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by almostsentient

Table of Contents

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Walkthrough by almostsentient

Updated: 12/18/14

Table of Contents

    1. The Ranger Citadel
    2. Exploring the Outside of the Citadel for a Bit
    3. The Wasteland and Traveling on the World Map
  3. The Radio Tower - Your First Mission
    1. The Radio Tower
    2. Return to the Ranger Citadel
  4. Recruiting a New Member of Your Team
    1. A Temporary Excursion to the Rail Nomads Camp to Recruit Ralphy
  5. Saving Highpool or Saving the Ag Center - One or the Other
  6. Saving Highpool
    1. Exploring Highpool and Killing Wreckers
    2. Highpool Village Center
    3. Help Kate Preston to Restore Power and Get the Radio Tower Back Online
    4. Kate is Elected Mayor
  7. AG Center #38; Destroyed After Saving Highpool
    1. The Central Complex and Dr. Larsen
    2. Find a Broken Radio Tower
    3. Search for Some Serum
    4. Inspect an Infected Farm
  8. Saving the Ag Center Instead of Highpool
  9. Save the Ag Center
    1. Find the Central Complex
    2. Ag Center Central Complex
    3. Recruit Rose
    4. The East Field
    5. Find Fungicide in the Mushroom Caves
    6. The West Field
    7. Inspect an Infected Farm
    8. Infected Pump Station
    9. Infected Village
  10. The Destruction of Highpool
  11. The Citadel after Either Highpool or the Ag Center
    1. Enter the Ranger Citadel
    2. Buying and Selling in the Citadel
  12. Eliminating the Wrecking Crew
    1. Wrecking Crew Stronghold
    2. Traveling to The Prison Valley and The Prison
  13. The Prison Valley
    1. Exploring the Prison Valley
  14. Getting A Good Rad Suit
    1. Talk to Rick Baychowski about Rad Suits
    2. Find a Good Rad Suit for Free
  15. The Prison Valley Again
    1. Encounters with the Rad Skorpions
    2. Auwaerter's Farm
  16. The Rail Nomads Camp
    1. Helping the Citizens of Rail Nomads
    2. Meet Kekkahbah, the Leader of the Topekans
    3. Getting to the Atchison Camp
  17. The Atchison Camp
    1. Exploring the Atchison Camp
  18. Distillery for Snake Squeezins
    1. Return to Citadel after Rail Nomad
  19. The Village of Darwin
    1. Exploring Darwin Village
  20. Exploring the Arizona Wasteland
    1. Leve L'upe Mine
    2. The Abandoned Railway
  21. The Canyon of Titan
    1. Exploring the Canyon of Titan
  22. The Temple of Titan
    1. Paying your Tribute
    2. Father Enola
    3. Finding the DBM Stronghold
    4. Exploring the Temple Underground
    5. Getting to Damonta
  23. Damonta
    1. Clean up Damonta
    2. A Radio Tower and a Werewolf
    3. The Damonta Radio Tower
  24. Next Stop, Silo 7
    1. Exploring Silo 7
    2. Temple of Titan Aftermath
    3. Trouble at the Prison
  25. On your Way to Santa Fe, or Someplace Like It
    1. Find Vargas and Lose Angela
  26. Sante Fe Springs
    1. Assist the Santa Fe Springs Ranger Base
  27. Angel Oracle
    1. You Need to Mind Your Manners to Gain Entrance to Angel Oracle
    2. Help the Culver City Brothel
    3. Brentwood Dentist
    4. Fetch Fletcher at Fletcher's Hideout
    5. Los Angeles Aqueduct
  28. The Town of Rodia Needs Your Help
    1. Advice for Dealing with Rodia
    2. The Town of Rodia
  29. Exploring the LA Wasteland
    1. Santa Monica and God's Militia
    2. Igg and Inglewood
    3. What's with Whittier
    4. Lost Dogs in Los Alamitos
    5. A Loon in Long Beach
    6. Badger Trouble in Salt Lake Park
    7. Get Framed at Playa Del Rey
    8. Mysterious Shrine in Southwest California
    9. Pistol Packing Priests at La Cienega
    10. Redeemed at Baldwin Hills
    11. Mysterious Shrine Southeast of Hollywood
  30. Hollywood or Bust
    1. Begin an Exploration of Hollywood
    2. Heidi Hollander's Hollywood Hideaway
    3. Welcome to the Hotel California, Such a lovely place
    4. Los Feliz
  31. The Bastion Of Faith
    1. Explore the Bastion of Faith
  32. A Crisis of Faith
    1. A Convoluted Plot Line
    2. Voting for Veronica
    3. A Battle at the Observatory
    4. Final Preparations for Seal Beach / New Citadel
  33. The New Citadel
    1. New Citadel Exterior
    2. New Citadel Interior
    3. Duel with Dugan
    4. Enter the Citadel and Confront Matthias
    5. Saving Humanity
  34. My Favorite Party
  35. Miscellaneous Stuff and Alternative Solutions
    1. The Provost
    2. Miscellaneous Stuff / Rail Nomads Camp
    3. Alternative solutions to the Topekan/Atchison Feud
    4. Miscellaneous Stuff / Canyon of Titan
    5. Miscellaneous Stuff / Rodia
    6. Miscellaneous Stuff / Bastion of Faith
  36. Legal and Copyright


WALKTHROUGH by: rcbohn, who is almostsentient

Copyright 2014 R.C. Bohn. All Rights Reserved.


