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Guide and Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

Updated: 11/25/2017

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         |_|       Shotgunnova (P. Summers) --- shotgunnova(at)gmail(dot)com

    I. WALKTHROUGH  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT

       01) Professor Oubier's House ..................................... WK01
       02) Montfauçon ................................................... WK02
       03) Glease Gallery ............................................... WK03
       04) Marseilles ................................................... WK04
       05) Quaramonte City .............................................. WK05
       06) General's Flat ............................................... WK06
       07) Quaramonte City [II] ......................................... WK07
       08) Treehouse .................................................... WK08
       09) Native Village ............................................... WK09
       10) Treehouse [II] ............................................... WK10
       11) Ketch's Landing .............................................. WK11
       12) British Museum ............................................... WK12
       13) Ketch's Landing [Part 2] ..................................... WK13
       14) Zombie Island ................................................ WK14
       15) Abandoned Tube Station ....................................... WK15
       16) Zombie Island [Part 2] ....................................... WK16
       17) London Docks ................................................. WK17
       18) Zombie Island [Part 3] ....................................... WK18
       19) Native Village [Part 2] ...................................... WK19
       20) Pyramid ...................................................... WK20

   II. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
  III. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
   IV. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT

I. WALKTHROUGH                                                           [WLKT]
 As a point-and-clicker, controls are rather simple: left-click is 'action'
 and takes objects, while right-click is inspect, giving an overview of what
 the item is (including from afar). To use items, drag them from the inventory
 bag icon into the scene and wait for the gear icon to appear. To combine
 items, drag one inventory item onto another. Voila!

 • Inspect bookcase
 • Kick block of wood (icon near George's legs) to crush tarantula
 • Inspect metal bracket behind bookcase to cut ropes
 • Inspect the writing bureau
 • Inspect the tequila
 • Take the Tequila Worm (on floor by bureau, after drinking)
 • Open desk drawer (obtain Mayan Pot)
 • Right-click pot in inventory (obtain Oubier's Key)
 • Inspect dart on the floor (obtain Blow Dart)
 • Inspect Nico's red bag (obtain Exotic Panties, Lipstick, Note)
 • Right-click the Note to learn Lobineau's phone number

 • Use the Blow Dart on the cabinet near the flames
 • Use Exotic Panties on the cylinder inside (obtain Gas Cylinder)
 • Use the Gas Cylinder on the Siphon
 • While holding Siphon, target the flames
 • Inspect door past flames, then exit study

 • Take the Newscutting by the downstairs phone
 • Right-click the Newscutting (obtain Bank Statement)
 • Call Labineau on the phone (remember to read the purse Note first)
 • Use Oubier's Key to exit house

 George automatically heads to Montfauçon, a location familiar to anyone who
 finished the previous Broken Sword game, Shadows of the Templars.

 • Try hailing the garçon (×2)
 • Show Labineau the Mayan Pot
 • Talk to gendarme about Nico, then himself (×2)
 • While the gendarme is depressed, take his Absinthe Flask from the table

 • [Optional] Try to investigate packing case behind divider
 • [Optional] Speak to fat critic about his wine
 • [Optional] SHOW the DECORATED POT on the critic to have it destroyed
 • Use the Absinthe Flask on the critic's wineglass (×2)

 The absinthe will cause the critic to black out at this point, destroying a
 display case and distracting Glease.

 • Inspect the packing case behind the divider
 • Take the packing crate's Label
 • TALK to Glease to automatically visit next area

 • [Optional] Try to climb fence
 • Inspect hut window to see dockworker throw away a bottle
 • Go down the steps behind the shack
 • Inspect, and pocket, the Boathook floating in the water
 • Use Boathook on Bottle floating in water
 • Go back to front of shack
 • Use Bottle on chimney
 • Quickly inspect the hut chimney (obtain Chimney Cone)
 • USE the BOTTLE on chimney stack

 This forces the longshoreman to leave temporarily, allowing George a window
 of opportunity to infiltrate.

 • Enter shack via the trapdoor, accessible from waterfront dock
 • Take the Dog Biscuits from the table
 • [Optional] TAKE a piece of COAL from the scuttle
 • Exit shack via trapdoor
 • From below the hut, use Dog Biscuits on flip-up platform by dog
 • Use the boathook on the platform, sending dog into water

 With the guard dog dunked, George can now climb the fence.

