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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Reb

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/27/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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     FALLOUT 2
     WALKTHROUGH v1.00 
    Written by: Igor (Reb) Lowicki
    E-mail Address: Reb2137@hotmail.com
    Last updated: 4/27/02
    This Walkthrough is for v1.00 and v1.02d of the game.
    First of all, I am NOT affiliated in anyway with either Interplay or 
    Black Isle Studios. They do NOT endorse this text in any way, so please 
    don't hassle them with questions or suggestions about THIS text. This 
    text is Copyright, but maybe pasted on any pages, put on to any CD or 
    what ever. This is as long as nothing is changed on it at all and if 
    putting it in a public place (eg. On your web site) please E-mail me 
    with the details of where it is been posted at. You may not charge for 
    or in any way profit from this Text or put it under your name.
    I am a player that has played the game a large amount of times, as 
    I have really enjoyed the game, so after a while I decided to write a 
    walkthrough. Fallout games are games that require people who have 
    brains, as they are not games like the Doom clones or the C&C clones or 
    even Diablo (which is NOT an RPG as some people claim), where all you 
    have to do is kill others and nothing else practically. Fallout, 
    Fallout II and Fallout III (Hopefully to be made and released some time 
    in THIS millennium) are all intelligent and complex RPG games, so that 
    means that you need to think read and do more then just kill.
    If E-mailing me please put Fallout 2 as your subject. If you do see any 
    mistakes or things you would like me to add then please E-mail me. If 
    you would like for me to give you credit then I would be happy to as 
    long as you put it down in the E-mail that you would like me to do so. 
    If you don't write anything then I'll assume that you don't want any 
    credit. Also the same goes for if you want me to put down your e-mail.
    Second, yes, this is a walkthrough and it contains spoilers. It's 
    pretty much full of them.  If you'd rather explore, don't read it.  My 
    advice is to play the game at least once before using this walkthrough. 
    I have made this walkthrough for people that may want a guild on what 
    quests there are or that may want help for a certain quest or to find a 
    certain thing. Or have finished the game before and are going through 
    wanting to make sure they don't miss anything this time. But if you 
    just want to use it for the entire game, be my guest. It your life.
    Third, This is an adult game and it deals with Drugs, Violence, Sex 
    Foul language etc... So, the walkthrough also deals with this stuff to. 
    If you are easily offended or don't like those sorts of things then 
    here's a simple solution: don't read the walkthrough and don't play the 
    Fourth, bear in mind that it's a complex game, not all quests are 
    available to everyone. I will write in what are the minimum 
    requirements to do a certain thing, if I know what they are. They can 
    depend on your characters level, skills or St, Pe, In points and so on. 
    E.g., you can't discuss medicine with the Vault City doctor, nor 
    explore their medical database on the computer, unless you have good 
    doctor skill. Also you can't date the nurse if you're a female, nor 
    screw Metzger for half of Vic's price if you're male. Yet other stuff 
    depend on what you've done before, like who you've joined and what's 
    your reputation.
    I do have a lot of quests and a few ones that were a bit evil also, but 
    the evil ones aren't really in much depth. And there may also be a few 
    quests that I have missed, like helping Myron getting a cure for jet. I 
    know there is a way but don't know what it is. But I've seen a few 
    walkthroughs for fallout II and I have all they have and more.
    Fifth, most of the quests in the game have absolutely nothing to do 
    with finishing the game. If fact most of the quests are just there for 
    money and exp which you will need both. At the most they will have a 
    small effect on the end animation and most don't even do that.
    I recently got the Patch, Version 1.02d and I have played the game with 
    it. The main changes in the patch come with the patch in the readme 
    section. Nothing much really has changed except I can now do a few 
    things with out the game locking up, like the Lloyd quest in New Reno, 
    and asking Tandi for information will not lock up the computer.
    Other thing that I'm not happy about is the car quest. But I don't 
    really hate it as it makes it more like the game was suppose to be. 
    Anyway, I added anything that needed to be changed into the walkthrough 
    with out getting ride of the old stuff either. So both versions are in 
    here. One thing that I found out whilst playing the game with the new 
    patch is that now instead of allowing 6 to your party, you can only 
    have 5. This really disappoints me, but the patch is still worth it.
    Table of contents
    Table of contents
    General Stuff to Bear in Mind
    A Good Character
    The best of the NPC's
    Cheats and glitches in Fallout II
    The Walkthrough
    1.1 Temple of Trials
    1.2 Arroyo Village
    2.1 Klamath
    2.2 Toxic Caves
    3.1 Den
    4.1 Modoc
    5.1 Vault City
    6.1 Gecko Village
    5.2 Vault City
    6.2 Gecko Village
    5.3 Vault City
    6.3 Gecko Village
    3.2 The Den
    7.1 Redding
    8.1 Broken Hills
    9.1 New Reno
    8.2 Broken Hills
    10.1 Sierra Army Depot
    9.2 New Reno
    11.1 Raiders base
    5.4 Vault City
    12.1 New California Republic (NCR)
    12.2 Vault 15
    12.3 NCR
    13.1 Vault 13
    1.3 Arroyo Village
    5.5 Vault City
    9.3 New Reno
    14.1 Military base
    15.1 New San Francisco
    16.1 Navarro
    15.2 New San Francisco
    17.1 The Enclave
    Special Encounters
    A few things after the game...
    Bits and pieces
      General Stuff to Bear in Mind
    First off Save often and make sure that you save EVERY TIME before you 
    steal. No matter how high your steal skill is there is always a chance 
    of been caught and having a whole town turn against you. Also in this 
    game, it is like in real life. You have to steal from behind, as it 
    would look stupid stealing from right in front of a person. Also you 
    should steal as often as you can. I will mention where there is good 
    person to steal from. When you are lockpicking you should also save, as 
    there is always a chance of the door getting jammed.
    Save before exiting combat. If you're about to level up, above level 6 
    or so, and you have NPC's in your party then you will probably want 
    them to get stronger too.  NPC's have a chance to level up when you do. 
    At the most you can get 2 people in you party to level up, but not if 
    they only leveled the last time you did or before (as far as I know). 
    So save, and then exit combat.  If you leveled up, and no NPC did then 
    reload and try again a few times. You don't want to carry around a 
    bunch of level 1 npc's, when you could have some decent fighters with 
    you.  But in the end the NPC's can only level up 5 times. After that 
    they will not go up any more. But if you want to cheat, then look in 
    the Cheats section of this walkthrough. There is written how to level 
    up your pals real quick. But this is only before the patch.
    Be prepared for a bit of financial trouble. For a while it can be hard 
    to buy what you want. So steal all you can and if stopped by raiders or 
    something then be sure to take of them all you can carry. Usually by 
    the end of Vault City I tend to have very little cash flow problems.
    Watch what you and your npc's do. When you get a party, and give them 
    ranged weapons, they just love using burst mode and spraying bullets at 
    enemy's that are blocked by you. This means they will more often then 
    not hit you as well as the enemy. Cassidy can do some major damage when 
    you get him some shotguns and as for Marcus, he usually uses a plasma 
    rifle, but can do some major damage with miniguns. 
    Watch your aim. If you hit an NPC part of your party accidentally using 
    burst mode when you were aiming at an enemy, then that member will turn 
    against you so be careful. Well this is fixed in the patch, which makes 
    the game a little easier, but you could still end up killing the npc, 
    so watch it.
    A few other walkthroughs and people may say to avoid a mixed encounter, 
    EG "a Patrol fighting highwaymen", but I say stop at them and join up 
    with the good people there. If there are none then watch the two teams 
    fight each other until there aren't many of them left, then move in to 
    kill. An E.g. of this is raiders fighting radscorpians. Let them weaken 
    each other to make it easier for you. Or you could start attacking them 
    both as I do. But it's your choice. And in the end, don't forget to 
    loot all you can.
    AP ammo, Forget about it. Just use the regular ammo. In the end AP ends 
    up doing less damage to the enemy then other ammo.
    There are also skills that you SHOULD NOT put up as they are USELESS, 
    starting with Energy weapons as you don't really get any till later and 
    there are much better guns then them. Another skill would be Throwing 
    as all you can throw is grenades and throwing knives which both don't 
    do much damage. Melee Weapons is another skill that can be scratched, 
    as they don't do enough damage either. And one more that really isn't 
    to good of a skill is gambling as all it does is raise your chances of 
    winning money at gambling and there are better ways to get money. 
    Sneaking is another skill that I really never have used in the game. So 
    don't bother with that. But if you use the skills or want to raise them 
    then go right ahead.
    Think in terms of action points when playing. E.g., if you've opened 
    your inventory in combat, make sure to do everything you need.  You can 
    reload/change weapons and use a lot of stims while in your inventory. 
    For that reason, reload your weapons after every combat.  The rest of 
    the ammo in a weapon is not lost if you reload, and it helps if you 
    don't have to waste time reloading in the middle of the next fight.
    Check out areas obscured by walls. In other words, move close to the 
    west and South edges of all rooms and corridors that may be blocked by 
    walls or other thing.  There seem to be a few items and containers 
    hidden there for some reason.
       A Good Character
    I'm not even going to begin to tell you what to play as. Its you game 
    and you choice. But there are a few pointers I can give.
    First of all do not just take a character. You should make you own. It 
    might be a bit hard but if you can't do it then you shouldn't be 
    playing the game. The main thing in creating a character is to make 
    sure that your IN is at least 6 to get good quests. Your CH should be 
    at 8 if you want to get the max amount of npc's in your party. Later to 
    have a max of 5 in your group you should raise you CH to 9 using a perk 
    and then later to get that 6th member use the CH glasses. AG should be 
    up at nine to get a lot off action points. Later it should be raised 
    buy gain agility. And St up to 8 or so you can carry a lot of things. 
    There are chips in the game that raise four of your skills up by one 
    point. These chips raise you ST, IN, PE and CH. But you can't wait for 
    them to raise you Ch as you probably will want to get the 5 party 
    members a bit before the near end of the game.
    The only trait that doesn't have a down side is bloody mess. So that's 
    one to take. The Age, Male/Female or name doesn't really make too much 
    of a difference. There are some differences for male/female but not 
    much.  A good trait to get is gifted as it raises all your primary 
    skills by 1. It takes a bit of % from all skills but it's worth it.
       The best of the NPC's
    Here's what NPC's I think are the best and what ones you should really 
    consider taking. But as always, it's your choice so you don't have to 
    listen to me. When I always play I do what I said in the character 
    section just above by putting my CH up to 8 and then raising it to 10 
    to get 5 NPC's following me. There are 6 npc's that are actually good 
    and the rest pretty much suck. So just take out the 6th member that I 
    put in.
    Then best of them all as far as I'm concerned is Cassidy. He's good to 
    talk to and does a lot of burst damage with the shotguns you can give 
    him. Also later you can get him a really good gun called the M72 Gauss 
    Rifle. It only does single shot, but Cassidy gets 10Ap's so he can fire 
    it twice. It does some major, major damage. So he's No.1 as far as I'm 
    2nd I'd have to say Sulik. Sure he uses Melee weapons only, but once he 
    levels up and you get him a super sledgehammer he really kicks ass. He 
    gets 12ap's and just about every hit he does knocks down the enemy and 
    sends them flying. The down side is that he can get in the way, as he 
    has to be with in 2 hexes of the enemy to hit them. But other then that 
    I put him at No.2.
    3rd would have to be Marcus. He can use big guns but he always puts them 
    away if you or any of the NPC's are in the way. So I say give him a 
    plasma riffle and a whole lot of ammo. His down side is that he can't 
    wear any armor because he's too big. But he does get a lot of HP's so 
    that sort of compensates that. Plus he gets 13Ap's so that's good. So 
    his No.3 for me.
    The next one was really hard to chose, but I'd say Skynet the robot. He 
    can also use the gun that Cassidy can use and the shotguns. No armor 
    for him but he doesn't use any stims. Plus he gets 10Ap's and good 
    hp's. When you want to heal he you can either use the repair skill on 
    him or get him to initiate auto repair. So his in 4th. But bear in mind 
    that Skynet will not be as good if you didn't have good science skill 
    and you got a lower intelligent brain. So save up a bit of science 
    skill while you're at it. These is a bit of a cheat for skill raising 
    in the cheat section so look that up is you wish.
    I'd say that Goris would have to be No.5. He uses unarmed and also 
    can't wear any armor. That's two down sides. But once he fully levels 
    up he a dose on average 41hp damage and gets 175hps for him self. Also 
    once fully leveled up he gets 13Ap's which is really good. He's a 
    really good ally as far as I'm concerned. So I put him at 5th position. 
    Vic was put in 6th as he's practically like Cassidy and the only 
    difference is how he looks and how much he can carry. He is a good 
    ally, but if I could only have 5 allies then Vic would have to go. He 
    can also use the M72 Gauss Rifle later and also uses Shotguns. He gets 
    okay hp and also 10Ap's once fully leveled up. Because of the patch Vic 
    get kicked out of my party when the time comes.
    The rest of the NPC's forget about them. Lets start with the dogs. All 
    the dogs you can get suck for a whole lot of reasons. None can wear 
    armor or carry a single item and do crap attacks. Dogmeat, no matter 
    how much I'd like to take him, I just can't for those reasons and more. 
    Dogmeat pulled excellent critical hits that would send people flying in 
    Fallout 1. But in No.2 he just (sorry that I have to say this) plain 
    sucks. Plus you can only find him in a special Random encounter so 
    you'd have to spend a lot of time looking for him. I really wish I 
    could take him but there are just two many down sides. As for the robot 
    dogs you can pick up, they also suck. The only difference between each 
    of them is that one can talk and the other can't. So I say screw those 
    As for Myron, he's just lucky that I lose so Rep when I kill him 
    because that's about the only reason to why I don't kill him. He SUCKS 
    at combat and is the most annoying thing in Fallout II. As for Lenny he 
    also sucks. Lenny's okay for the Ghoul he is but there's just no space 
    for him. He gets 205HP but can only use crap guns and remains with 
    7AP's even once he fully levels up. So all these NPC's just can't make 
    the final cut. 
    The only other two NPC's that you can take with you are the two people 
    that you can marry in Modoc. They NEVER level up making them USELESS. 
    The only funny thing about them is the wedding that you can have. 
       Cheats and glitches in Fallout II
    There are a few Glitches that can be used for your advantage in Fallout 
    II. They aren't cheats but they might as well be. So I will write them 
    down for people who want to use them. 
    The first is the only one I really use. It's the cheat to level up your 
    NPC's really quick. What you have to have is an NPC. Then you have to 
    level up to a level where you can pick a perk. What you do is pick the 
    perk "Here and Now". What that's spouse to do is level you up 1 level. 
    But in this version it levels you up 3 levels. What it means is if you 
    have a different version you might only level up once. But you can 
    still do the cheat; it will take you just a bit longer. What you do is 
    when you level up go into your character screen. Pick the perk "Here 
    and Now" and then press okay. You should here that you leveled up once 
    or three times. When this happens your NPC's will level up eventually. 
    Then the way you exit the character screen is by pressing the cancel 
    button. That way your NPC's will stay leveled up but you can go back 
    into you character screen and pick the perk again and then cancel 
    again. You can keep doing this till all of them level up. Then pick the 
    perk you really want. The only down side is that you can't keep the 
    perk here and now as later when you pick up new NPC's you can level 
    them up too. All you have to do is have them with you, then level up to 
    the point to where you can pick a perk and then use the technique I 
    just wrote down. This has been fixed in the patch so you don't go up 20 
    or so levels. You can still make the NPC's level up, but it takes 
    So just one more time to explain it in laymen's terms: 1. Get an NPC. 
    2. Level up to a point where you can pick a perk. 3. Pick the Here and 
    now perk then cancel the character screen. 4. Keep doing this till the 
    NPC levels up to the max. 5. When that's done pick a different perk and 
    keep it. 6. When you get a New NPC wait till you level up to the point 
    where you can pick a perk and do the same thing over. Sorry that 
    there's so much reading and if this is a bit hard to understand, but I 
    did my best to explain it the in best way I could?.
    In Broken Hills when you give back the refined ore to the ghoul, when 
    you talk to him again he'll ask you if you will sell it back to him 
    again. He keeps thinking you still have the ore. So you can keep 
    talking to him and get $1500 every time. I don't think this has been 
    fixed in the patch.
    In NCR when you give the holodisc back to Gunther you'll get 4000exps 
    and $4000. But then what you can do is steal the disc back off him and 
    then give it back to him for another $4000 and 4000exps!
    Raising skill points after getting to 100% and over gets a bit annoying 
    as it takes up more then 1 point to raise the skill. But there is a way 
    around that for some of the skills. When you have leveled up, change 
    the game Difficulty to hard. What this does is take down a few skill 
    points of a few skills. Other then the small guns books all other books 
    that you can read to raise skills are taken down. When your skill is 
    down at say 10% and you read a book you may add 20% to the skill. Where 
    as when your skill is at 70% you may only get an extra 5%. These aren't 
    the exact figures, but the point is the lower the skill, the more 
    percent you will get to it when reading. Not only that, when you get 
    the skill past 91% books no longer help. But when taking down the skill 
    with the difficulty up then you will be able to add points with books. 
    Another thing that this is useful in is when any of the skills that get 
    taken down by this get to 100%. Because from there on it costs two 
    points to get just the one point of percentage (unless tagged, but 
    it'll still cost you two points to get you the 2% raise). So when the 
    difficulty is up those skills go down below 100% and allow you to raise 
    the skill only taking on point. But this will only work while the 
    difficulty level takes the skill under 100%. But again later on it may 
    cost up to 3 points when higher.
    So the main thing is, raise the difficulty level when reading books and 
    when putting in points to a skill that is over 100%. Then later you can 
    lower it back to easy. This is all that the difficulty level does. As 
    far as I know it does not affect combat difficulty as that has its own 
    difficulty option and it does not affect any quests.
    Those are the only cheats that are worth mentioning or that I know of. 
    If I ever find any more then rest assured I will put them in. 
    The Walkthrough
       1.1 Temple of Trials
    This area doesn't seem to have any other purpose than to give you some
    Exps and some items, so try to make the most out of it.  Search all the 
    Unarmed works best on both ants and scorpions, especially since it uses 
    less action points than the spear. Just go up to the creatures and hit 
    them as many times as you can. Don't hurry, particularly with the 
    scorpions, since they can poison you with each good attack.
    The second area, in addition to ants and scorpions, there are also some 
    traps all over the floor. Move one hex at a time, careful not to step 
    on the raised plates. You can also try disarming them, since you get 
    25xps per disarmed trap, and that's a lot at level 1.  It may require 
    more than one try per trap. You can also set them of and collect the 
    sticks to sell later.
    At the end of the second area there's a door you can't lockpick. You 
    can get the plastic explosive from one of the vases, and put it in one 
    of your ready item slots.  Now go facing the door. SAVE. Then use the 
    explosive.  It'll automatically be dropped on the floor.  Then get the 
    hell out of there. At what skill you have now, it's guaranteed to go 
    off prematurely, and you don't want to be within the blast radius. 
    There is also a trap under the door there.
    In the last section in the northwest room with the fire pit in the 
    middle is a guy you have to fight to get past him. Before you go to him 
    clear all the other rooms of the bugs and stuff and collect what you 
    can. Then go in and talk to him. He will tell you must fight him in 
    unarmed combat to see if you're the chosen one. First talk to him. You 
    can ask him a few questions and I've even herd that you can talk him 
    out of fighting. But I don't know what you need to do that and its 
    never come up as an option for me. If you can't then fight him, but not 
    to the death. Soon after a few hits to him, he'll run off. When you 
    finish go down and pick your gear from the chest outside the room. Then 
    go through the door he was in front of. Then you will pick up the 
    sacred Vault 13 jumpsuit. (Although I don't know why you would want to 
    ware that).....
