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Walkthrough by almostsentient

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 02/06/2014

Version 1.00
by R.C. Bohn and K.E. Bohn
Februrary 6, 2014
Email: rcb1414@gmail.com


Introduction and Notes

Phase I of Game
  Quests for Nordlig
  [01] Invasion of the Undead
  [02] Education
  [03] Quarreling Friends
  [04] Sneaky Thief
  [05] Chatty Companion
  [06] Lost Props
  [07] Quest for "The Mad Mullet"
  [08] Exile
  Locations of Nordlig
  Quests for Vestlig
  [09] Help the Vikings of Vestlig
  [10] Skeleton Ship
  [11] Jacket for the Whaler
  [12] Monster Hunting
  Locations of Vestlig
  Quests for Isterreng
  [13] Missing Cabin Boy
  [14] Talking Bear
  [15] Drowned Gold
  [16] Serpent Lake
  [17] Picks for the Smugglers
  [18] Rusty Hook
  [19] Heavenly Maiden
  Locations of Isterreng
  Quests for Fastland
  [20] Invasion of Fastland
  [21] Herring Love
  [22] Beast Hunting
  [23] Unhappy Ulrika
  [24] Hardy Twohand
  [25] Grandfather's Axe
  [26] Missing Soothsayer
  [27] Dark Portal
  Locations of Fastland

Phase II of Game
  Quests for Greenwort
  [28] The Heart of Ksaltotun
  [29] Staff of Starlight
  [30] Dragon Tear
  [31] Warn the Rebel
  [32] Catch the Butterfly
  [33] Cannibal Killer
  [34] Stolen Drugs
  [35] Vengeance for the Cow!
  Locations of Greenwort
  Quests for Arlania
  [36] Missing Jewelery
  [37] Reinforcements on the March
  [38] Ice Hunt
  [39] Attracting Customers
  [40] Delayed Salary
  [41] Money for the Veteran
  Locations of Arlania
Verlon Wasteland
  Quests for Verlon Wasteland
  [42] Damsel in Distress
  [43] Oil for the Lighthouse
  [44] Ghost Ship
  [45] Labyrinth of Despair
  [46] Hermit's Garden
  [47] Bring the Heart to the Ghost
  Locations of Verlon Wasteland
  Quests for Merlasser
  [48] Bear Hunt
  [49] Loggers
  [50] Stone Statue
  [51] Package for Drinren
  [52] Expedition
  [53] Elven Lighthouse
  [54] Dragon Hunt
  [55] The Ent's Heritage
  [56] Spirit of the Forest of Merlassar
  [57] Brutus the Traitor
  [58] Audience
  [59] The King's Dying Words
  Locations of Merlasser
Western Freedom Islands
  Quests for Western Freedom Islands
  [60] Customs Duty
  [61] The Black Spot
  [62] Catfish
  [63] Dead Men Can't Be Pirates!
  [64] A True Pirate
  [65] Ay Vaz's Masterpiece
  [66] Feast of Spirits
  [67] The Wanderings of Odis Or
  [68] In Search of the Bird of Happiness
  [69] Coastal Brotherhood
  Locations of Western Freedom Islands
Eastern Freedom Islands
  Quests for Eastern Freedom Islands
  [68] In Search of the Bird of Happiness
  [70] Special Offer
  [71] The Sailor's Revenge
  [72] Pirate Treasure
  [73] Museum Attendant
  Locations of Eastern Freedom Islands
  Quests for Demonis
  [74] Treasure of Antiquities
  [75] Diabolical Apple
  [76] Free the Demon
  Locations of Demonis
  Quests for Hades
  [77] Ice for Imp
  [78] Elementals Against Experiments
  Locations of Hades

Phase III of the game
Arlania 2
  Quests for Arlania 2
  [79] Stop Guilford
  [80] Find Allies
  [81] An Alliance with the Elves
  [82] Find Queen Amelie
  [83] In Search of Lost Treasure
  [84] False Necromancer
  [85] Make Peace with the Demons
  Locations of Arlania 2
New Kordar
  Quests for New Kordar
  [86] Alliance with the Dwarves
  [87] Steam Tentacle
  [88]  Lost Boy
  [89] The Droid and the Flower
  [90] Dwarven Love / or Trapped Demoness
  Locations of New Kordar
  Quests for Riftlands
  [91] Alliance with the Vikings
  [92] Heir to the Throne
  [93] The Sorcerer's Pet Frog
  [94] Twilight Love
  [95] Plundered Stylist
  [96] Luxury Outfit
  [97] Royal Robber
  [98] Stolen Silver
  [99] Werewolf Killer
  [100] Black Spot
  Locations of Riftlands
  Quests for Grotland
  [101] The Driller
  [102] Paper for the Professor
  [103] Hammer Thrower
  [104] Vitamins for the Miners
  [105] Rod Rotmouth
  [124] Self-recording Apparatus
  [125] Dragon-informant
  Locations of Grotland
  Quests for Iceland
  [107] Rustyleg
  [108] Dragon Necromancer
  [109] Under the Dragon's Wing
  [110] Saving the Royal Eggs
  [111] Dragon's Dinner
  [112] Cursed House
  Locations of Iceland
  Quests for Tungsinn
  [113] Lute for Laka
  [114] A Star is Born
  [115] Fly the Banner
  [116] Shoe Thief
  [117] Root of Evil
  [118] Luckless Hunter
  Locations of Tungsinn

Valkyrie Notes and quests
Valkyrie quests
  [119] Heaven's Treasure (Christa)
  [120] Hunt the Dragon (Hilda)
  [121] Wrath of the Greenskins (Gudrida)
  [122] Army of Giants (Regina)
  [123] The Armor of Tyr (Mista Cloud)


This guide is intended to help with finding things and completing the 
quests. How to play and what character to choose, what armies to recruit and 
how to fight battles will not be included. These things can be found online 
and on the forums with a little searching effort on your part.

The game is organized into 3 main parts or chapters - what I will call 
Phases (note: phase is my terminology to help organize this guide and not 
used in the game). There are three main phases, that when you complete a 
certain sequence of quests and events, the game teleports you to an island 
and things "reset" in terms of monsters and store inventory etc.

Phase I runs from the beginning of the game until you fight a soothsayer 
named Runorm. After defeating Runorm, you are teleported to a new island, 
Greenwort, without any of your troops. This begins Phase II of the game. You 
essentially start over in the new land, although any uncompleted quests from 
previous islands are still doable. Phase III occurs when you defeat Guilford 
for the first time and are then teleported to Arlania, where Arlania has 
been reset.

There are 125 quests in the game. The name of a couple of the quests depends 
upon which character you speak with first, so the name of the quest is 
different, but the two are mutually exclusive. quest. The quests in this 
guide are organized for each island area just as they are in the game Quest 
Log although they are not in any particular order in the guide. So this is 
not meant to be a step-by-step walkthrough. Many quests can be done at any 
time, in any order, and there are no time limits, even when the quest giver 
says you have to hurry. Some quests depend on you finishing another quest 
line, initiating certain events or talking to particular people for the 
quest to continue. I would recommend that you do some of the main quests 
initially, do some minor side quests to gain experience and level up, and 
then do some more of the main quests. Even though the game does not label 
quests as Main Quest or Side Quest, you most often can tell yourself which 
are which. Many of the quests will offer you the option of not accepting the 
quest, or attacking the quest giver right away. I would recommend that you 
take every quest just for the experience and rewards. That's the intent of 
playing the game anyway.

In the guide, I've list all of the Progress notes for each quest in the 
approximate order you will undertake them. Be aware that in some of the more 
involved quests, you may get side-tracked by the game and undertake other 

The numbering scheme for quests used in the guide (such as [51.1]) is mine 
and is not used in the game.

Many of the text boxes and descriptions in the game have copious spelling 
errors and grammar mistakes and even mistakes in the context of the game 
where it might mention a character or location that does not exist in the 
game. When I have entered a passage verbatim in this guide, I have left the 
mistake intact and added a correction starting with (sic . . ).  Sic' is the 
Latin word for  thus' or  such' and in editing, it is a way to indicate the 
error was that of the original author and not the editors (i.e., me). Also, 
you will find that many of the names of locations as seen on the overhead 
island map are not the same as the name of the location when you cursor over 
it on the adventure (travel or overland) map. I've tried to point this out 
in the guide and include both names, but I'm sure I've certainly missed 

You will get plenty of gold in this game so don't be too quick to sell 
items. You will receive companions (Valkyries) who can be leveled up by 
giving them weapons, armor, etc. When you hover your mouse over the 
description of the companion, there will be an indication of which item they 
require to level up (see Valkyrie Quest section of this guide). Once you 
have leveled them to level 4 with items, you can then sell or break-down any 
further items of that type. In addition, some items can be leveled-up or 
upgraded to be better or a more powerful item. This involves a battle with 
Gremlin Towers. While the Gremlin Tower battles can be difficult, you will 
gain valuable experience and a better item.

Special items to not destroy or sell
Things to not destroy or sell because they can be used in the game and there 
may be only one. The following items have a distinct purpose in the game, 
although the game's description may not make that clear.

- Ink
A bottle of Ink is required to complete a certain quest. You may obtain a 
bottle of ink from a chest or see it for sale in a shop before you are aware 
of its purpose. If it is in your inventory, keep it until the following 
quest becomes available - [102] Paper for the Professor. The ink is needed 
in Grotland by Professor Drotar.  You can usually buy a bottle of ink from 
Ay Vaz the Orc who is in the Studio of Western Freedom Islands.
- Old Shoes
  The Old Shoes can be used for getting the Mysterious Parcel later in the 
game. At the appropriate point, you can equip the shoes and talk to the Inn 
Keeper in Arlania to get the Mysterious Parcel. The Mysterious Parcel lets 
you buy every troop in the game besides undead, demons and neutral. The 
slight downside is they cost 3X the price of the original purchase of 
troops. I say slight downside because by the time you can use the Parcel, 
you will have tons of gold. You get to choose from Vikings, Humans, Elves, 
Dwarves or Orcs
- Clay Pot (helm)
  The clay pot or bowl is used at the Dragon Lair in Verlon Wasteland. 
Normally, entering the dragon lair results in a battle with some dragons, 
which, of course, you may want to do for the XP. If you equip the clay bowl 
(it's a helmet) and then enter the Lair, you'll be able to talk to the 
dragon without fighting. It turns out the the pot on your head is an old 
password. He has some interesting things to say and then he will give you a 
free black dragon egg and you won't have to fight him.
- Werewolf Skin
  You need the Werewolf Skin for the quest [96] Luxury Outfit in Riftland. 
You can acquire the Werewolf Skin during the quest the [99] Werewolf Killer 
in Riftland.

Troops or items required for quests

At times you need to be mindful of certain troops that may be in your army 
or items in your inventory that are required for certain quests. If you lose 
these troops during battles or sell the items, you may discover that you 
cannot find them for sale at the current time and so you will not be able to 
advance the quest. Many items that you acquire during the game quests are 
labeled in your inventory as Quest Item and cannot be sold. The following 
items (or troops) are not labeled for a specific quest and so you need to be 
careful of disposing of them.

Here is a list of those troops or items you must have early in the game for 
quest purposes. Many on the forums have complained that they couldn't find 
enough of these and therefore couldn't finish the quest.

Nordlig. Required by Eric. 5 ancient bears, 15 wolves and 10 Vikings
Vestlig Required by Walrus the Whaler 5 thorn sprouts

Extremely useful cheat: You will acquire the ability to fly with your horse 
fairly early in the game. However, if you want to gain the ability to fly 
right at the start of the game, use the shift and tilde key (~) and then 
type "canfly". This can be quite useful to scour the location you are in 
first, to get gold, runes etc without having to fight battles. Yeah, it's 
cheating, but who's to know.

Phase I of the game

                NORDLIG ISLE

[01] Invasion of the Undead
[02] Education
[03] Quarreling Friends
[04] Sneaky Thief
[05] Chatty Companion
[06] Lost Props
[07] Quest for "The Mad Mullet"
[08] Exile

You start the game on Nordlig Isle and the first thing to occur is your 
brother, Eric, wants a word with you. It does not go well. It seems that 
Father is looking for a worthy warrior and successor - Eric thinks it's 
himself and not you. Well ... this starts the first quest [01] Invasion of 
the Undead.

[01]  Invasion of the Undead
Nordlig. Repel the undead invasion of your home island.

[01.1]  Talk to the Govenor (sic - Governor), Tormund the Fierce, about the 
invasion of the undead.
  - This quest commences as soon as you begin the game. Your brother, Eric, 
talks a bit with you and this entry will appear in your log.
  - You need to talk to Tormund about repelling the undead invasion of your 
home island and he tells you that he is looking for warriors.
  - Tormund also tells you to go talk to Runolv the Soothsayer and he gives 
you an amulet - the Rage of the Valkyries amulet. Leave the village green to 
go find Runolv.

Note: This amulet does not appear in your inventory as a regular amulet, 
instead it is an icon on the lower left side of your portrait, while a spell 
book icon appears on the lower right side. Clicking the amulet icon enables 
your rage abilities during battle.

  - On your way to the front gate, stop and talk to Snorri Leatherbottom, 
who is lounging around near the gate. He will initiate the quest [03] 
Quarreling Friends.
  - After you go through the village gate on your way to go see Runolv the 
Soothsayer, you will be stopped by Guttorm Striker who will offer you some 
training (or you can decline). It's best to accept because you will get XP 
and some items. Note: This may be the only occasion in the game to obtain 
two particular items, the Clay Bowl and the Old Shoes.
  - When you accept, you start the quest [02] Education and are transported 
to a cave to do some quests (and gain items and XP) for Guttorm. When you 
finish these, you can then go find Runolv and continue the main game.
[01.2]  Ask Runolv the Soothsayer for advice on how to defeat the undead.
  - After you finish the [02] Education quest, go see Runolv.
  - You will ask Runolv about the walking dead and if he has a means of 
destroying them.
  - He tells you that you need to get the aid of the sun Priests who live on 
a nearby island, and to do so, you need to get a boat from Sven the 
  - Ask Runolv a bunch of questions about how he became a soothsayer and you 
will get some spell scrolls and mana and rage potions.
[01.3]  Get a ship from Sven Shipwright, on the dock near the village.
  - You don't actually get a ship yet. At this point in time, the game is 
just forcing you to go to the part of the island where you could get a ship, 
but you will discover that you cannot get to the Shipwright yet. On the 
southern end of the island is an area whose entrance is protected by a magic 
barrier or force field (magic wall). When you approach and interact with the 
barrier you will get some messages and eventually receive a Dragon Tooth.
  - As soon as you get the Tooth, your quest log will update; entry [01.3] 
will disappear and entry [01.4] will now take its place.
[01.4]  Show Runolv the mysterious tooth.
  - Take this Dragon Tooth to Runolv the Soothsayer to progress the quest.
  - Runolv will tell you about the Priests.
  - Runolv also says he will help you only if you do something for him (what 
did you expect?).
  - You are to find 4 undead guys and make them dead.
[01.5]  Destroy the four undead leaders in the vicinity of the (sic) 
Runolv's hut, and bring their weapons to the soothsayer. Whips recovered: 0 
of 4.
  - The four undead guys you are to make dead are wandering about the 
island. Hunt them down and make them dead (un-undead?) They are meandering 
about the country-side and have that laser light spikey thing sticking up 
from their heads. You will receive a whip for each one you kill and the 
quest log will update 0 or 4 to 1 of 4 etc.
   - Bring the whips to Runolv.
  - You can be anointed with a new title - Exterminator of the Undead.

Note: At this point you may have noticed that some of the updates in the 
quest log change for the quest Invasion of the Undead; This happens often 
with the quest log throughout the game and can be disconcerting. But this 
makes little difference if you are paying attention to things, or using this 

[01.6]  Bring Runolv the four death whips.
  - Defeat the 4 bad guys and obtain the 4 whips.
  - Bring them to Runolv.
[01.7]  Kill Ahriman, the Knight of Death.
  - With the whips in his possession, Runolv divines that you are to kill 
Ahriman, the leader of the undead on Nordlig. Ahriman, the Knight of Death 
is on the top of the mountain on the eastern side of the island, next to the 
icon labeled Lair of the Necromancer on you overhead map. You may have 
encountered him earlier but could not interact with him.
  - You will automatically enter into battle with him. Ahriman has a lot of 
troops, but is generally weak (depending on your difficulty level and your 
own army). With the demise of Ahriman, you receive another Tooth and a 
message that says to go back to Runolv.
[01.8]  Inform Runolv of the death of Ahriman.
  - You've killed Ahriman and you now need to go back to Runolv and inform 
  - Apparently killing Ahriman was not enough. Runolv says that now you need 
to kill the evil necromancer Uladar Maritarius.
  - But in order to get access to the cave where the necromancer is holed-
up, you are told you need to reconstruct the necklace of Yodur from dragon 
teeth. Runolv will give you another dragon tooth. You should have 3 dragon 
teeth at this point and you need five.
  - You now need to get one from Tormund the Fierce in the castle and one 
from your brother Eric standing on the village green.
[01.9]  Take the Dragon's Tooth from Tormund the Fierce.
  - Talk to Tormund the Fierce and he gives you his tooth without any fuss.
[01.10]  Get the Dragon's tooth from Eric.
  - Eric is standing near the cabbage patch of the village. To get the tooth 
from Eric you need to bring him 5 ancient bears, 15 wolves and 10 Vikings. 
Do so and return to Eric to get the tooth.
[01.11]  Bring to Eric 5 ancient bears, 15 wolves and 10 Vikings.
  - These you can find for sale in locations around the island. Typically, 
you can find wolves and bears in the Lair and Vikings in one of the shops of 
the village
Note: be careful that you don't lose any of these units in battle and 
deplete the stores. If you aren't able to find these units, you will be 
unable to complete the quest and you will need to start the game over or 
load an earlier save.
  - You have to bring all three sets of units to Eric at the same time. Eric 
will then give you his Dragon tooth.
  - After acquiring the 5 teeth, the Necklace is automatically completed 
(how this was done we will never know) and you are then tasked with killing 
Uladar Maritarius, the evil necromancer who is hiding in the cave at the top 
of the mountain.
[01.12]  Kill Uladar Maritarius, who hides in the cave at the top of the 
  - Don't forget to equip the necklace, it's quite good actually.
  - This guy Uladar laughs in your face when you confront him. Why do all 
evil bad guys laugh? Defeat the necromancer and return to Tormund in the 
  - The cave, called the Lair of the Necromancer, has a number of items and 
goodies to procure and a few enemy troops to defeat.
[01.13]  Tell your father of the death of Uladar Maritarius.
  - After you inform Tormund, you will get a nice reward - I got a spear or 
hammer in different playthroughs. He also asks you to find your brother 
[01.14]  Find Eric and return home. Eric was last seen heading towards the 
  - Before you go find Eric, be sure to buy what you need in the village or 
at the castle; after the confrontation with Eric, these areas will be locked 
to you until later in the game.
  - You are now to find Eric who is at the magical barrier on the peninsula 
leading to the boat dock.
  - Eric will bore you with some grandiose words and then promptly attack 
you, the cad!
  - After defeating Eric (you don't kill him - instead you will allow him to 
be carried off by his cronies), go talk to Runolv who is standing on the 
bridge to the village.
  - This ends the [01] Invasion of the Undead and starts the quest [08] 
  - When you talk to Runolv, you discover that you've been branded a 
traitor, your father Tormund is pissed and Runolv says you are no longer 
welcome in the area. You will get a navigation chart for Vestlig Isle.

The magical barrier to the boat dock will now be removed and you have access 
to the shipwright to buy a boat. Do so and set sail for Vestlig.

[02]  Education
Nordlig. In the village you met up with your uncle Guttorm, a blacksmith 
who, in his spare time, is involved in training young people in military 
matters. He proposes to put you to the test and let you demonstrate the 
skills you have learned during your trials. After some thought, you have 
decided to accept. What one (sic - should be on) earth could that old 
blacksmith have up his sleeve?
[02.1]  Talk to Guttorm in the cave.
  - You meet your uncle Guttorm, a blacksmith in the village of Nordlig. 
Initially, he is standing on the bridge leading outside of the village. He 
gives you some trials which are the tutorial for the game. You will appear 
in some dungeon (the cellars of the castle I guess), and you are to complete 
three quests or trials for Guttorm. You will be given an axe and a small 
army that includes Warrior Maidens. You will not get to keep any of the good 
troops (read Maidens) after the tutorial. Dang.
  - Be sure to search the starting areas for gold and stuff and dig for 
[02.2]  Find a keg of beer in the cellar, guarded by the Cyclops.
  - Trial 1: Gather a few resources and grab the beer keg; fight the 
cyclops, he's not too tough; return the keg to Guttorm.
  - You don't actually fight a cyclops, you fight wolves, bears, snakes and 
a beholder.
[02.3]  Bring Guttorm the keg of beer from the cellar.
  - Do this and then go on to the next task.
[02.4]  Find Guttorm's lost horn in the cellar.
  - Trial #2: now you are to find Guttorm's horn.
  - Here you will fight weak spiders. The horn is near the green old vase in 
an alcove - you need to dig to find it. Search this whole area thoroughly by 
digging to find items such as a shield, old shoes, clay bowl or whatever. 
(See the **notes concerning the old shoes and clay bowl). You might want to 
collect all the spider eggs - they make good cannon-fodder troops early in 
the game.
[02.5]  Return the horn to Guttorm.
  - This will start the last trial.
[02.6]  Kill the necromancer.
  - Trial #3: Here you are to kill a necromancer. Scour the area for chests 
and baubles. Now talk to the necromancer. Don't attack right away. Pick the 
other conversation choices first to receive some items before you whip his 
undead ass.
[02.7]  Tell Guttorm you have completed your assignments.
  - This completes the quest tutorial and you will receive the title "Warden 
of the North".
  - Guttorm will now be in the blacksmith shop in the village and you can 
buy items and Viking units from him.

**Notes on Old Shoes and the Clay Bowl: You very likely will find these 
items early in the game during the tutorial and you may think they are 
worthless. However, it is recommended that you keep these items and not sell 
them right away.

The Old Shoes can be used for getting the Mysterious Parcel later in the 
game. At the appropriate point, you can equip them and talk to the Inn 
Keeper in Arlania to get the Mysterious Parcel. The Mysterious Parcel lets 
you buy every troop in the game except for undead, demons and neutrals. They 
cost 3 times the price of the original purchase of troops but by the time 
you can use the Parcel, you likely will have millions in gold. You get to 
choose from Vikings, Humans, Elves, Dwarves or Orcs

The Clay Pot (or Clay Bowl) is a nearly worthless as a helmet, but it does 
have a useful purpose, nonetheless. It can be used at the Dragon Lair in 
Verlon Wasteland. Normally, entering the Dragon Lair results in an immediate 
battle with some tough dragons, which, of course, you may want to do for the 
XP. If you equip the Clay Bowl (it's a helmet) and then enter the Lair, 
you'll be able to talk to the dragon without fighting. He has some 
interesting things to say and then he will give you a free black dragon egg 
and you won't have to fight him. Snap.

[03]  Quarreling Friends
Nordlig. Bosom friends, Snorri Leatherbottom and Dorri Rustychain, are 
quarreling over Snorri's missing amulet. Snorri claims that Dorri stole his 
grandfather's old magic amulet, but won't admit it. You must find out who 
stole the amulet! - It might not be too late for the old friends to 
  - This quest is started in the village of Nordlig when you first talk to 
Snorri Leatherbottom.
[03.1]  Snorri accuses Dorri of stealing. Talk to Dorri Rustychain.
  - Snorri Leatherbottom and Dorri Rustychain are quarreling over a missing 
amulet. Find out who stole the amulet. Snorri is loitering around in the 
village while Dorri is outside of town and down the road, just sitting on 
the ground.
[03.2]  Help Dorri calm down - a beer might just do the trick! Ask Guttorm 
if he will sell some beer.
  - Talk to Dorri who is sitting on the ground near a cave entrance (not 
accessible at the moment). He's a bit agitated, so you need to get him a 
beer from Guttorm the blacksmith in village. Negotiate to get a better price 
[03.3]  Give Dorri the beer.
  - Take the beer to Dorri. You will get a necklace of fangs to take to 
Runolv to be enchanted.
[03.4]  Take the necklace of fangs to Runolv so he can enchant it.
  - Get Runolv to enchant the necklace (will cost 1 crystal).
[03.5]  Take the enchanted necklace to Snorri Leatherbottom.
  - Take the amulet back to Snorri who is still in the village and still 
lounging near the entrance. Snorri is appeased and will go meet his friend 
Dorri near the cave entrance.
[03.6]  Talk to the reconciled Vikings.
  - Go back to the cave entrance and meet with the two idiots where Dorri 
was resting (if you position your overhead map in a certain way, you might 
notice that Snorri hasn't moved from the village, but if you look over to 
Dorri, Snorri will be next to him as well. How can he be in both places?)
  - They wish to have a drink and toast you. After a night of drunken 
debauchery you discover your coin purse is missing; this starts the [04] 
Sneaky Thief quest.

[04]  Sneaky Thief
Nordlig. While you were celebrating with Snorri and Dorri, a thief was bold 
enough to snatch your purse filled with gold. A purse of gold - now that's 
not just some old amulet, that's serious business! It's time the thief be 
found and punished . . . he has really gone too far!
  - When you finish the [] Quarreling Friends quest, this quest will begin 
[04.1]  Tell Snorri and Dorri about your lost belongings.
  - When you re-awaken from your, what? Trist?, try to talk to Dorri and 
Snorri but you will discover that they are asleep; you need Runolv to help 
you here.
[04.2]  Ask Runolv to help awaken Snorri and Dorri.
  - Runolv sells you a potion to wake them up. Negotiate with him to get the 
price down.
[04.3]  Take the sobriety potion to Snorri and Dorri.
  - After you wake them you will now have to go talk to Guttorm, the 
[04.4]  Tell Guttorm about the mysterious thefts.
  - Guttorm suggests you now arrange an ambush for the thief.
[04.5]  Arrange an ambush for the thief, with the help of Dorri and Snorri.
  - Return once again to S & D and you will automatically end up in a small 
[04.6]  Investigate the cave and find the thief.
  - Here you will find Cristobal Grinmir, the thief. Attack him. After you 
defeat him, he wants to talk and pleads with you to spare his life. You will 
show him mercy, and he will be sent to talk to your father Tormund and will 
become an upstanding citizen of the village. He will have a quest for you, 
the [06] Lost Props.
  - The cave that was unmarked previously now becomes the Inconspicuous Cave 
on the overhead map and the Hole in the Cave on the adventure map.
  - This ends the Sneaky Thief quest.

[05]  Chatty Companion
Nordlig. The lighthouse keeper on the island of Nordlig is about to die of 
boredom - he hasn't had anyone to talk to for ages and ages. He would be 
grateful for any companionship, even a talking animal. You have promised to 
find some company for him.
[05.1]  Find a talking animal for the lighthouse keeper.
  - You will find a talking parrot in the possession of Gregory at the 
Smuggler's Haven of Isterreng and continue the quest from there.
  - Buy the parrot from Gregory (2000 gold if you negotiate).
[05.2]  Take the parrot and his cage to the lighthouse.
  - Once you find the parrot on Isterreng, take it to the lighthouse keeper 
on Nordlig and this completes the quest.

[06]  Lost Props
Nordlig. Surprisingly, the trainer Cristobal Grinmir reached the village 
safely, accompanied by Dorri and Snorri. Now (sic, should add the word He) 
is now staging a performance for the King and his nobles, training his bears 
to play the drums and jump over the bonfires. Cristobal's only regret is 
that he lost his props in an accident one night, while at sea! With the help 
of those fine props his act would have been even more fun and entertaining! 
You have agreed to help the trainer find his lost items.
   - Cristobal Grinmir, who was the thief in the [] Sneaky Thief quest, will 
show up in the village after you complete that quest. He wants you to 
retrieve his 3 animal training props. These are in chests floating in the 
ocean. Go buy a boat if you haven't yet or when you get the chance and float 
around until you find these specific chests. Other chests have loot.

Note: you may be unable to reach the docks at this time until you progress 
the main quest and have a confrontation with Eric. Or, you can choose to fly 
to the docks if you've cheated and given yourself the flying ability.

[06.1]  Find the Trainer's Jacket.
[06.2]  Find the Trainer's Hoop.
[06.3]  Find the Trainer's Whip.
[06.4]  Take the missing props to Cristobal Grinmir.
  - When you find them all, return to Cristobal and receive your reward.

[07]  Quest for "The Mad Mullet"
Nordlig. Sven Shipwright told you about a pirate, nicknamed Lucky Red, and 
his happy ship "The Mad Mullet". According to his story, all rogues and 
scallywags hold the belief that even the smallest fragment of this famous 
pirate ship will bring its owner extraordinary success. Sven asked you to 
bring him a piece of Lucky Red's famous ship, if you happen to find such a 
treasure on your wanderings. Well, you may as well keep your eyes open.

Note: Sven will off this quest only after you leave Nordlig for the first 
time and then return at a later time to talk to Sven.

[07.1]  Acquire a piece of the ship, "The Mad Mullet", for Sven Shipwright.
  - The ship piece is acquired from Heksus who is in the castle of Gehenna 
in Demonis (cost 7500 if you negotiate). If you acquired this quest early in 
your game, be aware that you won't get to Demonis for quite a while.
[07.2]  Take the ship's name plate to Sven.
  - Once you acquire the name plate, bring it to Sven on Nordlig and the 
quest completes.

[08]  Exile
Vestlig. Eric attacked you, just as you were preparing to leave to assist 
the Priests of the Sun. You had no choice but to fight him - and you 
prevailed, but from that point on the situation deteriorated. You were 
forced to leave your native island to escape your father's wrath. However, 
your hopes of returning have not been extinguished. Your uncle Runolv 
believes that Eric provoked the fight, and has promised to convince your 
father to quiet his anger to return you to his favor. Once this has 
happened, he will let you know that you can safely return.

[08.1]  Tell Runolv of Eric's betrayal.
  - Eric attacked you just as you were about to assist the Priests of the 
Sun. Runolv knows that Eric provoked the fight, but he tells you that you 
have to leave the island because Tormund is angry with you.
[08.2]  Set sail for Vestlig.
  - Runolv will give you the Navigation chart for Vestlig and you are 
encouraged to leave Nordlig, so set sail for Vestlig.
  - You may want to explore the ocean area and finish any unfinished quests 
on Nordlig before departing for Vestlig.
  - This quest will end as soon as you arrive in Vestlig and the quest [09] 
Help the Vikings of Vestlig will automatically begin.

** Tormund's Castle
  - The home of Tormund the Fierce (your character's father).
  - Here you will pursue aspects of the quest [01] Invasion of the Undead.
  - The castle sells typical Viking units.
** Blacksmith (Forge on overhead map)
  - Unavailable at beginning of game, will be occupied by Guttorm after the 
** Soothsayer's Hut - Runolv the Wise
  - This hut of Runolv the Wise is part of the quest [01] Invasion of the 
  - He sells some creatures such as wolves and hopefully, for you, some 
** Lair
  - The Lair sells wolves, bears, ancient bears; you will return here in a 
quest ([01] Invasion of the Undead) to buy some of these creatures.
** Lighthouse
  - Here you will find Keld who will give you Raven Rind - a regalia that 
adds 2 to intellect and can be used to create Wanderer scrolls.
  - Keld is part of the quest [05] Chatty Companion. In this quest,  you are 
to find a parrot for Keld which is in Smuggler's Haven, Island of Isterreng.
  - Keld will sell Viking units,
** House of Jotun
  - The Jotun houses sell creatures such as jotun; polar bears; maybe some 
spells or scrolls.
** Small Hut
  - Here you can buy units such as Slingers and Vikings.
** Shipwright's House
  - Here you can buy ships, items, Viking units.
  - At a certain point in the game, he will give you the quest [07] Quest 
for "The Mad Mullet"; this quest will be given after you leave the island by 
ship the first time and then return.
[x] Abandoned Ship
  - This ship is occupied by undead; defeat them and the ship becomes a 
[x] Lair of the Necromancer
  - Location of Uladar Maritarius, the evil necromancer to defeat in the 
quest [01] Invasion of the Undead; you cannot enter the lair until you have 
advanced the quest far enough.
[x] Inconspicuous Cave (Hole in the Cave)
  - Not accessible (nor named on the map) until you are into the quest [03] 
Quarreling Friends.
  - In this small cave you will fight and defeat the thief for the quest 
[04] Sneaky Thief.
  - The dungeon has some snake troops to fight for XP.

                     VESTLIG ISLE                                       


As soon as you arrive in Vestlig, the quest [08] Exile ends and the quest 
[09] Help the Vikings of Vestlig begins automatically. The onscreen message 
says to pay a visit to the local King, Hauck, and to visit the Temple of the 
Sun. You will get the choice to change your title to Outcast if you so 
choose. Dock your boat at the local village and pay King Hauck a visit.

