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Boss FAQ by ATadeo

Version: Final | Updated: 07/09/01

                     O N I M U S H A : W A R L O R D S 
              Onimusha Warlords for Sony Playstation 2 Boss FAQ
                               By: “A” Tadeo
                           Created: May 26, 2001
                               Final Version
                           Updates: July 10,2001
                     Mail me at: aaron20@edsamail.com.ph
                      Home Page: http://surf.to/aaronph


This FAQ is created for personal use only. You must not use it for anything 
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You also cannot use this FAQ as a guide for you to make your own FAQ, you must 
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about your game and give them proper credit. You can copy the layout though. 

You can put this FAQ on your non-commercial or non-profit web site provided 
that not a single character has been edited or removed and you MUST have 
permission from me in order to do so. You can also, print a copy of the entire 
walkthrough or a part of it, provided you only use it for personal purposes. 
Remember “You don’t have to steal, just ask.” - B.O.F.III


Here’s another great game from Capcom. Although similar in a lot of ways to 
the Resident Evil Series, this game has a lot of uniqueness in its respect. 
The bosses for the game are quite easy, but some opponents need strategy to be 
able to win. I now present to you my Onimusha: Warlords Boss FAQ. I’ll be 
dividing the entire guide into the bosses and I’ll give strategies for each 
and everyone of them. I hope these can you out in your game and those who want 
to send their own strategies, feel free to do so. Let’s begin.


                     I.     Updates/Revisions
                     II.    Boss Battle Overview
                     III.   Boss #1: Big Ogre Demon
                     IV.    Boss #2: Marcellus
                     V.     Mini-Boss: Stealth Demon
                     VI.    Boss #3: Doppelganger
                     VII.   Boss #4: Queen Bee/Wasp
                     VIII.  Boss #5: Marcellus
                     IX.    FINAL BOSS: Fortinbras
                     X.     Credits/Acknowledgements

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Final Version (Started: July 9, 2001)
I guess this guide needs to be in its final version already. Thanks for 
reading the guide. =)
        - Upgraded to the Final Version
        - Battle Overview Updated

                             BOSS BATTLE OVERVIEW

Boss Battles in Onimusha: Warlords are fairly on the average. The battles are 
in real-time so remember that the enemy won’t wait for you. Some of the 
enemies can be killed easily and some require cunning and skill. The location 
of the battles will also affect how you attack and defend. The enemies also 
vary in techniques and abilities that make this game quite a challenging one.

When battling a boss, remember that once you deliver a hard blow or a 100% hit 
blow, some spirits will be released for you so that you can absorb it for your 
weapon and magic. 

Note: Some names are just made up by me. I haven’t heard their actual names in 
the game yet. I’ll update this guide when a new strategy/ies for certain 
bosses appear.

                             Boss #1: BIG OGRE DEMON

Being the first boss in the game, its size is quite intimidating at first. But 
that size compromises its speed. 

Your battlefield will be quite broad. You can easily move around the place.

Its Attacks:
It will swing its huge weapon at you most of the time and some of these swings 
will render you helpless even if you block. When you deal enough damage, he’ll 
turn red and will begin charging at you. 

Defense Tips:
Because of his slowness, you can easy block all of its attacks (except for the 
charging attack). You can also evade him and easily go around him to position 
you for the attack.

Beating Tips:
At this point in the game, you only have the Thunder Orb with you. At the 
beginning of the battle, use up all your Thunder Magic. After that, use the 
thrust attack (Up+R1) and keep on strafing to its left and right. After its 
charging attack, it will be vulnerable for a short period of time. Hack away 
and you’ll win in no time at all. Don’t forget to absorb the extra spirits 
that appear.

                               Boss #2: MARCELLUS

This will be a tough opponent. He has a strong attack and a very good defense 
(with the shield). You’ll need to be fast in order to beat him.

You’ll be at the rooftop of the house and your moving range is quite limited. 
Go around the edges to lure him before attacking. Take note that you can’t see 
Marcellus if you’re on the other side of the roof.

