guards
    Wizardfinger Gloves        -8  1   16  -8                      SELL
    Righteous Ring             2   2   2   2
    Camel Hair Gloves          3   5   3
    Meowloween's Collar        3       8           3   Freeze
    Ugarr's Pendant            4   4   4   4
    Black Rock Ring            5   12      -5                      SELL
    Beaded Necklace            5       5           3
    Belinda's Pendant          6   1               1   Seduce
    Super Grip Finger Flexers  6   3       2
    Ring of Punching Children  7
    The King's Ring            7   7       7
    Upgraded Hobo Gloves       8   8   -5                          SELL
    Alphonse's Holy Symbol    10                   5
    Old Man McMace's Ring          1                   ?
    Fuzzy Mittens                  1   1
    Bone Necklace                  2   2
    Sand Ninja Mittens             2       4       3
    Seal Mits                      3
    Falconry Glove                 3   3   3
    Necklace of Eyeballs           3       3       3
    Hobo Gloves                    4
    Insulated Winter Mittens       4   4
    Cool Glowing Rock              5
    Hypno Stone                    5   5               Confusion
    Chocolate 'Nocs                6       6           Blind
    Wrist Bands                    8
    Lava Man-Thong                 8       8
    China, Maine Meda Courage      8       8       5
    Saint Nick's Mitts             12
    Hand Warmers                       4           4
    Rouge                              5   5       3
    Shark Tooth Anklet                 7   5
    Rainbow Ring                       8
    Fargo's Feather Pen                8               SPI down
    Lucky Rabbit's Foot                    5
    Sneaky Pete Breath Spray               5
    Moxious Orb                            5       5
    Broken Slot Handle                                 (EXP x2)
    Professor Meat's Calculator                        immune all
    Sneaky Pete's Foghorn                              Silence
    Amber's Angling Lure                               Confusion (?)
    R, R 'n' R's Hot Sauce                             Fire
    Cold Stone                                         Ice
    Lantern                                            Darkness
    GOODS                HP   MP   Removes Status
    Warm Beer            250                                     SELL
    Rum                  450                                     SELL
    Richmond Moonshine   650                                     SELL
    Fire Water           1300                     (gives Burn)   SELL
    Ice-Cold Wizard Beer 1400
    Magic Hobo Brew      1800                     (gives Bleed)  SELL
    Communion Wine            50   cure all (almost)
    Tears of Children         85                                 SELL
    Jar of Female Angst       200                                SELL
    Frenzied Cry Chalice      300
    Tear-Beard Broth          400
    Potato               5    5                                  SELL
    Apple                10   10                                 SELL
    Fish                 15   15                                 SELL
    Carrot               30   20                                 SELL
    Blue Berries         30   30                                 SELL
    China Fried Chicken  50   10                                 SELL
    Sticky Bun           50   50                                 SELL
    Frosted Pineapp Cake 10%                                     SELL
    Flask o' Jack        100%                      (party)
    Strawberry Medi Cake      10%                                SELL
    Goddess Grief        -50% 200                                SELL
    Black Label Tequilla 1%   -5%                                SELL
    Chocolate Cake       5%   5%                                 SELL
    Bowdoin Brew         15%  30%
    Donut                33%  33%
    Fermented Beer       35%  15%
    Scotch Soldier       50%  -200                               SELL
    Crystal Whiskey Vial 100% 100% cure all (almost), (single)
    Murder Cheese                 Poison   ACC up                SELL
    Imp Shrimp                80  Poison                         SELL
    Sniper Stew                   apply Target, remove DEF down  SELL
    Spiked Grape Juice   10%  10% AGI up   DEF down              SELL
    Herbal Tea           66%      Sleep                          SELL
    Mango                         Blind    SPI up
    Kiwi                          Silence  ATK up
    Haste Nuts                    DEF down AGI up                SELL
    Drowner Tendrils          2   Death                          SELL
    Three-Leaf Clover              Random Encounter: None
    Poison                         Poison
    'Nocs                          Blind
    Sound Shrooms                  Silence
    Lava Root                      Freeze
    Naughty Note                   Seduce
    Full Throttle                  Death
    Sun Block                      Burn, Deep Burn
    Band-Aid                       Bleed, Deep Wound
    Gross Hippy Stuff              Confusion, Sleep, Paralysis, Sticky
    Tough Tincture        HP  +20                  Aneb
    Hobo Tough Tincture   HP  +20
    Essence Infusion      MP  +20                  Aneb
    Hobo Essence Infusion MP  +20
    Power Paste           ATK +2                   Palm
    Hobo Power Paste      ATK +2
    Hobocutioner Honey    ATK +4
    Defense Drink         DEF +2                   Emma / Palm / Deem
    Hobo Defense Drink    DEF +2
    Mind Mixture          SPI +2                   Aneb
    Hobo Mind Mixture     SPI +2
    Groober Goo           SPI +3
    Sneak Sauce           AGI +2                   Palm
    Hobo Sneak Sauce      AGI +2
    Flimp Sauce           AGI +4
    God Juice             (level up party, if none are max) 
    Ancient Scroll ?
