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Quad Made Man FAQ by Isiah

Updated: 06/13/2003
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       _________ ______        ___      ___      _______   ___   ___ __________ 
      /  ______//  _   |      /  /     /  /     /  ___  \ /  /  /  //___   ___/ 
     /  /      /  / |  |     /  /     /  /     /  /  /  //  /  /  /    /  / 
    /  /____  /  /__|  |    /  /     /  /     /  /  /  //  /  /  /    /  / 
   /  _____/ /  ____   |   /  /     /  /     /  /  /  //  /  /  /    /  / 
  /  /      /  /    |  |  /  /     /  /     /  /  /  //  /  /  /    /  / 
 /  /      /  /     |  | /  /____ /  /____ /  /__/  //  /__/  /    /  /  
/__/      /__/      |__|/_______//_______/ \_______/ \_______/    /__/ 
                                     /  ___   / 
                                    /__/  /  / 
                                    _____/  / 
                                   /  _____/ 
                                  /  /  ___ 
                                 /  /__/  / 
Fallout 2 (US) Quad Made Man FAQ 
Joshua Jansen 
Table of contents 
Terms of use 
     This document is Copyleft 2003 J. E Jansen. You can use it on your 
website, put it in your guide, steal all my ideas and post them, I don't give 
half a damn. 
     This Walkthrough/ Spoiler was created for unrestricted public use. 
Specifically: Magazines, game guides, Commercial websites, fan websites, 
spoiler websites, and everyone else is welcome to use and abuse this text as 
they see fit. Reports and disseminations of parts and pieces of this 
Walkthrough/ Spoiler are encouraged and welcomed. Any person doing this is 
guilty of "having good taste," which is defined as the act of reading, 
recognizing as high quality and passing off of ideas and words of another to 
     Users also are encouraged to use this Walkthrough/ Spoiler as a template. 
     People who demand that their 'precious guide ideas' and 'hard work and 
diligence' not be disseminated are hypocrites and self-important cocks 
c. late 2002 - I originally heard of the idea of the ability to be a Made Man 
of more than one family at the same time. Idea develops, rumors of people 
actually joining all four families are found. 
9 June 2003 - I arrive on the Gamefaq BBS and post my SOS for this strange New 
Reno hypothesis, and am met with skepticism from even the most hardened Fallout 
10 June 2003 - Limited success with Salvatore and Mordino families at the same 
time, Bishop problem encountered. 
11 June 2003 - mission accomplished, methodology posted on Gamefaq's BBS, 
13 June 2003 - Version 1 of this FAQ completed. 
     It has long been speculated by players of Fallout 2 that it would be 
possible to gain the trust of all of the four families of New Reno and then 
become a Made Man for all of them at the same time. Homicidal gamers would 
often join all of the families anyway, as once you kill an entire family 
(including the populace of the Stables for Mordino), your Made Man status for 
that family was removed, and the other families wouldn't attack you anymore. 
Until now, though, the exact process for joining the four families has remained 
     This project, as described, can be completed in probably under two hours, 
probably five hours or less from the very beginning of a new game if one played 
it fast. 
     It is possible to become a Made Man for all four families simultaneously, 
and have all four Made Man statuses listed in the Karma box on the Character 
     The first step in this long process is to do all of the missions offered 
by all the bosses in New Reno, but stop short of returning to the boss to 
collect your payment for the final mission and be offered a Made Man status. 
The goal of this part is to make it so that the next boss you talk to will be 
the first one you're made for. 
     This whole process can be facilitated by earning a Prizefighter status at 
the Jungle Gym, which will help your Unarmed skill, where each fight will 
permanently add certain resistances to damage except for fire, and which will 
give you a boost in reputation across the entire city. (This is probably not 
required, however) 
     There is no definite process as to how this ought to be done. A family 
won't hate you until you give them reason, either by being made by someone else 
or attacking them; working for another family before you're made doesn't make a 
difference, so feel free to mix and match as much as you want, just don't come 
back to the Boss after you finish the last mission. 
