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FAQ/Walkthrough by Croco

Version: Final | Updated: 07/24/01

    ___             ___
   /  /__ ___     _ \  \ ___       _      __   _____  _    _      __
  /  //  \\  \   / ||  | \  \     | \|\   \ \ /  ___\| |  | |     \ \
 /  ___   \|  \  | ||  |  |  \  /|| || \  | |/  /    | |  | |    /\\ \
|  /   \  ||   \ | ||  |  |   \/ || || |  | |\  \_   | |__| |_  / / \ \
| (     ) || |\ \| ||  |  | |\__/ | || |  | | \_  \  |  __   _/| |__/ |
|  \___/  /| | \   ||  |  | |     | || \  / |   \  \ | |  | |  |  __  |
 \       /_| |  \  /|  |_/  |     \ \ \ \/ /____/  / | |  | |  | |  \ |
  \_____/ \__|   \/ | //___/       \_\ \__//______/  \ |  \ | /  /  |  \
                    |/               _    //          \|   \| \_/    \_/
 _____|\____________________________ \\__//          _     __  _  __  _
|_____||____________________________\ \__/\    //_\ |_)|  /  \|_)|  \|_
      |/                                   \/\//   \| \|__\__/| \|__/__|

                 ~A FAQ/Walkthrough Created By: Croco~


This document is copyright (2001 by Croco. Reproduction of this document in
part or in whole without the author's consent is strictly forbidden. If the
reader wishes to use the FAQ for their personal and private use only, then a
copy may be made.

This Extensive FAQ/Walkthrough to the PlayStation 2 game Onimusha:
Warlords Includes the Following Features:
     *A Walkthrough to help you with the tough spots in the game.
     *Lists Describing all of the Weapons, Items, and Special Objects.
     *An Enemy Guide with techniques for defeating them quickly.
     *Locations of all the hidden Fluorite Pieces.
     *Strategies for attaining higher Ranks.
     *Secrets and Bonuses unveiled.
     *More! Read On...

Contact Me: croco64@yahoo.com (See Part 5, Section 3 for details)

Want a short, to-the-point FAQ that doesn't ruin any of the story?
You won't find it here, check out the ONIMUSHA: WARLORDS SPOILER-FREE

This FAQ/Walkthrough for Onimusha: Warlords is currently in the Final Version,
Created July 24th, 2001 by Croco.

Final Version - 7/24/01
At long last, the Final Version of this FAQ creeps around. Included inside is
the walkthrough to the Dark Realm, the Oni Spirits Guide, the Rankings Guide,
and the rest of the Secrets. Quite a fitting end.

Version 1.3 - 6/20/01
After a month-long absence of updates, another one hits the streets, bringing
this FAQ to the brink of completion. I'm oh-so-near finishing up everything,
but we're not quite there yet. This update includes the entire walkthrough to
the East Area (whew! It's a big area), which also finishes off the Items,
Files, and Fluorite Locations Indexes. Also included are some new Battle
Techniques. Expect the next update to come shortly, and expect it to be the

Version 1.2 - 5/15/01
Let's take a little look behind the scenes of this FAQ, shall we? Since I'm the
only one writing this, I'm just gonna talk about me for a while. Isn't it
great? I'm great too. Anyway, I've been working (as in a job) quite a bit
lately. I hope to get enough money to buy a new computer. Yay! My current one
is a bit on the ancient side, so I can't wait to get the cash for a new one.
So, my working has made it a little harder to update frequently, but I've still
managed to do it. This update includes a walkthrough for the West Area (only
two more areas to go!), as well as updates to the Secrets section, Items Index,
Files Index, and Fluorite Index. Finally, thanks to a Mr. Covert, this FAQ has
been looked over for mistakes and places where wording could be better.
Therefore, if you read something before that was confusing, it should most
likely be fixed now. What a wonderful world...

Version 1.1 - 5/7/01
A quick update today, nothing more. I'm progressing a little further on the
walkthrough with the Keep Underground area, but not much else other than the
standard updates to the Fluorite Indez, Files Index, and Items Indexes have
been updated. Also, be sure to hit the back button and take a look and my
brand-new Onimusha: Warlords Spoiler-Free Walkthrough, designed for getting
information quickly and easily. This FAQ/Walkthrough will go into all the
details instead. Wait a second, what's going on here? This entire message has
been serious. Better go take my temperature.

Version 1.0 - 5/2/01
Wa ha ha... Ha Ha Ha! HA HA HA HA!!! My next step in dominating the world is
complete. You see, here's how it goes. First I write a bunch of FAQs that
everybody likes (OK, maybe everybody doesn't like them... everybody LOVES
them). Then, I start planting subliminal messages in them such as "Croco is
Your King" or "Give All Your Money to Croco". Then the helpless fools of the
online world will be forced into being my slaves. Ingenious, isn't it? Back on
the subject of this FAQ (though we were never on it to begin with), this first
version includes a walkthrough up to and including the Keep area. Also
completed is Parts 1, 2, and 4, and the Dark Realm Guide in Part 3. Also in
Part 3, I've started on the Items, Files, and Fluorite Indexes, as well as
beginning my coverage of the secrets in the game. Wow, I think this is the
longest blurb I've ever written. Go me!


UPDATE NOTICE: New to the Final Version is the Dark Realm Walkthrough, the Oni
     Spirits Guide, the Rankings Guide, and the completed secrets section.



I. Part 1: Introduction
   1. Introduction
   2. The Story Behind This FAQ
   3. The Story of Onimusha
II. Part 2: Basics and Lists
   1. Controls & Play
   2. Characters
   3. Battle Techniques
   4. Weapons/Armor List
   5. Enemy List
III. Part 3: Game Walkthrough
   1. Area 1: Nanaragami
   2. Area 2: Underground Temple
   3. Area 3: South Area
   4. Area 4: The Keep
   5. Area 5: Keep Underground
   6. Area 6: West Area
   7. Area 7: East Area
   8. Area 8: Dark Realm
IV. Part 4: Indexes and Guides
   1. Items Index
   2. File Index
   3. Fluorite Locations Index
   4. Secrets
   5. Dark Realm Guide
   6. Ranking Guide
   7. Oni Spirits Guide
V. Part 5: Miscellaneous
   1. Additional Tips
   2. Frequently Asked Questions
   3. Contact Info
   4. Credits/Other
   5. Closing Statement


*: This symbol indicates that this section has been started on, but is
currently under completion. Expect more in future updates.
**: This symbol indicates that this section has not been started on at all.
When it will be started on is usually based on the order it is found on the
Table of Contents.
 : No Marks indicate the section has been completed.

 ___/|____|\______________________________________________________| |_
   |||    |/                                                     \___/
   |||  ================= PART 1: INTRODUCTION =================  |||
  /___\                                                     \|    |||
   | |                                                            |||
   |_|                                                             \|
              =============== INTRODUCTION ===============

     1997... when you think about this bygone year, it seems to be far in the
past. Yet, this is the year when work on Onimusha first began. Such a long
development cycle, but why? Onimusha has changed, been added to, and
transformed numerous times, which explains its lengthy time in the making.
     News about a ninja version of Resident Evil for the PlayStation first
surfaced in 1999. Rumors were flying everywhere about it, and no one was quite
sure what to make of it or whether it existed. However, the game most certainly
was real. Soon it shifted focus from stealthy ninja fights to powerful samurai
combat, which would make for more exciting battles. The game was built using
the Resident Evil 2 engine, and everything seemed to be set in motion... until
the game was cancelled.
     Cancelled, that is, for the original PlayStation. Keiji Inafune, the
producer of Onimusha and creator of other Capcom legends such as Mega Man, had
decided to change the game from appearing on the PSX to the PlayStation 2. The
power of the PS2 allowed for better looking character models and larger
environments to explore, so the switch certainly was justified. The only
downside was that it took a year or two longer to get the game out.
     So, here we are, now playing a game that has taken four years to create.
The enticing swordplay and the interesting adventure envisioned by Inafune
years earlier has finally come together in Onimusha: Warlords.


        =============== THE STORY BEHIND THIS FAQ ===============

     I welcome myself back to the world of FAQ writing with this FAQ. The last
time I submitted a new FAQ was way back in December. Throughout these past
months, I've been wavering between stopping writing and continuing on, not sure
which option was better. As this new FAQ shows, I have chosen to go on with my
writing. I've refound an interest in writing, and am very pleased to return.
     So, what better way to come back than with an FAQ for perhaps the
PlayStation 2's best game, Onimusha Warlords. This is really a historic event
for me, as it marks my first FAQ for a game that doesn't appear on a Nintendo
system. I've recently stolen a PS2 from a deaf war widow (hey, remember how
desperate you were/are to get a PS2?) and have put quite a few games through
their paces. Onimusha, on the other hand, I've decided to purchase and write an
FAQ for.
     For those of you that may actually care (if you've read this much of this
section, you must), I've decided to permanently switch to the five-part FAQ
introduced with my last FAQ. The Game Walkthrough and other main parts of the
game are now separate.
     So, sit back and try to find your way through this mess I call an FAQ.
This is part of history, folks. Experience it yourself!


          =============== THE STORY OF ONIMUSHA ===============

     Guess what? For the five millionth time in video game history, you have to
save the princess who's been captured by evil monsters! Of course, this game
doesn't exactly follow the same formula all the other hackneyed stories have in
the past.
     One of the most interesting parts of Onimusha is that the basis of the
story is built off of actual historic events that happened in Japan. The first
two paragraphs you read below are completely true, real-life happenings, while
the rest is fiction made up by Capcom. The twist of fantasy and non-fiction
makes the story all the better.

EIROKU 3 (AD 1560), SUMMER...

Yoshimoto Imagawa, a powerful warlord of Suruga, leads an immense army from
Suruga toward Kyoto (in those days the capital of Japan). Yoshimoto's ambition
is to unify Japan and crown himself its sole king. On the march, the army halts
in the plain of Okehazama in Owari to rest for the night. This changes
Yoshimoto's - and Japan's - destiny forever.

A troop of only 2,000 soldiers, led by Nobunaga Oda, a warlord of Owari, makes
a surprise attack on Yoshimoto's camp. In a desperate battle, Nobunaga's
legions defeat the invaders and slay Yoshimoto (this historical event is known
as the Battle of Okehazama).

Just as Nobunaga is exulting in his victory, an arrow from one of Yoshimoto's
soldiers pierces his throat. He falls to the ground in a death struggle.

A young man watches this from a remote hill. His name is Samanosuke Akechi. He
is marked by destiny.


Strange incidents are occurring in Inabayama Castle in Mino prefecture.
Soldiers and workers are disappearing without a trace. Worried by these
inexplicable events, Princess Yuki sends a plea for help to Samanosuke. At
once, he races to the castle. But he arrives too late. Yuki has been kidnapped!

At the same time, enemy troops are attacking the castle. Leading the army -
risen from certain death and astride a fierce warhorse - is Nobunaga!

It's time for action! Samanosuke vows to rescue Yuki with the help of his
[female ninja partner] Kaede and defeat Nobunaga and his army of demon

 ___/|____|\______________________________________________________| |_
   |||    |/                                                     \___/
   |||  =============== PART 2: BASICS AND LISTS ===============  |||
  /___\                                                     \|    |||
   | |                                                            |||
   |_|                                                             \|
            =============== CONTROLS AND PLAY ===============

     The control style for Onimusha is pretty tricky (and by that I mean
stupid), so it'll take a little while to get used to. Below are the controls
for the game. Also, the basic concepts and parts of the game are listed in this

- Directional Buttons:
   Up: Run Forward, Step Forward (hold R1 button)
   Down: Run Backward, Step Backward (hold R1 button)
   Left/Right: Turn Left/Right, Sidestep (hold R1 Button)
- X Button: Check Area, Open Chest, Confirm Menu Selections
- O Button: Use Gauntlet (absorb souls)
- Square Button: Attack
- Triangle Button: Use Magic Attack, Cancel Menu Selections
- L1 Button: Block, Switch Inventory Menu
- R1 Button: Hold for Alternate Movements (in conjunction with the
   directional buttons), Switch Inventory Menu
- L2 Button: Take Panda Head On/Off (only with Samanosuke Extra)
- R2 Button: Turn Around
- Start Button: Open Inventory
- Select Button: Open Main Menu
- L3 Button: No Use
- R3 Button: Display Map
- Left Analog Stick: No Use
- Right Analog Stick: No Use


At the top of the screen, there are two bars. One shows Samanosuke's vitality,
or how much life he has left. As he is hurt by enemies, his vitality will be
depleted. When the bar flashes, vitality is dangerously low. If all his life is
gone, you will die and must restart at the last save point. The magic bar is
right below the vitality bar. Whenever Samanosuke uses a powerful magic attack,
magic is used. When the bar flashes, the amount of magic is too low to perform
a magic attack.

Using the Gauntlet you receive near the beginning of the game, you can absorb
the souls of the enemies you defeat. Almost every enemy, once killed, will
leave behind one or more souls. There are three different colors: red, yellow,
and blue. Red souls will allow you to enhance weapons, orbs and items at magic
mirrors (see below). Yellow souls will replenish some of your vitality. Blue
solves will refill some magic. Souls come in different sizes. Larger souls give
you increased benefits, but take longer to absorb onto the gauntlet. Red souls
are the most abundant.

Throughout your quest, you will find certain documents called files. Files
serve no purpose in beating the game, but will introduce interesting stories or
help to clarify what is going on.

When you come to Magic Mirrors, one of the options is to enhance your weapons,
orbs, or items. By using the red souls collected by defeating enemies, you can
increase the power of the things you desire. What you can change is listed
below, along with how many souls it costs to do it.

  - Enhance a Weapon to Level 2: 3,000 souls required
  - Enhance a Weapon to Level 3: 6,000 souls required
  - Enhance an Orb to Level 2: 2,000 souls required
  - Enhance an Orb to Level 3: 4,000 souls required
  - Enhance a Herb into a Medicine: 1,000 souls required
  - Enhance a Normal Arrow to a Fire Arrow: 100 souls required
  - Enhance a Normal Bullet to a Burst Bullet: 200 souls required
  - Enhance Gauntlet to Level 2: Absorb 20,000 souls
  - Enhance Gauntlet to Level 3: Absorb 50,000 souls

The enhancement of items is critical in completing the game.


               =============== CHARACTERS ===============

     The story of Onimusha is told through a variety of colorful characters.
Some are trying to support Samanosuke in his search for Princess Yuki, some are
innocent bystanders unaware of what is going on, and some are evil creatures
involved with the demons. Below are descriptions and information on all of the

Age: 24 years old
Clan Involvement: Saito
Description: A master swordsman who travels across Japan seeking his
   rival. Often perceived as a passionless soldier because of his quiet
   ways, Samanosuke is actually a hot-blooded warrior with a noble sense
   of justice.

