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For years now, a lot of genre mixes found their way into retail. Fun and new experiences made way for complicated games with overcomplicated controls and emphasis on graphics - a shame, for the games of the old days were the reason gaming is what it is today.

That's why we created the Lite Series.

The main focus of the Lite Series is compatibility. Every game in the Lite Series is tested for older systems. One does not need high-end graphic cards or expensive computers to enjoy those games.

Lite Series - G.R.U.N.T.S. is a First Person Adventure in episodic Form. Each episode follows a certain scheme. One part of it is set up as parody to classic video game cliches, the other part plays with the unique graphical style.1

The story is pretty straight forward. A man awakes within a virtual world to the voice of a big busted woman (of course) who tells him that only he can save everything from the evil alien virus (what else?) that has befallen the system. To aid him, she gives him a big gun (obviously) and points him towards the villains. And there he goes in hope to ever return home.

The focus of the game is exploration. Not only exploration of the levels, but also of the visual style. A good amount of humor merged with a nice dose of action make sure that nobody is bored in the virtual lands of the game.

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