2K China: Animation LeadYuan Shi Wei
2K China: AnimatorDu Wen Jun
2K China: AnimatorDu Xia
2K China: AnimatorShen Yi Xin
2K China: ArtistHuang Xian Feng
2K China: ArtistWang Jiao
2K China: ArtistHu Jia Jing
2K China: ArtistLiu Lei
2K China: ArtistZhang Sheng Tao
2K China: ArtistWei Wei
2K China: ArtistChen Yang
2K China: ArtistCui Ying
2K China: ArtistWang Yu
2K China: ArtistHu Jia Zhuo
2K China: Associate ProducerSu Lu
2K China: Chief Lead AnimatorShen Hui
2K China: Chief Lead ArtistTang Zhi
2K China: General ManagerJulien Bares
2K China: Modeling LeadLi Ying Jun
2K China: Modeling LeadFang Pin
2K China: Production AssistantRen Ye Qing
2K China: Production AssistantLiu Shen
2K China: Sr. AnimatorXu Jie
2K China: VP of ProductionLiu Jing
2K Games: Additional Sound DesignDante Fazio
2K Games: Additional WritingZach Sherman
2K Games: Dialogue SupervisorAdam Dolin
2K Games: Lead Dialogue EditorGarrett Montgomery
2K Games: Writer/Experience DesignerJack Scalici
Additional Animation by STARBOARD MOTIONScott Dossett
Additional Effects by REZLAB ENTERTAINMENTCarlos Flores
Additional Programming Support by DARKSIDEBoris Batkin
Additional Programming Support by DARKSIDEHugh Falk
Additional Programming Support by DARKSIDEVadim Scherbakov
Additional Programming Support by HAVOKRoss O'Dwyer
Additional Programming Support by HAVOKTyler Shaub
Additional Programming Support by HAVOKSean Thurston
Additional Special Effects by FXVILLE, INC.Joe Olson
Additional Special Effects by FXVILLE, INC.Jonathan Peters
Additional Special Effects by FXVILLE, INC.Lindsay Ruiz
Additional Special Effects by FXVILLE, INC.John Scrapper
Additional Special Effects by FXVILLE, INC.Reed Shingledecker
Additional Special Effects by FXVILLE, INC.Garrett Smith
Blind Squirrel Games: Chief Executive OfficerBrad Hendricks
Blind Squirrel Games: EngineerArthur Donovan
Blind Squirrel Games: EngineerMatthew Fawcett
Blind Squirrel Games: EngineerLuke Mordaski
Blind Squirrel Games: EngineerJason Neal
Blind Squirrel Games: EngineerJohn Plou
Blind Squirrel Games: EngineerMike Winfield
Blind Squirrel Games: Level ArtistTrystan Snodgrass
Blind Squirrel Games: LighterJohn Heeter
Digital Extremes: Additional Programming Supportryan Baker
Firaxis: Accounting AssistantJoanne Miller
Firaxis: Additional Art DirectionSeth Spaulding
Firaxis: Additional ArtistMike Bazzell
Firaxis: Additional ArtistKenji Bliss
Firaxis: Additional ArtistKevin Bradley
Firaxis: Additional ArtistStephen Dautner
Firaxis: Additional ArtistErik DeVault
Firaxis: Additional ArtistEric Ehoff
Firaxis: Additional ArtistRobb Gibbs
Firaxis: Additional ArtistAdam Goodrich
Firaxis: Additional ArtistSang Han
Firaxis: Additional ArtistSuzana Kilic
Firaxis: Additional ArtistEl Medina
Firaxis: Additional ArtistRyan Murray
Firaxis: Additional ArtistDavid Pacanowsky
Firaxis: Additional ArtistNick Rusko-Berger
Firaxis: Additional AudioPaul Heitsch
Firaxis: Additional AudioDan Price
Firaxis: Additional AudioIan Smith
Firaxis: Additional EngineeringDan Baker
Firaxis: Additional EngineeringJosh Barczak
Firaxis: Additional EngineeringDominic Cerquetti
Firaxis: Additional EngineeringChris Doyle
Firaxis: Additional EngineeringMarc Giordano
Firaxis: Additional EngineeringKatie Hirsch
Firaxis: Additional EngineeringMark Hu
Firaxis: Additional EngineeringTim Kipp
Firaxis: Additional EngineeringScott Lewis
Firaxis: Additional EngineeringAlex Mantzaris
Firaxis: Additional EngineeringMarc Meyer
Firaxis: Additional EngineeringWill Miller
Firaxis: Additional EngineeringBradley Olson
Firaxis: Additional EngineeringGreg Osefo
Firaxis: Additional EngineeringElliot Pace
Firaxis: Additional EngineeringChris Page