The game of Wasteland 2 takes place in a post-apocalyptic Earth that was devastated by nuclear war caused by Man's inhumanity to Man - and his general stupidity. You will play as a team of Desert Rangers who try to bring some semblance of law to this lawless land. The world of Wasteland 2 is a harsh and unforgiving place. You will need a competent team of Rangers to undertake the task of saving the world from raiders, robots and from itself, really. When you begin the game, you will have a choice of creating your own party of Rangers from scratch, choosing 4 party members from a selection of pre-made recruits, or a combination of the two. For the purposes of this Guide, the details of character creation or selection will not be covered. There are plenty of online sources to help you with that aspect of the game.

For maximal enjoyment and to experience all of the nuances of the game, you do want to have a well-rounded party, with all the skills covered. You will be allowed to recruit companions during the game that can complement your team and add some additional skills so that the 4 characters you create don't have to possess every skill imaginable. Your team may consists of up to 7 party members - 4 you create and up to 3 you recruit during the game. By perusing the online sources, you may decide you would like to recruit a certain companion. Check out his/her skills and then when you create your own members, don't create one who's skills overlap those of the companion.

You need to know at the outset, however, that you won't be able to recruit all the possible companions. One of your attributes is Charisma and this is related to recruitment of companions. Some companions will join your team no matter what, but there are others that will require that you have a high enough Charisma level. In fact, some companions may never appear at all during a particular playthrough if your Charisma is not at the level they require. For purposes of recruiting companions, Charisma is determined by the total for the entire party, not any one particular party member. It is highly recommended that you read the online forums for advice on creating a party with certain attributes geared toward recruiting particular companions.


Weapon Skills

After having gone through several playthroughs, the author of this Guide would suggest that assault rifles, and perhaps one sniper rifle, are the way to go. The only drawback here is the availability and expense of ammo. Shotguns, handguns and submachine guns all have too short of a range and not enough stopping power. Many online comments say these weapons are sub-optimal. Heavy weapons are OK but consume ammo at a prodigious rate. Energy weapons in the beginning are lackluster, but when you find a special one, it will be awesome. Similar, melee weapons just don't seem to shine when compared to long range rifles. The author of this Guide created a successful party with 3 assault weapon users and one energy weapon user. Some of the companions recruited were re-assigned their weapon skill, such as sniper, as they leveled up.

And while you are thinking about weapons, many on the forums recommend that each of your characters develops two weapon skills, one long range, and one short range (handguns) or melee. The author of this Guide found this to be unnecessary. If you are dedicating your level up skill points to skills you use often, you will never raise your secondary weapon to a level where it is useful. Having a handgun that does 50 damage against a Scorpitron robot with 4000 HP, well, you get the picture.


On normal difficulty levels for the game, the high tier armor does not seem to be necessary. You will gain HP every time you level up and, in most situations, you will survive most battles. This is assuming you are using long range weaponry and are not running up to a robot and hitting it with your fists. The author of this guide did not use any high-tier armor, most often because it also imparted a negative stat on the character. The armors that increased HP such as Tactical Armor, were used for the entire game. Additionally, there is a curious inverse relationship between armor and energy weapons. The higher the armor you are wearing, the more damage you take from energy weapons. Having low level armor or none at all is better against the foes that use energy weapons. Go figure.

The same applies to your party and is thus an advantage. One of the best weapons in the game is the Gamma Ray Blaster because it is devastating to enemies that have high armor levels.

You will find sufficient armor during your adventures and this Guide would recommend that you not spend your hard earned Scrap buying the best armor.

Non-combat skills

There are a lot of activities in this game such as opening locked doors and chests, that require the proper non-combat skills for you to be successful. Some of the skills appear more useful than others, perhaps, but they all have their uses and your success is entirely dependent on your level of that skill. As the game progresses, activities such as opening chests, disarming traps etc. get progressively harder. It is very much to your advantage to have characters that have been advancing these skills. The latter point makes it important, as well, that when you create your party, you don't assign multiple skills on one character because she will never earn enough points to advance all those skills regularly. A good rule of thumb is each character should have about 4 skills that they increase at level up time. And, of course, one of those has to be a weapon skill. However, the author of this Guide found that leveling up the non-weapon skills early was a good choice. You do need weapon skills, but the level up for them can lag behind a bit. Many on the forums complain that their non-combat skills don't keep pace with their combat skills. The reason is, at level up, they are pumping points into a weapon skill and not the non-combat skill. This Guide would recommend the exact opposite. For example, a character in this author's team might have lockpicking at 7 or 8, while assault rifles is at 4 or so. If you continue in this pattern, you will find that midway through the game, you will have maxed your non-combat skills, and you can then concentrate on your weapons when it becomes more crucial for survival.

You also will enjoy the conversation skills called Hard Ass , Kiss Ass and Smart Ass. While these are not crucial, they add a bit of flavor to conversation encounters and allow you to get more XP, more items or additional information. If you are a conscientious role-playing gamer like the author of this Guide, then you probably find it annoying when you can't accomplish certain things in games such as opening doors and chests and getting all the quests possible. The developers put these things into games for your enjoyment, and to get the most enjoyment, you need to have the proper skills or items. Advice for you is that all the non-combat skills - lockpicking, safecracking, the conversation skills, what have you - these all add to the game and to your enjoyment. Progress these skills during level up time and you will be a happy Ranger.


Your intrepid team of Rangers will be given a large number of quests or tasks to complete. You have a logbook that will keep track of them for you. Press the L key on the keyboard to access the log. The given quests are entered in the center window of the logbook while the right hand window contains additional information or updates to the quest. Note: Most quests in this game don't really have a title. They are entered in your logbook as a phrase or two describing what needs to be done. As is typical of many role playing games, there are some quests that are mutually exclusive and some quests that you may never be given because you chose to follow a certain path for your game. The preceding are the reasons that this Guide is not organized by quest. Instead, it is organized more by region and the possibility of certain quests being available in a region. You will get to make many decisions on how you want events to evolve in your game and those may not be the same decisions that the author of this Guide made.