Samanosuke is the Japanese warrior whom you will take control of over most of
the game. He is a long-time friend of the Saito clan, and in particular
Princess Yuki, though recent events have forced him to leave. When he receives
a letter from Yuki asking him to come, he does not hesitate. However, when he
arrives, he finds the Princess is missing and decides he must be the one to
find her. The young warrior is very skilled at using a variety of weapons, from
swords to bows to even guns.

Age: Unknown
Clan Involvement: None
Description: An expert kunoichi (female ninja), Kaede was originally
   sent by the Iga ninjas to assassinate Samanosuke. Instead, she
   developed absolute trust in him and joined him as his confidant.

Kaede is Samanosuke's partner throughout this ordeal. You'll have the
opportunity to control her a few times in the adventure. She specializes in
using a dagger and throwing knives. She also has a special Shinobi kit that
allows her to break open certain doors that Samanosuke cannot. However, she
cannot use magic like Samanosuke, so many places requiring orbs to enter are
off limits. The pair often stays separated to get more done at once.

Age: 19 years old
Clan Involvement: Saito
Description: Yuki is the sister of Yoshitatsu, the master of Inabayama
   Castle and Samanosuke's cousin. She becomes aware of strange events
   in the castle and sends an SOS to Samanosuke. But before he arrives,
   she is mysteriously kidnapped.

Princess Yuki is the person that you're trying to rescue in your quest. While
the motive for her kidnapping is unknown at first, it soon becomes apparent
that the demons have large plans for Yuki.

Age: 12 years old
Clan Involvement: Saito
Description: An enigmatic orphan discovered by Samanosuke while looking
   for Yuki in the castle.

Yumemaru is the adopted brother of Princess Yuki. He cares very much about
Yuki, and bravely enters the Keep to try and save her. However, being only 12
years old and facing hordes of demons, his chances are very slim.

Age: Unknown
Clan Involvement: Oda
Description: An exceptional warlord who aspires to unify Japan. With
   the victory against Imagawa in Okehazama, he rides a tidal wave of
   success. Though he was once thought dead, Nobunaga's acts have now
   become extremely heartless and cruel.

Nobunaga is one of the evil characters in the game. In order to be resurrected
and to have more power, he has made a deal with the demons. He is now wreaking
havoc over the Japanese countryside, and things just look worse and worse. It's
up to Samanosuke to stop him and the demons.

Age: Unknown
Clan Involvement: Oda
Description: One of Nobunaga's high-ranking generals, Kinoshita has
   the warlord's complete trust. Though he has sworn absolute loyalty
   to Nobunaga, the only thing Kinoshita truly cares about is his own
   advancement in the ranks of power.

Tokichiro, referred to by some as the "monkey man", is a small warrior that
tries to persuade Samanosuke to join the Oda clan... sometimes through talking
and sometimes through force.

Age: Unknown
Clan Involvement: Demons
Description: None

Guildstern is a high class demon who spends his time making bizarre creations.
He uses these creations to attack humans, and several times Samanosuke. You'll
cross paths with this evil demon several times.


            =============== BATTLE TECHNIQUES ===============

     The swordplay in Onimusha is certainly the biggest aspect of the game, and
if you don't learn how to master it, you'll either find yourself fleeing or
dying a lot. Here are some handy techniques that can enhance your skills in

What many newcomers to Onimusha fail to realize is that blocking attacks with
your sword can be the best form of defense. Almost every enemy attack can be
blocked, with the exceptions of projectiles and magic. To block, simply press
L1. Be careful, however, because after you block one attack, you're vulnerable
for a second from a subsequent hit. Therefore, blocking isn't ideal for
fighting multiple enemies or defending a two-part attack. Blocking makes taking
down stronger demons much easier.

Agility may seem to be an important part of fighting, but it unfortunately
isn't. Most of your fighting will be done in narrow corridors or places without
much space to move about. Also, most enemies have attacks that cover a wide
range from left to right. This essentially makes sidestepping worthless.
Backing up, however, is a very advisable strategy. A quick retreat can get you
away from the weapons of attacking monsters. See the next technique for more
hints on backing up.

For the larger, slower demons (ranked middle class), this is a very good
strategy to use. First, move in close to the enemy and pull off a couple hits,
then back up to get out of the way of the enemy's weapon. After they attack,
run in for a few more hits, then flee once more. Continue this until they are
defeated. This is particularly useful against groups of large demons.

Combos are great against the smaller demons, as they will either kill the
demons quickly or knock them down. A combo starts out with two normal swings
from your sword, then a final, more powerful blow. Low class demons will be
knocked back by an attack, so three swift chops from a sword will make sure
they can't react. For larger demons, combos don't tend to be as helpful,
because they are not knocked back.

Kicking is an extremely underestimated and underused technique in battles.
Kicking will knock over most small enemies, which will not only allow you to
concentrate on others in large battles, but will also put them in prime
position for a quick ground stab. For larger enemies, it will stun them for a
second, buying you some time to run away or get set up for an attack. Kicking
doesn't do much damage, but it is a powerful part of your arsenal.

Magic attacks and projectiles, such as arrows and bullets, should be used
sparingly. With proper battle skills, you can defeat even the toughest demons
without ever using magic or projectiles. However, when facing a group of
monsters, you may want to consider using one of these things to thin out their
ranks a bit. Using projectiles/magic against bosses is recommended, though.

Conveniently, your sword can go right through an enemy and hit another (it
doesn't stop when it makes contact with an enemy). This allows you to hit
several enemies at once. Go for groups of demons bunched close together so that
you can hurt many at a time.

Besides magic, the ground stab is probably the most powerful attack in the
game. When an enemy is on the ground, you can plunge your sword into them as
they try to get up. Not only does this look super-cool, it will also almost
always instantly kill the enemy. Because of this, getting enemies on the ground
is the best thing you can do. Try kicking and using combos to get them in this
position. Also, if two enemies are on the ground right next to each other and
you position your stab just right, it may go through both of them at once.


The strike attack shouldn't be relied upon as timing everything just right
every time is nearly impossible. However, no move is as powerful as the strike.
Right before an enemy attacks, there is a tiny sliver of time that they are
vulnerable. If you hit the attack button at this time, Samanosuke will dash
forward and perform a brutal hit on the enemy. You'll know you did it by the
yellow flash on the screen. Very effective, but hard to pull off.

While most of Kaede's moves are similar to Samanosuke's, she does have a few
unique moves to her arsenal. As a kunoichi, she is very quick. Her moves
reflect this speed. These unique attacks are all activated by utilizing the R1
button. If you Hold R1 and hit attack while next to an enemy, you'll flip over
them. Press R1 while directly behind them and Kaede will slit their throat. If
you press R1 and tap back, she'll do a backflip. These moves of speed are what
separates Kaede from Samanosuke, and partially make up for her weak attacks.


              =============== WEAPONS/ARMOR LIST ===============

     This section is comprised of a list of all the weapons and armor you can
acquire in the game. With each weapon comes descriptions, notes on its
performances, and any magic and/or enhancements that you can obtain for it.

---~WEAPONS LIST KEY~---------------------------------------------------
1. Name: The name of the weapon.
2. Magic Attack: The magic attack that the weapon performs.
3. Attack Power: Either Very Weak, Weak, Medium, or Strong, this tells
   how much damage will be inflicted on enemies compared to other
4. Magic Power: Either Weak, Medium, Strong, or Very Strong. This tells
   how much damage will be inflicted on enemies compared to other
   weapons' magic.
5. Enhancements: Any form of improving or changing the weapon.
6. Description: A description of the weapon.

===== WEAPONS LIST =====

Magic Attack: None
Attack Power: Weak
Magic Power: N/A
Enhancements: None
Description: This is a common sword that a warrior uses.

The basic sword. You will start your quest with this in your inventory. It is
very weak and even the demons with the least vitality will take time to defeat
with the Normal Sword. It has no magic powers. Only use this sword until a
better one becomes available.

Magic Attack: Thunderbolt
Attack Power: Medium
Magic Power: Strong
Enhancements: Enhance Up to Level 3
Description: This will enable you to use the sword with the power of

The Raizan is the first of the three magical swords you'll collect and use most
through your journey. The Raizan harnesses the power of thunder. Its power is
fair, and you can swing it at a slightly increased pace. The Raizan is the good
"standard" weapon of the magical swords. Its magic, however, surpasses that of
any other. The many slashes with an electrically charged sword and the huge
thunderbolt (which increases in size with your sword level) will do incredible
damage to the enemy, sometimes even incinerating them. For magic, no other
weapon beats it. For strength and speed, it's just average. You can raise its
level up to Level 3 with the power of the red souls you collect, which makes it
increasing powerful.

Magic Attack: Flame Wave
Attack Power: Strong
Magic Power: Medium
Enhancements: Enhance Up to Level 3
Description: This will enable you to use the sword with the power of

The sword of fire, powered by the fire orb Kouen, is a long, heavy blade that
is sharp on both sides. This is the most powerful of the three magic swords.
The magic attack is pretty good as well; a line of flame is shot out in front
of Samanosuke. Another plus is its long reach. However, it swings more slowly
than the other swords, making it less desirable for battles against quicker

Magic Attack: Tornado Gust
Attack Power: Medium
Magic Power: Weak
Enhancements: Enhance Up to Level 3
Description: This will enable you to use the sword with the power of

The Shippuu, formed by the wind orb Arashi, is the last and most unique of the
magic swords. In fact, it's not really a sword. Instead, you hold it in the
center and swing the blades on either end at your enemies. You will attack with
both blades when you attack, but thankfully, this is the fastest-swinging
sword. Unfortunately, though, the Shippuu is quite weak. The magic it performs
also varies from the others. A large twister is formed and hits enemies caught
within it multiple times. This is great for getting large groups of enemies
that are crowding you off your back, but is less effective when attacking a
single enemy.

Magic Attack: None
Attack Power: Strong
Magic Power: N/A
Enhancements: Enhance Normal Arrow to Flame Arrow
Description: This small Bow is about 6 feet long.

The bow is the first projectile weapon you receive. Not only does it allow you
to stay out of range of most enemies' attacks, but the bow is quite powerful.
The only real drawback is that your ammo supply is limited. It also takes a
quick moment to prepare the arrow, but it is hardly noticeable. Normal arrows
can be upgraded into more powerful fire arrows.

Magic Attack: None
Attack Power: Strong
Magic Power: N/A
Enhancements: Enhance a Bullet to a Burst Bullet
Description: This 18.4 mm caliber gun is constructed in Sakai.

Thought you'd finally be playing a Resident Evil-type game without guns? Think
again. The Matchlock is even more powerful than the Bow, and is used about the
same way. When the Bullets are upgraded to Burst Bullets, they are more
effective and sometimes hit other enemies as well. Like the Bow, ammo is

Magic Attack: None
Attack Power: Very Weak
Magic Power: N/A
Enhancements: None
Description: This is Kaede's favorite weapon. Its blade is very short.

When you want a weapon that sucks really bad and takes forever to kill
anything, the Knife is your best choice. Only Kaede uses it, and Samanosuke is
smart to stay away from the incredible weakness of the weapon. The knife does
little damage and takes many swipes to kill even the weakest demons.

Magic Attack: None
Attack Power: Weak
Magic Power: N/A
Enhancements: None
Description: Knife for Kaede. This knife has the power to dispel demons.

The Sacred Knife is much more powerful than the Regular Knife, but still weak
compared to Samanosuke's weapons. However, after using the incredibly weak
Knife, the Sacred Knife will seem excellent. A must for Kaede.

Magic Attack: None
Attack Power: Medium
Magic Power: N/A
Enhancements: None
Description: A good weapon for Kaede to throw at a target!

Though not as powerful as the Bow or Matchlock, the Kunai is a rather powerful
weapon that'll help the weak Kaede kill some of the tougher enemies. It is used
and thrown much like the Bow and Matchlock, but doesn't take much time to get
ready. Since you don't have any reason to conserve this weapon, use it whenever
the need arises.

Magic Attack: Dark Spin
Attack Power: Very Strong
Magic Power: Strong
Enhancements: None
Description: This powerful sword has been sealed by the demons.

This is the most powerful sword in the game. It's too bad that you can't get it
until the very end. This sword kills weaker demons in one swipe and stronger
demons in a couple more. Its strength is unparalleled by any other weapon.
Conveniently not using any magic, a strong spinning attack can be performed,
too. To get this weapon, you first must collect the Bishamon Ocarina on the
very last level of the Dark Realm. After getting this, head into the Evil Gate.
Right next to the magic fountain after the boss is a black patch of wall. Play
the Ocarina and enter to get the Bishamon Sword.

===== ARMOR LIST =====

Found: Equipped from Beginning
Description: This generic armor is coated with Japanese lacquer.

This maroon armor is the type you'll start out with. It offers the least
protection from enemy attacks. Like the Normal Sword, you'll have to put up
with it until you find better items.

Found: The Keep
Description: The Ogres created this armor. It can help to keep thieves

The Holy Armor shines with a brilliant gold. It can be found in the first room
of traps on the third floor of the Keep. It offers slightly better protection
than the Normal Armor. Also, it prevents Skull Clouds from sucking away you're
the souls you've collected.

Found: East Area
Description: This armor was used by the Ogres and is very powerful.

The best and most protective armor in the game. It is maroon with gold lining.
It can be found in a Trick Treasure Box behind the waterfall in the East Area.


               =============== ENEMY LIST ===============

     Below is a reference that will tell you everything about the enemies in
Onimusha including their attacks, speed, power, demon class, description,  and
information on how to defeat them quickly.

---~ENEMY LIST KEY~-----------------------------------------------------
1. Name: What the enemy will be referred as in this FAQ. In most cases,
   this isn't an official name, but I don't care.
2. Description: A basic description of what the enemy looks like (so
   you know which one I'm talking about if the name didn't help)
3. Class: For enemies, this is either low or middle. Middle class
   demons are noticeably stronger than the lower class. If you wanted to
   know, High class demons are only bosses and characters like
4. Attack(s): What attacks the enemy has.
5. Power: Either Weak, Medium, or Strong. This is based on how much of
   your vitality is depleted from an attack.
6. Speed: How fast the enemy moves around, either Slow, Moderate, Fast,
   or Very Fast.

Description: Basic Demons with Swords
Class: Low
Attack(s): Sword Slash
Power: Weak
Speed: Slow

Demon warriors are the easiest and least threatening of all the monsters in
Onimusha. Their bodies appear to consist of rotting flesh and bones, which
gives them a look in between zombies and skeletons. They are slow to attack and
will usually wait until you're finished attacking others before they move in.
They can be defeated very easily, and will very rarely get a hit on you.
Sometimes they climb up from lower places to surprise you, but their slow speed
forfeits any benefits of the sudden appearance.