His Attacks:
His sword is fortified with Wind Magic. He’ll use it throughout the battle a 
couple of times so watch out for it. He has a sequence of slashes that will 
render you helpless for a short period of time. He’s also capable of doing 
additional damage to you if you’re down on the floor.

Defense Tips:
Moving around him (at the same time staying a few steps away) will be the most 
effective way to lessen the damage you receive. His sword attacks have a 
fairly wide range so strafing isn’t applicable most of the time. You can juts 
block off his attacks though and counter with your own, provided that you act 

Beating Tips:
The first thing you have to do is to try and remove his shield. You can do 
this in 2 ways. Either use Thunder Magic on his back or use the Fire Magic at 
the same time while he’s attack (therefore making it a counter move). To be 
able to beat him more efficiently, try your best to stay behind or beside him 
so that his shield won’t get in the way of your attacks. If you successfully 
removed the shield, pummel away with normal slashes or magic, if you have some 
to spare.

                             Mini-Boss: STEALTH DEMON

This opponent is rather tricky because it can move to another location without 
being seen. Although it is a mini-boss, you’ll encounter these types of demons 
later in the game.

You’ll be in a fairly wide area so that the battle will be fair enough for 

Its Attacks:
It’s main arsenal is the stealth ability. It will hide for a while then appear 
on a different area within the room/dungeon. You can see it though, even if it 
is in stealth and you can easily following the silhouette of its body. It has 
3 kinds of attacks that I know off. First it can slash with sequential sword 
swipes. Second, it can throw boomerangs if you’re far away. And the most 
devastating attack is the Hard Slash (after stealth, it’ll jump and delivers a 
killer blow).

Defense Tips:
As Kaede, you are much faster than the Demon. If it goes into Stealth mode, 
follow the silhouette on the ground and block if necessary. But then, it would 
be a lot easier to just evade its attacks by strafing. To avoid the boomerang, 
just stay close to the demon and the boomerang will fly right by without 
damaging you.

Beating Tips:
You can be very aggressive against it. You can attack right after it appears 
after the Stealth mode. Don’t forget to press R1 to automatically lock on to 
its location so that you can block or attack it when it appears. If you decide 
to block, you can attack it right after you successfully blocked its attack. 
Just keep on moving around so that it will be confused a little bit and miss 

                              Boss #3: DOPPELGANGER

The doppelganger will be just the same as Samanosuke (duh!) except for some 
attacks and the armor (the doppelganger will wear the weak armor only and will 
not copy your Holy Armor). He will need a little strategy to defeat.

You’ll be in a fairly large area with a rock in the center. Just beware 
because you might get cornered and get stomped. 

His Attacks:
The Doppelganger will use normal slashes against you. But take note that some 
of them are very unpredictable. Just when you thought his attacks are over, 
you’ll get slashed the least you knew. He will also have a spirit attack that 
will damage you if you get hit. Block it and you’ll be able to absorb that 
spirit for your use. Take note that he can also block attacks and strafe from 
side to side just like good ‘ol Samanosuke.

Defense Tips:
Strafing and Blocking will be the best defense against him. Block his attacks 
and then follow-up with a counter or move away (or strafe beside him) to 
prevent damage. Watch out for the slashes. Be very alert.

Beating Tips:
This is the hard part. Most of the time, your slashes will be blocked by him. 
He can even block your magic attacks. So, the best way to defeat him is to 
attack when he is open. While he is attacking, do an attack yourself to 
counter it with your own slash/magic attack. That’s the only way. But if 
you’re skilled and you can go behind him (or just beside him will do) easily, 
attack him from behind. Don’t slash him continuously though as he can 
counterattack it at some point and don’t forget to use magic when you have the 

                             Boss #4: QUEEN BEE/WASP

She will be very tough if you don’t know what to do. The battle may also take 
quite a long time to finish because of her distance and speed. She will also 
have minions that will help her beat you up.

You’ll be inside a particular house where there will be a narrow path through 
the room. Your movement will be very limited due to this and to the minions 
scattered around.

Her Attacks:
Because of the fact that she is airborne, her attacks are quite fast but you 
can easily block them. When you hear her say “die”, block at once because 
she’ll charge you. Also, watch out for her minions because they also do a lot 
of damage to Samanosuke. But most of the time, you’ll find her flying around 
and slashing about. She even slashes her minions. 

