how does my team learn spells?

  1. i'm just starting the game and i'm not sure how i get the spells to work. i assume they must be learned by my characters.

    User Info: toebeak

    toebeak - 2 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. To learn a mage spell you need a mage and a spell scroll. Right click on the scroll in your inventory screen of the mage character, and you should get the item description and an option to learn the spell. Depending on your intelligence of the mage and the current game difficulty setting, there may be the possibility of failure. After learning the spell, open the mage spell book tab on the hud, and you can choose feom the spells available to memorize. After choosing your spells, you will need a successful rest period, either at an inn or outside. Be aware that if you are awakened prematurely by the guards of a city or by monsters in the wild, the spell will not be memorized. Also, the total number of spells you can learn for each level, as well as the highest level spells you will get slots for is limited by your intelligence stat. For clerics, it is much simpler, as all the spells for the cleric become available once the spell slots are available for that level. Keep in mind that the number of priest spell slots available is detemined by your wisdom stat. Also, scrolls can by used as a one use item by placing them in your quick item slots.

    User Info: Jputt85

    Jputt85 - 2 years ago 0   0

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