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Dread Less
Kill Lord Dredmor on Elvishly Easy Mode.
Dead Dread
Kill Lord Dredmor on Dwarvish Moderation Mode.
Dread More
Kill Lord Dredmor on Going Rogue Mode.
Welcome to Dredmor
Get killed at the hands (flippers?) of a Diggle.
Get killed at the hands of a Sickly Diggle.
Be All You Can Be
Get killed at the hands of a Diggle Commando.
Meet Your True Master
Get killed at the hands of an Arch Diggle.
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Suddenly The Dungeon Collapses
This achievement is our way of saying "thank you for participating in our voluntary quality assurance program."
Kill ten Diggles.
HMS Deagle
Kill a hundred Diggles.
Way of the Dodo
Kill a thousand Diggles.
The Penitent Man Shall Pass
Disarm 50 traps.
He Chose... Poorly
Trigger 50 traps.
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?
Find a Monster Zoo.
Bloody Mess
Kill a Monster Zoo. All of it.
It's Dangerous to Go Alone! Make This
Make a Weapon.
He Who Smelt It
Make an Ingot.
Personal Protection
Make a piece of Armour.
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Lutefisk Paradox
Cause a paradox.
It's MY Dungeon
Get killed at the hands of Lord Dredmor.
Dread or Alive
Kill Lord Dredmor, on Elvishly Easy Mode, with Permadeath.
Dread and Buried
Kill Lord Dredmor, on Dwarven Moderation Mode, with Permadeath.
Left For Dread
Kill Lord Dredmor. On Going Rogue. With Permadeath. You total badass.
My Humps
Get killed at the "hands" of a Thrusty.
Master Using It And You Can Have This Achievement
Master the Sword Skill Tree.
Here's Johnny
Master the Axe Skill Tree.
Morale Improvement Expert
Master the Mace Skill Tree.
It Has A Knob On The End
Master the Staff Skill Tree.
Honorary Bolt Council Member
Master the Bow Skill Tree.
Master Ninja
Master the Thrown Weaponry Skill Tree.
Way of the Foot
Master the Unarmed Skill Tree.
I Am Not Left Handed
Master the Dual Wielding Skill Tree.
Turtle Power!
Master the Shield Skill Tree.
Slippery Like A Fox
Master the Dodge Skill Tree.
Mastery of Mastery of Arms Mastering
Master the Mastery of Arms Skill Tree.
Team Edward
Master the Vampirism Skill Tree.
It's Alive!
Master the Golemancy Skill Tree.
It's Alive... And Gross!
Master the Fleshsmithing Skill Tree.
Fields Medalist
Master the Mathemagic Skill Tree.
Stay Out Of My Head
Master the Psionics Skill Tree.
Master the Necronomiconomics Skill Tree
Hail Odin!
Master the Viking Wizardry Skill Tree.
Master the Astrology Skill Tree.
An Eagle In Every Liver
Master the Promethean Magic Skill Tree
Tom Marvolo Riddle Award for Scholastic Merit
Master the Magic Training Skill Tree.
It Tastes Like Pennies
Master the Blood Magic Skill Tree.
Gettin' Ley'd
Master the Ley Lines Skill Tree.
That Which Is Seen Cannot Be Unseen
Master the Perception Skill Tree.
Steal This Achievement
Master the Burglary Skill Tree.
Stick A Knife In It, It's Done
Master the Assassination Skill Tree
Love Slave of Yoggoth
Master the Fungus Mastery Skill Tree.
Brew Fame, Bottle Glory, Stopper Death
Master the Alchemy Skill Tree.
There's Really Nothing Funny About The Phrase "Wand Lube"
Master the Wand Lore Skill Tree.
Sallah, I Said No Camels
Master the Archaeology Skill Tree.
Mister Smith
Master the Smithing Skill Tree.
Perilous Podiatry
Die by kicking a door down.
I Smoulder With Generic Rage
Get killed at the hands of an Enraged Diggle.
I Tink, Therefore I Am
Master the Tinkering Skill Tree.
High Cholesterol
Eat One Hundred Diggle Eggs.
Crime Doesn't Pay
Get killed by Brax.
Accidents Happen
Enrage the Shopkeeper.
Respect Mah Authoritah
Get killed by a Dread Collector.
Create some Fruit.
