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Guide and Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

Updated: 01/04/2018

  |¯¯¯¯¯\|¯¯¯¯\ |¯¯¯¯¯|¯| /¯)¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯\ |¯| |  ____|¯|  |¯|¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯\ |¯¯¯¯\
  | |¯¯) ) |¯) )| |¯| | (/ /| [¯¯¯|   \| | | |____| |  | | |¯| | |¯) )| |¯\ \
  | |(¯ (|  ¯ ( | | | |   ( |  ]  | (\ \ | |____  | (/\) | | | |  ¯ ( | |  ) )
  | | ¯) ) |¯\ \| |_| | (\ \| [___| | \  |  ____| |      | |_| | |¯\ \| |_/ /
  |  ¯¯ /| |  \_)_____|_| \_)_____|_|  \_| |______|_/¯¯\_|_____|_|  \_)____/
   ¯¯¯¯¯ | |                               ANGEL OF DEATH FAQ/WALKTHROUGH by
         |_|       Shotgunnova (P. Summers) --- shotgunnova(at)gmail(dot)com

    I. WALKTHROUGH  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT

       01) New York: Bail Bond Office ................................... WK01
       02) New York: Hotel Alfonoso ..................................... WK02
       03) New York: Mama Martino's Meat Packing ........................ WK03
       04) Istanbul: Pasha Palace Hotel ................................. WK04
       05) Istanbul: Topkapi Palace ..................................... WK05
       06) Istanbul: Topkapi Palace Catacombs ........................... WK06
       07) Istanbul: Topkapi Palace [II] ................................ WK07
       08) Istanbul: Pasha Palace Hotel [II] ............................ WK08
       09) Rome: Vicolo Serve Smarrite .................................. WK09
       10) Rome: The Vatican ............................................ WK10
       11) Rome: Monastery of the Order of St. Michael .................. WK11
       12) Rome: Black Cat Massage Parlor ............................... WK12
       13) Rome: Vicolo Serve Smarrite [II] ............................. WK13
       14) Arizona: Monatomic Gold Compound ............................. WK14
       15) Rome: Monastery of the Order of St. Michael [II] ............. WK15

   II. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
  III. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
   IV. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT

I. WALKTHROUGH                                                           [WLKT]
 After the action-adventure annoyances that plagued Broken Sword 3, the game's
 back to fairly normal point-and-click controls. Players can talk to NPCs,
 select items, combine items (select one in inventory and overlay it with a
 second), and generally control menus with the mouse. In some cases, it's much
 easier to move around with the arrow keys.

 In addition to arrow keys, players can also remap a button for sprinting. The
 "mouse wheel sprint" option allows players to toggle sprinting with the mouse
 3 button.

 Finally, the game runs pretty well, but I've still encountered a few glitches
 that could be problematic. Always keep a backup save!

 Starting inventory: Bail Bond ID, PDA, Anna Maria

 • Take the Golf Club near the door
 • Use Golf Club on locked door
 • In the next room, topple the filing cabinet
 • Climb through ceiling hole

 • Use Golf Club on elevator gap
 • Use Anna Maria on corner floor-height AC grille
 • Pull the AC unit into the elevator gap
 • Retrieve the Golf Club
 • Exit outside

 • Shimmy to fire escape
 • Climb onto roof
 • Climb the crane and inspect its tip, unfurling the chain
 • Descend and use Golf Club on hanging chain
 • Use crank at 2nd crane's base

 The escaping duo makes it into a dilapidated building.

 • Grab hold of the upper crossbar by the windows
 • Shimmy around the room's perimeter to the stairwell
 • Take the String holding the stairwell door open
 • Inspect door to shut it
 • Use the sliding bolt to lock door
 • Right-click door and use gear icon (inspecting it normally won't work)
 • Go down one floor
 • Descend one more floor (using the broken main room, not stairwell)
 • Find the power cables blocking the walkway
 • Use Anna Maria on the broken breaker switch (must go up one floor to do it)
 • Descend and cross power cable impediment
 • Unblock stairwell door
 • Use Anna Maria on the garage door's crank
 • Inspect garage door

 George starts in the hotel lobby. The only people present on 1F are Thelwell,
 the lounge nerd, and Alphonso, the gruff owner in the reception booth.

