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by almostsentient

Table of Contents

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Walkthrough by almostsentient

Updated: 12/18/2014
FAQ of the Month Winner: December 2014 | Highest Rated Guide

Table of Contents

    1. The Ranger Citadel
    2. Exploring the Outside of the Citadel for a Bit
    3. The Wasteland and Traveling on the World Map
  3. The Radio Tower - Your First Mission
    1. The Radio Tower
    2. Return to the Ranger Citadel
  4. Recruiting a New Member of Your Team
    1. A Temporary Excursion to the Rail Nomads Camp to Recruit Ralphy
  5. Saving Highpool or Saving the Ag Center - One or the Other
  6. Saving Highpool
    1. Exploring Highpool and Killing Wreckers
    2. Highpool Village Center
    3. Help Kate Preston to Restore Power and Get the Radio Tower Back Online
    4. Kate is Elected Mayor
  7. AG Center #38; Destroyed After Saving Highpool
    1. The Central Complex and Dr. Larsen
    2. Find a Broken Radio Tower
    3. Search for Some Serum
    4. Inspect an Infected Farm
  8. Saving the Ag Center Instead of Highpool
  9. Save the Ag Center
    1. Find the Central Complex
    2. Ag Center Central Complex
    3. Recruit Rose
    4. The East Field
    5. Find Fungicide in the Mushroom Caves
    6. The West Field
    7. Inspect an Infected Farm
    8. Infected Pump Station
    9. Infected Village
  10. The Destruction of Highpool
  11. The Citadel after Either Highpool or the Ag Center
    1. Enter the Ranger Citadel
    2. Buying and Selling in the Citadel
  12. Eliminating the Wrecking Crew
    1. Wrecking Crew Stronghold
    2. Traveling to The Prison Valley and The Prison
  13. The Prison Valley
    1. Exploring the Prison Valley
  14. Getting A Good Rad Suit
    1. Talk to Rick Baychowski about Rad Suits
    2. Find a Good Rad Suit for Free
  15. The Prison Valley Again
    1. Encounters with the Rad Skorpions
    2. Auwaerter's Farm
  16. The Rail Nomads Camp
    1. Helping the Citizens of Rail Nomads
    2. Meet Kekkahbah, the Leader of the Topekans
    3. Getting to the Atchison Camp
  17. The Atchison Camp
    1. Exploring the Atchison Camp
  18. Distillery for Snake Squeezins
    1. Return to Citadel after Rail Nomad
  19. The Village of Darwin
    1. Exploring Darwin Village
  20. Exploring the Arizona Wasteland
    1. Leve L'upe Mine
    2. The Abandoned Railway
  21. The Canyon of Titan
    1. Exploring the Canyon of Titan
  22. The Temple of Titan
    1. Paying your Tribute
    2. Father Enola
    3. Finding the DBM Stronghold
    4. Exploring the Temple Underground
    5. Getting to Damonta
  23. Damonta
    1. Clean up Damonta
    2. A Radio Tower and a Werewolf
    3. The Damonta Radio Tower
  24. Next Stop, Silo 7
    1. Exploring Silo 7
    2. Temple of Titan Aftermath
    3. Trouble at the Prison
  25. On your Way to Santa Fe, or Someplace Like It
    1. Find Vargas and Lose Angela
  26. Sante Fe Springs
    1. Assist the Santa Fe Springs Ranger Base
  27. Angel Oracle
    1. You Need to Mind Your Manners to Gain Entrance to Angel Oracle
    2. Help the Culver City Brothel
    3. Brentwood Dentist
    4. Fetch Fletcher at Fletcher's Hideout
    5. Los Angeles Aqueduct
  28. The Town of Rodia Needs Your Help
    1. Advice for Dealing with Rodia
    2. The Town of Rodia
  29. Exploring the LA Wasteland
    1. Santa Monica and God's Militia
    2. Igg and Inglewood
    3. What's with Whittier
    4. Lost Dogs in Los Alamitos
    5. A Loon in Long Beach
    6. Badger Trouble in Salt Lake Park
    7. Get Framed at Playa Del Rey
    8. Mysterious Shrine in Southwest California
    9. Pistol Packing Priests at La Cienega
    10. Redeemed at Baldwin Hills
    11. Mysterious Shrine Southeast of Hollywood
  30. Hollywood or Bust
    1. Begin an Exploration of Hollywood
    2. Heidi Hollander's Hollywood Hideaway
    3. Welcome to the Hotel California, Such a lovely place
    4. Los Feliz
  31. The Bastion Of Faith
    1. Explore the Bastion of Faith
  32. A Crisis of Faith
    1. A Convoluted Plot Line
    2. Voting for Veronica
    3. A Battle at the Observatory
    4. Final Preparations for Seal Beach / New Citadel
  33. The New Citadel
    1. New Citadel Exterior
    2. New Citadel Interior
    3. Duel with Dugan
    4. Enter the Citadel and Confront Matthias
    5. Saving Humanity
  34. My Favorite Party
  35. Miscellaneous Stuff and Alternative Solutions
    1. The Provost
    2. Miscellaneous Stuff / Rail Nomads Camp
    3. Alternative solutions to the Topekan/Atchison Feud
    4. Miscellaneous Stuff / Canyon of Titan
    5. Miscellaneous Stuff / Rodia
    6. Miscellaneous Stuff / Bastion of Faith
  36. Legal and Copyright

Exploring the LA Wasteland (Continued)

Robots and Meson Cannons

When you return to the exit icon, there will be a group of robots waiting for you. They have a Meson Cannon to assist them. Obviously you want to kill all the robots. Remember that door you couldn't open when you first arrived here? Well, when the Cannon targets one of your characters, have that person stand by the door you couldn't open. When the Meson Cannon shoots at that character, the door will also be opened by the blast. Nifty keen.