Description: Fast, Three-Eyed Demons with Right Bladed Arm
Class: Low
Attack(s): Blade Swipe, Blade Charge
Power: Weak
Speed: Fast

This quick demon focuses mainly on the element of surprise. They tend to leap
from nowhere to initiate an attack, and continue the surprises with astonishing
leaps. However, they don't attack as much as they should, making them rather
easy to defeat. The greatest challenge is hitting them. Their Blade Swipe
attack is their basic chop, while they perform the quick and deadly Blade
charge when you're vulnerable (when absorbing souls, etc.). They're easy to
defeat, and even in groups they pose little threat, but beware when they're
coupled with middle class demons.

Description: Small Monster Demon with Spiked Back
Class: Low
Attack(s): Blade Chop, Spike Roll
Power: Weak
Speed: Slow (Fast when rolling)

Spiked Demons are one of the most monster-like demons you'll find, as it
appears to be more of a creature than a humanoid. They carry around long-bladed
knives, which they don't tend to use very much, and move very slowly due to
their short legs. However, don't underestimate their speed. Their favorite and
more powerful attack is the Spike Roll, where they come spinning at you. If you
get in the way, you'll get torn up by the spikes. This is especially dangerous
when they begin a Spiked Roll the second they appear, giving you no time to
react. Thankfully, a blocking stance with your sword is all it takes to defend
this attack.

Description: Tall, Armor Clad Demon with Sword
Class: Middle
Attack(s): Sword Slash, Upward Slash, Double Slash, Choke of Death
Power: Medium (Choke of Death Strong)
Speed: Slow

Samurai Demons are the slowest-moving enemy in the game, but their large size
and tendency to crowd up narrow passages can create a big pain. Their attacks
are nothing to scoff at, either. Samurai Demons use their sword mostly for
attacking, and sometimes will even perform a Double Slash that may catch you
when you aren't blocking. The most devastating attack they have, though, is the
Choke of Death, which will suck away your life like crazy. They often times
extend their gangly arms when you approach and lift you up in the air, slowly
sucking away your life. You must avoid getting in this position at all costs.
Therefore, the Hit and Run strategy is best for Samurai Demons. Pull in one or
two swings, then retreat until it is safe to go back. Kicking will momentarily
stun them, but not for long enough to do any good.

Description: Humongous Horned Demon with Axe
Class: Middle
Attack(s): Axe Swing, Downward Axe Swing, Axe Swing Combo
Power: Strong
Speed: Slow

The giant Minotaur Demons are probably the most annoying enemy in the game.
They're slightly faster than Samurai Demons, and pack even more strength. The
worst thing about them, though, is the incredible range of the axe. This makes
the Hit and Run tactic useless. The only safe way of fighting these guys is to
take them out quickly with magic. Thankfully, they show up so rarely that it
won't be that wasteful to use magic whenever you come across them. You can
block most of the Minotaur Demon's axe attacks, but usually when you do they'll
pull the Axe Swing Combo, which will get Samanosuke out of the blocking stance
right before another devastating swing is taken. If you leave them alone for a
while, they may even throw their axe at you, then take out a large cleaver-type
weapon. They just won't leave you alone, so kill them quickly using powerful

Description: Cluster of Flying Skulls
Class: N/A
Attack(s): Hand Grab
Power: N/A
Speed: Moderate

Skull Clouds can't hurt you at all physically, but they can take away the
fruits of your labor as well as stall you. Whenever there are souls floating
around, they suck them in so you can't get 'em. With a Level 2 or higher
Gauntlet, however, you can usually overpower the force of their pull. To get
the souls back, you must defeat them. Try using an overhead swing (do a
three-hit combo) to hit them. Wind magic, Arrows, and Bullets also work, but at
most times aren't worth using up. If you wait to long, the Skull Clouds may
disappear, taking the souls with them. On very rare occasions, when you stand
still under them, they will grab your hand and hold you in place for other
enemies. During this time they will also suck away magic and red souls you've

Description: Tentacled, Large-Eyed Demon
Class: Low
Attack(s): Tentacle Tunnel, Tentacle Slap, Tentacle Grab & Stab
Power: Medium
Speed: Slow

Reynaldo are freakish creatures created by the insane demon Guildstern. He
first unleashes them on you in the Drained Moat. Reynaldo use their long
tentacles to help them in every attack. The Tentacle Tunnel is very annoying,
especially when fighting groups. They send out one of their tentacles
underground to grab your foot and hold you in place, giving others a free hit
while you struggle to get free. You can tell where the tentacles are by
locating a white mist that forms above them when they are underground. These
tentacles may also lash around, hurting Samanosuke. The Tentacle Grab & Stab is
a rare but powerful move where the Reynaldo hooks you onto its tentacle, pulls
you in, and stabs you with a spike it has on its body. When knocked down for
the first time, the Reynaldo is usually split in two. These two parts become
two separate Reynaldo, making this guy all the more lovable. Be sure the other
is not getting up when you start ground stabbing one, or you'll be vulnerable.

Description: Demon Warrior with a Bow
Class: Low
Attack(s): Bow Shot
Power: Medium
Speed: N/A

The stationary Demon Archer is the biggest pain in the... um... neck, you'll
encounter. While their vitality is practically nothing, their arrows are both
accurate and harmful. They usually perch themselves up on higher ground and
continue to send a shower of arrows down upon you while you're fighting others.
If they're on the same level, kill the Demon Archers before any other enemies.
If they're higher or lower, the only thing you can use to kill them is Arrows
or Bullets, which isn't worth it. If you keep moving, thankfully, they usually
miss, so keep running if you don't have arrows to waste.

Description: Invisible, Tall Demon
Class: Middle
Attack(s): Boomerang, Jump Boomerang, Swipe
Power: Medium
Speed: Moderate

For being invisible, Cloaked Demons are actually not that tough. All of their
simple attacks can be blocked, so wait around until they attack you, then
respond with as many sword slices as you can get in before they disappear. When
invisible, the air around them ripples, so pay attention and you can find where
they are. Sometimes they leap into the ground, move to a certain spot, and
spring up with the Jump Boomerang attack. Right before they spring up, if you
can find where they are, you can smash your sword into their skulls with a
ground stab. This is a bit risky, but oh so sweet when you do it successfully.
When multiple Cloaked Demons come together, things can get challenging.

Description: Fast, Darkly Clothed Demon
Class: Low
Attack(s): Slice, Needle Throw
Power: Medium
Speed: Very Fast

The lightning-fast Ninja Demons appear out of nowhere and don't leave you alone
until one of you are dead. Their shadow move is pretty cool. They leap over you
super quickly and attack. If you can hit the shadow at the starting position
fast enough, the jump will never take place, but if you miss, it usually means
depletion of your vitality meter. Their other attack is throwing three blades
in a column at you with the Needle Throw. Although Ninja Demons are speedy, the
small space of most areas make them easy to kill.

Description: Samurai Demon with a Shield
Class: Middle
Attack(s): Sword Slash, Upward Slash, Double Slash, Choke of Death
Power: Medium
Speed: Slow

Go back and read the description for the Samurai Demon. Done? Now add to all
that the ability to block your attacks with a shield. Oh, what a peachy world!
You can slowly wittle away at their shield until you break it into a thousand
tiny pieces, or you can attack following an attack by them. Don't let the
shield they carry fool you, though, as they are still capable of using the
Choke of Death. Magic can be very useful in situations like this.

Description: Insect Demon with Huge Jaws
Class: Low
Attack(s): Jaw Chomp
Power: Medium
Speed: Moderate

Hecubites are insect-like creatures that attack using their beetle-like mouths.
They are the spawn of their queen, Hecubus. Hecubites have very thick skin and
are quite a pain to take out. They usually require multiple attacks to kill,
even when using a Level 3 sword. Fortunately, the other Hecubites usually don't
bother you when you're fighting another. My personal (and much cooler) name for
this enemy is the "Mantis Demon".

 ___/|____|\______________________________________________________| |_
   |||    |/                                                     \___/
   |||  =============== PART 3: GAME WALKTHROUGH ===============  |||
  /___\                                                     \|    |||
   | |                                                            |||
   |_|                                                             \|

     You have now entered Part 3 of the FAQ. Part 3 will extensively cover
every aspect of the game. The walkthrough is split up into 8 areas, one for
each map you get in the game. Not each walkthrough for an area only covers that
area. You'll need to do some backtracking and will find some new parts of old
places in this game, and it is still listed in chronological order. This part
is set up as a walkthrough with lots of reading, but I realize that searching
through piles of text to find the little piece you want can be annoying.
Therefore, I'm trying to make it as easy as possible for you to find what you
want. Aren't I nice? Finally, even things covered in other areas (such as the
Fluorite Guide) will be found in the walkthrough, as it lists convenient times
to get the things. OK, that's it. On with the walkthroughs, then!

 __  _______________________________________________________________ __
|  |\______________________________________________________________/|  |
|--|/                                                              \|--|
|  |       =============== AREA 1: NANAMAGARI ===============       |  |

     Nanamagari is a small area in the game, found right outside Princess
Yuki's residence. This is really the only place in the game that seems rather
bright and friendly. However, this doesn't mean you won't be fighting anything
in your trip through the Japanese countryside. Bodies litter the ground from
recent attacks, and most of the humans are hiding from the demons that have
invaded the peaceful fields. Your search for Princess Yuki begins here.

===== THE BEGINNING =====

You will start out right outside the gate of Princess Yuki's residence with
Kaede. A guard will instruct you to take one of the two paths. Kaede will head
down the path to the west while you take the one to the north. If you're not
familiar with the controls of Onimusha, use this first screen to get used to
them. There won't be a lot of chances to casually walk around later. Follow the
path and you'll find Princess Yuki. Two Blade Demons are guarding her. You
won't be able to kill them, but fend them off until they run away. Now go get
Yuki. Wow, that was a quick game, huh? Of course, things aren't as simple as
carrying the princess home again, as a huge horned demon named Osric will
appear. Samanosuke will try to defend Yuki, but will fail. As Osric escapes
with Yuki, a clan of Ogres who wish to fight the demons give Samanosuke the
gauntlet that can absorb souls. After watching pretty much everything that's
happened up to this point, the game will finally start to shift to your control


Save your game outside the gate, then continue down the path. After crossing
the bridge, you'll find two guards fighting a group of four Demon Warriors.
Defeat the four monsters and enter the building at the end of the path. When
you reach the other end of the building, more Demon Warriors will approach from
behind. A group of humans will lock you out in order to save themselves, so
turn around and kill the demons. When they are gone, the humans will let you
through, and will instruct you to head to the Keep, where you may unravel more
of this mystery. The shortcut to the Keep is down an overgrown Forest Road.
Head down the path into the woods. After a short walk you'll run into a cave,
but before you can enter, two Blade Demons will drop down for a fight. Destroy
them and head into the cave. In the very back you'll find a hole. Once you go
in, there's no going back. Take one last look at the peaceful surroundings and
dive in.

 __  _______________________________________________________________ __
|  |\______________________________________________________________/|  |
|--|/                                                              \|--|
|  |   =============== AREA 2: UNDERGROUND TEMPLE ===============   |  |

     The Underground Temple is a strange place where humans have not ventured
for a long time. It is a small temple, but don't let the size fool you. There
are plenty of treasures to be found inside... as well as demons waiting for a


The underground area begins at the bottom of the pit you jumped into in
Nanamagari. Make your way out of the cave to the exit. As you leave, three
Blade Demons will attack from various directions. If you rush in, they'll all
leap out at once, so slowly enter and take them out one at a time. To the left
of the stairs is the UNDERGROUND TEMPLE MAP. Open the chest, take it out, then
go up the stairs. You'll run into a mummified monk guarding the entrance to the
temple. In front of it is a scroll. This is SOUGEN'S NOTE. When you pick it up,
the door to the temple will be opened.


The moment you enter the Temple, four Demon Warriors will get on your back.
Kill the two to the right first, then the ones on the left. If you follow the
hallway all the way down from the right of the entrance, you'll find the SEIRYU
VOL. 1 in the cabinet. In the corner where the right hallway turns is a
FLUORITE piece. Now head down the left part of the hallway and enter the next
room. Smash the last pot on the left side to find a treasure chest with the
JOURNAL #1 inside. On the alter ahead is the THUNDER ORB. Pick it up to gain
the capability to use the sword of thunder, the Raizan, along with the power of
the thunder orb, the Shiden. With the Thunder Orb in tow, head down the passage
to the left. Before going up the stairs, you'll come across a Trick Treasure
Box. To unlock the box, you must spin 4 x 4 grids of numbers to get the right
numbers in the right corners. The first Trick Treasure Box has two grids, one
to the left and one to the right. Follow the instructions below to unlock it.

TRICK TREASURE BOX 1: Spin Left Grid, Right Grid, Left Grid

Follow that order to get the numbers in the corresponding corners and to open
the chest. Inside is the ROPE LADDER. Now head up the stairs and into the South

 __  _______________________________________________________________ __
|  |\______________________________________________________________/|  |
|--|/                                                              \|--|
|  |       =============== AREA 3: SOUTH AREA ===============       |  |

    The next step in Samanosuke's quest is through the region to the south of
the Keep. Before entering, you'll need to explore the South Area. Hot on the
trail of Osric the tusked Demon, Samanosuke follows his path in hopes of
finding Princess Yuki.

===== SOUTH OF THE KEEP =====

You'll emerge from the Underground Temple in the woods to the South of the
Keep. The gate is just ahead, so press on. Across from the stairs leading from
the temple is MAGIC JEWEL, hidden among the brush. Continue up the path to the
entrance gate. Save your game and enhance your items at the nearby MAGIC
MIRROR, and take note of the Test Chest right beside it. The solution is below.
In the game, the symbols are arranged vertically, but to save space, they are
arranged horizontally here.

TEST CHEST 1: Use the Seiryu to Solve

          THE CLAN               OF           OGRES
   ___  _\_/_   ___    |         ___        ___    |
  | _ | | | | _|___|_ /|\       |_|_|      | _ | _/|\_
  |   | | | |  |___| /_|_\      |_|_|      |___| | | |

Enter the gate by equipping the Shiden orb. Head across the bridge and beware
of the Spiked Demons. In the far right corner of the bridge is the SOUTH AREA
MAP. Now enter the door to the Keep grounds. Run to the exit in the far back.
Be careful around the strong Minotaur Demons. Through the exit is an area to
the West with a few houses and a broken wall. If you save the man here from the
Demon Warriors, he'll reward you with an HERB. No go up to the smashed wall.
There's a steep drop leading down to the Drained Moat. Use the Rope Ladder you
found in the Underground Temple Trick Treasure Box to descend. Head through the
moat and into the cave. Save your game at the MAGIC MIRROR and search around
for some items. Underneath one of the crates down the tunnel is a MEDICINE.
Also, right by the Magic Mirror is another Test Chest.