 • Ask Alphonso about booking a room (obtain New York Hotel Flyer)
 • Right-click flyer in inventory to learn the phone number
 • Observe Thirwell's book
 • Ask Thelwell about the goose book
 • Enter bathroom and use PDA
 • Call the hotel and ask for Thewell
 • While Thelwell is indisposed, inspect his book (obtain Hotel Key Card)

 George can use this at the lobby door reader to get upstairs access.

 • Go up to 2F (automatic phone call scene)
 • Inspect dead insects by stairway to 3F (obtain Death Watch Beetle)
 • Read the stairwell's fumigation sign
 • Try touching the 1F lobby's grandfather clock
 • Ask Alphonso about the fumigation, Death Watch Beetle, and the clock
 • Use the beetle on the lobby's grandfather clock
 • Talk to Alphonso about the clock again (he'll be distracted by the bug)
 • Open reception booth window and take the Lighter from the counter

 • Revisit the 2F hotel room hallway
 • Stand near the end window and wait for shady guy to do his Elvis pose
 • When he does the pose, open the window (only time guy has his back turned)
 • When the guy goes to shut the window, use the Lighter on the dry flowerpot

 The sprinklers make the shady guy run to the elevator. He can only view the
 door where the banging is coming from now.

 • Enter room faux Elvis was guarding
 • Take the Pen from Hotel Room (on floor near bed)
 • Enter bathroom
 • Shut off the extractor fan (large button on it)
 • Use String on powered-down fan
 • Power fan back up

 George's partner in escape enters the room.

 • Speak to Anna Maria (automatic scene)
 • Return to suite hallway
 • Use the pen on the door where the banging's coming from
 • Use the flyer on the same door
 • Take the flyer again
 • Inspect door's keypad

 Our hero returns to his bail bond agency. Before going to the next major
 stop, a few more steps:

 • Take the Italian Branded Cigarettes from George's desk
 • Return to Hotel Alphonso (automatic scene)
 • Show cigarettes to Officer O'Halloran
 • Ask O'Hallaran about Man Lingering Upstairs, Tattoo, and Docks
 • Visit the new map location

 • Enter salami shop near gate
 • Talk to Chico Garella about salami
 • Show Chico the cigarettes
 • Pick salami option (obtain Salami)
 • Walk a good distance away, at which point Chico goes on a smoke break
 • Reenter salami shop and steal the Apron

 With this new attire, the packing plant -- accessible via the garage door
 behind the parked truck -- is available. 

 • Enter packing plant
 • Enter warehouse area
 • Take the Fireproof Blanket (red object hanging on wall near empty shelf)
 • Enter adjacent room, which opens out into the garbage area
 • Take the Machine Safety Keys from the bone crusher apparatus

 For the next part, I encountered a weird bug where the mouse quit appearing.
 I suggest saving before attempting, just to be safe.

 • Enter garbage area (automatic scene)
 • Push green dumpster towards forklift (×3)
 • Use Machine Safety Keys on forklift
 • Operate forklift control panel, raising dumpster up high
 • Climb forklift platforms and inspect upper grate (automatic scene)

 The goal is to find a distraction to enter the mobsters' loft.

 • Descend and take the Machine Safety Keys again (dumpster remains raised)
 • Return to building entrance and take the "left-hand" path to the smokers
 • Use Fireproof Blanket on in-use smokehouse door
 • Enter smokehouse
 • Use Fireproof Blanket on one of the floor's Smouldering Logs

 • Return back to building entrance
 • Enter truck and take an ice cube ("Ice from Freezer Truck") from pile
 • Sprint back to forklift and climb it
 • Use Smouldering Log on the office's grate
 • Use the ice cube on the office's grate

 If all goes well, the mobsters leave permanently and the butchering area
 (between the smokehouses and warehouse) is accessible. Note that the ice cube
 melts after approximately 1:15 elapses, so those who have trouble with the
 controls may want to put the log in place first, then do the remaining part.