Get Framed at Playa Del Rey

You get a distress call via radio that some children have been kidnaped in Playa del Rey. Mr. Manners and the Mannerites in Angel Oracle get the same distress call. This obviously needs investigation. When you enter the location, walk down the path a short distance. On the right there is a Ranger's Star painted on the wall. Curious. There are several bodies lying along the path. Some of the bodies are those of Civility Enforcers from Angel Oracle. What happened here, you wonder? A bit further along there are some living Civility Enforcers you can talk to.

Just before you get to the Enforcers, notice the rusted car. When you examine the car, you discover (by text only) a robotic arm under the car. You surmise the CotC slaughtered everyone. When you talk to the Enforcer you can mention this. He is not completely convinced, but he will not attack.

If you have not found the robotic arm, then the Enforcers will ask you to identify yourselves and when you say "Rangers", he asks if you are responsible for the slaughter. He mentions the Ranger Star graffiti you saw on the wall. You can start a battle with these guys, or try to talk your way through politely. However, sometimes even politeness doesn't work. He is convinced you did this. The battle is joined. You have no recourse but to kill them. If you use the Hard Ass skill early in the conversation, then you will not have to fight them, but the Enforcer still thinks you killed everyone, gentle butchers, and he will be watching you. In this situation, if you try to loot any of the Enforcer bodies, you will start a battle. [Note: you can loot the bodies if you do so before you start any conversations]. There is a bag of Cat Litter near the Enforcers.

On the east side near the Enforcers is a GPS device. Use the Display Screen you found a long time ago to activate the GPS. If you don't have the Screen, use Computer Science to examine it. Then use Mechanical Repair skill to fix it (a very high level is required). You will get the location of a Mysterious Shrine marked on your map. This location is in the southwest corner of California.

On the south side of the central area, you can climb a ladder to reach the roof of a dilapidated building. You will find a Toaster on the roof. The Toaster contains the Gloves. You can give these to Ethan White in Angel Oracle so he can milk his goats successfully.

[Note: you were told via radio that the situation in Playa del Rey was dire and you were to get there ASAP. Know that no matter how quickly you respond, the same scenario will play out. You cannot save anyone in Playa del Rey.]

When you leave Playa del Rey, you will be contacted by Woodson who asks you what happened. You of course tell him you didn't do it and you should tell him about the Synth part you found. He goes on to tell you that it is now priority one to find the CotC who did this and tried to frame the Rangers. Maybe you should check out the Shrine that the GPS in Playa del Rey gave you the location for.

Mysterious Shrine in Southwest California

When you enter the Mysterious Shrine area, you will immediately encounter a Fly of Unusual Size. A whole bunch of them, in fact. Take them down to size. A nearby Statue will grant +1 skill points. The statue is hard to see and does not light up with the Z key. Just past the flies is a wooden ramp leading up. Next to the ramp, there is a dead body with some items to take. One item is Unrequited Love, a unique bladed weapon and another item is Blood-stained Journal. Read it. Interesting.

The ramp leads to a beached submarine and there is a ladder that will take you into the sub. At the end of the short hallway is a large computer that will grant XP when you interact with it (right click to examine it). You can further interact with the computer and you are to input a command: 1. Research logs and 2. System status. The system status command gives you choices of fuel, atmosphere defenses, and power. You might surmise you are getting the logs of the last days of the crew's existence. The research log option gives you these choices; brief, progress report 03C, progress report 11M and progress report 24A. Read these for interesting information. You will read a lot of scientific genetic mumbo-jumbo.

[Important Note: it would appear that you can go to the south of the exit ladder. The cursor icon is the gold star and not the red X. However, if you try to go that way, your party can become trapped forever is this sub and you will have to wait for a Ranger party from Wasteland 3 to come rescue you.]

Well, your brief visit to this Shrine did not solve the mystery of who killed the citizens of Playa del Rey. Onward.

Pistol Packing Priests at La Cienega

You get a message from Woodson at the Ranger base to investigate the situation in La Cienega. (The area is actually named La Cienega and Slauson when you save your game.) Walk west along the road and you will see some Power Pep thugs, lead by Jim Beavens, about to execute some Juvies. The suggestion is to attack the Pep boys from range and prevent them from killing anyone. Then go talk to Paul Tyma, who tells you these guys are actually part of God's Militia but everyone just calls them the PPP (pistol packing priests). When you are done talking, Paul and the Juvies run off. You will find a bag of Zeolite in the area.

Follow the path to the west and find a Toaster to repair. This one contains the A.D. Wealthy Battlemonster Bomber, a bass guitar. You will be able to give this to a fellow named Raji in Hollywood. The Toaster is difficult to see. It is on the bench under a yellow bus stop shelter.

Redeemed at Baldwin Hills

You will overhear a radio message to Mr. Manners that the citizens of Baldwin Hills are being attacked by "Rangers" that seem non-human. Woodson will then contact you and say that this is your chance to prove that there is someone pretending to be Rangers and attacking various villages. Get over to Baldwin ASAP.

Approach the barricade and you can see a bunch of CotC preparing to attack. Hit them first. After their demise, approach the townsfolk gathered behind the barricade. Talk to Roger Lee who asks if you are on the same team as the guys you just killed. You can give him a Hard Ass response or be gentle. When you take the latter approach, 3 Civility Enforcers approach and begin to accuse you of killing everyone again. This time, however, Roger Lee will take your side and tell them you just saved the village. The Enforcers are finally convinced.

Talk to the Enforcer Captain. He will tell you that your reputation has been restored in Angel Oracle. He also tells you that the CotC will no longer be welcome in Angel Oracle and Mr. Manners will speak out against them. He will depart, but just before, he will give you the book called R. Lee Ermey: A Yelling Man's Man. This book will grant you +1 to the Hard Ass skill.

