Space Quest: Incinerations Point/Trophy Guide
Version 1.00, updated January 19, 2015
Copyright (C) 2015 by Nathaniel Hoover (Flashman85)

- Table of Contents -----------------------------------------------------------
1.) Longwinded Introduction
2.) Guide!
    2A.) ACS Spontaneity
    2B.) Aries 6 (Flashback)
    2C.) Aries 6 (Present)
    2D.) ACS Forager
    2E.) Halon Surface
    2F.) Halon Underground
    2G.) RobertaLand Asteroid
    2H.) The Incinerator
    2I.) Endings
3.) Obligatory Miscellaneous Information

- 1. Longwinded Introduction --------------------------------------------------
With 899 points to achieve and multiple endings and trophies to unlock, there's
plenty to do in Space Quest: Incinerations. This guide highlights every action
in the game that earns you points, and every action that unlocks or works
toward unlocking a trophy. Anything that doesn't directly contribute to getting
you points or tropies is ommitted, so you'll probably be confused if you try to
use this guide as a step-by-step walkthrough. Thus, this guide is aimed at
players who've already beaten the game and want to see what they've missed.

Whereas other guides might give you a list of what CAN be done in each general
location, this guide suggests a specific order for visiting, revisiting, and
working your way through each screen. To save you the trouble of hopping back
and forth between separate lists, everything you can do to earn points and
unlock trophies is smashed together in one big checklist, broken up by screen,
and organized in a logical, chronological (if not always efficient) order.
Hopefully this is as helpful in practice as it sounds in my head.

Names of objects and people with which you can interact are listed exactly as
they appear in-game (capitalization notwithstanding), even if the names are
inconsistent when referring to the same object/person, or spelled incorrectly.
I've taken some creative license with the place names, as not every screen/
location in the game has an obvious official name.

Point values are listed in the format (X, Y), where X is the number of points
you gain for that action, and Y is the total number of points you should have
if you've been following this guide exactly. Progress on finding new types of
deaths, cleaning up hidden garbage piles, licking Aries floors (all of which
can be tracked in-game by going to Controls > Stats), and unlocking trophies is
listed in brackets. Yes, you can lick floors in this game.

Note that any action with an asterisk (*) next to it is required for beating
the game. If you're interested in pursuing the "worst ending", which is
unlocked by achieving the LOWEST point score possible, ONLY take these actions
and ignore all the rest. Otherwise, perform all of these actions in the order
they're presented, and you'll have a full trophy room and four different
endings to choose from waiting for you at the end of the game!

- 2. Guide! -------------------------------------------------------------------
- 2A. ACS Spontaneity -
Sanitation Lock-Up
 Look at broken window (1, 1)

Coffee Room
 *Take decafinated coffee pot [Unlocks Trophy 1/12: Plenty of Spare Room
  (Picked up an Object)] (2, 3)
 *Take mug (2, 5)
 *Take spoon (2, 7)
 *Use spoon on coffee grounds (3, 10)
 *Use coffee grounds on decafinated coffee pot (3, 13)
 *Use caffeinated coffee on Roger (5, 18)

- 2B. Aries 6 (Flashback) -
Shuttle Station
 Lick floor using talk icon [1/17]
 *Talk to booth droid (2, 20)

Recruitment Office
 Lick floor using talk icon [2/17]
 *Look at closed sign (1, 21)

 Lick floor using talk icon [3/17]
 *Take washer (2, 23)

Level 6 Common, Street
 Lick floor using talk icon [4/17]
 Use garbage pile [1/20] (bottom-right corner) (2, 25)
 *Use washer on change hat (4, 29)

Level 6 Common, Puggzley's Roadhouse, Back Room
 Lick floor using talk icon [5/17]
 Wait around too long when two alien guys are smoking [death 1/22]

Level 6 Common, Puggzley's Roadhouse, Front Room
 Lick floor using talk icon [6/17]
 *Select "What's wrong with your ventilation system?" when talking to Puggzley
  (2, 31)

