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Boss FAQ by adam3k3

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/26/14

         .______  .______   ____   ____._____.___ .______  .______
         : __   \ :      \  \   \_/   /:         |:      \ :      \
         |  \____||   .   |  \___ ___/ |   \  /  ||   .   ||       |
         |   :  \ |   :   |    |   |   |   |\/   ||   :   ||   |   |
         |   |___\|___|   |    |___|   |___| |   ||___|   ||___|   |
         |___|        |___|                  |___|    |___|    |___|
           ._______  .______  .___ ._____  .___ .______  .________
           : .___  \ : __   \ : __|:_ ___\ : __|:      \ |    ___/
           | :   |  ||  \____|| : ||   |___| : ||       ||___    \
           |     :  ||   :  \ |   ||   /  ||   ||   |   ||       /
            \_. ___/ |   |___\|   ||. __  ||   ||___|   ||__:___/ 
              :/     |___|    |___| :/ |. ||___|    |___|   :     
              :                     :   :/                        
                            Rayman Origins Boss FAQ
                            Written for PC version
                               FAQ version 1.00
                                By Adam Cooper
                       Email: adam3k3[at]gmail[dot]com  
                        Website: http://adamcooper.me

                  This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2014 Adam Cooper

                         Last Revision June 26th, 2014

Table of Contents

1. About this Guide......................................[100]
 1-1. Availability...................................[110]
 2-1. Copyright and License..........................[120]
 3-1. Searching the Guide............................[130]
 4-1. Version History................................[140]

2. FAQ Explained.........................................[200]

3. World Bosses..........................................[300]
 1-3. Poor Little Daisy..............................[310]
 2-3. To Bubblize a Mocking Bird.....................[320]
 3-3. My Heartburn’s for You.........................[330]
 4-3. Murray of the Deep.............................[340]
 5-3. Land of the Livid Dead.........................[350]

4. Closing...............................................[400]
 1-4. Contacts.......................................[410] 
 2-4. Special Thanks.................................[420]

100: About this Guide  \
'-- 110: Availability --------------------------------------------------------'

The Latest version of this FAQ and all of my work is always available on 
my website [1], GameFaqs [2] and IGN [3].

[1] http://adamcooper.me
[2] http://www.gamefaqs.com/users/Adam3k3/contributions/faqs
[3] http://www.ign.com/blogs/adam3k3

'-- 120: Copyright and License -----------------------------------------------'

This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2013 Adam Cooper, and released under the terms of
the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial, No Derivatives License.

This License enables you to distribute this FAQ provided it remains in 
its full form, unchanged and full credit is given. Publishing it under 
your name on websites or otherwise is prohibiting. You may not use this 
work for commercial purposes. For any reuse or distribution, you must make 
clear to others the license terms of this work along with the notice in the 
availability section.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

[3] http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0

'-- 130: Searching the Guide -------------------------------------------------'

Press "CTRL+F" to Search the FAQ. Copy, paste the code to the desired section 
from the tables of content into the search bar and click Find.

'-- 140: Version History -----------------------------------------------------'

Version 1.00 June 26h, 2014

. Finished the FAQ.

200: FAQ Explained             \
Welcome to my second Rayman Origins FAQ. This is a Boss FAQ that will help 
you beat the game’s bosses. To unlock each boss a certain amount of Electoons 
and Crystal Teeth are required. The FAQ covers all four bosses plus the secret 
world as well.

This FAQ assumes you are playing as Rayman as I was using him throughout the 
game. All other characters are untested with this FAQ.

Although it was written for the PC version, the same can be used across all 
of the versions Xbox 360 and PS3.

300: World Bosses      \
'-- 310: Poor Little Daisy ---------------------------------------------------'

Boss Name: Daisy
World: Ticklish Temples
Difficulty: Normal
Total Hits: 3

As soon as you're in control, run toward the left smashing the wall and the 
jar ahead. As soon as the camera moves up start climbing carefully not to fall 
for your death. Grab the left heart with the big yellow Lum then run and jump 
hanging into the rope and into the gold coin using the wall to jump up grabbing
another heart and smashing the next jar.

Start climbing again but keep your speed matching with the camera movement so 
you don't fall. Jump on the bouncing flower grabbing another big lum and either
hover to the left grabbing the golden coin or keep climbing up.

Grab another heart and break the last jar grabbing whatever lums you can as the
boss takes a short break. Use the wall to reach the platform above and repeat 
till the flower platforms popup. You can continue going up graning the upper 
lums or jump to the right side walkway.

