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    All Cheatsoblivionisoutthere
    Big Hands/Feet ModeTROMPEM
    Blackout ModeINEEDAUPS
    Do NothingMRNOPRULEZ
    Gouraud ModePICASSO
    Pen and Ink ModeHENRYSBILERP
    Psychedelic TexturesWIZARDOFOZ
    Show Jane's Face On Every DiamondJANESSPECIALWORLD
    Show Juan's Face On Every DiamondYOQUIEROJUAN
    Zach attackLEGOMANIAC

    Contributed By: no_one22, A B C, and freakunique.

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  • Getting Items that are out of reach, but right above and beneath you

    It is called the Itemgrab or the Itemgrab-Trick (Edit: It's the Overhead Item Trick on but I renamed it because it also works when the item is right under you).

    By jumping forward and moving backwards in midair you can get Items that are right under or above your position. Ceilings and floors don't matter.

    The trick works like this:
    1. Jump at an object you wanna get
    2. While in midair, steer yourself in the opposite direction you are jumping.
    3. If you do it right, you will get the item

    Contributed By: DvD_01.

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  • Jump-Save-Glitch

    You can jump repeatedly by saving your game while in mid-air, loading that savefile and pressing JUMP again.

    In some instances you can sequence break the game, but in many situations you'll get blocked by an invisible wall due to the game's engine.

    Contributed By: DvD_01.

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  • Open doors by glitching triggers - Trigger-Save-Glitch (TSG)

    Some buttons, levers or activators like the Warp-Portal ones are kinda strange since they have an animation when you touch them but the door the button opens does so some time after you hit the switch.

    When you save the game, hit the switch and load the game as long as the animation goes, the door is open although you didn't hit the switch on your loaded savefile.

    Interesting thing to note!: With this technique you can accumulate Cavedoor-Keys in Level 4 because the door will be open but you never used your Keys in the loaded savefile!

    IMPORTANT:The glitch doesn’t work on mission-objective related triggers!

    Contributed By: DvD_01.

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  • Speedboosting (Water-/Windboosting)

    While Speedboosting Turok adds his swimming/dashing speed to his walking speed. In this context it means that the sooner you jump out of the force, the more boost you will get. Short: It's frame-dependant. The first 4 frames are okay to get a decent boost out of it.

    How to do Speedboosting?

    - Go or jump into swimmable water or dashable wind current

    . As soon as you are swimming/dashing, look in the opposite direction (out of the force), double-press FORWARD AND HOLD IT

    You will stay in this state of running fast as soon as you walk backwards, load a game or enter a portal. (Important note: saving a game while you have Speedboost won't result in a “loadable Speedboost”. It just goes away)

    Contributed By: DvD_01.

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  • Swimming in poisonous water without Death Marshes (Breath Of Life) talisman

    When you save your game before you land on or swim in dangerous water, commit suicide and load the game as soon as you respawn.

    Result: You can swim in the deadly water for a brief period of time without getting killed.

    Reason: After respawning you have some "invincibility frames", meaning that you won't get damage for like 5 seconds after respawning.

    Hint: You can get the Primakey in level 3 without the breath of life talisman with that technique. Just repeat the process over and over again.

    Contributed By: DvD_01.

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