Supply Depot
 Lick floor using talk icon [7/17]
 Use garbage pile [2/20] (behind vents on far left) (2, 33)
 *Use requisition form on depot clerk (1, 34)

Shuttle Station
 *Select "All right, robot, where'd you put my luggage?" when talking to booth
  droid (2, 36)

Level 6 Common, Administration Office
 Lick floor using talk icon [8/17]
 Select "I seem to have misplaced my A-Card." when talking to registration
  droid (1, 37)

Aries 6 Fellowship Church, Outside
 Lick floor using talk icon [9/17]
 *Give souvenir photograph to general (4, 41)
 Use garbage pile [3/20] (far right) (2, 43)

Aries 6 Fellowship Church, Inside Vestibule
 Lick floor using talk icon [10/17]

Aries 6 Fellowship Church, Back of Sanctuary
 Lick floor using talk icon [11/17]

Aries 6 Fellowship Church, Front of Sanctuary
 Lick floor using talk icon [12/17]
 Use stolen pen on book [unlocks Trophy 2/12: Fronzel Neekburm (Signed a Guest
  Book)] (10, 53)

Level 6 Common, Administrative Office
 *Give souvenir photograph to registration droid (4, 57)

Supply Depot
 *Give A-Card to depot clerk (2, 59)

Level 6 Common, Puggzley's Roadhouse, Back Room
 *Use quartezoid on pay phones (5, 64)

- 2C. Aries 6 (Present) -

Level 6 Common, Administrative Office
 *Use travel pass on services droid (2, 66)

Level 6 Common, Hotela
 Lick floor using talk icon [13/17]
 *Take flyer (2, 68)
 *Use travel pass on keypad (1, 69)

Level 6 Common, Hotela, Cryo-Chambers
 *Use hotel cell (2, 71)

Level 6 Common, Puggzley's Roadhouse, Back Room
 *Use booth (2, 73)

 Lick floor using talk icon [14/17]
 Select "I used to have a cat." when talking to secretary (1, 74)
 Use secretary four times [death 2/22]

 *Use nuts 'n bolts on glass of gravy (3, 77)
 *Use gravy 'n nuts on clean floor (5, 82)
 *Use cleaning droid (2, 84)

 *Use spray bottle on secretary (4, 88)
 *Take nail file (2, 90)
 *Use garbage can (2, 92)
 Look at Retroquil (1, 93)

Aries 6 Fellowship Church, Upstairs
 Lick floor using talk icon [15/17]
 *Use nail file on bench (4, 97)
 *Use bench (5, 102)

Level 6 Common, Administrative Office
 *Select "I need you to forward me an invitation to the General's wedding."
  when talking to registration droid (1, 103)

Level 6 Common, Puggzley's Roadhouse, Front Room
 *Take Puggzley's phone (2, 105)
 Select "So how long do you figure you'll be working here?" when talking to
  Greg (1, 106)

Shuttle Station
 Select "Why aren't there any words on these pamphlets?" when talking to
  recruiting officer (1, 107)
 *Give 'Give Peas a Chance' flyer to recruiting officer (4, 111)
 *Use nail file on docked ship (4, 115)

Recruitment Office
 *Use Puggzley's phone on paper shredder (4, 119)

Level 6 Common, Administrative Office
 *Give what's left of Puggzley's phone to registration droid (4, 123)

Level 6 Common, Puggzley's Roadhouse, Front Room
 *Talk to Greg (2, 125)

Waste Disposal Level
 Lick floor using talk icon [16/17]
 Use garbage pile [4/20] (far right) (2, 127)

Supply Depot
 *Use stick of dynamite on vents (4, 131)

Waste Disposal Level
 Use trashed Armech (3, 134)

Aries 6 Fellowship Church, Inside Vestibule
 *Use doors (5, 139)

Aries 6 Fellowship Church, Front of Sanctuary
 *Select "There was something I wanted to tell you that day..." when talking to
  Beatrice (5, 144)