Defense Tips:
All of her attacks can easily be blocked. Just be careful of the minions 
especially in numbers. You can also avoid her charging attack if you are not 
trapped in a corner by strafing (R1+left/right). 

Beating Tips:
Here’s what I did and I find it really effective. First, go near her and use 
the Wind Magic. It will stun her and she will go down for a short while. 
During this time, use the Thunder Magic and hack her away. If she is far away, 
you can use your Fire Magic also. Just be cautious, as sometimes your Fire 
Magic will just kill the minions. Normal slash hits will be very hard to 
accomplish against her. The trick is to evade her attacks, therefore making 
her defenseless for a very short period of time, then use your normal slashes. 
If you’re out of Magic, kill the minions and hope for Blue Spirits to fill 
your magic up. The most important attack here is the Wind Magic, don’t forget 

                               Boss #5: MARCELLUS

Marcellus is the most warrior-like opponent in the game. He has an awfully big 
sword and an annoyingly effective shield. He’s also quite big but the downside 
is that he is a little slow.

You’ll be at the main hall of the demon world. The center area is small and 
circular in shape and the 2 ends of the screen are quite narrow. There will be 
a medicine near the door where you entered this place. It would be hard to 
move around, but remember that this goes the same for Marcellus.

His Attacks:
In the first stage, Marcellus will have a variety of Slashes and sometimes 
fortifying it with Magic. When you’re down, he can attack you with a Fire 
Sword. He also still has the shield charge attack, but this time you’ll fall 
off your feet even if you blocked it.

In the second stage, where he loses his shield, he’ll now have 2 swords to use 
against you. He can deliver several, fast and very damaging slashes at 
Samanosuke. Again, he can still use some Magic-fortified attacks just like 
before. But the main difference now is that Marcellus can move quickly (almost 
like Teleporting). 

Defense Tips:
Don’t worry about his attacks. All of them can be blocked by Samanosuke. But 
then, quickly get up (by press various buttons quickly) because he might 
attack you when you’re down. 

Beating Tips:
In the first stage of the fight, you must concentrate on removing that shield 
at once. The best way to do this is to use your Fire Magic. Just as he begins 
to attack, press R1 plus Triangle (with the Fire Sword Equipped) to attack 
him. If you timed it right, he won’t be able to continue his attack and will 
be stunned for a moment. Do this at least twice more and the shield will be 
off. After doing this task, you’ll have an easier fight.

In the second stage, he will be defenseless now so you can attack him anytime, 
if you are able to reach him. Block his attacks and then attack right after 
blocking. Use up all your Magic this time as it will be 100% effective. Use 
the Fire Sword afterwards for Maximum Damage. Now, You can beat Marcellus 
easily (without using magic) be cornering him at either of the 2 doors. He 
won’t be able to move for a while and he’ll be open to all kinds of attacks. 
Use the Thrust Attack (R1+Up+Attack) to deal more damage and to stun him.

                             Final Boss: FORTINBRAS

As the final boss, Fortinbras has a lot of Hit points to spare. It’ll take you 
a couple of minutes to beat him using the Bishamon Sword. Here are some 
strategies that I found effective against Fortinbras.

You’ll be in a medium-sized chamber where you can move quite freely in all 
directions. This will give you a fair fight with Fortinbras.

His attacks:
Fortinbras has a lot of attacks in his arsenal. He can wave his hand and 
unleash a strong gust of wind that will push you away from him. Even if you 
block this attack, you’ll still move away a distance. Another attack of 
Fortinbras (most of the time, he uses it before/after the wind attack) is when 
he lunges his fists at you, literally pounding Samanosuke. You’ll be out of 
commission for a while as you’ll be stunned by that attack. Blocking will 
negate this attack. Also, you can avoid this one if you’re fast or lucky. If 
you’re right in front of him (when you push forward until you touch him), his 
arms will extended over Samanosuke and will evidently miss.