 • [Optional] Knock on door of Kondor Transglobal warehouse
 • Climb ladder at far left end of path
 • Open window by air conditioner
 • Use Boathook on the AC unit, jamming it
 • Knock on warehouse's main door
 • When Pablo answers, pick any answer (pizza delivery requires 2 more knocks)
 • Climb the ladder quickly

 Being too slow to climb the ladder results in a game over.

 • USE the barrel clamp while Pablo's standing outside (to distract him)
 • USE the barrel clamp a second time (to incapacitate Pablo)

 Waste too much time and Pablo returns inside (the goading must begin again).

 • Enter the warehouse
 • Inspect the desk drawer (obtain Small Key)
 • Walk to the right for a scene with a dwarf
 • Talk to the dwarf, then show him the Brass Key (obtain Manacles)
 • Use elevator button

 • Inspect nearest crate to block elevator door
 • Flip light switch (right-hand side of elevator)
 • Inspect scratch-marked floor by newly lit-up corner
 • Inspect wall door
 • Enter secret room

 Reaching this stage unlocks bonus comic artwork (about Karzac's smuggling op
 and Nico's involvement with it). It can be accessed from the main title, on
 the left-hand side.

 • Inspect hostage's hands (obtain Rope)
 • Take the Masking Tape from the floor
 • Take the Fetish Statue by the chair
 • Use Masking Tape on elevator's photoelectric cell
 • Move the crate back to its original position
 • Move the airhole-filled crate
 • Move third crate (one underneath airhole crate)
 • Use the pallet carrier to raise the statue
 • Use Rope on the statue
 • Inspect Rope and attach it to pulley above statue
 • Use pallet carrier again
 • Inspect statue
 • Talk to Nico about the statue
 • Outside, use Manacles on the cable
 • Obtain the Coyote Stone from André (automatic)

 Quaramonte's a bit large. There's a market in the western reaches of the
 screen; a mining office near the docks; a police station by the middle; and
 Duane's camper all the way to the right. (Players may remember Pearl & Duane
 from Shadows of the Templars.) Also, for a fun easter egg, try giving the
 lump of coal from Marseilles to the goat...

 • Speak to the band about Miguel, music and mining
 • Speak to Pearl about Duane (×2)

 • Enter police station
 • Inspect wall chart Grasiento was looking at
 • Talk to Grasiento about Ruins, Oubier (×2), Mining and Kondor Transglobal

 • Exit police station, then talk to Nico about the chart
 • Talk with Oubier (by camper) about Coyote Stone, Karzac and K. Transglobal
 • Enter mining office
 • Talk to Conchita about Oubier
 • Try opening explosives cupboard behind Conchita

 • Talk to Duane about his truck (×2), music, Miguel (×2), and the detonator
 • Talk to Conchita about the Detonator and Chart
 • Talk to Nico about the chart
 • Talk to Grasiendo about Nico (they'll leave together)
 • Talk to Renaldo about the ruins (×2)
 • Talk to Pearl about the Ruins

 • With Renaldo gone, inspect the chart
 • Talk to Conchita about the chart
 • Take the Detonator from the explosives cabinet
 • Talk to Duane about the Detonator
 • Enter police station jail
 • Talk to Miguel

 • Inspect the swordfish
 • Inspect the lava lamp
 • Inspect the television
 • Inspect the portrait
 • Ask Grasiento about the swordfish, television, lava lamp and portrait

 • ASK Miguel about the Noose (×2)
 • Use the Noose on windowbars
 • Inspect the Noose, then use it on Duane (outside window)

 This area is empty except for an inaccessible treehouse and the machines
 sitting below it.

 • Take the Vine off the old waterwheel
 • Inspect the functioning waterwheel
 • Use Oubier's Bank Statement on the pile of damp leaves
 • Use the Fetish Statue on the working waterwheel

 The ensuing sparks will catch Father Hubert's attention.