Keep running forward smashing the walls and grabbing lums on your way to the 
checkpoint door.

Now run forward and swing from one rope to another and onto the walkway. 
Quickly start running and jump as you're about to reach the end continuing 
the run on the other side until you're upside down. Jump down and hover as 
you're about to reach the curve to insure you land on the walkway.

Quickly run forward smashing the sleeping plant and jump hovering to the other 
side grabbing the heart and lums. 
Boss Fight time. Wait for it to scream then immediately run toward the left. 
Keep running upside down to end up on the other side. The boss will hit its 
head and a weak point will popup. Quickly run on the wall back to the left 
and jump hit the weak spot once you're about to land.

Immediately run on the wall to the other side and wait. The boss will hit its 
head into the ground then move toward you. Run past him and wait in the middle 
till it hits its head again. Now run back toward the right wall and wait as it 
will continue hitting its head till the middle. 

A weak point will popup again. Make the run across the wall and drop down hit 
once you're in the middle. Make sure to jump to the right after you make the 
hit to insure a safe distance.

Now stay close to it and run under it toward the left as it will start jumping 
to the right. Stay ready once it reaches the right wall as it will jump toward 
the left wall in one big jump. When that happens, run under toward the right 
and stay in the middle. It will jump toward the right again so run to the left.

Wait for a second and jump hovering in your place as the boss will open its 
mouth and stick its tongue out leading to the weak point. Run toward it and 
hit the last weak point to clear the stage.

With the above walkthrough you should have at least 100 lums enough to get all
three stage Electoons.

'-- 320: To Bubblize a Mocking Bird ------------------------------------------'

Boss Name: Guardian Bird
World: Grumbling Grottos
Difficulty: Easy
Total Hits: 3

From the start, grab the Big birds tail and run toward far right. Wait for it 
to return and hit the weak spot. Wait for it to go off screen and jump hovering
all the way up grabbing the golden coin.

Now hover toward the middle and wait for the small birds to come flying from 
the right side. try hitting them from the middle so you can catch at least 4 
of them.

Now hover toward the right and wait for the boss to hit its head revealing 
another weak point. Smash into it and hover toward the left grabbing the 
golden coin as it flies up.

Now hover to the bottom of the screen and wait for the boss to scream while 
spinning. Make sure to spin with him so you won't get swallowed. When the boss 
reaches a full spin and ends up facing north quickly drop down and grab its 

Otherwise you will have to navigate around its attack from the left, right and 
another full spin.

As soon as you grab its tail, a final weak point will appear. Fly up and smash 
into it to end the stage.

'-- 330: My Heartburn’s for You ----------------------------------------------'

Boss Name: Al Informo
World: Luscious Lakes
Difficulty: Hard
Total Hits: 3

From the start, start running forward dropping down to the lower platform 
without jumping. Continue running while grabbing the lums and jump at the 
end to the other platform. Jump again at the end landing on the bouncing 
lemon and into the platform. Continue running and jump a quick soft jump 
and another long one at the end.

Now quickly jump again ignoring the upper lums continuing on your way ignoring 
the blue lum hand and jump on the lower platform ahead. Jump again to reach the
other one and a third time.

Jump over the bouncing lemon and continue below grabbing the golden coin while 
jumping forward. Jump again and continue running dropping down to a bouncing 
lemon and using it to reach higher platform. Continue running and jumping 
forward till you reach the bosses mouth.

Once inside, continue running and jump at the end grabbing the big yellow lum. 
Now carefully hover down grabbing whatever lums you can. Continue hovering till
you reach a walkway with a checkpoint on the right.

Continue running and smash the checkpoint door on the floor to drop down to 
face the boss.

Once down, use wall run toward the first weak point and hit it.Quickly collect 
the middle, right and left hearts and continue running to the left and ending 
up on the other side making your way to the middle platform again.

Repeat the same thing but this time the otherway around, running to the right. 
Make sure to land on the right walkway and not the middle ground. Ignore the 
left weak spot as it will disappear quickly. Instead, run toward the left as 
soon as the fire starts catching up and jump to the middle. The left weak spot 
will reappear, hit it.

Grab the hearts and wait in the middle. Wait till the smoke from the left 
cross the middle then jump in your place. The fire will pass by fast. Keep 
repeating this till an upper right weak point appears. Wait for the fire to 
clear out and make the wall run toward it.