The Lake Wobegon Achievement
Eat some Lutefisk.
Everybody Loves a Pork Sword
Craft the Omnipotent Pork Sword.
Canadian Pride
Equip the Maple Shield AND the Toque of Kanada.
Realms of the Id
Equip the Rusty Helm AND the Green Armour.
Krong is a Fickle God
Get cursed by Krong 100 times.
Not the Bees!
Die at the hands of Thaumites.
Honey Badger Don't Care
Survive an accidental, or deliberate, Thaumiting.
This Root Shall Suffer
Imbibe the Root of T'Char.
Lose a stack of 100 or more items to a Kleptoblobby, or other Thieving monster.
Boil Water Advisory
Die by drinking acid from a fountain.
Taste the Rainbow
Damage an enemy with seven (or more) damage types simultaneously.
Double Rainbow
Damage an enemy with a base damage type and every special damage type simultaneously.
Your Kung Fu is Weak
Die to an enemy counter-attack.
Die on Floor 1; play a new character with the same skills... and die on Floor 1.
Sir Mix-A-Lot
Make 1000 potions.
Two Krongs Don't Make A Right
Have Krong curse your equipment twice, consecutively.
Monsters With Omelettes
Eat 100 Deep Omelettes.
Nothing to See Here, Move Along
Stay invisible for 50 turns.
The Critic
Perform 500 acts of Heroic Vandalism.
I Can't Believe That Worked
Defeat Lord Dredmor with a Random Skills build.
Heroic Failure
Die during the tutorial.
I Didn't Ask For This
Equip two Clockwork Power Limbs, Two Clockwork Chain Axes, and a Clockwork Bolt Thrower.
The Sea is a Cruel Mistress
Team... Jacob?
Master the Werediggle Skill tree.
You're Totally Emo
Master the Emomancy Skill tree.
Soylent Green Is... Soy, Actually
Master the Vegan Skill tree.
Dr. Livingstone, I Presume
Master the Big Game Hunter Skill tree.
The Devil's Achievement
Master the Demonology Skill tree.
Dead Man's Chest
Master the Piracy Skill Tree.
Diggle Nog!
Make some Diggle Nog. Who doesn't love a nice cold glass of Diggle Nog?
You Used All The Glue on Purpose
Repair 500 wands with the n-Dimensional Lathe.
Loyal Soldier of the Empire
Equip the Imperial Boilerplate Armour and the Imperial Boilerplate Helmet.
You Know What Time It Is
Equip the Parachute Pants and the Warhammer.
98 Pound Weakling
Die at the hands of a Muscle Diggle.
Playing For Both Teams
Play both the male and the female hero.
Look, I'm A Game Developer!
Name the expansion pack.
An Empowering Lemon Bundt
Master the Warlock Skill Tree.
You Have To Bang The Rocks Together, Guys
Master the Battle Geology Skill Tree.
On Her Majesty's Steampunk Service
Master the Clockwork Knight Skill Tree.
Blinded With Science
Master the Rogue Scientist Skill Tree.
I Don't Remember Their Names, But They're Hungry
Get killed by a Hungry Diggle. We'll let you speculate about what happens next.
Some Of Them Are Thirsty
Get killed by a Thirsty Diggle.
Stabbity Stabbity Stabbity
Master the Daggers Skill Tree.
Golbez Is My New Master Now
Master the Polearms Skill Tree.
It's Good To Be a Bankster
Master the Bankster Skill Tree.
Order of Lenin
Master the Communism Skill Tree.
And Therefore, a Witch!
Master the Magical Law Skill Tree.
The Achievement of the Sphinx
Master the Egyptian Magic Skill Tree.
The Truth Is Way Out There
Master the Paranormal Investigator Skill Tree.
Three Men In A Boat (Not Including the Diggle)
Master the Tourism Skill Tree.
If Lost, Please Return to Wonkdonkler
Find a Set of Wizard Keys.
The Magic of the Wizard's Hangover
Complete a Wizardland.
Hell Is Other Diggles
Enter Diggle Hell.
Make a deal with the Diggle God of Hell.
Developers! Developers! Developers!
Hit the Ballmer Peak.
Paved With Good Intentions
Get killed by a Demon Diggle.
Doctor Strangelove
Drop The Bomb.
Simon Belmont
Kill Vlad Digula.

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