 • Ask Hubert about Nico and the Root (×2) to get a Priest Collar
 • Use the Vine on the press
 • Use Collar on the press
 • Take the Cross near the ladder and use it on the press
 • Pick up the uncreased Priest Collar
 • Give the collar to Hubert
 • Ask about the Root again

 • Ask guard about Nico, Father Hubert and the shaman
 • Show Dog Biscuits to guard
 • Put the Coyote Stone into the Dog Biscuits box
 • Show Dog Biscuits to guard again

 • Talk to shaman by campfire
 • [OPTIONAL] Give Lipstick to the shaman
 • Ask about Nico (×2) and Root (×2) to see a scene
 • Ask about the Coyote/Jaguar/Eagle Stones until no more Stone options remain
 • Ask about the Root (obtain Medicinal Root)

 • [Optional] Enter treehouse and use Root on Nico
 • Use Medicinal Root on press
 • Use Chimney Cone on the press
 • Use the press (by sticking cross in it, as before) to get the Antidote
 • Take Antidote into treehouse

 This shore contains a surveyor, a dock where a kid is fishing, and a hilltop

 • [Optional] Try to inspect Bronson's surveying plans (on table)
 • [Optional] Look through theodolite to see something sparkle on mansion flag
 • Talk to Rio on the dock
 • Visit the hilltop
 • Inspect the locked front door
 • Talk to ladies about the Rio (×3) and Emily (×2)
 • Talk to ladies about Cat (×2), then Emily again

 The Ketch Sisters exit, leaving the mansion entrance unguarded.

 • Inspect the ladder
 • Climb the ladder
 • Inspect (right-click) flag marker from atop the ladder
 • Talk to Rio about Emily, fish, and a worm
 • Talk about any option, then fish again
 • Inspect rusty bicycle (obtain Innertube)
 • Talk to Rio about fish a third time
 • Try talking to Rio yet again (obtain Fish)

 Note that asking Rio to get a fish before doing some in-between parts may
 require an extra step to check if he's caught anything. The above method's
 the shortest one I've found. (The 'fish' dialogue prompt may not appear
 immediately, so let his fishing animation go through a few times before

 • [Optional] Give Fish to the hilltop

 If you give the fish to puss, he'll eat it and nothing happens! In this case,
 talk to Rio to get a spare. This can be done indefinitely.

 • Climb the ladder again
 • Use Innertube on flagpole nearest ladder
 • Use Fish on hanging Innertube (must do while on ground) to distract cat
 • Take cat's Ball
 • Climb ladder and take Innertube
 • Descend and use Innertube on tree's U-shaped branch
 • Use Ball on Innertube

 • CLIMB the ladder
 • USE the INNERTUBE on right-hand flagpole
 • USE the FISH on hanging INNERTUBE
 • TAKE the cat's BALL
 • CLIMB the ladder and take INNERTUBE again (fish is lost in process)
 • USE the INNERTUBE on nearby tree's U-shaped branch

 An angry Bronson will now approach.

 • Use the ladder
 • Take the spare Surveyor's Marker on ground
 • Take Bronson's Theodolite (tripod) on beach
 • Take Bronson's surveying Plans
 • On the hilltop, show the Plans to the old ladies

 • Inspect rightmost display
 • Ask docent about the Jaguar Stone
 • Ask Oubier about the Jaguar Stone
 • Ask docent about the Jaguar Stone again
 • Take Key from Jaguar Stone's display case
 • Show Key to the docent
 • Ask docent about the docks
 • Use Key on display case nearest phone
 • Steal the Ancient Dagger inside
 • Inspect the pink curtain near the Jaguar Stone's case
 • Use Ancient Dagger on revealed door

 George now has access to the museum interior. The previous beach areas are
 still available, however.

 • Inspect red portrait of Ketch
 • Take Quill Pen from desk
 • Take the Chart and use it on desk
 • Inspect treasure chest to find Emily
 • Ask Emily about her cross (×2)

 • Ask Rio about Emily, Rio's sister and tigerfish
 • Use Quill Pen on the cat
 • Take the shredded quill (obtain Feather Shard)
 • Give Feather Shard to Rio (obtain Conch Shell)

 • Give Conch Shell to Emily (obtain Ornate Cross)
 • Use Ornate Cross on desk's quill holder
 • Use Lantern on desk's inkwell

 With the cross, lantern and map correctly placed, an island is revealed.

 • Ask Rio about treasure (×1-2) and zombies

 • Inspect rock outcrop
 • Inspect boat
 • Ask Rio about the Net to obtain it
 • Use Net on rock outcrop

 • Right-click Nico's purse (obtain Hairgrip)
 • Use Hairgrip on blue vending machine's coin slot
 • Inspect blue vending machine's coin reject slot (obtain Coin)
 • Use Penny on blue vending machine's coin slot
 • Take Chocolate Bar from lower slot
 • Take Coin from reject slot
 • Use Coin on red weighing machine (obtain Weight Card)
 • Use Ancient Dagger on cupboard beneath the map
 • Use Weight Card on cupboard

 Before doing the last step, there's an easter egg in this place. To do it,
 Nico must have obtained the chocolate. Stand near the railway sleepers by
 the vending machine, then move toward the tube station's main entrance. When
 the ghost appears by the weighing scale, use the chocolate on it, then exit
 down the left tunnel. Players meet Robert Foster from "Beneath a Steel Sky"
 there, plus a reenactment of one of the game's more memorable scenes.