[09] Help the Vikings of Vestlig
[10] Skeleton Ship
[11] Jacket for the Whaler
[12] Monster Hunting

[09]  Help the Vikings of Vestlig
Vestlig. Apparently, life on the island is not as easy as Runolv the 
Soothsayer had hoped. Even as you pull in to the coast, you smelled the 
familiar stench of the undead and heard the creaking of dry bones. You need 
to talk to the local Sea-King Hauck - maybe he could use your help. And (sic 
- add the word  you') still have to pay a visit to the Temple of the Sun, as 
Runolv bade you.

  - The quest begins as soon as you arrive in Vestlig and there are two 
progress notes: [09.1]Talk to the Sea-King Hauck the Wicked; and [09.2] 
Discover from the Priests at the Temple of the Sun, the origin of the 
invasion of the undead.

[09.1]  Talk to the Sea-King Hauck the Wicked.
  - You start with this quest in your book as soon as you reach Vestlig; you 
are to talk to the Sea-King Hauck the Wicked who is found in the long house 
in the village.
  - After some pleasantries and such, you tell Hauck about the undead 
attacking Nordlig and you mention you know Runolv.
  - It turns out that Runolv's brother, Runvald, lives right here on 
Vestlig, but Runvald has been forced away by some guy named Taor who wants 
to usurp Hauck's throne.
  - In the course of the conversation you discover that Taor is being 
unpleasant and somehow has blocked the entrance to Runvald's hut with huge 
  - So the King tasks you with finding a way to remove the stones and gain 
access to Runvald - to do this you need to find an alchemist.
[09.2]  Talk to an alchemist about the boom-powder.
  - After speaking with Hauck, one immediate task is to find an alchemist 
and ask him about boom powder.
[09.3]  Discover from the priests at the Temple of the Sun, the origin of 
the invasion of the undead.
  - To accomplish this part of the quest you need to discover the Temple of 
the Sun and seek the advice of the priests as to the origin of the invasion 
of the undead.
  - A short distance south-west of the village is a snowy peak. It is at the 
top of this peak that you find the Temple of the Sun - the ruins actually.
  - It is recommended that you go to the Temple soon because you will 
acquire your first beautiful and powerful Valkyrie. What's not to like here?
  - As you approach the temple, you see it has been destroyed, but a 
beautiful girl is sitting in the ruins; she speaks to you . . .
  - This is Christa who is saddened by the fact that you and she are too 
late to help the priests of the temple.
  - You discover in conversation that she is Christa the Stunning, a 
Valkyrie, a celestial being.
  - Since you absolutely must have a stunning celestial being as a 
companion, you convince her to join up with you to find the ones who 
destroyed the temple; since you possess the Wrath of the Valkyries, the 
amulet that Tormund gave you, she agrees to fight by your side. She even 
offers to "share your tent". Hmmm.
  - You now possess your first Valkyrie maiden to help in battle.
  - Christa will grant you the ability to fly after you save Runvald the 
Soothsayer on Vestlig. Apparently you receive the wings for your horse when 
Christa joins, but you are not told about it by her (darn Valkyries like to 
be mysterious, don't they)? And you can't really fly yet.
  - However, when you do the mushroom-quest and blow up the boulders to free 
Runvald, Christa tells you "Oh, you could have just flown over them, you DO 
know you can fly now, right?" And that's when you get the wings. Come fly 
with me.
[09.4]  Search the area of the Temple of the Sun.
  - You receive a text message to search the area, so search the area where 
Christa was sitting in the ruined temple.
  - Dig near the Stonehenge-like obelisks to find the runic tablet; this 
will update your quest log to discover what is written on the tablet.
  - Continue to search the area and you should also find the navigation 
chart to Isterreng Isle (sometimes spelled Istering Isle).
[09.5]  Discover what is written on the runic tablet.
  - You need to find someone who knows something about the runic tablets; 
this happens to be Runvald - but he his trapped by a rock slide and you need 
to free him.
  - You need to see the alchemist Morrek to create boom powder to free 
  - If you talk to King Hauck, he knows nothing about the tablet.
  - Talk to alchemist Morrek again; he doesn't know anything about the runic 
tablet, but you will have a lot of conversation choices for Morrek if you've 
you done this my way up to this point. You can ask about :
  * turning rocks into dust
    - You need Morrek to make boom powder, but he doesn't have the correct 
ingredients - so guess what? Quest time. This starts progress note to 
collect all the mushrooms.
  * funny hat
    - When talking about his funny hat, he mentions that he made it from a 
Captain's jacket; you will return here on another quest involving this 
  * sun temple
    - He didn't blow them up. Or so he says. . .
  * runic tablet
    - If you have been to the Temple, you will show him the tablet, but he 
knows nothing about it.
[09.6]  Collect all the mushrooms in Bombo Mushroom Cave. (Found: 0/5)
  - Alchemist Morrek asks you to collect mushrooms in the Bombo Mushroom 
cave; the cave is located a short distance down the hill from Morrek.
  - Collect all 5 mushrooms (they are blue sparkly blobs) and return to 
[09.7]  Take the mushrooms you have collected to Morrek the Alchemist.
  - Return to Morrek and he creates some Boom Powder for you.
[09.8]  Clear a passage to Runvald's hut using boom powder.
  - Now take your newly acquired boom powder and clear a passage to 
Runvald's location; approach the boulders in front of Runvald and they will 
automatically explode away.
  - When the rocks are destroyed, Christa will intervene and wonder why all 
the fuss with bombs and such; she now gives you the ability to fly!
[09.9]  Talk to Runvald the soothsayer.
  - You will get to ask Runvald about the undead and you have to tell him 
that the Temple of the Sun has been destroyed.
  - When you tell him about finding Christa he says that he too has been 
trying to summon a celestial virgin (well, who of us hasn't wanted that?)
  - You will also talk to him about the runic tablet you found and he 
deciphers it and then tells you that the evil appears to be on the island of 
  - He cautions you that the road ahead is dangerous and you should seek 
King Hauck's aid and soldiers.
  - Before running off, talk to Runvald again; now you can request a mission 
from him and buy stuff.
  - When you ask about a mission, he mentions his brother Runorm the 
Soothsayer and he asks you to look for him on the island of Fastland.
  - He will give you a navigation chart to Fastland; this will also start 
the quest [26] Missing Soothsayer - to find his missing brother Runorm who 
lives in Fastland.

[09.10]  Ask Sea-King Hauck to help fight the source of evil in Isterreng.
  - When you now talk to King Hauck for help in fighting the source of evil 
in Isterreng, he says he would be happy to, but... (there's always a but 
isn't there?)
  - Hauck is unable to help you until you do something for him; he will ask 
you to talk to three rebels, Taor, Chukat and Gronnum; these guys are found 
on Vestlig island.

Note: Before you continue here, you might wish to build up your experience 
and army. The easiest way to do this is to fly about with your newly 
acquired flying ability and gather all of the resources and visit all of the 
leadership banners (flag-looking things) and altars you can. Fly to the new, 
unexplored islands of Fastland and Isterreng and do the same. I know, that's 
sort of cheating - but I won't tell anyone. On the newly discovered islands, 
most of the battles will be beyond your current abilities, so just gather 
resources. When you've done all you can, go back to an easier location such 
as Vestlig, buy new units, fight some battles and then continue the quest 

[09.11]  Talk to the rebel Taor.
  - Taor is on the small southern-most island on the west side of Vestlig; 
talk to him and he says a voice in his head is commanding him to be evil; 
you will return to save him later; now head into the Traitor's Hideaway, the 
entrance is just down the path from Taor.
[09.12]  Talk to rebel Chukat.
  - Chukat is underground in the Traitor's Hideaway, the entrance to this 
area is near Taor; he seems raving mad and you get a message confirming 
this; after talking, his entry clears from the quest log; you will return to 
him later.
[09.13]  Talk to rebel Gronnum.
  - Gronnum is farther into the dungeon: Gronnum is similar to Chukat, he 
will rave at you and then he is cleared from the quest log; you will return 
to him later.
[09.14]  Tell Runvald about the madness that has seized the soldiers.
  - After speaking to all three, you need to go back to Runvald who will 
give you a potion.
[09.15]  Cure the rebel soldiers of their madness with the help of Runvald's 
  - Runvald will give you potions to give to each of the three rebel dudes 
to cure them of their madness.
  - If you obtained a mask fragment during another quest, then conversation 
choices with Runvald will let you show him the mask fragment and update him 
on his lost brother; this will update [26] Missing Soothsayer to continue 
your search for Runorm.

  - Return to the three rebel dudes to cure them with Runvald's potion.
  - For Taor simply talk to him and he will drink the potion and be cured.

***Note: Taor is to give you an amulet; there are two conversation choices, 
both of which imply you will get the amulet, but only the upper choice 
"thank you Taor I'll make good use of it" will give you an amulet. The lower 
choice is "Aside from the amulet, did the voice ever try to subdue your 
will?" This will lead to another conversation choice "Well Taor I accept 
your gift" but you will not get the amulet. The amulet is a charm that give 
-10% of undead and demon attack - not that great anyway.

  - Chukat - when you give him the potion, he attacks. Kick his sorry ass.
  - Gronnum will also attack after giving him the potion. Kick again.
[09.16]  Tell Hauck of the fate of the rebel soldiers.
  - Return to King Hauck to tell him of the news about his rebels; he will 
give you a navigation chart for Fastland if you don't have already one; 
otherwise you get a Wanderer Scroll.
  - He says he is still not willing to give you any soldiers, but if you 
exit and return, he will sell items and troops.
  - Taor is now in the village and will trade. In my game he had Maidens.
  - This completes the quest [09] Help the Vikings of Vestlig.
  - You can anoint yourself Conciliator if you wish.

[10]  Skeleton Ship
Vestlig. You met a strange representative of the undead - a romantically 
inclined skeleton of a young man, who dreamed of becoming a pirate. As fate 
would have it, the very first night the young man set sail under the command 
of the formidable pirate Captain Wineskin, their ship was attacked by Ottar 
Gonnat's troop. The ship was sunk and the crew lost. You suggested he become 
a pirate skeleton, posthumously. He was absolutely delighted with the idea! 
And so he has asked you to find him a ship.
Objective: Fetch Empty Eyes the skeleton a ship.
  - Empty Eyes (Louis to his friends) is a skeleton standing on the middle 
one of the three western islands of Vestlig; you can attack him right away 
(you won't get a quest though - duh) or talk to him and agree to do his 
[10.1]  Get hold of a ship for Empty Eyes - Marelli Walrus might have one 
for sale.
  - Empty has a lot to say, but the gist is he wants to continue as a 
pirate, and he needs a ship to do so.
  - See Marelli Walrus in the Whaler's Cabin and buy a ship for 3000 gold - 
it will appear on the dock near Marelli's hut. You have to buy this ship and 
you cannot give Empty a ship that already exists in the game.
[10.2]  Deliver the ship to Empty Eyes the skeleton.
  - Sail around to the west and find the gap between the upper and middle 
western islands. Dock it on the beach in the gap where the dragonfly nests 
  - Go over to Empty who will be grateful and he will disappear to sail off 
into the sunset or darkness, or wherever skeleton pirates go. (If you did 
this quest and didn't kill him, you will meet Empty again later. Arrghh me 
  - You can ask Empty some questions, but he knows nothing. His head is 
empty, so to speak.

[11]  Jacket for the Whaler
Vestlig. The whaler Marelli Walrus complained to you that the undead have 
destroyed his house and stolen his most treasured possession - a white 
captain's jacket that belonged to his grandfather. Marelli has a tradition - 
he will only put out to sea if he is wearing this jacket. Now that the 
whaler is staying put at home, and the entire whaling tradition of the 
islands is under threat, Marelli wants you to find and return his 
grandfather's jacket.
[11.1]  Find out where Marelli's captain's jacket is located.
  - In conversation with Marelli, you discover that he has lost his lucky 
Captain's jacket. You offer to find out where the jacket is located.
  - If you have talked with Morrek the Alchemist, you know already that he 
has this jacket (or at least a turban that can be made into a jacket).
  - Go to Morrek and ask him about his funny hat and mention that his turban 
is dingy; you will now get the conversation choice about the white jacket; 
he would give it to you if you could find him a new turban; but you both 
realize that you cannot get a turban. So he offers an alternative - bring 
him 5 thorn sprouts to make a new turban.
[11.2]  Bring five thorn shoots to Morrek the alchemist. 
  - These are called Thorn Sprout in your inventory and in the game.
  - There are a few thorn sprouts sprouting in the countryside of Vestlig. 
You didn't use them or sell them did you? For the quest, the items can't be 
the Thorn Hunter creatures. It has to be the little seed pods that grow into 
thorn hunters. Sometimes you won't find enough of these in Vestlig. I played 
a game where there were only four on the entire island and you need 5 for 
the quest. Wake up Devs! Oh, too late. Fortunately, you can find sprouts 
later in the game when you get to Greenwort or some other islands, and then 
come back and finish this quest.
[11.3]  Give Marelli Walrus his captain's jacket.
  - Return the jacket to Marelli the Whaler to end the quest.

[12]  Monster Hunting
You have been contacted by the famous Vampire Hunter Van Tallinn, who asked 
you to find and destroy the undead armies.
  - This quest will likely begin on Vestlig, but continues on other islands; 
There is speculation that apparently the quest will appear after you have 
killed 100 vampires or a certain number of undead.
  - You first have to find a monster on Greenwort, but you won't be getting 
to Greenwort for some time in the game, so this quest will be delayed until 
[12.1]  Destroy the Ghoul. You should focus your search around the cemetery 
in Greenwort.
  - The Ghoul is in the cemetery just to the east of Greenwort castle. 
Eliminate his ghoulish butt.
  - After defeating the Ghoul, Van Tallinn contacts you telepathically; when 
you ask for your reward, he tells you to close your eyes; do it; you will 
receive the Vampire Ring.
  - You can then choose to continue to help him, and why not; the next quest 
is to ...
[12.2]  Find and destroy the Dark Lord. According to Van Tallinn, he has 
settled somewhere in Vestlig.
  - When you destroy the Lord, you get the Bloodsucker sword and yet another 
quest from Van Tallinn.
  - If you read your conversation choices after winning the battle, one of 
them is "Van Tallinn was a worthy opponent". You're doing the quest for Van 
Tallinn, you didn't just fight him. Sheesh, the proofreading in this game . 
. . 
[12.3]  Destroy the army of undead, led by the undead dragon Nekrotix.
  - Van Tallinn says that the foul creature and its terrible horde have 
settled somewhere in Riftland.
  - You won't be able to get to Riftland just yet, so you'll put this off 
until later.
  - Van Tallinn contacts you again after you defeat Nekrotix; with some give 
and take during conversation, you will finally receive you reward - the 
Prince's Crown.
  - This completes the quest.

** Stronghold of the King/Long House of Hauck the Wicked in the village
  - The King likely sells jarls and other Viking units.
** Blacksmith
  - He will sell Viking units such as berserker, axe thrower, jarl.
** Tavern
  - The tavern sells Viking units.
** House on Stilts
  - This location cannot be accessed in the game.
** Taor standing in village (after you save him in a quest)
  - He may sell warrior maidens, items, spells.
** Sawmill
  - Located just outside of village; sells plants.
** Runvald the Prophet
  - He is in the upper central region of Vestlig Isle a bit south of the 
House of Jotun; he does not appear on the overhead map; he is visible, but 
inaccessible at first until you do the quest to free him from a rockslide.
  - He will sell creatures after you free him: Soothsayers hopefully.
  - He is involved in several major quests.
** Whaler's Cabin
  - Home of Marelli Walrus.
  - Conversation points for Marelli include borrowing a ship (for 3000 
gold), looking at his goods and doing a quest for him, [] Jacket for the 
  - He will sell pirate units.
** House of Jotun
  - These locations sell jotun and maybe trolls (make note of this; in a 
much later quest for one of the Valkyrie maidens, you are asked to obtain 
level 5 creatures - jotun and trolls fit the bill.)
** Temple of the Sun (unmarked on overhead map)
  - It looks like a small Stonehenge area at the peak of the mountain just 
south-west of the village.
  - Here you will find Christa the Valkyrie who is standing near the 
  - She will talk with you and eventually you will convince her to join you.
  - Search this area to continue the quest [09] Help the Vikings of Vestlig.
** Alchemist Laboratory - Alchemist Morrek
  - Morrek sells dwarf units such as alchemists.
  - He is part of the quest [09] Help the Vikings of Vestlig - he needs 
Bombo mushrooms.
  - He will also have a quest to find 5 thorn shoots (sprouts, seeds) that 
you can pick up on the ground or buy them and give them to Morrek.
** Bombo Mushroom Cave
  - This small cave just down the incline from Alchemist Morrek, where you 
find the Bombo mushrooms for [09] Help the Vikings of Vestlig.
** Empty Eyes
  - He is a skeleton standing along the path of the middle of the three 
small islands on the west side of Vestlig.
  - He will give the quest [10] Skeleton Ship.
** Traitor's Hideaway
  - This underground area containing enemies to fight and two of the 
traitors you are to deal with in [09] Help the Vikings of Vestlig.
  - There are two entrances to this area; south-west lower island and south-
east lower part of Vestlig.
** Skeleton Ship (called Ship's Skeleton on the adventure map).
  - Typical wrecked ship with ghosts and such that becomes a shop when you 
defeat the ghosts (this is not part of the quest [10] Skeleton Ship).

                  ISTERRENG ISLAND

Isterreng has no major castle or such, but there are a number of quests to 

[13] Missing Cabin Boy
[14] Talking Bear
[15] Drowned Gold
[16] Serpent Lake
[17] Picks for the Smugglers
[18] Rusty Hook
[19] Heavenly Maiden

[13]  Missing Cabin Boy
Isterreng: You met a pirate captain named Simon Danziker. He told you a 
story about a cabin boy named Thomas Mayer, who saved his shipmates from 
shipwreck during a terrible storm. Unfortunately, there has been no news of 
the cabin boy for three days. You have decided to go to the mountain where 
the cabin boy was last seen, and discover his fate.
  - Simon is found on the beach near where you first dock and he wants you 
to find Thomas Mayer the cabin boy.
  - Spoiler alert: You don't actually find a living Thomas; alas, young 
Thomas is a just a pile of bones located in upper right quadrant of the 
[13.1]  Go to the top of the mountain and find Thomas Mayer, the cabin boy.
  - The cabin boy is "found" dead at the small burned out area in the right 
upper quadrant of Isterreng at the top of a peak; when you approach the 
spot, you will get a message about the demise of poor Thomas who is now just 
burnt skeletal remains. Seems that poor Thomas was the snack of a local 
wolf. (The onscreen message you get says he was devoured by a bear, but all 
other text says it's a wolf. You do read the onscreen text boxes, don't you? 
Well, I did it for you, so you don't have to.)
[13.2]  Tell Simon Danziker of the death of Thomas the cabin boy.
  - Simon is devastated by the news, but he wants you to find and kill the 
wolf that killed Thomas.
[13.3]  Find and slay the wolf that killed the poor cabin boy.
  - Find the wolf (actually just a bunch of regular wolves) in the snowy 
mountain area near where you found Thomas' bones, and kill them; return to 
Simon for your reward.
[13.4]  Tell Captain Simon you have completed the task.
  - This, ah, completes the task.
  - You can now become the Snowy Mountain Pathfinder. Yippy Ki Oh.
  - Simon will now sell stuff such as pirate units.

[14]  Talking Bear
Isterreng: Wandering on Isterreng, you came across a bear. To your surprise, 
instead of attacking you, he started talking! It turns out that the poor 
beast was once a man, but a magician turned him into a bear. Now this bear, 
or rather, this former man, has one hope, - Somewhere in Arlania there lives 
a powerful wizard who could transform him back. You promised to find this 
wizard and convince him to help.
  - There is an enchanted bear in the snowy mountains in the upper left 
quadrant of Isterreng (not marked on the map) who wants you to find the most 
powerful magician to transform him back into a human; the magician is in 
Arlania (Archmage Rezo), so you won't be completing this quest for a while.
  - This quest will continue in Phase II of the game.
[14.1]  Find the most powerful magician in Arlania and tell him about the 
enchanted bear.
  - The most powerful magician is Archmage Rezo in the Magic Tower in 
Arlania; (it will be a long time until you get to talk to him).
  - Once you finally do get to talk to Rezo about the bear, he will ask you 
to get a tuft of fur from the bear. So go do that.
[14.2]  Get a tuft of fur from the talking bear.
  - Rip out some fur (actually you do ask nicely) and take it back to Rezo.
[14.3]  Take the tuft of fur to Archmage Rezo.
  - Archmage Rezo will now help you if you bring him the tuft of fur, oh, 
and 2000 gold.
  - Rezo will make you a potion, but it takes time. In the interim, you are 
going to have to defend Rezo from some meddlesome demons. He makes YOU 
defend his tower? Again?? I thought this guy was the archmage, and he can't 
even defend his tower against some undead or demons? Sheesh.
  - My group of do-gooders was attacked by Setrizel and her minions; they no 
longer exist.
[14.4]  Give the talking bear the Ursus Hominy Transmutation Potion.
  - You get this potion from Rezo after you take the fur to him.
  - Give the potion to the bear on Isterreng and the quest completes. You 
don't actually get to see the transformation. The bear just disappears.

[15]  Drowned Gold
Isterreng: You met up with a pirate captain named Fatnose Joe, who asked you 
to find some gold which he and his former accomplice, Big Pug, had stolen. 
He explains that Pug drowned along with the gold in an underground lake. 
Looks like you'll have to do some diving.
[15.1]  Find a sack of gold, sunk in an underground lake.
  - Fatnose of Smuggler's Haven wants you to recover some stolen gold; it is 
found in one of the buoys in the riverways.
  - You won't get the grasping hand icon, you actually have to run right 
into the buoy with the boat; just aim your boat at one of the buoys and you 
will get an onscreen message to dive for the gold
  - There are several buoys to search and you often get other items when you 
dive; you cannot interact with the buoys until you are given this quest
[15.2]  Take the gold to Fatnose Joe.
  - Eventually you find the correct buoy; when the gold is recovered, return 
to Fatnose.
  - If you say the wrong thing you will have to fight him; you can ask for 
10,000 and you can settle for 5,000; fighting might be better if you need 
the XP (at the stage I first met him, I was a level 11 Skald and he was 
labeled Deadly). Take your chances here or come back later. He actually will 
wait for you.
[15.3]  Joe offered you far too little in return for all your help. Time to 
teach the scoundrel a lesson!
  - You get this entry if you decide to fight him.
  - If you fight and defeat him, you get the XP and the gold. What's not to 
like here?

[16]  Serpent Lake
Isterreng. In one of the caves of Isterreng, you met a pirate - Henk Owleye. 
He told you about a cave that was swarming with every kind of snake 
imaginable, all bred by a witch named Etteilla. All the pirates are 
dreadfully afraid of this place. You have decided to have a word with the 
witch, to find out if she would agree to calm her snakes and allow the 
pirates to sail the surrounding waters.
  - You encounter Henk in the Smuggler's Haven underground; talk to him and 
agree to do his quest; you will find a boat nearby to navigate through the 
water passages.
[16.1]  Talk to Etteilla, the witch, about her snakes.
  - This quest is obtained when you talk to Henk Owleye in the pirate 
underground; he wants you to cure the snake invasion problem; he says the 
cause of the problem is Etteilla the witch.
  - You find Etteilla in the Smuggler's Underground; you have to commandeer 
the boat and find her little alcove.
  - When you talk with her she says she will get rid of the snakes if you 
find her staff or wand or whatever.
[16.2]  Find out if Henk knows anything about the witch's wand.
  - When you talk to Henk Owleye to find out where the staff is, he directs 
you to Toothless Jack - a hop and a skip down the path.
  - Toothless Jack in the House of Stilts here in the underground has the 
[16.3] Recover the Snake Staff from Toothless Jack.
  - Toothless may be toothless, but he is not troop-less. He has a lot of 
henchmen. Be prepared.
  - Toothless Jack resides in the House of Stilts, but he won't give you the 
staff regardless of the conversation path you take; you have to fight him 
for it; do so and return it to Etteilla.
[16.4]  Return the snake wand to the witch Etteilla.
  - Etteilla, of course, is overjoyed.
  - After returning the staff, go back to Henk to tell him the good news.
[16.5]  Tell Henk that the waters of the lake are now safe.
  - You solved another major, major issue is this unsafe land.
  - Oh, and you also can become the Sea Dog!!

[17]  Picks for the Smugglers
Isterreng: Gregory the Smuggler, from the island of Isterreng, has asked you 
to bring him some picks and shovels. You will have to search in the nearby 
abandoned mine.
  - Stop and have a chat with Gregory of Smuggler's Haven and he says you 
look dim-witted enough to accept his quest. Well I never!
  - After you accept this quest, talk with Gregory again. 1. Ask him about 
the bird in a cage and ask if you can use the safe haven. The safe haven is 
the underground area beneath Smuggler's Haven.
  - The line about the bird cage will lead to a discussion of buying the 
parrot that Gregory has; negotiate to get a better price; this is the bird 
you need for [05] Chatty Companion given by Keld in the Lighthouse on 
[17.1]  Find the tools in the abandoned mine.
  - The abandoned mine is actually just a burned out surface area on the 
eastern side of the lower quadrant of Isterreng and not a dungeon type mine; 
after you defeat the local undead units, dig and you will find the picks and 
[17.2]  Give Gregory the Smuggler the tools for digging.
  - Give them to Gregory and this completes the quest.
  - After you do the Picks quest, you can ask about a job and get the quest 
[18] Rusty Hook.
  - If you haven't done this yet, ask Gregory about the parrot and for 3000 
you can buy the parrot as part of the quest [05] Chatty Companion.

[18]  Rusty Hook
Isterreng: Gregory the Smuggler told you that Captain Rusty Hook has left 
the pirate brotherhood and decided to stamp out all illegal activity to (sic 
- should be in) Isterreng. - He has even had a certain degree of success in 
this endeavor. Anxious for their livelihoods, the smugglers have placed a 
bounty on his head and, if you hurry, the prize will be yours. According to 
Gregory, Rusty Hook's ship is sailing somewhere near the coast of Isterreng. 
If you hurry, the bounty will be yours.
[18.1]  Find and destroy Captain Rusty Hook.
  - After you return the tools to Gregory in Smuggler's Haven, ask Gregory 
about a job and he asks you to find and destroy Captain Rusty Hook along the 
coast of Isterreng.
  - Ol' Rusty is floating about on the high seas of Isterreng; hunt him down 
and eliminate him.
  - Killing him completes the quest.

Note: On the high seas of Isterreng, you will also encounter the pirate John 
Rotten with his ship of fools; he does not appear to be part of any quest, 
so go ahead and eliminate him too.

[19]  Heavenly Maiden
On Isterreng you met a celestial maiden named Hilda the Warrior. She knows 
where Runorm is hiding, but she will not reveal the location until you find 
Gudrida the Fierce, on Fastland. You simply must convince her to join you.
  - Hilda, in the upper right quadrant of Isterreng, will join you, but 
first she wants you to find her sister, Gudrida the Fierce on Fastland.
  - To get Gudrida, you have to find all 4 mask fragments in the burning 
ruins of Fastland. - - To do this you must kill the mini-bosses walking 
around in the ruins
[19.1]  Find and meet with Gudrida the Fierce.
  - Gudrida is on the top of the mountain just north of the village on 
Fastland Isle. She appears after you obtain a mask fragment from King Ingvar 
in Fastland and show it to Runvald on Vestlig.
  - After you find the 4 mask pieces and Gudrida reconstructs the mask, she 
will join you; once you have Gudrida, return to Hilda and she will join you.
  - This completes the [19] Heavenly Maiden quest (and also [01] Invasion of 
Fastland) and begins the quest [27] Dark Portal (Fastland).
  - The cave behind Hilda will now open (previously unmarked on the map); 
this is the Cave of Frozen Tears - the lair of the Giant spider.

You MUST defeat the giant spider to progress in the game. This battle is not 
trivial (some say it is the most difficult of the game) and you are likely 
to lose many of your troops. Be scared and come prepared.

** Simon Danziker
  - He is not marked on the overheap map; he is standing on an iceflow where 
you will park you boat.
  - He tells you a sob story about his missing cabin boy which starts the 
quest [13] Missing Cabin Boy.
** "Columbine" Brigantine
  - This is the ship near Simon; it is not marked on the overhead map and 
cannot be accessed.
** Smuggler's Haven
  - Here you will find Gregory the proprietor who is part of several quests: 
[17] Picks for the Smugglers, [05] Chatty companion, and [18] Rusty Hook.
  - You may find for sale axe throwers; pirates; sea dogs.
  - To get to the underground area, ask Gregory if you can use the "safe 
  - Gregory will sell a parrot for the quest [05] Chatty Companion.
** Safe Haven - the underground area of Smuggler's Haven
  - You access this area by asking Gregory if you can use the "safe haven".
  - You can get on a boat here and float around finding stuff and fighting 
some enemies.
  - There are several quests to do in this maze of passages and waterways.
  - There is no adventure map available for this area.
  Locations of Safe Haven
  ** Henk Owleye
      - He is standing a short ways inside the entrance to Safe Haven of 
Smuggler's Haven; He says there is a snake plague and he asks you to talk to 
Etteilla the witch who he claims is the cause of the snake infestation.
      - This starts [16] Serpent Lake.
  ** Tavern
      - The tavern in Safe Haven, sells robbers; bowmen; sea dog.
  ** House on Stilts
      - This is the home of Toothless Jack - he's the one to kill for 
Etteilla in the quest [16] Serpent Lake.
  ** Fatnose Joe standing in alcove of river area
      - Talk to him and he will initiate a quest [15] Drowned Gold.
  ** Etteilla the Witch
      - She will sell snakes such royal snakes which are a very good unit 
early or even throughout in the game.
      - She is involved in the quest [16] Serpent Lake. She's the source of 
the snake problem; she will get rid of the snakes if you find her staff; 
Toothless Jack in House of Stilts here in the underground has the staff.
** Bear
  - There is a talking bear found in the mountains in the upper left 
quadrant of the island; the bear is not marked on the overhead map.
  - The bear is part of the quest [14] Talking Bear.
** Cave of Frozen Tears
  - This cave is in the middle of upper right quadrant and is the location 
of the boss creature, the Giant Spider.
  - You won't be able to access this cave until you have progressed far 
enough in the game.
  - You eventually will find Runorm the renegade soothsayer after you pass 
through this cave, but you must first defeat the giant spider to open a 
portal to Runorm.
  - Once you have access to the cave, you can enter and explore and fight a 
few spider units before you attempt to tackle the giant spider.
** John Rotten
  - John is a pirate floating about the high seas and he does not appear to 
be related to any quest - so kill him for XP.
** Valkyrie Hilda the Warrior
  - Hilda is standing near a cave entrance (not accessible for a while), 
located in the middle of the right upper quadrant of the Island of 
  - When you first meet her and have not been to Fastland and met Gudrida 
the Valkyrie, she asks you to go find Gudrida which starts the quest [19] 
Heavenly Maiden.


[20] Invasion of Fastland
[21] Herring Love
[22] Beast Hunting
[23] Unhappy Ulrika
[24] Hardy Twohand
[25] Grandfather's Axe
[26] Missing Soothsayer
[27] Dark Portal

[20]  Invasion of Fastland
Fastland: After traveling to the island, you realize that the invasion of 
the dead did not by-pass this region. It is all too plainly obvious that 
Fastland, the most populated of all the islands, has also recently faced an 
onslaught of the undead. Clearly this disaster will be very difficult to 
face. You must ask King Ingvar what is going on here . . .
  - This quest in entered into your log as soon as you arrive in Fastland.
[20.1]  Ask the King of Fastland what is happening on the island.
  - Talk to Ingvar Kopperrad, the King of Fastland. During the conversation, 
he gives you a mask piece; he also asks you to find survivors from other 
villages on the island.
  - The mask piece allows you to tell Egil at the gate that your face is 
suitable and he will let you pass through the gate.
  - Your progress will be updated with three notes: Show Runvald a piece of 
the mask, Tell Egil that your face is quite suitable, and Find Survivors 
from other villages on the island.
[20.2]  Show Runvald a piece of the mask.
  - You must travel back to Vestlig to see Runvald. You will show him the 
mask piece that Ingvar gave you. You will also tell him about his brother 
Runorm. This will update both [26] Missing Soothsayer and [20] Invasion of 
[20.3]  Tell Ingvar about the mask.
  - After you talk to Runvald on Vestlig Isle, return to Ingvar on Fastland 
and you will tell him about the Summoner's Mask.
  - Ingvar will now tell you about a maiden on a winged horse - this is 
Gudrida the Valkyrie.
  - Gudrida is standing at the top of the path near the Dark Cave; go talk 
to her.
  - She will tell you that the summoner's mask is used to open a portal that 
had allowed the undead to enter Fastland.
  - She will task you to find the other mask pieces giving update [20.4].
[20.4]  Discover how to complete the Living Mask artifact.
  - You will learn how to create the Mask after talking with Gudrida.
[20.5]  Collect all four mask fragments.
  - The mask fragments are held by Undead mini-bosses located in the burned 
village areas of Fastland; Plagorsh is found near the lighthouse in the 
upper left quadrant of Fastland; Plague Grok is found in the burned village 
where Ulrika and the small cellar are located; Marginel is found in the 
burned village on the northeast side of Fastland. This village also contains 
Hakon's axe.
[20.6]  Tell Egil that your face is quite suitable.
  - Talk to Egil at the gate in order to exit the village.
  - Egil will also give you quest [22] Beast Hunting.
[20.7]  Find survivors from other villages on the island.
  - Talk to Old Enund who resides in the lighthouse on the upper left 
quadrant of Fastland; he will give you the quest [21] Herring Love.
  - Survivors also include Hakon, who needs his axe.
[20.8]  Report to Ingvar about the survivors you found.
  - Although Ulrika is also a  survivor', apparently she doesn't count 
toward this total; those that count are Hakon and Enund. Report to Ingvar 
after you have found these two.