Talk to Roger Lee again and to thank you, he says you can try to open the safe. There are also several vendors in the village. One is a healer, the other sells bullets and such. In the north there is a Toaster to repair. This one contains a 761 Metro Bus Schedule. You will be able to trade this to Sister Maggie in Griffith for a unique trinket.

Another good deed done by the Desert Rangers under your command. As you leave Baldwin Hills, you will be contacted by Woodson. He tells you good job, but he also warns you that Matthias, the leader of the Children of the Citadel (CotC), may begin to initiate stronger attacks. You are forewarned.

Mysterious Shrine Southeast of Hollywood

You will discover this Shrine as you wander about the LA Wasteland. In the center of the area is a Statue that grants +1 skill. At the far east side there is a building called the Underworld. It appears to be a destroyed casino. There is a pile of rubbish where you find some items. On one wall you will see a plaque that grants XP when you examine it.

Hollywood or Bust

When you have explored the California area to your satisfaction, now might be a good time to make your way to Hollywood. Hollywood should be marked on your map. So just head there from wherever you happen to be at the moment.

Important Quest Line Note: Be aware that the story line in Hollywood is a bit convoluted, to say the least. There is a lot of chatter on the game forums that the quests in Hollywood are, perhaps not really broken, but easily messed up. Many suggest that one way to avoid getting mired down is to explore the town in a clockwise direction. You begin the game in the southeast corner. Moving in a clockwise direction would mean once you reach the square to the north, turn left (west) and begin your adventure that way.]

Quest Line Synopsis: Your over-riding goal in the Hollywood area is to gain access to the Radio Tower, and, additionally, to help the local citizens. To gain access to the Radio Tower you will have to interact with a group called God's Militia who reside in Griffith Park. As you try to gain access to the Tower, you will discover that there is internal strife within the Militia. Oddly enough, the problems within the militia are interwoven with some problems within the town of Hollywood itself. Another of your goals in Hollywood is to try to effect a change in the administration of a group called the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, or HCC. It is currently run by Heidi, but as you talk to various townsfolk, you will find she is not well-liked by many. Heidi is also the madam of the local brothel, Heidi's Hideaway. One of the employees of the Brothel is Veronica. You will get a choice during your stay in Hollywood to have Veronica become the new leader of the HCC, or to have Heidi remain. As events unfold, you will see how Veronica, Heidi and the Militia all tie together. Know that the "good Ranger" solution is to get Veronica to become head of the HCC, and this, in its own way, will get you access to the Radio Tower. To get Veronica to become the new leader of the HCC, you need to get the backing of the townsfolk. You need to do their quests as outlined in the pages to follow.

Begin an Exploration of Hollywood

After you enter, walk straight up the road and stop to chat with the merchant, Ratboy, for a few minutes. He sells totally useless junk at exorbitant prices. He will give you directions, but you do have to buy something to get those directions. If you want these directions, buy the cheapest item he has. He gives more than just directions as he adds his opinion of the places you inquire about. The various locations he talks about are Rambeau's Gun Shop, the High Grounds which is the local clinic, Schwag's Restaurant, Raji's camp, The Brown Crown which is an eatery, and the Hotel California. He will talk about Salt, which is the local drug of abuse and the Salt Zombies, the people affected by Salt.

The artist on the corner southwest of Ratboy is Shawn Bonsky. He doesn't have much to say. Across the street from the artist you will see Ma Brown standing outside of her closed establishment. She tells you that the HCC, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, run by Heidi Hollander, are the ones who closed her restaurant, the Brown Crown. She has nothing nice to say about Heidi. When you ask if you can help her, she tells you that Office Lam at the HSP (Hollywood Security Patrol) won't give her restaurant a clean bill of health until she pays. You can offer to talk to Lam for her.

Kill Some Pigs in the Graveyard

Continue along the road to the west and find Mary at the entrance to the cemetery. She implores you to help her. There are 3 pigs in the cemetery attempting to devour the mourners. Shoot them quickly (the pigs, not the mourners). Mary and her friends will then run off. Among the mourners was Heidi, but she won't talk to you at this time. You will get a chance to meet her later.

There are a couple of graves you can dig up for some loot. Be aware that an NPC in the graveyard will ask you not to dig up any graves. Read the inscriptions on the tombstones for some chuckles. There is a statue amongst the graves that will grant +1 skill points.

In the corner of the cemetery you will find Raji. He and his three buddies apparently constitute the People's Republic of Hollywood. He is kind of surly at first, but give him the A.D. Wealthy Battlemonster Bomber bass guitar and he becomes your BFF. He will give you the Anarchy Patch in return which adds +1 action points (with -5 chance to hit). You can pump Raji for some information. You will come back to Raji later and get a quest.

Another character in the graveyard is Johnny Maloney. He's the local gravedigger, but he says something else has been digging up the graves. He would like you to look into it. He does warn you not to touch the graves, however. He says if you remove the beasts and leave the graves unmolested, he will throw in something extra. The beasts are some wolf-like Bloodbeasts and some Frogs found in the cemetery west of Johnny. Dispose of them and get your reward from Johnny. [Note: even though Johnny warned you not to dig up any graves, there seems to be no consequence for doing so. And he doesn't give you anything 'extra'. Plunder them.]

Talk to Office Lam about Ma Brown

Across the street from the cemetery, you will find Office Lam standing on the street corner. Talk to him about Ma Brown. He seems unwilling to budge on this issue of giving her a permit. You can use the Smart Ass skill to offer to pay for a year's worth of Ma Brown's chili. This will cost you 100 Scrap, but he signs the papers. (You don't actually get any papers.) You can run right back to Ma and tell her the good news. She gives you some ammo as a reward.

