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Guide and Walkthrough by stromiv

Version: 0.60 | Updated: 06/08/2013


Hello everyone. This is a walkthrough for all the currently translated routes of Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! S (Majikoi S). It is currently incomplete, and will be updated as more routes are finished.

This Visual Novel (VN) is rated 18+. If you are under that age, or under the age where sexual content is allowed to be viewed in your country, then you should not be using this guide to play the VN.

You can complete the routes in any order you want (besides the dead ends as those are route specific) once you get to save 4 in the Future Without a Relationship.


Majikoi is back and better than ever in this sequel to the hit 2009 visual novel. Majikoi S takes place after the events of Majikoi and lets you choose which of Majikoi's many endings to proceed from. Choose your favorite heroine and enjoy new romantic events with her, or choose to start with no commitment and romance one of 5 new heroines.


Naoe Yamato

The protagonist of the series. As a master tactician, Yamato helps the group form plans to minimize the chances of his friends getting hurt. He prefers using brains, not strength and likes to bet with opponents using different tricks which some may not find ethical.

Christiane Friedrich

The daughter of a prominent military family from Lubeck, Germany. Christiane arrives in Japan expecting to see the elements that were so common in her favorite Jidaigeki drama shows everywhere, and is surprised when that is not the case.

Having been raised under military tradition, Chris is very strict and serious in her way of doing things. She holds the concepts of duty, rectitude and responsibility very highly, and tends to look down on those who are of a sneaky or underhanded nature. This outlook on things happens to coincide with the protagonists of certain Jidaigeki shows that she has seen, which has led to her studying Japanese history on her own, as well as the tenets of Bushido. Unsurprisingly, her familiarity with Japanese history as well as the military background of her family has also made her a decent strategist and a natural leader when called for.

Chris is also a decent fighter, having specialized in fencing. She's not very good when it comes to social matters, as her over-protective father has ensured no boys get near her. She initially has trouble understanding the camaraderie between the members of the Kazama Family.

On a side note, she has a bit of a rivalry going on with Kazuko, and tends to call her "Dog" (due to her nickname of Wanko and the fact that she can be summoned with a whistle).

Chris' virtue of Bushido is Gi (Rectitude).

Fushikawa Kokoro

Kokoro Fushikawa is a student of class 2-S in Kawakami Academy. She is the heiress of the Fushikawa clan (one of the three noble families of Japan) who likes to brag about her noble lineage.

Egoistic, has superiority complex. She doesn't have a good relationship with the members of class 2-F, since she considers them inferior monkeys and loves to show her superiority to them.

Yamato tends to put her in her place when she bullies his friends. When this happens, Kokoro usually asks for help from Aoi Touma or Hideo Kuki to get revenge for her.

Kokoro is one of the new main heroines in the new Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinsai! S.

Kokoro doesn't like the uniform of the school, and she prefers to go in her high-class Kimono, to show the diference in class between her and the rest. Though, in her route in Majikoi S, she sometimes wears the school uniform after dropping out of 2-S and getting into 2-F.

Quite good in martial arts but tries not to fight stronger opponents.

Itagaki Tatsuko

The middle child of the Itagaki family and very childish. Blue hair and eyes are usually closed, but open when serious. Gets distracted easily and likes cute things.

She is Ryuuhei's older twin sister.

Kawakami Kazuko

Second daughter of the Kawakami family. Kazuko was actually adopted by the Kawakami family, and learned martial arts under them. Instead of kenpo, she specialized in the use of the naginata.

In contrast to Momoyo, Kazuko is naturally competitive and bears a never-give-up attitude towards everything. While being weaker than her older sister in martial arts, she is still very athletic, and quite eager to challenge others for fun. It is because of this that Kazuko develops something of a rivalry with the German transfer student Christiane Friedrich. More than anything, she hopes to grow strong enough in order to one day look at Momoyo as an equal.

While she seems to have suitors of her own (Kuki Hideo and her childhood friend Gen-san), Kazuko is very inexperienced when it comes to romance, and prefers to put her energies into training. The rest of the characters see her more as the class mascot.