 • Press red button in the opened cupboard

 From the cliff George starts on, there's two exits: NE and E. Note that many
 of the screens here are interconnected, so I'll try to comment on their
 defining features.

 • Exit NE into swamp
 • Take a Reed from the cluster
 • Exit east
 • Use Reed on the lair entrance
 • Combine Blow Dart and Reed (obtain Reed and Dart blowgun)
 • Backtrack to cliff starting point, then exit east

 • Use blowgun on the boar
 • Inspect tip of branch near George

 If George did the branch method properly, the boar crashes to the north and
 makes a shortcut to the summit. If the boar ran west, the shortcut can't be
 used. Instead, George must traverse the swamps to attain the same route.

 • Exit up east trail to reach a clearing
 • Inspect creeper vine
 • Combine Surveyor's Marker and Fishing Net (obtain Net with Marker)
 • Combine creeper vine and Net with Marker
 • While holding vine, target the rock needle

 The next step is visiting the summit. To reach it the long way (i.e. didn't
 get boar shortcut earlier), do the following:

 • Exit north from rock needle clearing
 • Exit east in swamp to reach lair
 • Exit west in swamp (new west, not backtracking)
 • Exit west again
 • Exit east around bend (again, not backtracking)
 • Exit east (×2)

 • At the summit, use Theodolite on the holes
 • Use Theodolite
 • Move scope to the right (×11)
 • Inspect marker shining in jungle
 • Inspect rock pillar
 • Descend mountain's north (background-facing) cliff

 Since death is possible here -- even if you apparently do everything right --
 saving beforehand is very wise.

 • Hide behind crate nearest gangplank
 • Climb ladder when guard walks to other end of ship (he can't be viewed)
 • Open cupboard door while guard is talking to Pablo
 • Climb back up ladder
 • When guard enters cupboard, climb down and shut the door
 • Quickly use the mop beside cupboard on the door (trapping guard inside)

 This whole sequence can be a little hard, so remember to take advantage of
 the guard's longer patrol (happens after climbing ladder first time) and the
 quick mop use to finish. Otherwise, the guard just comes out and guns Nico
 down. Consider saving if the sequence is done properly.

 • Look in the porthole
 • Talk to Oubier
 • Take the Jaguar Stone
 • Use the Ancient Dagger on assailant

 George will encounter a movie set and its crew: Haiku McEwan, his leading
 lady, the stunt double (Bert Savage), a cameraman and the director (Hawks).

 • Ask Haiku about himself (×2)
 • Talk to Hawks
 • Take the Syrup, Pancake and Bun from buffet table
 • Inspect the white-flowered bush (×2) to find a hornet's nest
 • Talk to Savage about the hornet's nest
 • Combine Syrup and Pancake
 • Give Syrupy Pancake to Savage
 • Throw Bun into hornet's nest, then inspect the bush

 The actors move down the beach.

 • Ask Savage about himself (×4)
 • Ask Hawks about the rock pillar
 • Inspect handheld camera at Harry's feet
 • Ask Hawks about Harry
 • Obtain Eagle Stone (automatic)

 • Take George's Sunglasses (automatic)
 • [Optional] Take the Underpants by village entrance
 • Inspect Mayan Stone on leftmost doorstep
 • Inspect barrel beside it
 • Ask Titipoco about the barrel
 • Take Coyote Stone (automatic)
 • Exit west

 The first stretch of this place involves Nico and Titipoco.

 • Inspect elevator's gantry
 • Take the Metal Cylinder from the generator
 • Use Ancient Dagger on the generator's fuel line
 • Use Metal Cylinder on fuel line
 • Use Metal Cylinder on the elevator engine's fuel cap
 • Take the Rope, try using it on Titipoco, then ask him about the rope
 • Use hanging rope on elevator engine
 • Press elevator engine's red button
 • Pull elevator's lever
 • Ask Titopoco about the lever
 • Step onto elevator and ask Titipoco to power it
 • Take Ammunition Belt behind Pablo
 • Descend elevator
 • Walk left and talk to staircase guard (any decoy answer is fine)
 • Take the Torch and bring it to Titipoco
 • Use Ammunition Belt on generator's fuel puddle
 • Ascend elevator (automatic)
 • Talk to Grasiento
 • Talk to George

 Everyone'll move into the lobby now.