Schwag's Drugstore and Luncheonette

Continue west along the street until you see Schwag's, known as Schwag's Drug Store and Luncheonette. Need a bite to eat? Enter and talk to Flo, the waitress. You can get a lot of information from her, including something about someone named Swifty. Mention Swifty and she won't say much now, but she will tell you to meet her in the cemetery later. You will learn that Schwag's is the place to go to be "discovered" in the Hollywood actor sense. Apparently this Swifty guy recruits young talent to work at other establishments in town. At the end of the conversation, she will leave. Swifty is right there in the restaurant, but he has nothing to add at this time. You can't enter the back room, which is the office of Duke Schwag. You will come back there later. You can trade with the waitress who offers some medical supplies. You can also trade with the Soda Jerk, who also offers some medical supplies.

For now, head back outside and go to the cemetery to see what Flo has to tell you about Swifty.

Meet Flo in the Cemetery

Flo will be waiting for you outside of a crypt in the center of the cemetery, just to the west of Johnny. She warns you to stay away from Schwag's office and his lockbox. She also tells you about the "wolves", the slavers and pimps and psychos, who have come to Hollywood and prey on the "sheep". One of the "wolves" she means here is Swifty. You surmise from this that Swifty is a slaver. She will tell you more about Heidi, Heidi's Hideaway and the HCC. Finally, she warns you about God's Militia and how they are the real sinners, killing and robbing at will. She calls the Militia guys the "Pistol Packing Priests".

While you are in the cemetery, go over to the corner and talk to Raji again. He now might have a quest for you. [Note: if Raji doesn't offer a quest at this time, come back in a while and talk to him again.] Talk to him about the Hotel California and he will tell you it is a Salt house - "salt" being a local potent drug. Also ask him about Josie. You get the quest to find Josie.

Go back to Schwag's restaurant. The waitress (not Flo) will trade with you. Try to talk to Swifty, one of Duke Schwag's henchmen. At first he tells you to bugger off, and then he notices that you have "star power" (in the movie business sense, not extraterrestrial). He gives you his card and says to come see him in his office later. (You don't really get a card and he really doesn't have an office to go to).

In the kitchen you will find the Soda jerk who will trade with you. The door in the kitchen leads to the office of Duke Schwag. There is a code panel and when you click on it, the bodyguard says to get lost. Humpff.

Free Some Slaves and Kill Swifty Swiftly

Leave the restaurant and head to the east to where you first entered Hollywood. Go along the road to the east and in the corner you will notice an entrance to an underground area. The entrance is next to a fern and couch and should be glowing. Enter and you will be in the Slave Pens belonging to Swifty. Walk into the chamber a short distance and Swifty and some of his guards will materialize and attack. Eliminate them. Now disarm the traps and unlock the doors to free the Slaves. Swifty will have dropped a key, the Swifty's Sewer Key. The captives will run out, yelling thank you as they pass. A couple of the cells have some chests to loot. In one of the chests you will find Swifty's Orderbook. This is some incriminating evidence that reveals that Duke Schwag has been working with the Swifty and the Slavers. You will want to mention this to Flo. The other apparent passages in the area cannot be accessed. Leave the Slave pens and return to the surface.

Go to Schwag and Confront Him

So now you have some circumstantial evidence that Schwag is a Slaver. Since slavery is abhorrent, you need to do something about this. Go back to Schwag's Restaurant and talk to Flo. Flo is rightfully appalled and asks you to do something about Schwag - put him out of business, tell Heidi, something . . .

Quest Line Note: this Guide is taking the path of having Veronica assume the leadership of the HCC and ousting Heidi. A vote will occur eventually, and Veronica will need backers. One such backer is Flo. End the Schwag slavery problem to Flo's satisfaction, and she will vote for Veronica.

Break down the door to Schwag's office and confront him with the accusation of slavery. He and his bodyguards will start a fight. Kill them. In the safe you will find Duke Schwag's Ledger, which gives hard evidence of his complicity in the slave ring. Show this evidence to Flo and that, plus the death of Schwag, will lead her to the decision to take over the restaurant. Flo will now be your ally when a vote comes later.

Heidi Hollander's Hollywood Hideaway

Now go visit this person named Heidi you've heard so much about. The Hideaway is on the west side of town, just to the north of Schwag's restaurant. The entrance is on the left side (west) of the street. When you enter you will be cordially greeted by Heidi. Have a chat with her. Offer to help her and go through the conversation choices about God's Militia. Ask about her Hideaway and you will get a long list of available "partners" to select. You can pay a brief visit to these lovely people, but know that you might contract a disease called Drippy Dragon. Got antibiotics?

Ask Heidi again about helping her and she says she would like to eradicate the God's Militia and their stronghold, the Bastion of Faith. It seems the Militia is constantly harassing Hollywood and killing Heidi's friends and customers. She tells you about the initiation, called the Gauntlet of Samson, for those who want to join the Militia, or perhaps just pretend to join the Militia.

When you ask Heidi a second time if you can help, then tell her "yes", you are interested in what she is planning. You will find out about her second in command, Mistress Veronica. Apparently Veronica has been acting strange lately and your task for Heidi is to find out if Mistress Veronica is in love.

You can mention that you have evidence implicating Schwag in the slavery ring. Heidi says she will look into it.

The door on the south side of Heidi's lobby area opens into a conference room. You cannot get into that room at this time.

Quest Line Note: you will have the option here of helping Heidi or Veronica. If you help Veronica, she will eventually take over the HCC, which is a good thing. There is a long standing feud between the Bastion of Faith and the HCC. By helping Veronica, you get a chance to reconcile this feud peacefully. Desert Rangers are for peace, are they not?]

Talk (and talk and talk) to Veronica

Go through the door on the north side of the room. From the short hallway, open the door to the right (east). There you will meet Mistress Veronica. She will want to know if you want to indulge yourself or talk business.