The members of the Kazama family call her Wanko (this is a pun, since the kanji used for Kazu is Ichi, which means 1. Wan is also the japanese equivalent to woof, which is the sound a dog makes. Since 1 and Wan have the same pronunciation, Kazuko is almost always compared to a dog. Incidentally, Chris simply calls Kazuko Inu, the Japanese word for "Dog".)

Kazuko's virtue of Bushido is Yuu (Courage).

Kawakami Momoyo

The "older sister" of the Kazama Family, and one of the last members to join. Momoyo did not join the group on her own, but was more "contracted" in when a group of older kids started beating up Yamato & Co back when they were in elementary school. Yamato asked Momoyo to join and help them, and she agreed to do so on the condition that Yamato become her eternal underling. Having been together since then, they have developed a brother-sister type of relationship.

As one of the main heroines of the story, Momoyo is the heir to the Kawakami Ryuu style of kenpo, and so far remains undefeated. Her daily life includes answering challenges, taking cute girls out to lunch, borrowing money from people due to her own unwillingness to get a part-time job, and (of course) training. Despite the constant passes she makes at other girls, she claims to be straight; she often mentions that she simply hasn't met a man that interests her.

Momoyo, for lack of better words, loves to fight. It is the only thing in life that she finds true joy in. This is a side of herself that she struggles with as the story moves forward, made worse by the lack of competent challengers that come to fight her. She's even made something of a reputation for herself due to winning all fights with one punch. It has gotten to the point that the other members of the Kawakami Ryuu believe that she needs to find something else to focus on outside of fighting, or she could permanently become akin to a berzerker.

Momoyo's focus on fighting, combined with the way she normally looks at the protagonist (as her underling/little brother instead of a potential love interest) becomes an obstacle for Yamato once he decides that he wants to get together with her. Interestingly, he manages to woo her by defeating her in combat (though indirectly).

Momoyo's virtue of Bushido is Makoto (Honesty).

Kuki Monshiro

Monshiro Kuki is the youngest member of the Kuki Family, she has an older sister Ageha Kuki and an older brother Hideo Kuki.

Monshiro transferred to Kawakami Academy to class 1-S, with the Kuki Family's butler, so that she is taken care of in school.

SPOILER! Highlight to View

It is revealed in her route that she is only a half-blooded Kuki.

Monshiro is one of the new female heroines to appear in Majikoi S.

Margit Eberbach

Margit Eberbach is an officer of the German Army and works under the direct command of Frank Friedich (Chris' father). Since most of her missions consist of locating and exterminating the enemy, she received the nickname of "The Hound".

She specializes in CQC (Close Quarters Combat). Margit also uses a pair of tonfas to fight. Margit can measure the strengh of a person by his/her stance and/or aura.

Margit has shared the battlefield many times with Azumi Oshitari (Hideo Kuki personal maid), also known as "Queen Bee".

Margit has an eyepatch covering her left eye to restrict her own power and only takes it off when she finds a worthy opponent.

Margit transferred to Kawakami Academy to take care of Christiane Friedich (a request from Chris's Father), but she was also worried about Chris, since she knew her from an early age.

She has a sister-relationship with Chris, and she calls Margit, "Maru-san".

Even though she already graduated from high school, she was allowed to enter class 2-S, because Kawakami Academy values strength of the people more than anything. She refuses to use the uniform of the academy, and prefers to use her military uniform.

Matsunaga Tsubame

Tsubame Matsunaga is a classmate of Kawakami Momoyo, so she attends class 3-F.

Tsubame is a cheerful girl who is a little bit of tsundere. Tsubame shares Momoyo's love for battle and because of this has become good friends with her.

Tsubame was scouted by Koi Kiriyama, a butler of the Kuki group who was looking for strong people.

Tsubame agreed to transfer to Kawakami Academy on the note that her father said that she would face strong opponents there.

Tsubame loves to eat natto to the point where it becomes an obsession as she advertised the natto she loves to eat as well as singing the natto song.