Note: in order to get the achievement True Honor (and Title of True Honor) 
of finding the survivors (Enund, Hakon) you need to report that you found 
the survivors to Ingvar before you have Gudrida complete the mask.

[20.9]  Tell Ingvar about the mask.
  - This conversation point will appear if you tell Runvald about the mask.
[20.10]  Discover how to complete the Living Mask artifact.
  - To do this you need to find Gudrida, a Celestial Maiden.
  - She is at the top of mountain just north of the village in Fastland.
  - She already knows who you are and when you press her, she relates to you 
that Runorm is involved in all of these shenanigans besetting the islands. 
Yes, that Runorm, the brother of Runvald and Runolv.
  - You'll ask how to re-assemble the mask and she tells you that only she 
can do this and not Runvald.
  - She implores you to hurry and find all of the mask pieces (note: you 
don't really need to hurry; the game is very patient).
[20.11]  Collect all four mask fragments.
  - You are in the possession of one fragment given by King Ingvar; the 
other three are here on Fastland.
  - The mask fragments are held by undead mini-bosses and their troops found 
in the burned out villages of Fastland. These guys are not that tough but 
they have high mana reserves and are not afraid to use spells.
  - Plagorsh is found in the north-western village.
  - Marginel is in the north-eastern village; you will also find Hakon's axe 
  - Plague Grok is in Votingheld on the eastern end of the island. You will 
also find the cellar for the Herring quest here.
  - When you get the last piece, go back to Gudrida (make sure you first 
report about survivors to Ingvar if you want the achievement).
[20.12]  Join all the pieces of the Summoner's Mask. This can only be done 
with the help of Gudrida the Valkyrie.
  - When you have obtained all 4 mask pieces, return to Gudrida and she will 
reconstruct the mask.
  - She will also join you in your quest to save the world.
  - This will begin the quest [27] Dark Portal, complete the quest [20] 
Invasion of Fastland and it will end the quest [19] Heavenly Maiden.
  - Be sure to go back to Isterreng and get Hilda to join you.  

[21]  Herring Love
Fastland: You have promised to get to (sic - delete the word to) Old Enund a 
herring. For this, you must go to Votingheld and search the cellar in the 
house of the widow Ulrika.
[21.1]  Search the cellar for herring.
  - Old Enund who is in the tower (not marked on map) of the north-western 
burned village of Fastland wants you to search a cellar for herring; the 
cellar is in the house of the widow Ulrika in Votingheld; Votingheld is a 
burned village (not marked on overhead map but the cellar is - Small Cellar) 
on the middle eastern side of Fastland Isle; there is a small trap door on 
the ground; when you cursor over the door, you will get the marching boot 
icon to enter the Small Cellar.
  - Talk to Ulrika standing in the corner; choose to pick up the barrel of 
herring and offer to help her; this starts the [23] Unhappy Ulrike quest.
[21.2]  You have found a barrel of herring. Now simply deliver it (sic to) 
  - Return the herring barrel to Enund for your reward.
  - After returning the barrel Enund sells Viking units such as soothsayers 
and axe throwers.

[22]  Beast Hunting
Fastland: Guardsman Egil, who guards the gates of Ingvar's village, has 
asked you to bring him 10 bear skins and 30 wolf skins. You simply cannot 
imagine why he might need so many!
  - Egil is standing by the gate of the village in Fastland. He won't let 
you pass until you talk to King Ingvar and get a mask fragment from the 
  - Talk too Egil about any tasks he might have for you and he will tell you 
he wants some animal skins.
[22.1]  Collect 10 bear skins and 30 wolf pelts.
  - Egil at the gate in village, wants you to collect 10 bear skins and 30 
wolf pelts.
  - You can't just buy the animals; you have to defeat a specific enemy 
troop to obtain the pelts and skins.
  - The location of the enemy troop is just to the east of the village; 
there's an area with some stones shaped like an arrow. As you approach the 
area on foot, you will get an on screen message that you see animal tracks. 
Walk up to the arrow and a bear will spawn which drops the quest item when 
you defeat the troops. In your inventory, you receive a single Collection of 
Skins (the on-screen message calls them Bunch of Skins), not separate bear 
skins and wolf pelts.
[22.2]  Get your reward from Egil.
  - Return to him in the village for your reward.
  - Egil will now sell items and units.

[23]  Unhappy Ulrika
Fastland: You met a woman named Ulrika, who has been turned into a zombie. 
You promised to help her become human once more. Perhaps some sorcerer or 
witch could return this poor woman to her former self.
  - Ulrika is found in the Small Cellar, located in a burned out village on 
the eastern side of Fastland. She is unhappy that she is a zombie. Help her.
[23.1]  Tell Runvald about Ulrika's misfortune.
  - You are to talk to Runvald on Vestlig about Ulrika's misfortune.
  - Runvald cannot help you; he tells you to talk to Etteilla the Witch, who 
is in the Smuggler's Haven underground of Isterreng.
[23.2]  Find the witch on Isterreng.
  - She is in the underground portion (Safe Haven) of Smuggler's Haven. You 
will need to float your boat to reach her.
  - Etteilla can make an amulet to convert Ulrika, but she will help you 
only if you bring her a moonstone; she gives you a map to help you locate 
the moonstone; go find it.
[23.3]  Find the Moonstone.
  - The moonstone is on the east coast of the northern quadrant of 
  - Defeat the enemy troops and dig.
[23.4]  Take the Moonstone to Etteilla so she can assemble the amulet.
  - Take the moonstone to Etteilla; she wants 2000 gold and 3 magic 
crystals; pay her to get the Amulet of Living.
[23.5]  Take the  Amulet of the Living' to Ulrika.
  - Give the amulet to Ulrika on Fastland to change her into a human again; 
she will decide to move to the lighthouse of Enund.
[23.6]  Talk to Enund at the lighthouse.
  - Now go the Enund in the lighthouse.
[23.7]  Ulrika did not go to the lighthouse, so you have to find out what 
has happened to her.
  - You will discover that Ulrika did not go to the lighthouse; Silly 
Ulrika. Sooo, go back to her cellar to see what's up with that; it seems her 
amulet was eaten by a fish or something sooo . . .
[23.8]  Kill the Sea Devil.
  - Find and kill the Sea Devil (it's a bunch of Devilfish) who's on the 
small island just off the coast from Enund's lighthouse.
[23.9]  Return the  Amulet of the Living' to Ulrika.
  - With the amulet in hand (again), go back to Ulrika in her cellar.
[23.10]  Take Ulrike to Enund.
  - She will now join with you (in your inventory) and you need to take her 
to Enund.
  - Returning her to Enund ends the quest (finally).

[24]  Hardy Twohand
Fastland: Ingvar instructed you to catch and kill a Viking named Hardy 
Twohand. According to Ingvar, this brazen and reckless pirate, in his great 
longboat, has given the people of Fastland no peace. The last time he saw 
Hardy, he was putting to sea with his longboat, the "Black Vengence".
[24.1]  Sink Hardy Twohand's longboat.
  - If you ask King Ingvar if he needs any help, he will ask you to sink the 
longboat of Hardy Twohand.
  - Kill Hardy, who is floating about in the ocean, to complete the quest.

[25]  Grandfather's Axe
Fastland: The warrior Hakon of Konrak has asked you to help him recover his 
family's axe, which he lost when he fled from the village during an attack 
of the undead.
  - Hakon is standing along the coast on the northern end of Fastland. He is 
lamenting that he has lost his grandfather's axe. Find it for him.
[25.1]  Find Hakon's axe.
   - You find young Viking Hakon on the beach in upper right quadrant of the 
island; he wants you to find his grandfather's axe.
  - The axe is in the village just above where Hakon is standing; - the axe 
can be difficult to pick up; move your cursor around until the grab icon 
appears; return it for your reward.
[25.2]  Return Hakon his axe.
  - Give it back to him, it's not worth anything to you.

[26]  Missing Soothsayer
Fastland: The soothsayer Runvald of Vestlig has asked you to go visit his 
brother Runorm, who lives in Fastland. It seems he has heard no news of 
Runorm for ages now.
[26.1]  Soothsayer Runvald of Vestlig asked you to learn the fate of his 
brother Runorm, who lives in Fastland.
  - After you removed the boulders blocking Runvald the Soothsayer in 
Vestlig, he asked you to find his missing brother Runorm.

[Note: you will fight with Runorm in the final battle that will end Phase I 
of the game; he is in the Cave of the Frozen Tears behind the giant spider; 
defeating Runorm "teleports" you to Greenwort to begin Phase II of the game; 
the quest will now say completed in your quest log, but one remaining task, 
to "Continue Searching for Runorm" will still be available. You will 
discover eventually that Runorm isn't really dead yet and you get to kill 
him one more time].

[26.2]  Tell Runvald about the mysterious disappearance of his brother 
  - King Ingvar on Fastland will tell you about Runorm and give you a mask 
  - Take this information to Runvald on Vestlig.
[26.3]  Continue searching for Runorm.
  - After you tell Runvald about his brother, he implores you to keep 
  - Also, after you do find him and "defeat" him, this part of the quest 
line will remain open as you are not done with him yet.
[26.4]  Runorm is a traitor. Find him and stop him, before it is too late.
  - When you find Runorm, you will learn that he is a traitor and you will 
have to fight him.

[27]  Dark Portal
Isterreng: You encountered the Valkyrie Gudrida, who told you that the 
undead invasion of Vinland Island was led by none other than the soothsayer 
Runorm, brother of Runsage and Runvald! It seems inconceivable that a 
soothsayer has set out on a path of dark necromancy, and call down an army 
of darkness upon his mountain folk kin! According to Gudrida, Runorm is 
currently hiding at the top of Galskap Mountain. Well, it is clear your path 
leads there. You must talk to the soothsayer and stop him - by force, if 

Note: Regardless of what the above message says, there is no location 
specifically labeled Vinland in this game. And there is no person named 
Runsage - I think they mean Runolv.

[27.1]  Close the dark portal on Galskap Mountain, on Isterreng.
  - After finding the 4 mask pieces and having them re-assembled by Gudrida 
the Valkyrie, you must now stop the undead invasion by finding Runorm and 
closing the portal.
  - Go back to Hilda on Isterreng and talk with her (you must have Gudrida 
as a companion in order for Hilda to join you).
  - Hilda will now join you and the entrance to the Cave of Frozen Tears 
will open.
  - In the cave, you have items to collect and a few minor enemies to fight.
  - The ultimate battle is at the far end of the cave where you must defeat 
the Giant Spider. Good luck.
  - After defeating the spider, an exit will appear behind where the spider 
was lurking.
  - You can leave the cave the way you came in to replenish your army if 
need be; otherwise go through the exit behind the spider.
  - The portal past the spider leads to an area called Galskap Mountain, 
where you will encounter various types of undead foes to vanquish; search 
the area for loot and chests and whatev.
  - Eventually you will come upon Runorm; you will have a few words with 
him, but you must attack him; he has a mix of undead and Viking troops; you 
need to nix the mix.
  - Finding and then defeating Runorm will complete both the [26] Missing 
Soothsayer and [27] Dark Portal quests. (Runorm isn't really dead, so your 
Missing Soothsayer quest progress report still lists Continue Searching for 
  - Defeat him and you will be magically teleported to Greenwort, after he 
magically takes away your entire army, magically.

This will begin Phase II of the game.

[Note: you can later return to Galskap Mountain through the Cave of Tears 
and finish any unfinished business.]

** Blacksmith
  - He sells Viking units such as axe thrower; soothsayer.
** Ingvar's castle
  - The king will sell Viking units such as axe thrower; jarl; warrior 
  - Ingvar is part of quest [20] Invasion of Fastland and will give you the 
quest [24] Hardy Twohand.
** Egil standing in village
  - He is part of the quest [20] Invasion of Fastland.
  - He will give you the quest [22] Beast Hunting.
  - After the quest, he will sell Viking units such as axe thrower.
** Long House
  - This location sells typical Viking units.
** Small Cellar (in Burning Village)
  - This is the location of the Small Cellar which is part of the quests 
[21] Herring Love and [23] Unhappy Ulrika.
  - The Small Cellar is marked on the overhead map; it is a small trap door 
that only shows as running boots and not a door icon on the adventure map.
  - Ulrika is found here.
** Gudrida the Valkyrie
  - She shows up near the Dark Cave in Fastland after you obtain a mask 
fragment from King Ingvar of Fastland and show the fragment to Runvald on 
  - You will get her to join you.
** Lighthouse (not marked on map)
  - The Lighthouse is located in the burned village at the upper left 
quadrant of Fastland.
  - Enund, the proprietor of the Lighthouse, sells Viking units such as axe 
thrower and soothsayer after his quest is completed.
  - Quests here are [21] Herring Love and [23] Unhappy Ulrika.
** Hakon
  - Hakon will give you the quest [25] Grandfather's Axe
  - Hakon is on the northern tip of island; the axe he seeks is in the 
burned village in the upper right of island; the axe is visible and sparkly 
but many on the forums complain they can't pick it up; there is a tiny spot 
where you need to hover your hand icon to pick up.
** Sawmill - sells plants
** Dark Cave
  - In this small cave you can battle with spiders and such and get some 

Phase II of the game

Phase II of the game begins after you defeat Runorm in the Cave of Frozen 
Tears. You will automatically be teleported to Greenwort without any of your 
troops. That's right nothing. Naked. Nada. Zip. You will be standing in the 
courtyard of Kronberg Castle with the Guardroom to your left and the Chapel 
to your right. All three buildings have quest markers, but you need to go to 
the castle first. The second you arrive, a Doctor Parakrat is talking to 
you. He checks your health and then asks who you are and how you got there. 
You tell him your strange tale and you can now accept the title "Stranger". 
This will complete the [27] Dark Portal quest. If you defeated Runorm 
without losing more than 30% of your forces, you will also get the 
achievement Bane of Death.

Notes and tips for Phase II of the game.

Some of the castles and stores in the areas such as Fastland will reset 
their creature inventory.

In the castle area, there are three buildings, the main castle, the Chapel 
and the Guardroom. Each sells good units and each has one or more quests for 
you. In order to access the Chapel or the Guardroom, you first need to speak 
with Prince Consort Guilford in the Castle.

In the castle you will meet Prince Consort Guilford who will insult you and 
then give you your first set of quests on Greenwort. Chocolate, marshmallow, 
anyone? He goes on and on and on. Full of himself much? He relates to you 
that he has been blamed for much of the trouble besetting the land, what 
with the undead invasion and the mages rebellion. Of course, according to 
him, this is all baseless. After more blathering, he finally asks you for 
your help. You try to refuse, but he is having none of it. His idea of how 
you will help involves three things. . . he wants you to procure three 
powerful artifacts - the Heart of Ksaltotun - found within the chest cavity 
of Ksaltotun; the Staff of Starlight - this is in possession of the mages of 
Arlania, and the Dragon's Tears, which is in Demonis. You can only get to 
Demonis if Guilford constructs a portal, but the other two quests will begin 
here in Greenwort. Each of the three quests you receive from the Prince 
Consort are quite involved and have other quests embedded within them. 
You've got a lot to do, so let's get started.

These are the three main quests of Phase II.
  [28] The Heart of Ksaltotun
    - find the necromancer Ksaltotun in the Verlon Wasteland
  [29] Staff of Starlight
    - talk to the mages of Arlania about the Staff of Starlight; tip after 
getting staff you won't be able to enter tower of mightiest mage (Rezo) for 
the Talking Bear quest; the tower will open up later in the game
  [30] Dragon Tear
    - go to Demonis through the portal at the palace square in Greenwort

Since all of these quests are quite lengthy, you can't just rush off and do 
them. It will be some time before you get to Demonis, so you will put that 
one off until much later. You first order of business should be to gather a 
new army since you are naked, so to speak. Guilford sells some good units 
and check out the Guardhouse and Chapel as well.

In the Guardroom you will meet Captain Renli Swann. He immediately asks you 
for a favor (don't they all). There are three problems you can help him 
with: 1. The problem with Selmy Boros, 2. the strange case of the port and 
3. the ugly brute ogre in Greenwort.

For #1, you will get choices; it is probably better to choose the option 
Warn the Rebel. For notes on Selmy, see the quest Warn the Rebel. Choose 
conversation choice #1 I, as the King's son . . . where you say everyone 
should be allowed to make their own choice. Don't take choice #2 "We have 
other business . ... I'll deal with the rebel". Choice #3 won't get you the 
quest so why would you pick that??

You will talk with Dr. Parakrat again. He, of course, has a quest for you.

[28] The Heart of Ksaltotun
[29] Staff of Starlight
[30] Dragon Tear
[31] Warn the Rebel
[32] Catch the Butterfly
[33] Cannibal Killer
[34] Stolen Drugs
[35] Vengeance for the Cow!

[28]  The Heart of Ksaltotun
Prince Consort Guilford told you of a powerful artifact called the "Heart of 
Ksaltotun." This artifact could help prevent an invasion of the undead into 
the lands of Endoria. You have to find necromancer Ksaltotun, on the Verlon 
Wasteland, and cut out his heart.
  - This is one of the three main quests given to you by Prince Consort 
[28.1]  Find the necromancer Ksaltotun in the Verlon Wasteland.
  - He is in Plagrim, a evil looking castle on the northwestern end of 
  - He will have words with you the first time you arrive, but you won't be 
able to fight him or continue this quest until you have been joined by 4 
Valkyries. At this point in the game, you probably have Christa, Hilda and 
Gudrida - you need to find Regina.
[28.2]  Join the Valkyrie Regina the Stone.
  - Find Regina, do the quest to save her, and she will join you.
  - Regina is in Arlania.
[28.3]  Overcome the necromancer Ksaltotun, with the help of the four 
  - Once you have 4 Valkyries, attempt to defeat Ksaltotun.
[28.4]  Deliver Ksaltotun's heart to Prince Guilford.
  - Give the heart to Guilford to end the quest.
  - You now can become the Dark Blade!
  - The castle Plagrim is now inaccessible.
Note: For an extra adventure, visit the area in Verlon called Catacombs and 
talk to the Restless 
Spirit (ghost) who resides there; he wants Ksaltotun's heart for the quest 
[47] Bring the Heart to the Ghost. So take it to the ghost in the catacombs 
first before you give it to Prince Guilford.

[29]  Staff of Starlight
Prince Consort Guilford has told you of an incredibly strong artifact - the 
Staff of Starlight - which is powerful enough to destroy entire armies of 
the undead. This staff is held by the Mages of Arlania. The prince wants you 
to to (sic 2nd to should be deleted) go and fetch this staff from Arlania. 
Perhaps you will be able to persuade the Mages to hand over the staff 
  - This is one of the three main quests given to you by Prince Consort 
[29.1]  Talk to the Mages of Arlania about the Staff of Starlight.
  - When you approach the Magic Tower in Arlania, you will realize it is 
inaccessible and protected by a magical barrier. You will get an on screen 
message and the quest log will update. You are to speak to the three mages 
standing outside of the tower and barrier.
[29.2]  Talk to Abeo the Volatile.
  - He is standing just across from the entrance to the tower.
  - He ignores you at first and then asks what you want. You tell him of 
your mission and he accuses you of being on Guilford's side.
  - After that, he won't talk.
[29.3]  Talk to Insurgo the Unpredictable.
  - He is standing on the beach.
  - He will talk, but will not give you the staff because he believes Prince 
Guilford is wrong.
[29.4]  Talk to Ordo the Keeper.
  - He is standing to the right of the tower near the beach.
  - He too ignores you at first and then when you tell him of your mission 
to find the Staff of Starlight he will end the conversation.
[29.5]  Explore the ancient altars of Magic (0/3).
  - After you've gotten nowhere talking to the three mages, your quest log 
will update and you are tasked with exploring the ancient altars; these are 
located on the southwest side of the island.
  - Each of the altars gives you the grasping hand icon when you cursor over 
it; you can leave the altar alone or Tame the Guardians of the altar: you of 
course want to tame them for this quest. So select the altar and commence a 
gremlin tower battle. Be sure you are prepared for tough battles.
  - You need to activate all three altars: Tame the Guardians of the Order; 
Curb the Custodians of Change; Tame the Guardian of Chaos.
[29.6]  Pay a visit to the Tower of Archmage Rezo.
  - After you defeat the 3 altars, a message tells you to return to the 
archmage's tower; the force field surrounding the tower has been lifted and 
you can converse with Nilrem standing in front of the entrance to the tower.
  - Nilrem chastises you for destroying the altars and you will have to 
fight him; He is quite full of himself, but he does possess a sizable army; 
bring plenty of firepower to this picnic.
  - You will get the Staff of Starlight when you defeat Nilrem.
  - You can promote yourself to Wizardbane should you so choose.
  - Now if you try to gain entrance to the Tower of Rezo, you will only get 
to have some words with Archmage Rezo; you can't open the doors and Rezo 
won't let you in until later.
[29.7]  Give the Staff of Starlight to Prince Guilford.
  - The only thing you can do now is give the Staff to Guilford; when you 
give the Staff to Prince Guilford AND you have given him the Heart, a portal 
(the Demonic Portal) opens up next to his castle. This leads to Demonis.

[30]  Dragon Tear
Guilford, the Prince Consort, told you of an artifact he seeks, which is 
known as the Tear of the Dragon. This object would aid him in his struggle 
against the undead. You must leave for Demonis and attempt to recover this 
mysterious tear. Who would ever have imagined that dragons cry?!
  - This is one of the three main quests given to you by Prince Consort 
[30.1]  Go to Demonis through the portal at the Palace Square in Greenwort.
  -You need to find both the Staff and the Heart and give them to Guilford 
before he opens the portal to Demonis.
  - In Demonis you will meet Xeona, the ruler of Demonis who resides in the 
castle of Gehenna.
  - You will ask her for the Dragon Tear, but she won't give it to you until 
you fulfill her quest to get contracts signed by 4 demonlords in Hades.
  - A portal to Hades is opened near the Portal to Greenwort.
[30.2]  Sign a peace treaty with Krans, in Hades.
  - He is in the Steel Stronghold of Hades.
  - You must defeat him in battle.
[30.3]  Sign a peace treaty with Himerius, in Hades.
  - Himerius is in the Stone Maw of Hades and he signs with no fuss if you 
happen to have the Lava Stone, an item you may have dug up on Greenwort.
  - Otherwise, you have to solve a riddle for him:
    {- Spoiler: His question "Which element combines air, earth and fire:
    your answer - Ashes}
[30.4]  Sign a peace treaty with Lenderkhat, in Hades.
  - He is in the Scarlet Castle of Hades. You must defeat him in battle.
  - The castle is inaccessible after his defeat.
[30.5]  Sign a peace treaty with Eyntz, in Hades.
  - He's in the Black Tower; he signs with no fuss.
[30.6]  Take the treaty signed by all the demonlords to Xeona.
  - Do just that.
  - But it turns out that Xeona doesn't have the Tear; she does tell you 
where to find it though.
  - You can gain the title Demon Conqueror.
[30.7]  Defeat the dragon guarding the Tear of the Dragon. This dragon can 
be found in a cave near Xeona's castle.
  - A new cave opens up which is labeled Cave on the adventure map, but is 
called the "Golden Dragon" Casino on the overhead map.
  - You are to get the Tear from the dragon Rikshenassitrax; you will have 
to fight him for it.
  - After defeating the dragon, you can call yourself Gambler!
[30.8]  Deliver the Tear of the Dragon to Prince Guilford.
  - When you have given all three items, the Staff, the Heart and the Tear, 
to Guilford, he now proclaims himself the king and talks and talks, but 
eventually you will fight him.
  - Just before you give the items to Guilford, you may want to buy units 
from him; at this point he sells a lot of good units (in my game he had 
black dragons, rune mages, red dragons, all of the knight units)
  - Attack and defeat him.

Note: Defeating Guilford will start Phase III of the game.
Note: after defeating all of his units, the battle doesn't end, he then 
casts Armageddon (it will appear that many of your troops will die, but 
actually none of your units will be lost) and then the battle ends; but you 
really didn't defeat him as Mista tells you . . .

  - When you manage to defeat him you will be teleported to Arlania where 
you will be met by Misty Mista (Mista Cloud), your 5th Valkyrie.
    - She will fill you in on a lot of the current backstory and then she 
joins you.
    - You can now call yourself "Enemy of the Kingdom".
  - This starts the quest [79] Stop Guilford.

Phase III of game: if you have made it this far, you are in Arlania again, 
but the entire island is re-set with a new fog of war and everything. The 
[79] Stop Guilford has been started. See Arlania 2 in Phase III of the guide 
to continue the game.


[31]  Warn the Rebel
Greenwort: the captain of the palace guards, Renli Swann, charged you with 
finding and killing Selmy Boros, "the leader of the rebels." You refused, 
but since the captain might find someone else willing to carry out the deed, 
you should find Selmy and warn him of the dark plot.
  - In the Guardroom, talk to Captain Renli. He tells you about a traitor 
named Selmy Boros.
  - You get 3 choices at this point - to offer to kill the rebel, to warn 
the rebel or to say you are not interested. The best choice in terms of 
reward is to [31] Warn the Rebel, so don't agree to kill Selmy Boros (you 
won't get this choice again). If you choose to warn the rebel then you can 
ask about things happening in the port and an ogre problem. Asking about the 
port will begin [32] Catch the Butterfly. You won't be given the other quest 
until you complete the first one you chose.
[31.1]  Talk with Selmy Boros.
  - Selmy is at Deserters' Refuge located in the upper left quadrant of 
  - You will get to talk with him and warn him if that is the choice you 
made when you accepted the quest.
  - You also had the choice of killing Selmy when you initially took the 
quest; I chose to warn him because he becomes a store if you decide not to 
kill him.
  - He will relate a bit of important information about the Prince Consort - 
how he is a fraud and is behind the disappearance of the queen, etc.
  - After you warn him, he will become a store and sell Knight units.

[32]  Catch the  Butterfly'
Greenwort: Captain Renli Swann told you that some skeletons stole Her 
Majesty Amelie's three-masted frigate,  Butterfly', right from the port. You 
have agreed to recover the ship. Strange, but Renli also mentioned that the 
commander of the ghouls was a skeleton in a waistcoat. Could this be your 
old friend?
[32.1]  Hunt down the ghouls and pirates who stole the royal frigate known 
as the  Butterfly'.
  - The ship is  owned' by Empty Eyes standing next to the boat on a tiny 
island off the north coast of Greenwort; you are to trade him a similar ship 
or you can kill him.
  - Empty tells you a sad story about how this is his favorite ship - a 
veritable fairy tale, so you might decide to spare him and find another ship 
to trade with him.
  - There is a ship sitting near Kitano at the coast. You can't buy that 
ship, but you can simply take it.
  - Take the ship near Kitano, float to Empty and then talk to him. He will 
trade his ship for the one you arrived on.
  - Or you can attack him.
  - Here is the message you get on killing Empty if that was your choice: 
"You won a crushing victory over the army of Empty Eyes, but managed to spy 
a handful of the skeleton's men break away from your ship and sail to the 
island. Well, at least the three-masted frigate of her imperial majesty is 
now in your hands, you should probably take it into the harbor and to inform 
Captain Renli that the frigate is safe."
[32.2]  Return the  Butterfly' to port.
  - When you get the ship from Empty, there is no "port" to take it to; take 
it to the beach where Kitano is and park it on the beach.
  - When you get near the beach where Kitano is standing, your quest log 
will update.
[32.3]  Report to Captain Renli that the ship has been returned.
  - Return to Renli for your reward.
  - You can now ask Renli about the ogre problem and be given [33] Cannibal 

[33]  Cannibal Killer
Greenwort: The Captain of the Palace Guard, Renli Swann, told you that the 
haman-eating (sic - human-eating) ogre knogn (sic - known) as Gloomgnaw is 
hiding somewhere in the woods of Greenwort. There is a large price on his 
head and the captain has asked you personally to find and kill the ogre.
[33.1]  Find and kill the ogre Gloomgnaw, who is hiding in the woods of 
  - After you return the ship  Butterfly' to Renli, you can agree to take 
the quest [33] Cannibal Killer.
  - The Cannibal is in the cave cleverly called Cave (called Cannibal Cave 
on overhead map and just Cave if you cursor over it on the adventure map).
  - You exchange a few pleasantries with Gloomy and then attack.
  - Nearby there is a friendly troop you can rescue from captivity.
  - Killing the ogre completes the quest, and . . . when you report this to 
Renli, you can now call yourself "Killer of Giants".

[34]  Stolen Drugs
Greenwort: The court physician, Parakrat, complained to you that a convoy 
bound for Greenwort was attacked and robbed. Among the items stolen were 
medicinal drugs, which are needed to treat the injured at the hospital. The 
doctor asked you to find these drugs and return them, for a fee.
[34.1]  Find the stolen drugs.
  - They are in the possession of Tomard Kane in the Den of Thieves (called 
Cave on the adventure map).
  - You can buy the drugs or kill Kane.
[34.2]  Return the stolen drugs to Parakrat.
  - You get a choice here of lying about how you got the drugs or telling 
the truth; your reward will vary depending on whether you tell the truth or 
lie - might runes when you chose truth and magic runes if you tell lie. Your 
  - Parakrat will now have different inventory: in my game he now has rune 
mages and paladins, inquisitors etc.

[35]  Vengeance for the Cow!
Greenwort: In the ruins of the village, you met an inconsolable peasant 
named Gorv. Oddly enough, he was not grieving for the slaughtered villagers, 
but for his beloved cow. He asked you to avenge his cow, and kill the 
instigator of this atrocity, Zervinj the necromancer, who lives nearby.
[35.1]  Find and kill the necromancer Zervinj.
  - Outside the farm house just to the southeast of the main castle, you 
will find Gorv, lamenting that his beloved cow was killed by an evil 
necromancer, Zervinj.
  - Zervinj is in the dungeon labeled Crypt near the exit portal for Verlon 
  - You won't get a chance to chat with Zervinj as he attacks the second you 
enter the crypt
  - Killing old Zerv ends the quest.
  - If you return to Gorv, he says he is going to leave the area and go to 
the chapel; he says he will build a barn on the side of the chapel. Say 
What? He also says to come and see him and he will give you some milk.
  - If you go to the chapel, you do not find Gorv and you, sadly, you don't 
get any milk.

** Kronberg castle
  - Home of dastardly Prince Consort Guilford.
  - The castle sells Knight units such as guardsmen, griffins, rune mages, 
knights; archmage.
  - You get three quests initially from Guilford: [28] Heart of Ksaltotun, 
[29] Staff of Starlight and [30] Dragon Tear.
** Guardroom
  - Here resides Captain Renli Swann.
  - He will sell Knight units such as bowman; guardsmen; griffins; paladins.
  - Renli gives you three quests: [31] Warn the Rebel; [32] Catch the 
Butterfly and [33] Cannibal Killer.
** Chapel
  - Doctor Parakat in the Chapel will sell Knight units.
  - You will get the quest [34] Stolen Drugs.
** Deserters' Refuge
  - Location of Selmy Boros and part of the quest to kill or to [31] Warn 
the Rebel given by Capt Renli in the Guardroom.
  - After the quest (and if you let him live) he sells units such as 
robbers, marauders, bowmen.
** Farmer Gorv in farm area just to the south of the castle; he is not 
marked on the map.
  - He gives the quest [35] Vengeance for the Cow!
** Hunter's house
  - This place sells wolves; ancient bears.
** Cave (Den of Thieves on overhead map)
  - The cave is full of spiders and such.
  - Home of Tomard Kane in House - he is part of the quest [34] Stolen 
  - After the quest, the location will still sell items.
** Crypt
  - Not accessible until you start the quest to find the Necromancer.
  - Location of bad guy necromancer Zervinj for the quest [35] Vengeance for 
the Cow!
** Ghost Ship
  - Typical ghost ship with undead ghosts and such; sells undead spells such 
as cloud of poison, zlogn and doom after defeating the occupants.
** Fisherman Kitano
  - He is standing on the beach on the northern coast of Greenwort.
  - He will give maps to Western and Eastern Freedom Islands; you can't sail 
to these places yet until you obtain a ship.
  - To get a ship, pay Kitano 3000 gold to take you  someplace'. You will be 
teleported to Arlania and there will be a ship right near where you arrived; 
take that one.
  - Sail back to Greenwort and you then have access to the Freedom Islands 
via boat
  - Or another way to obtain a ship is to do the Butterfly quest and take 
Empty Eye's boat.
  - If you decide to trade boats with Empty Eye, take the boat near Kitano 
and float to where Empty is standing. He will then trade boats with you 
which is part of the Catch the Butterfly quest.
  - Note that you can just take the boat near Kitano and float to the nearby 
islands such as Arlania, but you will not be able to Travel to distant lands 
such as Nordlig; for that you need to obtain the boat by trading with Empty 
Eyes or having Kitano teleport you to Arlania.
  - Kitano will sell devilfish and other units.
** Empty Eyes the Skeleton
  - This is the same Empty Eyes you met earlier in the game (if you let him 
live). He has a ship next to him (the  Butterfly' which you are to return to 
Captain Renli).
  - For the quest [32] Catch the Butterfly, you can attack Empty Eyes and 
take the ship; or take the ship near Kitano on the beach and trade with 
Empty Eyes. 
  - After you get a ship for Empty, he will disappear again into the sunset. 
Oh the life of a skeleton pirate.
** Cave (Cannibal Cave on overhead map)
  - Location of Gloomgnaw for the quest [33] Cannibal Killer.
  - The cave has some items to get and some enemies to kill in addition to 
old Gloomy and  there is also a friendly unit you can save.
** Demonic Portal (Demonis on the overhead map).
  - A portal to Demonis that appears right next to Kronberg castle.
  - This portal to Demonis will only appear after you have completed the 
quests [28] The Heart of Ksaltotun and [29] Staff of Starlight.