Aries 6 Fellowship Church, Inside Vestibule
 *Take hankerchief (2, 146)
 *Use hankerchief on fire sprinkler (4, 150)
 *Use spark plug on hankerchief in sprinkler (5, 155)

Xenon Intelligence Command
 Lick floor using talk icon [17/17] [unlocks Trophy 3/12: More Like Dead
  Gerbils (Licked all the floors in Aries 6)] (20, 175)
 Select "Can you shut off this nerve-frying cell in my body?" when talking to
  Stellar (1, 176)
 Select "Can I refresh your coffee?" when talking to Stellar (1, 177)
 *Use coffee grounds on Stellar's coffee (4, 181)
 *Use Retroquil on Stellar's coffee (4, 185)

Aries 6 Fellowship Church, Back of Sanctuary
 *Take security card (2, 187)

Xenon Intelligence Command
 *Use security card on Stellar's terminal (5, 192)

Level 6 Common, Street
 Wait around too long [death 3/22]
 *Use unconscious security chief (2, 194)

Level 6 Common, Hotela, Cryo-Chambers
 Wait too long inside hotel cell [death 4/22]
 *Use brass knuckles on hotel cell 4, 198
 Wait too long on ledge [death 5/22]
 *Use bottle of cryo-juice when rooster ship appears (4, 202)
 *Use another rooster ship when it appears (5, 207)

Waste Disposal Level
 *Use tarp on trashed Armech (5, 212)

- 2D. ACS Forager -
Garbage Room
 *Use spark plug on G2 unit (5, 217)
 Select "How do we get out of here?" when talking to G2 unit (1, 218)
 Use garbage pile [5/20] (far left, at base of pile of debris) (2, 220)

 *Talk to Virtual Broomcloset (2, 222)

Garbage Room
 *Use key ring on maintenace hatch (3, 225)

Engine Core
 Use garbage pile [6/20] (left of maintenance hatch, between pipes) (2, 227)

Hangar Bay
 Use garbage pile [7/20] (bottom-left corner, next to hover-jeep) (2, 229)
 *Use bridge entrance after obtaining shoe polish and cleaning rag (1, 230)

 *Use tracking bug on General Havoc (4, 234)

Hangar Bay
 *Use phone on inner corridors (4, 238)

Weapons Locker
 Use BENI five times [unlocks Trophy 4/12: Let's Boogie, Girls! (Cut a Rug 5
  times in the Weapons Locker)] (10, 248)
 *Use shoe polish on BENI (4, 252)

 *Use spray bottle on Virtual Broomcloset (4, 256)
 *Select "I need to unclog a toilet" when talking to Virtual Broomcloset
  (4, 260)

Weapons Locker
 *Use rubber glove on Emp-Charge (5, 265)

Engine Core
 *Use Emp-Charge on Core Outlet (5, 270)

Hull (Radar Dish)
 Use rocket-board; use or talk to space chicken [death 6/22]
 Use garbage pile [8/20] (center screen, off in the distance) (2, 272)
 *Take bungee strap 2, 274
 *Use bungee strap on fan belt 3, 277
 *Use bungee belt on rocket-board 4, 281
 *Use rocket-board (after attaching space chicken) (5, 286)
 *Use Lappy 4000 (2, 288)

Hull (Outside Garbage Hold)
 *Walk to Garbage Hold (5, 293)

- 2E. Halon Surface -
Landing Spot
 Use garbage pile [9/20] (far left, toward the bottom) (2, 295)

Rock Bridge
 *Walk to the right (2, 297)

Refinery Entrance
 *Use main cannons on large window (3, 300)
 *Use booster rockets on large window (3, 303)

 Use garbage pile [10/20] (left of fuse box) (2, 305)
 Use main cannons on soda machine [unlocks Trophy 5/12: Enough Smarm Already!
  (Shot an innocent vending machine)] (10, 315)
 *Use old crate (2, 317)
 *Take power cell (2, 319)
 *Use fuse box (2, 321)
 *Use power cell on fuse box close-up (2, 323)
 *Use start button (1, 324)
 *Use main cannons on catwalk (3, 327)
 *Use booster rockets on catwalk (3, 330)