 • Return to building entrance
 • Press the wall button that operates the butchered pigs' conveyor
 • Inspect the new corpse (obtain Meat Packing Company Key Card)

 • Enter storage room with blue door near bone crusher (automatic scene)
 • Inspect first aid box on wall
 • Use keycard on first aid box
 • Go upstairs into loft
 • Inspect desk's middle drawer (obtain Something Wrapped in Silk Hankie)
 • Right-click hankie in inventory
 • Obtain Photograph of Film Star Lucy Chu (automatic)
 • Obtain Silk Hankie (automatic)

 • Return to smokehouse
 • Use Silk Hankie on hanging meat (obtain Grease-Soaked Silk Hankie)
 • Return to mobsters' loft
 • Look out open window nearest cabinet (if not done already)
 • Use greasy hankie on the locked cabinet
 • Push cabinet (right-click on it and pick option) into bonecrusher below
 • Put Machine Safety Keys into bonecrusher, then operate its panel
 • Take the MP3 Player on top of the manuscript
 • Take the Manuscript itself

 George automatically returns to Anna Maria to scour the document. There are
 many illustrations to look at, but only a few major ones are required (doable
 in any order):

 • Inspect Latin Header
 • Inspect Idol (Baphomet icon on eastern city illustration)
 • Inspect Knight
 • Inspect Angel
 • Exit map view (arrow in bottom right-hand corner)

 • Give MP3 Player to Virgil
 • Ask Virgil about the PDA
 • Bring up PDA screen
 • Use Connect option
 • Pick Lobineau's private server
 • Agree to hack connection
 • Listen to Virgil's hacking tutorial

 Hacking seems complicated, but is actually pretty simple. The PDA (represents
 George) gives a signal that must be redirected into all less secure PCs (the
 three-monitor icons), then finally, the destination server. George must move
 and reposition the refractors and emitters to make the beams go in the
 desired direction. Make sure to avoid the red nodes! Those who already know
 Virgil's tutorial can close out of the PDA, then reopen it to skip all that.

 • Hack Lobineau's server (solution: https://i.imgur.com/9Cx5u4O.png)
 • Enter historical database via PDA Notes section
 • Read Baphomet entry
 • Read Knights Templar entry
 • Read Philippe IV entry
 • Read Clement V entry

 • Inspect manuscript (on table near door)
 • Inspect Holy Man (atop Fortified City illustration)
 • Inspect Fortified City

 George deduces the next destination: Turkey. The destination's now available
 by clicking the building's exit.

 • Talk to Mevlut (waiter) in the dining area
 • Ask about the citadel by the river
 • Ask about Topkapi Palace
 • Take the Pasha Palace Knife off one of the middle dining tables

 • Visit Topkapi Palace on world map
 • Speak to nearest guard for an embarrassing cavalcade of George's lies

 • Return to hotel
 • Optional: see the receptionist's golf trophy photo
 • Optional: try taking the letter off reception counter
 • Talk to receptionist about Eamon O'Mara
 • Talk to Anna Maria about Eamon O'Mara
 • Show receptionist the golf club
 • Talk to Anna Maria about Eamon O'Mara again (obtain Map and ID Card)

 • Right-click new item in inventory
 • Obtain Paper Clip (automatic)
 • Obtain Eamon's ID Card (automatic)
 • Obtain Map (automatic)
 • Use Pasha Palace Knife on the Bail Bond ID (obtain Photo of George)
 • Combine Photo of George and Eamon's ID Card (obtain ID for Topkapi)
 • Obtain Eamon's Photo (automatic)

 • View the Map in the inventory or on the hotel's wall
 • Inspect the lover's vestibule entrance
 • Talk to Mekvut about the lover's vestibule

 • Show guard the ID for Topkapi (manually or via dialogue)
 • Advance into guard-ridden area by next gate
 • Try going down branching sidewalk to no avail
 • Talk to Anna Maria about the Topkapi guard
 • Go down sidewalk when Anna Maria distracts guard

 If the distraction doesn't occur, it's because players didn't learn about the
 lover's vestibule on the map. Do that section first.

 • Approach and hop onto the scaffolding's lowest level (near courtyard door)
 • Jump the gap between the two scaffolding sections
 • Climb up onto the scaffolding's highest section (farthest part from door)
 • Steal the Guard's Phone barely visible on the ramparts' rim

 Note that George will be witnessed if he tries for the phone while the guard
 is watching, which resets him back at the courtyard's sidewalk. Time the grab

 • Inspect Guard's Phone to learn his number
 • Put phone back where it was
 • Go to other side of the scaffolding (top level)
 • Call the guard's phone via the PDA, making their patrol routes desync
 • Climb the nearest rampart wall when able

 This time, George lands in an interior courtyard, also with guard presence.

