Is there a way for me to get Voice Acting for Katawa Shoujo?

  1. i have come across another question that i think is similar to mine, but not quite... the difference is that im wondering if there are any external downloads for fan made voicing rather than an ingame option premade. i have completed about five different story paths, collected all but three items, all cutscenes and most images for all but the deaf girl i cannot say the name of due to a banned word =L and i thought this whole time that it was lacking in that department. If anyone out there has made, or come across a fan made voice acted version of this game than i would deeply appreciate it. If you do not know of one, but have suggestions on how to find one then i would love to hear the ideas to improve my search. and if i do find one i will reply to this with the link.

    User Info: zarthaxe

    zarthaxe - 5 years ago

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  1. The only fan dub I know of is Katawa Shoujo Mou Ichido! Which hasn't been very popular with the community. They have some Youtube videos up and you can view their board here: h t t_p : //

    User Info: MegaManZ3ro

    MegaManZ3ro (FAQ Author) - 5 years ago 2   0

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