    Arena Booze   - restore HP
    Save Root     - remove status ailment
    Wizard Powder - remove anti-magic
    Death Petal   - revive
    Arena Nectar  - restore MP
    Dangerdonut   - restore HP and MP
    Save Whiskey  - fully restore HP and remove status ailment
    Blood Flask   - restore party's HP
    Golden Apple
    Mining Pick
    Bernard's Magic Pouch
    Dusty Key
    Poetry Book
    Red Key
    Old Skeleton Key
    Docks Key
    5th Floor Room Key
    Guard Quarters Key
    10th Floor Gate Key
    Key to the Deep Crow's Lair
    Lt. Sanders' Key
    Tablet Piece 1
    Tablet Piece 2
    Tablet Piece 3
    Tablet Piece 4
    Salamander on a Stick
    Crappy Children's Painting
    Teacher's Handbook
    Paranoid Letter
    Slimy Key
    List of Relics
    Stables Cabin Key
    Friendly Reminder
    Jampocalypse Entry Pass
    Crudely-Drawn Portrait
    C-Class Racing License
    Hobotropolis Teleporter Stone
    Karla's Hair-Pin
    Save Unoculars
    Hobo Token Pouch
    Vial of Ram Blood
    Cave Puncher
    Gold Ticket
    Hobotropolis Access Pass
    Huge Spider
    Save Realm Map
    Honorary University Pinion
    List of Trades
    Treasure Map
    Gold Key
    Blue Rose
    Blue-Blood Blossom
    Lady Sandal
    Lava Rocks
    Heavy Metal
    Cold Steel
    Wacky Purple Chunk
    Chocolate Rocks
    Heavy Metal Bar
    Bronx Bar
    Cold Steel Bar
    Wacky Purple Bar
    Chocolate Bar
    Meteor Shard
    Black Rock Down
    Black Rock Bar
    Lava Bar
    =================================== SHOPS =====================================
    NOTE: Some shops will disappear and some inventory will change during the game.
    Some items will become permanently unobtainable.