The Ranger Citadel

You will begin the game in the part of the post-apocalyptic world that used to be Arizona. After viewing some initial cut scenes, your team of Rangers will be standing in the home base of the Rangers, the Ranger Citadel, located somewhere in Arizona. The commander of the Rangers, General Vargas, wants to have some words with you. In the background, some Rangers are burying a dead comrade, Ace. Listen to Vargas and respond to his questions or comments as you see fit. You will then be shown a World Map, with your current location marked and also the location of your first mission, the Radio Tower. For this mission, you are to go to the Radio Tower and find some radio equipment called Repeater Units.

The Rangers have been picking up disturbing radio signals where someone named Matthias is sending broadcasts about how he wants to combine man and machine into a unique new life form, transcending both. And, this Matthias has said he is coming after the Rangers. Yikes. One of your main goals is to find the source of this radio broadcast. The incoming radio signals are too weak to be traced though, so Vargas sent Ace to mount three Repeater Units at radio towers in the area to augment their signal. Ace only managed to mount one unit before being killed under suspicious circumstances. Your first assignment is to find the other Units and install them in Radio Towers.

Your adventure begins at Ace's funeral. Your team is tasked with finishing the mission by mounting the other two Repeaters. Apparently Ace was carrying these when he was killed and they are now missing. Additionally, you are to find the rest of the pages of Ace's logbook, hopefully to provide some insight into who murdered him and why. During your conversation with General Vargas, you will get a chance to try out your conversation skills - Hard Ass, Kiss Ass or Smart Ass. Here they make no difference other than the return response from Vargas. In later conversations, they can be a useful addition to your response repertoire.

You are Echo One

The radio broadcasts are a major component of this game. Your team, Echo One, will receive many of its instructions and even field promotions via the radio link to the Citadel. You will often hear constant chatter on the radio, which adds to the ambiance of the game, but also may give you clues or information that may be quite useful. One primary goal of the entire game is for your team to find radio transmitters and augment their signal by installing equipment called Repeater Units.

When you have finished the conversation with General Vargas, be sure to pick up the Shovel before continuing. There will be lots of places in the game where you can dig for items and weapons. Don't dig up Ace's grave, however, as the Rangers won't take kindly to that. The entrance to the Citadel is just to the north, but you aren't allowed to enter at this time until you have proven yourselves worthy. To gain entry, you will need to find two of those Repeater Units and install them in the proper locations.

Grenadier Major Nur Giebitz

Standing guard at the entrance to the Citadel is Giebitz. If you talk to him and use the Hard Ass skill, he likes your chutzpah and will give you his Mississippi Mule, a shotgun.

Trading Stuff for Stuff

Continue north across a wooden bridge to find Cpl. Solveig Sefors, who will trade with you. You don't have much money, called Scrap, yet, so you won't be able to purchase anything. You will likely return to this vendor often. Later, you will definitely want to purchase ammo and perhaps some armor. You will note that most things are quite expensive. You will burn through ammo quickly in the early part of this game, especially if you have more than one party member using the same type of ammo. A big part of the early game is trying to conserve what ammo you have and finding enough stuff to sell to buy more. You will find ammo as you kill enemies and loot containers, but you don't really find enough to keep your party continuously fully loaded. In the early stages of the game, this Guide would suggest you make buying ammo a priority and don't use your Scrap on weapons or armor. You will find many good weapons as you play and you don't really need top-level armor until later in the game, if at all.

Check out your Junk

One type of item you will find lots of in the game is labeled junk. Most often, it is just that, junk. You can sell it or trade it to most vendors to earn some cash.

Note: As a rule of thumb, the text for "junk" is gray, the text for items that may have some use is white and the text for quest related items is yellow and the item is labeled Quest Item. Sell the junk, keep the white text items and, of, course, you need to keep the quest items. The items with gray letters are truly junk and can be disposed of - with a few exceptions. You will find the excrement of some animals (lovingly called "shit" in the game), is labeled as junk. However, there is one Ranger in the Citadel who will pay a premium price for this stuff.

There are other "junk" items that can be sold to a specific person for a higher price than normal vendors. That person is in California and you won't be getting there for quite a while in the game. The items this person wants are:

  • Badger Tails
  • Roach Abdomens
  • Frog Eyes
  • Gila Eggs

There are three items, two of which are junk, that are required to complete one minor quest in California. The items are not labeled Quest Item:

  • Badger Nutsack (1); junk
  • Lipstick (1); junk
  • Rabbit's Foot (1) - this is actually a trinket, it is not junk and it is not the real foot of a rabbit.

Exploring the Outside of the Citadel for a Bit

Just past Sefors the trader, you will see three Rangers lounging around on the ground. You can talk to them a bit, but you won't get much from them. If you started the game with fewer than 4 party members, you can try to recruit these guys. Up the path to the north, there is an Ranger named Brass Knucks who is busy cleaning graffiti off the walls. Later, you will find an item to give to this guy and receive a book that increases the Brawling skill in return. For now, you can ignore him. Near Ranger Knucks is a dirt mound that can be dug up using the shovel. Look for these mounds throughout the game as you will find ammo, Scrap and other useful things.