[36] Missing Jewelery
[37] Reinforcements on the March
[38] Ice Hunt
[39] Attracting Customers
[40] Delayed Salary
[41] Money for the Veteran

The following quests are available in Arlania the first time you visit there 
(during Phase II of the game). In Phase III of the game, Arlania is reset (I 
call it Arlania 2) and the quests will be different.

[36]  Missing Jewelery
Arlania: Dwarf Yungem told you that his partner, Yanik, set off to deliver a 
parcel of goods to Greenwort. It's quite possible that Yanik simply stole 
the goods and fled, but Yungem insists that this is impossible. He is 
clearly worried about the fate of his companion, but cannot leave his store 
unattended, so you promised to go to Greenwort and inquire into the fate 
(of) Yanik on his behalf.
  - Note: the word Jewelery in the quest name should be spelled Jewelry.
  - Yungem Needler is the proprietor of the Jewelry Shop on the eastern end 
of Arlania. His partner Yanik has disappeared with some goods and he tasks 
you with finding him.
[36.1]  Learn whether Yanik the dwarf made it to Greenwort.
  - Dwarf Yungem the jeweler is trying to find his partner; you can ask 
about Yanik the partner if you talk to Captain Renli in Greenwort, Doctor 
Parakrat in the chapel or the Prince at Kronberg Castle; you only get a 
response from Guilford at the castle.
[36.2]  Trace Yanik's tracks in Greenwort.
  -When you ask about Yanik with the Prince Consort's, your [36] Missing 
Jewelry quest is updated.
  - You will now find Zombie Yanik wandering about in Greenwort; he has 
become a zombie; eliminate him for the quest; you will receive an axe to 
return to Yungem the Jeweler.
[36.3]  Bring Yanik's axe back to Yungem at the Jewelry Workshop.
  - Returning the axe completes the quest.

[37]  Reinforcements on the March
Arlania: Old Marshall Iron Richard asked you to supply Greenwort with 
reinforcements. The troops are currently located somewhere in the western 
regions of Arlania, near Griffin Island. You are charged with assembling 30 
Horsemen and 40 Knights.
   - Pay a visit to Iron Richard in Castle Karradun in Arlania. He gives a 
quest, has items and troops for sale.
[37.1]  Bring a full unit of horsemen from the port.
  - You will likely find them on the coast line of the main island just to 
the west of Griffin Island in Arlania; they will be labeled friendly troop 
and will join you automatically. (You must have a troop slot open in your 
[37.2]  Bring a full unit of knights from griffin island.
  - Find them on the southern end of Griffin Island.
[37.3]  Lead 30 horsemen and 40 knights to Captain Renli Swann.
  - Take them all back to Renli for your reward and completion of the quest. 
Note that you get the quest from Iron Richard in Arlania, but you are to 
bring the troops to Renli in Greenwort.

[38]  Ice Hunt
Arlania: Volkan, a trader of rare animals, gave you an assignment - you are 
to catch an ice spider. You have to track down this creature in the cave, 
kill it, put it in a cage and bring it back to Volkan. He has promised a 
generous reward.
  - Volkan, the proprietor of the shop of the large western island of 
Arlania (Griffin Island), wants you to hunt some rare animals for him. When 
you agree, he gives you a cage to put the spider in (empty cage in your 
[38.1]  Catch the ice spider.
  - In the Mansion on Griffin island, Volkan the merchant asks you to catch 
an ice spider; he gives you a cage and everything.
  - The spider is found in the Cold Cave of Arlania.
[38.2]  Give the cage with the spider in it to Volkan the trader.
  - After defeating the Ice Spider, return to Volkan on Griffin Island of 
Arlania and get your reward.
  - Volkan will now sell ice spiders in addition to the other troops he sold 

[39]  Attracting Customers
Arlania. Innkeeper Whistler complained to you abut his lack of customers. 
Indeed, if things continue as they are, he will soon be ruined. You have 
promised to help him attract more customers to his inn, and in return he has 
agreed to pay you one magic crystal for every new customer you bring.
[39.1]  To attract customers: 0
  - The innkeeper of the Inn on Arlania wants you to find him more 
customers; he will give you crystals for each customer you send his way.
  - You need to find some forlorn soldiers skulking about the land and 
convince them to go to the Inn.
  - You can find 2 customers on Arlania during the current Phase II of the 
game. The third customer will only appear on Arlania during the Phase III of 
the game when Arlania is reset to Arlania 2.

  (1) You can find Sergeant Heckler (bowman) standing near the east coast of 
Arlania; he complains that he hasn't been paid by Sir Richard; you can give 
him 500 gold to go to the Inn or, better yet, you can say you will talk to 
Iron Richard - this last conversation choice starts the quest [41] Money for 
the Veteran; see this quest below.
    - Now go back to the Inn and tell Innkeeper Whistler that you found a 
customer and your count will update by 1.
  (2) You find Walter the Soldier standing near the dragonfly swamp dead 
center on the island; he has the same sad story as Heckler, no one is paying 
his salary; you will get the same choices here as for Sergeant Heckler; pay 
him 500 gold now to go to the Inn, or talk to his captain to get his salary. 
This starts the quest [40] Delayed Salary and the [39] Attracting Customers 
number will increment to 2.
  (3) Your third and final customer will be Ron, who is found in Arlania 
during Phase III of the game. You will need to complete a quest for him, and 
then he will return to the Inn. (See Quests for Arlania 2 during the proper 
time in the game).

[40]  Delayed Salary
Arlania: You met a disconsolate soldier named Walter, who was expelled from 
the army. You promised to convince Iron Richard to pay his salary.
[40.1]  Talk to Iron Richard about Walter the soldier's salary.
  - You found Walter the soldier who is lamenting about not receiving a 
salary; he is found dead center in Arlania.
  - Give him 500 gold now or better yet, offer to talk to Iron Richard.
[40.2]  Report to Iron Richard that the troops have been transported to 
  - This update is given when you have found the troops and taken then to 
Captain Renli in the Guardroom in Greenwort.
[40.3]  Richard has agreed to pay Walter's salary, if you bring in 
reinforcements for Greenwort.
  - Iron Richard is a bit more reluctant to help this time; you will have to 
fulfill his other quest - Reinforcements on the March, first.
  - Return to him after Reinforcements and he will give you 500 gold to give 
to Walter.
[40.4]  Give Walter 500 coins.
  - Give Walter his gold and complete the quest. He will go to Whistler's 

[41]  Money for the Veteran
Arlania: You met a brave soldier named Sergeant Heckler, who asked you for 
some money for booze. It turns out that Iron Richard holds on to the 
salaries of his soldiers and the poor wretch doesn't even have enough cash 
to wet his parched throat. You promised to talk to Richard about his salary.
[41.1]  Talk to Iron Richard about Sergeant Heckler's salary.
  - Convince Iron Richard to pay Sergeant Heckler; he gives you 500 gold.
[41.2]  Give sergeant Heckler his salary.
  - You can then give the money to Heckler and he will then go to the Inn 
for the quest [39] Attracting Customers.

As you explore the island you will note a Royal Guard standing in front of 
what appears to be an entrance to a mine. You can speak to the guard, but 
you won't be able to enter the mine until you progress far enough into the 
** Jewelry workshop
  - The shop keeper is Yungem Needler and is part of the quest [36] Missing 
  - Note: when you first talk to Yungem, he essentially says "Hi" but your 
responses are already directed toward the quest that he hasn't yet given 
you. WTF.
  - He will sell dwarf units like miners; foreman; engineer; giant.
** Inn
  - The location of Whistler and the origin of the quest [39] Attracting 
  - You will likely encounter a messenger here and get the navigation chart 
to Merlassar Island.
  - He sells units; maybe marauder; pirate; inquisitor; witch hunter.
** Karradun
  - This is the castle of Iron Richard in Phase II of the game. The castle 
will be occupied by elves in Phase III.
  - Iron Richard has a lot to say if you follow the dialogue points; he 
fills you in on a lot of the backstory to the game.
  - Iron Richard is the origin of the quest [37] Reinforcements on the March 
and part of the quests [41] Money for the Veteran and [40] Delayed Salary.
  - The castle sells knight units like bowman; guardsmen; horsemen; knight; 
** Mansion
  - Residence of Volkan, a merchant on Griffin isle.
  - Origin of the quest [38] Ice Hunt.
  - He sells units such as royal griffins; royal thorns; trolls.
** Cold Cave
  - Location of the spider to capture in the quest [38] Ice Hunt.
  - The entrance to the cave appears as a orange portal and you get the 
marching boots icon when you cursor over it, but it is unmarked on the 
adventure map. The cave is marked on the overhead map.
** Magic Tower
  - The abode of Archmage Rezo; the tower is protected by a force field 
early in Phase II of the game and you must complete the Staff of Starlight 
quest to gain access to the tower.
  - After the force field is removed, the entrance is guarded by the mage 
Nilrem who you must fight to win the Staff of Starlight.
  - Once you have access to Archmage Rezo, he will be involved in a number 
of quests.
** Ghost Ship
  - Defeat the undead occupiers and it becomes a shop.
** Griffin Island
  - In the middle of the big island, I call it Griffin Island (not named in 
the game), you will find Alira. I suppose she is queen of the Griffins. She 
has a conversation balloon if you cursor over her.
  - When you attempt to have a conversation with Alira, she accuses you of 
killing her eggs and attacks. She has a mixture of troops. You don't get 
anything except the XP for killing Alira.

                  VERLON WASTELAND

When you first arrive in the Verlon Wasteland, Christa and the other girls 
will have a message for you. She says she doesn't like it here and something 
is not right. Turns out their other sister, Regina, is somewhere nearby and 
they implore you to find her. You, of course, agree. This starts [42] Damsel 
in Distress.

[42] Damsel in Distress
[43] Oil for the Lighthouse
[44] Ghost Ship
[45] Labyrinth of Despair
[46] Hermit's Garden
[47] Bring the Heart to the Ghost

[42]  Damsel in Distress
Verlon Wasteland: The Valkyries told you that their sister, Regina the 
Stone, has had a misadventure on the Verlon Wasteland. You have promised to 
help her.
  - As soon as you arrive in Verlon, Christa speaks to you to tell you she 
doesn't like it here.
  - Gudrida chimes in that something is  wrong' with the area; Hilda puts in 
her two cents that their sister Valkyrie Regina is in trouble and needs 
  - You of course agree to help and start quest [42] Damsel in Distress.
[42.1]  Find Regina the Valkyrie.
  - She is standing in a small glade on the southern tip of the island; talk 
to her to find out how to get her to join with you.
[42.2]  Kill the Vampire Prince Constantine.
  - To acquire Regina, you need to kill the Vampire Prince Constantine who I 
found standing a short ways southwest of Regina, but your location may vary; 
search for him.
[42.3]  Return the weapon to Regina the Stone.
  - You get a vial of his blood, not a weapon, which you must give to 
  - She will join you automatically and complete the quest.

[43]  Oil for the Lighthouse
Verlon Wasteland: Roberto Bald, a lighthouse keeper on the Verlon Wasteland, 
has asked you to get him a barrel of oil for his lamp. The oil can be 
purchased from Whistler, the innkeeper, who lives in Arlania. You shall have 
to pay this innkeeper a visit!
  - The lighthouse is located at the southern end of Verlon Wasteland and is 
the home of Roberto the Bald.
  - The lighthouse does not show up as marked on the island map, overhead 
nor overland. But it looks just like a lighthouse, so you shouldn't have any 
trouble finding it.
[43.1]  Visit Innkeeper Whistler in Arlania.
  - Get oil from Whistler in Arlania.
[43.2]  Give lighthouse keeper Roberto his barrel of oil.
  - The quest is completed when the oil is given to Roberto.
  - He will sell Viking units; skald; axe thrower; warrior maidens.
  - The nearby cargo ship is "Westfaria"; the dude standing in front of the 
ship is part of the quest [44] Ghost Ship.

[44]  Ghost ship
Verlon Wasteland: On the coast along the Verlon Wasteland, you encountered a 
man with a strange way of speaking. He told you his name was Fihtern and, as 
far as you could make out, he was the captain of a ship that had sailed here 
from distant lands. His ship had been seized and his crew slain, while he 
himself had narrowly escaped. Fihtern has asked you to rescue his ship and 
  - Fihtern is found in the middle of map not too far inland from coastline. 
He wants a dagger from his ghost ship.
[44.1]  Kill the necromancer who seized Fhitern's the (sic) ship.
  - The necromancer Sizolt is standing on the dock near the lighthouse; 
right behind him is the Cargo Ship "Westfaria" (not marked on the overhead 
  - He has quite a bit to say, but in the end it's best to fight him.
[44.2]  Tell Fihtern that he can take command of his ship.
  - Go back to Fihtern and get your reward.
  - Fihtern will now be at the dock and will sell things: axe thrower; jarl; 

[45]  Labyrinth of Despair
Verlon Wasteland: Thanks to your carelessness, you have become trapped in 
the catacombs beneath the ruins of the castle, and now must find your way 
back to the surface.
  - After entering the castle called Catacombs you will be trapped inside 
and start the quest [45] Labyrinth of Despair.
[45.1]  Find a way out of the catacombs.
  - There are some undead troops roaming about you can eliminate.
  - Descend to the lower level through the magical door and talk to the 
Restless Spirit.
  - The spirit wants his heart from Ksaltotun and you, of course, agree to 
help him; this starts [47] Bring the Heart to the Ghost; if you already gave 
away the heart to the Prince, this quest won't appear.
  - You may have already agreed to give the heart to the Prince Consort - 
but for some extra-added fun, bring the hear to the Restless Spirit before 
you bring it to Guilford.
  - The Restless Spirit then tells you how to unlock the doors when you 
agree to bring him the heart.
[45.2]  Activate the mechanism in the royal bedchamber.
  - Go to the bedchamber on the upper level and pick up the cup. This will 
open the main door to exit.
[45.3]  Return to the surface.
  - You should do that.

[46]  Hermit's Garden
Verlon Wasteland: The undead have developed an awful, nightly habit of 
trampling the vegetable gardens of an unfortunate a (sic delete this a) 
hermit who lives in the Verlon Wasteland. You have promised to help the old 
man with his problem - and annihilate those "pests" who had been ravaging 
his flower beds.
  - The hermit lives in the hut called Hut in Verlon.
[46.1]  Wipe out three undead troops in the hermit's vegetable patch.
  - Find three undead troops trampling the hermit's cabbages and eliminate 
them (the undead, not the cabbages).
[46.2]  Inform the hermit that his garden is now safe.
  - Go get your reward. You likely will get the Lava Hourglass which is part 
of the quest [76] Free the Demon. You need to talk to the Hourglass to get 
this quest.
  - After saving his cabbages the hermit sells things like plants, royal 
thorns and wolves.

[47]  Bring the Heart to the Ghost
Verlon Wasteland. You met a ghost in the catacombs who asked you to bring 
him the heart of Ksaltotun. The heart possesses the power to free the ghost 
from a curse that Ksaltotun imposed on him - all he need do is touch the 
frightful artifact. In exchange for your promise of help, the ghost showed 
you the secret exit from the catacombs.
[47.1]  Bring Ksaltotun's heart to the ghost in the catacombs.
  - When you enter the Catacombs, you become locked inside. You must speak 
with the ghost who resides there and agree to do his quest in order to 
  - Finish the difficult quest of obtaining the Heart of Ksaltotun and then 
return to the ghost.
  - When you give the heart to the Ghost, he transforms into Ksaltotun 
(didn't you just defeat this guy?)
  - Well, you will just have to defeat him again, won't you?
  - Once he is defeated, you can then take the Heart to Guilford.

** Tavern
  - This abandoned taverns sells units such as dragonflies, plants.
** Plagrim
  - This is the castle home to Ksaltotun whose heart you want.
  - Location of the heart for the quest [28] The Heart of Ksaltotun.
** Lighthouse
  - This lies at the southern end of Verlon. It is occupied by Roberto the 
Bald (the Lighthouse is not marked on the island map).
  - The Lighthouse is the origin of the quest [43] Oil for the Lighthouse.
** Stash
  - The raider Rotten Hake hangs out in a house called Stash on map.
  - He has a lot to say and fills you in on some background info and will 
answer question about Constantine and Ksaltotun.
  - He will sell units such robbers; marauders and such.
** Valkyrie Regina - located in the middle of Verlon island near coastline.
  - You find Regina standing there waiting for you and begin the quest [42] 
Damsel in Distress.
** Fihtern
  - Fihtern is standing near the south coast of Verlon.
  - He will give the quest [44] Ghost Ship.
** Abandoned Tavern (a Ruined Shack on map)
  - This small tavern is found in middle of map near the Catacombs and sells 
fire dragonfly; thorn hunter.
** Catacombs
  - When you enter you will be trapped inside and a new quest appears [45] 
Labyrinth of Despair.
  - This is the location of a ghost who wants Ksaltotun's heart ([38] The 
Heart of Ksaltotun)
  - When you give the ghost the heart he turns into Ksaltotun! And you will 
fight him again.
  - After you defeat him, you get to keep Ksaltotun's heart to give to 
Prince Guilford.
  - Note: if you've played Armored Princess, you will recognize this 
dungeon; there is a wall sconce down the hallway to the left of the main 
entrance that you can interact with and open a secret area where you will 
find a few items.
  - There is also a picture in the lower level where you find the Restless 
Spirit that gives the grasping hand animation as if you could interact with 
the picture; unfortunately, you cannot open the chamber that existed here in 
Armored Princess.
** Spider Cave
  - A cave full of, ah, spiders.
  - Resurrected Runorm is found here; resurrected apparently.
  - You can attack him right away or try to reason with him, but he will 
attack you no matter what.
  - He has a large army and good spell casting.
  - Defeat him - again. He is gone for good after this battle.
** Dragon's Castle (called Dragon on overhead map)
  - There be some dragons to kill here. Or . . .
  - The clay pot or bowl (you kept it didn't you?) can be used in the Dragon 
Lair. When you talk to the dragon after equipping the clay bowl (it's a 
helmet), he will talk with you, give you a free black dragon egg and you 
won't have to fight him.
  - Once the dust has settled, or you made friends with the dragon, the 
castle will then sell dragons and other stuff.
** Hut
  - A hermit lives in this hut.
  - He is the origin of the quest [46] Hermit's Garden.
  - He will sell plants, royal thorns, wolves, thorn sprouts.

                    MERLASSAR ISLAND

[48] Bear Hunt
[49] Loggers
[50] Stone Statue
[51] Package for Drinren
[52] Expedition
[53] Elven Lighthouse
[54] Dragon Hunt
[55] The Ent's Heritage
[56] Spirit of the Forest of Merlassar
[57] Brutus the Traitor
[58] Audience
[59] The King's Dying Words

[48]   Bear Hunt
Contract on Murdoch. Merlassar. The forest Spirit Murdoch, who for centuries 
has guarded the forests of Merlassar, suddenly went berserk and started 
attacking everyone indiscriminately. You must stop him before he kills more 
innocent humans and elves.
  - This quest is given by elf mage Gvenvinn found in the Battle Mages 
Barracks when you ask for work.

Note: when I exhausted all of the conversation choices but did not ask for 
work, and then left the store, she no longer offered this quest; so ask for 
the quest right away.

[48.1]  Merlassar. Find and kill Murdoch, the enraged bear-spirit.
  - The bear is wandering about on the island.
  - Kill it to complete the quest.

[49]  Loggers
Merlassar. On the south-west of the island, a group of people are cutting 
down the elven forest. These people must be expelled from the island, one 
way or another.
  - You will encounter Shatha the snake in the woods; Shatha asks you to 
help by shutting down the loggers who are destroying the forest.
[49.1]  Go to the logging zone and ask the people who gave them permission 
to cut down the timber.
  - Talk to Baron Bryude standing outside of the Knight's Tent; he indeed is 
the one who is cutting down the trees but he says he has a permit; you can 
attack him or continue the quest and inquire about the permit with Kail-Shot 
in castle Tiriit.
[49.2]  Talk to Kael-Shot about the logging license.
  - He is surprised that this is happening and says the license is a 
  - He vows to correct the misdeeds.
[49.3]  Return to Shatha for the reward.
  - And this completes the quest.

[50]  Stone Statue
Merlassar: Find the cyclop (sic - cyclops) on the island of Merlassar, 
destroy it and remove its eyes. Then bring the eyes to Albertil the druid, 
on Merlassar. You will find the cyclop on a rocky islet near the coast of 
Note: A cyclops only has one eye, otherwise it would be a bi-clops.

[50.1]  Talk to the druid Albertil on the Island of Merlassar.
  - At some point (likely in Arlania while you are visiting Whistler in the 
Inn) you will be approached by messenger Kinnen who tells you about the 
cyclops in Merlassar and gives you a map of Merlassar Island.
[50.2]  Find and destroy the cyclop on Merlassar, and remove its eyes.
  - The cyclops may be quite formidable, so come prepared.
[50.3]  Return the eye to the druid Albertil.
  - After you return the eye to Albertil, he gives you the quest [56] Spirit 
of the Forest of Merlassar.

[51]  Package for Drinren
Merlassar. Find the cave on the west coast of Merlassar, where the pirates 
have their hideout, and deliver a parcel to their leader, Drinren.
[51.1]  Deliver the parcel.
  - Saldebar, in the Large Store in the elven village, wants you to deliver 
a package to the pirates in their hideout on the west coast of Merlassar.
[51.2]  Return with the answer.
  - After delivering the package to the pirate Drinren, he gives you a 
leaflet (labeled Coded Letter in your inventory) to return to the Saldebar 
in the Large Store.
  - Bring the scroll to Large Store and end the quest.

[52]  Expedition
Merlassar. Melfin has asked you to find provisions, comandeer (sic 
commandeer) a ship, and equip it for an expedition to Ellinia. Most likely, 
all of these things can be found on the island.
  - You meet Melfin standing near the docks of the Elven village. He wants 
to go on an expedition and needs you to obtain some supplies for him - a 
ship, food, crew of 25 elf archers and 5 ents.
  - You can ask him lots of questions about this quest.
[52.1]  Collect food for the expedition.
  - Supplies can be bought from Saldebar in the Large Store in the elven 
village just up the path from Melfin.
  - These will cost 20,000. If you threaten him he will lower the price to 
  - You might notice that a large pile of boxes suddenly appeared near 
Melfin. Were they delivered by Fed Ex or UPS?
[52.2]  Gather a crew for the expedition (25 elves).
  - This must be elves (Elf in the stores) and not Rangers; I found elves at 
Castle Tiriit.
[52.3]  Gather a crew for the expedition (5 ents).
  - Both the elves and ents need to be bought in a shop; I found ents at the 
Magic Tree; one problem with the Magic Tree selling ents is that if you 
agree to undertake its quest, it will not sell items until the quest is 
completed - and you cannot complete the magic tree quest until you have 
access to Riftland.
  - These have to be regular ents, not Ancient Ents.
[52.4]  Find a boat capable of handling a lengthy voyage.
  - You are told to ask Edwin at the Roots and Crown tavern; although he 
sells ships, he does not have one suitable for a lengthy voyage as is 
needed; he tells you to go see the pirates in the pirate lair
  - The boat can be bought from Drinren the pirate in the pirate lair for 
25,000. It will automatically be docked near Melfin.
[52.5]  Return to Melfin for your reward.
  - When you've accumulated everything, see Melfin one last time so he can 
set sail into the sunset. He will also give you the Full Moon. No, no, not 
that kind of moon. Full Moon is a decent sword.

[53]  Elven Lighthouse
Merlassar. To the north-west of the island there stands a lighthouse, on the 
cape. You are to discover why the light has dimmed, and solve the problem.
  - This quest is given to you by Edwin in the Roots and Crowns tavern in 
the elven village.
  - It seems that the lighthouse was taken over by a bunch of gremlins.
  - The battle within the lighthouse interior is the same as a regular 
gremlin tower battle.
[53.1]  Travel to the light house and find out what has happened.
  - You enter a main lobby area where there are some crystals to gather and 
chests to open;
  - Then use the green terminal; click the stone and you will get some error 
messages (for the lighthouse, hopefully not for your computer or the game); 
click the line that says (Troubleshooting) and then the one that says 
(Silence the mechanism) and you will be taken to a gremlin tower battle; 
defeat the towers and enemy units as usual.
[53.2]  Return to Edwin for your reward.
  - Victory over the tower minions releases the lighthouse from whatever was 
blocking its function.
  - When you click on the terminal again you get menu choices to seemingly 
restore the lighthouse to function.
  - However, none of the menu choices really does anything since when you 
report back to Edwin, your conversation says the lighthouse is restored and 
the quest ends.

[54]  Dragon Hunt
Merlassar Island: Contract on Scotio the dragon.
[54.1]  Find and kill the enraged dragon who had set fire to the elven 
  - This quest was initiated by Edwin in the Roots and Crown tavern.
  - You actually fight a bunch of fire dragonflies; kill them and the quest 

[55]  The Ent's Heritage
Merlassar. Plant ent seedlings in suitable sites on Vestlig, Nordlig, 
Riftland, and the Verlon Wasteland, then return to the Ent for your reward.
  - This distraught tree - the Distraught Ent, is afraid that his/her/its 
kind is dying out and wants you to plant some seedlings throughout the realm 
- on 4 islands to be exact.
  - You need to look for little brown balls (they look like, well, something 
that fell out of the back end of a horse) on the ground as the location to 
plant the seedling.
[55.1]  Plant a sapling on Nordlig.
  - The location is in the south-east corner of the island.
[55.1]  To plant a sapling on Vestlig.
  - The location is in the north central part of the island near Runvald the 
Prophet, south of the house of Jotun and west of the Whaler's Cabin.
[55.1]  Plant a sapling on the Verlon Wasteland.
  - The pile is in the south central part of the island.
[55.1]  Plant a sapling on Riftland.
  - The pile is in the west central part of Riftland near the Witch's house. 
Note: When you first get this quest, you haven't yet gotten access to 
Riftland, which will occur later in the game. You will complete the quest 
[55.1] Return to the Ent for your reward.
  - After you've planted all 4 seedlings, return to the Tree and get your 

[56]  Spirit of the Forest of Merlassar.
Merlassar. You need to find a spirit, in the forest of Merlassar, who can 
tell you why the animals on the island have gone mad.
  - Given by Albertil at the Druid Home after you complete his first quest.
[56.1]  Find a forest spirit who is willing to talk.
  - Look for Murdoch (a bear); Scioto (dragonflies) or Shatha (snake).
  - Murdoch and Scioto are part of other quests and you need to fight them; 
so hold off talking to them and see Shatha the snake first.
  - Shatha will talk to you and will give you an amulet to give to Albertil 
the Druid.
[56.2]  Give the amulet to the druid.
  - Turns out that the amulet is dark magic and the druid is not quite sure 
what to do with it, so, he gives you another quest.
  - He gives you his eltranvir; seems this is an artifact that has some 
special properties such as giving you an audience with the king.
  - You are to search for more eltranvirs (3 total). This starts the quest 
[58] Audience
  - The Spirit quest ends here.

[57]  Brutus the Traitor
Merlassar. You must find and kill Brutus the pirate and retrieve the chest 
he stole from Drinren. As your reward, you will receive half of (the) gold 
in the chest.
  - Given by Drinren, King of the Pirates in Pirate Lair.
[57.1]  Find and eliminate the traitor, Brutus, and recover the treasure 
chest he stole.
  - Brutus is an orc who is waiting for you on the small island in the north 
central region of the map.
  - You can attack right away or try to negotiate with him, which doesn't 
work; kill him.
[57.2]  Return to Drinren for your reward.
  - Your reward will not be gold but the Eltranvir, a medallion that you 
are/were/will be seeking.
  - This finishes the quest.

[58]  Audience
Merlassar. You have to meet with the King of the Elves to let him know about 
the terrible things that have been perpetrated on the island. For a long 
time now, the king has remained locked in his castle, but there is a custom 
according to which he is obliged to receive anyone who has collected a 
minimum of three Eltranvirs, thereby proving that they not only represent 
their own interest but the interests of all the residents of the island. 
Eltranvirs can be obtained from the inhabitants of the island, in return for 
the fulfillment of their tasks. To collect them, you must first ask first 
(sic - delete this first) the swordsman, Kael-Shot, to open the way to the 
royal castle.
  - This quest is started after you have done several things for Albertil 
the Druid. When you finish his quest for the [56] Spirit of the Forest of 
Merlassar, he will give you a medallion called an Eltranvir. You need to 
find three of these to get an audience with the King.
[58.1]  Get 3 Eltranvirs (1 of 3 obtained).
  - You got one from Albertil so you need to get 2 more. (You may get your 
first Eltranvir from a different quest).
  - Edwin at the tavern has one; if you helped him with his lighthouse 
quest, he will give it to you with no fuss.
  - Checking with Kael-Shot in Castle Tiriit, he says his was lost (but you 
were told they could not be lost). Something is afoot here.
  - One medallion is in the possession of Drinren the pirate king; when you 
complete his quest, he will give it to you.
[58.2]  Ask Kael-Shot for a royal audience.
  - When you complete the Brutus quest for Drinren, you don't get the 
promised gold, but you do get the 3rd medallion you need.
  - Once you have 3 medallions, go back to Kael-Shot at Castle Tiriit.
[58.3]  Reach the king in his castle and obtain an audience.
  - After getting permission from Kael-Shot, attempt to go see the king in 
Castle Merlassar.
  - You are prompted whether or not you really want to enter the castle; 
once inside the doors will be locked.
[58.4]  Find a way out of the castle.
  - There isn't anything to find on the first level except some enemies to 
fight on the balconies.
  - At the far end of the 1st level, you will encounter King Rinolyar, who 
is now a ghost; he says he died at the hands of his lover Gvenvinn of the 
Mages Tower.
  - He talks and talks and talks, but eventually, when you swear to avenge 
him, he tells you of the secret passage on the 2nd level; this starts [59] 
The King's Dying Words.

