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    A Storm is ComingObtain the Arashi.
    A Survivor to the EndComplete the second half of the Dark Realm.
    All for One, One for FluoriteCollect all Fluorite.
    All in a Day's WorkSave a soldier under attack by demons.
    All Lives Big and Small (secret)Absorb souls from carp.
    Armor CollectorObtain all armor for Samanosuke.
    Axe-ecutioner (secret)Defeat Barabazuu.
    Bamboo-zled! (secret)Cut down bamboo in the bamboo forest.
    Blunt Sword, Sharp MindComplete the game on Normal without enhancing swords or using Jewels.
    Deadly StrikeUse a Special Attack to kill a demon.
    Decrypter, Table for OneSolve all decoder boxes.
    Demonic VitalityUse Power Jewels to increase Vitality to maximum.
    Demons Die NowObtain the Bishamon Sword.
    Elite Demon Slayer (secret)Defeat Marcellus's final form.
    Enhance!Enhance equipment at Magic Mirror.
    Fall's Flight (secret)Spot the flock of wild geese at dusk.
    Gaunt and Done ItEnhance the gauntlet to maximum.
    Glimmering WatersUse the Decorated Sword to enter the East Area.
    Just HalfwayComplete the first half of the Dark Realm.
    Keep to YourselfEnter the abandoned keep.
    Lightning StrikesObtain the Shiden.
    Luck? Yeah, Right.Solve all number puzzles.
    Magic OverloadNEW_ACHIEVEMENUse Magic Jewels to increase Magic Power to maximum._DESC_2_7
    Mano A ManoWin a power struggle with a demon.
    Max OrbsEnhance all orbs to maximum.
    Max SwordsEnhance all swords to maximum.
    Near, Far, Wherever You AreObtain all long-range weapons.
    Never LostCollect all maps.
    None for Me, ThanksComplete the game on Normal without using herbs or medicine.
    Occult UnsealedUnseal the path to the Keep Underground.
    Ogre SaviorComplete all stages of Oni Spirits.
    One Chance (secret)Strike Marcellus's final form with a Deflect Critical attack.
    Panda-moniumUnlock Samanosuke's alternate outfit.
    Pest Exterminator (secret)Defeat Hecuba.
    Pro-nimushaComplete the game and get an S Rank.
    Raging FlamesObtain the Kouen.
    Road KillKill a demon with a battering ram.
    Save the Princess (secret)Defeat Fortinbras.
    Scantily-Clad JutsuUnlock Kaede's alternate outfit.
    Secret Ninja SkillsStrike a demon with Kaede's Special Attack.
    See You Next FallDefeat a demon by knocking it down the waterfall.
    Sight Beyond SightObtain the Vision Staff.
    Slaying in the Moonlight (secret)Defeat Marcellus.
    Soul WhispererObtain the Rosary of Communication.
    Speed DemonComplete the game in less than 3 hours.
    The Silent ThinkerSolve the crest puzzle.
    The Ultimate ChampionComplete the game on Ultimate difficulty.
    There Can Be Only One (secret)Defeat Stylado.
    Two to TangoSpeak to the first and second old moth man.
    Undying Summer (secret)Find the beetle on the tree trunk.
    Vengeance (secret)Defeat Osric.
    Walking EncyclopediaCollect all files.
    When Worlds CollideOpen the gate to the Demon World.
    Wish I Had This Sooner!Obtain the Sacred Knife.
    Your Soul is MineUse the gauntlet to absorb demon souls.

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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