Your First Companion

Head back down past the lounging Rangers and continue along the path until you find Angela Deth. Have a long chat with her as she'll tell you a lot of story background. At the end of the conversation, she'll ask that you let her tag along as she too is looking for those responsible for Ace's death. Angela is at a much higher level than your characters and, therefore, makes a good companion early in the game. Take her along. You can have up to 3 companions in addition to the four of your starting party. [Important Note: Eventually Angela will leave the party: she is a not a permanent companion that you can have for the entire game. But she will travel with you for a good portion of the first half of the game.]

There are several dirt mounds to be dug up near Angela. Now that you have collected a little bit of junk, you should sell it before you continue with your first mission. Much of what you find is labeled junk and has no use other than to gain a few Scrap. Collect as much junk as you find to earn money. You are, however, limited by how much you can carry, so it might be a good idea to sell the junk whenever you get a chance. At this time, you should purchase as many of the types of ammo as your party needs and can afford.

The Wasteland and Traveling on the World Map

You are now ready to begin your grand adventure in the Wasteland. To enter the Wasteland and travel to the various destinations, use the travel icon, a rotating globe near where you picked up Angela. Your party will be placed in the Wasteland Travel Map as a single icon. To travel using the Travel Map, you simply click a destination and the icon will move, indicating movement of the party. Various locations that you discover will be revealed and placed on the map as you discover them. You can view the entire game world by pressing the View Map button. This gives you a view of the World Map and any locations you have visited or have been told about. At this point in time, only two locations will be on the Map, the Ranger Citadel and the Radio Tower, your first destination. Areas you have not yet visited are blacked-out with the Fog of War on the Travel Map and are simply blank on the World Map. You can initiate travel from the World Map by left clicking on the X marking the destination and then pressing the Travel button. You will immediately be returned to the Travel Map with a blue dotted line indicating your direction of travel. You can speed up your movement by pressing the Fast button at the bottom of the screen.

Water, water, but not everywhere

There are several things of importance to note before you venture forth on the Travel Map. First, water is a priority while you are in Arizona. The blue-ish globe in the bottom right hand corner of the screen is your water indicator. Initially your entire team will have full canteens. It is very important that you pay attention to this meter, as running out of water is very bad when in the Wasteland. You will also note that when you click on the Travel Map, you are given an indication on screen of how much water is required to make that journey. As you travel, you may find an oasis on the Travel Map where you can replenish your water. Once found, the oasis will remain permanently on the Map and can be used whenever you travel. At many of the villages and other destinations, there is also a well or other water source where you can top off your canteens. Get in the habit of using the oases and wells.

Additionally, as you travel, your journey may be interrupted by an encounter of some sort where you may be attacked by raiders or find a merchant. Your chance of avoiding or running away from a hostile encounter is given in a text box and this chance depends on your Outdoorsman skill. The higher the skill, the better your chance of evading an encounter you don't wish to experience. Fighting with attacking enemies will net you some experience and a bit of loot or ammo, but could also get you killed.

Irradiated Zones

As you travel on the World Map, you will come across areas that are irradiated, indicated by greenish-yellow radiation symbol icons on the map. If your party is not protected by a Radiation Suit (Rad Suit), they all will take damage and eventually die if they stay in a radiation zone too long. If you choose to venture into an irradiated area, you need to keep your eye on the radiation meter located in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. For the first part of the game, you don't have any reason to cross through the irradiated zones so you don't need to buy a radiation suit. There will come a time when this is required and the Guide will direct you to the means of getting a Rad Suit. Note that you can buy a Suit for 200 Scrap from Sefors the vendor in the Citadel. Don't feel that you have to quickly save up money to buy that suit. There is a way to gain a Radiation Suit for free and you will be given the instructions on how to do that by this Guide. Note also that your party needs only ONE radiation suit, not one for each party member. When you equip one suit, the entire party is equipped. Go figure.

Note that while you are in the Travel Map, you can still access your party's inventory and save the game.

The Radio Tower - Your First Mission

Soon after you enter the Travel Map for the first time, you will receive a radio message from Woodson at the Citadel. These messages will occur often in the game and give you general information, warnings or orders to be carried out. The radio is your only link to the Citadel when you are away. In fact, your first mission of finding and placing the Repeater Units is to strengthen the radio signals in the area of the Citadel. You will also use the radio to level-up your characters when they have attained sufficient experience points.

From the Travel Map screen, click on the View Map button at the bottom of the screen. This will open the World Map and provide a more detailed view of the various villages and locations you have discovered and have been marked on your map. To travel to one of these, select it from the Map and click the Travel button. At this point, there will only be two locations, the Ranger Citadel and the Radio Tower. Click on the Radio Tower and choose Travel. A dotted line will appear showing your route. You can increase your travel speed to move things along more quickly by clicking the Faster button. As the party icon moves, other locations, perhaps buried treasure, will appear as your party travels near it. During your trip to the Radio Tower, an Oasis will be discovered. Stop and fill your canteens. This will stop your current traveling path, so simply go back into your World Map and select the Radio Tower once more to get re-started.

The Radio Tower

Quest Line Synopsis: Your goal at the Radio Tower is twofold. You are to find the Repeater Units that Ace lost and find some evidence (Ace's logbooks) on who might have murdered Ace.

When you arrive at the Radio Tower location, you will receive a mission update from the Citadel giving you a few more instructions concerning this mission. Once you've listened to these messages, head north into the area.

You soon will see a large stain of dried blood on the ground a short ways in front of you. Follow the blood splotches up to where the path forks. On the left side of the path, you should see some brush that appears to have a glowing orb over it. Examine the area to find Ace's Ranger Star, his Ranger badge. You will be able to turn this in at the Citadel for a reward.