[59]  The King's Dying Words
Merlassar. The King of the Elves has been killed, and his last wish was to 
see his murderer punished. You must find and stop the Battle Mage Gvenvinn, 
who is attempting to create a Book of Death on Merlassar. The book, and most 
likely Gvenvinn as well, can be found in the caves beneath the castle.
  - You get this quest after you gain access to the King of Merlassar and 
agree to do his quest - to find and stop his ex-lover Gvenvinn. She is here 
in the castle so go find her. And stop her.
[59.1]  Find and stop Gvenvinn.
  - Go back to the magic stairs on the first level and take the left hand 
one (left side as you face where the King is sitting).
  - Go to the library of the 2nd level and pull the unusual flare (wall 
sconce) (it's brighter than the others) which opens the wall and exposes a 
  - You'll now be in a small dungeon with some enemies to fight.
  - The passage straight ahead leads to the exit.
  - Taking the right hand passage will bring you to Gvenvinn guarding the 
Book of Death. She wants to talk at first, but then . . .
[59.2]  Destroy the Book of Death
  - After Gvenvinn has bit the dust, walk up to the book and interact with 
it; put it to death too.
  - This won't be a battle, you just need to touch the book, and presto!
[59.3]  Tell Kael- Shot what has happened.
  - The exit from the Dungeon is down another passage.
  - Go back to him and tell him the happy news; once you're done speaking to 
him the quest is completed. And you can quietly retire to some rest home in 
the Bahamas - no wait, there's more to do in this adventure . . .
  - And. . . you can become the Blademaster!
  - If you go back into Castle Merlasser, the king's ghost is gone and there 
is nothing left of him but his moldy old bones sitting on the throne. Also, 
the Mage's Tower where Gvenvinn was is no longer accessible

** Locked House - you can't enter. Ever.
** Large Store
  - The owner Saldebar has a lot to say and will offer you a quest and 
provide some supplies for another quest.
  - Origin of the quest [51] Package for Drinren.
  - He sells things like sprig from the tree of life; polar bears; some 
  - Ask him about a boat for [52] Expedition and he tells you to talk to 
  - He will sell supplies (food) for [52] Expedition (will cost 20000).
** "Roots and Crowns" Tavern
  - Here you will find Edwin.
  - Ask him about the stone idol; he tells you that a monster has settled on 
a rocky island just south of his tavern.
  - You can buy a boat if you want to. (Hmm, how did you get here if not by 
  - Ask him for some work and you will get two choices (you can get both 
quests); bounty hunting to kill a fiery dragon [54] Dragon Hunt (actually a 
bunch of fire dragonflies) or working with machinery (get a lighthouse back 
into working order in quest [53] Elven Lighthouse.)
  - He sells items such as elven units.
** Melfin the elven boy
  - He is standing near dock in the elven village and will answer questions 
about the island.
  - He will ask for your help and start [52] Expedition; he wants to go on 
an expedition and asks you to gather a bunch of stuff and a boat for him.
** Healer's House
  - Home of Herbsage Irwin.
  - Sells potions; elven units; ents, some spells.
  - You will come back here during Phase III and the quest [81] An Alliance 
with the Elves to get an antidote for poison.
** Bookseller's Shop (Second-hand bookshop on overhead map)
  - He sells some items and units; maybe ents; some spells.
** Workshop
  - This is the home of artist Mal'Ir.
  - She sells pictures, artifacts; elven units.
** Jewelry Shop
  - The home of Jeweler Es'Tariel.
  - He sells some items; and elven units.
** Battle Mages Barracks
  - This is the abode of elf mage Gvenvinn.
  - She is not happy to see you at first, you unwashed Barbarian, you.
  - If you ask for work you will get [48] Bear Hunt
  - She sells things like artifacts, living book; elven units.
Note: You have to ask for the quest and buy any items right away. Once you 
leave and try to return, she will no longer talk with you.
  - She is involved in the quest [59] The King's Dying Words.
** Castle Tiriit
  - This is the home of Kael-Shot; you can ask questions about the King of 
Merlassar to get some backstory.
  - He will sell items and elven units.
  - He is involved in the quests [49] Loggers and [58] Audience.
** Castle Merlassar
  - The castle is initially locked when you first arrive.
  - You will gain entrance during the quest [58] Audience.
** Elven Lighthouse
  - This is part of the quest [53] Elven Lighthouse.
** Dragon's Lair (Lair of the Dragon on overhead map)
  - The Lair is not open until you get one of the Valkyries' level-up quests 
[119] Hunt the Dragon.
** Fairy House (House of Flowers)
  - Fairy houses sell fairies and dryads.
** Knight's Tent
  - Baron Bryude is standing outside.
  - He is part of the quest [49] Loggers, where the forest is being cut 
down; you can attack him or go talk to Kael-Shot in Castle Tiriit.
  - The tent will sell human units such as horses and paladins.
  - After you finish the Loggers quest, Bryude and his ship will disappear.
** Cargo Ship "Bryude's Crest"
  - The ship is found near Baron Bryude but it is not accessible.
** Shack
  - The Shack is near Baron Bryude and is seen only on the adventure map and 
is not marked on overhead map. There is nothing to be found here.
** Witch's house
  - This place sells plants, bears.
** Water Lily
  - This place sells fairy units dryads, fairies, dragonflies.
** Druid Hut
  - The home of Nilsir the Druid.
  - He will talk at length about interesting aspects of magic and magical 
theory but this seems to lead nowhere and no quest.
  - He is also at odds with his neighbor druid Albertil, but this also seems 
to lead nowhere.
  - He sells animal units such as bears; wolves; some spells.
** Druid Home
  - This is the location of Druid Albertil.
  - He is part of the quest [50] Stone Statue.
  - He will sell spells, ents etc,
** Magic Tree
  - This is the Ent of Merlassar/Distraught Ent; the tree thing wails about 
the end being nigh; help him/it out.
  - You can talk to the Magic Tree and it will sell ents; some spells and 
items but only after you have done its quest.
  - The Tree is the origin of the quest [55] The Ent's Heritage.
** Lair of the Pirate King
  - This Lair is found on the western coast of Merlasser as an entrance that 
is reachable by boat. There is also another entrance/exit that, but you can 
only access this exit from inside the Lair. Use the wooden stairs at the far 
alcove and they will lead to a trap door on the surface near the Magic Tree.
  - The lair contains some nasty creatures so come prepared.
  - The area contains the Pirate Store which sells things like pirates; elf 
werewolf; some spells.
  - The Lair itself is the home of Drinren.
  - He is part of several quests:
      [51] Package for Drinren;
      [52] Expedition (he sells the ship for this quest 25,000)
      [57] Brutus the Traitor
      - When you complete this quest, Drinren will give you one of the 
medallions needed for [58] Audience
** Shatha a snake wandering around in the woods (not marked on map).
  - The snake is part of the quest [49] Loggers.
** Hunter's Hut
  - This hut sells animal units likes wolves, bears, snakes; some spells.
** Murdoch
  - A bear that will appear when you are given the quest [48] Bear Hunt. 
Kill it for the reward.
** Guildenkrantz (not marked on map)
  - This guy is an elven mini-boss wandering around the island.
  - He does not seem to be involved in any quest, so kill him.


[60] Customs Duty
[61] The Black Spot
[62] Catfish
[63] Dead Men Can't Be Pirates!
[64] A True Pirate
[65] Ay Vaz's Masterpiece
[66] Feast of Spirits
[67] The Wanderings of Odis Or
[68] In Search of the Bird of Happiness
[69] Coastal Brotherhood

[60]  Customs Duty
Western Freedom Island. An orc by the name of Master Burg considers himself 
to be the most important orc on the islands. Thus he feels justified in 
demanding that you pay him a customs duty for entering. In theory, you could 
just cooperate and pay, but you could also solve the problem some other way.
  - When you enter the Governor's Palace of Master Burg, you are told you 
must pay an entry tax of 5,000 gold. You will then get 3 conversation 
    1. You can choose to subdue an artifact in lieu of paying the fee. This 
leads to a gremlin tower battle.
    2. You can ask him for information first. Here you get to ask him some 
questions to fill in background info. You will then be brought back to the 
main choices of paying the fee or subduing the artifact.
    3. If you say you don't want to fight the artifact, you will again get 3 
choices, 1. To subdue the artifact, pay the 5000 or attack Master Burg.
  - If you attack him, he will still be in the palace and you will 
officially get a guest permit for the island. Here you will miss out on the 
gremlin tower battle.
  - If you pay the 5000, you will still get the chance to fight the gremlin 
  - The best choice in terms of saving money and getting experience points 
seems to be to choose to subdue the artifact. After you defeat the tower 
minions, you can then explore the basement area that has some troops to 
defeat and items to procure.

If you choose to pay, your quest log will have one entry.
[60.1]  Pay the customs duty.
  - If you agreed to pay, the Customs Duty quest will end. Now who would do 
that - really?

If you choose to subdue the artifact, your quest log will be as follows:
[60.1]  Subdue the rebellious artifact.
  - Agree to fight and defeat the keepers.
  - Here you will be teleported into a strange chest and will need to defeat 
the keepers ; click on the strange looking chest and away we go.
  - After defeating the keepers, explore the area and collect any loot.
[60.2]  Collect your reward from Master Burg.
  - Return to Master Burg for your reward.
  - Now Master Burg is understandably contrite, obviously awed by your 
prowess, and allows you to purchase items.

[61]  The Black Spot
Western Freedom Island. Fed the Axe told you all about his feud with Ural 
Poor-Sot. These two orcs have long argued over who was the more famous 
pirate. Fed has asked you to deliver a black spot to Fed, because true 
pirates always send fake pirates this warning.
  - This quest can be started either at the House of Flying Axes or the Old 
Mill; you are asked by the inhabitant of either location to deliver a Black 
Spot to the other location; this quest can go on forever; the way to end 
this quest is to choose the conversation choice "No! .... try carrier crows 
[61.1]  Deliver a black spot to Ural Poor-Sot or Deliver the black spot to 
Fed Axe.
  - When you visit the House of Flying Axes, Fed the Axe tasks you with 
delivering a  black spot' to Ural or vice versa.
[61.2]  Deliver a black spot to Fed the Axe or to Ural Poor-Sot.
  - This can go on ad infinitum. So end it already.

[62]  Catfish
Western Freedom Island. You encounter a very old pirate by the name of Dead 
Jimmy. He is so old that his mind has wandered, and he keeps confusing you 
with his lost brother. He repeatedly asks you to feed the fish which he 
keeps down below. You decide to humour this poor old man and to help him in 
this matter.
[62.1]  Escape the basement.
  - If you agree to help Dead Jimmy feed the fish in the Dilapidated House, 
you get teleported to the basement where your task is to escape; apparently 
you were meant to be the fish food; you will fight a bunch of devilfish 
  - The exit is the raised area in the back of the cave; there is no door, 
you just walk up the incline and you will be teleported to the surface.
[62.2]  Talk to Dead Jimmy.
  - Here you can demand some gold from Jimmy, or . . .
  - Attack him. Sounds like a plan; Jimmy commands some undead units.
  - After you defeat Jimmy, the dilapidated house is empty.

[63]  Dead Men can't be Pirates!
Western Freedom Island. The orc Hagyr Bigaxe told you that some uninvited 
guest(s) have appeared on the orc pirate's native lands. It seems that 
Undead have seized an abandoned castle on the eastern island. Hagyr wants 
you to fight their chief - the "dead shaman" - and kill him, but first you 
must tell the necromancer that the best pirates in the world are orcs, and 
that his undead will never become  true' pirates.
  - This quest is given to you by Hagyr when you ask about doing a quest (as 
in fighting the undead) for him; you must first defeat Hagyr to prove your 
strength and then he will give the quest to kill the undead in the castle 
Tanastrum guarded by Sirius Pale on Eastern Islands.
[63.1]  Prove your strength for Hagyr.
  - After you defeat him you get parts 1.1 and 1.2.
[63.2]  Tell necromancer Sirius Pale that the undead will never become true 
  - Sirius is in on the Eastern Freedom Islands.
[63.3]  Destroy Sirius Pale.
  - After you defeat him, his castle will no longer be accessible.
[63.4]  Report to Hagyr that the task has been completed.
  - This completes the quest and you can be named "Strong as Hagyr".

[64]  A True Pirate
Western Freedom Island. The orc Garg Lai Olda really wants to be a proper 
pirate, and has begged your help in this difficult matter.
  - Garg Lai Olda, who is standing near the Governor's Palace, wants to be a 
pirate but doesn't really look the part. Of course, having a parrot on your 
shoulder instantly makes you a pirate, so he begs you to help by finding him 
a parrot.
[64.1]  Find a parrot for Garg Lai Olda.
  - The parrot is perched somewhere on the island; you'll have to search 
since the location varies for each game.
[64.2] Take the parrot to the pirate Garg.
  - Apparently this is not good enough for old Garg - he wants you to do 
even more... like take out one of his eyes so he can wear an eyepatch.
[64.3]  Find an eyepatch for Garg Lai Olda.
  - After you deliver the parrot, Garg wants you to take out his eye - you 
decide to get him a eyepatch instead.
  - You can find an eyepatch at the "Blue Pearl" tavern or the Abandoned 
Pirate House. At the Blue Pearl you have to buy it for 200 while you get it 
for free at the Abandoned House. It shows up as a box (called casket with a 
patch) in your inventory.
[64.4]  Deliver an eyepatch to Garg Lai Olda the Orc.
  - When you deliver the eyepatch the idiot now wants you to chop off his 
leg; instead you agree to . . .
[64.5]  Tell everyone at the tavern on Western Freedom Island abut the "true 
  - Talk to the proprietor of the Blue Pearl Tavern.
[64.6]  Tell everyone at the tavern on Eastern Freedom Island abut the "true 
  - Report Garg's escapades to Hhaar's Tavern; the Happy Troll tavern won't 
[64.7]  Report to Garg Lai Olda that all the visitors to the local taverns 
know that he is a "true pirate".
  - This ends the quest.

[65]  Ay Vaz's Masterpiece
Western Freedom Island. The orc Ay Vaz, who considers himself to be an 
amazingly talented artiest, likes to paint sea battles but, unfortunately, 
in recent years hardly anyone has been fighting at sea. - The orcs and the 
pirates have learned to get along, and the merchants have not sailed to the 
Island for a long time now. Ay Vaz begs you to fight the three pirate ships 
currently floating near his island. In return, he promised to give you his 
latest masterpiece.
  - You will meet Ay Vaz in his studio; he wants you to fight three pirates 
ships in order for him to paint a masterpiece; should be Oy Vey and not Ay 
  - Note: Ay Vaz will sell a bottle of ink - buy this and save it for the 
quest [102] Paper for the Professor that you will undertake in Grotland.
[65.1]  Fight the first pirate ship.
[65.2]  Fight the second pirate ship.
[65.3]  Fight the third pirate ship.
[65.4]  Return to Ay Vaz and collect your masterpiece - the Battle Canvas.
  - Once you have defeated all three, you can name yourself Patron. The 
pirates are Garum Axehead, Long John Golden and Ragnar Blood.

[66]  Feast of Spirits
Western Freedom Island. Orc Shaman Sha Hong is concerned about the spiritual 
impoverishment of the orcs, who spend their time in pursuit of treasure and 
luxury, so they increasingly resemble the pirates, and rarely think of 
worshiping their ancestors. Sha Hong wants you to help him recall the orcs 
to their faith. To do this, it is necessary to make a sacrifice at the three 
ancient totems which are located on the islands, in the places which possess 
the greatest concentration of the power of the gods.
  - This quest is given by Sha Hong in Sha Hong castle.
  - You just have to approach the totems and you will get an onscreen 
message saying you have placed the offering.
[66.1]  Visit the totem in the old cemetery on the Western Isles.
  - The cemetery is located on the eastern side of the island of Western 
Freedom Islands.
[66.2]  Make an offering at the totem on the old barbarian encampment on the 
Eastern Islands.
  - This encampment is near Tanastrum, the castle of Sirius Pale.
[66.3]  Make an offering at the totem on the westernmost island of the 
Eastern Islands.
  - Go there and do that.
[66.4]  Return to Shaman Sha Hong for your reward.
   - He gives you a measly 50 gold reward; you can accept that or beat him 
to a pulp.
[66.5]  Thwart Sha Hong's plans.
  - The first battle is with Sha Hong's henchman, Porter; after you win this 
battle, you are teleported to a dungeon to thwart Sha's ambitions to rule 
the world.
  - You can ask to go your separate ways but he refuses and you will fight 
him anyway; or you can just attack him right away.
  - Beware, he will cast Armageddon!
  - Defeating him ends the quest.
  - The castle is now inaccessible as a castle; when you enter in the future 
you will be in the dungeon area.

[67]  The Wanderings of Odis Or
Western Freedom Island. In one of the orc coastal villages, you met an 
inconsolable orc named Pen Or. For ten years now, she has been waiting for 
the return of her husband, an orc named Odis Or. The forlorn orc persuaded 
you to search for her husband, or at least discover his fate.
  - You will find Pen, the wife of Odis Or, in her house called Tent.
[67.1]  Find Odis Or.
  - You are to find the husband of Pen; he's in the cave called Manhole on 
the adventure map and is called the Retreat of Odis Or on the overhead map.
[67.2]  Tell Odis Or's wife what has befallen him.
  - Apparently Odis doesn't want to go home; he asks you to tell his wife 
that he is dead or something.
  - When you return to Pen Or in the Tent, you have 2 choices; lie and say 
he is dead; or tell the truth (bottom choice).
[67.3]  Persuade Odis Or to return to his wife.
  - You get this log entry if you tell the truth.
  - Odis is flabbergasted that his wife is waiting for him and he scoots 
right home.
[67.4]  Return to Pen Or for your reward.
  - If you lie to Pen Or instead of telling the truth, you get a second 
chance at telling her Odis is still alive; if you decide to stick with the 
lie that he is dead then you get the following...
[67.5]  Tell Odis Or that he cannot return home.
  - Odis is happy to not have to go home and he gives you a reward (I got 
xp, runes and some boots).

[68]  In Search of the Bird of Happiness
Eastern Freedom Island. You have been told the local legend of the white 
bird of happiness. This bird is rumored to appear at night, by an old road 
leading to a mine. It is said that whoever finds this bird will become as 
rich and fortunate as a hero in a fairy tale. They will live in a castle of 
white stone and never know unhappiness or misfortune their whole life long. 
If only you could come across such a bird...
  - Notice the quest description in the game says this quest is for Eastern 
Freedom Islands, but the Tavern and the quest are given on Western Freedom 
Islands. The Bird, though, is actually found on the Eastern Freedom Islands
  - Given by Oglym Longtongue in Bird of Happiness Tavern, Western Freedom 
  - Listen in on some tavernish conversation and you will learn about the 
Bird of Happiness.
[68.1]  Find the white bird of happiness.
  - The Bird is found on Eastern Freedom Islands; southern-most central 
island - the same island as Hhaar's Tavern.
[68.2]  Follow the white bird of happiness.
  - When you approach the bird, it will fly away and go into the nearby 
abandoned mine which was previously unmarked on the map and is now called 
Old Mine.
  - Fight your way through the cave where, finally, at the end of the cave 
you will find the White Castle.
  - You surmise, by reading a text message, that  this is where the Bird of 
Happiness might have gone.
  - As you approach the Castle, you get a dire warning that makes the castle 
seem evil.
  - A dragon by the name of Glaumur Dazzling resides in the castle.
  - You can attack right away, or speak with him.
  - He wants to eat you, but during the conversation he admits that the 
white bird is an illusion created by him.
  - At the end of the conversation, he attacks anyway.
  - After you defeat him, now he wants to talk; you can send him away or 
negotiate for gold and artifacts.
  - The White Castle now may sell some dragons and/or dragon eggs.

[69]  Coastal Brotherhood
Western Freedom Island. In one of the caves you found the headquarters of 
the Coastal Brotherhood - a professional association of the pirates. They 
are human pirates, struggling against the dominance of the orcs. Captain 
Tigg, the leader of the Brotherhood, has charged you with a serious task - 
to release all the pirate prisoners from the former governor's prison. Do 
this for the good of all humans and pirates, not to mention the hefty reward 
as well!
[69.1]  Release all the pirate prisoners.
  - Captain Tigg the leader of the Coastal Brotherhood, who resides in the 
Pirate Cave, wants you to release pirate prisoners from the governor's 
  - To enter the prison you can talk to Master Burg in the Governor's Palace 
and pay him 15000 or talk to Healthy Zogg.
  - Find Healthy Zogg who is standing outside of the prison which lies on 
the beach just to the east of the Governor's palace. (The prison is not 
marked on the overhead map).
  - You can offer him gold to let you in, but he refuses; with further 
conversation he wants to play hide and seek and he runs into the prison.
  - Defeat the guard inside (was it Healthy Zogg?? Not so healthy anymore).
  - Release the prisoners by clicking on the gates. They disappear, they 
don't join your army.
[69.2]  Tell Captain Tigg of your success.
  - Return to Captain Tigg and receive your reward.
  - You can update you title to Friend of the Pirates if you want to.

** Governor's Palace
  - If you accept his quest ([60] Customs Duty)  you will be teleported into 
an area where you see a strange chest and will need to defeat the keepers or 
pay the 5000 customs duty fee or attack him.
  - The palace will sell some good stuff like orc units, goblins; goblin 
shaman; shaman; orc chieftain; spells such as resurrect, ice snake
** Studio
  - This is the studio of the artist Ay Vaz the Orc.
  - He is the origin of the quest [65] Ay Vaz's Masterpiece where you are to 
fight 3 pirate ships one at a time.
** Old Mill
  - This is the home of Ural Poor-Sot who is part of the quest [61] The 
Black Spot.
** House of Flying Axes
  - This is the home of Fed Axe who is the other half of the quest [61] The 
Black Spot.
** Orc shop
  - This shop sells goblins and other units.
** Eatery
  - This shop sells potions; fish; few spells.
** Hagyr's Castle
  - If you agree to take on his quest ([63] Dead Men Can't Be Pirates), he 
tests you by attacking; you must defeat him or you can back out of the fight 
for now and come back later.
  - He sells orc units; shaman; troll etc.
** Tent
  - This is the home of Pen Or who is looking for her husband Odis Or.
  - She starts the quest [67] The Wanderings of Odis Or.
** Bird of Happiness Tavern
  - This is the abode of Oglym Longtongue.
  - He is the origin of the quest [68] In Search of the Bird of Happiness.
  - The tavern sells items and weapons, goblin units; catapult; some spells.
** Sha Hong castle
  - The castle is the origin of the quest [66] Feast of Spirits where you 
are to visit three totems on the islands
** Pirate Cave
  - Captain Tigg is found here.
  - He is the origin of the quest [69] Coastal Brotherhood.
** Blue Pearl Tavern
  - This tavern sells Barrel of Rum (quest item); pirates; some spells.
** Abandoned Pirate House
  - There is nothing here initially.
  - You can find an eyepatch here AFTER the goblin asks you to look for it 
in the quest [64] A True Pirate.
** Fisherman's Hut
  - The hut sells boats. But you have one, don't you?
** The Retreat of Odis Or (called Manhole when you cursor over it).
  - This is the location of Odis Or for the quest [67] The Wanderings of 
Odis Or.
** Abandoned Ship
  - It truly is abandoned. Nothing to see here. Move along.
** Garg Lai Olda
  - This orc is standing near the Governor's palace.
  - He will initiate the quest [64] A True Pirate.
** Healthy Zogg
  - The orcish guard is standing outside of the Governor's prison just to 
the east of the Governor's palace.
  - He is part of the quest [69] Coastal Brotherhood.
** Dilapidated house
  - When you talk to Dead Jimmy inside you get the quest [62] Catfish.


[70] Special Offer
[71] The Sailor's Revenge
[72] Pirate Treasure
[73] Museum Attendant
[68] In Search of the Bird of Happiness

[70]  Special Offer
Eastern Freedom Island. The owner of the tavern on the west of the Eastern 
Islands - a goblin by the name of Ahchoo Godbl - has given you an 
interesting proposal: for every three barrels of run (sic - should be rum) 
you give him, he will give you a Rune or (sic - should be  of') Power! You 
can acquire kegs of rum by defeating the pirates and robbers that roam the 
  - You need to find and return 9 barrels of rum, 3 at a time. The quest log 
will increment from 1 to 3 as you return each set of 3 barrels.
  - You can buy barrels of rum at some taverns and you can get barrels from 
defeated enemies. Some barrels are on the Western Islands.
Note: In my games, I was able to only find 8 barrels. I went to Ahchoo twice 
and gave him 6 barrels. With 2 barrels remaining, a conversation line 
appears that says you are sick of carrying these barrels around and you tell 
Ahchoo to shove it. This actually completes the quest.
[70.1]  Take the kegs of rum to Ahchoo Godbl.
  - He will trade you a rune for every three barrels of rum you bring; you 
can find barrels of rum on the dead enemies you defeat or in some shops.
  - This can be repeated for more runes for every three barrels.
  - In my experience, when you deliver your first partial shipment the 
Progress log will not change. After that, it changes to 
[70.2]  Collect 3 kegs of rum: 2 of 3 etc

[71]  The Sailor's Revenge
Eastern Freedom Island. The ghost of an old sailor named Sea Dog has you 
asked (sic has asked you) to deliver him from his eternal wanderings along 
the beach. All you need to do is kill his old enemy, a pirate name  Red 
Corsair', who, incidentally, has also become a ghost. According to Sea Wolf, 
his nemesis can be found on an old pirate galleon that crashed on the rocks 
somewhere nearby.
  - Sea Dog is found standing on the beach in the middle northern island of 
Eastern Freedom Islands.
  - He will tell you a long story and then offer you the quest.
[71.1]  Destroy Red Corsair and all his undead minions who haunt the 
shipwrecked galleon.
  - This is the "Lucky Buccaneer" Galleon just to the west of Sea Dog.
[71.2]  Return to Sea Dog.
  - This completes the quest. Sea Dog disappears and the Lucky Buccaneer 
becomes inaccessible.

[72]  Pirate Treasure
Eastern Freedom Island. An orc barfly named Dirty Arry has told you about 
his troubles. Any self-respecting pirate should be able to claim treasures 
galore, but he's nevertheless down on his luck, even though he knows where 
to find it. In one of the caves along the Eastern Islands there are buried 
three treasures. You are to dig up these chests and bring them to Arry. He's 
already up to his neck in debt, and cannot afford to make the journey. Arry 
is cautious about conspiracies and crooks, and claims that if you open the 
chest without saying the magic word, you'll be rewarded with only dust.
  - When you talk with Dirty Arry in the Pirate House, you can ask him about 
a "little business." He wants you to help him find some treasure and he 
tells you where to find this treasure. There are three chests to be found.
[72.1]  Find the cave and recover the treasure chests. Treasure chests 
recovered: 0 of 3
  - The cave is called Underground on the overhead map or Dungeon when you 
cursor over the entrance; the cave contains the typical dungeon denizens to 
  -You have to dig the chests up and they will look like big blue chests and 
called Large Chest in your inventory.
[72.2]  Deliver the chests to Dirty Arry.
  - The quest is finished now.

[73]  Museum Attendant
Eastern Freedom Island. The orc Herm Atage from the Museum of the Titans is 
extremely interested in all kinds of antiquities. He gave you a plaque with 
an incomprehensible inscription on it and asked you to find the old museum 
attendant because only he would be capable of deciphering it. He advised you 
to ask around the taverns in the Eastern islands - perhaps they might have 
seen the old attendant.
  - When you enter the Titans' Museum, you immediately see old Herm Atage 
who is in charge of the museum. Talk with him, get lots and lots of 
information and then he wants you to help him, of course
[73.1]  Find the old caretaker of the museum.
  - You can ask around in the taverns of Eastern Freedom but the guy you 
want is Amely Medas in the Overseer's House which is located at the northern 
tip of the central island in the far north.
  - He wants you to rid the museum of the occupying orcs.
[73.2]  Get rid of the orcs in the Museum of the Titans.
  - Amely in the Overseer's House wants you to get the orcs out of the 
  - You can attack Herm in the museum and be done with it or you can offer 
to talk to the curator and allow Herm to stay (since Herm is so sweet and 
sincere, I let him stay).
[73.3]  Help the curator decide whether he should take an orc as his 
  - Tell Amely the caretaker about Herm the orc wanting to be his student; 
Amely then goes back to the museum so go and see him there.
[73.4]  Talk to the museum attendant.
  - This completes the quest.
  - Amely now becomes a store - Sells some weapons and spells and elven 

[Not Quest related]  Floating pirates that are not part of any quest. These 
guys are floating about in the high seas of Eastern Freedom Islands and can 
be eliminated for XP.
  - Hryk the Fierce
  - Rafael the Terrible
  - Ben Wolf the Sailor
  - Gonzo

** "Happy Troll" Tavern
  - This is the home of Ahchoo Godbl.
  - He will initiate the quest [70] Special Offer where you are to get 
barrels of rum.
  - He sells orc troops.
** Country Store/The Village Shop
  - This shop sells orc troops.
** Hut (near Happy Troll tavern)
  - The hut is named on the adventure map but is not accessible and not 
marked on the overhead map.
** Hut (north-west tip of the Islands)
  - The hut is named on the adventure map but is not accessible and not 
marked on the overhead map.
** Hhaar's Tavern
  - The tavern is part of the quest [64] A True Pirate where you can get an 
eyepatch here.
  - The tavern will sell barrel of rum for the quest [70] Special Offer.
  - You can buy orc troops here.
** Underground
  - This is a "dungeon" that has 2 entrances.
  - It is involved in the quest [72] Pirate Treasure.
** Tanastrum
  - This is the castle of the dreaded Sirius Pale.
  - You must fight him in the quest [63] Dead Men Can't Be Pirates.
** Titans' museum
  - Inside the museum you will be able to talk to Herm Atage who is standing 
near the entrance.
  - This will start the quest [73] Museum Attendant.
** Overseer's House
  - There is no one here until you start the quest [73] Museum Attendant by 
talking to the orc Herm in the Titan's museum.
  - After you talk to Herm, this will be the house of Amely Medas who 
becomes part of the quest [73] Museum Attendant.
** Lucky Buccaneer Galleon
  - This is the location of Red Corsair who you will fight in the quest [71] 
The Sailor's Revenge.
** Dead Man's Chest (not marked on overhead map)
  - This is a large chest just sitting out in the open right in the middle 
of Eastern Freedom Islands.
  - If you choose to open the chest, you will have a gremlin tower encounter 
which is pretty high level.
  - You don't get anything except XP and the satisfaction of knowing you 
killed some pretty tough hombres.
** Pirate House
  - This is the home of Dirty Arry.
  - He sells pirates.
  - He is part of the quest [72] Pirate Treasure.
** Sea Wolf (Sea Dog)
  - This is a ghost guy standing on the south beach of the small north- 
central island (not marked on overhead map.
  - Listen to his story, and listen and listen and listen (well you get the 
  - He will start the quest [71] The Sailor's Revenge.
** Old Mine
  - The old mine is closed at first until you find the bird of happiness 
nearby - the bird will only appear if you have begun the quest [68] In 
Search of the Bird of Happiness.
  - During the quest, the bird flies into the mine.
  - The mine is full of spiders, snakes, and other cave dwellers, and filled 
with a lot of crystals to harvest.
  ** White Castle
    - Inside the mine at the end of the cave you will find the White Castle 
where the Bird of Happiness has gone during that quest.
    - The Castle is fortified with a large number of dragons. You better 
have some dragon slaying skills or a sizable army.
    - After you complete the business with [68] In Search of the Bird of 
Happiness, the White Castle will sell some dragons and dragon eggs if you 
played the quest correctly.
** Captain Dragolow
  - He is one of the pirate ships in the sea; you can attack right away or 
converse; but all conversation points lead to a battle for the  best pirate 
of the sea'.
  - You then get a choice to scuttle his ship or to be willing to not tell 
anyone and let him remain the "best pirate".
  - Here he  offers' for you to give him 10,000 gold and then he will pay 
you 10,000 gold. Hey, wait a minute! You didn't choose this one, did you?


Notes: You cannot use the flying ability on Demonis. Damn you devs. As you 
wander around Demonis, you will eventually realize that certain areas will 
remain hidden by the fog of war (cloud covered). These areas are actually 
NOT accessible in the current game, even though you can sometimes see named 
structures on the overhead map. The devs apparently did not finish the game. 
So you can't get there from here.

The entryway to Hades is a portal just south of the portal from which you 
arrived from Greenwort. When you first arrive in Demonis, the portal to 
Hades will be locked. It will be opened upon the commencement of a 
particular quest for Xeona.

Your first order of business in Demonis should be to talk to Xeona in the 
castle Gehenna. Talking with her is a major part of the search for the 
Dragon Tear. Also talk to Heksus, the personal secretary to Xeona. He has 
some tasks for you as well.

[74] Treasure of Antiquities
[75] Diabolical Apple
[76] Free the Demon (obtainable only if you find and talk to the hourglass)

Note: Important aspects of the major quest [30] Dragon Tear, which was 
started a long time ago by Prince Consort Guilford, also take place on 
Demonis. The Dragon Tear quest is described under the quest for Greenwort 
section of the guide.
  - In Demonis, you will talk with Xeona in her castle and discover that she 
has the Tear, but will only give it to you if you do something for her.
  - This updates the Dragon Tear quest line.

[74]  Treasure of Antiquities
Demonis. Heksus, Xeona's secretary, asked you to find some treasure which 
had been buried in Hades by a rich demon. The location of this treasure was 
marked on the map which he gave you. He promised a great reward if you 
perform this service.
[74.1]  Dig up the treasure, buried by the unknown antiquarian.
  - Heksus, in the main Gahenna Castle in Demonis, wants you to collect 
treasures from Hades; he gives you a map. The treasure is located at the 
northern most tip of Hades in the center of the island near a shrine of 
rage; you have to dig for the treasure.
[74.2]  Take the antiquarian's trunk to Heksus.
  - This completes the quest.
[75]  Diabolical Apple
Demonis. Xeona told you that she has really been fancying an apple. You 
promised to try and find one for her. Arlania has always been famous for its 
fruit, so you should ask around in the shops and pubs, to see if someone 
will sell you an apple.
[75.1]  Get an apple for Xeona.
  - During your conversation with Xeona in Demonis, she tells you she would 
really, really like an apple.
  - Talk to Innkeeper Whistler in Arlania and he will sell you one for 
1,000. By now you should be swimming in gold and that is chump change, so 
why bother to negotiate.
[75.2]  Take the apple to Xeona.
  - She wanted a rosy apple, but it's green. But no matter, she takes it 
  - This completes the quest.