 • Wait for guard to approach spot nearest George
 • When he turns his back, walk behind him
 • Hop onto the building alcove halfway through his patrol route
 • Approach balcony side (automatic scene revealing nearby guard dog)
 • Use Pasha Palace Knife on loose plaster (on one of the open windowsills)
 • When the guard/dog combo patrols, drink the guard's remaining beverage
 • Hide by the time they return

 The guard leaves to make tea while his mutt remains.

 • Stand on the corridor's balcony (the POV camera changes here)
 • Grab hold of the hanging clothesline by a window
 • Combine Pasha Palace Knife and Salami (obtain Salami Slice)
 • Use Salami Slice on clothesline to bait the dog
 • Descend into courtyard and exit

 George is now in the fountain courtyard.

 • Descend into the museum lobby
 • Use PDA's connect menu to hack into the Topkapi security management server
 • Complete the hacking puzzle (solution: https://i.imgur.com/ldRQcfe.png)
 • Use 'Service System' option and put nearby lasers into test mode
 • Enter museum's next-door room
 • Open the wall's vent grate
 • Put the Hotel Flyer into the grille
 • Set flyer afire with the Lighter

 The smoke will reveal the intermittent lasers now.

 • Make it to the museum's far side, where a door with four levers is
 • Pull levers in this order: first, last, second from left
 • Let Anna Maria in (automatic)
 • Use Anna Maria option on one of the dark-colored spots by statue's door

 At last, the team enters the courtyard.

 • Move to the power switch (on wall near guy guarding museum entrance)
 • Stick the Pasha Palace Knife into the switch, short-circuiting it
 • Move back to Anna Maria after the fountain drains
 • While the bench guard is away, talk to Anna Maria so she follows George
 • Enter dried-up fountain pool
 • Use Anna Maria option on fountain's central statue
 • Descend into hole

 The team wins up in the sewers. There are several waterflow valves on the
 wall nearby, six in all.

 • Leave 1st valve alone (default: closed)
 • Open 2nd valve
 • Open 3rd valve, but ignore the 4th valve directly below it
 • Close 5th valve
 • Open 6th valve

 If done right, the pressure builds and removes a chunk of the wall.

 • Enter wall opening
 • Proceed down corridor
 • Descend into new room (automatic cutscene)
 • Use Anna Maria option on the door button
 • Have George stand on the white cobwebbed floor panel in the center

 When Anna Maria presses the button, the door should open.

 • Proceed into the sandy next-door room
 • Inspect 1st statue
 • Move panels so they display icons in this order: moon, cross, star, moon

 • Inspect 2nd statue (pretend blue fleur is clock's big hand; red, the little)
 • Put top clock face at 6:00
 • Put bottom clock face at 6:45

 • Inspect 3rd statue to find a heraldry puzzle
 • Top-left symbol: three yellow fleurs on blue field
 • Top-right symbol: two red lions on yellow field
 • Bottom-left symbol: two blue lions on white field
 • Bottom-right symbol: one white fleur on yellow field

 • Wait for the two alcoves alongside 3rd statue to open
 • Enter either one of them
 • Talk to Anna Maria about the alcove
 • Descend a floor (automatic)

 • Enter treasure room (automatic scene)
 • Press button hidden on floor map's Acre location
 • Press button hidden on London's location
 • Press button hidden on Paris' location
 • Press button hidden on Cyprus' location
 • Take the gold angel statue

 Pressing the button is done the same way as throughout the game (right-click
 on eye icon to expand view). If done successfully, a particular SFX plays; if
 done incorrectly, a different one does. (For reference, the right order is
 suggested in the manuscript's third Latin section, just as the next solution
 is suggested in the last:)

 • Turn pedestal left (×3)
 • Press pedestal down
 • Turn pedestal right (×3)
 • Press pedestal down
 • Turn pedestal left
 • Press pedestal down

 George begins with no items.

 • Inspect mousehole (×3) to get the Bracket
 • Use Bracket on weird wall stone
 • Pull wall stone out to open passage into next-door cell
 • Speak with the Father Nicolas (automatic)
 • Obtain the Squeaky Toy (automatic)
 • Obtain the Mechanical Mouse (automatic)
 • Obtain the Bag of Marbles (automatic)

 • Inspect Bag of Marbles (obtain Piece of Cloth, Marbles and Marble String)
 • Inspect Mechanical Mouse (obtain Mouse Key)
 • Use Marbles on floor drain to set up a comical trap
 • Enter next-door cell
 • Inspect door to call guard and trigger trap
 • Return to other cell and inspect guard (obtain Cell Keys)
 • Use Cell Keys to unlock door
 • Use Marble String on guard
 • Use Piece of Cloth on guard

 • Continue up hall into jail vestibule
 • Use Squeaky Toy on dog
 • While it's distracted, take the Can of Beef on the table
 • Combine Mouse Key and Can of Beef to get the...Open Can of Beef
 • Put the food in the dog bowl
 • Exit jail

 George will now be back in the stairway near the museum lobby.