 • INSPECT each of the two levers on wall inset
 • ASK George about the lever

 Nico will be by herself now and has (inarguably) the most annoying puzzle to
 complete. It involves two rotating discs with pictures on them, a wall with
 10 pressure plates, and a monkey statue with 4 pictures.

  ____PLATE WALL____    M.STATUE
 [01][02][03][04][05]   [01][02]
 [06][07][08][09][10]   [03][04]

 The gist of is:

 1) Match 2 disc pictures (where the discs touch) to one of the wall plates
 2) Use this method to indent 2 wall plates
 3) If those two match the statue's combination plate, you can press it in

 Basically, the monkey statue plates have a combination of 2 of the wall's
 plates, so the player has to think about which 2 plates to press in. It's
 easier on PC if the resolution's blown up, so here's the answer without too
 much annoyance:

 01: 2 & 5 plates
 02: 3 & 10 plates
 03: 1 & 8 plates
 04: 6 & 9 plates

 If done right, the secret passage opens up, and the view'll switch over to
 George after. If it's still not working, there's an easter eggy method to
 bypass it, by clicking a certain X-shaped tile near the dragon's ass (as seen
 here: https://i.imgur.com/3OItung.png).

 • Enter new passage (as Nico)
 • Use Torch on Titipoco, then have him light it
 • Use the map wall lever

 George lands in a maze.

 • Use torch to light wall torch
 • Use lever
 • Exit west
 • Use both wall levers
 • Exit room into creepy hallway (ignore all switches here)
 • Reenter starting room
 • Take the Torch
 • Descend staircase (automatic)
 • Use lever by bottom of stairs
 • Descend and enter final room for ending scenes.

 THE END! In the remastered version, players unlock the notebooks chronicling
 Nico and George's journeys in the game. However, this is of little use to
 most. Shame there weren't more comics like in Shadows of the Templars!

III. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                          [FAQZ]

 [Q] - My game freezes at the loading screen! (PS1 version)
 [A] - I've had the disc animation stop spinning before, only to start up again
       30-60 seconds later. I'm not sure why this happens, but it seems more
       problematic for emulator users.

 [Q] - In Quaramonte, I've had Nico disappear! (PS1 version)
 [A] - This has happened to me before, too -- she just vanishes from her
       marketplace walkabout. Re-entering the screen seems to solve the error,
       though, so it shouldn't be game-breaking.

 [Q] - I have some items left over in my inventory...
 [A] - Some items only have limited (or no) use, but aren't removed from the
       inventory...basically they're just clutter. An exception is the Coal,
       which unlocks an easter egg in Quaramonte.

 [Q] - What's the name of the ending theme?
 [A] - "Happiness is an Inside Job". Players can hear it any time they want
       by watching the credits in the options menu! (And they can always do
       it, unlike PS1 versions, which requires beating the game first.)

IV. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTORS                                               [UPDT]
 11-24-2017 -----------------------------+ Started walkthrough
 11-25-2017 -----------------------------+ Finished walkthrough

 • Sailor/Ceej, for hostin' my crap
 • Syrupy pancakes, the true Broken Sword MVP

V. LEGALITY                                                              [LGLT]
This document is intended for private home use ONLY, and may not be reproduced
through electronic or commercial means without the expressed consent of the
author (P. Summers). It cannot be hosted, edited, or distributed for profit,
and may not be given away as an add-in/gift to bought items. All rights are
reserved to respective parties, even those not explicitly stated herein. Those
who find this document on sites not listed below should e-mail the author (me).
Thanks for reading this, and thanks for respectin' FAQ authors.

 Allowed Sites:                       Disallowed Sites:

  • Gametalk.com                       • cheatcc.com
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  • Cavesofnarshe.com                        shotgunnova (a+) gmail (d0t) com.
IT WAS ALL THAT               Document © Shotgunnova, 1997-2017 (and countin'!)
I WANTED; NOW                         Broken Sword namesake © respective owners
IT'S KILLING ME                                   E N D   O F   D O C U M E N T

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