       1.2 Arroyo Village
    When you get back into the village go up to the tent just up and talk 
    to the elder to get some money and a canteen. You can also talk to her 
    to get some information and the location of Klamath, which you need.
    Just south of the tent is a well that is broken which you find out from 
    Feargus your nephew. You can fix it for some Exps. Standing Next to a 
    big stone head is Standing Fist. He offers to teach you some unarmed 
    skills but you will need to have very little in that skill for him to 
    help you. There is also a guy named Jordan in the tent to the very east 
    the will teach you some melee weapons skills if you want them.
    The Shaman Hakunin will ask you to weed out his garden. It is the one 
    just to the north-east with the two spore plant in it that shoot if you 
    get to close. So just go in close and beat the shit out of them. Then 
    go back to Hakunin to get some healing powder. As far as I'm concerned 
    the healing powder is only good for selling as it temporary lowers your 
    Pe by one for each powder you use. In his box in the tent is a xander 
    root, which you should get.
    When you go over to the east, near the cow paddock, is a guy named 
    Nagar who will ask you to find and bring back his dog from the hunting 
    grounds. You can enter the in the north-west. When you get in there, 
    you will see some Geckos wandering around. They usually don't attack 
    you and you shouldn't go for them as for the moment they are a bit 
    tough. There are also xander and broc flowers around on the ground, 
    which you should collect for the Shaman to make you some healing 
    powders. They are small green and orange things on the ground. You can 
    pick them up by just clicking on them. (You can also later get a guy to 
    make you stims, but for now get the shaman to make you powders so you 
    can sell them in Klamath.) The dog is to the North-west. As you 
    approach him he comes to you. Then just leave and go back to talk to 
    the guy to get the exps.
    As you are leaving the village, talk to the guy guarding the bridge. 
    You might need a certain Pe and In to do this but my stats are always 
    high to do this. I think it is around 7 Pe and 6 In. When you talk to 
    him you can ask him about his sharpened spear and he will tell you to 
    talk to your aunt to get some flint and he will show you how to sharpen 
    yours. You aunt is the one standing in front of the tent to the South-
    west in the middle section of the village. There are 3 ways to get the 
    flint. The first is to steal it, but that is the last resort. The 2nd is 
    to talk to her and if you have a high In (probably 6 or more) you can 
    talk her into giving you the flint for free. But if not she will ask 
    for 3 healing powders for it, then you can reload and try again or 
    steal it from her as healing powder is worth something. Before you go 
    back to the guy, there is a shove next to the wheel Borough near her 
    tent to pick up. When you have it, go back to the guy and he will show 
    you how to sharpen you spear. It really isn't necessary to sharpen it, 
    but you do us the spear for a while and later it is worth more 
    When you finish anything else you want to do then leave for 
       2.1 Klamath
    Here in Klamath your objective is to find Vic the trader, so ask around 
    to find out he's in the Den (another town). But don't go out yet as 
    first you have to find out where it is located and there also are a lot 
    of things to do here. Be sure to visit Vic's house just to the north 
    from where you came in and be sure to get and keep the radio you find 
    there as you will need it to free Vic. As for the other stuff there, 
    take it and later sell it for better stuff like leather armor which you 
    should get from the bar as you can get it cheaper as I will explain 
    Go into the bar building just up north. In it are some people you 
    should talk to. As you enter, talk to the first woman who is Ardin 
    Buckner (the owner of the bar). She will ask you to find a missing 
    Trapper named Smiley. So agree to help her and she will tell you where 
    the Toxic caves are which is where he went. You can get a room for the 
    night off her and she will tell you to speak to her daughter about 
    supplies and info. So talk to her daughter and also Suilk if you want. 
    You can find where the Den is of her and about why Suilk is they're 
    working for her. You can pay of his debt of $350 and get him to join 
    you (believe me, you need him now and later he becomes very powerful 
    and strong.) or you can get him for free after rescuing the missing 
    trapper. But going in alone for the trapper is hard work at your level, 
    so it is worth to get him ASAP.
    Just south to the bar is a building that looks abandoned. Go into it 
    and steal from the Bookcase. There you will find a gun book you should 
    read to raise you small guns skills.
    There is a guy there that will ask you to go refuel his still for $50. 
    You can try to get him to raise his price to $65, but sometimes he 
    doesn't agree. So save before you talk to him and try 3 or 4 times. If 
    still he says no then just agree to do it for the $50. You can enter 
    the area in the South-east, but when you go there, you will see a lot 
    of Geckoes there so you might want to leave it till later. But when you 
    do finally go there, what you do is go down to the hut near the South-
    west and in it pick up everything on the ground. You should only take 1 
    stack of wood as you only need one and the wood is worthless. Just put 
    the wood into the still, go back to Bob and get the money. This is best 
    left till last as you might want to come back when you can skin the 
    geckos so that you can use the skins to buy stuff.
    Right out side the bar is a guy named Torr who is the town simpleton. 
    He asks you to help him guard his moo-moos (Brahmin) so agree and go 
    with him. When you get there, a small radscorpian will attack straight 
    away. Kill it first. Then when you're finished with that one, go down 
    south to fight another 6 of them. Then you will get 300exps for killing 
    stopping the threat of the scorpions. You can go into Torr's hut and 
    get something's there. There are some radscorp limbs there but don't 
    bother with them as you can't do anything with them, there 10 pounds 
    and they're worthless. 
    There is a "Bathhouse" as they call it to the north of the Buckner 
    place. It's actually a brothel. You can waste your money there to 
    become a gigolo, which is a waste, as I've never found any benefits 
    from this. There must be something that I'm missing here as there are a 
    lot of brothels around other towns and all you can do is waste money on 
    them. But if you want, you can save and screw Jenny for $125 as after 
    you can find some info of her. You can then reload to get rid of the 
    "gigolo" perk if you want.
    Towards the North-west is the golden Gecko bar. Inside you can talk to 
    a guy who can teach you some Melee and unarmed skills. You can humor 
    him by playing dumb and asking him to teach magic spells, and in the 
    end saying that he's pulling your leg. He gets you a beer and your rep 
    will go up a bit. (Apparently everyone likes a new idiot in town?) He 
    gets the two skills raised by 10 each, and that will come in handy. The 
    owner of the bar will usually ask you about the whereabouts of Bobs 
    still after you take the quest. Sometimes he doesn't. I don't know what 
    that's based on. Anyway, I've never told him as I play a good 
    character, but if you do tell him all it does is put bob out of the 
    business. Then if your really on the dark side you can talk to the 
    Duntan bro.'s and work for them by getting Torr to leave his Brahmin or 
    knocking him unconscious. But as you guessed it, it doesn't do wonders 
    for your Karma. But it's your choice and you should make up your mind 
    quickly as he never asks again after that. You can barter with him and 
    ask him about his special sources to get a discount. But it's not much 
    and the things will still probably be too expensive for you. So don't 
    buy anything yet and wait till you rescue the trapper, as he will teach 
    you how to skin geckoes for there skin, which is valuable. In the bar 
    behind a locked door is a painting, which you should get as it's worth 
    $300. Also in the other Buckner bar, behind the locked doors are a few 
    things worth getting.
    You can go to the exit grid to the North-west. There is a repair bot 
    gone nuts, which you can kill for exps. There is also a crashed 
    Vertibird there and 2 dead men, which you can do nothing with.
    When you get back to the main section of town, rest till 1800. The two 
    Duntan brothers will come out of there home to go to the Golden bar. 
    Wait till they leave, then go in and rob the place. There is a locked 
    door there that will be hard to pick so if you can't open it, then just 
    leave it. You don't really have to wait till dark for this but anyway. 
    Go in to the building behind there is which is their slaughterhouse, 
    and rob that too of all you can. You can then go to the bar and arm-
    wrestle the brothers for some respect and info. There is one thing I 
    should mention. In the Duntans there is a cat paw magazine on the 
    bookshelf and on one on the Duntans. You should keep and get all the 
    cat paws magazines you can, as later you will need 10 when you get to 
    When you finish up here, go into the west section of the town. As you 
    walk to the west, you will see 2 men and a woman standing around a 
    barrel. You should steal from them. In the South-west is a house with 
    something's in it to and one of the 4 kids in that section has a scout 
    book, which you should get.
    There is a guy in the building that will talk to you. He will tell you 
    about their rat problem to the north. You can ask him for the key to 
    the north and when he asks for money tell him that you'll help him with 
    the rats. Alternately you can get a key from the dog in the main 
    section of town buy feeding it with some Brahmin jerky.
    Go through the door (you can lockpick it for exps) and be sure to go 
    into the guns store as there are 2 pairs of rubber boots you will need 
    in the lockers. Go into the building with the rats and follow them 
    through to the manhole while killing them. (WTH is a manhole doing in a 
    building?) The rats are only 25exps each but at your level and all the 
    rats you'll have killed by the end it will add up to a bit. If you have 
    any ammo weapons don't bother using them even if you going to sell them 
    later as you can easily defeat rats and mole rats with your sharpened 
    spear or unarmed combat.
    Work you way through the under ground killing every thing and picking 
    up anything you can. On the first level down to the East where all the 
    rats are, there are some bones you can search through for a crowbar and 
    right near by on the ground is a sledge hammer. It is very easily 
    missed. When you're finished there, go down to the next level. Go 
    around until you come to a giant rat named Keeng Ra'at, or "the rat
    God". Kill it to solve the rat problem. Around where the rat god was 
    standing are a pile of bones. There are more of those that you can go 
    through and you should, as there is $109 in them. Also right near the 
    bones there will either be a xander root or a broc flower. For some 
    reason every time I play again and get there, there is a different 
    flower. After that, find the ladder that goes up that you haven climbed 
    before and go up. It this section clear it out and when you get to the 
    locked door there is a bomb to explode it in the shelves to the right, 
    if you cannot lockpick it. You will need around 70%. When you come up 
    the ladder you come up to a garage. Go out and head south to a broken 
    down Highwayman (car). Search through it to get a fuel cell regulator. 
    You will need it for when you get the car. Now just go back out the way 
    you came.
    When you have Sulik, the boots and you've finished up with anything 
    else, leave for the Toxic Caves......
       2.2 Toxic Caves
    Make sure that Suilk has a pair of those boots, as you will need them 
    if you don't want to take damage when walking across the green slime on 
    the ground. A good thing to do now is to save, as the boots will 
    probably melt before you finish. There is another pair as your going 
    along to the south. There in a locker and to get there you will have to 
    kill a Gecko and cross some slime. What you should do is kill the Gecko 
    first, then tell Sulik to stay there and then cross to get the boots. 
    Don't forget to take Sulik when finished. 
    The thing you have to do here is work your way east. Go down the 
    ladder. Then head east again to find the trapper and escort him out of 
    the caves. He has his own pair of boots, so you won't need any for him.
     When you get to the trapper, near the room is a wall locker you should 
    go through for 2 rad-aways. You may also try to repair the generator in 
    the room. It is for the elevator. What you need to open it is some 
    electronic lockpicks. But you don't find them till much later and its 
    not really worth coming back for as all that's down there is a few 
    different ammo casings, some weapons and a robot like the huge ones 
    you'll see in the Sierra Army Depot. I've never wasted my time on it 
    anyway, but it's your choice.
    When you get to the entrance of the cave, Smiley will say he can make 
    it back on his own from here. So go back to Klamath and go into the 
    Buckners to talk to him. He will teach you how to skin Geckoes. Mrs. 
    Buckner will give you $100 for saving him or if you haven't gotten 
    Sulik yet, you can now get him for free. There is a bit of a cheat or 
    flaw here. What you can do is get Smiley to raise you scouting skill up 
    quiet a bit. What you do is keep talking to him and asking him about 
    hunting Geckos. That will raise your skill each time by a bit. I'd say 
    raise it to around 100. This is fixed in the patch so that you cant 
    keep asking him about the geckos and getting your outdoors skill up. Oh 
    Before you leave Klamath there is one more thing you should do here. 
    Since you now have the Skinning perk, you should go down to the hunting 
    grounds there and kill all the Geckos for there skins and exp. At this 
    point you'll need both.
    When you finish up with what ever else (like trading those skins for 
    something) then head of for the Den..........
       3.1 Den
    The Den is a fucking annoying place. The most annoying thing is those 
    kids waiting near the doors of places. Waiting for what, you say. Well, 
    they're waiting for you. The little Bastards steal from you as your 
    going through the doors. The only things that they can't steal is the 
    weapon or what every you have out and you armor your wearing, as you 
    would notice easily if that suddenly disappears. You can always kill 
    them and the town doesn't turn against you, but you get branded a child 
    killer, get bounty hunters after you and lose Sulik. I also think that 
    Marcus doesn't join you, but that could be because I was a slaver to at 
    the time. (I played one game been really evil, but that's another 
    story). The best thing to do is to give everything to Sulik, as they 
    never steal from him (or any other party member) and when you need to 
    barter something off, go in the building first, get the things of 
    Sulik, and barter. Be sure to give him whatever you got from bartering.  
    You'll have to talk to Smitty in the West corner of the East side if 
    you want a car, and believe me, you do. He'll tell you that you can 
    have the car there for $2000 and a fuel cell controller, which right 
    now you don't have. But in this version there is a glitch. When you 
    talk to Smitty you can buy the car for the $2000 and not need the cell. 
    Also when you get the car be sure to get Smitty to install that fuel 
    cell regulator that you got from Klamath for an extra $750. You won't 
    have the cash yet, so your goal is to star saving now. The car is a 
    very good thing to get as it can do two different things. First, it 
    cuts the travel time on the world map by quiet a lot. And second, you 
    can store a lot of things in the trunk, like the things that you just 
    picked up of those robbers you killed. You will need the cell in the 
    patched version. ?
    The car can become separated and have a few glitches, but this is fixed 
    in the patch.
    You can read the billboard that you see as you come in. It has some 
    info about the town. You can get two jobs from Becky in her bar. The 
    first is to get some money from Fred. He's one of the addicts wandering 
    around the first section. He will give you shit and ask for you to pay 
    half of it of (which I did) and also he'll ask you to lend him some 
    money. That's up to you what to do but one thing to keep in mind. If 
    you do lend him the money when you come back 3 to 4 month later he'll 
    have changed. He'll have scored big and will be wearing a suit. He'll 
    give you back $2000, 200 x Small Energy Cell, 250 x Micro Fusion Cells 
    and a plasma grenade. I think if you say that you can't except this 
    then your rep will go up quite a bit. But that's your choice to. The 2nd 
    quest is to get a book from a guy in the other section of town. The 
    Idiot is out front of Moms restaurant and he tells you he lost it. The 
    book can be in a few places, like near one on the burning barrels, or 
    in an outhouse and so on. 
    The guy in the South-west building is Flick the seller. Well actually 
    he's more like a fencer.  He's the one that set those orphan kids up to 
    steal for him. But on the good side, he usually has a shotgun and 
    shells and a hunting riffle you can buy off him. But it is pricey, so 
    for now I suggest you stick to the spear.
    There is a guy named Joey, who can pinpoint New Reno for you and some 
    other towns. He's a drug dealer, specializing in Jet. This drug you 
    should stay away from. It cost quite a lot (he try's to sell it to you 
    for $500) and is highly addictive. If you get addicted to Jet, you 
    stats will go up for a while, but later when it wears off, your stats 
    will go down a lot. To get them up again, you can wander around looking 
    for an antidote (which you won't fin till much, much, much later); you 
    can wait till it wears off. (That takes a few months) or you can keep 
    wasting your money on more jet. Jet in the game was made to be 
    addictive so that you would keep having to buy more as you find out 
    from Myron later. My advice is, don't bother with Jet, and if you find 
    some or something then just barter it off.
    In this section is also a Brotherhood of Steel building. A guard will 
    talk to you about a few things, but other then that, that's all you can 
    do for now with them. Later you get access to the Brotherhood, but this 
    building is empty anyway. 
    Next to the Brotherhood building is a haunted house. At night a ghost 
    appears. You can talk to her but she doesn't hear you. She keeps 
    mumbling about her missing bracelet that Joey has. You'll have to kill 
    him to get it off him, but leave it for now. Also connected to this is 
    a Mummy show. The guy next door has a mummy you can look at for 
    $50(it's a rip off as you never see it anyway and later you'll find out 
    it's a ghoul you have to wake up.) But that's not until you get the 
    quest from Gecko village. 
    To the Northwest of that house is Lara and her gang. She'll give you a 
    job to find out what's in the crates at the Church on the East side of 
    town. Take the job and go over there. All you have to do is tell the 
    guard at the front that Metzger's sent you to check the contents of the 
    crates to be sure. He buys it and you get exps for tricking him and 
    then for checking what's in the crates. You'll get 1000exps for all 
    that plus the money of Lara. She'll then ask you to ask Metzger for 
    permission to fight Tyler's gang (the ones at the church). Go to the 
    Slaves guild at the East side and talk to Metzger (the headman of the 
    operation). Ask till he says yes. Then go back and tell Lara. She'll 
    ask you to find a weakness in Tyler's gang. Go to the church and talk 
    to Tyler to find out that they're having a party and they're going to 
    get drunk. 
    Now would be a good time to kill Joey and his mates. If you want you 
    can go and ask mom about the locket and then try to talk to Joey into 
    giving it to you. But I say kill him as killing drug dealers puts up 
    your rep. You could also do with his weapons. Usually his mates run 
    away from me, so what you have to do is stand in-between them and the 
    east exit grid as they can disappear off your screen. So kill them and 
    get their stuff. Trade all that you got except 1 10mm gun and any JHP 
    ammo. Go to Flick to trade for more 10mm ammo, as you will need it to 
    fight Tyler and his gang. Keep the locket you got off Joey as later you 
    give that to the ghost. 
    Now go back to Lara. Tell her about the party. She'll say if you want 
    your money and more you have to come with them to the fight. You don't 
    have to fight, all you have to do is stand there. But with so many guys 
    shooting a Lara I didn't have the nerve to find out that you don't get 
    the money if she dies. So in actual fact, you do have to fight. You'll 
    be the one, along with Suilk, that does most of the work there. Be 
    prepared for a long and hard fight, as with the 10mm you have now 
    doesn't do much damage. So save before you fight. But you should be 
    strong enough to do the job. When you finish, Lara will give you the 
    $300 and an extra $100. Don't forget to rob all the dead bodies.
    Since its night now go to the haunted house. Talk to the ghost and give 
    her the locket. She'll turn into a pile of unsettled bones. Pick them 
    up. You'll need a shovel to do the rest of this quest. Go into the East 
    section of town to where the graves are. Then use the shovel on the 
    grave that's in the bottom row, 2nd from the right. Once you uncovered 
    it, place the bones inside. Then use the shovel again to cover the 
    grave, settle the bones, and get 600exps. Don't worry about getting the 
    gravedigger thing and loosing Karma as you can dig this grave with out 
    loosing anything because it's for the quest and a good thing. 
    Now to the Eastern side. The main attraction here is the slavers guild. 
    You can do some real stupid things like, become a slaver and get a 
    slaver tattoo on your head. If you do, Suilk attacks you, Cassidy never 
    joins you from fear of you selling him, and nether doesn't Marcus as 
    you're to evil for him. Plus a lot of quests and other things will be 
    unavailable to you as people don't like talking to or dealing with 
    Slavers. You can try it and reload later if you want. You can also sell 
    members of your group as slaves. But that's another stupid thing to do. 
    Besides, you'll need Sulik, as he becomes one of the best later.