Now comes the tricky part, quickly grab the 3 hearts and wait in the middle 
till bubbles starts popping up. Keep jumping on the bubbles trying to stay 
in the middle ignoring the left weak point. Continue balancing until the 
fire pass by and the left weak point reappear. Hit it.

Now run toward the right and enter through the checkpoint door.

Run forward jumping at the end and continue wall running to the upper level. 
Continue runing smashing both walls and drop down at the end. Now continue 
running and drop down again after reaching top. Run again and jump to the 
left once you reach the top. Continue runing smashing the wall and drop down 
on top. 

Continue running up and jumping to the right once you see the spikes on 
top. Continue running up and jumping to the right once you reach the spikes. 
Continue running and dropping down before the spikes. Run up, jump right 
and continue running to the finish.

'-- 340: Murray of the Deep --------------------------------------------------'

Boss Name: Shrimp king
World: Angsty Abyss
Difficulty: Normal
Total Hits: 3

Move forward and dive in, make sure to collect all the yellow lums while 
also touching the sleeping plant at the bottom. Keep moving forward avoid 
the octopuses until you reach a golden coin. Carefully wait and collect it 
when the time is right and move forward.

Keep moving forward as fast you can and go through the middle crack. Dont 
worry about the spiked fishes as they will automaticly float up.Try to 
collect the lums along with the heart and continue swimming down all the 
way to the bottoms right opening. 

Swim up and on to the rock walkway. Jump on the third rock to collect another 
golden coin. Continue running and diving into the water. Swim forward till you
get pushed up. Walk Forward and dive again. Keep swiming forward to the boss 

This boss can be tricky but if you stick to this FAQ it will turn into an easy 

Once the boss appears, stay where you are and wait for it to get below you and 
U turn. Stay on top of it for a few seconds until the spiked tail fish appears.
Immediately swim up and wait for its tail to reveal a weak point. Hit it and 
swim to the bottom left.

The boss will swim down then to the right, immediately swim toward the right 
so the boss ends up swimming past you on its way to the left. Keep swiming on 
the bottom and watch out for the spiked tail fish. Wait till the boss returns 
and starts swimming toward the bottom, quickly swim up and hit the weak point.

Quickly swim to the middle and wait for it to attack from the left opening. 
The boss swim toward you with its mouth open, hit the last weak point. Easy, 
wasnt it?

'-- 350: Land of the Livid Dead ----------------------------------------------'

Boss Name: Big Mama
World: Land of the Livid Dead
Difficulty: Hard
Total Hits: 3

A secret stage unlocked when you collect all 10 Crystal Teeth by unlocking 
each of the crystal’s stages. You will need 200 Electoons. This stage is 
extremely hard and frustrating and requires precise timings and patients. 
I will skip to the boss fight directly.

Warning: This boss’s weak point appears and disappears really fast so make 
sure you know what you're doing.

Run forward and use the bouncer to bounce into the boss. As soon as it screams,
jump over its spiked bracelet and hover over it’s left hand till it moves. 
Drop down and run to the right jumping over the spikes and land on the quick 
appearing weak point.

You will be thrown up, quickly move toward it’s eyes and start punching till 
you destroy them all.

You will end up on the right. watch out for the other hand trying to squash 
you. Both hands will be parallel so try hovering and jumping of them for a 
short while until the hand to your right becomes balanced.

Jump on it and watch out for the spikes. The hand will go down the lava so 
jump. Repeat again with little hovering. The spikes will slide to the left 
then back. Once it starts sliding toward you (left) again, immediately jump 
to the left as the other hand with a weak point will appear.

Hit it and you will end up on top with the final weak point, hit it to clear 
the game.

400: Closing          \
'-- 410: Contacts ------------------------------------------------------------'

I may be contacted any time via my email, Twitter or Blog. Just make 
sure to properly mention the subject. I welcome questions, contributions, 
corrections, requests or anything else.

E-mail: adam3k3[at]gmail[dot]com
Twitter: @Adam3k3
Website: http://adamcooper.me
YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Adam3k3

'-- 420: Special Thanks ------------------------------------------------------'

. http://rayman.wikia.com for bosses names.
. All websites that are hosting my FAQs.
. You for reading this FAQ.

FAQ Created by 
        ___       __               _____ __  _____
       /   | ____/ /___ _____ ___ |__  // /_|__  /
      / /| |/ __  / __ `/ __ `__ \ /_ (/ //_//_  \
     / ___ / /_/ / /_/ / / / / / /__/ / ,  \___/ /
    /_/  |_\__,_/\__,_/_/ /_/ /_/____/_/|_/_____/

-End of Document-

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