Top of Refinery
 *Take can (2, 332)
 *Take fridge magnet (2, 334)

Rock Bridge
 *Use fridge magnet on shiny metal thing (4, 338)

Landing Spot
 *Use dead matter on unexploded backhoe (4, 342)
 *Use fridge magnet on shiny metal thing (4, 346)

Top of Refinery
 *Use Lock-Out Key #1 and Lock-Out Key #2 on fuel pump (4, 350)
 *Use fuel pump (5, 355)

Ledge With Plants
 Use garbage pile [11/20] (far right, near bottom) (2, 357)

Trench Opening
 *Walk to bottom-left exit (2, 359)

Trench Middle
 *Use wedged star fighter (3, 362)

Trench End
 Wait around too long out in the open [death 7/22]
 Use garbage pile [12/20] (bottom-right corner) (2, 364)
 *Walk to shady spot on left (3, 367)

High Ground
 Use or talk to Egg Walker; walk anywhere; use booster rockets on Egg Walker or
  ground [death 8/22]
 *Use booster rockets on steel beam (4, 371)

 Wait too long when Egg Walker appears [death 9/22]
 *Use headlights on Egg Walker (4, 375)
 *Take unstable ordnance (2, 377)

Underneath Mother Hen
 Use garbage pile [13/20] (bottom-left corner) (2, 379)
 *Walk to loose rock and wait (4, 383)

Inside Mother Hen
 Wait too long [death 10/22]
 *Use unstable ordnance on reactor core (5, 388)

- 2F. Vohaul's Base -

 Use floodweed two times [death 11/22]
 *Use nail file on floodweed (4, 392)
 *Use crashed bike (2, 394)

Security Entrance
 Use any action (aside from look) on chicken guards; use tram entrance,
  thermostat, or heating vent; take garbage pile [death 12/22]
 Use garbage pile [14/20] (2, 396)
 *Use liquid nitrogen on ventilation shaft (4, 400)

 Select "Do you still have that tarp?" when talking to Doomtron (2, 402)

 *Use tarp on heating pipe (4, 406)

 Use garbage pile [15/20] (bottom-right corner, behind rocks) (2, 408)
 *Use floodweed on underground spring (4, 412)
 Wait around too long after using floodweed on underground spring [death 13/22]
 *Use Retroquil on underground spring (4, 416)
 *Use coffee mug on underground spring (5, 421)

 *Use herbal tea on Stellar (5, 426)

 Talk to air vent (1, 427)
 *Take toaster (2, 429)
 *Take model race car (2, 431)

Loading Bay
 *Take chicken helmet (2, 433)

Security Checkpoint
 Take keycard key and then: talk to security guard or security scanner; take
 keycard key again; use loading bay [death 14/22]
 *Use chicken helmet on security guard (4, 437)
 Select "What's on TV?" when talking to security guard (5, 442)

Loading Bay
 *Use storage room key on storage closet (3, 445)

Storage Closet
 Use garbage pile [16/20] (top center, behind sleeping bag) (2, 447)
 *Take land mine (2, 449)
 Select "What machines did he build with your knowledge?" when talking to old
  computer (1, 450)
 Select "How do I destroy this 'Star Generator 2.0?'" when talking to old
  computer (1, 451)
 Select "Who's really running this place?" when talking to old computer
  (1, 452)
 Select "How can I help you?" when talking to old computer (1, 453)
 Use old computer (2, 455)
 *Use toaster on RC car, then use land mine on toaster car, then use Vohaul
  motherboard on toaster car with land mine (5, 460) [NOTE: points may not be
  assigned if done out of order]

 *Use toaster car with land mine on air vent (5, 465)

Loading Bay
 *Use fried chicken (2, 467)
 Use liquid nitrogen on frozen Beatrice [unlocks Trophy 6/12: Frosta la
  Keister, Baby! (Double-Froze Beatrice)] (25, 492)
 *Use ray gun (THAW setting) on frozen Beatrice (5, 497)