    This is the place where Vic is been held a prisoner. He sold Metzger a 
    broken radio and now he must fix it. He doesn't have the parts, so 
    basically he's screwed. Get permission from the guard out side his door 
    to talk to him. He'll tell you that he needs the radio from his house 
    in Klamath to do the job. You did get it and kept it didn't you? Give 
    him the radio. Then he'll ask you to talk to Metzger to let him go. 
    When you do, Metzger says No. You can ask for some money to clear 
    things up. He'll ask for $1000 and if you're a woman, you can screw him 
    and he'll half the price. But that's still to much considering that 
    your saving for a car. So you can buy him now if you want, but I say 
    wait for a moment till you do everything else in the Den and then you 
    can kill Metzger and his crew and get Vic for free. In the other 
    walkthrough it said that your way to inexperienced to do that but I 
    know a way how. But first....
    There is a bar just west of the guild, with, of course, some thieving 
    kids out front. The owner sells booze at an overly inflated price and 
    he badmouths Becky to all his customers for having lower prices. If you 
    buy one of Becky's drinks you can then ask to buy one of his and then 
    ask why the price is so high. He'll ask you to find out why Becky's 
    prices are so low. So go to Becky's bar and ask her. She won't tell you 
    until you bought 4 to 5 drinks. (She tells you because you're a good 
    customer). Then wait a minute, the guard that was guarding the door to 
    the room near her moves over to the tables. You can then go down and 
    see for your self that she has a still of her own. Then you can report 
    back to the guy. He will give you $100 and 400exps plus a new job. He 
    will offer you $500 to destroy her still. But just tell him that he 
    should buy the drinks of her. You'll get 900exps for this.
    If you're a male character you can screw the prostitute at the hole, 
    although it beats me once again of what's the point? If you're a female 
    character, you can screw some of the customers for money. But in any 
    game I played, I never screwed once.
    There's also Mom's restaurant just south of the slavers guild. "Mom" 
    will ask you to take a dinner dish to Smitty, the guy in the West Side 
    whom you can buy the car from. You'll get some exps, a stimpak and a 
    free rat meal from Mom when you return although I fail to see the point 
    in that. There's a Drunk named Karl you should talk to, to save you 
    time much later. Ask him about his story. That's all you can really do 
    with him for now.
    Now here is the way of how to beat Metzger. The first this to do is to 
    steal of him and all his guards. His guards will be holding a 10mm gun 
    you can steal, but you can steal their ammo of them so that they can't 
    reload. SAVE before you steal of them. You can get a shotgun of Metzger 
    that you should use against him. He will have some more stuff to. Be 
    sure to steal of the 4 guards out the front. When you finish, give all 
    the stuff to Sulik so you can get past those kids when you go into 
    Flicks. When you get there, get the stuff back of Sulik and sell it for 
    a hunting riffle or some other guns and ammo that you can use against 
    Metzger. You should also have other things, like the 10mm gun to sell 
    and its ammo, plus anything else. Be sure to keep the v13 flask, the 
    Cell regulator and the Catpaws mags. You should get for now either the 
    Shot gun or the Hunting riffle as if you want the car later, you'll 
    need some things to barter with for your money back to also put in the 
    Fuel cell controller. If you have no idea of what I'm saying, then just 
    trust me for now and either just buy the shotgun shells for the shotgun 
    or sell it for the riffle. But I say stick with the shotgun for now as 
    you will give that to Vic and you will use something else. Be sure that 
    you give Sulik all your things as you go out.
    Now that should take a few minutes. When you finally do that, then go 
    back to the slavers guild. The thing is when you fight Metzger and his 
    guards; you don't actually have to fight them all at once. There are 4 
    guards out side, 5 in the first room and 5, including Metzger, in the 
    last room. First thing to do is to get you weapons ready and stims, and 
    don't forget to leave some for Sulik. Then in order to fight the guards 
    in the groups that they are in, what you do is go into the first room. 
    Close the door to the outside and lock it so the guards can't come in. 
    then go into the room with Metzger. Close the door to the first room 
    and lock that too so the guards can't come in to help. Then position 
    your self behind Metzger then save and attack. Kill him and the guards 
    in that room. Then as you fighting you'll see the other guards trying 
    to come in but are not able to because of the locked doors. So kill the 
    ones in the room. When you finish you should be able to end combat. If 
    not then go out the back door to where the slaves are and run as far 
    back as you can to the back fence. Then it should let you end combat. 
    Save in a new slot then heal your self, unlock the door to the first 
    room and burst in attacking. Vic will just stand there doing nothing. 
    When you finish end combat and if the same problem occurs go somewhere 
    to the back. Collect all the things of all the dead people. Go through 
    Metzger as he has a whole lot of stuff you can take of him. Then talk 
    to Vic and he will join you. Give him the shotgun with all the shells. 
    Use you spear and the 10mm's you found of all the dead guys to finish 
    off the guys at the front. When you finish that, you might what to tell 
    the slaves at the back that they're free as that gives you some more 
    Speaking of Vic, keep him well supplied with weapons and guns as him 
    melee skills and unarmed skills suck quiet a lot. Vic is also good at 
    repairing stuff. So when you go to repair something, he will do it for 
    you until your skills at repairing get better than his. For now just 
    keep him on the Shotgun and no burst mode weapons till he levels up 
    once or twice unless you have a death wish. Vic is one of the people 
    that you should keep as later you can get him really good guns and he 
    can wear armor, which does make a difference. 
    You can go and talk to Becky and tell her that Metzger put up a good 
    fight and she will give you some money. If think its around $1000.
    Now you should have enough for the car. And since in this version you 
    can get it with out the part, then now would be a good time to buy it. 
    Go and buy the car. Then after you can barter all the 10mm's and the 
    other stuff to Karl for your $2000. Then get the other Fuel part and 
    get him to put that in to. You should also be able to get some micro 
    fusion cells of him (that's what the car uses as Fuel). If you have 
    another version, then you'll have to wait till you get the part, which 
    I will write how to get.
    One other thing you can do is use a shovel to dig the graves in the 
    East section of the Town. There's one in one of Smitty's lockers. 
    There's not much to find there and I say don't bother with it as you 
    get flagged as a Graverobber or digger or something and you Karma drops 
    with every grave you dig.
    When you finish anything else here, leave either in the car or by 
    walking to Vault City. If you did buy the car then take it as 1. It 
    gets you to places faster and what was the point of buying it if you 
    don't use it and 2. When you come back it might be gone. You should 
    also save before you leave the town and try to get stopped 3 or 4 times 
    on your way there. I was lucky as when I was playing once, as I got 
    stopped by some slavers and slaves fending off some robbers. After they 
    were all dead (except the slaves) I got a whole lot of loot and a 
    hunting rifle. On your way to the city, you will come across an unknown 
    city. Stop at it......
       4.1 Modoc
    Modoc is a small and dying Farm community. It is nearer to Vault City 
    then the Den. You should stop there, as there are a lot of quests to be 
    done there. 
    You can have a nice and small, country style shotgun wedding here. You 
    can seduce the daughter or son of the butcher. You can be either male 
    or female and you can seduce both with your sex. The weddings I had 
    here were really hilarious and later in New Reno you can get a nice 
    divorce. But there are some down sides. First, they both suck at combat 
    and take up space in your party. 2nd, they NEVER level up. Not even 
    once. In other words, they're useless. You can just marry, see the 
    wedding, and then reload. With the divorce, you can (just for fun) go 
    straight to New Reno and get the divorce straight away after marriage 
    and then reload. But I won't write how to till I get to New Reno. So if 
    you want you can just go down to see how that's done. 
    You can get a quest from the butcher (just to the East of where you 
    come in) to guard some Brahmin from wild dogs. It pays $1000 and you 
    lose $100 for each Brahmin killed. There are many dogs and they are 
    fast, so you will need something like a hunting rifle and some bullets. 
    As soon as you get there, run up North just past the Brahmin and press 
    the "a" button for attack. Never wait for the dogs to come to you. 
    Start sniping ASAP. The best thing to do is to shoot each dog once so 
    that they come to attack you instead of the cows and then Vic or Sulik 
    will finish them off.
    When you finish and go, you'll come back out just outside the butcher's 
    home. There on the ground will be Bess the cow. You can heal her leg 
    with the doctor skill and she will follow you around for a while. After 
    that she disappears. I don't know where she goes. You can actually give 
    her to the butcher to make her into meat jerky. But I felt like a real 
    asshole after trying that and for doing that I killed the butcher and 
    committed suicide with that character by setting some explosives and 
    not dropping them. You shouldn't do it as probably you karma goes down 
    (I would know if I did it again, but no way) and you only get 100peces 
    of jerky valued at $500 altogether. 
    When you do go back to the butcher to get your money for guarding the 
    Brahmin, you should steal his stuff of him and the stuff of his 
    In the general store, just North of where your car is, you can talk to 
    Jo. He's sort of a leader of the town. As he tells you, when he went 
    out on day, they elected him major, sheriff and so on and so on. You 
    can trade with him, but don't bother. You can steal all his stuff from 
    the closest shelves to him. All you need to remember is to save then 
    press 1 to put sneak on and then steal. You can ask him about the 
    G.E.C.K. and he will say that he has some info you might want. But all 
    you have to do is solve what's going on in the ghost farm near by. He 
    will give you the co-ordinates on the world map so you can find it. But 
    don't go there just yet.
    The Tannery's just up north will ask you to find their son. But first 
    you should barter if you want for some of their wares. You will have to 
    do the cow quest before talking to the tanner if you want he dog to 
    come with you in search for Jonny. Then the dog will follow you till 
    you find Jonny. Also another thing you might want to do first is the 
    watch quest in the next section. Why you ask, well sometimes when you 
    blow up the toilet, some of your NPC's get hit for some hit points, and 
    usually Laddie dies as he only has 20HP. He's not that good, but take 
    him anyway if you wish.
    You can go down the well by clicking on it to take the boards off. Then 
    you use a rope on it and climb down. There's nothing down here but 
    Jonny's BB gun. It sucks. You can sell it, but I suggest you return it 
    to the father. You can also pick up some coins, as this is a wishing 
    well. But you lose some karma with every coin you pick up. I suggest 
    you don't bother with it as its only 10 or so coins and that's not 
    worth losing karma over.
    In the North section, right up ahead is Rose's Bed and Breakfast. She 
    has a Death claw in her barn as a chicken. It gives her eggs to make 
    Waste land omelets. You can enter it, but the dogs there will attack 
    you and some times so will the people. Aside from that, Rose stops 
    serving the omelets. So I let the death claw live. You can enter 
    Brahmin fries eating contest, but all I ever got from that was 
    poisoned. You can eat the omelets to cure that. 
    Her insane husband in the far back room will give you a quest to find 
    his lost watch. He also asks you if you talk to him right to clean out 
    the barn. By that I think he means killing the death claw. But I never 
    did that so I don't know what he gives you. He says his friend Farrel 
    has the watch but don't bother him as he doesn't. You'll need some 
    explosives that you should have gotten from Jo, one way or the other. 
    Then go to the outhouse just West of Rose's. There open the door things 
    at the back. Then climb down. It will say that there is an overwhelming 
    smell of gas down there and that one spark could send it sky high. So 
    set one of the explosives and get the Hell out of there. Be sure that 
    you place the explosives near the rocks or it won't work. When you get 
    up top the outhouse will now be a hole and there will be Brahmin shit 
    all over the place. Go back down the hole and head North. Up there is a 
    Molerat. Kill it. The watch is on the ground. It looks like a box. Just 
    take it back to him for 1000exps and don't bother to listen to the crap 
    he says. 
    You can get a quest from Farrel to clear out his garden. He doesn't 
    give you anything but you get some exps for killing the things in his 
    You can now do the quest to find out what's going on in at the farm. 
    Hopefully you talked to Karl in the Den as I said earlier or you're 
    pretty much screwed. (Well not really, but if you didn't the leave the 
    quest till later when your coming back from Vault city.) Take the car 
    or walk to the farm. When you get there, examine the corpses on the 
    stick to find out that there fake. Do that after you talk to the main 
    guy down stairs. There will be guards there at night as they are only 
    night people. If not then fall down the trap that's under the rags in 
    the hut. Then talk to whichever guys and let your self be taken to talk 
    to the leader. 
    Talk to the leader. He will ask you to take a letter to the leader of 
    Modoc. It's a sort of treaty letter. If you ask why he doesn't go there 
    him self, he'll tell you that they can't stand the sunlight. So 
    eventually accept to take the letter after you had a good talk. You 
    can, before you leave, head up north to a section with kids. The dog 
    will run up to one. It's Jonny. The Tanners kid. Tell him that his 
    father Balthas sent you to take him home. He'll tell you to first ask 
    Venger (leader of the Slags (the under ground people)) to get his 
    permission first. But don't bother yet as first you have to deliver the 
    So go back to Modoc and talk to Jo. Give him the letter, tell him about 
    the fake bodies and about Karl from the Den. You'll get 3500 exps for 
    that. Then go back to the farm. You'll get an assault rifle from 
    Venger. Then ask him about taking Jonny home. You'll escort him 
    automatically so after you talk to his father and get a jacket, go back 
    and get the car. You'll get another 2500exps for getting Jonny back and 
    you'll get a combat leather jacket. (The funny thing is that in the 
    description of the Jacket it says that it has two selves. Also you can 
    see two selves on the picture of it. But when you put it on it only has 
    one sleeve WTH???????)
    Anyway, when you finish with anything else, head out for Vault 
       5.1 Vault City
    I tell you, I have a very good mind to come here later in the game and 
    put some bullets in some of the people's heads, starting with the first 
    Citizen Lynette. And one day I just might. But that's an entirely 
    different story. Anyway, there will be some rare moments where you will 
    find some one that don't deserve to die. Most of them are out side in 
    the courtyard. (Surprise, surprise).
    Anyway, enough of my personal vendettas. Getting back to the city, you 
    start off in the courtyard when you come in. This is where the outside 
    people slave away, paying high taxes so that Vault City can prosper. If 
    I started on the slaves we would be here all night.
    You can talk to a woman who lost her husband as he was arrested and 
    taken to the "Servant Allocation Center" (yeah, BS. It's a Salve 
    allocation Center. Bloody SOB'S.) You'll get him out later. (As you can 
    tell this city really pisses me off, so if you don't like what I say 
    about it, then bad luck.)
    You can talk to their kid out side. He'll tell you that he lost his 
    doll. It's just next to the bar to the north in the hidden sections out 
    side. It's a box shaped thing on the ground. Give it back to him then 
    wait for a few seconds and listen to him. He'll go talking to his doll 
    revealing that there is a hidden wrench in the pile of rocks just to 
    the east of the Bar. Just click on the rocks to find it. Keep it, as 
    you will need it when you enter the City. 
    You can talk to the Brahmin Dealer just North of the fences with the 
    people in it. If you show him the V13 flask you can get some exps or 
    something of him. 
    Now to the bar. There you can get another member Definitely worth 
    keeping. It Cassidy. He's a mad guy (not in the insane kind of way) 
    that also agrees that Vault City is a bitch of a place. Ask him if 
    anything interesting going on in the City. He'll complain about the 
    city so tell him that it can't be that bad. So ask him about his raid 
    and why he doesn't leave. You can then tell him if he'd like he can 
    come. He will. (Unless you're a slaver, as he has a fear of been sold 
    off.) You can get a cat paws mag from his locked room and some other 
    Just one more thing with Cassidy. Lately I've heard that in your 
    journeys Cassidy gets sick because of his heart problems. It never 
    happened to me. (Maybe it's in another version??????). Anyway, if he 
    does get sick then you can give him the pills found in the doctor's 
    office in NCR. He shouldn't go sick before then. At least that's what 
    I've heard.
    There's a tent right near by there with a guy that's sick of rad 
    poisoning. You can get 100exps for using the doctor skill on him and 
    finding out he has rad poisoning and then you can use a rad-away on him 
    when you get some or if you already have some. You'll get 100exps, 
    which I think that's not enough for the cost of that rad-away, but hey, 
    it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling for saving his life (and that 
    you're an idiot ?)
    Just to the West of that tent is Ed. Vic's friend. If you still have a 
    flask, you can show it to him and ask him questions until you get 
    500exps. That's all you can do with him. 
    In the Clinic near by, you can fix the auto-doc contraption in the back 
    for 100exps. You should, as later if you want combat implants you will 
    die if it's not fixed. 
    Another poor sod in a tent near by will ask you to buy him a plow. The 
    bad thing is you have to buy it with your own money. But the good thing 
    is that he gives you a Dessert Eagle after you get him the plow. The 
    thing is when you go to buy it from Happy Harry you can get him to 
    lower the price down from $800 to $600 and the dessert Eagle is worth 
    more then that. WTH didn't the guy buy it himself? Oh well. You can 
    also sneak-steal from Harry's shelves. But I always leave him a few 
    things, as he is one on the tax paying people, so I feel a bit sorry 
    for him. 
    Once finished, head North. Be sure you go up there in between the 8am 
    and 6pm. You'll need a day pass to get into the actual city and that 
    only works from 8 to 6. So if you come in the wrong times then you can 
    steal a pass from the locker in the empty customs office. But since you 
    can just bullshit it of the guard by saying that you have business with 
    the first citizen anyway, then I say rest before you come into that 
    section as you can't rest in the city section. You can also buy some 
    fake papers from a guy in there. You can then blackmail him to get an 
    extra $100 back. But I never bothered with him. If you go showing them 
    around unnecessarily you'll get busted. You can also get the guy that 
    sold you the papers kicked out of the city for this scam.
    You'll have to drop all your drugs (except Rad-aways or Radx's) and all 
    your booze. Then talk to the guards. They'll search you can let you in. 
    You can get a quest form the bar owner to get her some real booze in 
    the pub that you can see just as you enter. She'll want 10 Booze 
    bottles and 10 beer bottles but that kind of beer only and no other. 
    EG. Gamma Gulp beer. You can get it from all sorts of places and then 
    get in into the city when you're a citizen, as they don't search you. 
    You'll get some money for it and exps. 
    As you walk up the main street to the left you'll see two buildings 
    marked Amenities and one has the letter A and the other B on it. Go 
    into both. There shops with different stuff. Since this is inside the 
    Vault I usually steal all their stuff by sneaking and going through 
    their shelves and stuff. The stuff is all in one thing. E.g. in a pot 
    or on a table etc. You will also find that one has pliers you will need 
    in a few mins. In the patch this is fixed and you can't steal anything 
    from them ?.
    Go back down the street and head east on the first street. Go up that 
    street till you see the Maintenance Center. Enter it and talk to Val. 
    After a long talk between Val and Vic, you'll find out that Val is 
    Vic's daughter. When they finally finish talking, talk to Val again. 
    She'll want the pliers and the wrench that you found in the courtyard. 
    Give them to her for some exps. She'll say come back in a day or two, 
    then she'll be able to talk. 
    As you come out head East and then up the street. Up there will be 
    Thomas. He's a preacher as he calls himself. Talk to him and go along 
    with him. Get the quest to take the briefcase he has to Bishop in New 
    Reno. But what ever you do don't ask how much you'll get paid for it, 
    as he'll put a note to Bishop to kill you.
    Just near him is the Correction center. You can go in and get a job 
    form the guy in there to scout around on the world map the 8 sections 
    around Gecko. 
    Just to the West of that is the Servant Allocation Center (or better 
    Know as the Slave Allocation Center). Go in and talk to officer Barkus. 
    You can try to BS him and say that Joshua has some outsider disease and 
    he'll let him out. But you will need your CH to be up and also your 
    speech skills. If that doesn't work you can always make a Donation 
    (Bribe) for his release, if you have more money then brains.
    Down to the West is the Info center. There you can talk to the guy 
    about how much you like books as he tells you that they are becoming 
    obsolete. He will get you the rest of the remaining books (for free) to 
    put up some of your skills later. 