Continue northward along the path until you see some humans and dogs guarding a fenced-in compound. When you get closer, you will be pulled into a conversation with Spyke Alpha. He'll threaten you and demand 15 Scrap. You can simply pay him and be done with it. However, if you decided to give your characters some of the conversation traits (Hard Ass, Kiss Ass and Smart Ass) you can use this to your advantage. You can play this out however you wish, but one suggestion here is to use the Kiss Ass option with Spyke Alpha where the conversation choice is "Break". This will induce Spyke and some of his cronies and the dogs, to run to the Citadel to join the Rangers. Not only do you avoid a fight here, but later you can get a reward for having recruited these misfits. Of course, you can always just kill the blighters.

After this encounter, continue into the compound and explore the area. Inspect the green console at the base of the tower and you will notice that someone with tech skills can re-splice some wires on it. Use a character with Computer Science or Mechanical Repair and have them fix the wires.

Continue past the tower and head northeast and out the gate. You should see an item on the ground that is one of the pages of Ace's log book, cleverly called Log Book Page. Continue north from the gate where you found the Log Book Page to find blood splatters on the ground near some barrels. Follow the splatters north through the gap in the rocks to find a broken Metal Leg on the ground. Take it. This will begin a new quest line to investigate strange metal leg.

North of the metal leg is a cave. There are no enemies within the cave, but you will find a Statue, that if you interact with it, your party members will gain +1 skill points each. You will find a number of statues and shrines throughout the game that will increase your skill points or give experience points. Just in front of the Statue is a broken Toaster that can be repaired with Toaster Repair. It contains a can of Spray Paint that you can give to Brass Knucks in the Citadel compound. In return, you will receive Kumite: A History, a book that will increase the Brawling skill.

You Found a Metal Leg, now find a Dead Robot

Go back to where you found the metal leg, turn right and follow the oil stains on the ground to find the entrance to a Cave. Click on the cave entrance to enter it. Within the cave you will find a giant Toad hopping about. Kill him and take some of his parts to sell later. This toad can be dangerous to beginning parties and it can actually steal your weapons. Use some TnT or a pipe bomb if you have it. Near the toad you will find another one of Ace's Log Book Page. Leaning against the cave wall is a dead robot. The box in front of the robot contains the two Repeater Units you are searching for. Now use Perception on the robot to receive a hint that you can retrieve something from it. Use Computer Science on the robot and receive a few extra Energy Cells (Energy Weapon ammo) as well as a Synth Part. There is a scrap of paper lying on the ground that will give you the location of a village called Rail Nomads Camp on your map. Now click the Call button on your radio to update the Citadel of your mission progress. [Note: as of this writing, there is no known use for the Synth Part. You will find up to 3 of these during the game.]

You'll be given new orders to continue on with Ace's original mission, which was to connect the Repeater Units to the radio towers in Arizona. The tower in the current location is already connected, so you need to find the others and connect the Units. These towers are in the Agricultural Center (Ag Center) and Highpool, both of which will now be marked on your World Map. You'll also be told to retrieve some parts from the dead robot. If you haven't already, use Computer Science on the robot to retrieve the items mentioned above and then leave the cave.

Additional Activities in the Radio Tower Area

Note: There is a Secret passage in the area. You need high Perception (6+) in order to reveal the passage and you don't likely have that yet. Inside you will find four Honey Badgers and a Trinket, the Three Headed Snake amulet, which gives -3% crit, but +2 to Leadership skill to the character who equips it. You likely will have to return here when you have a character with high enough perception.

There are a few other things to do here in the Radio Tower area. There is a trapped and locked fence on the eastern side that, when opened, will give access to some containers to loot. One of the chests is also trapped.

There is another fenced-in an area where three humans are patrolling about. You cannot interact with them, but you might assume they are up to no good since there are three dead bodies lying near them. You can simply shoot them to start a fight or you can open the fence. The fence is alarmed, and when it is activated, the three guys get angry and attack.

Now that you have fixed the Radio Tower and found the site of Ace's murder, you are ready to continue to find other radio towers and perhaps the culprit who killed poor Ace. Your next mission will be to attach the two Repeater Units you just found to the radio transmitters located in Highpool and at the Ag Center.

Return to the Ranger Citadel

Your party has likely earned enough experience to advance in level. Report to the Citadel via radio and your eligible characters will level up. Distribute your newly won skill points as you see fit. General Vargas will have given you your next mission, so make the quick journey back to Ranger Citadel where you can sell off some junk and stock up on ammo.

General Vargas is near the entrance talking to some fresh recruits. Talk to him and tell him about the Log Book Page you found, as well as turn in the broken Metal Leg to him. He'll pass the leg on to Captain Mercaptain who is inside the Citadel (you will meet her later). You will now receive new information concerning your new current quests. Open up your Log Book by pressing the L key and take a look at the updates. Your next mission is to go to the village of Highpool and the Agricultural Center (called Ag Center for short). Both of these areas have a radio tower where you can install the Repeater Units you found.

Important Quest Line Note: Both of these areas will come under siege by enemies. You need to be aware that you will only be able to save one of the areas, either the Ag Center OR Highpool. When one is saved, the other will be destroyed. You will be able to explore portions of the destroyed area, but the full range of activities, quests and NPCs will be lost permanently. There is considerable discussion on the forums as to which is a better choice. The consensus seems to be neither is really "better". What you, the player, gets is a different experience and the option to potentially gain different companions. These companions would be Rose at the Ag Center or Vulture's Cry at Highpool. You cannot get both companions - it's one or the other.

Recruiting a New Member of Your Team

This next item in the Guide is totally optional at this point in time, but you may want to recruit a new NPC or two to help you carry stuff and, hopefully, help you in your battles against the foes of the Wasteland. If you don't want a new companion now, then skip this section of the Guide and go right to the Saving Highpool section of the Guide.