    ================================ Litchfield ===================================
    Brew Shop
    McPollen 'N' More
    Lady Sandals 50
    Pansylions   50
    Nightsies    50
    Smelt Shop
    Heavy Metal  50
    Bronx        75
    Cold Steel  150
    Antoinetta's Book Stall
    Poetry Book 2500
    Mama Judy / Amber
    Gross Hippy Stuff            240
    Rope                         250
    Mama Judy's Toenail Clippers  55
    Fuzzy Mittens                125
    Amber's Angling Lure         570
    Sneaky Pete
    Richmond Moonshine         325
    Poison                      30
    Naughty Note                85
    Lucky Rabbit's Foot        350
    Sneaky Pete's Breath Spray 550
    Sneaky Pete's Foghorn      450
    Robert I              Robert II
    Pointy Spear      110 Paladidn't         11550
    Face Mace         460 The Wedge           8400
    Skin-Flap Shield  150 Contraceptive Helm  7200
    Sticky Steel Helm 370 The Corpse Grater  11200
    Rusted Tin Vest   495
    Chain Boots       500
    Harold's Supplies I      Harold's Travel Supplies II
    Band-Aid             125 Band-Aid                      125
    Rope                 250 Rope                          250
    Mining Pick           60 Mining Pick                    60
    Lumberjack Axe      1500 Running Stick                6620
    Fishing Hat          450 Lumberjack Axe               1500
    Fishing Vest         270 Harold's Above-Average Boots 4940
    Cured Leather Boots  750 Hand Warmers                 3999
    Hank I                  Hank II
    Pointy Spear        110 HUGE Spear             9900
    Basted Pig-Sticker  700 Ye Olde Greate Helmet  2345
    Face Mace           460 Thrash Vest            6945
    Magician Staff      750 Hank's Scalemail      13250
    Face Pick           125 Plank Walkers          4420
    Knucks              350 Burly Boots            3165
    Lumberjack Axe     1500
    Bone Shield         680
    Sticky Steel Helm   370
    Rusted Tin Vest     495
    Chain Boots         500
    Fat Dan's I         Fat Dan's II
    Full Throttle   250 Full Throttle              250
    Poison           30 Poison                      30
    Warm Beer       125 Jar of Female Angst        750
    Band-Aid        125 Band-Aid                   125
    Rope            250 Rope                       250
    Lumberjack Axe 1500 Living Staff              9870
    Pinty Het       450 Elephant Epee             9450
    Seal Mits       270 Furry Bear Ears           6200
                        Super Grip Finger Flexers 4200
    Pawn Shop Paul I               Pawn Shop Paul II
    God's Helmet (Probably) 999999 Warm Beer  125
                                   Donut     2800
    Rosa Stands' I         Rosa Stands' II
    Rum                225 Tears of Children         275
    Tears of Children  275 Full Throttle             250
    Full Throttle      250 Gross Hippy Stuff         240
    Gross Hippy Stuff  240 Sound Shrooms              75
    Warm Beer          125 Jar of Female Angst       750
    Fortune's Files    850 Frenzied Crygasm Chalice 1250
    Tome of Words     1950 That One Book            8495
    Franz's Fruit Stand
    Apple  15
    Mango 850
    Kiwi  850
    Larry's Tavern
    Rum            225
    Warm Beer      125
    Fermented Beer 400
    Fire Water     650
    Potato           5
    Fish            25
    Apple           15
    Carrot          35
    Litchfield Inn I 10 Litchfield Inn II 200
    ============================ Litchfield Forest ================================
    Herbert I                Herbert II
    Rum                  225 Full Throttle        250
    Full Throttle        250 Poison                30
    Poison                30 Gross Hippy Stuff    240
    Gross Hippy Stuff    240 Jar of Female Angst  750
    Warm Beer            125 Fermented Beer       400
    Rope                 250 Rope                 250
    Mining Pick           60 Mining Pick           60
    Lumberjack Axe      1500 Lumberjack          1500
    Cured Leather Boots  750
    ================================= Richmond ====================================