    Up in the north section is the Council of the city with the mother of 
    all the SOB's here. So talk to the first citizen Lynette. Try your best 
    no to piss her off. She'll give you a quest to solve the problem with 
    Gecko village with their leaking reactor as it is poisoning their water 
    supplies. I reckon they deserve it, but at least not the slaves or 
    taxpayers there. Basically she wants you to kill them, as they are a 
    problem. Well I reckon she's the problem and I should kill her. But 
    anyway, when you find that there's a better way of stopping the 
    leakage, don't bother coming to her. 
    When you finish anything else here, leave for Gecko village. On the way 
    out you can talk to the woman and Joshua since you did get him out. 
    Before you enter Gecko, scout around it as you are there. 
       6.1 Gecko Village
    First thing you should do is talk to Harold in the Managers office. You 
    find out from him that they need a Hydroelectric Magnetosphere 
    Regulator (or something like that), to fix their power plant so that it 
    stops leaking. You can also pick up Lenny in that building. I say if 
    you have room, then take him for now until someone better comes along. 
    He does okay with his 14mm. You can get him one in this town. The only 
    problem is that you'll have to keep telling Lenny to wait for you in 
    places because they wont let you in or won't talk to you because he's a 
    ghoul. So it can be a bit annoying.  
    In the North you can get a quest from the guy in the building to the 
    West to find Woody. He's asleep in the Den. The one in the coffin that 
    every one thinks is a Mummy. You can also barter with that guy for the 
    14mm and anything else that he has that interests you. The other ghoul 
    just to the North-East will ask for a super tool kit for the Fuel thing 
    for the car. Even if you already have the car, then take the quest 
    anyway for exps. He can also modify weapons, but don't bother with that 
    just yet. 
    Another ghoul you should have a chat to is the one to the very east. He 
    will ask you to take a disc to vault city with a proposal. He will also 
    explain why greed is good. But when you watch the end movie you will 
    see how greedy the Vault people were when they wanted what he had 
    proposed but they didn't want to pay for it. So they just invaded Gecko 
    turning the villages there into slaves. Bloody SOB's. 
       5.2 Vault City
    Get into the city using you day pass. 
    First things first. Go and talk to Val again. You can get the super 
    tool kit of her for the ghoul in Gecko. You can also talk to her about 
    her father and get her to give him a go. You will need some Ch for 
    that. You get some exps for doing that to. She can also modify Weaps 
    but don't do that just yet.
    Talk to the officer in the Corrections center that gave you that job of 
    scouting Gecko. He'll give you some $$$ and you'll get some exps for 
    doing that. He'll also give you a job to scout a root to NCR. But 
    you'll do that much, much later. You can also ask him about the raiders 
    and tell him that you'll try to solve that problem. But that's another 
    thing till later.
    So, now go to the council. Don't even bother of wasting and of your 
    breath on the stupid first citizen. She'll sic her guards on you if you 
    tell her that you want to help Gecko. Talk to McClure. He's the 
    councilman in the room to the very West. Talk to him about fixing the 
    power plant. He'll say that it's an acceptable solution and will give 
    you permission to pick up a Hy-Mag (or what ever) from Amenities. Tell 
    him you're afraid Lynette will not make you a citizen if you repair the 
    reactor.  He'll tell you that he'll make you a citizen himself. You 
    should also give him the disc that that ghoul gave you in Gecko. 
    That'll give you more exps.
    So on your way out, stop at the main Amenities building to the Hy-
    whatever and then head out for Gecko.......
       6.2 Gecko Village
    Go north to swap the Tool kit for the part. If you have the flawed 
    version of the game and already have the car, then just drop the part 
    there so you don't have to carry it around as I weighs a lot. If you 
    don't have the car yet, then hang onto the part. He'll also tell you 
    that if you get a transformer thing from the ghouls inside the reactor, 
    then he'll modify one thing of yours for free.
    Just before you go into the reactor, go to Harold's place. Behind him 
    is a desk with a request form you'll need for that part. So get it then 
    enter the reactor. Well, first things first. Go through the door up to 
    the North, then the 2nd door north from the left. There you can swap the 
    form for the part. Before you do that rob the guy of the transformer's 
    then get him to give you more through the forms. You can end up getting 
    4 transformers and that means 4 free upgrades. If you still need things 
    upgraded then just pay to get them upgraded and just steal the money 
    back after he upgrades it for you. Also one more thing before you 
    upgrade weapons. Always empty the gun of ammo. This way they put more 
    ammo into the gun when they upgrade it. A nice way to get some more 
    Don't bother going into the room just to the right, as there is nothing 
    on the tables, shelves and any other things there. When you get it go 
    out of the room and head East. Enter the two rooms to the right as your 
    walking up. From both of them search through the locker that one has 
    and the bookshelf the other one has. In them you will find that one has 
    a yellow card you will need in a while, and the other a blue card you 
    will need to hold on for a long while, as you will not need it till 
    later. There are a few ghouls in the plant that randomly shoot at you 
    for no reason. So save and when encountering these just reload and 
    avoid them. None of them are really in important places and there are 
    only really two or so that I encountered in the room behind the ghoul 
    that give you the items. But as I said there is nothing in there so 
    there is no point of going in there. This is fixed in the patched 
    When you finish, head left then take the first left again and head all 
    the way South. When you come to the end head to the East through the 
    door. Then you will need to use the yellow card you just got on the 
    door to unlock it. You can steal another card of those guards in front 
    of the door it you didn't get it before. On the subject of stealing, 
    you should steal their stims, ammo (to sell) and any money. Go into 
    that room and then into the next. At the end of that room is a guard 
    that you can steal a cat paws mag of. Then just keep going till you 
    reach the room in the South-East corner. In there is Festus. You can 
    ask him to put in the part himself but you will need a good speech 
    skill. It worked for me on 80% after 2 to 3 reloads. You'll get a huge 
    4250exps for that. If you can't get him to go out and install it, then 
    here's how to do it your self: first head up past the red doors. You'll 
    have to steal the red card of the guard in front. You can try to use 
    the repair bot, but that's very hard to do. So just tell all your party 
    members to wait there. You'll need either 2 RadX's or 1 Rad-away. Then 
    use the two RadX's if you have them, then run through around to the 
    East wall. Put the Hy thingie into you item ready slot. Then use it on 
    the thing with the red wheel on it. Then get out of there. If you 
    didn't have any RadX's then when you get out of there you will have a 
    large amount of radiation in you. So use the Rad-away to get rid of 
    Talk to Festus again, and he'll give you a disc with the reactor data
    that you can use on the Vault City central computer to optimize the
    reactor. Then leave the reactor. 
    Go to the ghoul in the north before you do make sure you have a gun 
    that's modifiable and also take all the ammo out as when he modifies it 
    he puts in ammo for free. I usually ask him to do up the Assault riffle 
    for me so it can carry 100 round of ammo (the gun you got of Venger at 
    the Farm) as that gun serves me good in Redding. Then I ask him to do 
    up my hunting riffle for $4000. But then after you can steal all the 
    money back of him anyway. The reason I said don't bother yet is because 
    you probably didn't have that much money before. 
    So finish up here, then head back to the city of Tight-asses as Cassidy 
    would say......
       5.3 Vault City
    Take anything that you can sell and any jet you have. Give it all to 
    Sulik or some one. Then head into the city with your day pass. Talk to 
    McClure and tell him that you fixed the power plant. He'll make you a 
    citizen there and then. You can also ask him permission to get the data 
    for optimizing the reactor, but I don't think that's necessary. If you 
    want, before telling him that you fixed the plant ask him about the 
    disc. Since you can't go in the vault, as you're not a citizen, he'll 
    run off and do it for you.
    When you've done that, go into the actual Vault. It's to the East of 
    the Correction center if you don't know. If you have a good doctor 
    skill, use the computer on the first floor that keeps making sound it 
    text. You can get 500exps for going through their medical base. You can 
    also speak to the doctor about medical stuff and he will get you the 
    perk Vault City training. That raises you doctor skills a bit. Also you 
    can get another perk that raises you resistance to poison and 
    radiation. To do this tell the Doc that you're poisoned and then after 
    you can ask him about the inoculation. I had a CH of 8 and a speech of 
    Speaking of the doc. He will ask you to get him jet for study reasons. 
    So get it of the party member you gave it to and give it to him. I 
    think this takes a bit more CH or speech skill but I know not how much.
    There's a nurse you can talk to there. You can get some exps from 
    convincing her to steep out side the city one in a while. Also more 
    exps you can get when you ask about how come there aren't any children 
    there and why there aren't any accidental pregnancies. You can also 
    donate some sperm for exps. And last but not least, you can data her 
    for 100exps. 
    Now go down to level 2. Down there are a lot of rooms with hidden 
    (behind walls) lockers and footlockers. There are rooms that are jammed 
    shut, so you will need a bit of strength to open them. And others are 
    locked. So you will have to lockpick them open. These lockers have a 
    lot of valuables. When you can't carry them, give them to your party 
    members. There's also a thing there that you will need. You can always 
    buy this thing much later for $3000 and I'm sure you don't want to do 
    that. It's a voice module that you will need much later to fix the 
    computers in "The holy Vault 13". So keep it. The carton thingies all 
    around just have a whole lot of water chips that came there instead of 
    V13. Don't bother with them. Outside the top right room is an air vent 
    that rattles. Uses your repair skill on it to find a micro fusion cell 
    in it and to get 100exps. One other thing you find here and keep is the 
    Red Memory Module.  You'll need this much later. Then Modules raise you 
    main ST IN points. Each different color raises different things. 
    On the third floor you can steal from the rooms with the locker in 
    them. You can also use the science skill on a terminal near the South-
    West corner of the level for 300exps. Then go down South-East. Down 
    there will be a beeping computer. There you can find out that Vault 8
    (The one your in) got a surplus of water chips and V13 got a surplus of 
    G.E.C.K.s. you can also do something with your pipboy to get some info. 
    To get the data for Gecko, put the disc in the ready slot and then use 
    it on the computer.
    Then when you leave, you might want to go and trade in the main 
    Amenities office, as now you're a citizen. You can get a combat shotgun 
    for Cassidy and then give his Sawed of shotgun to Vic. When you finish, 
    leave for Gecko.......
       6.3 Gecko Village
    Nothing much to do here except talk to Festus and then use the disc on 
    the computer.
    You can also hack into the Enclave network by clicking on the Action 
    button then on the "some kind of network" thingie. Then there will be 4 
    code things. You have to click on 3 in the right order. The order is 
    3,1,2. Then you can look around and then talk to an Enclave trooper. 
    Usually you'll piss him off. He'll say that his dispatching Vertibird 
    your way but they never came. Maybe they come a few days later after I 
    leave? Who knows? Just to be on the safe side, save before hacking in 
    and then reload when finished.
    Just before I totally leave the subject of Gecko, there's a building 
    with a manhole in the north section, where you find some brainwashed 
    ghouls and an overgrown Molerat called The Brain, who wants Cheesy 
    Poofs from you and plans to take over the world. You can get some 
    talismans of him that are worth $25. So you can take so to sell. Other 
    then that, you don't get anything else.
    When you finish up, Head of for the Den. You can stop in Modoc if you 
    want, but there will be no new quests or nothing new happening 
       3.2 The Den
    There really isn't much left to do here. First, if you couldn't get the 
    car before, now you can get it. As long as you still have the part and 
    If you paid for Vic and left Metzger alive, then now would be a good 
    time to kill him.
    Then go to the Mummy show, entering it through the ghost house, so the 
    kids out the main front door don't rob you. Ask to see the mummy, then 
    when you do, wake him up, as it's the missing ghoul Woody from Gecko. 
    Then you can go to Mom's and tell Karl that he can now go home. You'll 
    get some exps for that too. You can go back to Gecko to get the reward 
    for finding Woody, but leave it for now as its too far out of the way. 
    Later when you have to deal with Vault City is a better time to go. And 
    yes I will mention it again so you don't forget. 
    Anyway, when all's finished, move out to Redding......
       7.1 Redding
    Ah, Redding, the Drug-o town. Redding's a prosperous town with two gold 
    mines and a massive Drug problem. In other words, all the people work 
    here so that the can buy Jet. Anyway, by now you should be at least at 
    level 10 or more. You'll want to be as the quests are a bit hard. The 
    thing with this town is that there's a lot of exps to be earned here, 
    and that's about it. Also that means a lot of money. So some time will 
    be spent here. 
    First thing you should do is go into the building just in front of you. 
    It a City Hall and a casino combined. In there you can trade your items 
    for cash. Then talk to the Mayor. The black guy in the metal armor. 
    You'll want to buy the dead of him for Wannaming mine for only $1000. 
    Later when you clear out the mine you can sell it back to him for 
    $2500. So buy the dead of him. What you have to do is clear out the 
    mine of all the alien creatures down there. They're tough so this is 
    the last quest to do in Redding.
    So start with the other quests. Go talk to the sheriff of the town in 
    the building just south of City Hall. He has a bad leg so offer to help 
    him out. The first quest is to collect money from a widow. If she 
    doesn't have it then your spouse to kick her out. Of course she doesn't 
    have it. It's only $120 so I paid it for her. You can either give it to 
    her in the building South-West of the sheriff's office or you can pay 
    it to the Mayor. It's worth 1500exps.
    The next mission is to break up a fight in the Malamute saloon. You can 
    ask them nicely first, and then you can say that if they don't stop 
    your going to load up your guns and target practice. Then you can put 
    the miner your talking to into the jail. You can also put both of the 
    miners in jail, but then everyone will get a little pissed at you. 
    The thing with the conflict with the miners is that the Morningstar 
    people want New Reno to take control of the town. And the other miners 
    want NCR to take control. So I put the Morningstar miner in jail (the 
    loud Female one) as I don't support New Reno. If you want to find out 
    more on this topic and make up your mind for your self, then go talk to 
    Madame Modjeska in the house near the South-West corner in this section 
    of the town. 
    When you go back and get the next job, before you go out to do it 
    there's something you should do first. Go into the west section of the 
    town. There, clear out all the rats and any other animals. You should 
    do this because the next quest you get is to go into that section and 
    clear out this gang. They won't be there though until you get the 
    quest. There not that hard, it's just that it gets annoying when your 
    fighting the gang and all your party members are going after some rats. 
    Don't go down the elevator that's in the building just yet. While I'm 
    in this section, you will find near the bottom is a dead guy. You can 
    only see his legs. This is a Dead Ed. He is some producer of the game 
    or something. In fallout I you can find this dead Ed in 3 different 
    places as far as I know. And in Fallout II you can find him twice dead 
    and another Ed alive. That was Vic's friend Ed that you saw in Vault 
    Anyway, now to the next job. You have to find out who cut up a whore in 
    the bar. You can go talk to the owner of the bar, but she really 
    doesn't have much info on what happened. Head up to the north section 
    of the town. Go into the Morningstar place. In there talk to the guy 
    that confesses to you. Just talk to him and then take him to jail. 
    The next mission is to kill Frog Morton and his gang. There in the west 
    section you cleared. It's pretty simple. Go into the west section and 
    clear the buildings in the South first. Then you can heal your self and 
    get Vic a combat Shotgun from one of those guys. Then when you're 
    ready, go up North to where the rest of the gang is and finish the job. 
    Frog has a 4.7mm caseless gun that you can use a bit later when you're 
    clearing out the mine. It's not a bad weapon for now, but practically 
    you wont find ammo for it till much later, so you'll use it all up in 
    the mine and then the gun is only good for selling. 
    When you go back the sheriff will tell you that Frog has 3 other 
    brothers that will try to hunt you down for killing him. But as my 
    character says "just three more notches on my gun". 
    In the north section of town you can talk to Dangerous Dan McGrew from 
    Morningstar mine, or Marge LaBarge from the other mine. They'll both 
    ask you to get a chip that's down in the mine for them. You'll get it a 
    bit later. Both will pay $1000 for it, but I gave it to Marge as she 
    supports NCR and so do I.
    Now to clear out the mine. Just before you do that, you might want to 
    talk to Doc Johnson in that area. You can get some medical supplies of 
    him and also find out about jet addiction. Later you can tell what he 
    said to McClure in Vault City for exps. But as I said, you'll do that 
    later. When you do the mine clearing out thin, every now and then when 
    you and you party are injured quite a lot, you might want to get him to 
    fix you up for $100. It's better than having to waste time resting or 
    wasting stimpacks that cost 10 times more. Besides, whatever you pay 
    him you can always steal 60% back off him. So as far as your concerned, 
    you're only paying $40 for a fix up and that's very cheap. 
    Now onto the quest. It is a bit hard so I say save a lot. What I like 
    about this quest is every time I'm fighting down there Cassidy pulls a 
    whole lot of critical hits ranging from 100-150 damage. He might not 
    for you, but in my games he always does that there. Do it all in 
    sections. Save before you go in. then clear out the section you come in 
    at (you should start in the north section of town by going down the 
    well thingie there) of all the mutated pig rats. You should tell Vic 
    and Cassidy to use single shot for them as not to waste so much ammo on 
    a small rat. You you're self should use a melee or a hand gun weapon, 
    or even unarmed. Then when you kill all the rats, ready either the 
    Weapon you got of Frog Morton or the assault riffle. If you don't have 
    those, then just use something that bursts. Then tell Vic and Cassidy 
    to use burst mode and save in a new slot. Then go and kill the two 
    Alien thingies there. They are tough as the have around 150 to 200 HP 
    and have good attack and defense skills. So that's practically what you 
    do. Go through killing, saving in that slot when you're OUT OF COMBAT 
    and going up to the doc to get healed when you and your party are 
    damage a lot. If you or some other party members are getting hammered 
    in combat then don't be afraid of run away into anther section and 
    leave to get healed. When you do finally finish, remember to go back to 
    the mayor and sell the dead to him for $2500.
    When you get down to the end where there is a gray alien, you're nearly 
    finished. She's the leader of them and is producing eggs. Be sure to 
    kill the eggs too. On that level is a mining machine that you should 
    click on. On it is the chip that the miners want that I talked about 
    earlier. When you finish here you can give it to them.
    In the north side is an under taker that also runs a bar. It's a mixed 
    business. He talks about some person digging up graves at night. I 
    think it's a quest but I don't know what to do. 
    When you're ready to go, get in the car and move out to Broken 
       8.1 Broken Hills
    Broken hills is a mixed community of ghouls, super mutants and humans. 
    And, of course, like in mixed communities there are people how don't 
    like other people (or ghouls) because they look different. But what can 
    you do?
    Just down South through the gates, is a caravan guild. You can take a 
    job protecting caravans to places. But I say don't bother with it. You 
    can also shovel some shit for $100. That takes about 24hours to do, so 
    again I say don't bother with it. Also there is a uranium processing 
    plant South of that. You can take some uranium ore there to be 
    processed. You can refine it and sell it back to the city for $$$ and 
    Exps. You won't get some till a bit later. You can steal a whole lot of 
    things of the guys there in the leather jackets.
    As you enter the city you'll notice that there is a ghoul under your 
    car. Its Lumpy. You ran over him entering the city. So talk to him and 
    help him up. The guy standing there with the gun will only talk to you 
    if you and you party lower you weapons. You can talk to him about 
    what's going on in the town and other stuff.
    Talk to Marcus. He's the super mutant up the street. You can talk to 
    him about the city and his life. After you do be sure to ask him what's 
    the news. He'll tell you to speak to another mutant about helping them 
    fix the mine. You can ask if there's anything else. He'll give you a 
    job of looking for some missing people. Say you'll do it for free. You 
    can also ask him to join you, but he wont until you find the people and 
    fix the mine. 
