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Fast Learner
Completed all the tutorial levels (boot camp)
The Trooper
Completed all the campaign missions
Killed a total of 300 worms in online matches
Social Butterfly
Played with 20 players online
Class Act
Acquired 4 of each class
Worm Winner
Completed all the single player content
Buddy, Buddy
Winner in 10 allied matches online
Upstairs Wares
Completed all the puzzle missions
The Hard One
Performed over 500 damage in one turn
Wrecking Ball
Destroyed 1 of each physics object
Glug Glug Glug
Spent 5 consecutive turns under water
One For The Money
Completed a single player level
Scout Killer
Killed 10 enemy scout worms in online matches
Soldier Killer
Killed 10 enemy soldier worms in online matches
Heavy Killer
Killed 10 enemy heavy worms in online matches
Scientist Killer
Killed 10 enemy scientist worms in online matches
Killed an enemy worm by dropping a physics object on them
Boom Boom
Killed an enemy worm with an exploding physics object
Used the fabled concrete donkey
How Rude!
Won 5 games killing the last worm with a prod
Home Sweet Home
Completed 10 fort games with the same fort
Performed 5 repeat rope swings
Death From Above
Killed a worm with a weapon fired from the parachute
My Gun, My Kill
Killed 10 enemy worms with a placed sentry gun
Killed 1000 enemy worms
Collected 100 weapon and utility crates
Collected 100 health crates
Claymore More
Dropped 50 mines
Bug Gulp
Killed 50 enemy worms by knocking them into the water
Resurrected at least one worm using the Lightning Strike.
Mars Pack Achievements
Strife on Mars
Completed all the Mars downloadable content single player missions.
New Kit
Used the Buffalo, Poison Gun, Lightning and Crate Strikes once.
Trampled Upon
Killed at least one worm using the Buffalo.
Mars Rover
Completed at least 5 online games in the Mars theme.

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