 • Use Mechanical Mouse on locked doorway to museum laser area
 • Move onto museum staircase area (the balcony overlooking courtyard)
 • When mouse sets off alarm, climb the wall vines to the roof
 • Use Squeaky Toy on loose stone (left-hand side of roof, by starting point)
 • When guard comes to take a look, use roof dome to avoid sight
 • Move to other part of roof, hop gap and talk to the nun

 Nico, George's old partner-in-crime, is controlled in this section. All the
 confiscated items from earlier are reobtained here.

 • Talk to receptionist about herself
 • Ask about Eamon O'Mara
 • Obtain Room 505 room key
 • Go upstairs (approach stairs and agree to ascend)

 • Open window, then climb up and out
 • Look for spot on sill to hang and drop down from
 • Climb over 4th-floor balcony railing and descend again
 • Move towards Room 304 (hang from ledge to avoid window guard)
 • Enter room via window
 • Pick up the Rosary on floor near bed
 • Pick up Credit Card Receipt from bathroom trash
 • Speak to Mevlut (automatic)
 • Descend to lobby (automatic)
 • Use PDA to connect to Credit R Us site
 • Solve hacking puzzle (https://i.imgur.com/AnFaI3V.png)

 George has the Nico option here, used identical to the Anna Maria one earlier.

 • Try opening nearby apartment door
 • Speak to Brother Mark
 • Ask about Anna Maria's apartment
 • Ask about the key to the apartment block
 • Speak to the nearby tramp, "Viscount" Archie Lonsdale
 • Ask about the key to the apartment block
 • Try moving leftmost potted plant on apartment stoop
 • Ask Nico about Brother Mark (×2)
 • Take the Mouldy Bread behind Archie while he's distracted
 • Use Mouldy Bread on Mark's car to distract him
 • Take the Key to Apartment Block from leftmost planter

 • Enter apartment building
 • Upstairs, walk onto balcony
 • Step on planter, then jump and catch balcony-spanning rim
 • Reach other balcony
 • Use street-spanning crossbar to reach area above Mark's car
 • Knock on nearby door
 • When nun leaves, hop over railing and advance to farthest balcony
 • Jump and catch street archway's rim, then move to Anna Maria's balcony

 • Inspect window
 • Use Golf Club on balcony door's deadbolt
 • Enter and let Nico inside (automatic)
 • Inspect mantelpiece picture (obtain Photo of Anna Maria Dressed as a Nun)
 • Take the Airline Stub off kitchen table
 • Take the Italian Metro Ticket off Anna Maria's bed

 • Exit apartment
 • Speak to Mark about a package (automatic)
 • Return to street level and enter new map area

 • Inspect placard near the guarded gates
 • Ring doorbell on the shut, non-guarded door to find Sister Serena
 • Ask about the Holy Order of St. Michael
 • Ask about the Doorway
 • Ask about the Wafer Factory

 • Speak to Sister Angelica (old nun in window by factory door)
 • Ask about herself

 • Return to Anna Maria's apartment
 • Hack into the Vatican server (solution: https://i.imgur.com/DrdfWXa.png)

 • Return to the Vatican
 • While standing out of Angelica's eyeshot, call the wafer factory
 • Ask to talk to Angelica
 • While the nun's distracted, read the schedule on her booth's table
 • Talk to Angelica about the health inspector

 George will pose as the inspector and gain access to the factory floor. This
 is one of the funniest parts of the game, so feel free to stretch it out, not
 just do the bare minimum requirements below.

 • Knock over the white-colored box in the packing center
 • While Serena puts it back, put the Mouldy Bread in the table's open box
 • Use the knife on the shelf's askew emergency box
 • Inspect the opened box (obtain Miniature Bottle of Red Wine)
 • Take the stairs to the mixing vat's upper walkway
 • Open the mixing vat
 • Dump the red wine into the vat
 • Return to factory floor and talk with nuns (automatic)
 • Exit out back door past Angelica's office

 George begins in a small back lot.

