Runtime error on startup, question mark?

  1. Every time i press "play" Dark Souls seemingly opens, hangs for a few seconds and i'm getting this error

    So far i've tried to:

    - install the game on my friend's pc(win10), same issue
    - verify the game's cache
    - clearing the register
    - reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ 2008&2010, both x64 and x86
    - change to beta installation(opted back atm)
    - reboot my pc
    - place game folder onto the desktop and launch from there

    It is also worth nothing that i am unable to launch the game directly from folder, as darksouls.exe doesn't react to me opening it(set compatability with win7 and running as administrator as well)

    My system specs:

    - Gigabyte S-series GA-P35-DS3L
    - Win7 professional x64 sp1
    - Intel Core 2 quad Q6600
    - Amd Radeon HD 6670 with up to date drivers
    - DirectX comes with the game, so i assume it's up to date enough

    I've already played Dark Souls on this pc by the way, two years ago. Same hardware, same system, same software, everything.

    No mods installed whatsoever. Pure, clean install on a system that should be able to run this game.

    Here's my process list:
    Mnemozin - 5 years ago - report
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