Firaxis: Additional EngineeringMike Springer
Firaxis: Additional EngineeringMustafa Thamer
Firaxis: Additional EngineeringMarek Vojtko
Firaxis: Additional EngineeringErik Walle
Firaxis: Additional EngineeringNed Way
Firaxis: Additional EngineeringTom Whittaker
Firaxis: Additional EngineeringJason Winokur
Firaxis: Additional Level DesignGarth DeAngelis
Firaxis: Additional Level DesignPatrick Miller
Firaxis: Additional Level DesignEd Piper
Firaxis: Additional ProductionBarry Caudill
Firaxis: Additional ProductionDavid McDonough
Firaxis: Additional ProductionMichelle Menard
Firaxis: Additional ProductionLisa Miller
Firaxis: Additional ProductionJesse Smith
Firaxis: Additional QA LeadPatrick Glascoe
Firaxis: Additional TestingMike Argo
Firaxis: Additional TestingJim Crawley
Firaxis: Additional TestingAlex Poling
Firaxis: Additional TestingScott Wittbecker
Firaxis: Additional WritingLiam Collins
Firaxis: AnimatorHector Antunez
Firaxis: AnimatorJohn Stewart
Firaxis: AnimatorMark Thomas
Firaxis: AnimatorBryan Twomey
Firaxis: Art DirectorSteve Ogden
Firaxis: Associate ProducerPete Murray
Firaxis: CEO/PresidentSteve Martin
Firaxis: Co-Lead User Interface EngineerTronster Hartley
Firaxis: Co-Lead User Interface EngineerBrittany Steiner
Firaxis: Concept ArtistBryce Homick
Firaxis: Concept ArtistPiero Macgowan
Firaxis: Concept ArtistAaron Yamada-Hanff
Firaxis: Creative DirectorSid Meier
Firaxis: Designed ByJake Solomon
Firaxis: Director of Gameplay DevelopmentBarry Caudill
Firaxis: Director of Software DevelopmentSteve Meyer
Firaxis: Effects ArtistBrian Feldges
Firaxis: Environment ArtistTodd Bergantz
Firaxis: Environment ArtistZack Fowler
Firaxis: Environment ArtistToby Franklin
Firaxis: Environment ArtistStephanie Iannone
Firaxis: Environment ArtistDavid Jones
Firaxis: Environment ArtistAndrew Kincaid
Firaxis: Environment ArtistBrian Mahoney
Firaxis: Environment ArtistJustin Rodriguez
Firaxis: Environment ArtistArne Schmidt
Firaxis: Environment ArtistJohn Ward
Firaxis: Executive Producer & Marketing DirectorKelley Gilmore
Firaxis: Gameplay EngineerJoshua Bouscher
Firaxis: Gameplay EngineerDon Wuenschell
Firaxis: Gameplay/AI EngineerAlex Cheng
Firaxis: Graphics EngineerScott Boeckmann
Firaxis: Human Resources DirectorShawn Kohn
Firaxis: IT ManagerJosh Scanlan
Firaxis: Lead AnimatorDennis Moellers
Firaxis: Lead Audio DesignerRoland Rizzo
Firaxis: Lead Character ArtistChris Sulzbach
Firaxis: Lead Cinematic ArtistAndrew Currie
Firaxis: Lead Effects ArtistStephen Jameson
Firaxis: Lead EngineerCasey O'toole
Firaxis: Lead Environment ArtistMatt Demaray
Firaxis: Lead Graphics EngineerJeremy Shopf
Firaxis: Lead Level DesignerTodd Broadwater
Firaxis: Lead Multiplayer EngineerTodd Smith
Firaxis: Lead ProducerGarth DeAngelis
Firaxis: Lead Systems EngineerJustin Boswell
Firaxis: Lead Technical/HQ ArtistDavid Black
Firaxis: Lead WriterScott Wittbecker
Firaxis: Level DesignerOrion Burcham
Firaxis: Level/Tech DesignerLiam Collins
Firaxis: MarketingPeter Murray
Firaxis: Multiplayer EngineerTim Talley
Firaxis: Office ManagerDonna Milesky
Firaxis: ProducerAmber Hinden
Firaxis: ProducerClint McCaul
Firaxis: Project Art DirectorGreg Foertsch
Firaxis: QA LeadSarah Barrett
Firaxis: QA SupervisorGriffin Funk
Firaxis: Senior AnimatorJustin Thomas
Firaxis: Special Projects CoordinatorSusan Meier
Firaxis: Sr. Game DesignerAnanda Gupta
Firaxis: Systems EngineerEric Jordan
Firaxis: Systems EngineerRyan McFall
Firaxis: Systems/Network TechnicianMatt Baros
Firaxis: Systems/Tools EngineerScott Ramsay
Firaxis: Technical ArtistZeljko Strkalj
Firaxis: TesterDaron Carlock
Firaxis: TesterMatt Geckle
Firaxis: TesterCarlton Harrison
Firaxis: TesterMike Lemon