    Terrence and Beyond
    Poison                 30
    Gross Hippy Stuff     240
    Sound Shrooms          75
    Rope                  250
    Mining Pick            60
    Farmer Todd's Scythe  975
    Plain Old Sword       375
    Lumberjack Axe       1500
    Fishing Hat           450
    Fishing Vest          270
    Sheepskin Booties     450
    Cured Leather Boots   750
    Seal Mits             270
    Terry's Tavern
    Rum                225
    Richmond Moonshine 325
    Full Throttle      250
    Warm Beer          125
    Potato               5
    Carrot              35
    Sneaky Paul
    Richmond Moonshine      325
    Sound Shrooms            75
    Naughty Note             85
    Black Label Tequilla    500
    Basted Pig-Sticker      700
    Wiggly Warlock Weapon   900
    Katananananaa          3200
    Long Braided Whip      3950
    Wand of Nasty Bits     2250
    Hairpin                 360
    Sneaky Paul's Facemask 2100
    Richmond Inn 10
    ================================= Swamp =======================================
    Swampland Sam
    Inn                         50
    Rum                        225
    Poison                      30
    Gross Hippy Stuff          240
    Warm Beer                  125
    Rope                       250
    Spring-Loaded Steel Claws  900
    Reinforced Superwood Tunic 690
    Cured Leather Boots        750
    Swampy Joe
    Meteorite Maul Mitts 10000 1 Meteorite Shard
    Meteorite Mantle     10000 2 Meteorite Shards
    Meteorite Maimspear  10000 3 Meteorite Shards
    ================================= Gardiner ====================================
    Magical Matt's Magical Emporium
    Tears of Children        275
    Full Throttle            250
    Gross Hippy Stuff        240
    The Great Bibble        3250
    Pinty Het                450
    Beanie                   525
    Mountain-Climbing Boots  920
    Soft Velvet Pumps        825
    Hobo Gloves              375
    Cool Glowing Rock        250
    Bone Necklace            875
    Fonze's Pub
    Rum            225
    Full Throttle  250
    Warm Beer      125
    Fermented Beer 400
    Potato           5
    Fish            25
    Full Throttle     250
    Sound Shrooms      75
    Sun Block          35
    Rope              250
    Skin-Flap Shield  150
    Sheepskin Booties 450
    Potato        5
    Fish         25
    Apple        15
    Blue Berries 40
    Rum                    225
    Warm Beer              125
    Tome of Words         1950
    Fishing Hat            450
    Fishing Vest           270
    Future Boots        999999
    Soft Velvet Pumps      825
    Seal Mits              270
    Lucky Rabbit's Foot    350
    Bartholomew's Weapon Smithing
    Philbert's Smelting
    Heavy Metal 50
    Bronx       ?
    Cold Steel  75
    Bartholomew Shop
    Face Piercer            1995
    Ape Rapier               875
    Gay Staff               1875
    Unicorn Club            3350
    Metal Punching Mits     1350
    The Crushilator         4100
    Plastic Paladin Helmet   975
    Leather Pieces          1250
    Exquisite Armor Replica  950
    Bartholomew Craft
    Heavy Metal Ore
    Spear  Heavy Metal Spear  100 2 Heavy Metal Bars
    Club   Heavy Metal Club   100 2 Heavy Metal Bars
    Axe    Heavy Metal Axe    100 2 Heavy Metal Bars
    Dagger Heavy Metal Dagger 100 2 Heavy Metal Bars
    Glove  Heavy Metal Mits   100 2 Heavy Metal Bars
    Staff  Heavy Metal Staff  100 2 Heavy Metal Bars
    Bronx Ore
    Spear  Bronx Spear        500 1 Heavy Metal Bar 1 Bronx Bar
    Club   Bronx Club         500 1 Heavy Metal Bar 1 Bronx Bar
    Axe    Bronx Axe          500 1 Heavy Metal Bar 1 Bronx Bar
    Dagger Bronx Rapier       500 1 Heavy Metal Bar 1 Bronx Bar
    Glove  Bronx Punchers     500 1 Heavy Metal Bar 1 Bronx Bar
    Staff  Bronx Wizard Stick 500 1 Heavy Metal Bar 1 Bronx Bar
    Sergeant Meyers
    Rope                     250
    Mining Pick               60
    Plain Old Sword          375
    Bone Shield              680
    Charred Buckler         2800
    Crusty Metal Helmet      550
