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Do you have what it takes to catch the Snark? Embark on two enjoyable romps through a bright, bizarre steampunk world in search of the elusive Snark in SNARK BUSTERS WELCOME TO THE CLUB and SNARK BUSTERS ALL REVVED UP for one incredible price! Welcome to the start of an incredible new hidden object adventure in SNARK BUSTERS WELCOME TO THE CLUB! Do you have what it takes to find the Snark, an elusive creature few people have seen and no one has caught? Are you brave enough to follow it through mirrors and into inside-out and upside-down worlds? Can you decipher the clues, solve the puzzles, and piece together the objects you need to track down your elusive target? Join Kira Robertson as she escapes her father's overprotective clutches and sets out to earn a place in the elite Snark Busters Club. Stay one step ahead of her dad's ace detective by beating over a dozen mini-games. And enjoy bright, colorful visuals as you explore loads of animated locations. Just don't tell anyone about the surprise ending! The Snark is back, and as elusive as ever, in SNARK BUSTERS ALL REVVED UP! The second adventure in the series tells the incredible story of Jack Blair, a world famous racecar driver who puts his career on hold to catch the Snark. Join Jack as he jumps between the real world and the inverted realms inside of mirrors in an attempt to catch his quarry. Solve dozens of whimsical puzzles to open the doors that lead to a bizarre fair, a steam punk airship, and a dinosaur museum; explore worlds of exquisite detail; and keep your eyes peeled for loads of cleverly hidden objects. As you charm a snake, stop an airship from crashing, and encounter a T-Rex, Jack will entertain you with his humorous quips, the story about his missing grandfather will tug at your heart, and his race to catch the Snark will keep you on the edge of your seat. Packed with mini-games, animated cinematics, and clickable surprises, Snark Busters offers a ride you'll never forget!

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