     This whole process starts in Vault City, where you have to talk to the 
screaming anarchist in the square, Thomas Moore, in such a manner that you gain 
his trust and are given a briefcase to be given to Mr. Bishop. Just choose the 
lines of dialogue that most support Moore's position, and he'll give you the 
case. Beware, however, of betraying his trust before you get his case, as he'll 
just fill the case with a note that says "kill this man."  Bring the case to 
the Shark Club, Bishop's casino, and go up to the second floor and tell the 
guard that you've got something for Bishop. He'll tell you to go up, and after 
that, will be of no use to you whatsoever as he'll always react to you as if 
you didn't have the case; just walk on up to Bishop when you have something to 
tell him from now on. 
     After you deliver the case, Bishop will ask if you would do some more work 
for him, which amounts to a hit on Roger Weston of NCR. This can easily be 
accomplished by going to his ranch in NCR and doping him up with Jet, Psycho, 
Buffout, whatever. I prefer Jet. Return to New Reno for the final mission 
before you get Made. 
     Bishop now requires that you kill Vice President Calson of NCR. This can 
be accomplished easily by visiting the pub outside NCR's gates in the afternoon 
where a man in a green shirt stands in the back room. This is Merk, and in 
order to get into the Calson estate, you either need the Presidential Pass from 
Gunther in Tandi's building, or a recommendation from Merk to the guard in 
front of Calson's place to become a bodyguard for Calson. Merk, however, 
requires that you do a mission for him before you can ask him about a job. This 
mission is simply to get into Doc Henry's house and steal the papers from the 
desk in the hall. After that, Merk will probably allow you to ask about Calson 
and recommend you as a bodyguard, assuming you haven't earned his ire. 
    Inside the estate, probably the most efficient way to accomplish your 
mission is to go to the East corner of the yard, through that wooden gate, then 
down around to the Southern corner of the building, on the Southeastern side, 
just in front of the window. Save here, and equip a sniper rifle or a gauss 
weapon or anything else that can score more than 40hp of damage on a one hit 
critical, or just in one turn. Enter combat and shoot through the window at 
Calson; a headshot with a decent Small Guns skill ought to work perfectly. Once 
he's dead, end combat and the guards shouldn't make any fuss as you walk out. 
(Incidently, one may even wish to put this mission off until after the Sierra 
Army Depot is infiltrated, because a sniper rifle can easily be attained during 
the first part of the mission.) 
     With this mission accomplished, Bishop will make you a Made Man, so do not 
return to him until Part II. 
     Boss Salvatore, a dying old man who requires oxygen tanks to live, is more 
thuggish than most, requiring collection of tribute and retribution, mostly. 
Talk to Mason to get into his room, and remember that Mason feels very 
protective of Salvatore, so just let him puff himself up and respond to him as 
cordially as you can; your time will come. 
     In his first mission, Salvatore will tell you of a gambler that caused him 
an insult by winning too much. The sum is meaningless to Boss Salvatore, but 
the insult cannot be forgiven. Head to the basement of the Desperado to find 
this 'Lloyd' and make an example of him. Force him to do all the work, then, 
when you're in Golgotha and he's down in the fallout shelter, drop the TNT down 
on him for the least loss in Karma. When that's done, walk on the uncovered 
grave to go underground. Loot what's left of his corpse and take the money from 
the footlocker, then return to Salvatore and tell him the full amount or else 
you're going to be hurt. He'll give you $500 of the returned amount. 
     The second mission requires that you get tribute from Renesco in the 
commercial row. He will always complain that he doesn't have the cash, and 
demand some form of identification. Show him a laser pistol if you stole one 
from Salvatore's room (which you can later just give to Eldridge) for the 
necessary identification. You will end up making a deal with the man to pay his 
due in exchange for anything you want from his stock for practically free. 
Return to Salvatore with the money and get the final mission. 
     The final mission entails acting as a guard for a secret transaction in 
the desert, the same one that you can spy on if you chat with the Wright 
Children. This involves just going to the location and staying perfectly still 
until you're told that you can go. If you wonder around the map, you're sure to 
be shot by the Enclave, so just leave due S as quickly as you can. When the 
transaction is complete, you'll be ready to be Made, so don't return to 
     Big Jesus Mordino, like Salvatore, is a man of failing health. In order to 
get on his good side and do missions for him, always address him as Senior 
Mordino. Talking to Little Jesus in front of the bar first to get an 
introduction isn't a bad idea, especially if you're a prizefighter. 