Firaxis: TesterBeth Petrovich
Firaxis: TesterKevin Schultz
Firaxis: TesterGabriel Shaw
Firaxis: TesterKelsey Swearman
Firaxis: User Interface ArtistWhitney Bell
Firaxis: User Interface ArtistSteve Ogden
Firaxis: User Interface ArtistLauren Snyder
Firaxis: User Interface EngineerSam Batista
Firaxis: User Interface EngineerDavid Burchanowski
Firaxis: Weapons/Items & Outsourcing ManagerBrian Theodore
Voice: ComposerMichael McCann
Voice: English CastJon Bailey
Voice: English CastJohn Bentley
Voice: English CastBrian Bloom
Voice: English CastMac Brandt
Voice: English CastKimberly Brooks
Voice: English CastJulianne Buescher
Voice: English CastBonnie Cahoon
Voice: English CastVic Chao
Voice: English CastFrancois Chau
Voice: English CastChris Cox
Voice: English CastChris Emerson
Voice: English CastAnna Graves
Voice: English CastDavid Hoffman
Voice: English CastDale Inghram
Voice: English CastMatt Yang King
Voice: English CastTara Platt
Voice: English CastMark Quirk
Voice: English CastAri Rubin
Voice: English CastRoy Samuelson
Voice: English CastCourtenay Taylor
Voice: French CastPatrice Baudrier
Voice: French CastBarbara Berretta
Voice: French CastHélène Bizot
Voice: French CastBernard Bollet
Voice: French CastPaul Borne
Voice: French CastLaurence Bréheret
Voice: French CastFrantz Confiac
Voice: French CastPierre Dourlens
Voice: French CastPascal Germain
Voice: French CastDavid Kruger
Voice: French CastGuillaume Lebon
Voice: French CastVirginie Ledieu
Voice: French CastLaetitia Lefebvre
Voice: French CastMartial Leminoux
Voice: French CastMarc Lesser
Voice: French CastBertrand Liebert
Voice: French CastAgnès Manoury
Voice: French CastPatrice Melennec
Voice: French CastCéline Melloul
Voice: French CastCyrille Monge
Voice: French CastLaurent Morteau
Voice: French CastNatacha Muller
Voice: French CastEric Peter
Voice: French CastYann Pichon
Voice: French CastSophie Riffont
Voice: French CastStéphane Ronchewsky
Voice: French CastMarc Saez
Voice: French CastOdile Schmitt
Voice: French CastPierre Tessier
Voice: French CastSybille Tureau
Voice: French CastPierre-Emmanuel Vos
Voice: French CastMarie Zidi
Voice: German CastGerd Acktun
Voice: German CastAndreas Borcherding
Voice: German CastJacques Breuer
Voice: German CastMike Carl
Voice: German CastManfred Erdmann
Voice: German CastUli Frank
Voice: German CastClaudia Jacobacci
Voice: German CastGerd Jilka
Voice: German CastChristian Jungwirth
Voice: German CastAnna Kiss
Voice: German CastCrock Krumbiegel
Voice: German CastMathias Kupfer
Voice: German CastMaximillian Laprell
Voice: German CastTorben Liebrecht
Voice: German CastThomas Limpinsel
Voice: German CastShirin Lotze
Voice: German CastMiriam Mahir
Voice: German CastDirk Meyer
Voice: German CastSonja Reichelt
Voice: German CastJakob Riedl
Voice: German CastWolfgang Schatz
Voice: German CastClaudia Schmidt
Voice: German CastPatrick Schröder
Voice: German CastKatrin Simon
Voice: German CastSven von Strauch
Voice: German CastMichele Tichawsky
Voice: German CastJosef Vossenkuhl
Voice: German CastAngela Wiederhut
Voice: Italian CastTesta Alessandro
Voice: Italian CastBongiorni Alice
Voice: Italian CastBolognini Andrea
Voice: Italian CastDe Nisco Andrea
Voice: Italian CastFailla Andrea
Voice: Italian CastGobbi Angiolina
Voice: Italian CastMazza Anna
Voice: Italian CastColombo Claudio
Voice: Italian CastMolos Eleni
Voice: Italian CastZannetti Emilio
Voice: Italian CastViola Federico
Voice: Italian CastMei Francesco
Voice: Italian CastDe Cesarei Jenny
Voice: Italian CastPatrignani Leonardo
Voice: Italian CastDe Luca Lorella
Voice: Italian CastAngella Lucia
Voice: Italian CastMatera Lucy