[76]  Free the Demon
Demonis. It turned out that (sic - the) lava hourglass given to you by a 
hermit has a little demon named Lurf living inside it. He was imprisoned 
there by a magician, many years ago. The demon told you that if you throw 
the clock back into the lava from whence it came, the demon will be 
released. This is the Lava Spring in Demonis, where you have promised Lurf 
you will go, and give him his freedom.
  - Note: this quest is only obtainable if you find the Hourglass and talk 
to it.
[76.1]  Throw Lurf's hourglass into the Lava Spring, in Demonis.
  - The location to free Lurf is at the top of a peak on the east side of 
Demonis; you will get an onscreen message that you have found the Lava.
  - When you toss the hourglass into the lava, Lurf will appear. He thanks 
you by giving you an amulet - I got the Flame necklace.
  - Lurf will become a store and sell items, troops and spells.
  - You can change your title to Astral Rider.

** Flaming Paddock
  - The paddock sells demon units.
** Greenwort
  - The gateway to Greenwort.
** Demonic Gate
  - This is found near the gateway to Greenwort.
  - This gate is the access to Hades, open only after you accept quests in 
Hell (castle of Gehenna).
** Temple of Delights
  - This store sells demon units and spells.
** Gahenna (called Hell when you cursor over it on the adventure map)
  - The Castle of Gehenna is the home of Xeona, the ruler of Demonis and her 
sidekick is Heksus.
  - Both are involved in several quests so choose all of the dialogue lines 
in conversation.
  - Xeona's quests are:
    [30] Dragon Tear
      - In conversation, you will ask her about the Dragon's Tear; she will 
give it to you in return for a favor; you are to subjugate four demon lords 
for her.
    [75] Diabolical Apple
  - Heksus quests:
    - You can ask him about two things and get the following quests.
    - [07] Quest for "The Mad Mullet".
    - [74] Treasure of Antiquities
  - The castle of Gahenna will sell demonic units.
** Cave (the "Golden Dragon" Casino on the overhead map).
  - The Cave only appears after you've done several quests for Xeona. It 
will be involved in the quest [30] Dragon Tear.
  - Here you find Rikshenassltrax the dragon; he offers to play games but 
you will fight him in the end.
  - When you defeat Rik, you get the Tear of the Dragon.


[77] Ice for Imp
[78] Elementals Against Experiments

Note: You will also continue major aspects of the quest [30] Dragon Tear in 
the Hades area. This quest is continued from Demonis and was begun as a 
major quest line in Greenwort. The enemies you must get to sign a peace 
treaty are all in Hades.

[77]  Ice for Imp
Hades. You encountered a demon named Lamend, who would not believe that 
there was such as thing in your world as snow and ice. You argued about it, 
and finally you decided to prove it to him. You intend to bring him back a 
piece of ice from Fastland.
  - You find Tricky Lamend standing in the southwestern part of Hades; he 
has some discourse and he thinks you are a lying about the existence of ice 
and snow. So, you must prove it by bringing him some ice.
[77.1]  Find a piece of ice on Fastland.
  - The ice is located on small island off the south-east coast of Fastland; 
you have to dig to find it.
[77.2]  Bring to the demon Lamend the piece of ice you took from Fastland.
  - You bring the ice to Lamend, but of course it is melted; this ends the 

[78]  Elementals Against Experiments
Hades. The Demon-Mage Arkton told you that a dangerous elemental escped (sic 
- escaped) from his lab. Arkton asked you to hunt down and destroy this 
dangerous creature.
  - Arkton is standing near the lava pool at the northwestern tip of Hades.
  - He is a demon conducting magical experiments and asks you to leave him 
  - You, of course, need to interrupt him and ask some inane questions. You 
finally agree to help him hunt down an errant elemental.
[78.1]  Track down the dangerous Elemental.
  - The Elemental Zahar is found on the upper plateau level on the western 
side of Hades.
  - Zahar will want to talk; you can attack right away or hear him out.
  - If you talk with him, he says that Arkton is really the evil one and you 
should destroy him.
  - Since I'm against evil, I decided to kill Arkton and not the Elemental.
[78.2]  Kill the Demon-Mage Arkton.
  - Do that.
[78.3]  Report the death of Arkton to Zahar.
  - Now trudge all the way up and back and sideways to Zahar.
  - This completes the quest.
  - You can now call yourself Lord of the Flame.

Note: You will gain access to Hades only when you agree to do some quests 
for Xeona in Demonis.
** Demonis
  - The gateway to Demonis.
** Bloody Pentagram (lower level)
  - This shop sells demon units, spells.
** Stone Maw
  - This is the home of Himerius who is involved in the quest [30] Dragon 
  - You might have to solve a riddle for him:
      He asks the question "Which element combines air, earth and fire:
      The answer is: Ashes
  - The Maw will sell items, demon units, spells.
** Magic Tower (upper level)
  - This shop sells demon units, spells.
** Steel Stronghold
  - This is the home of Krans for the quest [30] Dragon Tear.
** Scarlet Castle
  - This is the home of Lenderkhat for the quest [30] Dragon Tear.
** Tricky Lamend (Lamend on the adventure map)
  - Tricky is the origin of the quest [77] Ice for Imp.
  - You find him standing around near the Scarlet Castle.
  - He will sell some imp units.
** Black Tower
  - This is the home of Eyntz who is involved in the quest [30] Dragon Tear.
  - He will sign the treaty without too much fuss.
  - The tower sells spells, red dragons.
** Corrupted Sanctuary
  - This is located near the Black Tower; but can't be accessed yet. 
Probably never.
** Bloody Pentagram - on the upper level near Zahar
  - This Pentagram sells imps and things.
** Scarlet Tower
  - This shop sells demon units such as demonologists, black dragons, 
  - The Scarlet Tower is not to be confused with the Scarlet Castle.
** Flaming Paddock
  - This shop sells demon units.
  - He is a demonologist standing near the lava pool at the northwestern tip 
of Hades.
  - He will initiate the quest [78] Elementals Against Experiments.
** Zahar
  - Zahar is a fire elemental on the upper level of Hades and is part of the 
quest [78] Elementals Against Experiments.
  - You can attack him right away, but the recommendation is to talk to him.

** New Kordar
  - This is a portal to New Kordar. It is marked on the map, but 
inactivated, when you first arrive in Hades. The portal will be activated 
when you do some quests in New Kordar.

Phase III of the game

Phase III of the game is quite involved and at times it seems a bit 
confusing as to how you should proceed and what quests you should accomplish 
in what order. Listed below is a sequence you will likely follow to make it 
through Phase III.

This is the order you will likely do things for the huge questline after you 
defeat Guilford the first time
1. Talk to Archmage Rezo in Arlania and get the main quests for Phase III 
[79] Stop Guilford.
2. Do a few tasks for Rezo and then talk to him again to get the quests to 
[80] Find Allies and the quest to [81] Forge Alliance with Elves.
3. Talk to Las Ksarind in Arlania and get the quest to [82] Find Queen 
4. You will now be allowed to enter the Creiston mines in Arlania.
5. Go through Creiston Mines to get to New Kordar.
6. Talk to King Korn Digor of New Kordar who wants you to do quests (kill 
undead in Kordar) before he will help.
7. After defeating the undead in the catacombs for King Digor, talk to Digor 
to end [82] Find Queen Amelie quest and start the quest [86] Alliance with 
the Dwarves. This will open the portals to the Riftlands and Grotland.
7. Find Frod or Freolina in New Kordar and do his/her quest. Defeat Freolina 
to access the portal to Hades. In Hades, talk to Xeona to get the quest [85] 
Make Peace with the Demons. This finishes the quest line Forge an alliance 
with the Demons.
8. Go to Riftlands, defeat Loki and speak to the King to get his quest to 
deal with the Vikings in Grotland.
9. In Grotland you must kill Urfin. Then talk to Supervisor Makintor of the 
mine in the Keeper's House of Grotland.
10. Return to Asvald; now he wants you to go to Iceland. You will need to 
kill the very powerful dragons on Iceland; you can talk to Korn Digor to get 
this quest or kill the dragons first.
11. Report to Korn Digor in New Kordar; he pledges dwarven support which 
gives you Forge an alliance with the Dwarves; go back to Asvald
12. Asvald accepts Korn Digor's pledge (ends [86] Alliance with the 
Dwarves), but he wants you to get rid of orcs on Tungsinn.
13. Follow the order of quests for Tungsinn as they seem to be bugged.
14. Return to Asvald and report the events on Tungsinn to finish Forge an 
alliance with the Vikings.
15. Go to Las Ksarind in Arlania to finish Forge an alliance with the Elves.
16. If you have done everything you should have, this should complete all 
quests in the quest log except for Stop Guilford, which you will do now.

Phase III of the game commences when you find and deliver three items - the 
Heart of Ksaltotun, the Dragon Tear and the Staff of Starlight - to Prince 
Consort Guilford and then defeat him in battle.

After battling with Guilford, you will be teleported to Arlania, but a 
different Arlania in the sense that the land has been reset in terms of 
enemies and shops etc. I will call the new Arlania, Arlania 2.

                     ARLANIA 2

Note: Arlania has reset after you meet with Mista. Most of the locations are 
still there although they may have different units and items. The fog of war 
was been renewed and the land is full of elven units that attack. Even 
though we like the elves (don't we?), fight them for XP. There are also a 
number of knight units that will join you if you wish. 

Note: When you go to the mage tower and help Archmage Rezo, all of the 
currently hostile elven units will become friendly or neutral. If you want 
the XP, fight them before you visit Rezo. They will actually respawn if you 
defeat them all and after you talk to and help Rezo.

The entrance to Creiston mines, which was blocked by a guard in Phase II, is 
now blocked by an Elf named Lin Therien. When you complete certain quests, 
he will let you pass. For now, he won't talk to you, nor will he let you 
enter the mines.

The major quest [79] Stop Guilford is initiated. While you start the Phase 
III quests in Arlania, you can still return to Greenwort, which is mostly 
unchanged. You will find, however, that you cannot get very close to 
Guilford's castle. It is defended by 4 huge armies standing behind your 
brother Eric. You can fly over but you cannot land in the courtyard. Because 
of this, you also won't have access to Demonis because the portal is no 
longer there. You will be able to find a new portal to Demonis a bit later. 
You can talk to your loving brother Eric, who rants and raves and fills you 
in on some background information. You will get to meet the leaders of the 
undead armies behind him and trade some insults with them. But you will not 
fight them now. You will fight all of these guys during the end game 
battles. Eric asks you to join him, but your only conversation choices 
result in your leaving. Another time, perhaps.

From Greenwort you can still access the other islands via boat navigation.

Things to do in Arlania to start Phase III 
Just down the path from where your arrive in Arlania you will see a friendly 
troop who is actually Lieutenant Orlando. If you don't approach him, he will 
approach you to talk. Lieutenant Orlando tells you that there have been 
fights with the undead and the elves. You get two conversation choices, you 
can recruit his troops by telling him you assume command of his men (you 
must have an open troop slot or he will disappear from the game). Or you get 
the choice to send him to the capital. Again, he will disappear from the 
game. There is no quest involved here. I guess his game function is to just 
fill you in with some background info and offer troops.

Most of the locations of Arlania are still present albeit with different 
items and troops.

Arlania is swarming with hostile elves and other units. You can fight these 
troops for XP, but they are not part of any quest.

To further the main quest line, go to the Magic Tower and talk with Archmage 

[79] Stop Guilford
[80] Find Allies
[81] An Alliance with the Elves
[82] Find Queen Amelie
[83] In Search of Lost Treasure
[84] False Necromancer
[85] Make Peace with the Demons

[79]  Stop Guilford
Prince Consort Guilford is a deceiver, who dreams of seizing power across 
the whole of Endoria. He had you wrapped around his little finger, tricking 
you into fetching him powerful artifacts. You must stop him before he 
becomes too powerful.
  - This quest begins as soon as you appear in Arlania after the battle with 
Guilford; you have two tasks at hand. You must talk to Archmage Rezo 1st to 
progress in the quest, you won't actually get to stop Guilford for quite a 
[79.1]  Stop Prince Consort Guilford.
  - This is the overarching main quest for Phase III. This quest log entry 
will be in your log until the end of the game.
[79.2]  Talk to Archmage Rezo.
  - Make your way to the Magic Tower and talk to Archmage Rezo. You will 
admit to him that you were wrong to support Guilford. You will exchange a 
few words, but before Rezo talks more, he wants you to kill some undead 
invading his bedroom. You will fight Zalnaron and his undead minions.
  - After the battle, Rezo talks with you again and chastises you for 
helping Guilford.
  - His advice to you is to join forces with the elves. Turns out it was 
Rezo who summoned the elves and that's why you have been fighting them. 
Then, just as you begin to argue that the elves were attacking you, all of a 
sudden, an elf named Lin Evere (Archmage Rezo calls him Avery in the 
conversation boxes) enters the room and joins the conversation. As you 
listen, you discover that an elf named Las Ksarind is asking for help. Rezo 
says his own army has been depleted but you seem capable of helping the 
elves. Eventually you agree to join with the elves. Now all the previously 
hostile elven units in Arlania will be friendly or neutral. If you fought 
the elves previously and cleared them from Arlania, they will be respawned 
as neutral or friendly.
  - You can gain the new title "At Home Among Strangers".

The quest line Stop Guilford updates: added is Destroy the Undead on the 
Beach: 0/4 units. Once you have done this, this log entry disappears from 
the quest log.

After talking to Rezo and getting the elves on your side, you must go to the 
beach in Greenwort and . . .

[79.3]  Destroy the undead on the beach: 0/4 units
  - These 4 guys are sunning themselves on the beach at the northern end of 
Arlania. Kill them, kill them all.
[79.4]  Report the destruction of the undead to Rezo.
  - Report back to Rezo (You may have to fight the undead in his chambers 
  - Don't forget to ask him about a spell to turn a bear into a human for 
the quest [14] Talking Bear which was started a long, long time ago on 
[79.5]  Conduct reconnaissance on Greenwort.
  - Here Rezo instructs you to go to Guilford's castle in Greenwort and talk 
to your brother Eric who is standing at the entrance to the castle.
  - If this is your first time returning to Greenwort since the beginning of 
Phase III, you are in for a scary sight. Your brother Eric is standing 
outside of the castle flanked by 4 extremely nasty looking henchmen - Van 
Varro, Dedred, Magnikat, and Tanatoris. You won't fight them yet.
  - Talk to Eric to see what's up with him.
  - Eric tells you that he has chosen the winning side, that of Guilford - 
unlike you.
  - You try to convince him otherwise, but . . . to no avail.
  - Each of the 4 henchmen from the hench-armies steps forward to threaten 
you and you will have a retort for each, but no fights will occur yet.
  - Eric asks you one last time to join him and Guilford, but you refuse.
[79.6]  Report to Archmage Rezo about the the (sic) armies of undead 
guarding Guilford's castle.
  - You tell Rezo about the overwhelming force at the castle and he suggests 
that the way to deal with Guilford and the undead is to amass a huge army of 
allies; he suggests you first talk to Las Ksarind in the castle of Iron 
Richard (castle Karradun) right down the path from the mage's tower.

  - This starts the quests [81] An Alliance with the Elves and [80] Find 

Note: the [80] Find Allies quest line will be updated as you complete tasks 
for the various factions.

                 END GAME EVENTS:

The next event occurs only after you have amassed your ally army - which 
takes a long, long time in the game. So, after you have reported to Rezo, go 
on into the Creiston mines and onward. To Creiston and beyond! I've added 
these log entries here because they are part of the current quest, but be 
aware you will not get to this portion of this quest for quite a while.

[79.7]  Destroy the army at Guilford's castle.
  - As you approach Guilford's castle in Greenwort, you ally armies will be 
waiting nearby and will automatically have things to say to you; they again 
affirm their commitment to help.
  - Each ally wants his own piece of the action:
  - Digor wants Dedred; Asvald wants Van Varro the vampire; Las Ksarind 
wants Tanatoris the necromancer; Xeona wants Magnikat, the black knight
  - You will fight with each of these enemy units using the Ally's army.
  - Be forewarned that the spells you get to use will vary with the army; 
you will not get the full complement of spells you may have accumulated to 
this point; you just get a handful of spells and many of them are not useful 
(silly Devs). One small consolation is that the spells you do get are all at 
level III. Whoop-de-f-ing-do.
  - Now go talk to your "brother" Eric and the fun begins.
  - You will fight 4 big battles with the 4 guys behind Eric.
  - After each battle, you get a break to recharge in you need to. Then talk 
to Eric again to start the next battle.
  - After defeating the minions, it's time to wipe the evil out of Eric; Now 
you will fight with your own army and will now have your full compliment of 
  - After you defeat him, Eric will come to his senses and smash the 
corrupting amulet given to him by Guilford.
  - You can take some time now to replenish your army if you have to.

                     END GAME

[79.8]  Crush Guilford
  - Yes , crush him hard. Muahahaha!
  - Guilford wants to talk to you, but then he will attack. Eric helps you 
defeat Guilford.
  - You will have both your and his army. You will be able to arrange Eric's 
forces if you have tactics, but you won't have control of them during the 
battle. You won't be able to use your rage abilities since this is a boss 
fight. Grrrr.
  - Guilford is sitting on a throne with glinting eyes looking stupid and 
evil. Once you kill every one of his units, you have to kill him, meaning 
attack him on the throne - one of those giant enemy boss battles. How did he 
get so big, I wonder?
  - After you  kill' him, he turns into a black dragon and can conjure bone 
dragons. Isn't he annoying?
  - Once you kill him the second time, (or is this the third?) then he's 
dead for good.

  You will then appear outside the castle and have a conversation with 
Tormund the Fierce, your father. If you read the dialogues, notice that 
Tormund says he "gathered a toop", instead of troop. During the conversation 
you will get a choice. You can lie about Eric's involvement or tell the 
truth that he was ensorceled. Eric shows up. You talk and talk and talk. Or 
actually, read, and read and read. You do read the on screen text don't you?

  Now Queen Amelie appears, finally. Then you talk some more, I mean a lot 
more. Then Xeona appears. Then the Valkyries. Everybody wants to sing their 
praises to you. At the end a whole screenful of people are cheering you.

End of game.

[80]  Find Allies
It turns out that your brother, Eric, along with the mighty heroes of the 
undead, were guarding the approaches to Guilford's castle. Not yet prepared 
to defeat such a huge army of the undead, you heeded the advice of Archmage 
Rezo, and set off to find allies who may help you in the upcoming battle.
  - After you reunite with Archmage Rezo in this phase (Phase III) of the 
game, you will do some small tasks for him and then he suggests that you 
find allies such as the elves and dwarves to help you overcome Guilford. 
Each of these will be updated as you complete certain tasks.

[80.1]  Find allies in the war against Guilford.
[80.2]  Forge an alliance with the Elves.
  - You need to find Queen Amelie for the elves. (Note: you don't actually 
find Queen Amelie, you just go through the motions.)
[80.3]  Forge an alliance with the Dwarves.
  - This is updated when you do quests for and get advice from, King Digor.
[80.4]  Forge an alliance with the Vikings.
  - You get this quest automatically when you defeat Loki on Riftland.
[80.5]  Make Peace with the Demons.
  - This quest line appears after defeating Freolina and getting the portal 
stone to Demonis.

[81]  An Alliance with the Elves
On the advice of Archmage Rezo you have decided to forge an alliance with 
the elves. This will not be easy, however, because Guilford has given the 
elves stong (sic strong) cause to distrust humans. Perhaps if you were to 
offer the elves some service, they might agree to discuss conditions for 
[81.1]  Talk to the commander of the elven army. He is sure to be found in 
the castle of Iron Richard.
  - Go see Las Ksarind is in Richard's castle - Karradun in Arlania.
  - He blames you for the problems with Guilford, and rightly so.
  - He talks about forging an alliance, but all of a sudden you get 
interrupted by the elf Lin Evere who tells you that one of their ships is 
lost near the large island of Arlania (Griffin Island.)
  - Turns out an important person was aboard that ship - Ele Taera - the 
daughter of Las Ksarind. So it's off to find the lost daughter...
[81.2]  Find the elf Ele Taera whose ship disappeared off Griffin Island.
  - A cave now opens up on the south end of Griffin Island; the Griffin 
  - The cave is inhabited by icky spiders and such, so de-spider it if you 
are so inclined.
  - When you find Ele, she is in dire straits - she is dying of poisoning 
from a spider bite.
  - She of course, asks for your help.
  - You will get several conversation choices here, one of which is to tell 
her to just tough it out; you don't really mean that do you??
  - Obviously the best choice is to do as she asks - go see the herbalist on 
Merlassar.  - You will be offered a navigation chart to Merlassar, but you 
likely already have been there; therefore, you will get a Wanderer scroll 
  - The only way to Merlassar is by ship traveling from Greenwort; so hike 
over to Greenwort and get yourself a ship.
[81.3]  Find an antidote for spider bites. According (sic to) Ele Taera, you 
can get the necessary help from the herbalist on Merlassar.
  - Go to Merlassar and go to the Healer's House in the elven village and 
talk to Herbsage Irwin.
  - He needs the venom from the spider that bit the elf, so trudge back to 
Arlania... [why someone didn't mention this before you left Arlania, I'll 
never know].
  - You have a choice of not going back, but you won't do that to nice Ele 
and jeopardize the entire rest of the game will you?
[81.4]  Kill the spider that bit Ele Taera, and extract its poison gland.
  - In the cave with Ele, find a spider in one of the alcoves and kill it 
and you will get its poison gland.
[81.5]  Bring Irwin the poison gland you extracted from the spider.
  - Trudge, trudge, trudge back to Merlassar and the herbalist; he wants 
3000 gold for the antidote, a piddling sum for such an important quest is it 
  - Make sure when you go back to Ele, that you know the difference between 
an antidote and an anecdote :)
[81.6]  Give Ele Taera the antidote.
  - We're trudging back to Arlania; give her the antidote and save the day.
[81.7]  Accompany Ele Taera to Las Ksarind.
  - Ele disappears and you are to follow her to Ksarind; you don't really 
accompany her or follow her - she will show up in your inventory and so just 
go back to Karradun Castle and talk to Las Ksarind.
  - Las Ksarind is obviously overjoyed you saved his daughter, but he says 
he is still not ready to discuss the Alliance - later he says.
  - Exit the castle and re-enter to talk to Las Ksarind again; now before he 
is ready to make the Alliance, he wants you to find Queen Amelie for only 
she can forge such an alliance with the elves; this starts the quest [82] 
Find Queen Amelie.
[81.8]  Find the Queen Amelie, and get her to agree to forge an alliance 
with Las Ksarind against the undead. The queen can be found in Kordar.
  - You actually don't find the Queen now (or ever in the game); after you 
have completed a lot of stuff for the dwarves and Vikings ([86] Alliance 
with the Dwarves and [91] Alliance with the Vikings) the quest log will 
update to say...
[81.9]  Tell Las Ksarind that your search for Queen Amelie has been 
  - After a bunch of other quests and forming alliances, you tell him the 
disappointing news and this will complete the quest as well as [80] Find 
Allies (if you have done the other Forge allies quests).
  - In spite of this turn of events, Las Ksarind is ready to pledge the 
Elves to your side.
[81.10]  Forge an alliance with the Elves.
  - This ends the quest.

[82]  Find Queen Amelie
Las Ksarind informed you that he was only willing to negotiate with the 
legitimate ruler of Darion, Queen Amelie. She was last seen traveling to 
Kordar to visit the dwarves, so Las Ksarind allowed you to travel through a 
protected passage in the Creiston Mines.
[82.1]  Search for Queen Amelie in Kordar.
  - After you save the daughter of Las Ksarind in Karradun castle, he asks 
you to find Queen Amelie; she is believed to be in the Creiston mines 
visiting the Dwarves.
  - The entrance to Creiston mines is now open for you to travel to New 
  - The mine is a short distance south of Castle Karradun and has a group of 
elves guarding the entrance.
  - Talk to Lin Therien at the entrance; you will now be allowed entrance 
(you will automatically enter).
  - You can now freely exit and enter the mines from Arlania, but you will 
still have to ask Lin Therien nicely.

  - After much ado in the Creiston Mines, killing undead and dwarves and 
whatnot, you will eventually come to the entrance to New Kordar and be met 
by Rothar Shortleg.
  - He explains why the dwarves have been attacking you.

The Find Queen Amelie quest is updated in New Kordar after you speak to the 
King of New Kordar, Korn Digor, in Castle Kirasar; the previous log entry  
Search for Queen Amelie' is no longer present.

[82.2]  Destroy the advance units of the undead. Destroyed: 0/5
  - Go through the large gate of the city and eliminate the 5 undead 
minibosses and their armies wandering about the catacombs.
  - You will encounter: Aurelius, Whisperer, Rotten Finger, Malefik and 
Drelahal. There are a lot of undead roaming around New Kordar corridors. The 
minibosses are the ones with the spikey light thing sticking up from their 
[82.3]  Wait for news from Kordar concerning Queen Amelie.
  - This update is given after you defeat the 5 undead armies.
  - Bring the information that you killed the undead to King Digor.
  - King Digor doesn't have good news for you and he now directs you to the 
islands of King Asvald.
  - After you've talked with the King in New Kordar the [82] Find Queen 
Amelie quest will end and the quest [86] Alliance with the Dwarves will 
  - You can now give yourself the title Border Guard.
  - The portals to both the Riftlands in the lower center of New Kordar and 
Grotland in the north central part of the area will now be available.

[83]  In Search of Lost Treasure
Arlania. The unlucky treasure hunter Ron has already spent a month searching 
for a treasure which, according to his map, is buried somewhere in Arlania. 
You have agreed to help him find the treasure in return for a share of the 
  - This guy is standing near the waterwheel in Arlania.
  - Do his quest for him and then he will become the final customer for 
Whistler's Inn for the quest [39] Attracting Customers.
[83.1]  Find the treasure chest on the Verlon Wasteland.
  - The map shows clearly where the treasure is buried. Dig it up.
[83.2]  Give the treasure chest to Ron.
  - This ends the quest.
  - Talk to Ron again and he says he is going to Whistler's at the Inn; this 
will make him the final customer you were seeking for Whistler in the [39] 
Attracting Customers quest. Go back to Whistler in Arlania to be sure to 
complete that quest.

[84]  False Necromancer
Arlania. An elf ranger named Lin Erlan informed you that a necromancer is 
hiding in a cave nearby. He promised you a reward if you kill this terrible 
  - You will find Lin Erlan standing in front of a cave (the cave entrance 
looks like a giant skull) that is not named on the map and is not shown on 
the overhead map.
  - Approach Lin Erlan, and he will offer a quest to rid the area of a 
necromancer. Now the cave becomes the Moonshiner's Hideout on the overhead 
map and Entrance to the Underground on the adventure map.
[84.1]  Kill the necromancer hiding in the cave.
  - Inside the cave is a small castle which is the home of Dort, the alleged 
necromancer you are to kill. You don't get any conversation, just the option 
to attack immediately. So fight him.
  - After the battle you discover that Dort is not a necromancer at all and 
he implores you to explain why you attacked him. He pleads with you to leave 
him and the others alone so he asks you to lie to the elves. You choice is 
to let him alone or inform the elves.
  - Do what you wish but I let him live and agreed to lie to the elves. This 
way you get an item and Dort becomes a store.
[84.2]  Tell the elves that the necromancer has been destroyed.
  - Done and done. This will complete the quest.

[85]  Make Peace with the Demons
Archmage Rezo has proposed that the demons could be possible allies. The 
whole idea makes you feel sick, but maybe he's right. If you were even able 
to find your way into Demonis in the first place, then maybe you should talk 
to Xeona about forging an alliance against Guilford.
[85.1]  Forge an alliance with Xeona.
  - This is part of the large quest Find Allies.
  - In Demonis, you will tell Xeona about Guilford's betrayal and she will 
promise to aid you against the usurper - after kissing you passionately. 
Seriously. No, seriously, that's what the onscreen message said.
  - This will complete this quest. And...
  - You can claim the new title Demon Talker.

** Mage Tower
  - The location of Archmage Rezo and involved in several quests.
** Castle Karradun
  - This castle is inaccessible when you first arrive in phase III, but will 
be occupied by the elf Las Ksarind after certain quests have been completed.
** Cave (Cold Cave)
  - Located on the northwest end of the island.
  - This is the home of the ice spiders for the quest [38] Ice Hunt; you 
likely have completed this quest in Phase II of the game and therefore, the 
cave will be empty in Phase III of the game.
** Jewelry Shop
  - This is the home of Yungem Needler.
  - He sells dwarf units and stuff.
** Creiston Mines (not shown on overhead map)
  - This is a mine entrance near the Jewelry Shop
  - The Arlania surface entrance is guarded by elves in Phase III of the 
  - The chief elf is Lin Therien and he won't let you pass until you have 
talked to the Archmage Rezo and done a few things for the mage.
  - The mines contain a mixture of dwarf and undead enemies to fight. There 
are no locations to visit within the mines except for the two exits, one to 
New Kordar and one to Arlania.
  - At the end of the mines you will meet Rothar Shortleg who will let you 
pass on to New Kordar.
  - Beyond Rothar, there are a few more enemies to fight, but all of the 
dwarven units are neutral and will let you by without incident.
** Inn
  - The Innkeeper here is Whistler.
  - He sells some troops and items.
  - When I went to the Inn on Arlania (Arlania 2 during Phase III of the 
game) at level 58; Whistler asked if I was bored and wished to practice with 
a famous coach Expath. You can respond I wish to have some practice with 
him! Where is your Expath? This will cost 1,000,000 gold.
  - This leads to a battle with Coach Expath and his troops. He has lots of 
Knight units and is a pretty tough foe. This is for XP only. Is it worth 
1,000,000 gold?
** Watermill (not on overhead map)
  - You can't enter the mill, but Ron, who has a quest for you, is standing 
outside during this phase of the game.
** Ron, standing in the middle of the map near the Watermill.
  - He will give you the quest [83] In Search of Lost Treasure.
** Mansion (on the large Island)
  - This is the home to Volkan the Merchant.
  - He will sell fairies and ents, whatever.
** Lin Erlan
  - This Elf is standing near the skull-shaped cave entrance on the 
southwest side of the island (the cave is not shown on the overhead or 
adventure maps until it has been opened).
  - He is the origin of the quest [84] False Necromancer.
  - In this quest your are to defeat a necromancer that entered the nearby 
** Griffin Underground
  - This cave opens up on Griffin Island after you agree to help the elves 
during the main quest and talking with Rezo.
  - The Underground contains snakes and spiders and beholders, oh my.
  - In one alcove of the cave you will find a dying elf, Ele Taera, who is 
part of the quest [81] Alliance with the Elves; turns out Las Ksarind in 
Karradun castle is her father.
  - She's been bitten by a spider and poisoned; she says to go to Merlassar 
and find a herbalist to help her; in conversation you can also scoff at her 
nonsense of a herbalist, one choice here is to wait for her to recover; I 
went to find the Herbalist.
  - She gives you a navigation map to Merlassar, but you should already have 

                   Creiston Mines

The Creiston Mines are found on the eastern side of the island; you cannot 
enter these mines until you have done a number of things for the main quest. 
The mine leads you to New Kordar.
  - The name of the mine won't appear on the overhead map until you have 
permission to enter.
  - During Phase II of the game, there is a guard to whom you can speak and 
tell him some lies as to why you should be allowed into the mine, but 
nothing will happen until the proper quest sequence has been completed in 
Phase III of the game.
  - The mine is full of spiders and dwarves and whatever but there are no 
quests to be done or locations to visit; just kill things and pass through 
to the end.
** Rothar Shortleg
    - You will find Rothar standing in the center of the mines near some 
dwarven ruins; he says you should talk to his King of Kordar.
    - There's a whole dwarven town here, but nothing to do.
    - Exiting the mine places you in New Kordar.

                     NEW KORDAR

[86] Alliance with the Dwarves
[87] Steam Tentacle
[88]  Lost Boy
[89] The Droid and the Flower
[90] Dwarven Love / or Trapped Demoness

[82]  Find Queen Amelie
  - This quest was started in Greenwort at the beginning of Phase III of the 
  - Eventually you will be tasked with finding and defeating 5 undead in the 
corridors of New Kordar. After you defeat them, you are to go back to the 
dwarven king in Kirasar castle to complete this quest and start the quest 
[86] Alliance with the Dwarves.