There are potentially three companions you can recruit in a small village called the Rail Nomads Camp. These are Ralphy, Chisel and Scotchmo. You certainly want to consult some online sources to see whether or not you want these particular companions. You want to be aware that for some companions to join you, or even to talk to you, you need a certain level of Charisma in the party. Your Charisma for recruitment purposes is calculated as the sum of all party members. For example, you may have allocated 1 point of charisma for each party member giving you a total of 4, but some potential companions will require levels of 15 or even 20 or more to recruit. Those, of course, you will never be able to recruit with only 4 points total in your party. There is one potential recruit in the Rail Nomads Camp (Ralphy) that will join after you have saved his life and completed one small quest and no Charisma is needed. Ralphy comes with a high Toaster Repair skill, so if your party lacks that, he might be a good choice.

If you wish to recruit Ralphy now, you can go to the Rail Nomads Camp before you undertake the Ag Center or Highpool quests. You need to make sure you haven't triggered the first radio calls concerning Ag Center or Highpool. To prevent their triggering, don't move south of the Ranger Citadel after you have completed the Radio Tower. To get to the Rail Nomads Camp, head northwest of the Ranger Citadel, through the small gap in the mountains. You will come to an irradiated zone, but you can run through the zone without taking permanent damage. You don't even need to have a radiation suit to do this. The irradiated zones are marked on your Travel Map by numbers indicating the lethality of the radiation. Zones marked as "1" can be traversed without a radiation suit. You can buy a radiation suit in the Citadel for 200. You only need one for the whole party. However, as stated above, the Nomads Camp can be accessed without needing a radiation suit.

A Temporary Excursion to the Rail Nomads Camp to Recruit Ralphy

Quest Line Synopsis: You are here in the Rail Nomads Camp at this time for one purpose, to recruit Ralphy. You will get back to this village later to complete all the quests.

You first arrive on the outskirts of the Rail Nomads Camp. To reach the village, proceed along the path to the north. After crossing a bridge, you will be met by a frantic girl asking for your help. This is Jessie, and she says her friend Ralphy has fallen in the lake and can't swim. Ralphy is the guy you want to recruit, so you must save him. Follow Jessie to the lake and you will see poor Ralphy struggling to stay afloat. Cross the bridge to the side of the lake where you are closer to Ralphy. Near where Ralphy is drowning, there are two totem poles. To save him, use your shovel or Brute Force on the totem pole closest to the bottom of the screen. The totem will fall into the lake and Ralphy will climb out and be saved. You can talk to Ralphy and get some background information on the village. Afterwards, Ralphy will run home. (Know that if you topple the wrong totem pole, Ralphy will be crushed to death. Know also that this is a timed event. If you stop along the way to pick some berries and do some bird watching, Ralphy will drown.)

[Note: near the well where you just saved Ralphy, there is a mound you can dig for some treasure. You will find either a green Crystal or a Turquoise. At this writing, there is no known use for either of these gems.]

Save Jessie from being Blown to Smithereens

You now need to find Jessie in the playground. There is a trapped bicycle near Jessie and later she will attempt to use it and be blown to smithereens. Jessie is a key figure in this town so you need to disarm the trap on the bicycle to prevent that from happening. To find Jessie, go back across the bridge and walk towards the town to the north. You will come to a fork in the road and see a sign that says "The Jungle" to the right and the "Train Station" to the left. Take the jungle direction, to the right.

Just past the sign you will see Jessie standing in the playground and a rusty bicycle nearby. Don't talk to her yet. Immediately go to the bicycle and disarm the trap on the bicycle before you talk to Jessie. This is a difficult trap, so your party member should have Demolition of at least 2, with 3+ even better. When you now talk to Jessie, she says you are her bestest friend. She says she is waiting for Ralphy, who is currently talking to his mother.

Go back to the fork in the road and take the left hand path into the town. If you are just here to recruit Ralphy, then ignore everything in town and go directly to his house. Even ignore the guy along the road who is injured. He will still be there when you return at some later time. Ralphy's house is the second house on the right side of the street. Inside you will find Ralphy, and Elder Samual Cole, who is singing your praises to Libby, Ralphy's mother. Talk to Libby. She is so happy that she literally gives Ralphy to you. Yep. Since she has no money, she gives you her only begotten son. You are to make a Ranger out of him. Ralphy is pleased as punch to join your group.

Return to Jessie at the Playground

Go back to the playground to talk to Jessie. As you approach Jessie, Ralphy will leave your team and run over to Jessie. They have some touching words and Jessie decides to walk home. This is where she would have tried to use the trapped bicycle and been blown to the Great Playground in sky. Since you were clever enough to disarm that trap, she simply runs home. You now can re-recruit Ralphy if you wish. If you were here in the Nomads Camp just to recruit Ralphy, then go back to the Travel icon and return to the Ranger Citadel. [Note: Ralphy has Brawling as his weapon skill. However, he has little strength which is important to a Brawler. The author of this Guide found it much better to improve a ranged weapon skill on Ralphy such as energy weapons or assault weapons, or even machine guns. Since you get Ralphy when he is level 4, you can modify him to your liking. What Ralphy brings to the party is his awesome Toaster Repair skill].

Back to the Ranger Citadel

Head back to the Ranger Citadel from the Nomads Camp. Use this time to stock up on ammo and sell off any junk you have accumulated. Now that you have Ralphy in the party, you might want to head back to the Radio Tower and repair the Toaster in the cave, if you haven't done that. You will find a can of Spray Paint in the Toaster. Be sure to activate the Statue to gain +1 skill point if you haven't done that yet.

