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The Scorched Earth DLC adds new weapons and enemies to the classic Warlord gameplay, and for the first time you can directly compete with your friends in Deathmatch mode!

Key features:

- New Game Mode: Deathmatch - Play exciting competitive matches where kills with weaker weapons earn you more points
- New Map Weapon: Rocket Launcher - a devastating one shot weapon
- New Map Weapon: Propaganda Radio - enrage nearby Confederates into attacking everything around them, friend or foe
- New Enemy: Confederate Spy - these stealthy foes will try to call in airstrikes on your defenses
- New Enemy: Confederate Engineer - make sure to stop them before they can build the deadly Deathhand missile launcher
- Win a T-Shirt: If you top the Deathmatch leaderboard, you can win a Warlord Deathmatch Champion T-Shirt

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