Voice: Italian CastDe Caro Ludovica
Voice: Italian CastBenedetti Marco
Voice: Italian CastScarabelli Mario
Voice: Italian CastCozzi Martina
Voice: Italian CastRadice Michele
Voice: Italian CastCiravolo Natale
Voice: Italian CastNedjari Omar
Voice: Italian CastDe Santis Paolo
Voice: Italian CastSesana Paolo
Voice: Italian CastRivetti Walter
Voice: Polish CastPiotr Bajtlik
Voice: Polish CastWaldemar Barwiński
Voice: Polish CastMonika Chrząstowska
Voice: Polish CastPaweł Cukierski
Voice: Polish CastJerzy Dominik
Voice: Polish CastAnna Gajewska
Voice: Polish CastJanusz German
Voice: Polish CastJoanna Jabłczyńska
Voice: Polish CastRobert Jarociński
Voice: Polish CastStefan Knothe
Voice: Polish CastMaciej Kowalik
Voice: Polish CastMaciej Kowalski
Voice: Polish CastJacek Król
Voice: Polish CastAagnieszka Kunikowska
Voice: Polish CastGrzegorz Kwiecień
Voice: Polish CastElżbieta Mazur
Voice: Polish CastJózef Pawłowski
Voice: Polish CastMonika Pikuła
Voice: Polish CastBąk Piotr
Voice: Polish CastMichał Podsiadło
Voice: Polish CastArtur Pontek
Voice: Polish CastMiłogost Reczek
Voice: Polish CastIwona Rulewicz
Voice: Polish CastAnna Sroka
Voice: Polish CastMonika Szalaty
Voice: Polish CastJakub Szydłowski
Voice: Polish CastŁukasz Talik
Voice: Polish CastBorkowski Tomasz
Voice: Polish CastRobert Tondera
Voice: Polish CastAnna Ułas
Voice: Polish CastMonika Węgiel
Voice: Polish CastPiotr Warszawski
Voice: Polish CastJakub Wieczorek
Voice: Polish CastJanusz Zadura
Voice: Polish CastLeszek Zduń
Voice: Russian CastValentina Abramova
Voice: Russian CastOlga Abramova
Voice: Russian CastAndrei Barhudarov
Voice: Russian CastSvetlana Bogatskaja
Voice: Russian CastLarisa Brohman
Voice: Russian CastAlexander Chernjavskij
Voice: Russian CastMaxim Dahnenko
Voice: Russian CastVasilij Dahnenko
Voice: Russian CastNikolaj Denisov
Voice: Russian CastAlexander Doronin
Voice: Russian CastDmitrij Evstratov
Voice: Russian CastDarja Frolova
Voice: Russian CastMikhail Guldan
Voice: Russian CastAlexander Hmelnitskij
Voice: Russian CastAlexander Hoshabaev
Voice: Russian CastIlja Isaev
Voice: Russian CastRamilja Iskander
Voice: Russian CastKonstantin Karasik
Voice: Russian CastBella Ko
Voice: Russian CastVladislav Kopp
Voice: Russian CastSergej Lavygin
Voice: Russian CastIvan Litvinov
Voice: Russian CastMikhail Lukashov
Voice: Russian CastAleksej Potapkin
Voice: Russian CastAlexander Pozharov
Voice: Russian CastMaria Ryschenkova
Voice: Russian CastNika Sarkisova
Voice: Russian CastDarja Semyonova
Voice: Russian CastDenis Shvedov
Voice: Russian CastElena Svanidze
Voice: Russian CastNona Vinogradova
Voice: Russian CastIvan Zharkov
Voice: Russian CastVasilij Zotov
Voice: Spanish CastÁngel Amorós
Voice: Spanish CastRafael Azcárraga
Voice: Spanish CastGema Carballedo
Voice: Spanish CastÓscar Castellanos
Voice: Spanish CastIñaki Crespo
Voice: Spanish CastRoberto Cuadrado
Voice: Spanish CastCelia de Diego
Voice: Spanish CastJavier Gámir
Voice: Spanish CastInma Gallego
Voice: Spanish CastChus Gil
Voice: Spanish CastVicente Gil
Voice: Spanish CastSergio Goicoechea
Voice: Spanish CastAna Jiménez
Voice: Spanish CastArturo López
Voice: Spanish CastMarta Méndez
Voice: Spanish CastAlfredo Martínez
Voice: Spanish CastJuan Antonio Sáinz de la Maza
Voice: Spanish CastMiguel Ángel Montero
Voice: Spanish CastAlma Naranjo
Voice: Spanish CastJuan Navarro
Voice: Spanish CastMiguel Ángel Pérez
Voice: Spanish CastAna Plaza
Voice: Spanish CastJuan Rueda
Voice: Spanish CastArantxa Franco de Sarabia
Voice: Spanish CastSalvador Serrano
Voice: Spanish CastEnrique Suárez
Voice: Spanish CastRosa Vivas
Voice: ZhangFeodor Chin


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