 • Climb onto the nearby crates
 • Catch the rim beneath the railing
 • Shimmy to the railing's opening and climb into the monks' garden

 The next section must generally be done by walking, not sprinting. Being too
 loud can lead to capture, even if George wasn't in eyeshot.

 • Put Mouldy Bread into garden's NE planter (be mindful of patrolling monk)
 • Exit out garden's west side (avoid detection while nearby monk's distracted)
 • Wait for patrolling monk to idle in front of any shrub
 • Walk into door near those shrubs

 • Enter office at the end of the hall
 • Open desk's right-hand drawer
 • Try taking the black file out of the drawer
 • Obtain Gregor's Business Card (automatic)

 George automatically returns to Nico's apartment.

 • Exit and knock on Mark's door down the hall
 • Show the priest Gregor's Business Card
 • Talk to Mark about Anna Maria's package
 • Obtain Package Addressed to Anna Maria (automatic)
 • Inspect package from inventory (obtain Unmarked DVD)
 • Return to Anna Maria's apartment
 • Play DVD on laptop

 • After Nico leaves, talk to Mark at his apartment again
 • Show him the Pen from the Hotel Room (obtain Black Cat Pen)
 • Inquire about the Black Cat Club
 • Exit to that location on the world map

 • Show club bouncer (standing on sidewalk) the Rosary
 • Talk about the club, then joining the club

 • Return to Brother Mark
 • Ask about the Black Cat Card (×2)
 • Show Mark the photo of Lucy Chu in the inventory
 • Stand a distance away, then combine the Black Cat Pen and Lucy Chu's photo
 • Show Mark the Forged Signed Photo of Lucy Chu (obtain Black Cat Card)

 • Return to the Black Cat club's bouncer
 • Show him the new membership card (must be done manually)
 • Head downstairs and enter club
 • Enter locker room
 • Move planter near the wall painting (right-click to get the move option)
 • Turn the water valve behind it to fog up shower area
 • Steal the towel by the showering man
 • Exit down hall, past entrance
 • Go into the steam bath to find Duane, the NPC from Broken Sword games past
 • Ask about the Black Cat Club
 • Ask about the Mafia Gang
 • Ask about Spallacci (×2)

 Exhausting all Duane's dialogue, or trying to exit the steam room, begins the
 next series of events.

 • Inspect the outlet nearby
 • Inspect the chain (×2) to knock over the shelf taser
 • Knock over bottle on table
 • Inspect outlet again
 • Pull back nearby curtain (automatic scene plays)
 • Press button on window to open secret passage
 • Return to locker room and fetch George's gear from the empty locker
 • Return to steam room
 • Talk to Duane (in bath drain) about Black Cat Club
 • Combine the Rosary and Paper Clip
 • Use Rosary with Clip on the bath drain (obtain Rosary with Key)
 • Use Rosary with Key or Laundry Room Key on hallway door with white placard
 • Exit out laundry room's fire door
 • Try exiting the area

 George automatically returns to Anna Maria's apartment. There'll be a bomb to
 defuse on a ten-minute timer. And yes, this is an actual ten-minute timer --
 wasting time eventually leads to a game over. (In that case, the game resets
 to this checkpoint.)

 • Use PDA to hack the military's field notes site
 • Solve the hacking puzzle (solution: https://i.imgur.com/Ci4Wn01.png)

 Note that the hacking puzzle is a bit different than other ones, as there are
 two "double refraction" pieces to be used in specific parts of the puzzle --
 they can't be substituted for regular ones. (The double refraction pieces are
 slightly more blue than the others.)

 • Enter the PDA's notes section on bombs
 • Read the entry on self-protection
 • Read the defusing entries (all three)
 • Talk to Mark about his rubber gloves (obtain Rubber Gloves)
 • Inspect the bomb
 • Use Paper Clip on right-hand battery's left-hand receptor
 • Pick the Live Trigger Wire option
 • Use Pasha Palace Knife on the blue wire extending from dark green component

 Nico begins this flashback chapter by her lonesome. Inventory: just a PDA.

 • Inspect jeep (obtain Jack Handle)
 • Use Jack Handle on gate's padlock

 NOTE: I've encountered a glitch here where opening the gate causes Nico to be
 stuck in place and she can't be moved. If this happens, closing the entire
 game and reloading worked to fix it. (This may be caused by advancing further
 into the place, then reloading a save at the gate and trying again, so it's
 not something many may encounter. Hopefully.)