    If you have real good Strength, you can arm wrestle Francis in the pub 
    for some exps and a power fist. You can unload the fist and get some 
    small fusion cells that you can also use on the car. But before you do, 
    save as if you lose you have to be his gimp for the night. The next 
    morning you will have a ballgag in your inventory. I never managed to 
    beat him with strength of only 8 so 9 is probably the minimum. 
    Just South of the pub is another building with an old doctor in it. If 
    you ask him about the town and listen to his story he'll say that the 
    next time he heals you, it will be on the house. 
    In the South-East is a building with some assholes in it that what to 
    kill all the super mutants. Ask him about Broken hills and tell him 
    that you hate mutants. Take the quest to let some people bust the 
    people out of the jail. You can then either A: tell Marcus and get exps 
    and your Karma up. Or B: bust out the people for 1500exps and -10 
    Karma. Then when they offer you the second quest to help them blow up 
    all the mutants, agree. Then go and tell Marcus about it and get 
    2500exps and +20 karma. So in the end you still gain 10 Karma and they 
    get arrested along with there friends that you busted out. But if your 
    one of those people who will have sleepless nights knowing that you 
    busted them out there friends out in the first place, then just take 
    option A. but one word of advice. If you do go ahead and do their 2nd 
    quest, killing all the super mutants, then Marcus will die to. And 
    trust me, you do want Marcus on your team. Plus you shouldn't be such 
    an asshole. But it's your choice in the end.
    Before you go into the East section of town you might want to check out 
    the general store and also collect a few things that you'll need for a 
    quest there. You need some rotgut that you can get for the pub, One of 
    your Catpaws mags, a shovel (that you can get from the caravan leader 
    if you don't have one) and this sex doll that you can find in the house 
    on a shelf just behind Marcus. (For any that think that Marcus uses 
    that doll, well your wrong. If you lose the wrestling match with 
    Francis, you will see that that's Francis's room.) Anyway, when you get 
    all that and finish anything else, then go to the East section of town.
    A ghoul in the building just in front will complaining about not 
    getting enough power to his house so that he can keep the flies away. 
    In the West section in the first building to the left form the entrance 
    is where the power thing is. If you have a bit of a science skill you 
    can use it on the computer to fix the ghouls problem. You'll get some 
    exps and cash. (By the way. You should start raising your science skill 
    as a bit later you'll need around 130% to get a good robot as one of 
    your NPC's.)
    Back to the East section. Go up to the North, up to where all the super 
    mutes are standing all around. Close to them is a shed home thing. Go 
    in there to find out about getting the part from New Reno to fix the 
    mine. He'll give you a password, but don't worry, as your character 
    will remember it. 
    As you walk a bit East you will see some plants and a talking plant. 
    Talk to it. It will ask you to move it to somewhere else. So if you did 
    bring along the shovel, then move the plant. He will teach you a chess 
    move that you will need to know to beat the scientists scorpion. 
    But first, go into the building that's right near to where you buried 
    the plant. Go looking for the ghoul in there that you can talk to. You 
    can find out that his Sets son. (He was a popular and bad ghoul in 
    Fallout I). Then ask him if he can tell you anything else. He'll say 
    that if you do him a favor then he will tell you where his treasure is. 
    He'll first ask for a Catpaws mag and will ask you to come back in an 
    hour or so. So leave and rest for an hour. Then he'll ask for the doll. 
    So give it to him, go out side and rest for 3 hours. When his finished 
    he'll want a rotgut. So give it to him. He'll also ask you for the 
    plant if you didn't just move it. If you did then he'll say that he'll 
    give you a break. You'll get 2000exps for hearing him tell you where 
    the treasure is. Then I say don't bother with it for a few reasons. For 
    one the treasure is 10000 bottle caps. They were used as money in 
    Fallout I but now are totally worth less. But if you want to go and get 
    it anyway then here's how it goes. Go to the West section of town. The 
    treasure is in the well. So click on it. You're character will get 
    exited when he finds it that he'll loss it as it is attached to a brick 
    that he through out of the way. Then you can get the little guy in that 
    section to climb down and get it back for you. But you get pissed of 
    when he sends up the treasure that you leave him down there. For some 
    reason you character just says when you click on the well the he thinks 
    that he forgot something and that he doesn't have time to go bothering 
    with is. So in the end the little guy gets stuck down the well, you 
    have 10000 caps that are worthless and you get no extra exps for 
    finding it or anything. So I say don't bother with it after you get the 
    In the East section, from where you came in, head up the street and 
    enter the 5th building to the right. You can challenge the scorpion in 
    agility, perception and a game of chess. You'll get 500exps for passing 
    them all. You'll need to have around 9 pts or more in the Pe and Ag to 
    beat the scorpion. As for chess you can beat it with the move that the 
    plant taught you. When you do beat him at chess the scorpion will 
    attack you. But I say just run away and let it live.
    Now to find the missing people. First go and talk to the guy in the 
    building just across the street to the north from the scientist place. 
    He will ask you to find his wife. She's one of the missing people. Go 
    down under ground either through the manhole next to where the plant 
    once was or the one in the outhouse in that area. Go around the under 
    ground area till you've killed all the ants and other things down there 
    and found the dead bodies. Look through them till you find a letter on 
    one. Read it, then look at the bodies to find that they were shot first 
    before they were chewed on by the animals. You will find out that the 
    mutant Francis killed them as they were planing to kill all the 
    mutants. You can confront him about the letter and send him out of the 
    town. To do this first go talk to the guy that gave you the password 
    for the part and he'll send you to Francis. Before the patch Francis 
    would stay in the town. You might want to leave this till later if you 
    can get more strength to beat him in the arm wrestle to get the power 
    fist. But if you can't or just can't be bothered then just send him out 
    now.  Also remember to tell the guy about him wife, as she was the one 
    that had the letter. Your character will not tell Marcus about this, as 
    he/she does not want to see all of Broken Hills fall apart. But you can 
    tell him that you found the missing people, but just not about exactly 
    how they died. You'll get a hunting riffle even that you said you'd do 
    it for free. Its worth much more then $500. (It sure pays to be nice ?. 
    Sucked in to the people that didn't follow my advice)
    When you finish anything else, head of for New Reno......
       9.1 New Reno
    Ah, the city that never sleeps, wait, isn't that some other city? 
    Anyway, In Fallout II New Reno is the city that never sleeps. This is 
    the crime and Drug capital of them all. There are absolutely no laws in 
    Reno. So watch your step. 
    Just so that you don't have a heart attack and think that a glitch in 
    the game made your car disappear, well I just said it, your car will 
    get stolen when you leave this section of town. You can get it back so 
    don't think that you just lost it all. There are 3 ways to get to the 
    chop shop (where your car has been taken to). You can go and ask the 
    little kid Cody just in front of the Catpaws place to the right about 
    your car. He won't talk, but will look over to Jules on the other side. 
    The one in the red shirt next to where your car use to be. If you do 
    get Cody to take you to where the car was taken to, then Jules will 
    kill him. So what you can do is tell Cody that you'll have a word with 
    Jules. Then get him to take you to the place and tell him that if he so 
    much as looks at Cody the wrong way, then you'll come back and kill 
    him. Or you can just straight away talk to Jules about going to the 
    place. Or you can walk over near where your car was and the option to 
    follow the tracks there will come up. When you do get to the chop shop 
    you can either kill the owner of the shop to get your car back. But 
    it's better to talk to him and buy the car back to get 750exps. You can 
    also get him to upgrade your car so it takes less fuel for $750. He 
    also says that he can sell you some Micro fusion cells, but he never 
    does for me. 
    You can take a Catpaws mag to the Catpaws brothel and ask Mrs. Kitty 
    about it. She's the one that will ask you to get 10 for her. She'll 
    offer something like $500 for them. You can haggle it up to $750 when 
    you get them all. You'll also get something like 1000exps. It's not 
    that much but I say just keep your eye out for any mags and when you 
    get them all then come back and sell them to her. You can also get laid 
    here, as I said, it's a brothel. And if you want you can get your party 
    members hooked up with some of the prostitutes. You can also data her 
    after finishing the game but what's the point of that???
    You can also talk to Jules about the town. It will cost you to find out 
    about the families, but if you want to know what's going on in the town 
    then it is worth it. You can find out the location of the stables from 
    him. Particularly about the Salvatore family and their laser pistols.  
    That way, you can later get the quest to find one for the owner of the 
    guns store. Also, from that particular topic you can drift into the 
    Mordino family's stables topic, without having to pay extra.
    Now to work for the families in New Reno. That's practically the main 
    thing to do here. You should start of at the Desperado casino. The one 
    in the first section. Go in and talk to little Jesus Mordino. He'll set 
    you up with his father. You'll have to swallow your pride if you're a 
    woman and beg and grovel to get hired. For some reason the Mordinoe's 
    have something against hiring women. So then go up and talk to the head 
    Mordino man. He'll give you a job to take a case full of jet to the 
    stables. You'll be sent off to there straight away. What ever you do, 
    don't open the case as you can't put the jet back in. Just go into the 
    stable/warehouse looking building to the left and talk to the guy in 
    they're in the armor. Give him the case and try not to piss him off. 
    While you're in the stables you can go into the back room and BS a 
    woman with a clipboard that you're a new researcher, and get a pass of 
    her. You can then go down the manhole in that room and go and talk to 
    Myron. He's the kid that invented Jet. He's a real pest but can make 
    you stims if you have Broc flower, Zander root and some empty hypo's. 
    He's not good in combat and is really annoying if you're a female 
    character. But if you have room then take him for now. (As I suggested 
    in my Character guild you should have 8 Ch and by now you should have 
    either picked one of the perks that lets you have another member.) 
    Before you do take him, if you have good In and science skill you can 
    get a quest thing off him to get him some stuff to make a cure for Jet. 
    That's worth some exps to get the quest and make Myron think there can 
    be a cure for it, but for now I don't know where to get this stuff 
    from. Just one word of advice, when you go to see big Jesus Mordino, 
    tell Myron to stay down stairs as The Mordinoe's will shoot at you and 
    you don't want that to happen just yet. 
    The next mission is to go to the porn movie studio to collect some 
    cash. It's in the next section of town. Just go there ask for it and go 
    back to give it to Mordino. It doesn't get any simpler then that. One 
    more thing on the studio's. You can, if you want, to become a porn 
    star, but that is a bad idea. You get some exps and money and lose some 
    of you party members eventually. So that's a bad thing. But if you do 
    and you go talking to some people, you'll be interested in what movies 
    you stared in. so my suggestion is to save, do it and see the names of 
    your movies, and then reload. As for the Boxing place in this section, 
    leave it for now. Be warned how ever. The when boxing in version 1.00 
    the game will usually lock up. So don't bother with boxing if you only 
    have 1.00. 
    The next mission is to kill the Salvatore guy. But before you do you 
    might want to do his jobs first as dead men don't pay and give quests. 
    So first go to him to do his quests and then later kill him. 
    Another thing is that if you finish all the quests for a certain family 
    they will make you a "Made Man" of that family. That means that the 
    other families won't like you. But I'll write of what to do exactly 
    when I come to it. 
    So go to the Salvatore's place. Go up stairs and argue with the guard 
    till you get in. Salvatore will ask you to find a man named Lloyd, then 
    get $1000 off him that he stole and then kill him. If you feel sorry 
    for Lloyd then don't. When you get to the grave if you inspect it you 
    will find a trap there that Lloyd new about. Go to the Desperado casino 
    and go down the stair instead of up. Talk to Lloyd and get him to take 
    you to the place where he hid the stole money. So inspect the grave, 
    get the trap and get him to dig up the grave. Then go down after him 
    killing him and then taking his stuff and the $1000 from the footlocker 
    there. Then go back to Salvatore and give him the stuff and get the 
    next job. This quest when you go down after Lloyd will lock up the game 
    in version 1.00. You can how ever get around this in two ways. Get the 
    patch, or when u go down right away hit the attack button. As long as 
    you remain in attack mode the game doesn't freeze up. I managed to get 
    the money, chase Lloyd to the ladder, kill him and rob him, and then I 
    went up with out any problems. 
    The next job is to get a $1000 tribute of Renesco the Rocketman. He's 
    in to the west of this section in the first building to the right as 
    you enter. You can eventually get Renesco to give you a discount on his 
    stuff if you pay the money for him. You can get everything of him for 
    free except for the money he has. This requires in of 7. And maybe some 
    speech skill. I had 90%. So take everything and if you feel sorry for 
    him then leave a few things. While you're there be sure to tell him the 
    password and get the part to fix the mine in Broken Hills. You can also 
    find out some stuff about the G.E.C.K. of him. This can require a bit 
    of speech and Ch, I don't know exactly how much. 
    Also in the area is the New Reno Arms. You can get the quest to get a 
    laser gun for the guy there by asking about the lasers. You can also 
    get some weapons and stuff from him. You can also get your weapons 
    upgrade for free from a hidden guy there. Go round to the side and 
    enter through the locked door. Steal from all the shelves there then go 
    into the room with the dogs in it. They'll bark and Eldridge will 
    threaten to come back there, but he never does. Just behind that big 
    shelf thing there are stairs going down. Go down there. There is a sort 
    of insane guy that likes to up grade guns for free. So if you ever need 
    to upgrade anything, then go to him. Also keep an eye out as on the 
    floor you can find some micro fusion cells and a whole lot of stuff on 
    the shelves and fridge's etc, etc. I suggest bringing all the laser 
    pistols you get of the Salvatories after you kill them, as they will be 
    worth more upgraded. Plus he'll fill them with ammo that you can take 
    out and use on the car to fill it up. 
    Also in this area is a church. This is where you can get divorced. You 
    can also find out from the priest about the families when his awake. 
    Out the back in his garden are a few Zander roots and Broc flowers. If 
    you have Myron you can get him to make you some Stims if you have some 
    empty Hypo's. 
    Then go back and give Salvatorie his money. Then to the next quest. The 
    next quest is to help guard a secret transaction in the desert. Before 
    you do that be sure to ask Salvatorie for a laser. This requires a bit 
    of something but I'm not sure what the requirements are. He'll tell you 
    to get it of Madison. You can also raise you laser skills by 5% of him. 
    (Not really necessary as lasers suck, but anyway.) So go to the 
    transaction place. All you have to do there is stand and wait till one 
    on the guys there says you can go. What ever you do don't go up to them 
    as they will attack and that'll screw everything up. When you get back, 
    first go and deliver the laser to the Arms dealer. Then go back up to 
    Louie Salvatorie and be made "Made man" of the family. Then before you 
    kill them all, talk to Madison first to get some stuff. When you go 
    down stairs just kill all the Salvatorie people. In other walkthroughs 
    they suggest to leave this till a bit later. But I always managed to 
    take them all easily. So try it your self. Madison also has some 
    sunnies that raise you CH if you put them in your item ready slot. You 
    can use them to get an extra member into your party.
    Now that you finished that, go to the Mordinoe's and tell them what a 
    nice job you've done. He will give you some armor, which you can sell, 
    as the metal ones you go of the Salvatories are better, some cash and a 
    greaser gun. This gun is not half bad for now but later you can get 
    much better weapons. Then you can either accept to be in his "family" 
    or refuse. Either way, kill the Mordinoe's right after. But I do 
    suggest you become the "Made Man" as it gets you some more exps. Here's 
    the way to kill the Mordinoe's. Kill everyone up stairs that's hostile 
    to you. There will be some other people there, but they don't need to 
    be killed. Then collect everything of all the dead people. Use you're 
    healing skills on your party, then if still needed, rest for 1 day, 
    then you can use the skills again. And if you or your party is really 
    damaged, then rest for another day and heal again. The reason to do 
    this is to not waste your stims. You have plenty of time, so why not 
    use it. Then go down stairs and kill any other hostile person and try 
    your best not to kill any innocents. Another thing you can do before 
    you kill the people up stairs is to lock the doors of the guys in the 
    small rooms. That way you can kill them later and they can't all come 
    out and attack you at once.
    Now to deal with Bishop and his Family. Get the suitcase that you got 
    from the guy in Vault City. Then go to his Casino in the middle section 
    of town. Leave all your party members down there. Then go up the 
    stairs. Now there are 3 ways of getting up stairs. First and second you 
    can sleep with either his wife or daughter. But since I never become a 
    gigolo when I play then what I do is go and talk to the guy next to the 
    other stairs on the 2nd level. Tell him that you have the suitcase for 
    Mr. Bishop. Then go up. Then make your character walk (EG. By holding 
    down shift or turning the run option of) and then turn on sneak. Then 
    keep close to the north wall and head to the West door. Then go through 
    it and you can go back to your normal running around. Go through all 
    the rooms and steal form everything especially the safes. The first 
    room has a combination locked safe. You can get the combination if you 
    sleep with Bishop's wife. But if you keep using lockpick for a while, 
    the safe should open if you have good luck. The safe in the last room 
    has a trap on it. Disable the trap and undo the lock. Inside is a disc 
    that proves that Bishop hired Raiders to Attack Vault city. You'll need 
    this for later. Also inside is a map you can use to find the location 
    of the Raiders Base. Then when you do all that go and talk to Bishop to 
    get paid for the case and get a new job to kill Westin. 
    Now onto the Wright family. This is the only real family in New Reno. 
    You can find them to the East from 2nd street. Go up into the north 
    building first and talk to Chris (the guy that looks like Ian From 
    fallout I. If you didn't play Fallout I before then you shouldn't be 
    playing Fallout II. Anyway, the guy in the black jacket and blue 
    jeans). Ask him for a job. Then go down into the building to the south. 
    In there talk to Keith, who'll let you enter and talk to his father. 
    He'll ask you to find out who sold his son the dope that killed him. 
    Then go back out and talk to Keith and find out about Richards (the guy 
    that died) room. He'll tell you where it is. Go into his room and 
    search the bookcase there to find an empty jet canister. 500exps for 
    getting that clue. Then go to Jagged Jimmy J. you can find him in 2nd 
    street. He looks like Jules and if you encourage him about his scar, 
    he'll give you a free sample of Jet. You can sell that later. So talk 
    to Jimmy and ask him about the canister you found in Richards's room to 
    find out that it had poison in it. He'll point you to Renesco. So go 
    and see him about this. Talk to him and you'll eventually find out that 
    it was the Salvatories that had Renesco make the poisoned Jet. You'll 
    get 1000exps just for that. Then go back and tall the father that his 
    son died from a poisoning and then tell him that the Salvatories did 
    it. But don't mention Renesco. You'll get 4000exps for saying it the 
    right way. He'll then give you a quest to check out a place so tell him 
    you'll take the job. 
    But don't go there just yet. If you want you can try boxing on 2nd 
    street. I never do that as been a champion will mean that people will 
    notice you more so sneaking around can get hard. So I never bothered 
    with it. There isn't much money to get from it and not that many exps 
    so you don't lose too much. But if you want to box then I suggest to do 
    it later in the game. Just around the time of before you leave to the 
    Enclave. You can also cheat by getting some plated gloves from under 
    the Bishops Casino. Hey, it's cheating, but who cares ?.
    One more thing before you leave for Broken Hills. There's sort of a 
    glitch you can use to your advantage. Out the front of the Wright's 
    house are some kids running around. You can talk to them about the 
    metal insects that they see a night. You can get them to take you to 
    where you did the transaction with the Salves. There you can kill the 
    Enclave people and the sales there. Save before going there. The 
    Enclave troops are well armed and armored. It will be a very hard 
    fight. But in the end it's worth it. Of the two dead Enclave troops you 
    can get two Pancor Jackhammers. That is the best weapon that you can 
    give to Cassidy and Vic for now. 
    When you finish up, get the car and head out to Broken Hills.....