Havoc Battle (Cryo-Cell)
 Use ray gun on General Havoc [death 15/22]
 *Use toaster car on crate (4, 501)

Havoc Battle (Hiding Spot)
 Use ray gun on General Havoc [death 15/22]
 *Use shoe polish on floor (4, 505)

Havoc Battle (Crane Controls)
 Use ray gun on General Havoc; use ray gun on crane controls (before using
  shoe polish on floor) [death 15/22]
 Use garbage pile [17/20] (bottom-right corner, behind Roger) (2, 507)
 *Use ray gun (STUN setting) on crane controls (4, 511)

Havoc Battle (Hiding Spot)
 Talk to crate (5, 516)

Vohaul Confrontation
 Wait too long [death 16/22]
 *Use rubber glove on Vohaul (5, 521)

- 2G. RobertaLand Asteroid -
Landing Site
 Select "How are we going to get off this asteroid?" when talking to Stellar
  (1, 522)
 Select "What do you think of Doomtron?" when talking to Stellar (1, 523)
 Select "Sorry for all the unconsciousness." when talking to Stellar (1, 524)
 Use garbage pile [18/20] (right of arrow sign, behind rocks) (2, 526)

RobertaLand Parking Lot
 Use garbage pile [19/20] (far right, on rocks) (2, 528)
 *Select "What do you recommend?" when talking to Greg (1, 529)
 Select "What's with the statue?" when talking to Greg (1, 530)
 Select "How's your ship running?" when talking to Greg (1, 531)
 Select "What's with that box of phones?" when talking to Greg (1, 532)
 Select "What's in the dumpster?" when talking to Greg (1, 533)
 *Use souvenir photograph on burning barrel (5, 538)
 *Give engagement ring to Greg (4, 542)
 *Use plunger on burning barrel (4, 546)
 *Use flaming plunger on trashed animatronics (4, 550)
 *Use toolbox on trashed animatronics (4, 554)
 *Use toolbox on Greg's ship (4, 558)
 *Use rocket engine on rocket ride (4, 562)

Outside RobertaLand
 Use garbage pile [20/20] (bottom center, on the right side of the path)
  [unlocks Trophy 7/12: Janitor First Class (Cleaned up all the garbage in the
  game)] (2, 564)

Landing Site
 *Use robot spark plug on Doomtron (4, 568)
 Select "Stellar says you're a pretty amazing machine" when talking to Doomtron
  (1, 569)
 *Select "Can you give me a hand with that rocket?" when talking to Doomtron
  (1, 570)

RobertaLand Parking Lot
 *Use toolbox on rocket ride (4, 574)
 *Use washer on beggar's hat (2, 578)
 *Use phone on disposable phones (4, 582)
 *Select "Myself!" after using quartezoid on pay phones (4, 586)
 *Use toolbox on moving statue (4, 590)
 *Use moving statue (4, 594)

Landing Site
 *Talk to Stellar (5, 599)

- 2H. The Incinerator -
Chicken Run (Shooting Segment)
 Get shot until health is depleted [death 17/22]
 Shoot all enemies without getting hit [unlocks Trophy 8/12: Bacock! (Completed
  the Chicken Run with Full Health)] (30, 629)
 Wait too long when pinned down by chicken guard [death 18/22]
 Use nail file on chicken guard (10, 639)

Boiler Room
 *Arrive at boiler room (2, 641)
 Select "How am I supposed to defeat Vohaul?" when talking to Havoc (1, 642)

Vohaul Battle
 Get hit too many times [death 19/22]
 *Take crystal (2, 644)
 *Use thermostat (3, 647)
 *Shoot Vohaul (2, 649)
 *Use crystal on Vohaul Toaster (2, 653)
 *Talk to Vohaul toaster (5, 658) [if Roger wasn't punched or knocked down in
  this scene, unlocks Trophy 9/12 Hiding from the Boss (Defeated Vohaul without
  getting hit!)] (25, 683)