TEST CHEST 2: Use the Suzaku to Solve

  THE GAUNTLET      OF           OGRES
    ___  _|_        ___        ___    |
   | | | _|_|      |_|_|      | _ | _/|\_
   |_|_||_|_       |_|_|      |___| | | |
          | |

Now enter the door using the Shiden. Inside you'll find Osric the tusked Demon.
Prepare for your first boss battle.

======== *** BOSS 1: OSRIC *** ========

Osric, the demon that stole Princess Yuki from your fingertips in the opening
moments of the game, is here to try and stop your progress. He uses a powerful,
spiked club as his weapon. His main fault is his slow speed, so use it to your
advantage. A Hit and Run technique will work the best, but be sure to flee if
you're about to be cornered. The thunderbolt magic is also very effective, and
since you'll get tons of souls to replenish your life and magic throughout the
battle, don't worry about using it up. Osric attacks with moves such as the
Swing, Double Swing, and Upward Swing. You can block most of these, but
sometimes the Double Swing will catch you off guard. If you're knocked down to
the ground, Osric will smash your head with his club. After you get some hits
on him, he'll start to get angry and will move more quickly. This will tire him
out eventually, creating some openings for attacks. If you block and play it
safe, Osric will be no problem.


Osric's first attack on you will have crushed the door you entered in, so you
have no choice but to press on deeper into the cavern. In the room behind
Osric's corpse is the JOURNAL #2. Enter the next room. Under the pots on the
left wall is a FLUORITE piece. Walk down the hallway and into Guildstern's lab.
Meet the crazy creature and fight his creation, Reynaldo. Although he makes a
big deal out of it, the Reynaldo is quite simple to destroy. When it's all
taken care of, look for a pedestal in the upper left corner of the room. On it
is the FIRE ORB, the Kouen. This will grant you the ability to use the powerful
Enryuu and the fire magic it creates. Now head back to the room where you
fought Osric. Inside will be several Skull Clouds, which will suck up the souls
Osric left behind. Kill them all to get the abundance of souls, then head out
the door with the fire crystal on it (use the Kouen). Now head back through the
moat (be mindful of the Blade Demons that will pop out) and up the Rope Ladder.
Head to the courtyard in front of the Keep. With the Kouen, you can now enter
the main door. Equip the fire orb and go inside the Keep.

 __  _______________________________________________________________ __
|  |\______________________________________________________________/|  |
|--|/                                                              \|--|
|  |        =============== AREA 4: THE KEEP ===============        |  |

     Located in the middle of everything, The Keep is the main area in the
game. It is a huge palace with tons of winding passages and secrets. All of the
rest of the areas will be found in or near the Keep. As for the Keep itself, it
is the center of the Demon problem. Hundreds of dead bodies fill the halls and
Demons are now the masters. The Keep has five floors, many filled with
unexpected surprises.

===== FLOORS 1 AND 2 =====

As you enter the Keep, you'll find Demon Warriors and Samurai Demons patrolling
through masses of corpses in the main room. The door in the back left corner
leads to a MAGIC MIRROR, a MAGIC FOUNTAIN, and the KEEP MAP. You'll also be
able to warp to the Dark Realm from here later. While the side room is a nice
safe haven, you need to go through the main doors in back to continue. In this
room you'll meet up with Tokichiro and Yumemaru for the first time. In a chest
is 10 NORMAL ARROWS. Go into the door on the right wall (without the fire
crystal) and follow the hall to a calm place that possesses the JOURNAL #3.
Head back out to the room where Tokichiro was and go through the door with the
fire crystal on it. Several Blade Demons will attack in the next room, so be
prepared. Continue into the subsequent hallway and Yumemaru and Kaede will show
up. After your chat, go through the door. Demon Warriors and Blade Demons
populate this passage and room. In the chest near the stairs is a HERB, and
right to the left of it is some FLUORITE. Now go into the room under the
stairs. Be sure not to chop the rope above the pit. In this room is the SUZAKU
VOL. 2 on the bookshelf and the BOW in a Trick Treasure Box.

TRICK TREASURE BOX 2: Spin Left Grid, Right, Left, Right, Right

Climb the stairs and enter the door at the top. Grab the POWER JEWEL from the
bucket. If you chopped the rope in the room below, it'll plummet into the pit
and you won't be able to get it until later. Go back out of the room and fight
the Blade and Samurai Demons waiting at the top of the stairs. If your Kouen is
powerful enough, enter the Conference Room to the right. Inside is the RED BOOK
and the RIGHT CREST PIECE. If you can't get in yet, you will be able to later.
Now head across the hall from the Conference Room and onto the balcony of the
main room. Fighting below are two Demon Warriors and two guards. The guards
aren't doing so well, so give them a hand by using your Bow. Killing the demons
will have the guards drop an HERB and a MAGIC JEWEL. Continue on into the door
on the far side of the balcony. Beware of the Demon Warriors arising from the
pits and the Samurai Demon. When they're taken care of, head on to the
succeeding room. Break the crates open to find not only 10 NORMAL ARROWS in a
chest, but a FLUORITE piece in the corner. Now go up the stairs in the back.

===== FLOOR 3 =====

At the top of the stairs coming from Floor 2 is a MAGIC MIRROR, 10 NORMAL
ARROWS, and the BYAKKO VOL. 2. Save the game and enter the door using the
Kouen. Kaede will appear inside. After the conversation, two grates will fall
down, trapping you. Welcome to the first in a series of four puzzling traps
that'll test your problem solving skills.

The first trap involves grates that fall down, blocking your path. You must
pull certain levers to open them and allow the other character to advance. Let
Samanosuke pull the first lever (which conveniently is found inside the small
space you're trapped in). Next take Kaede and pull the right lever of the next
two choices. Control will switch back to Samanosuke, and you can go pull the
left lever. Have Kaede go into the next area and pull the lever on the far
left. At this point, Samanosuke can go to the chest that's next to the lever
he's pulling to get the HOLY ARMOR (you can also return after all the traps are
completed and get the armor). After getting the new armor, go pull the lever on
the far right (of the next three). Now the grate blocking the door is open and
you can enter.

After getting through the grate room, you'll come into a dark chamber. You
can't see anything, but there are two candles in the center (as well as a MAGIC
FOUNTAIN). Light the candles with fire magic to unlock the door leading into
the next room.

The next room looks kinda tricky, and it can be if you don't know how the
puzzle tiles work. Your goal is to get to the "O" tile in the back of the room.
There are many + and X tiles blocking it, though. When you stand on one of
these tiles, parts of the floor fall out and your character is held in place.
At this point, you move another character onto a tile, hoping to eventually
make progress. The thing to know is that + tiles create holes in the floor in a
+ pattern, shooting out vertically and horizontally from the tile your
character is standing on. X files create an X pattern, with tiles protruding
diagonally from the tile. With this in mind, it's easy to avoid killing the
other person. Just make sure you won't whenever you make a move and it won't be
long before you're on the other side.

This is the hardest puzzle to overcome (and also the only one with a time
limit). As you walk into the next room, a door will close, trapping Samanosuke
in a room that begins to fill with water. As Kaede, you must hurry to the
control panel nearby and solve the puzzle to stop the water. What the hell? A
puzzle like this to shut it off? Wouldn't it make more sense to have a hidden
switch somewhere? Anyway, the puzzle is quite difficult. The goal is to get the
two circular tiles together in the bottom center. To solve the puzzle, follow
the steps below (thanks to IGN Guides for this solution).

 1. Begin by moving the horizontal block on the bottom left all the way
   to the right.

 2. Now move the left crest piece and its vertical counterpart down.

 3. Move the two small, square blocks as far to the left as possible.

 4. Continue by moving the horizontal block in the bottom center up.

 5. Then move the horizontal piece in the bottom right corner under the
    horizontal piece you just moved.

 6. Move the right crest piece and its attending vertical piece down
    into the right corner.

 7. Move the center horizontal block right into the space you just

 8. Move the other horizontal block up one space, then slide the left
    crest piece and the vertical piece to its right all the way to the

 9. Move the two small square pieces and the horizontal piece above them
    all the way down into the left corner.

 10. Now slide all of the horizontal pieces in the top two rows to stack
     up on the left side of the puzzle.

 11. Move the vertical pieces up and out of the bottom row, then slide
     the right crest piece over to complete the puzzle.

After saving Samanosuke from a watery grave, go on and try to find a way out.
The next room contains a tab that you can pull, shutting off all of the traps
and making a staircase fall down from above. Head up the stairs and go through
the green hall. The door is locked, so climb down the ladder. If you go down a
second time you'll be inside a storage room. You'll find the LEFT CREST PIECE
in here, as well as JOURNAL #4 (cut open the left wall). Go back up the ladder
once and head through the passage and down the other ladder. At the bottom is a
POWER JEWEL, and if you go down the other way, you'll open a trick door that
leads to the Conference room (get the Right Crest Piece if you didn't before).
With both crest pieces in your possession, head back up to the fourth floor.

===== FLOORS 4 AND 5=====

Place both crest pieces in the locked door and enter. Inside is the devious
Tokichiro. Listen to him talk, then move to the other side of the room. Resting
upon a bench is the SEIRYU VOL. 2, and in the make-up box alongside the wall is
a FLUORITE piece. Proceed into the next room. On the floor to the right when
you enter is the SUZAKU VOL. 1. Watch out for the Blade Demon that comes
crashing through the folding screens. Behind the staircase leading up to Floor
5 are 10 NORMAL ARROWS. Now head up to Floor 5. There are many Blade Demons
that will attack, and use them to stock up on magic, life, and experience
before the upcoming boss battle. You can hear Yumemaru shouting for help, but
you can't do anything until later. Go into the door on the balcony. Inside this
room is the SEIRYU VOL. 3, the SEIRYU VOL. 4, a container of MEDICINE, a MAGIC
MIRROR, and a SOUL GAUNTLET (press the absorb buttons to get souls from it).
Chop down the things blocking the way to the Magic Mirror and Soul Gauntlet. If
you go down the passage past the Magic Mirror, a ladder will come into view. Go
up it and onto the roof.

===== *** BOSS 2: MARCELLUS *** =====

Marcellus is quite a warrior. He meets you on the roof of the Keep for a fight.
He uses the power of Wind along with a sword and shield to devastate his
opponents. His moves include the Double Chop, Downward Swing, Stab, Shield Hit,
Shield/Stab Combo, Spin Hit, Shield/Spin Combo, and Wind Whirl. His will
usually perform basic chops that can easily be blocked, but beware of the
shield hit that will make you lose your balance. Since this boss is quick, the
Hit and Run technique isn't as effective. Use blocking and magic whenever you
can to slowly wear away his strength. Wait until right before and after he
attacks to hit him, or he'll likely block you with his shield (the shield can,
however, be broken with enough hits). You may have to use a Medicine or two,
but beating Marcellus shouldn't be too hard.


When you defeat Marcellus, collect the souls he leaves behind as well as the
WIND ORB Arashi he possessed. With the Arashi, you can open the door leading to
Yumemaru. When you open it, you'll automatically take Yumemaru back to Floor 1
to help him recover. If you return to the room where Yumemaru was held later,
you'll find 10 BURST BULLETS.

 __  _______________________________________________________________ __
|  |\______________________________________________________________/|  |
|--|/                                                              \|--|
|  |    =============== AREA 5: KEEP UNDERGROUND ===============    |  |

     The strange disappearances of the maids and servants from the Keep have
been said to be attributed to demons living underneath the palace. Now is the
time for Samanosuke to brave these depths and find out what's going on with the
demons. Is this the source of the problem? The only way to find out is to press


With Yumemaru safe and Kaede helping Nui recover, you can go on and delve into
the depths of the keep. Head back to the main room (where you entered the Keep)
and go inside the door to the left of the main entrance. Make your way through
the hordes of Spiked Demons and down the passage to the door requiring a Level
2 Shiden (thunder orb) to open. Walk into the next room and defeat the Blade
Demons, then go through the next door. You'll be in a misty room. To
Samanosuke's right is the BLUE BOOK. Straight ahead is a strange pedestal with
thunder, fire, and wind crystals. Use each respective orb to open the stairways
and raise the gate. Go down the stairs to enter the underground area.

===== PURIFY THE SOULS =====

Head down the passage to a faraway door. Along the way you may run into another
door, but it will be blocked by tormented souls. To advance, you must find a
way to get rid of them. Proceed into the door at the end of the passage to
arrive at a library area used by the demons. In the first part of the library
is a MAGIC MIRROR and an HERB. Chop down the elongated, living columns to get
to the next section that contains the GREEN BOOK, the ORANGE BOOK, and the
BYAKKO VOL. 3 along with some Reynaldo. Pick up all the items then continue on
into the next corridor. Reynaldo have flocked into this passage, and aren't
afraid to use their annoying tentacle tunnel attack. Ignore the Reynaldo for
the most part and enter the door halfway down the corridor. This room has a
chest with the KEEP UNDERGROUND MAP and a balance with one side submerged
underwater. Chop the rope on the left side of the balance to make the weight
fall onto it, raising the other side. Go over to the right and pick up the
ROSARY OF COMMUNICATION. Now head back into the Reynaldo corridor and press on
through the door at the end. The chamber you enter is quiet... a bit too quiet.
Go pick up the PURIFIER BELL in the chest in the back, but don't think you're
done yet. The second you grab it, three gigantic axe blades will start swinging
back and forth, making your trip out much more complicated. If you stand near
the wall and run when the axe is out of the way (don't wait too long, but in
the same respect, don't move too soon), you'll make it out without a problem.
With the Purifier Bell in your inventory, you can run back to the door sealed
by the tormented souls and heal them by sounding the bell. The ringing will
disperse the souls, allowing you to enter.

===== THE BLUE KEY =====

Delving deeper into the Keep Underground, the path ahead is just more and more
dangerous. The first hallway past the door of the tormented souls is lined with
glass containers. Beware, as three Samurai Demons will break out of these
containers and attack. At the very end of the hallway is a FLUORITE piece. Also
near the hallway's end is a door, but it is locked and smeared with blue paint.
You must find the Blue Key to open it. Backtrack and go into the door halfway
down the hallway. Inside are several Reynaldo. The door on the far end (without
any crystals on it) holds the WHITE BOOK and an HERB. Another door in the
middle of the Reynaldo chamber has two Thunder Crystals on it. Use a Level 2
Arashi to open it. Inside, dispatch the Samurai Demon, then pick up the goods.
You'll find the BYAKKO VOL. 4, the APOCALYPSE #1, a FLUORITE piece near the
middle of the chamber, and a trick treasure box.