     The first thing you must do for Big Jesus is deliver a package to the 
stables. Act amiably to everyone, and just accept the fact that you're 
delivering Jet to a Jet-head to keep him subservient- remember the rules: [1. 
If there is ever any doubt, there is never andy doubt. 2. Forget who taught you 
this. 3. No questions, no answers. You accept it and you move on.] Ramirez, the 
one you deliver the box to, is in the southwestern stable area, among the 
slaves in the front room, using the characteristic model of the guards in 
Mordino's casino. Talk to him, deliver the package (DO NOT OPEN IT- THE 
MORDINOS WILL KILL YOU), and return for the next mission, saying nothing out of 
turn to Boss Mordino. 
     The second mission involves collecting tribute from the Corsican Brothers 
Porn Studio. This is very simple if you're a prizefighter, and simple otherwise 
if you're not. If you have a high EN and CH, go for the acting job if you want. 
Return to Mordino for the final mission, and make sure to go to the basement of 
the Desperado. The south corner of the southernmost room holds the poison tank, 
which you will need for later. Hold on to it, and continue on. 
     Big Jesus then wants Boss Salvatore dead. Do not do this at this point, 
for reasons I will explain in the next part under the Salvatore section. 
     Talk to Keith Wright and ask for a job, and he'll lead you to his father, 
who asks you to find out who killed Richard Wright, his son. This thread 
involves only two complete missions, but the first one is as long as three, and 
the second one is as potentially dangerous as any other. 
     This first mission is longer than most of the others (not counting the 
travel time for the Bishop missions), and is definitely a mystery that has 
several possible means of discovery. The best way to go about this, I think, is 
not to go to Golgotha and perform an autopsy on Richard's body (smelling the 
Radscorpion poison), but instead to go talk to Keith and ask to see Richard's 
room. If you check the bookshelf and have a high enough perception, you'll find 
an empty jet canister. Using the leads given to you by Boss Wright and Keith, 
talk to the four possible culprits, but don't accuse anyone: Jagged Jimmy J on 
Second, Jules on Virgin St, Little Jesus in the Desperado, and Renesco on 
Commercial Ave. With the canister, Jagged JJ will identify that the dose was 
laced with radscorpion venom, and that the canister is of the kind that Renesco 
uses. If you chat with him about this, and act all detective-y, you'll get him 
to admit that he was asked by his bosses to lace a dose of jet with venom, and 
that Richard was murdered with it, to make it look like an overdose. 
     If you take the line of going to Golgotha and digging him up, two things 
happen: 1. you become a grave digger if you weren't already, and 2. you could 
tell Orville that you dug Richard up, which is something you don't want to do. 
At any rate, tell Orville that Salvatore spiked his jet and don't confront 
Salvatore about it. If you finger anyone else but the Salvatores (like the 
Mordinos because they control the Jet supply), expect whoever you finger to go 
     The second and final mission is to infiltrate the Sierra Army Depot and 
return back to Wright. SAD itself has a field littered with corpses of the 
fools that tried to pass the turret drones. Two fences guard the way in, but 
there is a hole in the first one where a sniper rifle can be found. Beware 
though- getting that rifle will cause the leftmost turret to attack, but that 
weapon is exactly what you need to get inside... 
     The best way to get into the base is to first drop all your NPCs off in 
the bottom-rightmost corner of the screen, so they'll be safe and away from 
enemy fire. Next, equip yourself with a scoped hunting rifle, sniper rifle, or 
anything else you can reasonably make a targeted hit with from over 15 world 
units (paces) away. 
     After you're armed, sneak up to the leftmost turret, just next to the 
fence, as far left as you can go. In combat, check each world unit on the hex 
grid in front of the turret, to see when the turret turns red. As soon as you 
find the right place that will let you snipe the turret, move back one space so 
the outline turns red again, and end turn. Go back into combat, move to that 
space, fire a targeted shot at the sensors, then move back to your protected 
roost and end your turn. The turret will not be able to fire at you, because 
its aim is blocked and it can't move. Continue to do this until either you 
score a critical hit on the lenses, destroying them and rendering the turret 
ineffective, or you kill the turret. Move on to the next one and do the same, 
hiding behind a fencepost, moving into the open, sniping, then moving back. 
This can be done for all of the turrets, even the ones next to the SAD's main 
door. Don't forget about the turret in the fenced in electrical area- it's 
necessary that that one doesn't fire at you. 