If you tell Veronica that you want to indulge yourself, she gives you a list of possible partners. These people are located in the rooms to the north of Veronica. When you talk any of them, they will charge 15 Scrap to accommodate you. The lights will dim . . . and . . . and you have to enjoy this vicariously as you don't actually get to see the bacchanalia occur. One of the pleasure partners is Master Sergeant. You can give him the Big Black Dildo you found and in return, you get the Spike Bat of Shame, a blunt weapon. Two of the rooms to the north cannot be entered. But read the text balloons that appear when you try to open the door.

When you are done sating your pleasures, talk to Veronica again. When you ask about Heidi, you can use the Smart Ass (7) skill to get her to be more forthcoming. Then use the Kiss Ass (7) or Hard Ass (10) skill to get her to divulge even more. She will tell you that Heidi is not a bad leader, but she seems to have turned a blind eye to the unsavory things happening in town - drugs and slaves and whatnot. When you ask about drugs, she tells you of her suspicions of Schwag's involvement in slavery and then show her the evidence you have on Schwag. She will ask you to show that to Heidi. Alternatively, when you ask about slavery, she says she wishes she could do something to save the victims. You, of course, offer to save them. Now she will mention her suspicions about Schwag's restaurant. You can show her the evidence you have on Swifty's slave pens. Again, she says to show this to Heidi.

Continue to pump Veronica (so to speak) on the drug problem. She will tell you about salt and the Hotel California. When you get to ask about the HCC, you will get a Smart Ass (8) option and a Kiss Ass (8) option for more information. From Veronica's response, you get the distinct feeling that she is a good person and truly wants to help people.

Veronica will go to tell you how nasty the God's Militia really is. This you already knew since you have encountered these idiots throughout California.

Heidi's Bedroom and a Secret Passage

The room just to the west of Veronica is the foyer to the bedroom of Heidi. The door is locked and trapped. When you enter, you will be confronted by a single guard and you will have to kill him. Your perception person will notice an item on the floor that reveals the arm on the statue is a lever to open the door. Enter Heidi's room and steal her stuff. In the locked and trapped safe you will find the Salt Lab Key Card. Hmm. If you search the table you will find notes, one of which refers to the numbers 12345. Hmm, again. In the corner of the bedroom is a travel icon that is a secret entrance to the sewers of Hollywood. Ignore that for now. You will get to the sewers soon enough.

Talk to Heidi again and Show her Evidence

Go back to Heidi and ask her about slavery. She says there is no slavery in Hollywood. Well, that's a lie, isn't it. She says the HSP has investigated and found nothing. Your gut is telling you that there is something fishy going on here. Tell her about the evidence and again she will say that the HSP will look into it. Don't mention anything about Veronica's lover, even if you know.

Talk to Veronica again about Heidi

Now go back to talk to Veronica. She will ask if you showed the evidence to Heidi and if Heidi said she would have the HSP look into it. You answer affirmative and Veronica now has a proposal for you. No, not that. Get your mind out of the gutter. What she does is tell you about her lover, the Broken Man, and she wants you to find him. He might be in Los Feliz or even the Bastion. Agree to this task. Since he has always worn a mask, Veronica can't tell you what he looks like or where he is. It would seem that she has never read this game Guide.

Your logbook would suggest you tell Heidi about Veronica's lover. This Guide would suggest you do NOT, if you are trying to help Veronica. If you tell Heidi, then Veronica will be fired and you are now on the path of helping Heidi. In a nutshell: Veronica = peaceful solution; Heidi = evil solution.

Manny Wong and Grauman

Leave Heidi's Hideaway and walk to the north. You will find Manny's Chinese Casino at the end of the street. Talk to Grauman, who is Mr. Wong's head of security, standing at the curb. You can ask him a few questions. You can ask him several times about Manny. He will become angry and stop talking. You can try your luck at the gambling tables. Luck is what you will need.

Now talk to Manny Wong. He will immediately ask if you are lawmen. Say "yes" and he has a job to offer. He says someone stole a whole table's worth of chips and he wants them back. The thief apparently went to Los Feliz, which is in God's Militia territory. Ask Manny lots of questions to sate your curiosity.

Rambeau and his Gun Shop

In the north central area of Hollywood, you will find Rambeau's Gun Shop. You can give Rambeau the Pocket Knife you found in Arizona and in return he gives you This is a Knife, a bladed weapon. If you ask if you can help him, he politely declines. The Gun Shop, of course, sells guns and ammo and some armor.

In the small park-like area behind Rambeau's shop you will find a Toaster to repair. It contains the Walk of Fame Star. You can use this on a fence in Rodia, near the entrance. In the southwest corner, hidden in the bushes, you will find a safe that contains Manny Wong Photos. Turn these in to Manny Wong. Here you will find out that Grauman, his bodyguard, has been blackmailing him.

Standing on one side of the park is Sister Creep. She just yells some invectives at you. What here purpose here is, we do not know. There is also a back entrance to Rambeau's gun shop.

Talk to George and Martha and get a Puppy

George Lin and his wife Martha are the proprietors of the High Grounds, which is right across the street from Manny's. George will tell you about himself and his shop. Notice that the portrait of George makes him look about 18 years old, but he says he has been married to Martha for 25 years. Perhaps that THC stuff really is magic. The author of this Guide wouldn't know since he never inhaled . . .

George mentions the drug problem in Hollywood, the dreaded Salt and the Hotel California. He also says his shop is not open because it's been invaded by bugs. He's waiting for Heidi and the HSP to come help him. You, of course, offer to help.