Trick Treasure Box 3: Spin Middle Grid, Left, Right

The Chest contains the blue key. Take it to the door back in the main hallway
and enter. Inside you'll meet up with Tokichiro, but this time things won't be
as pleasant.

 __  _______________________________________________________________ __
|  |\______________________________________________________________/|  |
|--|/                                                              \|--|
|  |        =============== AREA 6: WEST AREA ===============       |  |

     The West Area, also referred to as the West Prison, is a large area to the
(duh) West of the Keep. Demons have overrun this place now, which is filled
with many buildings. You'll have to navigate these buildings first with Kaede,
then as Samanosuke. This is a rather large area and will take you quite a bit
to get through as both characters.

===== TO THE WEST AREA =====

After Tokichiro's and Samanosuke's encounter, control will switch over to
Kaede. With Yumemaru and Nui gone, the only thing Kaede can do is to search for
them. Fortunately, there's a new place to look. When you leave the safe haven,
a dying guard will direct you to the West Area, and with his dying breaths,
will hand over the RED KEY. Now head to the West Area. Be careful of the
enemies you encounter. Kaede's knife is incredibly weak, and even Demon
Warriors will take many hits to kill. If you encounter any lower-class demon by
itself or a couple Demon Warriors, you should kill it. If you come across
multiple lower-class demons or middle-class demons, run for your life. To get
to the West Area, exit the Keep and go into the gate in the far left corner of
the courtyard. Make your way past the houses and drained moat. The door on the
far end, which was previously locked, can now be opened with the Red Key.


Enter the West Area and take the HERB out of the chest. Watch out for Blade
Demons as you make your way through the buildings. Walk further down the path
and to the right of the last torch, next to a rock, is a piece of FLUORITE. Go
into the door and quickly run past the Samurai Demon in this area (only stop
for a moment to grab the FLUORITE piece resting to the right of the door with
three Thunder Crystals). Also in this area is a well that is a point where you
can enter the Dark Realm, but you should ignore it for now and go on. The next
locale you come to is not only full of Samurai Demons, but archers. Quickly run
by them and into the door by the ladder. You'll emerge in a grassy wooded area.
While this place seems peaceful, don't be surprised by the sudden appearances
of Blade Demons. You'll also find some Kunai lying on the path (look for the
yellow sparkle). The door at the end of the trail leads to a MAGIC MIRROR, Test
Box, and a building blocked off by an iron grille. The first step in unlocking
the gate will be to pick up the GEAR off the dead guard on the left side of the
path leading to the gate. Don't forget to solve the Test Box question on your
way out.

TEST BOX 3: Use the Byakko to Solve

     THE CHASM            OF             DIMENSIONS
    _     |    ___        ___         ___|   _|_|  __  __
  _/_\_  /|\  /___\      |_|_|      _|___|   _|_/  / \/ \
  /___\ | | | \_|_/      |_|_|       |   |  |_|_   \_/\_/
                                              | |

The Test Box contains a Magic Jewel. With the Gear in your inventory, proceed
back to the building where the Demon Archers were situated. Go up the ladder
and into the building.


Inside the Burner Building, climb down the ladder and head over to the MAGIC
MIRROR. A chest nearby contains the WEST AREA MAP. Head on through the next
door and go down the hallway. Kill any Demon Warriors that get in your way. At
the very end of the hallway is a door leading to a library. In this room you'll
find the JOURNAL #5 and the SUZAKU VOL. 4. The more important aspect of this
library is the trick shelf, hidden away in a bookcase of the right. Open it up
and place the gear inside to open a secret passage. Follow this passage to find
the SILVER PLATE, a FLUORITE piece, and the BYAKKO VOL. 1. Head back out into
the library and into the hallway. This time go back and go into the door a
little ways back down the hall. Inside is a room with several furnaces which
periodically spew out roaring flames. There's a handle on the side you start
that opens a door on the other side of the furnaces. Avoiding the fire, you'll
need to make it across before the door closes. Pull the lever when most of the
flames go back. Watch out for the wavy air in front of the furnaces that
indicates when flames will shoot out. Be careful most of all. When you make it
across and into the door, pick up the HERB and the GOLD PLATE inside. Now that
you've collected both of the plates, head all the way back to the gate with the
iron grille and place the plates in their respective slots to open it up.


You'll arrive in a building covered in fire when you enter the gate. The fire
won't spread anytime soon, so just avoid the flames and take your time. There's
a small room in the back of the Burning Building that (along with a bunch of
pots) contains some KUNAI and the GENBU VOL. 2. Go back to the entrance and go
into the door nearby. This place is free of flames and enemies, a nice safe
place to relax. There's also some nice items to be found in here. At the bottom
of the stairs in the barrels in a FLUORITE PIECE. Head up the stairs and you'll
come across a Trick Treasure Box.

Trick Treasure Box 4: Spin Middle Grid, Left, Left, Right, Right

Inside the box is the SACRED KNIFE for Kaede, a much-improved version of the
regular knife. Now head back out into the flames and down the stairs near the

===== THE PRISON =====

When you reach the Prison, Kaede will meet up with Princess Yuki for the first
time. Unfortunately, you won't be able to rescue her, and Guildstern will
unleash a Cloaked Demon upon you. This is sort of a mini-boss (as Kaede is
weaker and can't beat it as easily). Be sure to use a lot of blocking and the
Demon won't even have a chance to hurt you. Use any strategies and cautions
found in the Enemy List. After defeating it, control will switch back to


Samanosuke will wake up deep underground in a place he's never seen before. Go
down the tunnel, but don't miss the MAGIC MIRROR and MEDICINE. After these two
items, you'll come to a damp room where the Evil Samanosuke clone will appear
to fight.

===== *** BOSS 3: DOPPLEGANGER *** =====

The Doppleganger is a mirror image of Samanosuke, and a warrior that shares his
skills and power, too. He uses blocking extensively, as well as devastating
combos whenever you try to attack. Never try to pull off combos of more than a
couple hits, as the Doppleganger's recovery speed is phenomenal. If he starts
hurting you, don't try to hit back, but block. The best time to attack is right
before he uses his magic attack (this will also prevent his powerful shot). Use
magic for the best results.


After defeating the Doppleganger, continue through the tunnels to find the EVIL
PLATE and the WOOD LADDER. A little ways past these two items is a well, where
a POWER JEWEL will have fallen if you chopped the rope connected to the bucket
when you were in the Keep. Use the Wood Ladder in this spot to be able to climb
back out to the room where you received the Bow in the Keep. Head outside of
the Keep. Before going on, you'll need to have your Thunder and Fire orbs at
Level 3 (the Thunder Orb can wait a little if you'd like, but it's best to have
it up to power now). Good places to accumulate souls are from the Ninja Demons
in the courtyard and the Spiked Demons above the drained moat. When your orbs
are enhanced to the maximum, head into the West Area.

===== TO THE NORTH GATE =====

In the first room in the West Area, a guard will be attempting to fend off two
Demon Warriors and two Demons Archers. Kill the Warriors with your sword and
the Archers with your bow before they kill the guard to receive 10 BURST
BULLETS. If the Shiden (Thunder) Orb is up to Level 3, you can enter the
building in the next area. Inside is the GENBU VOL. 1, the VISION STAFF, and a
SOUL GAUNTLET. There's also a treasure chest in the back, but you won't be able
to get it until later. Exit the building and press on to the area with Demon
Archers. Ascend the ladder, quickly exterminate the Demons, then enter the
Burner Building. Climb down the ladder inside and go into the door with three
Fire Crystals. It'll take you outside. You'll come to the top of a hill, with
four Demon Warriors below. Chop the rope holding up the combat carriage to kill
three of them quickly. Also at the top of the hill is a chest containing
MEDICINE. Under the combat carriage's original location is a FLUORITE piece. Go
on to the next area, where the North Gate is.

===== *** BOSS 4: MINOTAUR MASTER *** =====

The Minotaur Master is a very strong, red Minotaur Demon surrounded by three
normal Minotaur Demons. Since these are the most menacing monsters in the game,
you'd initially think this battle would be really difficult. Not so. If you use
you magic wisely, you won't even have to attack normally at all. Be sure to
have used two or three Magic Jewels, though. Start out by using Wind magic to
hit all the Minotaur Demons, then Fire magic to hit a couple, then Thunder
magic to finish off the rest. Use magic on the Minotaur Master mainly, as the
others are easier to take out if you run low.


With the Minotaur Demons dead, pick up the spoils found near the blocked-off
North Gate, which includes 10 BULLETS, the STATUE HEAD, and the DECORATED
SWORD. Start heading back to the Keep now. On your way back, on the hill where
the combat carriage was, several Demon Warriors and Demon Archers will ambush
you. Kill the Archers first, as they're the most threatening. Now go on to the
building with three Thunder Crystals. Inside, put the Statue Head on the statue
to open the gate in the back of the room. Inside the chest is the MATCHLOCK
gun, a powerful addition to your arsenal. Now head back into the Keep and to
the ornate door that you couldn't open before on the first floor. Be sure to
collect all of the Fluorite pieces and items in the upper levels of the Keep
and the Keep Underground before doing this. Place the Evil Plate in the door
and enter. The gate to the Dark Realm will open, blocking off much of the Keep.
However, you can't enter, as a small object emitting wind blocks your way.
You'll need to find a way to dispel it. To do that, head on out to the lower
right corner of the courtyard. Kill the Hecubites and place the Decorated Sword
in the stone carving to open the door to the East Area.

 __  _______________________________________________________________ __
|  |\______________________________________________________________/|  |
|--|/                                                              \|--|
|  |        =============== AREA 7: EAST AREA ===============       |  |

     The final are on the castle grounds is the East Area, also known as the
water garden. The buildings here were all built on water long ago. Bridges and
strips of land connect the different places you can go. In the nearby hills
roars a gushing waterfall. Strange things have been occurring in the normally
peaceful waters of the garden...


The first order of business in the East Area is to get Samanosuke through the
area. As you enter, he spies an interesting building across the water. This
should be your destination. Also keep in mind your goal of finding a way to
solve the mystery of the troublesome wind-creator back in the Keep. Start out
by heading down the ramp to the bridges above the water. You'll encounter a
Blade Demon and a Ninja Demon along the way. Go across the bridges until you
come to a door with two Thunder Crystals on it. Open it up and proceed inside
the building. Across from the entrance is a gap in between two buildings. If
you look around, you'll see that equipment for a bridge is nearby. To lower the
bridge, take out the Matchlock and fire at the rope to the left. A bridge will
come crashing down, which you can use the cross the channel. On the other side
are 10 NORMAL BULLETS to make up for the one or two you fired, and if you slice
open the wall at the back of the room, a rare TALISMAN. Head back across the
bridge and through the first building. On the door at the end is the JOURNAL
#6. Now go through the door the Journal was on. When you exit, there will be
two Shielded Samurai Demons on the bridge. Be very careful when around them.
Using magic is advisable. Go all the way down the bridge to the small hut at
the end. Inside you'll find 10 NORMAL BULLETS, the GENBU VOL. 3, and the EAST
AREA MAP (cut open the wall in the back corner). Now head back out of the
building and enter the tall building halfway down the bridge (watch out for
Ninja Demons!).


Upon entrance to the tall building, you'll be assaulted by several various
enemies. On the ground floor is a Shielded Samurai Demon, and on the sloped
walkways above are a few Demon Archers. Always stay on the move until you kill
all of the Demon Archers; otherwise, their arrows might hit you. To the left of
the entrance door are 10 NORMAL BULLETS. Wait until later to kill the Shielded
Samurai Demon, as you don't want to be hit by arrows as you kill him (if you
want to use magic, it's OK to defeat it now). Go up the stairs and ascend the
sloped walkway to the top, killing any Demon Archers you run across on the way.
Be very careful when approaching them; if they're about to fire an arrow,
retreat. At the top of the walkway is a chest containing a MAGIC JEWEL. Go up
the ladder right next to it. You'll emerge on top of the roof of the tall
building. Your first priority should be to kill the four Ninja Demons stalking
you up here. Go around the fenced-in area to find an opening to the outer part
of the roof. Once all the enemies are taken care of, look around for items. A
POWER JEWEL lies near the dead body that the birds were pecking at. A SOUL
ABSORBER can be found on the other side of the roof. Finally, look for a
FLUORITE piece on the inner path of the roof. After collecting everything, head
back down to the lowest floor of the tall building. In the back is a door with
three thunder crystals. Use a Level 3 Arashi (thunder orb) to open it.


When you exit the back of the tall building, several Ninja Demons will assault
you. Press on to the next area after they've been defeated. In this place, two
Cloaked Demons will attack. Be sure to defend a lot. Also in this location is a
SOUL GAUNTLET that you can suck souls from. Continue up the path that leads to
the waterfall. At the waterfall, two Shielded Samurai Demons attempt to halt
your progress. Magic is most effective in this tight space, but if you're
confident in your abilities, take them out without it. If you cut the rope on
the side of the bridge, it'll tumble into the river below. Behind the waterfall
in a small cave is a Trick Treasure Box.

Trick Treasure Box 5: Spin Lower Left Grid, Upper Right, Lower Right,
     Lower Left, Lower Right

Your reward for solving the puzzle is the GREAT ARMOR. Now enter the boathouse
on the far side of the waterfall. Inside you'll find a vial of MEDICINE, a
MAGIC MIRROR, and a MAGIC FOUNTAIN. Also in here is a Test Chest.

TEST BOX 4: Use the Genbu to Solve

        DRAGON                  ORB
   _|_    _     _         _|_   ___    |
  | | | _/_\_  /_\       | | | |_|_|  /|\
  |/ \| /___\ /___\      | | | |___| /_|_\

A MAGIC JEWEL is your reward for unlocking the chest. Now go down the stairs.
On the dock is a FLUORITE piece. Pick it up and hop into the boat to take it to
the house in the water you saw earlier. When you arrive at the house, go inside
and head to the back. The Great Bow is resting here. Pick it up. At this point,
control will switch over to Kaede, who you will also have to guide to this


As Samanosuke is attacked inside the building in the lake, Kaede trots into the
East Area. You need to bring her over to aide Samanosuke in the upcoming
battle. As Kaede peers out over the water, a Hecubite surfaces from the briny
depths and attacks. Defeat it, then head on to the bridges. Instead of heading
to the door with two Thunder Crystals that Samanosuke entered, go down the
bridges to a different door. Use the Shinobi Kit on it to pry it open. In the
following area, two Hecubites will crash up from the water and attack. Defeat
them, and head down the walkway. At the end is a chest containing KUNAI and a
door. Go inside to find an HERB to the right of the statue, a FLUORITE piece to
the right of the door, and the APOCALYPSE #2 behind the statue. Head back out
and exit through the other door. You'll come out on the lakeshore beneath the
tall building. Several Hecubites will dash from the waters and attack. If you
hit them while they're climbing out, you'll knock them back in (instantly
defeating them). If not, take your time before proceeding. In the following
area, Ninja Demons will drop from above to attack. Since there's no reason to
defeat them, it's easiest and safest to just run past them. Continue up to the
waterfall. At the falls, more Ninja Demons will appear. Since it's a narrow
path and it's a far way to run, I prefer to kill them. Head into the hut near
the falls next.