    Exquisite Armor Replica  950
    Chain Boots              500
    Spiked Metal Shoes       750
    Cool Glowing Rock        250
    Old Greg
    Sun Block          35
    Potato              5
    Fish               25
    Unicorn Club     3350
    The Great Bibble 3250
    Pope Hat          875
    Shades           2100
    Gary's Tavern
    Rum                225
    Richmond Moonshine 325
    Full Throttle      250
    Warm Beer          125
    Potato               5
    Fish                25
    Sneaky Pierre
    Rum                                225
    Richmond Moonshine                 325
    Poison                              30
    Metal Punching Mits               1350
    Sneaky Pierre's French Dictionary 4100
    Baby Club                         4650
    Pointy White Hood                 1250
    Pierre's Stompers                 1250
    Gardiner Bed and Breakfast 25
    ============================ The Chocolate Caves ==============================
    Mercenary Ted
    Tears of Children     275
    Metal Punching Mits  1350
    Awesome Ninja Sword  2750
    Bone Shield           680
    Pointy White Hood    1250
    Shades               2100
    Hobo Gloves           375
    Necklace of Eyeballs 3725
    =============================== Ocean Passage =================================
    Moira's Sea Stop
    Inn                           20
    Gross Hippy Stuff            240
    Potato                         5
    Apple                         15
    Rope                         250
    Ultra Awesome Super-Spear 999999
    Moira's Wool Sweater        1350
    Sheepskin Booties            450
    Mountain-Climbing Boots      920
    Fuzzy Mittens                125
    Lantern                      575
    ========================== Bowdoin Entrance Caves =============================
    McGreenthumb's I     McGreenthumb's II
    Nightsies         75 Nightsies                  75
    Rum              225 Full Throttle             250
    Full Throttle    250 Warm Beer                 125
    Warm Beer        125 Ice-Cold Wizard Beer     1200
    Rope             250 Rope                      250
    Mining Pick       60 Mining Pick                60
    Aquafresh Spear 6170 Crest Trident           22550
    Cool Whip       3400 McGreenthumb's Greenhat 15250
    ================================ Bowdoin ======================================
    Motes' Bun House
    Strawberry Medium-Height Cake 100
    Sticky Bun                    150
    Chocolate Cake                230
    Frosted Pineapple Cake        160
    Sneaky Pablo
    Tears of Children      275
    Poison                  30
    Warm Beer              125
    Bowdoin Brew           400
    Pablo's Pointy Stick  7250
    Sharpened Snow Shovel 5250
    Sneaky Sombrero       8250
    Lab Coat              3425
    Full Throttle     250
    Gross Hippy Stuff 240
    Sound Shrooms      75
    'Nocs              75
    Lava Root         125
    Potato              5
    Fish               25
    Carrot             35
    Mining Pick        60
    Cold Stone        450
    Lantern           575
    Rope                      250
    Girly Scarf              5200
    Floppy Headgear          4250
    Karate Clothes           1650
    Fur Coat                 4000
    Lab Coat                 3425
    Insulated Winter Mittens 1570
    Wrist Bands              2750
    O'Henry 'da Smith I   O'Henry 'da Smith II
    Aquafresh Spear  6170 Trash Javelin        14100
    Magician Staff    750 The Sparkle Whip     14700
    The Wedge        8400 The Highlander       17490
    Cool Whip        3400 Supreme Judge Mantle 11200
    Knightly Hattery 1750 Burly Boots           3165
    Hot Rod Mantle   2700 Cold Stone             450
    Metal Galoshes   1470
    Barry's Tavern
    Rum               225
    Full Throttle     250
    Gross Hippy Stuff 240
    Sound Shrooms      75
    Warm Beer         125
    Bowdoin Brew      400
    Bowdoin Inn 45
    ================================ Lewiston =====================================
    Lewiston Magic Shop
    Tears of Children        275