Enter the shop to find it littered with bugs - dead bugs. Standing over the dead bugs is the one who apparently killed them - a puppy. Talk to the dog (you don't need Animal Whisperer). You can call him bad dog with Hard Ass (8) and he will run away. Or, you can talk nicely and he will join you as a follower. The little guy is awesome in battle. He has a good amount of HP and he runs right up to enemies and bites them on the ankle. Take him along and love him. There is a Toaster to repair in the corner that contains the Glass Gecko Bong. You can give this to Mr. Gekko in Rodia. Go back outside and talk to George who thanks you and then heads into his shop. Re-enter the shop and talk to George again. He will now trade medical goods. Martha is a healer who will heal what ails you. [Note: there are some on the online sources that say you can give the Pooka Shell Necklace to Martha. In all the playthroughs that the author of this Guide has done, that option was never available.]

Note: there are an unnamed man and woman just to the east of George and Martha's shop that approach you and offer to take the Puppy. You can give him the Pup, use Smart Ass (7), or keep the Puppy in your party. The author of this Guide chose to keep the Puppy. He does make panting noises which can be annoying, but he is fun to have around.

Welcome to the Hotel California, Such a lovely place

Pay a visit to the Hotel California, which is in the northeastern part of Hollywood. Talk to Don at the reception desk to find out there is no vacancy. You would guess there should be plenty of room at the Hotel California, any time of year. But no, Don won't let you in. And he has such a lovely face. Open the locked gate anyway and start a battle with Don and the boys. This could be Heaven or this could be Hell.

You can smash the wall that leads to the area behind the reception desk and kill Don. There are some chests and a safe to plunder. Go through the north door to enter the underground area below the Hotel. You will see The Beast and next to him, the Mini Beast and they don't look happy to see you. Kill them and loot the chests in the area. The door is secured with a passcode, but you can use Computer Science to open it. [the code is 12345, the number you found in Heidi's bedroom]. Behind the door is a travel icon that will take you to the Hollywood Sewers.

Hollywood Sewers

One goal in the sewers at this time is to find Josie and rescue her for Raji in the cemetery. Follow the passage to the north. Watch out for the red line traps. The whole sewer area is replete with these traps, so be careful. There will be Salt Junkies wandering about, but they pose no threat. If you want to rescue Josie right away, she is to be found on the eastern side of the Sewers. You will have to heal Josie with the Surgeon skill at a high level. When she is revived, take her back to Raji in the cemetery. Raji will give you the skill book Escape Artistry for Assholes as a reward. This book will grant +1 to Lockpicking skill.

Head back to the sewers under the Hotel California as there is more to do there.

In the Sewers again

From the entrance, head north and then west. In the far southwest corner is a large door guarded by some Salt Thugs. While the Salt Junkies are harmless, it's another story for the Salt Thugs within the sewers. Delete them from the game and open the door using Brute Force (very hard) or explosives. At the end of the hall you will see a large computer that gives this message when you examine it: "you see a very old computer with a big ominous red button. What could possibly go wrong?" Pushing the large red button apparently does nothing. . . or does it? The screen will shake and someone in the party will comment that "that can't be good". What did you just do? [Note: no one on the forums seems to know what the button is for. The author of this Guide never saw any consequence from pushing the button].

From the red button computer, head north up the hall. Watch out for those pesky red line traps. There are a number of these throughout the sewers. At the end of the hall will be some more Salt Thugs, apparently roasting hotdogs around a campfire. Unfortunately, you weren't invited for lunch. The hallway beyond the campfire is blocked with debris. Loot the chests to the west. To the east is a large door that can be bashed with Brute Force. Follow the hall to the east and then north. At the end of the hall is a locked and trapped gate.

Chests Galore

The room you enter appears to be the central storage area. There are a number of chests to open and plunder. Almost all of them are trapped. There is nothing spectacular in any of the chests. There are two other doors exiting this room. The one to the east leads to the chamber where you saved Josie earlier. If you haven't saved Josie, you can do so now. Otherwise, leave the chest room via the northwest door, which is open. Disable the trap in the hallway. Just beyond the trap is the travel icon that takes you to Heidi's bedroom. There is no need to go there now. Continue to the west, watching your step for traps.

Fix a Toaster and Get a Card

You will come to a locked and trapped gate. The room you enter is occupied by Crazy Uncle Vilpula who is standing next to a Toaster. When you talk with him, he offers to sell you a key card, and the price of the card is fixing the Toaster next to him. You can use Smart Ass (10) and be snippy with him, or just fix the damn Toaster. The Toaster is a difficult repair, and it just contains mundane items. But you will get the Salt Lab Key Card from Vilpula. You may already have one of these. Now you have two. The Key Card unlocks a door coming up soon.

Proceed north from Vilpula and disarm the red line trap. Turn the corner and proceed to the east. You will come to a door that has a locked code panel. Use the Salt Lab Key Card on the door and it will open (or use your Computer Science skill). To the south you will see the entrance to the Salt production Laboratory. The workers here will not be friendly. Afterwards, plunder the chests and shoot and destroy the Salt tanks. [Note: destroying the tanks is not necessary. It's just fun.]

Explore the Remainder of the Sewers

If you continue along the hallways to the east of the Salt room, you will encounter some more Salt Thugs to contend with. Continue to explore other hallways, watching for traps and eliminating any Salt Thugs you encounter. Don't forget to rescue Josie if you have not done so. When you're done, leave the sewers to re-enter town.

Talk to Matthias on the TV

At the north end of town, there is a TV that is projecting a ranting diatribe by Matthias, the leader of God's Militia. You can have a friendly chat with Matthias via the TV. Like all lunatics of this type, he tries to justify his actions of murder and mayhem as being for the greater good of society. You can immediately cut off the conversation if you desire. If you continue the conversation, Matthias will try to recruit you to join his band of nefarious nincompoops.