       8.2 Broken Hills
    You can talk to Zaius again, he'll say something about getting 
    protective gear so that you don't get any damage while running through 
    the mine. Beats me about what the hell he's talking about. So I just 
    took the part, told my party to stay and ran through heading North-East 
    to the mine air purifier. Then just use the part on the mine to fix it. 
    Then you can go thought and kill all the other things that are in the 
    mine. Once the mine is fixed, you'll stop taking damage. And as for the 
    ants, just keep running past him. When you finish, before you leave the 
    mine head to the exit. There head down to the right to where it looks 
    like there's a dead end. Press the A button to see that there is a guy 
    hidden behind the wall. Then move the mouse next to him so that your 
    character runs to him. Then talk to him and ask him who he is. Go 
    through his story to get some exps and then get the Uranium ore that's 
    in the footlocker there. If like me you have enough CH to get 6 people 
    at a time then you can get him. But before you go to the Depot you 
    might want to leave Myron in New Reno or something as when you get to 
    the Depot, that is where you can pick up an addition to your group. 
    Then go back to Zaius for your reward. Now you can finally go and get 
    Marcus. He is a good addition to the team. If you don't have enough 
    room the you should follow my list of the order of who you should take. 
    But it's always your choice. He starts with a mini gun and then in the 
    Sierra Army Base you can get him a plasma rifle. He can carry quite a 
    lot but the bad news is that he can't ware ANY armor. But at least he 
    gets a lot of HP's. Anyway, whatever he says, don't give him any 
    grenades as he really SUX with them. 
    Before you do leave the town, go to the place where they refine ore. 
    It's just south of the caravan place. There you can get the ore refined 
    for $1000. Give the ghoul the ore and the money, then rest for 24hours 
    and then you can sell the ore to the city for $1500. You'll also get 
    some exps and if you just take the $1000 that you paid then your Karma 
    will go up higher. 
    So when you finish up, head out for the army Depot. Before you do 
    actually go there, you might want to drive around New Reno and stop at 
    the encounter of the mobsters. The reason is because you might want to 
    pick up a sniper rifle if you already don't have one, as you'll need it 
    when you get to the Depot......
       10.1 Sierra Army Depot
    This is a hard place. For now, you might want to leave Myron (if you 
    brought him along) and Lenny near the car. The reason for that is 
    because there are a lot of Turrets out side that you should take care 
    of first. And they are hard ass. This is where the sniper riffle comes 
    handy. You can shoot at the turrets from a distance so that they can't 
    get to you. So first go around disabling all the turrets. Then you 
    might want to loot the dead body's around the entrance and keep an eye 
    out for the things they dropped near them.
    Past the 2nd fence to the West is a building you'll have to enter. It 
    has traps near the door so be careful. There's also a trap on the door 
    and on one of the containers inside. In one of the boxes is a Howitzer 
    Shell that you'll need to open the door to the base. Loot the other 
    boxes the head to the building to the East. In there is a Howitzer. 
    Load the shell into it and then click on it to fire. It will blast open 
    the door to the base. 
    Before you enter the building you can go down into a small under ground 
    shack thingie. Its entrance is just North of so the East building 
    surrounded by generators. Down there you can turn of the Bases power. 
    But the back up power will kick in. What this all does is turn all the 
    shields inside from impassable to passable. But you will lose HP going 
    through them. I say don't bother as it turns off the lights and makes 
    it harder to see and you can disable the shields anyway as long as you 
    have a good repair skill or Vic is with you. 
    Then enter the base. Get this password paper from a desk that's just 
    near you. Read it. Then use the computer just up ahead to open the 
    force field. In the room there that's locked, you can get in to get a 
    holodisc and a dessert Eagle. The main thing to do on this floor is to 
    loot everything. You can get Combat armor from a locker in the North 
    room, you'll need Dixon's eye from a locker in a room to the South-East 
    (you can read what happened to this guy's eye by using the holodisc 
    there) and you'll need the canister of Bio Med Gel. You can always get 
    another later, but take this one while your there. Then when you're 
    ready, use the eye on the panel next to the elevator to access it and 
    then go up one floor. 
    Save straight away. You can deactivate the force fields by activating 
    the repair button and then clicking on the forcefield Emitter connected 
    to the field. If Vic still has a higher repair skill then you then get 
    him to do it. If you have to do it three times, it will set off the 
    alarms. You do not want that to happen as all the robots will attack 
    you and they can be a bit hard at this stage. This is applied for every 
    force field. So if I fail to disable twice at one then once at another 
    then I still get 2 more try's at the other and 3 more try's at any 
    others. But if ever going back to old force fields that you took 2 try 
    to disable, then you'll still only have that one try left. So save when 
    doing that again. As for the robots don't worry about them. As long as 
    you don't bother them, then they won't bother you. And just one word of 
    advice. When taking on the Big Security bots, you might want to use 
    pulse grenades on them. The grenades do heaps of damage. Nearly every 
    time the grenades hit them, they die straight away. You can get a few 
    of these from the base it self in all the footlockers, and ammo crates 
    and so on. 
    Open the field to the West side. Then going straight out is a door. 
    Unlock it and go into that room. It took a few tries for me to unlock 
    it at a skill of 90%. It is a hard door to open. If you really can't do 
    it then what you can do is use 3 of the grenades you should have picked 
    up out side on the door. In that room is a computer that controls the 
    repair bays. If you kill a few robots and then leave the base, then 
    when you come back they have been repaired. So disable the computer by 
    either turning it off or unplugging the cable form the power outlet. 
    Then head south in that room till you hit another hard to pick lock. If 
    you can't open this one too then use the 2 remaining grenades and the 
    rocket launcher on the door that you also should have gotten for out 
    side. In the next room you can find a whole lot of goodies that you can 
    take. You'll find a plasma rifle for Marcus, 2 more combat armors and a 
    whole lot of other stuff. You can also get into this room by going into 
    the South-East room and deactivating the electronic floor plates and 
    all the force fields on this floor. When you finish, use the eye again 
    to go up another level. 
    There is another elevator there that can take you to the 4th floor, but 
    first you'll need another eye for that one. Past the forcefield to the 
    West are a few assault rifles and laser guns. Don't go into the 
    computer there unless you can't the alarms to be activated. To the East 
    in the room down the hall is a desk with a few manuals in it. Up in the 
    room in the North-East corner is the eye you'll need and a holodisc 
    that explains how World War III started. Near this room is another to 
    the West with a computer console that will ask you to get his brain 
    from level 4 as it wants to leave this place in the body of a robot. 
    The supercomputer is named Skynet. (You might recognize this from the 
    Terminator II). You'll need the brain, the Gel stuff and a motivator 
    that you'll have to get of another robot. Keep heading up past this 
    room to see the dismantled robot that you'll have to fix. From another 
    one of these active robots is where you'll get the motivator from. But 
    don't do that just yet.  
    Now that you have the eye and a new mission, head back and access the 
    other elevator and head up to level 4. To the West again are just a few 
    guns. To the East, head up along the corridor. Then you'll head left to 
    the North and then left again to head West. Down this corridor are 3 
    rooms on each side. From your character point of view, in the two end 
    right rooms are a few things you can get. In one are some drugs and in 
    the next is an alien skeleton (well, that's what it looks like to me) 
    with some stims and a book of science near by. Then at the end of the 
    corridor head right. Up the end there is another field you'll have to 
    disable and a computer at the end. I already said somewhere earlier in 
    the walkthrough to start saving you science skill. You'll need about 
    130% to get the good brain. 
    So get onto the computer. Before you get the brain, there's something 
    else you can get. Click on the retrieve instruction. Then on the 
    "select cadaver" instruction. You can then retrieve this guy that you 
    can talk to. He'll run of and disintegrate. You can get a Red Ryder LE 
    BB gun off him. Other walkthroughs say that this is the best small gun 
    ever. (In this game). But the best small gun is actually the m72 gauss 
    riffle as the bb does 25-25 damage and the gauss does 32-43. But for 
    now this gun is good to give to Skynet the robot that you're here to 
    get. Then go back to the computer and select the retrieve organ 
    instruction. Then select Brain. This if is where you'll need the 
    science skill to be able to save the good brain. Then it will give you 
    a choice of 4 brains to chose from (I'm assuming that you have a good 
    enough skill to get the best brain). Chose the cybernetic one of 
    course. Then the robot will explode after this. So when you get the 
    best brain you can get, then head back down to level 3. 
    When you get back here you should save first. Then attack the robot for 
    its motivator. You'll have to kill all the robots, as they will be 
    alerted to your attack. So then when there all dead, go through one of 
    the little ones to get the motivator. Then head up to where the 
    dismantled robot is. Use all those 3 things on it (the brain, the Gel, 
    and the motivator) and then use the computer to activate it. If you got 
    the right brain then you'll be able to get a good NPC, or you'll have 
    found a nice new home for one of the other brains. Either way you'll 
    have a good Mule to carry a lot of stuff around ? But if you don't have 
    the skill you can always come back and do all this later in the game. 
    The robot uses small guns. Give him a shotgun (EG H&K Claws, Pancor 
    Jackhammer) or a Sniper rifle. He's a good NPC. He can't ware armor, 
    but gets good HP when maxed out. Be sure to change his combat settings 
    as they start off crap and keep him armed. His Unarmed skills really 
    When you've done anything else, head back to New Reno......
       9.2 New Reno
    Nothing much to do here except to go back and tell the Writes about the 
    Depot. That'll make you "Made Man" of that family. The father will tell 
    you that you can go to New Reno Arms to get some special equipment and 
    to the Catpaws place to get something. I don't know what it is exactly 
    in the Catpaws place as no new options appeared, but I think that you 
    just get a discount. And as for the arms dealer, you can see his 
    special stock. In it you should be able to find a super sledgehammer 
    (which is the best weapon for Sulik) and a Boozer. They will be 
    expensive items but my car and NPC's were overflowing with equipment to 
    sell by now so I never had any trouble of buying anything of him. The 
    Boozer is an excellent gun. It is a big gun that takes up 15 rounds of 
    .233 ammo. I suggest getting it and using it. 
    When you finish anything else, get in the car and move out to the 
    Raiders base.....
       11.1 Raiders base
    This is a place where you can lose your car by a glitch ?. So save 
    before going there. When you get there you can end up starting in one 
    of two places. You'll either start of near a ladder where you can climb 
    down and get in the back way or you'll start of by having to go through 
    a cave of traps to get to the raiders. I think that if you used 
    Bishop's map then you'll get in the back way. If not then the other. 
    The back way is easier though.
    It's real simple of what you have to do down here. Kill all the Raiders 
    and then take all there stuff. In the north area is a safe. You'll have 
    to find 3 dog tags that have the combination to open the safe. There in 
    lockers and foot lockers down in that area. Form the safe you'll need 
    to get the blue account book that proves that bishop had been hiring 
    the raiders to attack Vault City. 
    When you've looted all the things, be sure you have the holodisc from 
    Bishops casino and the blue book. Then make a quick run to Vault City ? 
       5.4 Vault City
    Take the disc to the first citizen and also show her the book. You can 
    talk to Moore (the one that gave you the briefcase to give to bishop) 
    and then tell the first citizen that he's a spy. You'll get you'll get 
    like 4500exps all together. And that's definitely worth your time. 
    She'll give you another quest to give Westin a holodisc in NCR.
    You can also go and talk to McClure and tell him about what you've 
    learnt about Jet from Redding. That's worth some exps.
    Then when you've finished anything else, go to the car and drive down 
    to NCR......
       12.1 New California Republic (NCR)
    NCR is a prototype police State. In the actual city there are police 
    everywhere. All you have to do is upset them and they start shooting. 
    Every time before you go into the city you'll have to put away your 
    weapons as well as telling your party to put away their weapons. Other 
    then that, this place is all right. Nice, civilized and all. Unlike 
    Vault city ?.
    Whenever you come back to the city, you'll have the option to go into 
    the city or into the Bazaar (the out side place) And probably because 
    you've been stopped by some raiders or something your NPC's weapons 
    will probably be out. So always chose to start at the Bazaar, and put 
    away your weapons as well as your party's. Then you'll have no problem. 
    Right near your car when you get there will be a bum walking around 
    talking to himself about cars. When you talk to him he'll offer to look 
    after your car for $5. I don't think its necessary, but I always pay, 
    as I don't what come back and find my car gone. 
    Just up north from the car is a weapons shop with 4 guards. You can get 
    bozars of them if you didn't get one before. For some reason sometimes 
    when you go to talk to him he'll tell you to go away. But in the game I 
    was just playing he talked to me straight away. Other people in other 
    walkthroughs also don't know why this happens. But anyway, eventually 
    he'll let you buy stuff. Be sure to go through the bookshelves in the 
    tent as he has different stuff on each one. 
    Another bum looking guy to the very West will offer to upgrade your car 
    for $1000. I say why not?
    In the bar to the South-West you can get some info of the bartender and 
    a guy called Merk in the back room. He's only there at night. You can 
    get a holodisc of him for $1000 that tells you the location of Vault 
    13. A false location of course. But he won't tell you that. You can 
    also get a job of him to kill a Hubologist inside the city. But don't 
    go in yet.
    Just up to the north is a Slaver place. What they do is hold slaves for 
    people that want to go into the city as inside slavery is prohibited. 
    Later you'll get a job to kill the people running it and free the 
    slaves, but before that go and talk to the guy in charge and get a job 
    of him. Just go up to him and ask if he has any work and he'll ask you 
    to get a map of these rangers. When you've done all out here, get ALL 
    party members to put away their weapons and then enter the actual city. 
    In the sheriff's office just near by you can talk to the deputy. You 
    can ask him a few questions about getting a job and he will suggest 
    about talking to Tandi, the city leader. You can also talk to Sheriff 
    Dumont. He's just outside the building to the West of the Sheriff's 
    office. He's standing in the bottom right corner. You can also ask him 
    about a job and he'll tell you that Westin has one. Also if you talked 
    to Tandi you can ask him if you can see the prisoner they captured from 
    vault 15. When you get to him pull out a gun and take a single shot 
    then he'll talk. He gives you a bit of information that really isn't 
    too useful. Be sure to put your gun away after.
    The building that he is near is a gun shop. The owner has different 
    things on his tables so be sure to go through both. You can also ask 
    him for work. He'll give you a caravan job, but don't bother with that. 
    You can also talk him into giving you a password to get into his back 
    room. It's actually an illegal gambling room. So if you're into 
    gambling your money away then go for it. There's a nice SMG that you 
    can buy off him that's called the HK P90c. It takes 10mm ammo and by 
    now I had a lot of that. You can get the robot you go from the Depot to 
    use this or you can take it for your self. You can the later get 
    another few when you go to V-15. 
    In the building just south is Dr Henry. You can get a job of him to 
    test this serum on a mutant. Don't try it on Marcus as it dissolves the 
    subject. You can only use it on mutants to make it work. So wait till 
    later as when you go to the military base there will be lots of 
    subjects there for you to use the serum on. You'll need around 90% 
    science skill and a bit of CH and IN. just tell him that you're the 
    chosen one and get him into the subject of 'cyber-genetics'. You'll get 
    the crappy dog for doing this. He's crap but what can you do? At least 
    you can get exps for doing this.
    To the East of that building is the Hubologist church. Go in and talk 
    to the guy. He'll ask you if you are enlightened. Tell him yes. He'll 
    ask you what level your on. Tell him that you assumed he could see your 
    aura. Then if you have a speech skill around 80% you can ask him about 
    what's going on. He'll give you a letter you'll need. He'll also offer 
    to do some kind of a scan on you. It can raise your luck by 2 but it 
    can also lower it by one. So save before taking it. Get the letter 
    before taking the scan and then when you finish you can use the famous 
    Fallout "Death by stimpak". Use 3 super stims on him then rest for ten 
    mins. He'll be dead when you come out of rest. When you use super stims 
    you'll notice that you loss 9HP all together after a while. So what you 
    can do is use super stims on others and they will also loss 9HP for 
    every stim used. You'll get 2000exps for killing him and loss no Karma, 
    as a lot of people hate the Hubologists.
    Now go back to Merk. He'll give you a job to get some papers from Dr 
    Henry. You can talk to him but he'll not give them to you. You can get 
    them of the desk just in the corridor. Take them back to Merk. You'll 
    get 1000exps and $1000.
    To the east of the sheriff's building is a power station. There will be 
    Dorothy and Toto. (Yes, Yes, I know) anyway, you'll need 80% on science 
    and 90% on speech. If you don't have that then leave them till you do. 
    Save before going near them as right away Dorothy will ask for your 
    help. She'll say that this cop wants to kill himself and wants to take 
    down the power plant with him. If you have the Empathy perk then talk 
    to him using all the lines in green. If you don't then just try you're 
    best. You can always reload. You just go on telling him that there's a 
    better way, saying also that he should be strong and not let his wife 
    win and get her way. It's all worth it, as you'll get 6000exps and some 
    Just south of this building is the Rangers Building. Go in and talk to 
    the leader. She'll ask you to kill the slavers in the Bazaar and free 
    the slaves. So tell her sure. Before you do you might want to go to the 
    garage looking room and get the map the guy was asking for. Hey, you 
    might as well get the exps while you can. So go and give the guy the 
    map for some exps and $$$ then waste him and his guards. Free all the 
    slaves in there by activating the keypads on the side of the cages. 
    Then if you feel bad you can get the map of the dead slaver that you 
    gave it to and return it to where you found it at the Rangers place. 
    Also talk to the leader to take an oath to kill all slavers. You'll get 
    some more exps and a with code wheel and everything... Beats the hell 
    out of me of what you can do with it. 
    You can go to the hospital and ask Doc Jubilee a few questions about 
    V13, the rangers, Westin and some saltbeef guy. It's the building south 
    of Dr Henry's office. For some reason he wanted to cut of my leg. But 
    you can't let him. Besides, why would you want to? On his shelf you can 
    get some heart pills. You'll need them if your playing another version 
    as I've heard that he will need them eventually. You can also get some 
    poison that you can use to kill Westin with for Bishop. But its better 
    to kill bishop for Westin as there's more exps to be earned and 
    Westin's the good guy so naturally I pick him. But that's for later. 
    To the East of that building you can go into the pub, but don't go up 
    to the guy in there as he's looking for a fight and you don't what 
    that. You can talk to the bar owner and ask him a few questions. To the 
    East of the pub is another brotherhood outpost. You can't do anything 
    there still.
    Go down into the bottom section of the city. Go inside the building to 
    the East. Talk to the guy in the first room. Tell him that you're here 
    to see Tandi about the job. You should have gotten that info of the 
    deputy or the sheriff. He'll send you into the next room. So go into 
    the next room and talk to Gunther and tell him that you're there about 
    the job. He'll finally send you into see Tandi. She'll ask you to help 
    her with retrieving some parts for V-15. You can ask her questions and 
    also get a holodisc of her if you ask about the city. If you only have 
    version 1.00 DON'T ask Tandi questions about the city and other things. 
    Just end the conversation with out doing that. She doesn't really say 
    much but if you do want to talk to her then GET THE patch.
    Now to Westin's place. Go into the middle section of town. Head to the 
    West. There you'll see a force field emitter gate. Talk to the guy 
    behind it. Tell him you have business with Westin from Vault City. 
    He'll turn off the field and let you in. be sure to have the holodisc 
    with you. As you get in you can talk to the guy named Saltbeef in the 
    small building just south. You'll need a beer to talk to him and get 
    some answers. So talk to him and when he ask give him a beer. He'll ask 
    if you heard of what happened to him. So say no and find out his story. 
    He'll eventual get to telling you that he stumbled upon "The holy Vault 
    13". He'll say that he drew up a map but when he got here it was take 
    by the Doc. So just leave him for now. 