Return to the Ranger Citadel and give the Spray Paint you recovered from the Toaster to Brass Knucks who is in the northwestern area of the Citadel. You will get the book Kumite: A History which will grant +1 Brawling skill when read.

After you have recruited Ralphy, or if you chose not to, then you need to leave the Ranger Citadel and travel to the southeast toward the Ag Center or Highpool, both of which are marked on your map. As you get closer to the locations, you will receive radio messages from these sites asking - no begging - for your help. Remember, you can only help one. So make a choice as you cannot successfully complete both. This Guide will give a description of the Highpool adventure first, followed by the Ag Center later. [Note: the author of this Guide has done both villages in different playthroughs. Both are about the same in terms of game enjoyment. The real difference is in the companion you get to recruit. The Ag Center will give you Rose, who has phenomenal surgeon and computer skills. Re-spec her to use a sniper rifle and you will be happy with that choice. Vulture's Cry, who you acquire in Highpool, already has sniper skills. She is a decent companion as well.]

Note: if you decide to save the Ag Center instead of Highpool, then skip to that section of the Guide.

Saving Highpool or Saving the Ag Center - One or the Other

Saving Highpool

Quest Line Synopsis: Your goal in Highpool is to find the Radio Tower and install a Repeater Unit. You first have to save the town from invading Raiders and then you have to repair the irrigation system and restore power to the town.

Exploring Highpool and Killing Wreckers

When you get to Highpool, you already know that it is under attack by a group of raiders. You will learn that these guys call themselves the Wrecking Crew. Your first goal in Highpool is to repel this invasion. Upon entering the outskirts of Highpool, head north and take cover behind the old beat-up car. You will see a couple of the Wreckers not to far off from the car. Initiate the encounter by having someone with an Assault rifle or Sniper rifle fire at one of the Wreckers. His buddies will come running and the battle is joined.

After taking out this group of Wreckers, continue to the west side of the area. There you will find a trader, Wormy Jim, who will buy your things and hopefully sell you something you can use. He says that if you can get rid of the invaders, he will give you a discount. So you might want to come back to him later. Near old Wormy are some containers you can open. This Guide will not describe the location of all safes or other containers that might have loot. Part of your job as a role-player is to search every nook and cranny of an area for yourself. Use your Z key often to highlight these things.

On the other side of the building near Wormy Jim is another group of Wreckers. Take them out. Just beyond them is a large house you can enter.

Save a Maiden in Distress

Within the house, you will meet Jess-Belle who is in obvious distress. She tells you that there are some raiders in the house who are trying to break into her safe which contains her dowry. Go around the corner from Jess and, sure enough, you will see these guys trying to open the safe. You can have a conversation with the bandit, Pry Bar, and you will get some choices as to your next course of action. You can either choose to let him take the contents of the safe, whereby you would be letting down poor Jess who asked for your help, or you can choose to be "nasty", or you can use a Hard Ass skill conversation option. If you choose to be nasty, a fight will ensue. In any case, open the safe and check the contents. It does not contain money or Jess' dowry. Instead you will find a note called A note to Jess-Belle, which is from her father. Read the note.

Go back and talk to Jess-Belle and learn more about her dowry and her father. When you show Jess this note, she is incredulous and asks you to help. She wants you to locate her "dowry". It has her initials engraved on it - JB. Talk to her again about the dowry and her father. When you agree to help her, this will begin a quest where you are to find Jess' dowry. [Note: Jess' Dowry is in a safe in some tunnels on the east side of Highpool. You will be directed to the location of the dowry by this Guide. The dowry is actually a gold plated derringer. Once found, you can give it back to Jess for your reward.]

Before leaving Jess' house, open the crate on the table and also repair the Toaster. The Toaster contains Contact Lenses which you will be able to give to someone at a later time. In the room where you found the safe, there is an alarmed chest to open. The chest contains the book The Legend of the Red Ryder.

Now head back outside. You still need to save the town from the Wrecking Crew.

Find More Wrecking Crew

Head northwest of the house you just exited to come across a group of Wreckers manning a mortar. Engage them to initiate an encounter. With the Wreckers defeated, use the Demolition skill on the mortar to reorient it, then fire it to have the shell land on some of the attacking Wreckers. You won't see this happen, but you will get a message from the citizens of the town. Just to the north of the mortar is a path leading up to the village. Bypass this path for a moment and walk to the east to find a gate. Check the gate for traps, then unlock it and walk into the small area to find some containers of loot. Be sure to use Perception on them before interacting with these containers to check for traps.

Help a Hippie

Now head back to the mortar and take the center path. At the top of the hill you will see a small passage through the rocks to your left. In the area beyond the passage you will find a decorated RV and Alexey, a hippie. Talk with him and he gives you a side quest to deliver a note to his "soul mate" up in Highpool (this soul mate is a dog and to finish the quest requires that you have the Animal Whisperer skill). He doesn't give you a name of the soul mate, so simply accept the quest and then head back to the main path. Near Alexey, over by the big pipes, is a townsman hiding from the raiders. Talk with him and use Hard Ass to convince him that he should be fighting for the village instead of cowering like a little girl.

Head Further into Town and meet Jackhammer

From the passage in the rocks, continue up the hill and you will soon enter into an encounter between some Townies and Wreckers. Help the Townies defeat the raiders. Try to keep the Townies alive if you can. Continue along the path and you will find a larger contingent of Wreckers, this time with their leader, Jackhammer. These guys are trying to blow up the irrigation pipes, so engage them and clear the area. Jackhammer hits hard, so take her out as quickly as you can. If a party member is hit by her, she may impart the condition "concussion" on the party member. This condition cannot be healed by your medic or surgeon. It requires treatment from a doctor. Luckily, you will find a doctor within the village who can cure you of this affliction.