You will discover that Matthias is the leader of humans who have "transcended" to Synthetic bodies. You can choose right there to join Matthias. Your reward for joining is that you will be the first to receive transcendence. If you say you want to join, he then demands that you perform an act of loyalty first. You are to go to Rodia, kill whoever is in power, and secure their crops and livestock for Matthias' cause. If you have been to Rodia, then you have already accomplished this goal (it is not necessary to kill the person in charge now, just that you were there earlier and eliminated the Jerks gang). Talk to Matthias again and tell him that you have fulfilled this part of the bargain. But that is not enough. Oh, no. He now wants you to go to Angel Oracle and do the same thing. Well, it is doubtful that you want to go to Angel Oracle and wipe out all of the innocent citizens. If you are playing a "good guy" Ranger party, you definitely don't want to do that. [Note: if you do follow Matthias' request, he will ask you to essentially kill everybody in all the major locations of California.] You might want to tell Matthias to stick it in his synthetic ear. Or just ignore his request.

When you choose one of the options for not joining him, he gives you a dire warning that the Ranger Citadel in Arizona will be destroyed. (There is no way to prevent this).

There is a pile of blocks just to the left of Matthias' TV. You can use Brute Force to move the blocks and discover an entrance to Griffith Park. This Guide would recommend that you not do that and go to Los Feliz instead. Know, however, that going through the Gauntlet of Samson from Los Feliz to gain access to Griffith Park is optional.

Go to Los Feliz

OK. You have now discovered that Heidi is involved in a lot of the nefarious shenanigans in Hollywood and you have found and destroyed the Salt Lab. Now you need to concentrate on finding the God's Militia and see what's up with them. You've been told that one way into the Militia's area is to pretend to be a recruit and undergo their initiation through the Gauntlet of Samson. You get to this Gauntlet via the village of Los Feliz.

To get to Los Feliz, head to the northeast corner of Hollywood. On your way, you might want to stop and talk to Alex Falk standing on the sidewalk. He is a recruiter for the Children of the Citadel. He offers to give you a short quiz to see if you are recruitable material for their organization. If you "pass" the test, he will mark the location of Seal Beach on your map.

Now use the travel icon to go to Los Feliz.

Quest Line Synopsis: Your ultimate goal is to find the Radio Tower in Griffith Park. Griffith Park is the stronghold of the group called God's Militia. There are two ways into Griffith Park. One is via the entrance near the TV projecting Matthias' voice. The other is to go through the Gauntlet of Samson, the initiation right of passage for those wishing to join God's Militia. You get to this Gauntlet of Samson via the village of Los Feliz.

Los Feliz

[Note: if you saved the dog Diva in Angel Oracle, when you arrive in Los Feliz, Diva will be there. How she got here we will never know. She joins the party with nary a bark. She only has 5 HP, so she won't last long].

One of your goals in Los Feliz is to find the guy who stole the chips from Manny Wong. Begin walking north along the road. On the right hand side you will see Jason Zeng, a vendor. He says he sells charms (trinkets) to keep you safe on the battlefield. He also sells a few weapons and some ammo.

Up the street a bit you will find Edwin standing right in the middle of the street. Edwin will give you directions and fill you in on the things happening in the area. You can ask him about joining and he says you must pass their initiation which they call the Gauntlet of Samson. You are to see the brothers at the Gate of the Sinner.

Just north of Edwin is a Statue that will grant +1 skill points.

Find Chris the Chip Thief in the Inn

Further north, on the right side of the street you will find the local Inn, the Pilgrim's Rest. On the bar you will see a Toaster you can repair to receive the House of Pies Menu. You can give this Menu to Johnny Maloney in the Hollywood cemetery. You will get a Diamond-Encrusted Shovel as a reward. You can't dig with this shovel, so don't discard your mundane, non-encrusted one.

The bartender is Julianne Capps, and as most bartenders, she has a lot of gossip to offer. When you ask about a bible she will give you the James King Bible. During the conversation you can use Smart Ass (8) or Kiss Ass (8) to get some more information. She also sells some armor as well as beer and Snake Squeezins. At bit later when you are in Griffith Park, there is someone who will want some alcohol. Buy a bottle of beer now if you wish. When you end the conversation, she wants to say one more thing. She wants to give you some advice about the Gauntlet and she gives you a Sledgehammer and some medic packs.

Chris, the King of Gamblers is standing at the bar. This is the guy who supposedly stole the chips from Manny in Hollywood. Talk to him and have him tell you that Manny is a liar and the chips really belong to him. You can coerce him into giving you a Suitcase of Poker Chips. Or you can see his point of view. When you tell him/her that she/he looks like a man, he will give you the Suitcase to keep your silence.

In the hallway through the door to the north, there is a safe with a code box. A plaque on the wall says "To deny God's truth is the greatest sin. And those who do not believe must be delivered unto the lord for punishment." James King. "Hour of the Church Triumphant, Season 4, episode 2." One might surmise that this is a clue to the code for the safe. The author of this Guide could not figure out the code. [Note: the online forums give the code as 24278375. Even knowing the code could not help me decipher the clue].

In one of the back rooms you will find Doc Cleric who will heal the party for free. The other back room is locked. Inside the locked room you will find chests to loot, one of which contains a Suitcase of Poker Chips. Wanna bet these belong to Manny in Hollywood?

In the side room near the bar, you will find a man named Alex Bermudez. He initially will tell you that he is also on a mission to be tested in the Gauntlet. In actuality, you will learn that he is lying and he just wants to save his brother from the Militia. Ask him to tag along. Be forewarned that he acts like the typical follower where he will rush into battle with nary a tactic to be seen. The Gauntlet you are about to experience is not really difficult for a party at your level. You will fight animals like badgers and you will have lots of traps to disarm, but you should be able to keep Alex alive without too much difficulty.