Since Samanosuke took the only boat on the docks, Kaede will have to search for
another place. She can use the Shinobi Kit on the door near the Test Box. On
this walkway, Demon Warriors will crawl up from below. Knock them back in
before they can pull themselves up, then finish the rest off. Enter the next
door and cut the barricades to the side to uncover a chest containing 10 NORMAL
ARROWS. Run past the Saurai Demon is this room, as not only is it too strong
for Kaede to defeat easily, there's not a lot of room to dodge. The next room
splits up into two paths. Take the right one (but before doing so, smash the
pot to the left of the entrance to find some KUNAI). In the door on the right,
you'll come across a room with a MAGIC MIRROR and a ladder. Climb the ladder
and smash the crates in this attic area. A couple items are hiding underneath
them, like a FLUORITE piece to the left and the GENBU VOL. 4 on the right.
Snatch them up and go back down. In the next hall, several Demon Warriors and
Demon Archers will attack. Kill the Archers first, as they've the biggest
threat, but be sure to keep your distance and keep on the move while they fire.
Go to the very end of the hallway and enter the door. In this storage room is a
FLUORITE piece on the chest opposite the ladder and the SUZAKU VOL. 3 on the
shelf. Go up the ladder to the attic. Move to the end where a Trick Treasure
Box waits.

Trick Treasure Box 5: Spin Left Grid, Left, Middle, Right, Right, Middle,

The chest contains the Decorated Arrow. While worthless to use, it will be
helpful very shortly. Go back down the ladder (watch out for the Ninja Demon
that attack) and down the hall to the door in the middle. Enter. Walk behind
the Bishamon Statue to find a dragon pedestal with the Great Arrow on it.
However, when you take the arrow, the door will lock. To open it up again,
exchange Decorated Arrow in place of the Great Arrow. This will not only unlock
the door, but the chest in front of the statue (which contains the GREEN KEY).


With the Great Arrow and Green Key in hand, look for a boat to get to the
building in the water with. Head back past the Magic Mirror and down the hall
to the left. The door with green ink on it can be opened with the Green Key. Go
down the ladder and get in the boat to head out to Samanosuke. As Kaede watches
helplessly, a boss attacks Samanosuke.

===== *** BOSS 5: HECUBUS *** =====

Hecubus, the giant bug monster, is quite a pain to beat. Not only does she
summon an unceasing amount of Hecubites, she also flies around, making it very
hard to hit her. First, use your Wind Magic. This will cause her to drop down
to the ground, where you can hit her with her sword. She (or the Hecubites)
sometimes give you blue souls to replenish your magic with. When you run out,
resort to your Arrows and Bullets. This is the easiest way to hither, but she
has quite a bit of life, so be prepared for fending off Hecubites throughout
the battle. A last, much harder way to defeat her is by using and overhead
swing with the Enryuu. However, this is the least desirable method, as it is
hard to pull off, leaves you open to attacks, and requires Hecubus to be close
to the ground and in the right spot. If you enter with plenty of Bullets and
Arrows, the battle won't be very hard.

===== TO THE DARK REALM =====

After escaping from the exploding building, Samanosuke will take a hurt Kaede
back to the safe room in the Keep. Now it's time to enter the Demon World. Head
back to the room with the Demon Gate (where the wind object is blocking your
path). With the Great Bow and Great Arrow, you can finally dispel the wind and

__  _______________________________________________________________ __
|  |\______________________________________________________________/|  |
|--|/                                                              \|--|
|  |       =============== AREA 8: DARK REALM ===============       |  |

     Now you've entered the Demon World, also known as the Dark Realm. This is
where Princess Yuki and Yumemaru are being held captive, and is where many
Demons reside. This is your last area in the game, and while short, will be a
big test of your skill.

===== *** BOSS 6: MARCELLUS *** =====

As you enter the Dark Realm, Guildstern will appear and will send his latest
and greatest creation out to defeat you. Marcellus is back, but this time he's
more powerful than ever. The first thing you should do when you regain control
is run back to the entrance, where a Medicine waits in a chest. Then turn you
attention to Marcellus. His first attacks utilize his large sword and shield.
These are very difficult and are hard to defend. Use all of your magic on him
now. With the powerful magic tearing him apart, he'll soon get rid of his sword
and shield and will get two sharper swords for quick, spinning attacks. These
can be blocked in most cases. Finish using the rest of your magic, then start
chopping away after his attacks. I like to use the Shippuu, as it is quick and
effective for this boss. Don't attack too much, as his attacks start quickly
and won't give you much time to defend if you aren't ready. After a series of
constant hits, he'll go down.


You're almost there, it's just a sort trip through the rest of the Demon World
until you arrive at your goal. The room after Marcellus contains the Dark Realm
Map, a Magic Fountain, and a Magic Mirror to save at. Also, if you play the
Bishamon Ocarina (if you found it) next to the black door, it'll open and
reveal the powerful Bishamon Sword. After you've done everything you need to in
here, you can proceed. The final room is a long, spiraling ramp that goes down
into the depths of the Dark Realm. About halfway down you'll encounter a
strange creature that creates Reynaldo. Kill the nearby Reynaldo and leave
before any more come. At the bottom is a Cloaked Demon. Kill it and pick up the
two MEDICINES before the hall leading to the boss room. Enter to fight the last

===== +*+*+*+*+ FINAL BOSS: FORTINBRAS +*+*+*+*+ =====

Here he is, the head honcho of the demons, Fortinbras. After a stunning and
fitting video of this nasty villain, you'll take control and fight him. The
battleground you are in is different than others. It's one square room, with a
stationary camera facing Fortinbras at all times. This makes the battle easier.
However, Fortinbras strong attacks do not. All you have to do is memorize how
to dodge them.

  - LASER BEAM: Fortinbras shoots rays of laser at Samanosuke from him eyes.
    These rays travel quickly from close to far away. Sidestep to avoid them.
  - FLAME BREATH: With this attack, the Demon King sprays flames across the
    room. Stand in one of the corners to prevent getting burned.
  - LIGHTNING ORBS: These pink orbs shoot down bolts of lightning. You can see
    their shadows beforehand, so just don't get stuck under any.
  - SWIPE: Fortinbras makes a clean sweep horizontally across the room. Stay in
    the back of the room to dodge it.
  - SMASH: Fortinbras smashes into you by thrusting his claw vertically across
    the room. You can avoid it by either standing very close or very far away
    from him.
  - FIRE GRAB: Watch out for this attack. Fortinbras grabs you, lifts you up
    near his mouth, then scorches you with flames. If you can escape, great,
    try to avoid this by not getting to close to him when he's mobbing his

Whenever you get a chance, move in near Fortinbras and start hacking away at
his snake-like body. If you have plenty of Medicine, it's OK to push it and try
to hit him more times than is safe. If not, back off before he attacks. Use
Magic first to wear him down a bit. The Bishamon Sword works wonderfully and
will make this battle a whole lot easier if you have it. After you hit his body
enough time, his head will fall down, allowing you to hit it and cause real
damage to him. After you deal out enough damage, he'll fall down, leaving you
to simply watch the ending. Good work!

 ___/|____|\______________________________________________________| |_
   |||    |/                                                     \___/
   |||  ============== PART 4: INDEXES AND GUIDES ==============  |||
  /___\                                                     \|    |||
   | |                                                            |||
   |_|                                                             \|

     Part 4 is where I go over everything else in the game that you need to
know that's not in the walkthrough and doesn't fit into Part 2. This includes
Lists of different things you can find in the game, explanations of the
secrets, and handy guides.


               =============== ITEMS INDEX ===============

     The Items Index lists every item found in the game, from the generic
(herbs, fluorite) to the special (decorated sword, rope ladder). Along with
each item is a description and explanation of what it does, and in the case of
special items, where it can be found. The list is in alphabetical order.

Type: Generic
Description: This recovers a small amount of vitality.

The Herb is the basic healing agent. Though its vitality-increasing effects are
invaluable, it's nothing compared to the strong power of medicines. Try to
enhance herbs to medicines before using them whenever possible. Herbs are quite
abundant and you'll find enough of them during your adventure to keep you on
your feet.

Type: Generic
Description: This recovers a large amount of vitality.

Medicine is your best friend in boss battles or tough situations. When used,
it'll replenish all of your health, no matter how long your meter is. Upgrade
Herbs to Medicines whenever you can for the added healing powers.

Type: Generic
Description: This stone glows with a certain item...

Fluorite are usually hidden well in areas you would not normally look. You
can't see the Fluorite (unless you have the Staff of Vision), so many times
you'll have to guess the location. Fluorite's only use is that it unlocks a
secret if you collect all of the pieces.

Type: Generic
Description: This blue Jewel will enhance your magic power.

Magic Jewels are great items. When you use it, your magic meter will be
extended, allowing you to use more magic before running out. Find as many of
these as possible to increase your tiny meter.

Type: Generic
Description: This yellow Jewel will enhance your vitality.

Power Jewels are just like Magic Jewels, only better. Instead of increasing
your Magic Meter, they increase your vitality meter. Extending your vitality is
a must and will be incredibly helpful in the game.

Type: Generic
Description: This will fully recover your vitality if wounded.

Probably the most helpful healing item in the game, the Talisman is a rare
find. When your character dies, the Talisman will not only revive them, but
return them to full health as well. This is particularly helpful when you
accidentally get hit by an attack you thought would do less damage than it did.

Type: Generic
Description: This will let you automatically absorb a monster's energy.

When you use this item, a circle will form around your character. Pressing the
O button with this activated will instantly kill any enemies inside the circle.
Very handy if you're stuck in a crowd of enemies that you can't seem to defeat.

Type: Special
Found: Underground Temple
Description: A very durable ladder made of cotton rope.

The Rope Ladder can be used to descend into the Drained Moat of the South Area.
Find it in the Underground Temple, inside the Trick Treasure Box down the hall
from the Thunder Orb altar.

Type: Special
Found: Conference Room
Description: The drawings on the back make it look like part of a

The two Crest Pieces help to unlock a door. Find the right piece in the
Conference Room on the Keep's second floor.

Type: Special
Found: Conference Room
Description: The drawings on the back make it look like a starter key.

The two Crest Pieces help to unlock a door. Find the left piece in the Storage
Room at the bottom of the ladder near the door you need to unlock on the Keep's
fourth floor.

Type: Special
Found: N/A
Description: This kit can help ninjas to unlock or disarm traps.

The Shinobi Kit is used only by Kaede in her stealthy ninja practices. The Kit
can open up doors that have a broken keyhole. Basically, the kit lets Kaede
enter certain areas that Samanosuke can't.

Type: Special
Found: Keep Underground
Description: This will allow you to hear the deceased.

A unique and special item, the Rosary of Communication allows you to hear the
thoughts of the dead. All of the dead bodies you've seen in and around the Keep
will have little clouds hovering over them once you pick up the Rosary of
Communication. Stand next to them and speak to hear what they have to say. The
Rosary is found in the Keep Underground, past the demon library and in the room
with the balance. Chop the rope on the left side to make a weight fall, raising
the right side and revealing the Rosary of Communication.

Type: Special
Found: Keep Underground
Description: Ring this bell in order to purify the cursed.

This bell can heal the souls of the departed, particularly those blocking the
door in the Keep Underground. The Purifier Bell is also located in the Keep
Underground, past the library and the corridor filled with Reynaldo.

Type: Specific
Found: West Area
Description: A gear made of wood. Why hasn't it been used very often?

The Gear is found in the West Area, on a dead guard by the entrance to the
Burning Building. It is part of a puzzle to be solved in the Burner Building.

Type: Specific
Found: West Area
Description: This appears to be used as a starter key or something...

The Gold Plate is used as a key to open a gate in the West Area. You can find
this plate behind the burners in the Burner Building.

Type: Specific
Found: West Area
Description: This appears to be used to start something...

The Silver Plate is similar to the Gold Plate, and when both are used, will
open up the door to a West Area building. It's located behind the trick shelf
in the Burner Building's library.

Type: Specific
Found: Keep Underground
Description: A part of the Emblem of Dark Realm Gate, ot may be a key...

Filled with surging evil, this plate fits into the ornate door on the first
floor of the Keep. It is located in the Keep Underground, in the room pst the

Type: Specific
Found: Keep Underground
Description: A typical ladder that is used to climb up walls.

Just a normal ladder that'll help you climb out of the Keep Underground. It's
found in the room past the Doppleganger.

Type: Specific
Found: West Area
Description: The one who has this staff can see the glowing Fluorite.

The Vision Staff is an invaluable item, as it makes Fluorite sparkle whenever
you're around. This makes your search for the elusive pieces of stone much
easier. Find the staff in the West Area's door with three Thunder Crystals.

Type: Specific
Found: West Area
Description: The neck is shaped like a key. Maybe it could start...

The Statue Head, found near the North Gate, is used on a headless statue in the
West Area's building with three Thunder Crystals on the door. It'll give you
access to a treasure box in the back.

Type: Specific
Found: West Area
Description: You can't seem to use it because of its thick decorations.

Found near the North Gate, the Decorated Sword opens up the door to the East
Area. Simply place it in the stone carving in the lower right corner of the
courtyard after opening the gate to the Demon Realm.

Type: Specific
Found: East Area
Description: You will need an arrow that can match this bow to use it.

Strangely, the Great Bow isn't a weapon but instead an item. When the Great
Arrow is used with it, you can open up the gate to the Demon World. It is
located inside the large building sitting in the middle of the water in the
East Area.

Type: Specific
Found: East Area
Description: You will need a bow that can match this arrow to use it.

The Great Arrow is combined with the Great Bow to open up the Dark Realm. It is
found in the East Area, in the room with the Bishamon Statue. Place the
decorated arrow on the dragon statue to take it without locking yourself in.

Type: Specific
Found: East Area
Description: You can't seem to use it because of the thick decorations.

The Decorated Arrow is used to help you get the Great Arrow. You'll find it in
a Trick Treasure Box in the attic near the Bishamon Statue room.

Type: Special
Found: Dark Realm Level 20
Description: This ocarina will help to awaken a sword.

The Bishamon Ocarina is your reward for getting past every level in the Dark
Realm. It may seem like a rip off, but in fact, this is the key to unlocking
the best sword in the game. After entering the Demon Gate and defeating
Marcellus, stand next to the door near the magic fountain. It'll open and
inside you'll find the powerful Bishamon Sword.