[86]  Alliance with the Dwarves
You have decided to forge an alliance with the dwarves of the New Kordar. 
You will have to make every effort to convince the stubborn Korn Digor to 
agree to the alliance.
  - You get this quest after you have met King Digor and done a quest for 
him. He sends you to King Asvald.
[86.1]  Negotiate a peace treaty between King Korn Digor and King Asvald.
  - You need to talk to King Asvald since King Digor will not yet make such 
an alliance.
  - A portal to both Grotland and Riftland now open in the passages of New 
  - When you go and do things in Riftland and then go back to talk to King 
Digor this quest updates with the following:
[86.2]  Convince King Korn Digor to agree with Asvald's proposal.
  - After you've done stuff for Asvald on Riftland, he now has a proposal 
for King Digor. However, when you talk to Digor, he says he won't agree to 
anything until you kill dragons on Iceland.
[86.3]  Destroy the Ice Dragons of Iceland which are preventing the 
construction of the gold mine. Dragons destroyed: 0 of 3
  - There are 3 roaming bands of dragons in the Peak of the Ice Dragon 
section of Iceland (you do not need to kill the main dragon who resides in 
the castle); kill them and return to Korn Digor. The dragons are Sanniritas, 
Assintotar and Furistirax.
  - You can kill these dragons before Digor gives you the quest and then go 
talk to him to complete the quest.
[86.4]  Report to King Korn Digor that the island is now free of Ice 
  - Korn Digor pledges his dwarves to fight against Prince Guilford.
[86.5]  Tell Asvald that the dwarves are ready to sign the treaty.
  - King Digor now tells you to go see Asvald to sign the treaty; as you are 
talking to Asvald, King Digor interrupts and he and Asvald become very 
chummy. Asvald accepts the dwarven proposal for alliance (this completes the 
quest [86] Alliance with the Dwarves).
  - But you will find that Asvald is not ready yet to pledge the Vikings; 
you need to pacify the orcs on Tungsinn who are attacking villages; you get 
the navigation chart for Tungsinn Island; this will update [91] Alliance 
with the Vikings.
  - The [86] Alliance with the Dwarves quest is now complete.
[86.6]  Forge an alliance with the dwarves.
  - Completed by doing the tasks listed above .

[87]  Steam Tentacle
New Kordar. Granik, an engineer from New Kordar, complained to you that his 
Steam-powered Tentucloid, a mechanism that was supposed to be a major part 
of his new invention, the Grinder, had been stolen by the undead. You have 
agreed to help him find this Tentucloid, which apparently has been 
disassembled into three parts. It will be necessary to destroy several 
troops of the Undead around Kordar. - They cannot have gotten far with the 
[87.1]  Collect the stolen parts of the steam tentacle from the undead. 
Found: 0/3
  - The Steam-powered tentucloid Fragments are found on undead wandering 
about the cavern.
[87.2]  Return the parts to Granik the engineer.
  - This completes the quest.

[88]  Lost Boy
New Kordar. In the underground catacombs, near New Kordar, you met a boy who 
had been playing hide and seek with his friends and got lost. He refused to 
go with you, so (you) decided to find his parents and bring them to him 
instead. They live somewhere in Grotland.
  - You meet the young lad Tori in the passages in the north of New Kordar 
and he is lost.
  - He won't come with you so he wants you to bring his mother to him.
[88.1]  Bring Tori Hanson to his mother.
  - The mother lives in the little village on Grotland; when you tell her of 
Tori's plight, she will join you (well, her head does anyway) and you are to 
bring her to Tori.
[88.2]  Lead Betty Hanson to her son.
  - When you reunite the pair, the quest ends. How sweet.

[89]  The Droid and the Flower
New Kordar. A funny mechanical creature named Charlie-4 has been growing a 
flower from a cable in the dungeon. He has asked you to take his flower to 
get some sun, though this might be easier said than done. It seems you might 
need to try a different approach.
  - You are given an iron flower by Charlie a droid in the corridors of New 
[89.1]  Get some machine oil for Charlie's flower.
  - Buy engine oil from Granik in New Kordar town and you will automatically 
rub it on the flower.
[89.2]  Deliver the iron flower to the droid Charlie-4.
  - Take the oiled flower to a grateful Charlie.
  - Charlie now becomes a store and sells droids.

[90]  Dwarven Love/ Trapped Demoness
New Kordar. You met a dwarf named Frod Strongblow, who confided that he was 
hopelessly in love with a girl named Freolina. He was too bashful to express 
his true feelings, so you have agreed to talk to her on his behalf.

Note: The two quests involve the same objective. Which quest you get depends 
on which game character you talk to first.

If you encounter Frod Strongblow first, the following quest will be entered 
in your log.
[90.1]  Tell Freolina how Frod Strongblow feels about her.
  - You meet a dwarf who can't express his feelings for his love, a demon 
girl, so you agree to do it for him.
  - Freolina is found within the north-east passages of New Kordar. When you 
talk with Freolina, she gets quite upset and the conversation leads to a 
unavoidable confrontation.
  - Freolina is tough; she will cast Armageddon.
[90.2]  Tell Frod Strongblow of Freolina's death.
  - He's happy you freed him from his demonic lover and this completes the 
  - Defeating Freolina and reporting her death to Frod also allows you use 
the Portal Rune, the Key which allows you to pass through the portal to 
Hades. The portal is next to where Freolina was standing

Or, if you met Freolina first, the following quest will be entered in your 

[90]  Trapped Demoness
New Kordar. While in the mines of the New Kordar, you met Freolina, a 
demoness. Freolina was able to travel between worlds until she became 
trapped by the dwarf Frod Strongblow, who stole the Portal rune - without 
which the portal is useless. You have agreed to help the demoness, but in 
order to do so, you must (sic try) to convince the dwarf, Frod Strongblow, 
to return the Portal rune.

[90.1]  Take back the Portal Rune from Frod Strongblow.
  - After you talk with Freolina, go find Frod and tell him you need the 
Portal Rune; he'll give it up if you agree to sing his praises to beloved 
  - When you talk with Freolina, she is not a happy camper and the 
conversation leads to a unavoidable confrontation.
  - Freolina is tough; she will cast Armageddon.
[90.2]  Tell Frod Strongblow of Freolina's death.
  - He's happy you freed him and this completes the quest.
  - You now have the Portal Rune, a key which allows you to pass through the 
portal to Hades near where Freolina succumbed to your superior blade and 
combat skills.

There are a number of named locations within New Kordar, but most of them 
are empty or inaccessible. There are also a lot of neutral dwarves milling 
about, but most are too busy to talk with you. Be aware that the locator 
icon for your character does not always show your correct position when you 
use the overhead map of New Kordar. It may show you are in one passage when 
in reality you are in a nearby passage, especially on the west side of the 

** Portals
  - Straight west of the portal to Creiston Mines are two portals that are 
labeled New Kordar on the overhead map. These are, in fact, two mini-portals 
that just take you up or down a level within the passage. They are labeled 
Top and Down on the adventure map. Eventually a portal to Riftland will be 
opened near these up and down portals.
  - There are two portals labeled New Kordar on the overhead map which allow 
you to reach Frod.
  - There eventually will be four portals which allow you to exit the area 
and return; one to Creiston Mines, one to Grotland, one to Riftlands and one 
to Hades.
** University
  - Closed when you first arrive and forever after.
** Tiny Johar ( a not so tiny Dwarf Giant and his troops near the entry to 
the dwarven village.
  - You can talk with him about himself and the town.
  - At some point in time, he asks you if you want to test your strength 
with him. Pay him 1,000,000 gold and you get to fight a tough battle against 
lots and lots of dwarven troops, but for no reward other than XP. You can 
repeat this for more XP.
** Dispatch Room
  - This location is empty.
** Shop
  - The shop owner is Chronic Brassface.
  - He can't open his store until you help him get rid of the undead 
vampires trapped in his basement. You of course are encouraged to remove 
them (this does not show up on the quest log).
  - You will fight the vampire Margrave Elias and his minions.
  - The shop will then sell some stuff and spells.
** Warehouse (there are two of these warehouses, neither of which is open)
  - Tightly closed.
** Warehouse
  - Even more tightly closed.
** Tavern
  - The tavern keeper is Reveller.
  - He sells stuff and dwarven units.
** Alchemy laboratory (Alchemical Laboratory)
  - This shop sells stuff, dwarven units, spells.
** Research laboratory
  - The shop sells stuff and dwarven units.
** Forge
  - Nothing here, or there.
** Workshop (there are two workshops)
  - Closed.
** Workshop
  - Closed.
** School
  - Nothing here.
** Engineer's house
  - This is the home of Engineer Granik.
  - He starts the quest [87] Steam Tentacle.
  - In this quest you are to go look for his tentacle thingies (Steam-
Powered Tentucloid Fragment) which are in the possession of one of the 
wandering undead armies you encounter through the large gate of New Kordar.
  - You need to find three Tentucloid fragments.
** Archon Runsage
  - This dwarf is standing at the western edge of the village near a hammer 
shimmering on the ground.
  - He tells you a long winded version of dwarven history.
  - You can offer to help with this hammer; this is a classic gremlin tower 
battle pitting you against dwarven units. (The quest does not appear in your 
Quest Log).
  - He will trade talent runes with you; 5 runes for 2; 10 runes for 5; 15 
runes for 8
  - Defeat the tower and you will get the Dwarven High hammer (there is no 
quest log for this) and the title Heavy Striker.
** Kirasar castle
  - This is the castle of the King who is Korn Digor - but he calls himself 
governor (say what?)
  - He's willing to help, but you have to do something for him first (who 
would've guessed?)
  - You have to wait awhile for him to get a letter to his brother King 
Thorn Digor and in the meantime, you can kill some undead for him.
  - You will eventually get an update for quest [82] Find Queen Amelie.
  - The castle sells dwarven units; spells etc.
** Tori Hanson
  - The little boy is lost and you find him standing in cave corridors in 
the north central part of New Kordar
  - Finding him starts the quest [88] Lost Boy.
** Droid Charlie-4
  - Charlie-4 is a talking droid found in eastern central part of New 
  - He gives you the Rusty Flower which initiates the quest [89] The Droid 
and the Flower.
** Frod
  - He is a dwarf standing in the eastern most central region of New Kordar 
and singing a song about his love, Freolina
  - Turns out he has the Portal Rune that belongs to Freolina and you now 
start the quest [90] Dwarven Love. Note that if you talk to Freolina first, 
the quest will be [90] Trapped Demoness.
** Freolina
  - She is a demoness standing near the entrance to Hades, north-eastern tip 
of New Kordar.
  - She is the love interest that Frod is searching for, but at the end of 
the conversation she will attack you.
  - Talking with her before you talk to Frod starts the quest [90] Trapped 
** portal to Hades
  - A special key is needed to open this portal; the key is obtained from 
Frod during his quest.


[91] Alliance with the Vikings
[92] Heir to the Throne
[93] The Sorcerer's Pet Frog
[94] Twilight Love
[95] Plundered Stylist
[96] Luxury Outfit
[97] Royal Robber
[98] Stolen Silver
[99] Werewolf Killer
[100] Black Spot

[91]  Alliance with the Vikings
The Vikings are another possible ally, so you shall have to journey to 
Southern Vinland to meet with the leader of the Vikings and convince him to 
join forces with you.
  - You can only gain entrance to see the King if you defeat Loki, the 
ginormous Viking standing at the foot of the path leading to the castle. 
However, when you defeat Loki, you get Loki's spell, which is probably the 
best of the Valkyrie type rage spells.
[91.1]  Meet the ruler of Southern Vinland.
  - You first must defeat Loki, the giant standing guard at the steps to the 
castle, to get this quest.
  - You ask King Asvald of Egilstadir to help, but alas, he cannot because 
they are almost at war with the dwarves.
  - Instead, he asks you to help him by dealing with some rebellious Vikings 
in Grotland.
  - You get the navigation map for Grotland.
[91.2]  Deal with the free Vikings of Grotland.
  - You were tasked with eliminating Urfin, who is trudging around in the 
small village area of Grotland; he does not have a quest marker over his 
head; he has one of those white laser beams emanating from his head that 
indicates he is a miniboss; just walk up to him and start a conversation.
  - Regardless of your dialogue choices, he wants to fight.
  - Kill Urfin.
[91.3]  Talk to the caretaker of the mine.
  - The mine caretaker is Supervisor Makintor who lives in the Keeper's 
House on Grotland.
  - Talk to him after you have killed Urfin and he gives you a proposal to 
deliver to King Asvald.
[91.4]  Report to Asvald about the dwarven proposal to concede the mine for 
  - Asvald is somewhat pleased with your efforts; but now he wants you to 
develop mines on Iceland; so you get a navigation map to Iceland Isle and 
the quest [86] Alliance with the Dwarves is updated.
[91.5]  Tell Asvald that the dwarves are ready to sign the peace treaty.
  - To complete the quest [86] Alliance with the Dwarves, you need to kill 
the powerful ice dragons on Iceland. You can either talk to King Digor to 
get the quest or kill the dragons first.
  - These powerful dragons are found on Iceland in an area called Ice Dragon 
  - Hunt them down and kill them.
  - Return to King Digor when the dragons are slain, go back to Asvald and 
you will then complete [86] Alliance with the Dwarves.
  - However, King Asvald is not yet ready to pledge the Vikings; you first 
need to pacify the orcs on Tungsinn; Asvald will give you the navigation map 
to Tungsinn.

Important Note: There is a bug in the quests on Tungsinn. The quests must be 
done in a certain order or you will not be able to complete them. In the 
section on Tungsinn, there is a list of the correct order to follow to avoid 
the bug. Follow that list before you finish the quest being described here.

[91.6]  Find out why the Orcs waged war on Tungsinn.
  - You need to talk to Fronta on Tungsinn, the wife of the orc leader Uch; 
you then get the following update.
[91.7]  Take the magic bracelet from the leader of th orcs, Uch-Ygyr.
  - You must fight with Uch-Ygyr, but you won't kill him; in the end you 
will take the enchanted bracelet and cure him of the curse; he then asks you 
to help smooth things out with his wife Fronta and with Knud the Warrior.
  - He now sells items spells and orc units.
[91.8]  Report to Fronta that the curse has been lifted.
  - She's happy you didn't kill Uch. Return to Uch and get even more 
[91.9]  Tell Knud abut Uch-Ygyr's curse, and put an end to the war.
  - Knud is happy that you intervened and saved the day.
[91.10]  Tell Asvald about the enchanted orc and the end of the war.
  - After finishing up the nefarious ongoings in Tungsinn, return to Asvald 
on Riftland and he agrees to have the Vikings join the alliance.
  - You can claim the title Jarl Protector.
[91.11]  Forge an alliance with the Vikings.
  - The quest is complete.
  - This will update two other quests: [80] Find Allies, and [81] An 
Alliance with the Elves; in the latter, you were to find Queen Amelie, but 
now you are to report to Las Ksarind that the search has been unsuccessful.

[92]  Heir to the Throne
Riftland. King Asvald, ruler of the Southern Vinland, asked you to discover 
the fate of a recent expedition to Fastland. Although you told him that his 
entire fleet of longboats had been destroyed upon the rocks, he nevertheless 
insisted that you at least uncover any traces of his missing son, who had 
command of the ships.

Important note: There appears to be a bug in this quest. You are to find a 
flag, Odin's Flag, and give it to King Asvald. You can also buy this flag is 
some shops. If you have already bought the flag, when you undertake this 
quest, apparently the game assumes you found the flag, but King Asvald does 
not acknowledge that you have it in your possession. Thus, you can never 
complete the quest. I tried deleting the bought flag from my inventory and 
that made no difference. Luckily, this is not a game-stopping bug.

[92.1]  Find the traces of King Asvald's son on Fastland.
  - The king asked you to go to Fastland and find his son, who is probably 
  - I've found this flag in two different locations in different games. It 
may be on the eastern coast of Fastland, in a chest floating near a wrecked 
longboat or near a rock and some wreckage; the chest contains Odin's Flag. 
Or, it may be in a chest in the ocean at the north-western tip of the 
[92.2]  Take Odin's Flag from Triskelle to King Asvald.
  - When you complete this quest you get a nice sword as a reward - maybe 
Gladiator or Dragon Slayer.

[93]  The Sorcerer's Pet Frog
Riftland. The soothsayer Johan told you of his grave misfortune: he has lost 
his pet frog. The old man seemed so genuinely heartbroken that you decided 
to find his frog for him. Johan suggested that you commence your search at 
the dwelling of Red Hestra.
  - Johan owns the little hut and will give you this quest if you ask if he 
has any work for you.
[93.1]  Determine whether or not Red Hestra has Johan's frog.
  - Seek out his pet frog at Red Hestra (Witch's House).
[93.2]  Obtain from Ratmir a dress for Red Hestra.
  - Hestra does indeed have the frog, but won't give it to you until you get 
her a dress from Ratmir in the Lighthouse; Ratmir won't make the dress until 
you recover his stolen items. Why oh why do adventurers get into this 
profession, anyway? Why don't they just get a job with FedEx.
  - After you get Ratmir's stolen ornaments, he will make the dress.
  - You can ask Ratmir if he would make something that no one else has, and 
will give you another task - to talk to Heksus on Demonis; this starts [96] 
Luxury Outfit.
[93.3]  Take the Youthful Dress to Red Hestra.
  - Hestra doesn't seem too pleased with her new dress, and, the frog has 
now hopped into the snake-infested basement. Oy Vey.
  - When you agree to help with the snakes, you will automatically head into 
the basement and the battle is joined.
  - After the defeating the snakes, you will automatically get the Pet Frog.
[93.4]  Return the pet frog to the soothsayer Johan.
  - This will complete the quest.
  - When you talk to Johan at a later time, he gives you the quest [94] 
Twilight Love, where he tells you he is in love with Hestra and wants you to 
deliver a love letter.

[94]  Twilight Love
Riftland. The soothsayer Johan told you that he is secretly in love with Red 
Hestra and that he started the whole business with the frog simply to get 
closer to the witch. Now he has asked you to take a letter to Hestra, in 
which he confesses his true feelings.
  - After you've done the frog quest for Johan, you can get this charming 
little time waster.
[94.1]  Take the love letter to Red Hestra.
  - Seems like the old biddy isn't interested because Johan just wants a 
piece of her, ah, garden.
[94.2]  Tell Hestra of Johan's interests.
  - This probably really should say "Tell Johan that Hestra is not 
  - Anyway, go back and talk to Johan and he gives you a ring to give to the 
lovely Hestra.
[94.3]  Take the Ring of Chastity to Hestra.
  - Well, she's happy with that.
[94.4]  Tell Johan that Hestra gives her consent.
  - He's delighted and gives you some videos of the wedding night 
festivities . . . no, no, no, that's wrong. Just plain wrong.
  - You do get the Shield of Rekross, Crystal Helmet or some other fancy 
[95]  Plundered Stylist
Riftland. You came across a Viking shopkeeper who prefers the needle and 
thimble over the sword and shield. He complained that his store had recently 
been robbed, and he wanted the robbers to return the stolen items.
  - When you talk to Ratmir in the Lighthouse, he asks you to recover some 
lost goods for him.
[95.1]  Recover the items stolen by the robbers. Found 0 of 5 packages.
  - Some robbers stole packages from Ratmir and you are to retrieve them.
  - One item is found in a chest floating in the sea; 3 are obtained by 
killing wandering enemies and one is in a tree stump on the south-western 
side of the island, near where Arthur Grabber is/was standing; the stump is 
near the narrow wooden bridge and waterfall just down the path from the 
  - These are called Collection of Items when you receive them and "Pile of 
Ornaments" in your inventory.
[95.2]  Return 5 packages of ornaments to Ratmir.
  - After you return them and then ask about making something special, he 
will give you another quest [96] Luxury Outfit.
  - You can now ask him about making a dress for the witch; this will cost 
2000 gold and 2 magic crystals.
  - After the dress is complete, this will update the quest [] The 
Sorcerer's Pet Frog.

[96]  Luxury Outfit
Riftland. The Viking Ratmir of Riftland, in gratitude for your having 
recovered his stolen cloths and fabrics, has promised to sew you somthing 
(sic - something) extraordinary - but in order to do so, he requires certain 
special items.
  - Given by Ratmir in the lighthouse of Riftland after you complete the [] 
Plundered Stylist quest.
  - He wants you to get some patterns from Heksus on Demonis.
[96.1]  Bring Ratmir the old patterns that are in the possession of Heksus, 
on Demonis.
  - Heksus will simply give these to you.
[96.2]  Bring the patterns to Ratmir.
  - When you return to Ratmir with the patterns, he's not too impressed with 
the patterns, but he actually likes the werewolf skin the best (you acquired 
this from the quest [99] Werewolf Killer or he gives you this quest now).
  - Notice that log entry [96.1] disappears from you quest log.
[96.3]  Acquire a werewolf's skin.
  - After he takes the werewolf skin, he wants you to get 5 silver plates in 
[96.4]  Bring Ratmir five silver plates. Perhaps Yungem Needler of Arlania 
would be able to help.
  - Buy the silver plates from Yungem; he's the jeweler in Arlania.
[96.5]  Deliver the silver plates to Ratmir.
  - This completes the quest: you get the Courtly Garb as a reward.

[97]  Royal Robber
Riftland. Torfin, the royal advisor to King Asvald, has instructed you to 
find and punish the man who recently stole from the royal palace. For this, 
he has promised to pay generously.
  - This quest is given to you by Torfin the Just who is standing near the 
  - He wants you to find some robbers.
[97.1]  Track down the person who stole from Asvald Palace.
  - You'll find Arthur Grabber standing in the south-eastern part of the 
  - He's a real snit when you talk with him and then the quest updates to . 
. .
[97.2]  Find evidence to incriminate Arthur Grabber.
  - Go talk to Ratmir in the Lighthouse.
  - In talking with Ratmir in the Lighthouse, you will be asked to do a 
quest for him.
  - When you speak with him again, you find out that, of course, is was 
Grabber who stole stuff from the castle, so go back and find Grabber and 
have another chat with him.
[97.3]  Defeat Arthur Grabber.
  - Confront him with the information about the clothes and the battle will 
be joined.
  - For a petty thief, he is no pushover.
  - Defeating Grabber opens the quest [98] Stolen Silver, you get the Silver 
Tableware to return to Torfin and you get a Black Spot for some later quest 
called [100] Black Spot.

[98]  Stolen Silver
Riftland. Among the belongings of a robber you killed - one Arthur Grabber - 
you find a bag of stolen tableware. You have decided to return these 
valuables to their rightful owner: King Asvald. You shall need to talk to 
Torfin, his right-hand man.
  - After defeating Arthur, this quest opens in your log and you have Silver 
Tableware in your inventory.
[98.1]  Give Torfin the tableware.
  - This completes the quest.
  - You can now ask Torfin if he needs any more help and get the quest [99] 
Werewolf Killer.

[99]  Werewolf Killer
Riftland. Torfin told you that not far from here, in the forests of 
Riftland, there roams a voracious werewolf which is terrorizing the local 
population. You have agreed to hunt down and kill this beast, in return for 
a fee.
  - After you complete the Royal Robber and Stolen silverware quests, you 
can ask for this quest to kill a werewolf.
[99.1]  Hunt down and kill the werewolf.
  - He/she/it is walking about somewhere on Riftland.
  - You get the werewolf skin after you defeat him; don't sell this item as 
it is needed for another quest.
  - Killing him completes the quest.

[100]  Black Spot
Riftland. Apparently, the trader Ben Gorefiend has not entirely broken with 
his criminal past. He gave you instructions to deliver a sealed chest to 
Gregory, a smuggler on Isterreng. It may not be the right thing to do. 
Perhaps you might instead inform the local authorities of Ben's 
  - You get a Black Spot after defeating Arthur Grabber, the Royal robber.
  - When you take this Black spot to Ben Gorefiend at the Abandoned Ship his 
gives this quest.
[100.1]  Deliver a sealed chest to the smuggler Gregory on Isterreng.
  - Take the thing to Smuggler's Haven on Isterreng; you get nothing for 
doing the quest this way.
  - Alternatively, you can go to Torfin, the king's advisor and tell him 
about the smuggling; he will want you to deal with Ben Gorefiend.
  - If you choose not to go to Isterreng but instead inform Torfin, then 
this log entry will be listed as Failed. But that's OK because we will deal 
with Ben Gorefiend now...
[100.2]  Deal with Ben Gorefiend.
  - Here you have the choice of attacking him right away or letting him go; 
I chose to fight him.
[100.3]  Tell Torfin of Ben Gorefiend's death.
  - This completes the quest.

** Loki
  - Loki is a giant Viking standing near the Castle Egilstadir in the 
central region of Riftlands.
  - Loki guards the path to the castle Egilstadir; you cannot fly up to the 
castle and land
  - You must fight Loki to gain entrance to the castle.
  - If you defeat him in less than 10 rounds, you get the achievement God of 
War and you can claim a new title Friend of the Giants.
  - When you defeat Loki you begin the quest [91] Alliance with the Vikings.
  - You also get Loki's aid, the last, and best, of your rage abilities.
** Castle Egilstadir
  - This is the location of King Asvald.
  - In conversation with Asvald, you discover that he is willing to help you 
with lending his support, but he cannot at the present time because of a 
border dispute with the dwarves.
  - He does need you help in acquiring more gold and so he gives you the 
Navigation map for Grotland and thus update the quest [91] Alliance with the 
  - The castle will sell typical Viking units.
  - You can ask him for a ship and he says to see Torfin; Torfin the Just is 
standing at the top of the path near the castle.
  - If you ask him if there is any work for you, he says that several 
longboats under the command of his son set sail for Fastland; you are to go 
to Fastland and find out what happened to the boats; this starts the quest 
[92] Heir to the Throne.
** Witch's House
  - This is the home of Red Hestra.
  - She sells items, some units and spells.
  - She is part of several quests including [93] The Sorcerer's Pet Frog.
** Soothsayer's Hut
  - This is the home of Johan the Soothsayer.
  - He is part of the quest [93] The Sorcerer's Pet Frog.
  - He sells items units and spells.
** Abandoned Ship (Ben Gorefiend's Ship)
  - This is the location of Ben Gorefiend.
  - Ben is part of the quest [100] Black Spot.
  - You get this quest if you show him the black spot that you got from 
defeating Arthur Grabber.
  - The ship sells items, pirates and some spells.
** Lighthouse
  - This is the location of Ratmir who gives you the quest [95] Plundered 
** Tavern
  - The Tavern is near the main castle and is unmarked on your map.
  - Here you will find Viking units for sale.
** Torfin the Just
  - This is an advisor to King Asvald and he is standing near the castle.
  - You can ask him a number of questions, one of which is for advice; the 
king has asked you to go to Grotland and deal with a renegade Viking, Urfin; 
Torfin's advice is to try to negotiate with Urfin and if things don't go 
well, to fight him. You will fight Urfin.
  - Torfin sells Viking units.
  - He will give you a boat if you asked King Asvald about a boat.
  - If you ask Torfin what's happening on the island, he tells you that 
since many of the troops are off fighting the dwarves, the island has been 
inundated with robbers and thieves; this starts the quest [97] Royal Robber.
** Village Smithy
  - This is forge (in the little village).
  - The Smithy sells items, Viking units.
** Arthur Grabber
  - This guy is standing in the south-western part of Riftlands.
  - He is part of the quest [97] Royal Robber.
** Abandoned Mine
  - This dungeon is full of enemies to fight and stuff to collect.
** Catacombs of Despair
  - This too is full of enemies to fight and stuff to collect.
** Iggy the Cook
  - He is not quest related so cook his goose and serve him for dinner.

                  GROTLAND ISLE

[101] The Driller
[102] Paper for the Professor
[103] Hammer Thrower
[104] Vitamins for the Miners
[105] Rod Rotmouth
[124] Self-recording Apparatus
[125] Dragon-informant

[101]  The Driller
Grotland. The dwarven inventor, Stator Fizzledowser of Grotland, told you 
that he is working on a machine called The Driller, which will facilitate 
the daily work of the dwarves. It is still lacking a few parts, which you 
have agreed to fetch for him - for a fee, of course.
  - This quest is given by Stator located on the small island in the south-
east corner of Grotland.
[101.1]  Buy a large gear-wheel from Gutar Dodger.
  - Buy it for 1000 gold.
[101.2]  Bring the large gear-wheel to Stator.
  - Do that.
  - When you bring the gear to Stator, he tells you he now needs some 
ancient drawings.
[101.3]  Get hold of some ancient drawings for Stator. - Perhaps Heksus or 
Rezo know something of these...
  - Rezo in the Magic Tower in Arlania does not have them; you'll need to 
see Heksus in Demonis.
[101.4]  Recover Stator's old diagrams.
  - Buy them from Heksus in Demonis (will cost 7500 gold after negotiation).
  - When you return to the dunderhead Stator with the blueprints, he 
realizes he now needs a worm gear so....
[101.5]  Procure a worm gear for Stator, which can be purchased from Gutar 
  - But Gutar is reluctant to sell it to you because it will put miners out 
of work.
  - He will offer you a fake gear to give to Stator, or if you refuse that, 
then you have to fight him.
  - If you fight him, you get the worm gear, but fail the [104] Vitamins for 
the Miners quest if it's still open.
  - So, the recommendation is to take the defective gear . . 
[101.6]  Give Stator the defective worm gear.
  - When you go back to Stator you can give him the gear or talk to him 
about the machine.
  - Talking to Stator about the machine results in a change of heart for 
Stator and he destroys the plans.
  - If you give him the defective worm gear, the machine is built, but it 
malfunctions and you must now stop it - a boss fight with THE DRILLER!
  - Beat his mechanical ass.
[101.7]  Tell Gutar of your battle with The Driller.
  - Accept your reward from Gutar.
  - Talk to Gutar again to get another quest [105] Rod Rotmouth.

[102]  Paper for the Professor
Grotland. Professor Drotar is recording the history of the dwarves from the 
beginning of time. However, he complained that he had run out of paper and 
ink, so he cannot complete his landmark work. You promised to find him fresh 
supplies, so he may finish his treatise.
  - You get this quest when you talk to Drotar in his laboratory.
[102.1]  Find a bottle of ink for Professor Drotar.
   - You can get a bottle of ink from Ay Vaz the Orc who is in the Studio of 
Western Freedom Islands.
[102.2]  Find some paper for Professor Drotar. Ask Archmage Rezo if he has 
any paper.
  - Rezo in Arlania has this, so buy it.
  - In my game, the conversation choice was to refuse to buy the paper for 
2000, and the log did not update. However, the paper was present in my 
inventory and I was still able to complete the quest. Go figure.
[102.3]  Give the paper and ink to Professor Drotar.
  - You have to bring both the paper and ink at the same time, not one at a 
time. This completes the quest.
  - After you deliver the ink and paper you can ask Drotar the strange 
question, "As we are working on your book, Drotar?" This leads to the quest 
[124] Self-recording Apparatus.

[103]  Hammer Thrower
Grotland. A young Viking named Bruce is greatly depressed about the 
disappearance of his favorite throwing hammer. Soon, Riftland will host its 
hammer-throwing competition, and Bruce had hoped to defend his title. You 
have promised the Viking that you will find him a new hammer of the finest 
dwarven handicraft.
[103.1]  Find the dwarf who can make a magic hammer for Bruce.
  - This would be Stator at Stator's workshop in Grotland; he will make this 
hammer if you deliver some magazines to Granik in New Kordar.
[103.2]  Take the magazines to Granik.
  - Granik is the engineer in the Engineer's house in New Kordar.
[103.3]  Talk to Stator Fizzledowser.
  - After you deliver the magazines, return to Stator, tell him you did so, 
pay 2 crystals, and he will make the hammer.
[103.4]  Give the Thundering Hammer to Bruce the Tosser.
  - Bruce is still standing near the House on the western side of the 
  - This completes the quest.

[104]  Vitamins for the Miners
Grotland. The dwarven merchant, Gutar Dodger, told you of the strange 
illness that has swept through the mine. He wants to find some medicine to 
cure this sickness, and then sell it to the dwarves. Gutar begged you to 
assist him in this matter.
  - Quest given by Gutar Dodger on Grotland.
[104.1]  Ask Professor Drotar why the miners are sick.
  - Drotar says they simply have to eat their vegetables.
[104.2]  Tell Gutar about the vitamin diet.
  - Of course Gutar does not know where to find green vegetables so you have 
to go talk to Grumpy Oira.
[104.3]  Talk to Grumpy Oira about the supply of healthy greens.
  - Well, Grumpy tells you to keep your hands off of her "cabbages" and she 
won't sell you any veggies until you get the miners to stop digging under 
her garden.
[104.4]  Make Guttar (sic) shut down the operation under Oira's kitchen 
  - If you haven't already, when you go back to Gutar, you can ask if he has 
any work for you and you will get [105] Rod Rotmouth who apparently robbed 
Gutar's store.
  - When you convince Gutar to cooperate about the vegetable garden, you can 
. . . 
[104.5]  Tell Oira that the dwarves will stop digging beneath her kitchen 
  - This will complete the quest.

[105]  Rod Rotmouth
Grotland. The dwarven merchant Gutar Dodger complained to you that his store 
had recently been robbed. He suspected a pirate by the name of Rod Rotmouth. 
You have agreed to find and punish this pirate.
  - You get his quest from Gutar after you've done some other things for 
[105.1]  Hunt down and destroy Rod Rotmouth
  - Apparently Gutar has been robbed and he asks you to find the cad who did 
  - He's in the Maurader's Cave.
  - This cave is not marked on the overhead map; it is in the extreme south-
west corner of the island.
  - The cave is populated by typical cave denizens and undead.
  - Killing old Rod completes the quest.