    Go up to the main house and ask the guard out front if you can go in 
    and see Westin. He'll say yes. Now you can kill Westin with the "death 
    by stim pak" or the poison from the Docs place. But I say don't, as 
    he's the good guy. What you can do is tell him that Bishop sent you. 
    He'll say that he's full of crap and you'll never see any of the money 
    he promised. So ask him what the hell he means and then about his 
    better offer. He'll ask you what Bishop offered you and will offer 50% 
    more to kill Bishop instead. I always take that. 
    One other thing you can do. If you are and asshole and do decide to 
    kill Westin, then when you go back to Bishop he'll give you another 
    quest to kill Carlson in NCR. You can't do that if you're already the 
    Made man of another family. So don't bother. But if your not and you do 
    take the quest then what you have to do is go down to the area where 
    Tandi is. If you have decent Steal skill, you can rob the Presidential 
    Pass off Grunther (Tandi's Secretary). Use it on the guard in front to 
    Carlson's place (across the street from the Hall of Congress), and 
    he'll let you in. If you take Carlson out quietly (H&H or Super 
    Stimpaks), you'll get an additional 2500 XP. Then you can go back to 
    Bishop to get the money and become Made Man with the Bishops. 
    So back to Westin. You can then talk to him and give him the holodisc 
    from Vault City. You'll get 2000exps and a new job to get a new 
    holodisc to Vault City. So take that job. Then you can ask him about V-
    13. He'll give you a job to guard some Brahmin. So take that. Go out 
    side and talk to the guard. He'll send you to the place. There your 
    character will stand there for a few hours talking to him self as 
    he's/She's board. (Don't worry, you won't have to sit there for hours. 
    The screen just goes black and then it says that a few hours have 
    passed.) Then after a while two talking Deathclaw will appear and 
    you'll hear them say that some guy has told them not to hurt humans. 
    They then walk away. You can follow the Deathclaw to V-13 by exiting 
    the screen to the exit grid to the North-East. But don't bother yet as 
    you'll need something before you go there, so just exit through the 
    other exit grid. You'll need a good PE skill and to get the location of 
    V-13 just go up near the NE exit grid. 
    When you leave if your people have weapons out the stop at the Bazaar, 
    and if not then go striate into Westin's place. Just go in past Felix 
    (the guard) and tell Westin that all he needs is to place a guard there 
    and the Brahmin will be safe. If you still don't know there V-15 is 
    then Westin points it out. 
    You can now go to the Doc and buy the map to V-13 for $10000. But don't 
    bother with it as either you know the location by now from the 
    Deathclaws or you will find out for free when you go to V-15. By now 
    the Bum out front should have finished putting in the part to you car. 
    If not then rest awhile. Then when its finished head out to V-15....
       12.2 Vault 15
    When you come here you'll be greeted by some un-welcoming Squatters. In 
    other words, no one will talk to you. If they do they'll tell you to go 
    away and not give you any answers. Only one person will talk to you. 
    She's Rebecca. She's standing out side on of the tents. Tell her you'll 
    listen to her and she'll take you to her tent. She'll ask you to find 
    her Daughter Chrissy and bring her back. During the conversation she'll 
    say that she though she just saw someone out side eaves dropping. So 
    agree and go up to the exit grid to the North-East. It will be blocked 
    off by a woman. Ask her if she saw some one just run by and then that 
    you're looking for Rebecca's Daughter. She'll let you through. 
    In the next section head East till you reach the building with the 
    guard out side. Talk to him. Ask him about the eavesdropper and he'll 
    say that it was him. Then ask why he's doing it. He'll give you an 
    explanation then ask him to "Hand over the girl and we can all leave 
    here alive". Then say the bottom line again. He'll give you the key and 
    tell you to get her and then Git. So do that. Free her and go back to 
    Rebecca. She'll ask her daughter what happened and then she'll tell all 
    the other squatters so that they'll like you. Now go and talk to the 
    guy in the building in that section. He's names Zeke and he's sort of a 
    leader there. You can ask him about what else is going on there and ask 
    him to make an alliance with NCR. He'll tell you that he'll do that 
    after you kill all the raiders inside. Ask him all the questions till 
    you get the elevator key of him. Then go back into the next section and 
    use it to go down the elevator there. 
    If you don't bother the guards then they wont bother you. If you talk 
    to one then they'll ask you who you are. You can try Bull shitting them 
    by saying you're a new guy. It really doesn't matter if you start 
    killing them now or later. When you reach Darion then you'll have to 
    kill him and then all his guards. I usually explore first and then when 
    I get to now go and talk to I kill him and then his guards follow. 
    On the first level you can talk to the Doc there. You can ask him a few 
    questions but that's about it. On the 2nd level you can repair a 
    generator to the West. It will turn on the power and give you a better 
    view. First use your science skill on it to find out what's wrong. On 
    that level in the top left corner is a desk and a wall locker that hold 
    a few goodies for you. So you might what to check that out. On the 
    third level you can find the location of V-13 if you still don't have 
    it from the only working computer in the South-West corner. On the 3rd 
    level you can get the parts for the lockers in the 2nd room to your 
    Now to kill Darion. Go into the room in the bottom right corner. Talk 
    to him and he'll tell you what he thinks of you and then will attack. 
    So kill him and all the other guards on this level. Use the computer 
    that was near Darion. It will give you a disc with the info that a guy 
    in NCR is a spy and a traitor. Keep it, as you'll need it when you get 
    back to NCR. Just make your way down killing all the raiders if you 
    didn't before. When you get back up talk to Zeke again. He'll agree to 
    the proposal about joining NCR. Before you leave this place be sure you 
    have the spy disc, the location of V-13 and the parts Tandi needed. 
    Now just hop into the car and head back to NCR....
       12.3 NCR
    Remember to stop in the Bazaar and tell you people to put their weapon 
    away. There really isn't much to do here. Go down and give Tandi the 
    parts. Show her the spy disc. She'll send you to Gunther. Get the 
    reward and show him the disc for some more $$$. You'll get 5000exps for 
    settling the Vault 15 problem and 4000exps for exposing the spy. Plus 
    $6000 for the V-15 thing and $4000 for the spy. That's definitely worth 
    your time. The Spy was Feargus, the guy in the Hall of Congress 
    entrance room, who promptly leaves the scene after having been 
    Now to finally get to "THE HOLY VAULT 13". So get in the car and go 
       13.1 Vault 13
    When you get there take out the voice module that you should have 
    gotten from either New Reno or Vault City. Then go up and open the 
    vault door and go in. You'll get like 2000exps just for finding the 
    real Vault. Then open the next door. Now what ever you do, DO NOT, I 
    repeat, DO NOT shoot the Deathclaw that appear there. The first time I 
    went there I surprised my self at how fast I managed to hit the "A" 
    button. Later I found out that your not meant to kill them. That made 
    me feel like an asshole. Talk to the first Deathclaw. Ask him all the 
    questions you want. Eventually he'll get down to telling you that 
    they'll look for and give you the G.E.C.K. if you help them fix their 
    broken machine. So agree. Talk to every one you want to. The only 
    person that says that the Deathclaw are bad is the tribal on the 2nd 
    level. But if you found out what he wanted to do then you would lock 
    him up to. He asks you to help him escape but don't. 
    Go down to the 3rd level. You can talk to Dalia there. She's the one 
    from V-15 that let you by from the Squatters to find the girl. Down in 
    the left corner is a robed figure. Its Goris the Deathclaw. You can ask 
    him a few questions. You can also get him to join you. He's a good 
    alley. Once he levels up to the max he has 45 unarmed damage. He gets 
    better HP then Marcus once fully leveled up but the down sides are that 
    he can't ware and armor and can only use his Claw. But I always take 
    him, as he's one of the best six NPC's. He'll also give you the 
    location of the military base over to the west.
    Later on in the game he'll leave you and go back to V-13 as he senses 
    that his clan is in trouble. When that happens you can go back to V-13 
    to get him and find out what happened. He gets you to watch what the 
    security cameras caught. You'll see that then Enclave came in to kill 
    them and take them back. As it turns out the Deathclaws here where made 
    smart by them form Fev. In Fallout one Fev was the stuff that the 
    master was making to make all humans into supermutes. Now the Enclave 
    used it on Deathclaws to see its effects. What it did is made them 
    smart so the Enclave could use them as slaves. Unlucky for them that 
    the Deathclaw got too smart and ran off. Anyway for some reason in the 
    End game animation it says that you slaughtered the Deathclaw. WTH???? 
    Anyway, at least you know that you didn't. 
    You can also get past a guard by talking to him to see the mother 
    Deathclaw. They put a guard there because of Matt. The guy who wants to 
    escape on the 2nd level. You can ask her a few questions to further you 
    knowledge. Near there is a room with lockers in it. You'll have to go 
    there and get the NavCom parts in there that you'll need later. You can 
    also pick up the GECK there if you want but I always leave it and let 
    Gruthar give it to me when I go to tell him that I fixed their problem. 
    You'll get some 4000exps for getting the GECK so that's not bad. 
    Go to the East most room with the super computer. Talk to Jimmy in 
    there. He'll give you the location of the Military base that's located 
    West of here. You'll need that. Then ask him if you can take a look at 
    the computer. Use it and open it up. You'll see that it's missing the 
    part. Then click on it again and use the part on it. You'll have fixed 
    the computer. Then head up to the first level and talk to Gruthar. 
    He'll give you the GECK and you'll get 9000exps for getting the GECK 
    and fixing their problem. Before you leave be sure you have the NavCom 
    Well now that you have the Holy G.E.C.K. you can now go back to Arroyo 
       1.3 Arroyo Village
    When you arrive here be prepared to be shocked. You village has been 
    destroyed and the people kidnapped. Hakunin the Shaman will have been 
    brought back to life to tell you what happened. Then when you finish 
    talking to him he will die. 
    Before going to Navarro you'll need to get more exps, and a whole lot 
    of better weaps for you, your team and armor too. Now would be a great 
    time to finish all quests that you left unfinished. These might include 
    the Redding mine clearing if you decided to leave it till later.
    Since you're up the top of the world map, now would be a great time to 
    go to Vault City. I should say to kill them all but not for now....
       5.5 Vault City
    Go and talk to the first Citizen Lynette. Give her the disc from 
    Westin. She'll send you to the Amenities Office to get your reward. 
    It's an H&K G11, but if you have the boozer then this gun is crap. You 
    can sell it for some money and that's about it. Finish anything else 
    here like telling the Strakes guy that you scouted a path to NCR for 
    You can get combat implants in the clinic but I say never bother with 
    them. You'll loss some of your states. Eg: your luck will go down or Ch 
    will go down. So I say it's not worth it, as it also cost quiet a bit 
    and you need combat armor. 
    Now when you finish up leave for the military base stopping at new 
      9.3 New Reno
    By now you should have 10 Catpaws mag to give to Miss Kitty. You'll get 
    some exps and $$$. 
    Now for the main reason of why you came here. To kill Bishop of course. 
    When you try to get into the casino if you're a made man for the Writes 
    then you'll get shot at straight away. So go in wasting everyone down 
    stairs. Try your best not to waste any of the casino patrons. Some will 
    attack you so you'll have no choice. Then work your way up till you 
    finally get up to Bishop. Waste him and all his guards. There will be a 
    lot of stuff to get of all the dead corpses. So go through them. 
    One other thing before you leave New Reno. Since you're in the area now 
    would be a good time to go to the Sierra Army Depot and clean off all 
    those robots. Its simple, just go in and kill them all. Save before you 
    do through. 
    When you finish move out to the Military Base......
       14.1 Military base
    The military base is the Vats that if you played fallout you would have 
    blown it up?. But since then its been blown up for a 2nd time. 
    Unfortunately you don't get to blow it up again?.
    When you get here Goris will probably leave you. He usually does for 
    me. So before you go in go back to V-13 and get him back. Also before 
    you go into the military base remember to get the Serum that you go 
    from that guy in NCR. This is where you'll be able to use it. 
    When you get here a few dogs will run up to you howling. Then they'll 
    attack. So kill them. Check out the Footlockers inside the tents. There 
    are a few goodies in there. In the first tent to the left is a map that 
    will get you the location of New San Francisco. Head to the east. Enter 
    the small shack to the North. Pick the lock and get the dynamite that's 
    in a box in there. Then go down to the tracks. There to the south lying 
    on the ground is a pole that you will need. Take it then use the 
    dynamite and the pole on the mining cart. Then use the cart to push it 
    to make it slam into the rocks and open a door for you. What I don't 
    see is would you really need that extra force to open that door. Well 
    the game designers seemed to fine so. But I don't complain as its extra 
    exps for practically doing nothing?
    Now theres only one thing to do. Go in of course. There are a few rats 
    and molerats in this level. They can poison you as well as been able to 
    give you radiation points. So try to kill them before they get to you. 
    First things first. To use the serum. You can now go back to NCR and 
    get the K-9 as the reward but its not worth its as mentioned in the 
    NPC's list. Go north. That will lead you to a lone mutant and some 
    rats. Use the serum on the mutant and watch him die then kill the rats. 
    Then go back to the entrance and go the only way you can go. South. 
    Over there are more rats to kill. Just over near the south-west is a 
    generator you can repair with a good repair skill. That's 1500exp and 
    better light. (Speaking of skills a good one to put up to around 100% 
    is the traps skill. That's because you'll need it in the enclave battle 
    in a certain place that shall be mentioned in that section. Also with 
    that will be needed good lockpick skills) on this level are also some 
    dead gaurds of the enclave but only one has a radio on him and that 
    realy dosent serve much purpose.
    So just go up north, kill the rats, get the rockets from the boxes near 
    the elevator and then go down a level. 
    Level two can be a bit tough as there is a lot of super mutants that 
    carry big weapons like rocket launchers, mini guns etc. The same will 
    also go on in level 3. So the main thing to do is make sure that you're 
    always the center of attention. The first thing to do is go south and 
    eliminate the mutants down there. There is also a dead enclave guy that 
    you can get another radio off and a plasma weapon. The other guys to 
    the east shouldn't come over so the battle here won't really be hard. 
    Some times they do start coming over. You might be able to end the 
    combat before they get to close, if not then advance to them and kill 
    them. You can always lock the door to block them off from coming to you 
    if you want but in the end the main reason you here is for exps and 
    items so you'll fight them one way or the other. One other thing, you 
    will find a lot of holo disks here that will explain a few things like 
    what happened here. Its mainly about the enclave coming and taking fev 
    till they go over run by mutants that were once slaves here. Then they 
    sealed them in but no before some were killed. One other funny thing is 
    the holo disk that you get out side, when you read it you might notice 
    that it's written by a colonel Sanders. Just thought it was worth a 
    So after that head east and explore the area killing and taking things. 
    In the northeast room you'll find a locker on the wall that can be 
    missed. In there are a few stims and other things. And one thing that 
    you'll definitely want to pick up here is the power armor. This is very 
    good armor and it cost quite a lot to buy so taking this one and 
    wearing it is a good idea. It's in the Southeast section in one of the 
    lockers. When you finish, you might want to go up to the car and dump 
    all the items in the boot as all the find you'll find are heavy and 
    your party can only hold so much. Then go on down to level 3.
     Just to your right are 3 people dead. They have a few goodies. There's 
    also a Green Memory Module here in the locker just south.  Also a 
    rocket to the right on the floor. Now here you'll have a bit of a 
    problem. There are a few super mutants and a few rats.  The problem is 
    that the rats get in the way when fighting the mutants in the scene 
    that your party members might start shooting at the rats instead. So 
    use the rocket launcher you should have found one level up to hit them 
    with that. Then kill all the mutants. After that do the usual of 
    collecting stuff. Then go down to the elevator to the southwest and go 
    down to level 4.
    Next to the elevator here is a dead enclave guy and another lies just 
    to the west. They have a few things on them. Also in the room just 
    south is a container near the bed with some stims and rockets. Now to 
    the main leader guy (well actually mutant). He's up to the north. The 
    thing that makes him harder then other mutants is about each turn he 
    summons forth two monsters to help him. He gets death claw first then 
    fire gecko's and so on. So the sooner you kill him the easier it will 
    be. Once you killed him you can get one of the best handgun in he game 
    from his container. The ppk12 gauss pistol. The only problem is that no 
    one at this point should use it as they should have better weapons then 
    that and also you'll have any ammo for it yet other then what it comes 
    with. Later you can get the better riffle version of this gun that does 
    more damage then any of the shot guns that your guys are probably 
    Now that you're done here there's only one thing to do. Save then go to 
    New San Francisco. The reason you should save is so when you go to San 
    Francisco the first thing you should do is go to both of the main shops 
    there and se if they have any of the ppk riffles there. If not then 
    reload and go to San Francisco again. Also there's the super 
    sledgehammer that you can get for Sulik if you haven't found one 
    already. So off so New San Francisco.....
       15.1 New San Francisco
    When you get here the first thing you'll notice is two guys fighting 
    just a bit to the north. But before that the first thing you'll want to 
    do is go to the two stores. The one that usually sells the m72 gauss 
    riffle is to the right in that first passage. It's the house just to 
    the right of that first small shack looking house that's got nothing in 
    it. There look in both tables when buying stuff but the riffle you'll 
    want is the is on the table to the right from where you enter. You'll 
    be looking to buy at least one of those riffles along with 200 rounds 
    of its ammo. That's the most I managed to get because you can't get the 
    shop to have 2 of those guns at the same time no matter how many times 
    you reload. The ammo is 2mm Ec. You can unload that handgun that you 
    got before to see what you're looking for. Depending on your party will 
    depend on how many guns you will need. Cassidy, Vic and Skynet need 
    one. So if you have all 3 in your party then for now just give the gun 
    to Cassidy. Later when you go to Navaro you should do the same thing of 
    saving there and then coming to the town as the stores get restocked 
    with new items. So again you're looking to get one gun and 200 ammo. 
    One more thing on the weapons is that they have no burst mode. But they 
    are compensated for that due to the damage they do and the fact that 
    the NPC's that use them can do 2 shots with that. Also when in the 
    enclave you'll notice that they also use those guns. So you'll 
    definitely want the guns so that your party can dish back the same 
    damage. Another two things you'll want to buy is power armor and the 
    super sledge. But that's gonna cost in its thousands. In the end you'll 
    run out of things to barter with so you'll be turned to use money. Then 
    soon you'll run out of that. So here's a nice trick. From these two 
    stores from the owners you can steal a certain thing. You can take all 
    the money that you spent there. So when you barter and give them money 
    you can just take it right back. This way you can have all you want. By 
    this time in the game I usually have around 60000 to 70000. So I can 
    get 1 power armor, steal the money back and then buy another then steal 
    again. This can really come in handy?
    Getting back to the main subject. In the middle you'll see two people 
    fighting. It's the Dragon and Lo Pan. They're fighting to have control 
    of the city. Lo Pan is the bad one and Dragon is the one that fights 
    for the good. So dragon will knock down Lo Pan, they say a few words 
    and disappear back to their training gyms. You can find them just to 
    the north. From there it just turns more and more into mortal combat. 
    Dragon's is the first house to the right and Lo Pans is the one to the 
    left. From here it's you choice of who you want to side with or whether 
    you want to do anything at all. Well doing something is worth some exps 
    so I say side with the good of course. Go into Dragon's gym and talk to 
    him. You can get him to raise your skill of unarmed by 5%. Then after 
    that leave and go talk to Lo Pan you can challenge him straight of or 
    you can go through a few fighters as a test. Just like in mortal combat 
    you can go through to try to get to the last guy. But I suggest you 
    just challenge Lo Pan straight off, as that's easier.  So go in to the 
    ring and fight him to the death. When he gets near to dying he'll pull 
    out a .233 pistol. But you shouldn't have any trouble finishing him 
    off. Then when finished go to the dragon for exps. The way of not 
    fighting the guards before straight away fighting Lo pan might have 
    been fixed in the patches. When I do play with one of them then I will 
    put in if that was made that way. 