*More Items Coming Soon!!!*


               =============== FILES INDEX ===============

     There are numerous files in Onimusha, and though none of them serves a
purpose in the completion of the game, they all will give you more information
on the game's setting and the story. Be sure to pick them up and read them
whenever you can find them. Below is an index of the locations of all the

Princess Yuki's letter to Samanosuke is received during the prologue, so you'll
start the game out with this among your files.

This is the scroll that rests in front of the mummified monk that guards the
entrance to the Underground Temple. Easy to find and easy to get.

The journals are a series of writings that describe the exploits of Saimyou.
Also included in each journal is a picture. The first of the five is located in
the Underground Temple, in the room where the Thunder Orb is found. Smash the
last pot on the left to uncover a Treasure Chest containing the Journal #1.

The second of Saimyou's journals is in the Drained Moat. His optimism from the
first journal quickly dissipates in the next installment. The journal is found
in the room after the boss battle room (against Osric).

Journal the third can be found in the Keep. From the main entrance, enter the
doors in the back and then the door on the wall to the right. In the following
room is a chest with Journal #3.

This journal is found in the Storage Room at the bottom of the ladder near the
door you open with the two Crest Pieces. Cut open a piece of the wall on the
left with your sword to find it.

To find the next journal, go into the Burner Building and proceed to the room
behind the Magic Mirror. Go all the way to the end of the hall, and in the
library, inside the chest, you'll find this journal.

The last journal written can be located in the East Area. Check on the door
inside the building that requires a Level 2 Arashi to enter.

One of the books written by a high class demon, possibly Guildstern. The Red
coloration is in the Conference Room on the Keep's second floor.

Another demon-written tome is found in the library of the Keep Underground
area. Go past the door of the tormented souls to find the library.

This book is also in the Keep Underground library. Go past the door of the
tormented souls to find the library.

Locate the cerulean tome in the foggy room that leads down into the Keep
Underground area. Go through the door to the left of the main entrance to the
Keep to find this room.

The white book rests in the Keep Underground. Look for it a green-toned room
inside the door of tormented souls. The room before it contains several

The chilling (and short) Apocalypse volumes starts with this book, found in the
Keep Underground. Go into the door of the tormented souls and into the room
halfway down the hallway. Enter the door with two Thunder Crystals and claim
the book inside.

The other Apocalypse book is located in the East Area. As Kaede, go into the
doors near the beginning of the area that require the Shinobi Kit to enter.
Before going to the lake shore outside of the tall building, head into the door
near a chest. Inside, behind the statue, is the Apocalypse #2.

This is the first book in the four-set Seiryu series that translates ancient
text to English. It's found in the Underground Temple. From the entrance, head
right and to the end of the hallway. Open the cabinet there to find the Seiryu
Vol. 1.

The second volume is found on Floor 4 of the Keep. It's on a bench in the back
of the large room. You enter the large room using the two crest pieces.

Seiryu #3 is on Floor 5 of the Keep. Enter the door on the balcony and you'll
be right in the room where this book waits.

The final Seiryu book is on Floor 5 of the Keep, in the exact same room as the
third Seiryu volume. Enter the door on the balcony and you'll be in this room.

On Floor 4 of the Keep, in the room with the stairs leading to Floor 5, is the
first book in the Suzaku group. It's on the floor to the right when you enter
the room.

In the Keep, go to the room with the stairs leading up to the second floor.
Under the stairs is a door leading to a room. In this room is the second volume
of the Suzaku series, sitting on the bookshelf.

The elusive Volumer 3 of the Suzaku series is found in the East Area. Head
through the house by the waterfall, through the door that requires the Shinobi
kit to enter, and all the way to the room with the Magic Mirror. Continue on
down the next hallway to the very end and go inside the door. On the shelf in
this room is the Suzaku Vol. 3.

The last Suzaku Volume is located in the West Area. Enter the Burner Building
and go into the room behind the Magic Mirror. Go all the way to the end of the
hall, and in the library, on top of the bookshelf, you'll find the Suzaku Vol.

Strangely, you'll find the first volume of the Byakko series last. It's located
behind the trick shelf in the Burner Building's library (in the West Area).

On the third floor of the Keep, in the room before the traps and with the Magic
Mirror in it. The Byakko is yet another book with mysterious translations.

Found in the Keep Underground's demon library. The library is found past the
door of the tormented souls.

Look for this in the Keep Underground. Go into the door of the tormented souls
and into the room halfway down the hallway. Enter the door with two Thunder
Crystals and pick up the book inside.

The last set of books is the Genbu volumes. The first is found in the West
Area, inside the door with three Thunder Crystals on it. Just open it up with a
Level 3 Shiden and pick up the book.

The Genbu series continues with the second installment, found inside the West
Area's Burning building. Locate this ancient tome in the back room littered
with dusty pots.

The third Genbu book is located in the East Area. Head through the building
with two Thunder Crystals on the door and down the bridge. Inside the building
at the end is the Genbu on the shelf.

In the East Area, take Kaede into the door requiring the Shinobi Kit in the
house near the waterfall. Go down the paths until you get to a room with a
Magic Mirror and a ladder. Climb up the ladder, and destroy the crates. On the
right side of the room, under where the crates were, is the last Genbu book.

*More Files Coming Soon!!!*


        =============== FLUORITE LOCATIONS INDEX ===============

     Though reading the walkthrough and finding where a Fluorite piece is may
be fine and dandy, sometimes it can be quite annoying to search through every
little part to find the one sentence that tells you what you want to know.
Because I'm ever so thoughtful, here's an index of all the Fluorite Locations.
Unless you're too lazy to look through the ones that you've already gotten,
this should ease your searching pains.

>From the entrance to the Underground Temple, go to the right. Look in the
corner where the hallway turns to find the first Fluorite Piece.

Enter the room after the chamber where you fought Osric (the first boss). On
the wall to the left are several pots. Break them and search the ground
underneath to find a piece of Fluorite.

Enter the Keep and go to the stairs leading up to Floor 2. A chest here
contains an herb. If you look to the left of the chest on the wall, you'll
discover a Fluorite piece.

Go up to the second floor of the Keep and head across the balcony. Go through
the following room and into the stair chamber. Break the crates near the wall
and search in the corner to find this Fluorite Piece.

Head into the door that's unlocked by the two crest pieces and proceed to the
other side of the large room. In a make-up box alongside the wall is the
Fluorite piece.

Enter the door that the tormented souls block, then proceed to the very end of
the hallway (past the blue key door). On the wall at the end is a Fluorite

Found in the room with two Thunder Crystals on the door. Look in the iron
torture box near the middle of the room for the Fluorite.

Look for this piece in the first passage of the West Area. Walk to the far end,
and to the right of the last torch on a rock is the Fluorite piece.

This Fluorite piece is found near the well in the West Area. Also near the well
is a door with three Thunder Crystals on it. Just to the right of this door (if
you're facing it) is the piece.

As Kaede, enter the Burner Building and head to the room where you use the
Gear. Go into the secret room behind the bookshelf. Cluttered among the many
strewn objects is a Fluorite piece.

You can only get this Fluorite Piece as Kaede. Head to the Burning Building in
the West Area (the one that's on fire) and into the door right next to the
entrance. Below the staircase amongst the clutter is a Fluorite Piece.

Head to the Burner Building and go through the door with three Fire Crystals.
Outside, underneath the combat carriage at the top of the hill (or the bottom
if you've already chopped the rope) is a Fluorite stone.

Head to the tall building in the East Area (the one with a door that has three
Thunder Crystals on the lower floor) and climb up to the roof. The inner path
contains a Fluorite piece.

Enter the house on the far side of the waterfall and go down the stairs inside
to the docks. On the middle of the platform is a piece of Fluorite.

>From the entrance to the East Area, take Kaede to the bridges and into the
door opened by the Shinobi Kit. Go down the path to the right and into the
door. To the right of the door (Kaede's right) is a Fluorite piece.

In the East Area, take Kaede into the door requiring the Shinobi Kit in the
house near the waterfall. Go down the paths until you get to a room with a
Magic Mirror and a ladder. Climb up the ladder, and destroy the crates. On the
left side of the room, under where the crates were, is the 16th Fluorite stone.

If you continue from the save room mentioned in Fluorite piece 16, go down the
following hallway to the very end and enter the door. In a circle of rope on a
chest is the next Fluorite piece.

On the fifth level of the Dark Realm, look for a treasure chest containing some

Open the treasure chest on the Dark Realm's tenth level to uncover some more

The fifteenth floor of the Dark Realm contains a Fluorite stone, too. Look
inside the treasure chest.


                 =============== SECRETS ===============

     Onimusha is packed full of secrets, bonuses, and extras, all of which
require you to do something special in order to unlock them. Some are
practical, some are enticing, and some are humorous. The wide variety of
secrets are listed in this section.

The game is defaulted on Normal Mode; in fact, you don't even have the option
of selecting the Easy Mode when you first start. After you die a few times on
the Normal Mode, Capcom decides to say "Hey, you suck, why not try something
easier?" and opens up the Easy Mode for you. I played a little ways into a game
on Easy Mode, and the only difference I found was that enemies didn't take off
as much damage with their attacks. I mean, uh, I wouldn't know anything about
the Easy Mode, 'cuz I've never died. Honest.

Samanosuke's extra, the Panda Costume, is quite an oddity. Watching Samanosuke
run around acting serious in a Panda suit is strange to say the least. The head
of the Panda can be taken on or off with the L2 button, and when you receive
the gauntlet, it's in the shape of a flower. To unlock this bizarre feature,
simply complete the game (with 10-19 Fluorite pieces collected), and when you
begin a new game, choose "EXTRA" for Samanosuke. Keep in mind that you can't
take the Panda Costume off, and the quick laughs the costume produces fade

Wondering if there's gonna be a sequel to Onimusha? You bet, and you can even
see a quick black and white trailer of the game. The movie you're shown is very
short and doesn't show you much other than the new hero in Onimusha 2 and him
slicing through some new enemies. To unlock the trailer, just complete the game
while collecting zero to nine Fluorite pieces.

Kaede's extra costume is, like Samanosuke's, an unusual get-up. Kaede's style
is a red dress, complete with bat wings and a little tail. Also like
Samanosuke's costume, this is more for a quick laugh than anything else. Unlock
the new dress by obtaining an S Rank after completing the game (the best

The Oni Spirits mini-game is a very challenging and frustrating game. It will
not only take skill to beat it, but to unlock it. You must find all 20 Fluorite
pieces to open it up. Use the Fluorite Guide in this FAQ to aide you.

One of the coolest features you can unlock, the Ultimate Mode makes completing
the game a lot easier and a lot more fun. First and foremost, you start out
with the Bishamon Sword. You will also have unlimited bullets, unlimited
arrows, and 99 Soul Absorbers. You will also never run out of magic. To unlock
it, get through all 12 Stages of the Oni Spirits game... which isn't an easy

*More Secrets Coming Soon!!!*


            =============== DARK REALM GUIDE ===============

     The funny-looking cocoon guy (rumored to be an insane Saimyou) that drops
down in the magic mirror room on the first floor of the Keep and in the West
Area's well will transport you to an area in the Dark Realm. He will offer to
take you after you defeat the Doppleganger. The Dark Realm is a small place
where you battle wave after wave of monsters. There is a total of 20 different
floors in the Dark Realm, each harder than the last. However, the further you
go down, the more and better prizes you will receive. It's dangerous, but the
efforts you put into it are well worth it. Consult the guide below for
information on what items and enemies can be found on what floors as well as
tips for clearing each and every level.

The Dark Realm is a great place to accumulate red souls for enhancing weapons.
Blue souls are also rather frequent, so don't be afraid to use those magic
attacks when you have to. Yellow souls, however, are very rare. You'll only get
them by doing something exemplary, such as ground stabbing a Cloaked Demon.
Using a Soul Absorber can be useful against some of the tougher enemies. You'll
need to use quite a bit of Medicine on your way down, but don't worry. The
Bishamon Sword you'll eventually gain will easily be worth it.

Color: Red
Enemies: 10 Demon Warriors
Item: None

The first level is simple, just be sure not to let the Demon Warriors crowd
you. Try to distance yourself from them at the start, then come charging in.
The long, powerful Enryuu works best.

Color: Red
Enemies: 7 Blade Demons
Item: None

Blade Demons can be quite pesky, especially in the small area you're fighting
in. Don't turn your back on them or they'll come up from behind. Refrain from
ground stabbing or you'll be a sitting duck. Use a faster sword, like the
Raizan or Shippuu.

Color: Red
Enemies: 2 Samurai Demons, 5 Demon Warriors
Item: None

Get the Demon Warriors off your back first while keeping a distance from the
Samurai Demons. After the little guys are taken care of, concentrate on the
biggins. Remember that the Hit and Run tactic works well on them.

Color: Red
Enemies: 4 Samurai Demons
Item: None

With two Samurai Demons attacking at once, things get a little tougher. Either
time your attacks very well (pay attention to those arms moving!) or just get
things done quickly with a bit of fire magic.

Color: Red
Enemies: 2 Samurai Demons, 5 Blade Demons
Item: Fluorite

Blade Demons and Samurai Demons are a bad mix. Like with the Demon Warriors,
take out the Blade Demons first, then work on the Samurai Demons. The
fast-moving Blade Demons make it more likely you'll get hit by the Samurai
Demon, so be extra cautious.

Color: Red
Enemies: 12 Spiked Demons
Item: None

This is cake. The Spiked Demons are slow, weak, and easy to take out. Use the
Enryuu to make quick work of them.

Color: Red
Enemies: 8 Hecubites
Item: None

The Hecubites have tough skin, which makes them take longer to defeat. Make
sure one doesn't get the idea to chomp on your arm while you fight another by
switching between Hecubites. You'll slowly but surely wear them down. The
Enryuu works best for this level.

Color: Red
Enemies: 10 Spiked Demons, 4 Skull Clouds
Item: None

Don't worry about the Skull Clouds. Concentrate on the Spiked Demons and forget
about losing a few souls. You can make up for it later. Once more, equip the
Enryuu for this bout.

Color: Red
Enemies: 3 Minotaur Demons, 6 Spiked Demons
Item: Medicine

Since Minotaur Demons are really annoying with their long axes, and since
you'll be using magic anyway, take them out first with a thunderbolt or other
suitable magic, then concentrate on the less threatening Spiked Demons.

-LEVEL 10-
Color: Red
Enemies: 6 Minotaur Demons, 4 Skull Clouds
Item: Fluorite

This is one of the hardest levels to get by, and you'll definitely need to use
a vial or two of medicine. Use any magic you have left to take out the Minotaur
Demons first. Standing close doesn't work at all when there's two around, so
try your best to Hit and Run if you run out of magic. Take out the Skull Clouds
at the end.