 • Advance down compound's street to lot with movable boxes
 • Move box in corner away from junk container (move other box first)
 • Pull junk container's handbrake
 • Push junk container to the left
 • Move boxes into junk container's old spot
 • Climb up onto ruin's second story
 • Hop onto the second-story awning
 • Grab the third-story ledging and shimmy to the third-story awning
 • Jump gap and use remaining path to reach rooftop
 • Take a piece of Rubble off rooftop
 • Inspect broken satellite dish holder (×4)
 • Use Rubble on the dish holder

 The rock is flung across the street, releasing a safety ladder.

 • Return back to street level
 • Climb the new ladder (there may not be a 'use' icon denoting it's possible)
 • Push movable box into roof hole
 • Push rusty pipe
 • Inspect pipe to crawl through
 • Inspect the rubble pile near next roof hole
 • Descend into the hole

 • Look at wedding photo on secretary's desk
 • Use the PDA to hack into the Jenkins office computer nearby
 • Complete the hack (solution: https://i.imgur.com/GpGB77L.png)
 • Read the downloaded notes in the...uh, Notes section
 • Inspect the nearby door's code lock
 • Use the reversed wedding date option

 • Move into loading bay
 • Descend to bottom floor (hop onto shelf, shimmy to other side, drop down)
 • Try inspecting/taking object on rim of the left floor hopper

 Nico ends up in a downstairs maintenance room.

 • Exit room
 • Enter kitchen across the hall
 • Take the Hook above the countertop
 • Move table, then take the Piece of Gum atop the cupboard
 • Enter locker room down the hall
 • Use Jack Handle or Hook on loose locker
 • Take Engine Oil from within
 • Solve hacking puzzle (solution: https://i.imgur.com/FJbEFPR.png) to exit
 • Enter the unlocked stairwell, then go down one flight
 • Enter hallway's only open door (another maintenance room)
 • Try opening door

 Nico meets Maynard and learns a safe holds the key to everything.

 • Climb out of safe room via table/ceiling hole
 • Inspect red wall panel left of hole leading into the safe room
 • Use Engine Oil on chain next to the panel
 • Operate red panel: right, then down
 • Return to safe room
 • Use Hook on lowered pulley/top of safe area
 • Operate red panel again: up, left

 • On other side of room, try operating the conveyor belt console
 • Use Piece of Gum on exposed wiring (frontside of said console)
 • Try operating console again
 • Use Maynard inventory option on console
 • Operate console (it works this time)

 Nico must now maneuver the safe along the rollers to the space next to her.
 However, the controls move every roller in the same direction, so players
 must use the borders to their advantage. One simple solution:

 • Down (×3)
 • Left (×2)
 • Up (×6)
 • Use Maynard option on safe

 The team relocates downstairs again.

 • Press the control panel button when asked
 • Watch the scene, then enter centrifuge
 • Take the object on the floor (obtain Maynard's Keys and a Plastic Folder)
 • Use keys on door nearest centrifuge console
 • Go up one flight
 • Turn off lights (switch near door, or use the one on the top floor)
 • Use Engine Oil on the door stopper
 • Open the door to see a scene with Vito

 If things aren't done in the right order, put the oil on the stopper, then
 shut the door Vito opened instead. Make sure the lights are already off!

 • Run down hall into the elevator room
 • Shut the door, then lock it with Maynard's Keys
 • Operate the elevator's panel
 • Upstairs, exit out catwalk door

 • Inspect trashcan near the guards
 • Take the Half Empty Bottle of Champagne from within
 • Inspect (or try taking) the bottle of meths next to Archie Lonsdale
 • Talk to Archie
 • Ask about the bottle of meths (×2)
 • Offer him the champagne bottle
 • Take the Half Empty Bottle of Meths
 • Dump the meths into the previous trashcan
 • Use the Lighter on the trashcan
 • When the guards are distracted, enter the wafer factory's main door

 • Enter door near the main machines (wasn't accessible earlier)
 • Eat some wafers on the conveyor belt
 • Observe the powder between the two white vats
 • Ask Sister Angelica about the special machine
 • Ask Sister Angelica about holy powder (×2)
 • Shadow the intruder out the back door

 The next goal is making it through the guarded garden maze, to the same door
 George slipped in earlier (remember waiting for the guy to inspect shrubs?).
 However, this time, several monks with lanterns guard the area. I suggest
 just using the westernmost path, then hiding in the shadows near the door.
 That way, players can bide their time and enter at the most convenient time.