After you have cleared and looted the area, you are done with the Wrecking Crew Raiders. Look for a control box at the northwest end of the area. This will operate the crane and have it lower a platform for you to use to ascend to the upper level of the village. Once the platform is lowered, have your party gather inside and then use the control box again. You will be elevated to new heights.

Highpool Village Center

As soon as you arrive in the Village, you want to interact with Sean Bergin who is standing right near the elevator. He is not too pleased to see you as he doesn't like Rangers, but you can ask him questions about the irrigation system, as well as other events in town. Highpool provides much of the water in Arizona and someone needs to look into some problem with the system. Sean will tell you that you need to see Kate Preston about restoring the irrigation system. You will be given the quest to find Kate Preston in the tunnels under Highpool. Bergin will also give you the quest of hunting down the home base of the Wrecking Crew, the raiders who tried, and failed, to invade Highpool. Finally, ask him about the Radio. He'll tell you that something knocked the power offline and you'll need to talk to Kate Preston in the tunnels beneath the reservoir in order to restore power and get the radio back online.

The Radio Tower that you are here to fix is right at the base of the crane. You can interact with it now, but you cannot repair it as the power is off. You will need to restore the power.

Know that both Sean Bergin and Kate Preston are vying to be Mayor of Highpool. You actually will have a hand in deciding who is elected. When talking with the townsfolk, you will realize that Kate is the better choice and certain of your activities in town will ensure that the vote is in her favor. To accomplish this, you need to get the backing of the villagers. So before you go see Kate, give aid to the town by completing the following small quests.

Save the Burning House

Just to the north and slightly to the east of the elevator, look carefully on the ground to find a valve. Just north of where you found the valve, you will see a house aflame, and the owner of the house, Mark Stachowiak, runs over to plead with you to help save his house. Your party will notice that there is an overflow pipe right above the house and if you were to fix the system, it would dump water on the house to extinguish the flames. Nearby is a pump mechanism where you can install the valve you found (use the valve on the pump). Once installed, have someone with the Mechanical Repair skill to repair the damaged pump. With that done, it will activate and dump water on the house to douse the fire. The owner is ecstatic and tells you that Rangers aren't so bad after all.

Get Rid of the Juvies Pestering Vulture's Cry

To the north of the burning house you will see a woman in a cage being taunted by a group of Juvies, some young hooligans of the village. You can try to talk to the prisoner, Vulture's Cry, who looks like an American Indian maiden. She asks you to get rid of the Juvies before she will talk. Go back and talk to the Juvies. [Note: be sure you talk with Vulture's Cry before you deal with the Juvies and free her, otherwise she will simply run away]. You can easily get rid of the Juvies by offering them something they may want. You will get a choice of giving them marbles or a wrist rocket (slingshot) if you have them in your inventory. (You may have found these items while searching chests or safes). It turns out the thing they truly want are cigarettes. Give them some and they will leave. If you don't have any cigarettes, the Town Hall is just to the north and you can buy some there.

Vulture's Cry is someone you can recruit as a companion for your party. She is a sniper and has good Animal Whisperer skills, so she could make a good addition to your team. You will need to free her from imprisonment. To free her, you can talk to Sean Bergin near the crane and try to persuade him to release her. For this, you will need a Hard Ass level of 2, as well as a Kiss Ass level of 4 in order to get Vulture's Cry out of her prison legally. After you use your Hard Ass and Kiss Ass cues in the conversation, Sean Bergin will give you the key. Head back up and talk with Vulture's Cry in order to get her out and have her join your party if you want.

If you don't have those conversation skills, you can also just break her out if you want, but that will effect how the Sean Bergin feels about you and thus will have negative impact on getting Kate elected Mayor. What you can do, is free her by picking the lock, complete the rest of the activities to save the town, and then talk to Bergin again. He will be pissed that you released the prisoner, but you can use persuasion (Kiss Ass) to have him think you have arrested her and are taking her back to the Citadel. Sneaky. The items that Vulture's Cry had before her arrest are in possession of Harold in the Town Hall. He will give them back if you have Hard Ass of 2.

Deliver a Note to Alexey's Soul Mate

Standing near Vulture's Cry and the Juvies is a dog called Laddie. This dog is the soul mate of Alexey. Talk to Laddie using the Animal Whisperer skill and deliver the note you were given. Laddie will give you a rock to deliver back to Alexey. You can go ahead and take care of this now, or wait until later as you leave town. When completed, you gain access to Alexey's "stash" of items to buy.

A Dog's Best Friend

To the north of the cage where you found Vulture's Cry, you will find Adam Goochin standing about. Talk with him to learn that he is searching for his best friend, Garoof the dog. Agree to help him and he will give you a Chew Toy to calm the dog and allow it to follow you. The dog is found just to south of the cemetery and to the west of the damaged pump and burning house. Use the Chew Toy on the dog (or just use Animal Whisperer) to convince Garoof to follow you. Go back to Adam and when you get close enough, the two BFFs will be re-united. Adam will praise the Rangers and the quest will end.

Right next to Adam is a rock that contains some treasure. One item is the music sheet for The Ballad of Bobby & Rex.

Just to the north of where you found Garoof is the town cemetery. You can dig up the graves, but only a maximum of three. If you dig more, all of the citizens of the town become hostile. Also, do not dig up the grave of the previous Mayor as this will anger everybody. There is nothing of any real interest in the graves anyway.