 *Take sonic crowbar (2, 685)
 *Use The Most Important Thing in the Universe on console (left) (5, 690)
 *Use sonic crowbar on calibration box (3, 693)
 *Use engagement ring on calibration box (4, 697)
 *Use sonic crowbar on console (right) (5, 702)
 *Select "DEACTIVATE ENERGY FIELD" when using console (left) (5, 707)

RJ's Lab
 Select "What's wrong with your time machine?" when talking to Roger Jr.
  (1, 708)
 *Select "Why have you been lying this whole time?" when talking to Roger Jr.
  (1, 709)
 *Select "Important Piece of Paper" when talking to your inventory (3, 712)
 *Use Roger three times (3, 715)
 *Use lab table three times (3, 718)
 *Take your inventory (2, 720)
 *Take surgical alcohol (2, 722)
 *Use surgical alcohol on boiling water (2, 724)
 *Use Retroquil on boiling water (2, 726)
 *Use boiling water (5, 731)
 *Leave RJ's lab (1, 732)

Communications Tower
 *Use booster rockets on guyline (4, 736)
 *Use booster rockets on guyline (4, 740)
 *Use booster rockets on satellite tower (5, 745)

Roger Jr. Confrontation
 Select "What's the deal with the Time Bracer?" when talking to Havoc (1, 746)
 *Select "Don't worry. I'll handle Junior." or "Sorry Junior's being such a
  handful." when talking to Havoc (5, 751)

Travel Pod
 Select "[Mash Random Buttons]" after using Time Bracer on Roger [death 20/22]
 *Use travel pass on trunk (5, 756)
 *Take luggage (50, 806)
 Look at Time Bracer (1, 807)
 *Use duffel bag (2, 809)
 Look at Monolith Burger Decoder Ring (1, 810)
 *Use Monolith Burger Decoder Ring on Time Bracer (4, 814)
 Select "[Future Xenon]" after using Time Bracer on Roger [death 21/22]
 Select "[Test Planet]" after using Time Bracer on Roger [death 22/22]
  [unlocks Trophy 10/12: Smooth Move, Ex-Lax! (Found all the ways to kill
  Roger!)] (50, 864)
 *Select "[Return to the Incinerator]" after using Time Bracer on Roger
  (5, 869)

 Select "Any idea where this 'Test Planet' is?" when talking to Havoc (1, 870)
 Select "Are we still going for beers after this?" when talking to Stellar
  (1, 871)
 Select "I'm sorry I was late for our date..." when talking to Beatrice
  (1, 872)
 Select "We should team up more often!" when talking to Doomtron (1, 873)
 *Use cupboard two times (1, 874)
 *Take emergency brake kit (2, 876)

Prison Cell #1
 *Use mini-portals on teleportal plate (3, 879)

Prison Cell #2
 *Use mini-portal on portal plate (3, 882)

Prison Cell #1
 *Use cable on rusty anchor (4, 886)

Prison Cell #2
 *Use rust remover on eject button (2, 888)
 *Use eject button (8, 896)

Walkway (Beatrice)
 *Arrive at walkway [unlocks Trophy 11/12: Was it worth the $59.95? (Saved the
 Talk to Beatrice (1, 897)

Walkway (Stellar)
 Talk to Stellar (1, 898)

Walkway (Havoc)
 Talk to Havoc (1, 899) [unlocks secret ending and Trophy 12/12: Platinum Mop
  Award (Completed 'Space Quest: Incinerations!')]

- 2H. Endings -
Endings available with maximimum possible score (899 points):
 "Wherever the stars take me, I guess." (Roger Ending)
 "To stop someone from getting on that shuttle." (Beatrice Ending)
 "I think I should go keep a promise to a friend." (Stellar Ending)
 "[BEST ENDING EVER!!!]" (Secret Ending)

Ending available with minimum possible score (624 points):
 "Wherever the stars take me, I guess." (Hilariously Terrible Roger Ending)

- 3. Obligatory Miscellaneous Information -------------------------------------

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