-LEVEL 11-
Color: Green
Enemies: 5 Reynaldo
Item: None

The first green-colored level is also the first spotting of the Reynaldo
enemies. 5 Reynaldo may not seem like much, but considering that most split in
two when you hit them, the number is more around ten. Use the Enryuu to cut
through them, and sometimes you'll kill them instead of doubling their numbers.

-LEVEL 12-
Color: Green
Enemies: 4 Reynaldo, 4 Skull Clouds
Item: Soul Absorber

The Skull Clouds don't make things much more challenging (unless they decide to
grab your hand). Like usual, concentrate on the Reynaldo first with your

-LEVEL 13-
Color: Green
Enemies: 5 Hecubites, 4 Reynaldo
Item: Talisman

Good timing is key here. Slice the Reynaldo in two, then while they're getting
up, take out the Hecubites. Concentrate on the more dangerous and annoying
Reynaldo first. The Enryuu works the best.

-LEVEL 14-
Color: Green
Enemies: 3 Cloaked Demons
Item: Herb

This level, though it may seem intimidating with Cloaked Demons, is rather
easy. Since the Cloaked Demons appear one at a time and all their attacks can
be easily blocked, there's no real danger.

-LEVEL 15-
Color: Green
Enemies: 2 Cloaked Demons, 5 Reynaldo
Item: Fluorite

While the Cloaked Demon is moving, get a few swings into the Reynaldo. You'll
want to kill the Reynaldo first, but be careful about the attacking Cloaked

-LEVEL 16-
Color: Blue
Enemies: 8 Ninjas
Item: Herb

Ninja Demons are rather troublesome, especially in the packs they come out in.
Use the mighty Enryuu to kill them quickly. Don't wait around or put yourself
at a distance from the Ninjas (beware the Needle Shot!).

-LEVEL 17-
Color: Blue
Enemies: 2 Samurai Demons, 4 Shielded Samurai Demons
Item: None

What fun! Lots of Samurai Demons, and look, most of them have shields! Hit and
Running and magic is the most useful here. A quick sword will be nice to have,
so try using the Shippuu for this level (the Enryuu will still work well).

-LEVEL 18-
Color: Blue
Enemies: 2 Cloaked Demons, 4 Ninja Demons
Item: Herb

Cloaked Demons and Ninja Demons are a painful combination. The Ninja Demons are
the most serious threat, so defeat them before moving on to the Cloaked Demons.
Be prepared to stop and block the attacks of the Cloaked Demons. Use the Enryuu
for the power you'll need.

-LEVEL 19-
Color: Blue
Enemies: 3 Shielded Samurai Demons, 5 Ninja Demons
Item: None

As usual, the Ninja Demons are more dangerous with their speedy and unrelenting
attack, so finish them off first. The Enryuu and some wind magic will prove

-LEVEL 20-
Color: Blue
Enemies: 3 Minotaur Demons, 3 Cloaked Demons
Item: Bishamon Ocarina

Another lovely combination, this level forces you to choose which of the tough
bad guys are worse. The Minotaurs Demons should be dispatched prior to the
Cloaked Demons. Magic will be very helpful, as well as some medicine. Use the


              =============== RANKING GUIDE ===============

     After completing the game and watching the credits roll, you'll be ranked
on your completion of the game. The different categories are Time, Souls
Absorbed, Enemies Defeated, Dark Realm Floors Accessed, and Fluorite pieces
collected. Only the first three categories, however, effect your ranking.
Ranking are based on a point system. Depending on the number or time, you get
more or less points. Below is how many points you get for each category.

- TIME -
5+ Hours: 3 points
4 - 5 Hours: 5 points
3 - 4 Hours: 7 points
0 - 3 Hours: 10 points

0 - 34,999: 3 points
35,000 - 44,999: 5 points
45,000 - 54,999: 7 points
55,000+: 10 points

0 - 399: 3 points
400 - 499: 5 points
500 - 599: 7 points
600+: 10 points

===== FINAL RANKING =====
Add up the scores above to get your final ranking. Your grade is based on the
results below.

D Grade: 9 points
C Grade: 10 - 17 points
B Grade: 18 - 24 points
A Grade: 25 - 29 points
S Grade: 30 points

Thanks to IGNGuides for the information in this section.


            =============== ONI SPIRITS GUIDE ===============

     The Oni Spirits mini-game, which is unlocked after you collect all 20
Fluorite Pieces in the game, is probably the most difficult challenge you'll
face in Onimusha. Read below for the basic play of the game, strategies, and
information on each of the stages.

The basic premise of this mini-game is that you must free the Oni Spirits from
their Oni pots before the demons do. But not only must you race against the
demons to break open the pots, your life is slowly being consumed from being in
this realm. This makes things doubly complicated and doubly hard. This game is
made up of 12 stages.

1. You start the game with one Herb, and you will collect a few more as you
  your way through the game. Herbs will replenish a small amount of your
  which can oftentimes save you from dying. Use them carefully, as you don't
2. Whenever you go into a new stage, your life will be fully replenished. Also,
  moments before exiting a stage, your vitality will stop decreasing. In this
  short period of time before exiting, run and collect any items that you've
3. Killing enemies will yield life. Killing demons will also stop them from
  destroying the Oni Pots. However, spend too much time killing the demons and
  you'll lose too much of your vitality. Some special pots contain small
  vitality souls.
4. You don't need to absorb the Oni Spirits to save them, so don't waste your
5. Break as many Oni Pots as you can at a time. The Enryuu has a larger chop,
  and it doesn't send you flying forward, so it's a good weapon to use.
6. Use the items you pick up along the way. Bullets and Burst Bullets are
  excellent ways to take out enemies quickly, as well as fire and lightning
  magic. Use the wind magic to destroy many Oni Pots at a time.


- STAGE 1 -
Release Oni: 28
Break Vases: 20
Enemies: 1 Demon Warrior
Items: Herb

- STAGE 2 -
Release Oni: 34
Break Vases: 20
Enemies: 2 Demon Warriors
Items: Bullets, Shiden (Thunder Orb)

- STAGE 3 -
Release Oni: 39
Break Vases: 26
Enemies: 1 Samurai Demon, 1 Skull Cloud
Items: Matchlock

- STAGE 4 -
Release Oni: 38
Break Vases: 26
Enemies: 2 Blade Demons
Items: Bullets, Kouen (Fire Orb)

- STAGE 5 -
Release Oni: 36
Break Vases: 28
Enemies: 2 Samurai Demons, 1 Skull Cloud
Items: Bullets

- STAGE 6 -
Release Oni: 6
Break Vases: 6
Enemies: 2 Demon Warriors
Items: Herb

- STAGE 7 -
Release Oni: 39
Break Vases: 32
Enemies: 2 Samurai Demons, 1 Skull Cloud
Items: Arashi (Wind Orb)

- STAGE 8 -
Release Oni: 42
Break Vases: 36
Enemies: ( Spiked Demons
Items: Burst Bullets, Holy Armor

- STAGE 9 -
Release Oni: 42
Break Vases:  36
Enemies: 1 Minotaur Demon, 2 Skull Clouds
Items: Burst Bullets

- STAGE 10 -
Release Oni: 6
Break Vases: 6
Enemies: 2 Blade Demons, 1 Samurai Demon
Items: Herb

- STAGE 11 -
Release Oni: 40
Break Vases: 30
Enemies: 2 Blade Demons, 1 Samurai Demon
Items: None

- STAGE 12 -
Release Oni: 44
Break Vases: 36
Enemies: 2 Minotaur Demons, 1 Spiked Demon

 ___/|____|\______________________________________________________| |_
   |||    |/                                                     \___/
   |||   ================ PART 5: MISCELLANEOUS ================  |||
  /___\                                                     \|    |||
   | |                                                            |||
   |_|                                                             \|
             =============== ADDITIONAL TIPS ===============

     Below are some basic tips that give you hints or clues on how to generally
find or complete things in the game, and with lots of witty titles that I
created myself! If you're new to this genre or just plain suck at video games,
this section is for you (which means all of you besides me should read this).
Oh, if you were offended by that last sentence, HA HA! Loser!

While looking for Fluorite or other hidden items, press the X Button everywhere
(particularly against walls). You'll be surprised at the stuff you find.

Don't be afraid to use healing agents. There are quite a few to be found in the
game and you certainly can afford to use some every once in a while. Use
medicine or herbs while fighting bosses or as Kaede, but never Samanosuke in
normal territory (he can absorb souls to get the life he needs).

Search and find all of the locations of Power Jewels and Magic Jewels so that
you can increase your Vitality and Magic Meters. Having higher maximums will
help you more than you can imagine.

Save as often as you can, and preferably have multiple files at once.
Therefore, if you mess up, you can go back without having to forfeit much. If
you have multiple files for the same game, and you find out you made a big
mistake by using those 8 medicines at once, you can magically erase it all and
start from where you still had them.

A lot of the time the downfall and death of Samanosuke can be due to
carelessness. You think that the enemy isn't getting any hits on you, so you
can push for more attacks. Don't be stubborn. Most of the time the enemy will
hit you hard when you try to grab for more. Don't push it, just be patient.

Sometimes if you defeat an enemy in an alternate or particularly challenging
way, you'll get more or better souls. For example, if you defeat a Cloaked
Demon by ground stabbing its invisible head while it's in the ground, you'll
get more souls, including yellow life-replenishing ones. Try different methods
to get better stuff.


       =============== FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ===============

     I get loads of mail each day from readers wondering how to do something.
Most of the times it's "How do I start my computer?" or "Where in the world in
Carmen Sandiego?", but every once in a while I get a worthwhile question that
isn't answered in the rest of the FAQ. If several people end up asking it, then
I deem it "Frequent" and put it in this section. Thus the title "Frequently
Asked Questions". Oh yes, and there are answers here, too. I'm not THAT cruel.

Q: How do you move the tiles in the Water Puzzle?
A: To move the tiles, you must hold down the X button and then move the D-Pad
   the desired direction. Be sure the tile you want is highlighted beforehand,

Q: What scenes can I skip though in the game?
A: You can skip through the intro movie, Yuki's Letter, the ending movie, and
   the credits by pressing Start. Unfortunately, you must watch everything else
   in between, which becomes quite tedious when you've played the game through
   five times already.

Q: Did Capcom cut out a scene from the US version of the game?
A: Sort of. The scene where Hecubus takes Yumemaru into the Dark Realm was
   modified due to some "controversial" material. If you'd like to see the
   unedited Japanese version of the cutscene, go to
   http://ps2.ign.com/news/33472.html and take a look at the movie. Don't worry
   about it being very offensive, though, it's just a tad more suggestive.


              =============== CONTACT INFO ===============

Have some questions about the game? Comments about my FAQ? Know something I
left out? See info I got wrong? If there's something you need to know or say
about my FAQ, be sure to:

E-mail me Questions or Comments: croco64@yahoo.com


1. Try to find what you need in the FAQ first. I've spent hours and hours
writing all this, and for a reason, so look here to try to find the answer to
your question(s). If the information you ask for is already in the FAQ, I will
likely just direct you to where it is in the FAQ.

2. Put the word "Onimusha", "Onimusha: Warlords", or similar phrasing as the
title of your e-mail. This makes things a lot easier for me.

3. I am very happy to have you contribute to this FAQ, and by all means send in
what you know. However, I do not want you to send me information on any of the
incomplete sections of the FAQ. What you send I'll probably already know.
However, if I miss something or something you know of doesn't fit anywhere
else, please send it in. Be sure to include a name or alias for the Credits
section. If you do not, I will assume that you wish to remain anonymous (unless
you send one at a later date).

4. I respond to 99.9% of the e-mail I get. If yours is in the lucky .1% that
doesn't get a response, it may be that your e-mail is dated for a past date and
is buried in my old e-mail, you didn't send it to the right address, or I just
feel lazy or don't want to respond to your question. Even if your question is
moronic or your e-mail incomprehensible, I'll still probably respond to mock

5. Do not send me any spam, "chain" type e-mails, or pictures. These are
annoying and take up unnecessary space in my inbox. Also, don't send multiple
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6. If you are the webmaster of a site and wish to use my FAQ, you must contact
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will tell you right now that I do not give permission to everyone who asks.
Only the sites that I think have good quality will be granted permission. A
quick reminder: using my FAQ without permission is illegal, and appropriate
legal action can and will be taken if you steal this document. I do check
around the web to see where my FAQ is.

INFORMATION REQUESTED: If you have any information on the specific
  requirements for attaining ranks, please send it in to me. Full
  credit will be given.


              =============== CREDITS/OTHER ===============


- Trevor Covert: For his great work on copy editing the FAQ.
- NEO101: For the names of several key characters, including Guildstern,
   Osric, and Hecuba.
- Big Daddy Bowman: For the name of the Doppleganger and Hecubites.
- Xylo186: For information on the Minotaur Demons and the Skull Clouds,
   as well as a nice reminder of the Strike Attack.
- JP: For letting me know what the Soul Absorber does.
- Anonymous: For the information on what Fluorite unlocks, the Holy Armor, and
   Kaede's attacks.
- Dave: For informing me that you can kill the Demon Warriors below on your
   first time on the Keep's balcony.


-IGN Guides: For the detailed solution to the Water Trap Puzzle, the
   for the Rankings Guide, and some of the stage information I missed for the
   Oni Spirits game.
-Game Informer Magazine: Gathered information for the introduction from
   their March '01 issue. Ha ha, that Reiner.
-Onimusha: For the item and weapon descriptions.
-The Onimusha Instruction Booklet: For the Story, Character bios, and
   Item descriptions.


*Capcom: For the fun and fantastic game Onimusha. C'est bon!
*Links Digiworks: For the totally bitchin' CG movies. Way to go.
*Jeff "CJayC" Veasey: Well, might as well suck up a bit. Maybe I'll get
   FAQ of the Week for saying "Thanks CJayC! I love you!".
*Cool Ranch Doritos: Yech! These things are awful! Why did I put this
   in my Special Thanks section?

                               *   *   *

The following sites have been given permission to use my FAQ:

     *GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
     *PlayStation Cheat.net (www.psxcodez.com)
     *Neoseeker (www.neoseeker.com)

No other sites have been given permission to use this FAQ. Please contact me if
you see this FAQ anywhere else.

Check www.gamefaqs.com for the most recent version of this FAQ.

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            =============== CLOSING STATEMENT ===============

     That wraps everything up. Here you are, at the end. La fini. Whatever it
is in Spanish. I wonder why I ever have closing statements. I never have
anything worthwhile to say. I just know I need to finish everything up somehow
without just leaving it there. OK, I guess I'll make some loving, touching
message so you'll all remember me forever and ever. "Thank you all so much for
reading! I love each and every one of you! Come give Croco a hug!". Was that
good enough? It better have been. Now get out.

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