     After the turrets are destroyed, you'll probably want to leave your party 
where they are, as the next area is mined. To the left of the main gate is a 
small supply shack with explosives, a rocket launcher, some ammo, a howitzer 
shell, and three mines in front of it. You need a high lockpick to get past the 
door, which is also trapped, so you're probably just better off dropping some 
TNT next to it and getting away, as it will blow the door away. In the long 
weapons case you can find a rocket launcher and a shell, which is very heavy. 
Use the shell on the howitzer in the building to the right of the fence gate by 
going around the truck and using the side door, as the open bay door is mined. 
When the door is blown, walk inside, and you're done with the mission. If 
you've got a high lockpick and science, you can have some fun here, but you may 
want to wait for later. The two punching bags in the weight room can be 'used' 
to increase Unarmed by 5% each. Don't do this until your Unarmed is at least to 
125%, because that'd just be a waste. You can return here at any time you want 
to collect Brain Bot, the weapons and ammo, whatever. 
     You are ready to be made by Wright, so do not return to him at this point. 
     For each boss except for Bishop, there is a general method you can use to 
get to talk to him before they cut your throat for trespassing as another 
family's Made Man. You never sneak around Bishop's place because he is the one 
you must start with first. Sneaking in is the hard part, because you don't have 
to sneak out; you're a Made Man, and that family loves you until you're made by 
someone else, at which point, they will attack almost on sight. 
     Effectively, there are only two families you can be made by and end with, 
if you wish to keep all four statuses. If you can find a way to make it so you 
can end with Bishop or Salvatore, I'd love to hear about it. 
     Sneaking around the casino, bar and estate can be tricky. I tested this 
with 78% sneak and 10 AG and was able to do it all, so, more is better. 
     There are two constants about this particular process: 1. Bishop is always 
first, and 2. Salvatore must always come before Mordino. Remember that, and 
you'll be fine. 
     If you can rush to chat range with the Boss of the remaining three 
families, and chat before anyone enters combat, you're home free, as that chat 
line leads to your being made, and everyone in that family respecting you 
instantly. The goal is to chat with the three leaders before they pull their 
     Just walk up to him, tell him Calson is being fitted for a coffin, accept 
being Made, and you're done. If you are made by anyone else when you talk to 
him, Bishop will call you an emm-effer and have you killed, so, effectively, he 
is always first, no ifs, ands or buts. 
     Now begins the sneaking. 
    This part is where it gets hazy. You only really have a choice between two 
families to leave in charge of New Reno (as their made man, the one they love), 
that being Wright and Mordino, since in order to join Mordino you have to kill 
Boss Salvatore, and Bishop must be done first. However, I guess by leaving them 
alive, it'll come down to the game's internal power counter. 
     At any rate, Wright can be done second, third, or fourth. 
     I accomplished this by, under the cover of night, sneaking into the 
Wright's house courtyard, behind the rails, then entered combat to sneak into 
the already open house door and to just get inside the house, to get past the 
two guards at the front of the house. From there, I snuck to put the bookcase 
between myself and the one Wright Child standing in between the two rooms. 
Then, I entered combat, and snuck right past him, to near Orville's door. I 
entered combat again just to be safe, and snuck to the bookcase near the corner 
of that room, where I left combat. Sneaking to the door, I was simply able to 
open it without Keith noticing, and as soon as I was on the threshold, I was 
able to chat to Orville, where I got made. End of story. 
     Now, this is where Mission 3 of Mordino finally comes into play. The job 
is to whack Salvatore. The easiest way to do this is to get made by him, then 
execute the script to assassinate him after you're made, then walk to the top 
of the stairs and wait for him to drop. 
     Salvatore will either be second or third. 
     To infiltrate Salvatore's room, just either sneak part way into the bar 
and enter combat to go up the stairs, or make a dead run to the stairs and use 
them right after turning sneak on. 
     On the second floor, things get tough. Mason, if you talk to him and you 
can, will tell you to go on in. However, touching the door makes him notice 
that you're a made man, and he'll unsheath his lightbringer and start shootin. 