    Jar of Female Angst      750
    Staff of the Sorcelator 6750
    Blood Blade             5050
    Bane Cane               6350
    Floppy Headgear         4250
    Judicial Robes          4960
    Blown-Out Slippers      2150
    Tome of Words             1950
    The Great Bibble          3250
    Ultimate Survivor's Guide 6400
    The Alphabet of Mojo      6400
    Gigantic Bottle Opener  9900
    The 11th Commandment   11111
    Monkey's Paw            6785
    Fiery Axe of Fire       8450
    Gladiator Hat           2900
    The Unstabbable         8645
    Metal Galoshes          1470
    Poison             30
    Gross Hippy Stuff 240
    Sound Shrooms      75
    Sun Block          35
    'Nocs              75
    Jerry's Tavern
    Rum             225
    Flash o' Jack  3900
    Warm Beer       125
    Fermented Beer  400
    Murph Smelt
    Chocolate Rocks  75
    Black Rock Down 100
    Mufasa Craft
    Chocolate Long Bow 1600 2 Chocolate Bars
    Whipped Chocolate  1600 2 Chocolate Bars
    Chocolate Charms   1600 2 Chocolate Bars
    Chocolate 'Nocs    1600 2 Chocolate Bars
    Black Rock
    Black Rock Helm   1600 2 Black Rock Bars
    Black Rock Vest   1600 2 Black Rock Bars
    Black Rock Ring   1600 2 Black Rock Bars
    Black Rock Basher 1600 2 Black Rock Bars
    Lewiston Inn 45
    ================================ Pine Forest ==================================
    Lady Sandals  0
    Pansylions    0
    Nightsies    50
    Carnivations  0
    ================================= Freeport ====================================
    Wilma's Wares
    Tears of Children    275
    Full Throttle        250
    Poison                30
    Gross Hippy Stuff    240
    Sound Shrooms         75
    Sun Block             35
    Jar of Female Angst  750
    Naughty Note          85
    Band-Aid             125
    Black Label Tequilla 500
    Coldbeard's X-change
    Fancy Circlet              5200
    Weird Asian Hat            6150
    Falcon Helmet              5450
    Ghostly Cowl               4650
    Dracula Robes              7150
    Y'aarrrmor                 7530
    Bejeweled Champion Armor 999999
    Plank Walkers              4420
    Ted the Bloody
    Potato        5
    Apple        15
    Blue Berries 40
    Carrot       35
    Lightning Rod         8345
    Pointy Black Staff    7960
    Golden Knife          7360
    Hurtin' Stick         8350
    The Siren            13300
    Chain Whip            8240
    Sharpened Candy Cane  7780
    =============================== Super Castle ==================================
    Rum            225
    Richmond       325
    Full Throttle  250
    Warm Beer      125
    Bowdoin Brew   400
    Fermented Beer 400
    Acid-Warped Javelin 13700
    Elephant Epee        9450
    Hurtin' Stick        8350
    Monkey's Paw         6785
    Throwing Knife       5100
    ================================ China, Main ==================================
    Mountain Passage
    Tears of Children         275
    Gross Hippy Stuff         240
    Sound Shrooms              75
    Jar of Female Angst       750
    Frenzied Crygasm Chalice 1250
    Rope                      250
    Mining Pick                60
    Broom                      25
    Hammer                     50
    Mountain-Climbing Boots   920
    The Beard's Eye Tavern
    Rum            225
    Warm Beer      125
    Fermented Beer 400
    Fire Water     650
    Potato           5
    Fish            25
    Sneaky Pavlov
    Poison                     30
    'Nocs                      75
    The Dartboard           13400
    The Sparkle Whip        14700
    Pavlov's Pounder        18320
    The Ace of Spades       20300
    Pavlov's Witchy Notes   12800
    Chill Suit              13625
    Mountain-Climbing Boots   920
    Gentlemanly Bolero      11500
    Weaponmaster Wilfred
    Heavy Meatal Bar
    Spear  Heavy Metal Spear  100 2 Heavy Metal Bars
    Club   Heavy Metal Club   100 2 Heavy Metal Bars
    Axe    Heavy Metal Axe    100 2 Heavy Metal Bars
    Dagger Heavy Metal Dagger 100 2 Heavy Metal Bars
    Glove  Heavy Metal Mits   100 2 Heavy Metal Bars
