Avernum 4 Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    During the game, press Alt+Shift+D to bring up a text box, then just type in the codes!

    Cures any character that is frozen or suffering from a mental effect.owmybrains
    Disables the showmeall cheat.dontshowmeall
    Fully buffs your entire party.leetbuffz
    Gives you XP.iwanttobestronger
    Makes all of the areas in the game forget your crimes. If you were hated, you will now be liked. Major crimes won't be forgotten.pleaselikeme
    Restores your party's health.ouchouchouch
    Restores your party's spell energy.imdrained
    Returns you to Fort Monestary.backtostart
    Reveals hidden NPCs on your minimap.showmeall
    Spawns a cake in the selected character's inventory.giveasnack

    Contributed By: Relle and Universe_JDJ.

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Avernum 5 Cheats


  • Cheat box

    Anytime during the game while adventuring or in a town, even in battle, hold Shift + D. a box will pop up saying "What do you want ?"

    Gives 500 gold.iampoor
    Gives xp to each character, less as they level.iwanttobestronger
    Gives your lead character some cake.giveasnack
    haste,blessing, shield, a long lasting shield, and something else.leetbuffz
    Heals and cures your party.ouchouchouch
    heals mind effects(such as charm)owmybrains
    Opens the character editor. Does not work in the demo.editor
    Recharge your spell energyimdrained
    Removes the NPCs from the minimap.dontshowmeall
    Reveals all NPCs on the minimap.showmeall
    Teleports your party to Blackchasm Outpost.backtostart
    Towns that have turned hostile will become friendly again.pleaselikeme

    Contributed By: PrivateCritter and Relle.

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Avernum 6 Cheats


  • Character Editor

    To enter any cheat in Avernum 6, You first must press Shift+D.

    Casts some benificary holy shields on your partyleetbuffz
    Displays the X,Y coordinates of your partylocation
    Enable's you to edit your Fighters Stats/Spellseditor
    Give you 500 coiniampoor
    Gives the selected character a cakegiveasnack
    Gives your party extra experience points to useiwanttobestronger
    Heals all of your party membersouchouchouch
    Make towns friendly againpleaselikeme
    Makes towns friendly again(lesser crimes)forgiveme
    Replentishes your magic power/manaimdrained
    Return your party to the starting areabacktostart
    Show All NPC on the Mapshowmeall

    Contributed By: HalF_a_StaR, Psychoticwraith, and dragoduval.

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