Is Dark Souls a good choice for a casual gamer like me?

  1. I would consider myself a casual gamer, and although I'm definitely not bad at video games, I tend to play a lot of games that would be considered fairly easy by most (Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Pokemon, etc). However, even though Dark Souls is notoriously hard, I find it really intriguing. The overall atmosphere and the creepy enemy design really make me want to play it. So the question is: will this game be too difficult to be enjoyable for someone like me? Don't get me wrong, I love a good challenge and have played hard video games before, but I don't necessarily find getting extremely angry over a video game "fun". Also while I'm at it, I'd like to know a bit more about the game. I know pretty much nothing about it. So, are there questlines and a main story, or do you just kinda roam around and kill stuff? Also, is it co-op/multiplayer? And last, any tips for starting a new playthrough?

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  1. I also consider myself to be a casual gamer and I found Dark Souls to be quite enjoyable. There is only really one portion that I recall getting extremely frustrating with which involved running up to two notoriously difficult to bypass archers. Aside from that it's not too difficult if you learn the mechanics (especially which stats are worth your time and which aren't). Take that for whatever it's worth since individual tastes vary but I recommend you give it a try despite its reputation. As for the story, there certainly is a story, but you'll only know it if you bother to read item descriptions. It is co-op/multiplayer, albeit with very specific mechanics that you should get familiar with before you start playing. As for tips for a new playthrough...don't ever level up resistance...ever. Shields are vital to your survival, make sure you pick one up, or else get real good at dodging. Always walk with your shield raised if you're in a new area and always draw enemies one at a time if possible. Lastly, if you're ever stuck on a really tough enemy...just use ranged attacks.

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  2. Forgot to mention in my first post. Don't get too hung up on your character creation. The classes and starting gifts have no real long term effect on your game. Classes don't have any class bonus associated with them and all classes can use all weapons, armor, and magic equally well. The only thing your class changes is your starting gear, don't be fooled by the descriptions. Also the tiny being's ring's description is just flat out wrong, claiming to regenerate health when all it actually does is raise your max health by 20 points. All the starting gifts can be acquired in game with varying degrees of difficulty. Generally speaking the most useful one is the master key, which the thief class starts off with already in their inventory. If I remember anything else I'll post again, but I think that's everything a beginner needs to know.

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  3. I just finished the game playing like a brainless thug, so I think it's no problem for a casual gamer. I just wanted to see if that game was so "hard".

    I choose my stuff randomly, If the armor is beautiful then it ok and I played all long with a long sword (upgraded to +10 and two-handed )..I maxed my life, stamina and strength + dexterity and almost used/bought no items.

    Somes bosses were very easy like Seath, four kings, Sif, Ceaseless Discharge, Gaping demon, Iron Golem, you don't have to worry about the difficulty overall.
    For instance, the only time when I needed to use a shield was against the last boss of the game who was powerful BTW.

    But I died a lot of times too, mostly falling from great heights (Sen Fortress, Anor Londo and the 2 archers !, Crystal Cavern) and killed by random mobs :(..... I hated theses levels.

    Concerning the main story... there is almost none apart from small items description. I dropped the game for months and when I got back into it, i didn't remember what to do because it's sooooo well explained by the NPC. I used a walktrough to know where to go and a wikia to learn more about the story, characters... anyways, this RPG failed in that area for me. too bad

    Even so, all the amazing areas will keep you interested for sure ! That's how it was for me

    now to Dark Souls II !!!!!

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