    Staff  Heavy Metal Staff  100 2 Heavy Metal Bars
    Bronx Bar
    Spear  Bronx Spear        500 1 Heavy Metal Bar 1 Bronx Bar
    Club   Bronx Club         500 1 Heavy Metal Bar 1 Bronx Bar
    Axe    Bronx Axe          500 1 Heavy Metal Bar 1 Bronx Bar
    Dagger Bronx Rapier       500 1 Heavy Metal Bar 1 Bronx Bar
    Glove  Bronx Punchers     500 1 Heavy Metal Bar 1 Bronx Bar
    Staff  Bronx Wizard Stick 500 1 Heavy Metal Bar 1 Bronx Bar
    Cold Steel Bar
    Spear  Cold Steel Sticker    1000 1 Heavy Metal Bar 1 Cold Steel Bar
    Club   Cold Steel Mallet     1000 1 Heavy Metal Bar 1 Cold Steel Bar
    Axe    Cold Steel Crusher    1000 1 Heavy Metal Bar 1 Cold Steel Bar
    Dagger Cold Steel Rapier     1000 1 Heavy Metal Bar 1 Cold Steel Bar
    Glove  Cold Steel Claws      1000 1 Heavy Metal Bar 1 Cold Steel Bar
    Staff  Cold Steel Spellmaker 1000 1 Heavy Metal Bar 1 Cold Steel Bar
    China, Maine Inn 100
    =============================== Dave's Boat ===================================
    Jar of Female Angst           750
    Potato                          5
    Fish                           25
    Apple                          15
    Blue Berries                   40
    Carrot                         35
    Strawberry Medium-Height Cake 100
    Sticky Bun                    150
    Chocolate Cake                230
    Frosted Pineapple Cake        160
    Herbal Tea                    700
    ================================== Augusta ====================================
    Leaf's Fruit Stand
    Apple         15
    Blue Berries  40
    Mango        850
    Kiwi         850
    Perry's Tavern
    Rum            225
    Warm Beer      125
    Bowdoin Brew   400
    Fermented Beer 400
    Fire Water     650
    Potato           5
    Fish            25
    Carrot          35
    Herbal Tea     700
    Witchy Associate
    Tears of Children   275
    Full Throttle       250
    Gross Hippy Stuff   240
    Sun Block            35
    'Nocs                75
    Jar of Female Angst 750
    Naughty Note         85
    Band-Aid            125
    Herbal Tea          700
    Barles Gnarkley
    Lady Sandals        50
    Pansylions          50
    Hyacinths           50
    Blue-Blood Blossoms 50
    Sneaky Pippin
    Poison                     30
    Mango                     850
    Rope                      250
    Articulated Bone Shield 15475
    Skimitar                16000
    Tropicaxe               19250
    Hard Hat                14500
    Pippin's Wing Coat      15650
    Abominable Abdominals   17200
    Sandshoes                8450
    ================================= Save Realm ==================================
    Rodney's Earthly Apparatus
    Tears of Children   275
    Full Throttle       250
    Jar of Female Angst 750
    Naughty Notes        85
    Band-Aid            125
    Rope                250
    Mining Pick          60
    Magical Smelter Hobo
    Cold Steel 150
    Purple Chunks 300
    "Little Spear"          18700
    Articulated Bone Shield 15475
    Razor Wire Whip         16333
    Boomstick               19625
    Malcom's In the Middle  24700
    Flexiplate Vest         17400
    Nancy Sinatra Galoshes   9650
    Action Dan I                 Action Dan II
                                 ACTION DAN'S SWEET BOW    19700
                                 ACTION DAN'S MUFFLER HORN 27499
    Magical Weaponmaster Hobo
    Spear  Wacky Purple Spear          3500 1 Wacky Purple Bar
    Club   Wacky Purple Club           3500 1 Wacky Purple Bar
    Maul   Wacky Purple People Eater   3500 1 Wacky Purple Bar
    Rapier Wacky Purple Piercer        3500 1 Wacky Purple Bar
    Gloves Wacky Purple Pointy Fingers 3500 1 Wacky Purple Bar
    Staff  Wacky Purple Staff          3500 1 Wacky Purple Bar
    Jar of Children              275
    Full Throttle                250
    Jar of Female Angst          750
    Herbal Tea                   700
    Save Magic: Selected Prose 14444
    Magical Save Frock         18475
    Magical Bartender Hobo Gary
    Rum                    225
    Warm Beer              125