Getting to The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is the initiation test for joining the Children of the Citadel. Doing the Gauntlet is not necessary to complete the game, but it will give you experience points. If you decide you would like to experience The Gauntlet, then do the following:

Recruit Alex and then leave the bar and go to the travel icon where you will find Preacher Revelation Gundersson. He asks if you are an Aspirant or here just for the Word. Tell him "aspirant". You can pump him for more information about the upcoming Gauntlet experience. He spouts a painful amount of religious mumbo-jumbo. He will tell you about the three "arms" or factions within the church - the Church Militant, Church Vigilant and Church Ecstatic. In a short while, you will be asked to join one of those factions. Finally, tell him you are ready to try the Gauntlet and his parting words are dire words of warning.

Griffith Park is not a Walk in the Park

As soon as you enter the Gauntlet area, you will notice there are two travel icons, one to return to Los Feliz and one to enter the Wasteland. If you need to stock up on supplies, you can make a quick foray back to some town or to the Ranger Base at Sante Fe. Otherwise, you can proceed to the east or west from the entry zone.

If you head to the east from the entry zone, you will run into Billy and his sidekicks. Billy will trade with you. He only has a few items, but he does have some ammo and medical supplies. Billy pleads with you not to tell God's Militia that they are here as apparently they failed the Gauntlet initiation. With Hard Ass (8), you can tell him to start running now. You can be an evil Ranger and start a fight. You can be a more gentle Ranger and offer to help. You can offer him a handout and he wants 3000 Scrap. Times each of the 4 of them. If you are smarter than a 5th grader, that's 12,000. Better yet, tell him you will square things with the HSP.

To square things with the HSP, you need to talk to Office Lam when you get back to Hollywood. To finish this quest, you will need to give Lam 3 items - a Rabbit's Foot, Lipstick and a Badger Nutsack. You have been carrying these around with you most of the game, right? Or you could pay him 10000 Scrap. When you report your good deed to Billy and his cohorts in the Bastion, they run off.

Go back to the travel icon and then proceed to the west. You will shortly be greeted by some Badgers and Bloodbeasts. In fact, the whole of Griffith Park has lots of animals, and lots of traps. As you wander through the area, disarm the traps or lure the animals to disarm them for you. Kaboom. Remember that you might have some followers that will also go kaboom when they stumble on a trap. In the northwest corner beyond the trap area is a Toaster to repair. How a toaster got out here we will never know, but it does contain Galileo's Telescope. You can give the telescope to Alex Dupre in Salt Lake Park and receive a Unique SMG, The Eviscerator, in return.

Enter the Bastion of Faith

Continue to the west through the trap infested area and you will reach a barricade guarded by Knight Captain Indomitableness Garza. If you can pronounce his name, he will let you pass. No, that doesn't happen. What does happen is he tells you that in order to enter the Bastion, you must take his James King Bible from his cold, dead hands. Alright.

When you reduce Garza's health sufficiently, he stops the fight and gives you the Bible. Garza will now allow you to use the control box to open the gate. He mentions the Holy Trinity consisting of the Church Ecstatic, Church Militant and Church Vigilant. He says you are to commit to one of these, but not to all three. Use the control box on the right side of the door to open it and pass through the gates into the Bastion of Faith.

The Bastion Of Faith

Explore the Bastion of Faith

Quest Line Synopsis: Your main goal in the Bastion of Faith is to gain access to the Radio Tower to implant your Repeater Unit. In order to do that, you need to join one of the factions of the Trinity of the Church - Church Ecstatic, Church Militant and Church Vigilant. You will learn that these three factions of the Trinity are in conflict with each other. You will be given a choice to join ONE of the three factions. The one you join will give you some quest to accomplish, such as killing the leader of one of the other factions of the Trinity, and then grant you access to the Radio Tower. If you are attempting the "good" solution to the Bastion and Hollywood, you will want to side with the Church Vigilant faction. The course to follow will be outlined below.

Just to the left (south) of where you enter, you will find Luis Bermudez, surrounded by some guards and some Penitents. Luis is the brother of Alex who you might have brought along. Luis and Alex will have some words with each other and then Luis tells Alex to wait for him at Pilgrim's Rest, the tavern in Los Feliz. Now talk with Luis. He appreciates that you are trying to help his brother Alex, but he says he will not leave until all the Penitents can leave. He says that they have been taken advantage of by the "Knights". Alex will run off back to the Inn in Los Feliz.

Meet with Maggie

If you walk to the north from Luis, a woman named Maggie will call out to you. She is standing beside a small hut. Talk with her and let her know you are good guys and are NOT here to join the Militia. She asks you to help her escape. She aks you to meet her behind the Shoppe for a more private conversation. She will walk behind the small shoppe where you can talk again. Thus begins another of what seems to be a script written for a daytime TV soap opera. She will feed you lots of information on the Militia and other happenings in the area. When you ask about her home, she tells you a bit and then you can give her the 761 Metro Bus Schedule you found. She will give you a trinket, God's Militia Censer, in return.

She will give you lots of information about the Bastion. She will tell you about Retribution Jones, Malediction Mayweather, and Ascension McDade, each a leader of one of the factions of the Militia. When you ask about Mayweather, she suggests you talk to Fealty, his wife. Apparently Mayweather had Fealty's husband killed and then took Fealty as his own. Maggie says to talk to Paladin Captain White about this sordid business. She will mention that there has been a change in Ascension McDade. This bit of info will become important. In further conversation, you can ask her why she wants to escape. With Kiss Ass (10) you can get a bit more from her. She asks you to find a way to save all of the Penitents and she will then leave with them as well. Well, that thickens the plot.

Quest Line Note: the three leaders of the cult, Mayweather, Jones and McDade, are all plotting against each other. You get to decide which one you are going to help. The good Ranger route is to help McDade, along with Veronica in Hollywood, as this will allow peace between Hollywood and the Militia. This Guide will pursue the good Ranger solution.