AI War: Fleet Command Cheats


  • Primary Cheats

    While in-game enter into chat box (not case sensitive). when the words (CHEATS) appear right after it, it is correct, otherwise you may have entered wrong. some are for later versions.

    +1 Omega Drive (added in 2.001)Activate the Omega
    +1 Advanced Factory (added in 2.001)Advanced Fat
    +5 Armored Missiles (added in 2.001)Armor Em
    -100 AI ProgressBe Peaceful
    +1 Mark IV Bomber StarshipBomb The Stars
    +50 Mark IV BombersBombs Away
    Fog This!Change Fog of War To Completly Visible
    +50 Core Battle CruisersCore Cruisin
    +1 Core Starship (added in 2.001)Core of the Star
    +100,000 CrystalCrystal Goblet
    +10 Mark II Energy ReactorsEnergize
    +10 Mark II EngineersEngies
    +50 Mark IV FightersFight Or Flight
    +100 AI ProgressGet Angry
    +10,000 KnowledgeGive Me K
    All Planets Are ScoutedI Can See My House
    +50 Core LeechesI Love Leeches
    +50 CruisersJust Cruisin
    +100,0000 MetalMetal Head
    Remove Ship Cap From All Units (added in 1.014)More More More
    +5 Nuclear MissilesNuke Em
    Spawns a MASSIVE Cross Planet Attack With 1 Second Left On The Timer; use with caution, esp. on difficulty 8+, will kill framerate (added in 3.101)Pull The Lever
    Better Than TrelawneyReveal Random AI Types
    Spawns a Normal Cross Planet Attack With 1 Second Left On The Timer (added in 3.101)Send In The Clowns
    Like Dynamiting Fish In A BucketSpawn Advanced Research Station under the control of the first AI(added in 4.045)
    Trigger Human Colony Rebellion On Current Planet, Enabling Rebellions If Previously Off (added in 2.001)Spawn Angry Colonists
    Military TakeoverSpawn Military Command Station, Thus Capturing the Planet Even if the AI held it
    Spawn Organic VagabondsSpawn Normal Marauders(added in 4.000)
    Spawn Organic ResistanceSpawn Normal Resistance Fighters(added in 4.000)
    Trigger Human Resistance On Current Planet, Enabling Resistance If Previously Off (added in 2.001)Spawn The Conners
    Trigger Human Marauder Incursion On Current Planet, Enabling Marauders If Previously Off (added in 2.001)Spawn Vagabonds
    Spawns a Normal Wave With 1 Second Left On The Timer (added in 3.101)Warp In The Clowns

    Contributed By: RedArchon and Italian07.

AI War: The Zenith Remnant Cheats


  • Main Cheats

    While in game press enter and type the code into the chat box, these are not case sensitive. When the word (CHEAT) appear after the word it means the code was properly entered. Note the cheats checkbox must be enabled prior to starting the game.

    be peaceful-100 AI Progress
    advanced fat+1 Advanced Factory
    ohm+1 Armored Golem
    shinra+1 Atrillery Golem
    teensy+1 Black Widow Golem
    zombie bots+1 Botnet Golem
    busted ohm+1 Broken Armored Golem
    busted shinra+1 Broken Artillery Golem
    busted teensy+1 Broken Black Widow Golem
    busted zombie bots+1 Broken Botnet Golem
    busted curse me+1 Broken Crused Golem
    busted and the hegemon+1 Broken Hive Golem
    busted its a troll+1 Broken Regenerator Golem
    core of the star+1 Core Starship
    curse me+1 Cursed Golem
    and the hegemon+1 Hive Golem
    bomb the stars+1 Mark IV Bomber Starship
    activate the omega+1 Omega Drive
    its a troll+1 Regenerator Golem
    engies+10 Mark II Engineers
    energize+10 Zenith Power Generators
    give me k+10,000 Knowledge
    get angry+100 AI Progress
    crystal goblet+100,000 Crystal
    metal head+100,000 Metal
    armor em+5 Armored Missiles
    core cruisin+50 Core Battle Cruisers
    i love leeches+50 Core Leeches
    just cruisin+50 Cruisers
    bombs away+50 Mark IV Bombers
    fight or flight+50 Mark IV Fighters
    nuke em1 Mark I, 1 Mark II, and 1 Mark III Nuclear Warhead
    i can see my houseAll Planets Scouted
    calling mr milesCreate Dyson Sphere at Current Planet
    pull the leverCreates a Massive Cross Planet Attack With 1 Second left on the Timer
    send in the clownsCreates a Normal Cross Planet Attack with 1 Second left on the Timer
    warp in the clownsCreates a Normal Wave with 1 Second left on the Timer
    spawn minersCreates Zenith Miners at Current Planet, Enables Miners if Previously Disabled
    more more moreRemoves Ship Cap
    spawn angry colonistsTrigger Human Colony Rebellion on Current Planet, Enables Rebellions if Previously Disabled
    spawn vagabondsTrigger Human Marauder Incursion on Current Planet, Enables Marauders if Previously Disabled
    spawn the connersTrigger Human Resistance on Current Planet, Enables Resistance if Previously Disabled
    invoke unicronZenith Devourer Warps to Current Planet
    go go trade pactZenith Traders Warp to Current Planet, Enables Traders if Previously Disabled

    Contributed By: Italian07.

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