[124]  Self-recording Apparatus
Grotland. The scientist Drotar has nearly finished his book on the history 
of the suberranean (sic subterranean) people, and his is anxious to have as 
many dwarves read it as possible. He decided to build a machine that will 
make multiple copes of the book, and you have offered him your assistance in 
this matter.
  - After you deliver the ink and paper to Drotar in the quest [102] Paper 
for the Professor, you can ask the following strange question, "As we are 
working on your book, Drotar?" This leads to the quest [124] Self-recording 
[124.1]  Take Professor Drotar's drawings to the inventor, Stator.
  - You get some designs made by Drotar of some type of printing apparatus 
and you are to show these to Stator in his Workshop.
  - Stator can't actually make the thing, but can tells you where to find 
[124.2]  Get a printing press from Granik the engineer, in New Kordar.
  - So we're trudging off to see Granik.
  - Granik wants 10,000 gold for the printing press and won't negotiate.
[124.3]  Take the printing press to Stator, the inventor.
  - Here we go back to Stator in Grotland.
  - For a measly 10,000, he makes the machine for you.
[124.4]  Give the recording machine to Professor Drotar.
  - He's pleased, of course, but...
  - When you ask him to tell you about the writing machine
  - Now he wants you to bring him a living dragon which starts the quest 
[125] Dragon-informant.

[125]  Dragon-informant
Grotland. Professor Drotar wants to record the history of the dragon tribe, 
but to do so he needs a dragon that is familiar with the oral traditions of 
its kind. You promised to try to find one such dragon and bring it to the 
  - This quest is started when you finish the printing press for Drotar and 
ask him about it.
[125.1]  Bring a dragon to Professor Drotar.
  - Get a dragon and talk to Drotar again. You will explain that you just 
happen to have the " Luunja jar heltes darga" - a dragon sage. You don't 
really have this or need to go find it, any dragon in your army will 
suffice. If you don't have a dragon, go get one.
  - Get your reward from Drotar and end the quest.

** Stator's Workshop
  - This is the home of Stator Fizzledowser.
  - The workshop is located on the small island in the south-east of 
  - He sells dwarven units.
  - Stator is involved in the quest [101] The Driller and is part of the 
quest [103] Hammer Thrower.
** Rotting Galleon
  - This ship is docked on the river; the ship is in center of isle at end 
of river but it cannot be accessed.
** Marauder's Cave (not marked on overhead map)
  - This cave is found at the south-eastern tip of island.
  - Here be lots of enemies to fight.
** Rod Rotmouth
  - He is lurking in Marauder's Cave.
  - Initially he may have a quest icon over his head, but does not have a 
quest as yet.
  - He will eventually be part of the quest [105] Rod Rotmouth that you 
undertake for Gutar.
** Keeper's House
  - This is the location of Supervisor Makintor.
  - You will eventually talk to him about developing the mine; once you have 
talked about the mine, this will update the quest [91] Alliance with the 
** Workshop
  - The workshop sells items, dwarf units, spells.
** Drotar's Laboratory
  - Here you will need a bottle of Ink and a sheath of paper for the quest 
[102] Paper for the Professor. A bottle of Ink can be purchased from Ay Vaz 
who is in the Studio on Western Freedom Island and the sheath of paper can 
be obtained from Archmage Rezo in the Magic Tower in Arlania.
  - After you deliver the ink and paper you can ask Drotar the strange 
question, "As we are working on your book, Drotar?" This leads to the quest 
[124] Self-recording Apparatus.
  - Drotar sells items and spells.
** House
  - The House is only seen on the adventure map (not on overhead map) and 
can't be accessed.
** Bruce
  - He is standing outside of House.
  - He is involved in the quest [103] Hammer Thrower.
** Urfin Krushmor
  - He is walking about in the little village.
  - He's one of the rebel Vikings that the King Asvald wanted you to talk 
  - After you chat a bit you can attack him, or say that you will pass the 
word along to the King; but he attacks here anyway.
** Gutar's Shop
  - This is the home of Gutar Dodger.
  - He's involved in the quest [104] Vitamins for the Miners.
** Hermit's cottage (Hermitage on adventure map)
  - This shop sells items and spells.
** Village Smithy
  - This shop sells items and some troops.
** Oira's cottage (called Hut on adventure map)
  - The cottage is occupied by Grumpy Oira.
  - She is involved in the quest [104] Vitamins for the Miners.
  - Sells items and spells.
** Betty (standing in little village near Oira's cottage)
  - She's the mother of the lost boy in New Kordar for the quest [88] Lost 
  - If you've started that quest, she joins you (as inventory in your 
backpack - how does she do that, I wonder?)

                    ICELAND ISLE

Note: You are initially blocked from sailing around the island until you 
finish the quest for Yarri the Fisherman ([112] Cursed House).

[107] Rustyleg
[108] Dragon Necromancer
[109] Under the Dragon's Wing
[110] Saving the Royal Eggs
[111] Dragon's Dinner
[112] Cursed House

[107]  Rustyleg
Iceland. The Viking Alvan, the village elder of the Iceland, has asked you 
to kill a pirate by the name of Rustyleg, who has paralyzed trade between 
Iceland and its neighboring islands, placing the local population of Iceland 
at risk of starvation. In return for the head of this wretch, King Asvald 
has promised a substantial reward.
  - Given by Alvan in the main castle of Iceland.
Note: You are initially blocked from sailing around the island, and thus 
finding Rustyleg, until you finish the quest for Yarri the Fisherman.
[107.1]  Kill Rustyleg
  - Killing him completes the quest.

[108]  Dragon Necromancer
Iceland. Viking Alvan has asked you to hunt down and kill the Ice Dragon who 
has become obsessed with necromancy and is destroying the Viking cemetery.
  - Given by Alvan in the castle of Iceland.
[108.1]  Kill the Dragon Necromancer
  - You find the Dragon in the lurking within the Deep Cave.
  - Killing it completes the quest.

[109]  Under the Dragon's Wing
Iceland. Sirran, the leader of griffins living on the Iceland, has asked you 
to talk to the dragonness Massalatrix, the head Ice Dragon. Sirran would 
like the dragoness to take the griffins under her protection. He gave you a 
treasure chest to deliver to Massalatrix as a tribute from the griffin folk.
  - In a small castle on a peak in Iceland, you will meet Sirran, the leader 
of the griffins on the island.
  - He will tell you about the undead smashing all of their eggs.
  - He asks you to speak to a dragoness named Massalatrix, and give the 
dragonness a treasure chest.
[109.1]  Give Massalatrix the treasure chest.
  - Sirran the griffin wants to make peace with the dragons and gives you a 
chest of jewels as a peace offering.
  - The dragons can be found by going through the portal called Ice Dragon 
Peak located right next to Sirran's castle.
  - You will find some tough dragons to fight in Ice Dragon Peak and you 
cannot use your flying ability.
  - Massalatrix the dragoness is found in the castle called Furiset.
[109.2]  Give Sirran the Dragon banner.
  - When you deliver the chest, you convince the dragon queen and she gives 
you a banner to give to Sirran that will protect the griffins from harm from 
the dragons.
  - Return to Sirran and this completes the quest.

[110]  Saving the Royal Eggs
  - When you return to Sirran the Griffin, she has another quest for you.
  - She wants you to steal the royal egg of Massalatrix, the Dragon Queen.
  - You will get a choice here: 1. to side with the Griffins or 2. to side 
with the Dragons
  - Save before taking the quests.

If you side with the Dragons;
[110.1]  Warn Massalatrix of the impending theft.
  - You get this update if you side with the dragons.
  - Your reward here is lots of gold, XP and runes.
[110.2]  Punish Sirran for his treachery.
  - Now go back to Sirran; you don't get a chance to re-negotiate with 
Sirran; the battle begins immediately.
  - Defeat Sirran for the dragons.
[110.3]  Report the fate of Sirran to Massalatrix.
  - You will get your reward and become Defender of the Ice.
  - Talk to Massalatrix again and she will now give you another quest [111] 
Dragon's Dinner.

Or, if you side with the Griffins
[110.1]  Infiltrate Massalatrix's castle and steal the royal egg.
  - You get this update if you side with the griffins.
  - Your reward is decent but not as good as siding with the dragons.
  - Enter the castle of Massalatrix (who is not present, presently); you 
will be in a small cave with the egg at the far end; you are confronted by 
the powerful dragon enemy Kilaterrax, but you can avoid fighting with 
careful maneuvering.
  - Snatch the royal egg.
[110.2]  Give Sirran the royal egg.
  - Giving the egg to Sirran makes you a Friend of The Griffins and Sirran 
leaves the island; the griffin castle will be empty and Massalatrix will now 
be an enemy to defeat.

[111]  Dragon's Dinner
  - If you chose to defeat the Griffins for the Dragon Queen, she gives you 
this quest; she wants food.
[111.1]  Ask the Iceland Vikings if there is anyone selling cattle.
  - Talk to Matti the dairymaid; she asks why you need a cow; you can tell 
the truth or lie to her.
  - If you tell the truth, you don't get a cow and the quest fails.
  - If  you lie to her, she will give you a cow, but only if you do 
something for her first; this will update the quest [111] Dragon's Dinner.
[111.2]  Get the medicine for Mattie's cows from Johan the sorcerer.
  - Ask Johan on Riftland for the medicine and you get it without any fuss.
[111.3]  Give the herbs to Mattie the dairymaid.
  - When you deliver the medicine for the cows, you get the prized heffer to 
give to Massalatrix {Note: the description in your inventory says Burenk's 
plump cow. Who is Burenk, pray tell?}
[111.4]  Give the cow to Masslatrix.
  - The dragon is grateful and the quest ends.

[112]  Cursed House
Iceland. Yarri, a fisherman who lives on the Iceland, complained to you that 
his house had been taken over by a ghost. Now Yarri is forced to huddle in 
the street. You agreed to help the poor fellow, and deal with the malevolent 
  - Yarri the Fisherman, who is huddling in the street (although there are 
no streets in Iceland, but whatever) wants you to remove the ghost from his 
[112.1]  Talk to the ghost.
  You can attack right away, or ...
  - You can agree to help the ghost remove a curse.
  - To help the ghost you need to talk to Red Hestra in the Witch's House, 
the old lady on Riftland involved in the frog quest.
[112.2]  Tell Red Hestra about the cursed ghost.
  - Talk to Red Hestra in the Witch's House of Riftlands; she is reluctant 
to help because she wants her necklace back that the fisherman stole, so...
[112.3]  Collect the ghost necklace for Hestra.
  - Talk to the ghost in the fisherman's house on Iceland and you will get 
the necklace.
[112.4]  Take the necklace to Red Hestra.
  - Turns out it is the necklace that is cursed; Red asks you to remove the 
curse - a gremlin tower fight; you can refuse to fight the tower, but why 
would you want too?
[112.5]  Tell Yarri the fisherman that he can return home.
  - Go back to Yarri in Iceland.
  - Yarri is grateful and goes back to his house; and will now sell boats 
and become a store.
  - When you buy a boat from Yarri it appears right there on the shore and 
you can now explore the coastline of the rest of the island and go find 
Rustyleg the pirate.

** Ignotorrilyastr
  - This is the castle of Alvan, the viceroy to King Asvald.
  - He will give you a lengthy history of the island and he sells item, 
spells, Viking units.
  - He is part of the quests [107] Rustyleg and [108] Dragon Necromancer.
** House of Yarri the Fisherman
  - The house is currently occupied by a ghost and Yarri is standing nearby.
  - Yarri is part of the quest [112] Cursed House.
** Deep Cave
  - This is the location of the necromancer of the quest [108] Dragon 
** Matti the dairymaid
  - Sells potions, spells.
  - She is involved in quest [111] Dragon's Dinner.
** Griffin Stronghold
  - This is the home of Sirran the griffin.
  - He wants help with the local dragon, so he gives you a chest as a peace 
offering to give to Massalatrix the dragon which is part of the quest [109] 
Under the Dragon's Wing.
  - Sirran will also give you the quest [110] Saving the Royal Eggs.
** Peak of the Ice Dragon (Ice Dragon Peak)
  - Through this portal you enter a hidden realm where you cannot fly and 
meet up with some good and bad dragons.
  ** Castle of Massalatrix
      - This is the castle of Massalatrix and is involved in the quests 
[109] Under the Dragon's Wing, [110] Saving the Royal Eggs and [111] 
Dragon's Dinner.
      - The castle sells items, dragons, spells.
**  Ruins (not on overhead map)
  - Not accessible.
** Penguin (not on overhead map)
  - Thorvald the penguin is found on a small island in the north of Iceland.
  - He will sell runes or crystals for gold.

                 TUNGSINN ISLAND

[113] Lute for Laka
[114] A Star is Born
[115] Fly the Banner
[116] Shoe Thief
[117] Root of Evil
[118] Luckless Hunter

Important Note: The quests on Tungsinn are bugged. They have to be done in a 
certain order or you cannot complete them. What seems to work is this:
1. Do Laka quests first where you get her a lute [113] Lute for Laka.
  - give the lute to Laka
2. Next go to Fronta which will update [91] Alliance with the Vikings
  - you are to take her an enchanted bracelet that you get from Uch, but. . 
***  - don't go to Uch yet: if you go talk to Uch here, he wants to fight, 
but Fronta asked you not to kill him, so hold off seeing Uch for a while. 
This seems to be the main glitch in the quest, you cannot fight Uch until 
you have progressed other quest lines.
3. Then go to Baradock's tavern to get quest [114] A Star is Born; fulfill 
the quest requirements.
4. Go back to Laka to hear about getting her a dress (update [114] A Star is 
5. Talk to Knud in the main castle and ask about the dress; he wants you to 
kill Kraag Rottenteeth for the quest [115] Fly the Banner.
6. Go to Three-horn Moon Citadel, kill Kraag and return to Knud and get the 
Princess Dress.
7. Talk to Yodur about the shoes get [116] Shoe Thief
  - kill the thief and you will get the shoes automatically
8. Talk to Hallotta the herbalist; part of [114] A Star is Born
  - she has the cat collar you need, but she wants a mandrake root; she 
gives you a map to locate the root [117] Root of Evil
    9. If you've done things in this order, you now get the message that the 
costume for Laka is complete - update of [114] A star is born
10. Give the completed princess outfit to laka.
11. Now go fight Uch-Ygyr
  - this now updates [91] Alliance with the Vikings and you can go talk to 

[113]  Lute for Laka
Tungsinn. The orcish singer Laka asked you to find her a lute, so she could 
accompany herself while singing. You can buy a lute from Yodur the merchant, 
and you agreed to help - although it is doubtful that anything could improve 
her "singing".
  - Laka resides in Laka's Home and can't sing if her life depended on it. 
You are to find some accompaniment to improve her singing.
[113.1]  Find a lute for Laka the orc.
  - You can get this lute from Yodur the Merchant. He lives in Yodur's shop 
which is in the little town area in the south-eastern part of the island.
[113.2]  Bring the lute to Laka the orc.
  - Once you give the lute to Laka, the quest is complete. 
  - Laka will be part of the quest [114] A Star is Born where you get her to 
sing at Baradock's tavern.

[114]  A Star is Born
Tungsinn. Baradock, the orc who runs the tavern on Tungsinn, complained to 
you that he has very few customers. You suggested he should try to attract 
more customers by providing entertainment - perhaps hiring some singers and 
dancers. It turns out that in the whole of Tungsinn, there is only one orc, 
named Laka, who can sing. Baradock asked you to talk to Laka and see if she 
would agree to sing at this restaurant.
  - Given by Baradock is his tavern; he wants you to bring him a singer; 
Laka is the singer (do the Laka lute quest first before you talk to 
[114.1]  Tell Laka about Baradock's proposal.
  - For her to be a star, she needs you to construct a Princess costume for 
her; go see Yodur, Knud and Hallotta.
[114.2]  Get a pair of Princess Shoes from Yodur the merchant.
  - Well, the shoes have been stolen and you must retrieve them; this starts 
the quest [116] Shoe Thief.
[114.3]  Get the Princess Dress from Knud the Warrior.
  - When you ask Knud about the dress, he wants a favor; to kill Kraag 
Rottenteeth ([115] Fly the Banner) and hoist a banner over the castle; you 
now get the banner.
[114.4]  Get a Cat Collar from Hallotta the Herbalist.
  - Hallotta has the collar you need.
[114.5]  Give the princess outfit to Laka the orc.
  - This update appears when you have obtained the three components of the 
   - Giving her the outfit will complete the quest.
  - When you go back to Baradock, he says "Lacquer" is singing in the inn 
and not Laka - sheesh, I guess Laka moved on to better things.

[115]  Fly the Banner
Tungsinn. The leader of the Vikings of Tungsinn, Knud the Warrior, has 
promised to give me you (sic - me, you, which is it?) a Princess Dress, if 
you drive from the citadel a detachment of orcs led by Kraag Rottenteeth.

Important Note: There is a bug in the quests of Tungsinn, that if you do 
them in the "wrong" order, you cannot complete them. Follow the sequence 
given at the beginning of this section.

[115.1]  Kill Kraag Rottenteeth and hoist your flag above his citadel.
  - If you do quests in the wrong order (as in talking to Knud before you do 
other quests), when you return to Knud, he asks if you have killed Kraag, 
but there is no conversation choice to acknowledge this; you do not get the 
Princess dress as promised. Kill Kraag at the quest point designated in the 
sequence at the beginning of this section.
[115.2]  Report the death of Kraag to Knud the Warrior.
  - Go to the Three-horn Moon Citadel and kill the occupant.
  - When you return to Knud, apparently he thinks you killed Krivozubo, 
whoever that is.
  - Anyway, you get the Princess Dress and complete the quest. This will 
also update [114] A Star is Born.
  - The Three-horn Moon Citadel is now populated by Singur and sells Viking 

[116]  Shoe Thief
Tungsinn. Yodur the Viking, a shopkeeper, told you that he was recently 
robbed by an orc named Zadok Hardnose. This orc stole all of the most 
valuable items in the store, including a pair of Princess Shoes. Although 
Yodur does not expect to recover his belongings, he nevertheless offered you 
a reward for killing the brazen thief.
  - You get this quest as part of the overall quest for the island; you need 
a pair of princess shoes for [114] A Star is Born, but they have been stolen 
by the orc, Zadok Hardnose; you are to find Hardnose and kill him.
[116.1]  Kill the orc, Zadok Hardnose.
  - Zadok is on a ship in the ocean; kill him and you will get the Princess 
Shoes needed for the quest [114] A Star is Born.

[117]  Root of Evil
Tungsinn. Hallotta the Herbalist has admitted she has a Cat Collar, but is 
refusing to sell it. She is, however, prepared to exchange it for a Mandrake 
root, which can only be found at a special site in Tungsinn. Time to get 
digging again...
  - Received from Hallotta the herbalist; she is also part of the quest 
[114] A Star is Born.
  - She has the cat collar you need, but she wants a mandrake root; she 
gives you a map to locate the root.
[117.1]  Find and dig up the Mandrake root.
  - When you dig it up you are attacked by a bunch of plants. Re-plant them.
[117.2]  Bring the Mandrake root to Hallotta the herbalist.
  - She will give you the Cat Collar required for the Princess Dress in 
[114] A Star is Born.

[118]  Luckless Hunter
Tungsinn. You met a hunter named Derrek. He has been trying to catch the 
Black Unicorn, but with little success. He asked you to kill the Black 
Unicorn that wanders the area, and bring him the Horn of the Unicorn. He 
promises a generous reward in return.
  - When you stop by the Lodge in Tungsinn, you can have a chat with Derrek 
and he laments about not being able to kill a black unicorn. You, or course, 
volunteer to do it for him.
[118.1]  Kill the Black Unicorn at Tungsinn.
  - This quest was given to you by Derrek, who lives in a lodge in the 
north-eastern area of Tungsinn. Once you get this quest, you will find the 
Unicorn near the house of Laka. The Unicorn does not talk to you and goes 
straight into battle.
[118.2]  Give Derrek the unicorn horn.
  - You receive the horn after defeating the unicorn and its army; give it 
to Derrek and complete the quest.

You may be at the point now where you have done all you can in recruiting 
allies to help in the upcoming battle with Guilford. Clean up any remaining 
quests on other islands and then return to Greenwort for the final showdown.

** Yodur's shop
  - This shop sells items, Viking units.
  - The shop is part of quest [114] A Star is Born.
  - You will eventually get to talk to him about the princess shoes and thus 
start [116] Shoe Thief.
** Blacksmith (Forge)
  - The forge sells items, Viking units.
** Ragista
  - This is the castle of Knud the Warrior.
  - Knud will be part of the quests [114] A Star is Born and [91] Alliance 
with the Vikings.
** Large House
  - You cannot enter the large house even if you are small.
** Lighthouse
  - There is nothing here.
** Sawmill
  - There is nothing here.
** Tent
  - There is nothing here.
** Three-horn Moon Citadel
  - The Citadel is occupied by Kraag Rottenteeth who you need to eliminate 
for the quest [115] Fly the Banner.
** Uch-Ygyr's tent
  - You will fight with Uch during the quest [91] Alliance with the Vikings.
** Empty tent
  - It's, ah, empty.
** Fronta's tent
  - This is the wife of Uch-Ygyr.
  - She talks about how Guilford corrupted her husband Uch and she wants you 
to do something about it during the quest [91] Alliance with the Vikings.
  - You get a bracelet from Uch to give to Fronta.
** Lodge
  - This is the home of Derrek the Poacher.
  - He will give you the quest [118] Luckless Hunter.
** Laka's Home
  - Laka is a terrible singer who wants to be a star and needs a lute.
  - She is involved in the quests [113] Lute for Laka and [114] A Star is 
** "Baradock's" tavern
  - Baradock gives you the quest [114] A Star is Born where you are to bring 
him a good singer like Laka You gave the lute to Laka, who is a good singer, 
is she not?
** Hallotta's hut
  - Hallotta is part of the quests [114] A Star is Born and [117] Root of 
** Gloomy Cavern
  - This is another of your standard mini caverns with loot and enemies


You will be able to recruit 5 beautiful Valkyries to aid in your adventures 
in the game. You should spend some time talking with each one as you acquire 
them. This will give you some background information and you can learn about 
their abilities.

Each Valkyrie gives you a new rage ability and all of them give you a 
passive benefit just for having them in your party. How powerful their 
benefit is depends on how leveled-up they are. You can also choose a single 
"senior" Valkyrie whose passive benefit is heavily boosted. For example, if 
you have Gudrida as your senior and she is level 1, you will gain +4 to 
rage. With Gudrida as the senior and she is level 3, you will gain +16 to 
rage. Nice. You level them up by donating items to them and each likes 
different items.

Each of them also has an out-of-combat spell that you can ask them to cast 
such as buffing your whole army for the next battle, giving you gold for 
your troops that die, or giving you rage for the next fight, again based on 
how leveled they are.

How to Level-up your Valkyrie. Each Valkyrie wants a different sort of item. 
Look at their message screen to determine what item they require. Right 
click the item and choose donate. Often nothing seems to happen when you do 
this, but just hover your mouse over their portrait and you see their name 
and what level they are at currently. When they reach level 4, they will 
give you a quest. You need to give a Valkyrie one item to level her from 1 
to 2; you need to give her 2 items to level her from level 2 to 3; and you 
need to give her 4 items to level her to level 4.

For every level, both the passive bonus and the active bonus that each 
Valkyrie gives you gets better.

To get a Valkyrie to level 5, you need to finish her personal quest. You get 
the quest by talking to her when she reaches level 4 and she will tell you 
exactly what she wants.

Attribute increases, quests, etc. related to the Valkyries

  - Christa is the first Valkyrie you find in the game. She is found near 
the Temple of the Sun (unmarked on overhead map) in Vestlig. The temple 
looks like a small Stonehenge area at the peak of the mountain. Christa is 
standing near the Stonehenge.
  - Christa's special is Christa's Gift: during battle, she places a pile of 
gold at the location you indicate. The gold can entice and damage an enemy 
when they pick it up or, if one of your units picks it up, you will receive 
  - Christa's attribute for you is to increase the amount of gold you obtain 
from chests. At her max level 5, you get 25% more gold when she is senior 
and 6% more gold when she is a follower.
  - Prior to a battle and once in every 20 battles, you can ask her to 
perform the Right of Grief, where she will grant you gold for each of your 
soldiers killed in battle.
  - She levels up with donations of Regalia.
    donate 1 Regalia gift to level her from 1 - 2
    donate 2 Regalia gifts to level her from 2 - 3
    donate 4 Regalia gifts to level her from 3 - 4

Christa's Quest to level her to 5
[119] Heaven's Treasure
The Valkyrie known as Christa Stunning has confided in you that she is in 
great need of gold - a rather large amount, in fact: one million gold 
pieces. She told you that she requires this amount in order to fully realize 
her power. You have decided to assist her.
[119.1] Get one million gold coins for Christa the Valkyrie.
  - After Christa reaches level 4, once conversation line will be "You look 
sad, fair-haired Valkyrie. Is there anything I can do to brighten your 
eyes?" She simply wants 1,000,000 in gold to get her level 5. You should 
have millions by the time - so are you her sugar daddy or not?
  - When you complete Christa's quest, you will receive the title "Beloved 
of the Gods".

  - Hilda is in the upper right quadrant of Isterreng
  - She will join you, but first she wants you to find her sister, Gudrida 
the Fierce on Fastland.
  - Hilda's aide for you is that prior to a battle and once in every 20 
battles, you can ask her to inspire you warriors during battle.
  - Hilda's attribute increase for you is to give an increase in leadership. 
At her max level 5, she gives +1000 leadership when she is senior and +275 
leadership when a follower .
  - Her Special is Hilda's Arrows where several random opponents are damaged 
by a lightning-type spell.
  - She levels up with donations of Weapons.
    donate 1 Weapon gift to level her from 1 - 2
    donate 2 Weapon gifts to level her from 2 - 3
    donate 4 Weapon gifts to level her from 3 - 4

Hilda's Quest to level her to 5
[120] Hunt the Dragon
The Valkyrie Hilda the Warrior told you that, in ancient times, a dragon 
known as Veritory insidiously murdered her friend. Hilda has searched for 
the killer for many years, but the scaly reptile has cleverly concealed his 
tracks. However, it had recently became known that the dragon had built its 
lair somewhere on the Island of Elves, concealed in the vast expanse of the 
sea. You promised to help her find the tailed killer and see him justly 
  - After Hilda reaches level 4, one conversation line will be "I see dark 
thoughts crisscross your brow. Share with me your sorrows, light-eyed 
Hilda!" This is her quest for you to hunt down and kill the dragon Veritory 
the Bloody.
[120.1] Find and slay the dragon Veritory the Bloody.
  - The dragon is in the Lair of the Dragon on Merlassar Island.
[120.2] Talk to Valkyrie Hilda the Warrior.
  - This completes the quest.
  - The Lair of the Dragon now becomes a store (maybe including some black 
  - Completing this quest you can change your title to Dragonslayer.

  - Gudrida is on the top of the mountain just north of the village on 
Fastland Isle.
  - To get Gudrida, you have to find all 4 mask fragments, 3 of which are in 
the burning ruins of Fastland
  - Gudrida's aide to you is that prior to a battle and once in every 20 
battles, you can ask her to give you Rage where she will grant you a rage 
increase for the upcoming battle.
  - Her special for you is Gudrida's Rage where she rains fire damage in an 
area of the battlefield.
  - Gudrida's passive attribute increase is to give you an increase in rage. 
If she is your senior Valkyrie, the maximum increase with her at level 5 is 
+28 Rage and + 7 Rage when she is a follower.
  - She levels up with belts, boots, gloves:
    1 gift to level 2
    2 gifts to level 3
    4 gifts to level 4

Quest to level Gudrida to level 5
[121] Wrath of the Greenskins
The Valkyrie Gudrida the Fierce warned you that the orcish tribes are taking 
advantage of the fact that your native island of Northern Vinland had been 
weakened by the recent invasion of the undead. Seizing the opportunity, the 
orcs have descended in hordes upon the lands of Nordlige (sic- Nordlig), 
Vestlig, and Fastland. The Valkyrie is concerned about the fate of your 
people, the faithful followers of the Old gods. Undoubtedly, your duty is to 
help your kinsmen punish these twisted wretches, so that they, and their 
grandchildren thereafter, never again think of disturbing the peace of your 
native island!
  - After Gudrida the Fierce reaches level 4, if you talk to her, one 
conversation line will be "You look troubled, Gudrida. Has something 
happened?" She tells you that orcs have invaded your home islands and you of 
course agree to go there and wipe them out. Hunt them down and kill them. 
Kill them all.
[121.1] Destroy the orcish armies on Nordlig, Vestlig, and Fastland. 
Destroyed: 0/10.
  - Sure enough, when you get to one of these islands, there be orcs to 
contend with.
  - You may find that you missed the last one or two; they are all moving 
and not just standing still and they are not in a cave or something; keep 
[121.2] Talk to Gudrida the Fierce.
  - After you find and defeat them all, talk to her again. This places 
Gudrida at her full battle potential.
  - When you finish this quest you can take the title "Black Death", which 
in greenskin (orcish) translates to "Uck Judg". Cool.

  -You find Regina on the Verlon Wasteland standing in a wooded area in the 
south central part of the island
  - You must complete a quest for her to have her join you.
  - Prior to battle you can ask her to use her Trembling Hammer ability 
which will resurrect your weakest men after battle once every 15 battles.
  - Her special is Regina's Messenger where she conjures a golem that 
damages nearby enemies when it lands; in remains on the battlefield to help 
in the battle.
  - Regina's passive attribute increase is to give an increase to attack. At 
level 5 she gives +20 Attack to Level 5 units when senior and +5 attack when 
  - She levels up with armor and shields.
    1 gift to level 2
    2 gift to level 3
    4 gift to level 4
Quest for Regina to level up to level 5
[122] Army of Giants
The Valkyrie Regina the Stone has asked you to fetch her 10 giant creatures. 
Despite your persistent questioning as to why she might need them, she 
refused to answer. Nevertheless, you are always ready to assist a Valkyrie 
in need. She would be satisfied with dragons, cyclopses, trolls, and giants.
  - When you have leveled Regina to level 4, you have a conversation line 
that says "You seem anxious for a Valkyrie! Are you all right?"
  - This will start the quest Army of Giants.
[122.1] Bring Regina the Stone 10 creatures of level 5. Number given: 0/10.
  - Level 5 creatures are of those listed in the description above: I found 
that Jotuns work too.
  - Note: I bought 10 cyclops and gave them to Regina, but the quest log 
said I only gave her one. When I bought the cyclops one at a time and gave 
them to her one at a time, then the quest log updated properly.
  - This will end the quest.
  - Oh, and you can now be called "Lord of the Giants". Whoop de do.

  - You obtain Mista after you "defeat" Guilford for the first time.
  - Her special is Bliss of Solitude which grants mental fortitude to your 
army and makes any Berserkers controllable.
  - Mista's passive attribute increase is to give you an increase to 
defense. At her max level (5) she gives 25% defense increase when senior and 
6% when a follower.
  - In battle she conjures Mista's Lightning which destroys a percentage of 
a target's health.
  - She levels up with artifacts.
    1 gift to level 2
    2 gifts to level 3
    4 gifts to level 4

Quest to level Mista Cloud to level 5
[123] The Armor of Tyr
The Valkyrie Mista Cloud told you that the shield and armor of Tyr, 
legendary possessions of the greatest of all mortal heroes, had been stolen 
from the palace of Valhalla. Nobody knows who took them, or how, but these 
precious artifacts must be recovered, so that they don't fall into the wrong 
hands. You consider it a personal honor to return the missing armor to Mista 
  - After you have raised Mista to level 4, you can ask her why she looks so 
forlorn. Turns out that somebody has stolen the shield and armor of Tyr. Oh, 
the horror! Well, let's go look for it then.
[123.1] Find the shield of Tyr.
  - The shield is located on Isterreng; it likely is in the possession of an 
undead bone dragon and its troops.
  - The dragon was located right next to the talking bear in my game; wonder 
what they talked about?
  - When you dispose of the dragon and its troops, the quest log updates 
[123.2] Return the shield of Tyr to Mista Cloud.
  - Give it to her.
[123.3] Find the armor of Tyr.
  - The armor was held by some riffraff undead in Riftlands.
[123.4] Return the armor of Tyr to Mista Cloud.
  - She is now leveled up to level 5.
  - You can now claim the new title "Equal to the gods" and Valkyrie's 
Favorite if you have happened to level all 5 of your babes to level 5.


For those who like to or need to cheat:
cheat codes - to use, press the Shift key and tilde key (~) together and 
type the code.
1) Gold amount - money {number}
2) Leadership - leadership {number}
3) Increase maximum mana by indicated number. - mana {number}
4) Refill mana. - mana
5) All level 1 spells to spellbook - magicbook
6) Increases maximum rage by indicated number - rage {number}
7) Refill rage. - rage
8) Double troops in indicated slot - doublearmy {1-5}
9) Double all troops - doublearmy
10) Get indicated number of all three runes - rune {number}
11) Get indicated number of crystals. - crystal {number}
12) Get indicated levels. - levelup {number}
13) Remove wife and children. - clearwife
14) Rename your hero. - name {name}
15) Spawn boat if already purchased. - boat
16) Gain flying ability - canfly

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