Therefore, this is the toughest part of the process, as you must somehow 
arrange your NPCs (you'll need at least one, probably three or four), so that 
one of them opens the door and runs into Salvatore's room. I did this by 
pushing my NPCs around and telling them to change distance until eventually 
Cassidy went through before Mason noticed me shoving them. You must stay still, 
and if you've pissed Mason off for any reason, he'll probably just shoot you on 
sight, so stay in sneak. As soon as the door is open and the way is clear, RUN 
to Salvatore (get out of sneak) and chat with him before someone enters combat. 
Then, you're home free to do Mordino Mission 3. 
     To get the full 2000xp and make it a true assassination, three conditions 
must exist when Salvatore drops: 1. he must not hold an oxygen bottle. 2. you, 
due to a scripting bug that was never squashed, must hold the poison bottle in 
your inventory, and 3. Salvatore must not be in combat mode. (-Per Jorner) Wait 
by the stairs so you won't say "I love killing old people" when he drops, and 
after he does, you can chat with Mason to see that he was an ass because he 
really cared about the old codger. 
     You're done here, move on. 
     Last in this guide, but certainly not least, is Big Jesus Mordino. This is 
probably the easiest time you'll have in this process outside of getting made 
by Bishop. 
     Simply run past the two bouncers in suits outside, then sneak to the left 
side office, stopping in front of it, then work your way across the floor 
between the rows of slot machines, over to the room across from the stairs. 
From there, simply sneak in combat to the stairs and use them to get up. 
     On the second floor, the doors leading to Mordino should all be open from 
your last encounter, so it'd probably be easiest to just make for a dead run 
for Big Jesus, clicking on him until you enter dialogue. That's it for him. 
     For the three bosses you have to sneak up to, it'd of course be best to 
save before you get inside, and then when you are in, save when you get to a 
safe point in a different slot. Save early, save often. If you're doing a 
hardcore game where you can save only once a day, then you ought not even 
attempt this unless you have balls of steel (the type used in the Red Ryder LE, 
you know, ball bearings.) 
     Just remember that Bishop is first, and you have a choice as to when 
Wright is gotten, but you can end with only one family liking you, and that 
will either be Mordino or Wright. 
     Each boss has his own way of being killed silently and 'accidently,' 
making it not your fault and allowing you to keep your Made Man status while 
the boss slowly rots in his room. These options provide thousands of extra 
points of experience and allow you to help tip the scales of balance on the 
power levels to get that ending you wanted. 
     This is a bit tougher, especially for me, since I never add anything to my 
Traps skill, but with a very high Traps skill, you can, after you sleep with 
Mrs. Bishop and ask about Bishop and his "other pursuits," you'll be given the 
option to ask if she wants you to kill him. Do this by making an 'accident' 
occur on his trapped safe (a fairly high Repair is necessary). Go off this 
floor and wait ten minutes. There is no xp for this, but you do get xp when you 
tell Mrs. Bishop to move on with her life, after Mr. B is dead. 
     Talk to the children playing outside the Wright estate in the afternoons 
and evenings while you hold any given pistol in your inventory (don't let it be 
the Alien Blaster or the Gauss Pistol or anything else like that- best idea is 
to carry only a single 10mm Pistol). They'll drop everything and spot it right 
off, asking if they can play with it. If it's not loaded, they'll say they know 
exactly where to get ammo for it. If you tell them to wave it in their dad's 
face and pull the trigger, that's exactly what they'll do, and you'll never be 
blamed for it. 
     Boss Salvatore is a fragile old man, and consequently, requires air to 
live. As described above in Part II, Section C, hold on to the poison gas tank 
while you steal his oxygen tank, run over to the landing of the stairs (or 
anywhere away from Salvatore), and wait. In under a minute, he'll be dead and 
     Mordino, like Salvatore, is also of ailing health. Consequently, any drug 
you give him except for alcohol, from Nuke Cola to Mentats to Buffout to even 
his own moneymaker Jet, will kill him. Just don't be in the room after you've 
used it on him, and you'll be fine. 
     I'd like to thank Whitechocobo666 for telling me to get off my butt and 
write this thing, and Per Jorner for his excellent Fallout 2 guide, without 
which I'd be nothing and know nothing. 
     I can be contacted via email at jjansen@islc.net and reached via AIM 
through my SN of Else Are. Be pithy and to the point and I'll get back to you 
or even add you to this FAQ if you have something to add.

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