She is introduced as the new member of The Big Four or 4 Devas after defeating the Otome Kan of the East, earning her the title of Tsubame of the East. Due to the fact that she defeated the former third strongest member of the big four, Otome Kan of the East, she became the third strongest without having to have an official match with Yukie Mayuzumi to determine the stronger of the two.

Tsubame can fight with or without a weapon as she has studied different combat style.

Tsubame is one of the two new female heroines, as well as one of the new five female protagonists introduced in the new sequel of Majikoi, Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinsai! S.

Mayuzumi Yukie

Often called "Mayucchi" for short, Yukie is a first year transfer student that has tasked herself with making one hundred friends. As the only daughter of the sword master Mayuzumi Taisei, Yukie has not been exposed to many people and severely lacks social skills. This has led to her scaring people away with her extreme reactions and bashfulness. The fact that her cell phone strap (named Matsukaze) "talks" due to a skill in ventriloquism that she developed subconsciously doesn't help at all. She starts out with Matsukaze as her only friend, but Shouichi finds her interesting enough that he allows her to join the Kazama Family.

Yukie quickly proves herself to be a very capable girl, as she is a fast learner and excels at everything she puts effort into. She is also a very strong fighter, near if not on the same power level as Momoyo. Her main weakness is her bashfulness, which the members of the family try to help her overcome. In the end, Yukie becomes forced to part ways with Matsukaze in order to become a stronger person.

Aside from her skills with the sword, Yukie is designed around the yamato nadeshiko archetype, as demonstrated by her culinary and domestic skills as well as her willingness to do as Yamato says.

Yukie's virtue of Bushido is Rei (Respect).

Shiina Miyako

Miyako was the last member to join the original Kazama Family, and is introduced as the girl that constantly professes love for the protagonist. Outwardly, Miyako comes off as a cool-headed, soft-spoken girl that sometimes "breaks character" by partaking in certain jokes involving the cast (or making jokes of her own). In reality, she's actually very passionate about the friendship she has with the other members of the family, and is specially fond of Yamato.

As revealed in her route, Miyako has always had family issues. Her mother was a promiscouous woman that eventually left her and father, only to die of an illness sometime later. The rumors about her own mother have followed Miyako around for most of her life, and led to her being picked on at school a lot. Yamato eventually sticks up for her and, as any young boy would, promises to be there to protect her (which she took as a kokuhaku).

Out of the original group, Miyako is the only one that wishes to always be together with everyone. Yamato begins to have problems with her when he realizes he is the only important thing in Miyako's life, and orders her to find her own path. Things get a little more complicated when the rumors about Miyako's mother resurface, only now insinuating that Miyako herself is sleeping around.

Miyako's virtue of Bushido is Jin (Benevolence).

Walkthrough Route Order:

  1. Kosugi Route
  2. 2nd Year 1st Semester (Common Route)
  3. Future Without a Relationship
  4. Tsubame Route
  5. Another Future with Miyako-1 (Dead End)
  6. Future with Chosokabe (Dead End)
  7. Iyo Route
  8. Monshiro Route
  9. Future with Shima (Dead End)
  10. Another Future with Miyako-2 (Dead End)
  11. Future with Maids (Dead End)
  12. Margit Route
  13. Another Future with Miyako-3 (Dead End)
  14. Kokoro Route

Start: Kosugi Route

~10 tutorial views will show the first cutscene with Kosugi.
Start: Future with Kosugi Continued
Another ~10 tutorial views will bring you to her h-scene.
Finished: Future with Kosugi Continued

Finished: Kosugi Route

Start: 2nd Year 1st Semester (Common Route)

No choice selections during this part. Finished: 2nd Year 1st Semester (Common Route)

Start: Future Without a Relationship

-Yoshitsune looks cute.
*Save 1 at choice*
-*Don't choose anything in the timeout box.*
-I think we're similar. I would like to get along with her.
-I didn't feel anything
-Drink it like a man.
-I got it, a party.
*Save 2 at choice*
-I think I should help her.
-I want to be owned.
-I am.
*Save 3 at choice*
*Save 4 at choice*