    Fermented Beer         400
    Fire Water             650
    Magic Hobo Brew        900
    Potato                   5
    Fish                    25
    Frosted Pineapple Cake 160
    Sneaky Patricia
    Poison                     30
    Naughty Note               85
    Kiwi                      850
    Poison Stilleto         18300
    The Sneaky Shroud       17250
    Standard Issue Sneakies  9825
    Gross Hippy Stuff 240
    Sound Shrooms      75
    Sun Block          35
    'Nocs              75
    Naughty Note       85
    Band-Aid          125
    Magical Innkeepper Hobo Eddie 100
    ================================ Hobotropolis =================================
    Magic Merchant Hobo Franklin
    (monetary unit is Hobo Tokens)
    Rusty Old Axe          197
    Dragon Tongue          179
    Rusty Staff            229
    Book of the Dead       195
    Surgeon Mask           196
    Obscured Vision Helmet 210
    Thunder Epaulets       210
    Armor of the Squire    204
    Wizardfinger Gloves     43
    Blue-Jay Helmet        143
    Magical Exchange Hobo Stan
    (monetary unit is Hobo Tokens)
    Tear-Beard Broth         25
    Black Ticket            600
    Hobo Sneak Sauce        120
    Hobo Power Paste        120
    Hobo Mind Mixture       120
    Hobo Defense Drink      120
    Hobo Tough Tincture     120
    Hobo Essence Infusion   120
    Hoboskewer              230
    Swackenheimer Swimsword 250
    The Toppest Hobohat     177
    Good Luck Helmet        192
    Broken Slot Handle      257
    Hobotropolis Casino Bar
    Rum             225
    Full Throttle   250
    Warm Beer       125
    Fire Water      650
    Magic Hobo Brew 900
    Potato            5
    Fish             25
    Apple            15
    Blue Berries     40
    Mango           850
    Kiwi            850
    Herbal Tea      700
    Apple          15
    Blue Berries   40
    Carrot         35
    Mango         850
    Kiwi          850
    Haste Nuts   1300
    Magical Tailor Hobo Eric
    Nurse's Hat          18300
    Hobo Citizen T-Shirt 17501
    Wedding Gown         16300
    Speedsuit            23955
    Bunny Slippers        9800
    Upgraded Hobo Gloves  5300
    Magical Traveller Hobo Belle
    Murder Cheese    1300
    Sniper Stew      1300
    Rope              250
    Mining Pick        60
    Shovel            500
    Three-Leaf Clover 999
    Alexander Goldthistle
    Poison                 30
    Scotch Soldier       2530
    Goddess Grief        3800
    Black Label Tequilla  500
    Magical Arms-Dealer Hedrick
    Trash Can Lid          26250
    Hedrick's Custom Spear 16550
    Flamethrower           25120
    Frost Stilleto         24800
    Hobo Snare Drum        17499
    Ram Racing Bar
    Warm Beer             125
    Fire Water            650
    Magic Hobo Brew       900
    Ice-Cold Wizard Beer 1200
    Mark Smelt
    Lava Rock 500
    Casino Inn 150
    ================================= Dangerdome ==================================
    currency is in Blood Coupons
    Arena Booze         3
    Save Root           3
    Wizard Powder       3
    Death Petal         5
    Arena Nectar        5
    Dangerdonut        12
    Save Whiskey       12
    Blood Flask        12
    Dangerdome Grinder 60
    King of Shadows    60
    The Wall           60
    ================================= Old Ruins ===================================
    Full Throttle  250
    Potato           5
    Fish            25
    Apple           15
    Blue Berries    40
    Carrot          35
    Sticky Bun     150
    Chocolate Cake 230
    Magical Blacksmith Hobo Ben
    Lava Man-Thong 2 Lava Bars
    Lava Waders    2 Lava Bars
    Molten Crown   2 Lava Bars
    Magma Mitts    2 Lava Bars
    Lava Lyre      2 Lava Bars
    ?              2 Lava Bars
    ================================== Credits ====================================
    If your name is not listed and you feel that your input was included then
    please remember that your input was valuable but that my sourcing was faulty.

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