Another attack would be the Pinkish Laser beams that follow you and blasts a 
deadly beam to the ground. These lasers will come in groups and it will be 
hard to avoid if you’re very slow. The cue here is when you see the laser’s 
reflection on the ground, press the Attack Stance Button (R1) and move away 
from the lasers. 

Here’s another attack. The Eye Beams. This time, the beams will come from 
Fortinbras’ eyes and it is aimed directly at Samanosuke. If you don’t move, 
you’re swiss chess. The trick here is to do the Attacking Stance and tap right 
or left to move away from the path of the laser. Just be careful because most 
of the time, he blasts laser beams continuously. The number of beams are at 
random though.

One of the most annoying attacks of Fortinbras is the Fire Breath. He’ll 
unleash his fiery breath all over the area so it would be best to stay as far 
as you can. Sometimes, you need to strafe to the left or right to avoid the 
flame. This attack cannot be blocked.

And the most deadly attack of Fortinbras, the Death Grip. During this time, 
you have to press all the buttons as many times as you can and as fast as you 
can. If you’re slow, Fortinbras will toast Samanosuke and the game will be 
Over (unless you have a Talisman). If you managed to escape, attack him during 
this weakened state. Just remember that he can only use this attack when 
you’re close to him. 

General Beating Tips:
Fortinbras will take a lot of slashes before it dies. But the best way to 
attack him is to attack his body (not the snake-like body/tail). To make it 
easier to attack the body (especially without magic), hack away the tail and 
eventually, his body will fall to the ground making him very vulnerable for 
the moment. It’s then time to use your most powerful attack during this time. 
Note: After attacking him when his body is on the ground, you’ll be able to 
absorb some spirits after he recovers.

Defense Tips:
2 or 3 Medicines will be enough for you to survive this battle. A Talisman 
will also be great incase you forgot to heal and got killed. All in all, you 
can block some of his moves and easily evade the rest of the attacks. Also, 
your Soul Absorber may not be useful because it can’t reach his body when his 

Beating Tip #1:
If you have the Bishamon Sword, just hack his tail until his body falls down. 
During his weakened state, use the Triangle Button to attack his body. Keep on 
doing this until he dies. If you’re fast enough, Fortinbras might not even 
have the opportunity to attack.

Beating Tip #2:
If you don’t have the Bishamon Sword, you can definitely rely on your Magic. 
First, use the Fire Sword to attack his tail (because I noticed that it is the 
strongest sword among the 3) until his body goes down to the ground. This 
time, use your Thunder Magic (Triangle Button with Thunder Sword) and you’ll 
see Samanosuke beat up Fortinbras. When Fortinbras recovers, absorb the 
spirits and repeat the process again. After using the Thunder Magic, use the 
Fire and then finally, the Wind Magic. Don’t forget to use Magic only when his 
body is down (except for the Wind and Fire Magic which can reach his body) 
because you’ll be able to deal much more damage. If you’re out of magic, use 
the Fire Sword and slash Fortinbras to oblivion.


- Thanks to Capcom for bringing a Resident Evil type (but very very unique) 
game for the Playstation 2. 

- Thanks to the readers of this FAQ. This won’t be called such without anyone 
using/reading it. Thanks very much!

- Thanks to my Sis for waiting patiently for me while I’m typing and playing. 
She wants to use the PC and the PS2 also.

- And last but absolutely not the least, thanks to GameFAQs where you can view 
and download this walkthrough/FAQ. CjayC deserves all the credits given to 
him. Congratulations!

These are all that I would like to thank as of now. If I happen to forget 
anyone, please inform me. I’ll check it out on my inbox if you really have 
something to be credited (I never delete important ones). Note, that if the 
same info is sent to me, it is on a first come first serve basis. Any 
suggestions, comments, additions, etc. will be duly credited to you once 
you’ve submitted one to me through my e-mail address written at the very top 
of this FAQ.  Thank you very much!

                            Onimusha: Warlords (tm)
                    is a registered trademark of Capcom Co.

                 Sony Playstation 2 and its accessories (tm)
     are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.

                       All other instances and products 
            are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

                       The Onimusha: Warlords Boss FAQ
                            (c)Copyright May 2001
                                 “A”  Tadeo

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