 • Enter the building safely
 • Go down hall toward offices
 • Spy on the intruder in the middle office, then enter inside
 • Obtain the Manuscript (automatic)
 • Obtain Brother Mark's help (automatic)
 • Return to the trapdoor in the area where the reunion with Nico was earlier
 • Have Brother Mark try holding the trapdoor open
 • Use Golf Club on trapdoor
 • Descend

 Downstairs is a double statue puzzle -- each has two movable hourglasses on
 its plinth, and each has a head that can be inspected (climb onto plinth to
 do so). Solve the puzzle -- whose solution is in the office past where the
 intruder lies, denoted on the picture frame -- in this order:

 • Move left statue's 1st hourglass: sandy-side down
 • Move left statue's 2nd hourglass: sandy-side right
 • Inspect left statue's head and slide it into place
 • Move right statue's 1st hourglass: sandy-side down
 • Move right statue's 2nd hourglass: sandy-side right
 • Inspect right statue's head and slide it into place (won't work right)
 • Use Brother Mark option on the right statue's head
 • Descend into secret passage

 • Use Pasha Palace Knife on the junction box (right side of light switch)
 • Use Rubber Gloves on junction box
 • Use Fireproof Blanket on light bulb at end of hall (obtain Light Bulb)
 • Put the C-4 Explosives into the bulb's socket
 • Use Rubber Gloves on junction box again

 • Enter new passage and watch the scene
 • Enter nearby antechamber (scene with Archie)
 • Inspect the wall's rotating cross puzzle
 • Use #1 option
 • Use #2 option (×5)
 • Use #3 option
 • Enter new door

 The next puzzle is walking on particular tiles. This can usually be done via
 trial and error. However, the Manuscript Page has clues for the one following

 • Solve tile puzzle (solution: https://i.imgur.com/dPcxgL3.png)
 • Try crossing the thin "natural" bridge down the hall to run amok
 • Pull the Templar lever
 • Pull the Turk lever
 • Pull the Mamluk lever
 • Pull the Assassin lever

 • Find the Jacques de Molay statue
 • Use the Map on it
 • Use the Lighter on the map
 • Enter chamber beyond for a scene
 • Use Rosary on the stone catafalque's impression (side of it)

 • Continue down hall to the mass
 • Use Golf Club on one of the priceless cherub statues
 • Watch scene with new intruder (automatic)
 • Use Golf Club on the undamaged cherub
 • Watch the credits roll


III. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                          [FAQZ]

 [Q] - I can't ask Alphonso to put Thelwell on the phone!
 [A] - This is because George hasn't learned his name yet. Observe his goose
       book instead of trying to snatch it, then talk to him about its bird-
       -filled wonder.

 [Q] - I can't put the bug on the grandfather clock!
 [A] - Make sure to read the fumigation sign upstairs and try touching the
       clock itself once. Then, ask Alphonso about the fumigation, the bug
       infestation, and the clock (not necessarily in that order). George can
       put the bug on afterwards, though it won't have a gear icon to do it.

 [Q] - I can't move the locked cabinet at the meat packing plant!
 [A] - Look out the window nearest it to unlock that option.

 [Q] - The dialogue to get down the Topkapi sidewalk won't play!
 [A] - Players must learn of the lover's vestibule and learn about it from the
       hotel waiter first. Without that knowledge, the plan to infiltrate is
       shaky and Anna Maria won't be fully onboard.

 [Q] - Mark won't tell me about the Black Cat, even though I showed the pen!
 [A] - He won't let George in on the secret until Nico's left (i.e. package
       was collected and its DVD watched). After that, show him the pen and
       ask again.

 [Q] - Why did George say the first time he met Duane was in South America?
 [A] - Not sure. Any fan of the series knows he was in Shadow of the Templars
       (a.k.a. Circle of Blood), the very first game!

 [Q] - The game just ends...no epilogue?
 [A] - Yeah, it's rather abrupt, ain't it? No epilogue in sight.

IV. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTORS                                               [UPDT]

 12-2-2017 -----------------------------+ Started walkthrough
  1-4-2017 -----------------------------+ Completed walkthrough

 • Sailor/Ceej, for hostin' my crap
 • Sisters Angelica & Serena, for the funniest scenes in the game

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