Finished: Future Without a Relationship

Start: Tsubame Route

*Load Save 4*

-I'm interested in Tsubame-senpai.
-Tsubame-senpai, it's cute.
-I can't choose... I'll let her decide.
-Slowing down when someone's eating slowly.
-Talk with Tsubame-senpai.
-That's what it is, for now.
-Poke her back.
-Just let it go.
-Say that it looks cool.
*Save 5 at choice*
-I would like to go out with her.
-Let's go to love's final destination!
Start: Future Where Tsubame Takes the Lead
-Nee-san is weak against ghosts.
-Let's relax on the beach like adults.
Finished: Future Where Tsubame Takes the Lead

Select Start and scroll right to select: Future with Tsubame 1(After)

Start: Future with Tsubame 1(After)
Finished: Future with Tsubame 1(After)

*Load Save 5*

-I can't say yes so simply.
Start: Future Where Yamato Takes the Lead
Finished: Future Where Yamato Takes the Lead

Select Start and scroll right to select: Future with Tsubame 2(After)

Start: Future with Tsubame 2(After)
Finished: Future with Tsubame 2(After)

Finished: Tsubame Route

Start: Another Future with Miyako-1 (Dead End)

*Load Save 1*

-Choose any option in the timeout box.

Finished: Another Future with Miyako-1 (Dead End)

Start: Future with Chosokabe (Dead End)

*Load Save 2*

-I'm too lazy~~

Finished: Future with Chosokabe (Dead End)

Start: Iyo Route

*Load Save 3*

-Go with her.

Finished: Iyo Route

Start: Monshiro Route

*Load Save 4*

-There are a lot of Kuki-related people, like Monshiro.
-*Timed* Choose last choice: Emperor Go-Shirakawa
*Save 6 at choice*
-I will show my strength... my manliness to Monshiro!
-Nice to meet you.
-Be a man and take it all off.
-Go for Yoshitsune.
*Save 7 at choice*
-I can't right now. I'll return the favor later.
-Want to be stepped on by Mon-sama.
-*Timed* Only one choice: Catch Mon-sama.
*Save 8 at choice*
-Both my mind and my body will fall for Mon-sama.
Start: Monshiro Route Continued
Finished: Monshiro Route Continued

Select Start and scroll right to select: Future with Monshiro(After)

Start: Future with Monshiro(After)
-Hideo, Azumi, Yoshitsune, Benkei, and Yoichi.
Finished: Future with Monshiro(After)

Finished: Monshiro Route

Start: Future with Shima (Dead End)

*Load Save 6*

-I refuse.

Finished: Future with Shima (Dead End)

Start: Another Future with Miyako-2 (Dead End)

*Load Save 7*

-Okay, let's go with that rule.

Finished: Another Future with Miyako-2 (Dead End)

Start: Future with Maids (Dead End)

*Load Save 8*

-Laying my hands on Mon-sama is too immoral.

Finished: Future with Maids (Dead End)

Start: Margit Route

*Load Save 4*

-Margit... hmm... she's a good person.
*Save 9 at choice*
Start: Margit Route Continued
-Praise her swimsuit.
*Save 10 at choice*
-Take off her eyepatch.
-Take it off.
Finished: Margit Route Continued

*Load Save 10 for CG completion*

-Don't take off her eyepatch.
-Keep it on.

Finished: Margit Route

Start: Another Future with Miyako-3 (Dead End)

*Load Save 9*

-Well, if she's not going to do anything... okay.

Finished: Another Future with Miyako-3 (Dead End)

Start: Kokoro Route

*Load Save 4*

-Fushikawa Kokoro. I mumble her name for some reason.
-GIve her a slap on the butt.
-*Timed* Only one choice: Slap it one more time.
-*Timed* Only one choice: Slap it one more time.
-Miyako, with no deep meaning behind it.

Finished: Kokoro Route


To vndb.org (http://vndb.org/v6245) for the description of the VN title, and the information about the characters.

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v.60 - Changed some formating. Added sections for character information, revision history, and credits.

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