    In the East-west section is a brotherhood out post. You front you can 
    talk to the guard. You can ask him questions and get a mission to steal 
    plans for a Vertibird from the Navarro Base. Other then that for now 
    you can do anything more there. In this section there isn't anything 
    more to do for now. Also when the guy says that it might be better to 
    leave your party there with him don't. On the way to Navarro you will 
    most probably be stopped by an enclave patrol. And they can get a bit 
    though fighting them alone. Later you can leave them in front of the 
    base or near your car when you get there. 
    There is a steel palace building to the right of the fighting ring. In 
    there are some scientists and other people that will be of use later. 
    Now would be a good idea to deliver the letter from that Hubologist at 
    NCR that you should have killed. The exit grid to get there is to the 
    north, and then the one on the right. In the next section you'll see a 
    shuttle there. This is what the Hubologist's believe will take them on 
    there "Journey". In the end the entire thing is a cult and as all cults 
    they strive form the same thing. Or at least the leader does. Money and 
    power. There are two ways to get to the enclave Oilrig or at least 
    you're told.  One way is to go of the way of the Hubologist, but in the 
    end you'll never get to the base if you help them. So I will write what 
    you have to do for them but I don't suggest you do it as it's the bad 
    way and you won't be able to end the game this way. So first go speak 
    with AHS-7. He's the one to the left in the dark robe. You can ask 
    questions but nothing of real interest is really said. So when done 
    tell him that you're here to deliver the letter to AHS-9. He'll disable 
    the shields and tell you to be quick. Near the northeast corner you 
    you'll see a gathering. When you enter the two people there will give 
    their speech on joining the hubologist's. There Juan Goldman and Vikki 
    (Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman). You can talk to them after they 
    finished their speech. You can ask them to become a Hubologist, but 
    there's not point as it gets you know where and also they're the bad 
    guys. Anyway if you wish to see for your self, then how to go about it 
    is written just below. So then go up north following the path till you 
    reach the guy in the suit. That's AHS-9 the one you give the letter to. 
    He doesn't really give you a reward but don't go killing him just yet. 
    This part is for those who want to join the Hubologist's and not 
    complete the game. As far as I know there is no way of ending the game 
    if you join with them. Maybe there is in another version or I missed 
    something. But I doubt both of those theories. Anyway, if you want to 
    see for your self then here goes. Talk to Vikki and husband and tell 
    them that you want to join. They give you a disk and get you to watch a 
    movie. You don't actually see the movie, but your character does. After 
    that they tell you to go to AHS-7, the guy at the entrance. BTW you can 
    use the disk and read it from you pipboy. It's just a bunch of crap 
    about the Hubologist. Then tell AHS-7 that you want to join. He'll get 
    you to take a scan and watch another movie (again you don't see it) and 
    then he'll give you the mission of killing Badger. Badger is on the 
    tanker in the other exit grid from the main section to the left. So go 
    there and enter the tanker. But before you do leave your party outside. 
    The reason been is because I think that you're the one that has to kill 
    Badger. If anyone else does then for some reason you wont be able to 
    tell the Hubologist that you killed Badger. This is how I did it the 
    second time and then it worked. I went in with out my party, talked to 
    Badger to ask him who he is, ended the conversation then killed him. 
    For this I felt like an asshole. Anyway then just run out, grab your 
    party and go back to tell the Hubologist the news. Then you'll get 
    another mission to kill the emperor. But before that you should do two 
    other missions. I'm not sure if you have to do this but go first and 
    talk to Vikki again and ask what can you do as a Hubologist. They'll 
    tell you that the scientist guy out side might have a job for you. So 
    talk to him and ask him if you can do anything for him. He'll ask for 
    the Vertibird plans. So go get them. (Refer to the Navarro part.) Once 
    you do that he'll ask you to get fuel for the ship. This is where you 
    can do both the things at once. Go to the steel palace. In the end you 
    going to have to kill all here no matter what because once you format 
    the emperor they'll all attack as well as all the people out side. So 
    this quest causes you to have to kill all in the town. This is why it's 
    no good. Anyway, there are two ways to get the fuel, get a hardened 
    power armor to the scientist in the bottom room so that he diverts it 
    for you. Or move the fuel yourself. In order to do that you'll need to 
    use the emperor computer. And to see and use that you'll need the 
    Vertibird plans. But you go no copy so then the only way in into kill 
    all. So do that then go to the back room to the right where the 
    computer is.  First you'll want to divert the fuel, as after you format 
    you wont be able to. So use the computer. Hack into it (you'll need a 
    high skill of science I think but wouldn't know, as my skills are 
    always high by this time.) go to diagnostics and then to Network scan. 
    Then activate the chemistry station then access it. Pick the fuel one 
    and divert the fuel to the Hubologist. Then to finish the other thing 
    of formatting, go through and (Fix this part up). After that leave the 
    complex and the town will now attack you. So just go back to the 
    Hubologist. Tell the scientist of your success and then to the AHS-7. 
    Then when you go back to talk to AHS-9 he'll be happy but will tell you 
    that you're just a tool that he used. Then all you can do is kill him 
    or not kill him. If you don't then all you can do is wait till they go 
    on their journey. But I don't think that that ever happens. Or you can 
    kill him and then have nothing more to do. So in the end all this quest 
    does is waste your time, gets you stuck from finishing the game and 
    gets you to kill a lot of innocence.
    Another thing you can do at the Hubologist place is get two power 
    armors upgraded to hardened power armor. This will cost $10000each 
    (which you can just steal right back off the guy) and it will take him 
    one day to do each one. When doing this what you can do after resting 
    two days waiting for the armor, when you get up stairs save before you 
    go into the main section. The reason been is the gun store should now 
    have gotten some new guns. So I suggest doing the thing of loading 
    until you can buy one gun and some ammo. 
    Anyway back to the better way of doing things, go to the tanker 
    section. The exit grid to that is in the main section to the northwest. 
    Go into the tanker. No one will really want to talk to you there. You 
    can buy some items from the stores there and go to the captain up the 
    stairs located to the east. He'll tell you to help one of his mates on 
    the ship before he helps you. So go talking to Badger. You can find him 
    in the room to the east of the first shop. Talk to him. I don't think 
    that he mentions that he's missing his girlfriend because she hasn't 
    been gone long or something but she is missing. She's been held captive 
    down below by aliens and other creatures. So go down either by the 
    ladder near Badger of by the stairs a few rooms North of Badger. Then 
    kill all the aliens and go get the girl in the Northeast corner. Now 
    when going up stairs go using the ladder to the middle north. This is 
    because in the version I have (this might not happen in others) when 
    you go up the ladder she disappears and never turns up. So then that 
    quest doesn't finish. So use the stairs, and then go talk to Badger and 
    the girl for some exp. 
    You can go talk to the captain now but first there still is another 
    quest to do (at least read in another walkthrough). I will put in the 
    quest even through the guy that starts this quest never exists in any 
    of my games. I'll put in the quest and ask that if anyone knows 
    anything about this to please E-mail me if you can. I will also E-mail 
    this guy asking him about it. Anyway here's the Supposed quest....
    Chip is the bald guy standing just to the SE of the General Store on 
    the tanker. Talk to him, and you'll discover that he lost his spleen in 
    a bet against Lao Chou! When you speak to Lao Chou (shop just to west 
    of Chinatown entrance), he'll tell you that he gave the spleen to Dr. 
    Wong in the Steel Palace. The Steel Palace is located off an exit grid, 
    at the end of the road that leads east from the fighting ring. Dr. Wong 
    is the short, rotund Shi man in the room of whitecoats just to the 
    north as you enter the Palace. Ask him about the spleen. He tries to 
    fob you off with that line from Silence of the Lambs, but if you say 
    that chianti goes better with liver instead, he realises that it's a 
    human spleen and agrees to return it to its owner! You get 2000 XP for 
    this. So far, so good... but now it gets to be more like a Fed Ex 
    quest. Go talk to Chip again, and he wants you to ask Dr. Fung 
    (building just SE of fighting ring) to put his spleen back in for him 
    when he gets it. You talk to Dr. Fung, and that's OK with him (if you 
    were on good terms with Doc Holliday, Fung happens to be a mutual 
    acquaintance and will put the spleen in for free). Then go back and 
    speak to Chip once again, and he'll tell you to wait a day and get back 
    to him. Then he leaves the tanker. If you come back to the same spot a 
    day or more later, Chip will be there, reunited with his spleen, and 
    you'll get 3000 XP more. 
    (This text way taken from Steve Metzler's walkthrough which can be 
    found at www.gamesdomain.com. it will be changed to my version of it or 
    eliminated once I either find that this doesn't exist in some versions 
    or at all or when I fins out how to find this Chip guy.)
    You can go to the steel palace and talk to Ken Lee and ask to see the 
    emperor. You'll find him in the northeast most room with the people in 
    it. He's the scientist looking guy. He'll also give you the mission to 
    get the plans for the Vertibird. But when you do first give the plans 
    to the Brotherhood, as there to only ones that are decent enough to 
    give you a copy of the blue prints. Those two guys next to him have 
    100rounds each of the 2mm you're probably looking for. So steal it off 
    them, but watch out as they turn to face you so it can be tough. 
    Talking to the captain he'll tell you that the ship needs fuel, the 
    tanker FOB to open the door down bottom and the NavCom parts (from 
    Vault 13) to fix the computer. You'll need blue prints for getting the 
    fuel or you can waste one of the Hardened power armors. Anyway, so when 
    finished any other things you might want to do leave (but save first) 
    and leave for Navarro.....
       16.1 Navarro
    There are a few ways of how to handle Navarro. I'll start with the 
    way's I don't take first. One thing that I'll mention before all that 
    is there is a Deathclaw in there base underground. If ever taking on 
    this base he'll help you with the killings. The way you can release him 
    is to open the door to the south of his prison using the blue key card 
    you should have gotten in Gecko. If you didn't you can pick up another 
    card here. 
    One thing to mention before hand, what ever you do decide to do never 
    kill the cook Cookie. He won't attack you for one, he's a good guy and 
    also he has crippled limbs. So I say let the poor bugger live if you 
    decide to go killing all in Navarro. 
    The first thing you have to do when getting here is talk to the Chris 
    guy. If you talked to the Brotherhood guy in San then you can bullshit 
    him that you're a new recruit. Just ask him the 4th line then keep 
    chatting till he gives you the password to get in alone. Now you can 
    kill him and enter the under ground complex by the ladder in the shack. 
    Or you can go to the West and enter through the air vent shaft. But if 
    you go that way you'll need the card to open the Deathclaws prison, as 
    that's where he gets out. If you go into the base from there you'll 
    have to kill all. And later when going up top you'll also have to go 
    there to get the plans that you can here for. 
    Or you can go in the berserk and stupid way, with you guns and pals at 
    you side go north and just start attacking everything. But ever at high 
    levels that can be tough, its also better to 1) scout ahead so you know 
    what's around and going on in the base and then 2) attack first from 
    the bottom. Even at high levels, including your NPC's, this place can 
    be though. In the end you don't really have to kill anyone if you don't 
    want and still finish the game, but I recommend killing here as you'll 
    get to see a bit of what your gonna be up against in the Enclave, as 
    well as you'll get some good exp here. 
    All the things that you need to get how to get them and where they are 
    written in the next section of how I go about entering the base. And 
    also one more thing, when finished with the Deathclaw or sneaking 
    around, be sure to keep him alive and the release him from the base. 
    Now for the sly and good way. So after bullshiting your way past Chris, 
    tell you party to wait in this section near the car then go to the 
    north section. Talk to the guard or he'll talk to you when trying to 
    pass him. He'll ask for a password so give it to him. He'll tell you to 
    report to the drill sergeant in the first building to the right. But if 
    you do when you'll be put on guard duty and he'll be walking round 
    checking on the others as well as you. If he catches you out of place 
    on the third time he'll attack you so just don't bother with him. 
    So now you have a free run of the base to get the things you need and 
    check out their stuff. The first thing to do is go into the second door 
    in the building to the right. Talk to the tech guys there. Tell them 
    you're new and want to ask a few questions. Ask what ever but the main 
    question to ask is where are the Vertibird plans. He'll tell you that 
    they're kept in maintenance. That's the building just up north from the 
    one your in. Now that you know where they are you can just go and get 
    them right? Wrong. When trying to take them you'll need a good sneak 
    skill to get around the guy guarding them. But there is another way. 
    You want to get info from all people so why not do that. Go down to the 
    mess hall building near the Southwest. In there you'll find Cookie the 
    cook. He's an excellent source of information. So talk to him and chit 
    chat. The main thing you need to ask is what's going on around here and 
    then what's going on in maintenance. He'll tell you that Raul, the 
    Vertibird mechanic, and Quincy, the guy who guards the Vertibird Plans, 
    are having a dispute, as they don't like each other. This can be used 
    to your advantage. He can also tell you a few things like that the room 
    down stairs that the scientist is in was made soundproofed, and he can 
    tell you that the fob is in the commander's room down stairs and a few 
    other things like that. 
    So now to get the plans. Talk to Quincy in maintenance and ask him 
    question. Then say that a tech said you could find the Vertibird plans 
    here. He'll ask if it was Raul so tell him that yes it was. He'll go on 
    to call him an asshole and then he'll tell you to get them out of the 
    locker yourself and take them to him. So get them to get 3500exp and 
    then go see Raul in the big hanger to the Northwest. Talk to him and 
    tell him what Quincy called him. He'll go of to lay him a few and while 
    he is you can go through his stuff and get a few things like the K-9 
    motivator. You can use thing on the dog down stairs (not that you'll 
    probably want to take him) but It'll get you some exp for fixing him. 
    That's pretty much all you can do up there. So now to go down stairs. 
    Go to the very north and in the middle you'll find an elevator. Go down 
    that one. There are others there but go down through that one for now. 
    The door to you right leads up to Chris's Shack. The door to your left 
    is where you can get some equipment. You can talk to the guy there 
    first for permission to get some stuff but it isn't necessary. From 
    there you can get an advanced power armor like you buddies of the 
    Enclave have. There are a few other things as well as the Blue Memory 
    Module that you'll be able to use soon in the brotherhood place. If you 
    ever do get full then just leave the base and go back to put the things 
    in the trunk or you NPC's. Then just come back. Just don't bother 
    anyone and they won't bother you. 
    Going down further, the next hallway to your left leads to an elevator 
    that goes to the mess hall. Just near you to the right is an elevator 
    that leads to the building to the left of the maintenance building. And 
    the hallway to the right leads to the commander's room where the tanker 
    fob is. Go down there and talk to the guard. Ask him what the room is 
    and he'll tell you that it's the commander's office. You can tell him 
    that you have business with the commander and then tell him that there 
    was a call about the tanker fob falling into the wrong hands and it has 
    to be locked up. I don't know the min requirements for this as by this 
    time my stats are high and it always works. You'll also need to first 
    speak to Cookie and get some information about the commander's office. 
    So go in, talk to the commander and get the Fob from the first locker 
    from the north. 
    Now you can leave this base in a few ways, but just before you do that 
    there are 2 other things you can do. Going further down through the 
    doors you can go into the room to the right. Talk to the tech to the 
    left. You can get him to give you the password Snookie to the computer 
    there. But you can also get this from the cook. On that computer it'll 
    just give you answers to questions that you should already know the 
    answers for. Then you can go and talk to the girl just out side this 
    room. You can say to her that you like her Snookie name and she'll go 
    on that the scientist is gonna get in later. Anyway, go into the room 
    to the west with the scientist in it. Be sure to close the door behind 
    you. You can ask him questions about a few thing mainly the dog and the 
    Deathclaw. You can then later ask him if you can kill it and he'll give 
    you permission. So kill him and take the blue card if you haven't got 
    the other one. You can then use the motivator on the dog to fix it and 
    get some exps. But leave the dog as I mentioned earlier that all the 
    dogs in Fallout II are useless. This dog is the same as the one in NCR 
    but this one can talk (Wow). 
    Now there are three ways of how to do things from here. If you not 
    gonna attack the base go to the Deathclaw. Tell the guard when she 
    stops you that the scientist gave to permission to kill the Deathclaw. 
    Go in, talk to him then release him and leave back to San Francisco. If 
    attacking the base then I suggest doing it from the underground first. 
    Then all you have to decide if whether you want to have the help of the 
    Deathclaw or not. If not then let the Deathclaw go and get back into 
    the base through the way that the Deathclaw escaped. Of course take you 
    party with you. Then just go in and kill everyone but Cookie. Also 
    don't bother with any others that won't attack you. But there really 
    arn't many of them. 
    If you want the Deathclaws help then go up to get you party through the 
    way of Chris's shack. Go up there, open the door kill Chris, take your 
    party and go back down to start the attack. Then when finished talk to 
    Xarn to get his help. Now how you going to kill the people up on the 
    surface is up to you. I suggest going up the elevator the gets you into 
    the building to that are west of the maintenance building. Fortify in 
    there killing till you or your party members are to close to death. 
    Then just go down and heal then come up again. A good way to do it is 
    kill all the people on the base first then worry later about the 
    So in the end whatever way you took and what ever happens, the things 
    you'll need to have is the blue prints and the tanker FOB. Also a good 
    idea is to get the advanced power armor and to release the Deathclaw. 
    Then when leaving save and then go to San Francisco remembering that 
    you want another M72 Gauss Rifle and some ammo.....
       15.2 New San Francisco
    First things first, go and check out the guns store till you get what 
    you need. Then take the blue prints to the brotherhood guy. He's the 
    only one that makes you a copy of the plans. This is why you go to him 
    first instead of going to the Shi. He'll give you access to the 
    facilities and also 20000exp. But this outpost in San Francisco is the 
    only one that actually has stuff in it. It is also here that you can 
    use all those chip to raise skills. This is what they do and how long 
    it takes:
    ST- Red Memory Module (2 weeks)
    IN- Yellow Memory Module (4 weeks)
    PE- Green Memory Module (2 weeks)
    CH- Blue Memory Module (3 weeks)
    At least it's for free. Also you can take a whole lot of things out of 
    their lockers. The only real useful weapon was the YK428 Pulse Rifle, 
    which you can give to Marcus. It takes the same ammo but does more 
    damage then the average plasma riffle. Other then that I already had 
    better then the facility offered. 
    Next go to the Shi temple and give the Vertibird plans to Dr. Wong. 
    He's a scientist in the second room to your left. Then go back and 
    speak to Ken again. He'll now give you a second quest. (Surprise 
    surprise). He'll ask you to kill the hubologist's. Sure, why not? So go 
    there and make sure that you have gotten all you power armor upgrades 
    done. Then you can go and talk to AHS-9 who will offer you a quest to 
    instead to kill Ken and then because of that all the town. So don't 
    take that and proceed to kill all but the scientist there as he poses 
    no threat. 
    When finished, take wheat little they have and go back to ken. He'll 
    then go to tell you that the emperor is a computer and he'll give you 
    access to him (it). So go into the door behind him and then go access 
    the computer. Give the computer the top password and then to get the 
    fuel to the tanker do this: go to diagnostics and then to Network scan. 
    Then activate the chemistry station then access it. Pick the fuel one 
    and divert the fuel to the Tanker. Then you can do what ever on the 
    computer except for format it. That's the one thing that'll get the 
    town and the people in this building to turn on you and you don't want 
    that now do you. You'll get 500exp for doing this and now your nearly 
    ready to go to the OilRig. 
    Before you go to the Tanker get the tanker Fob and the NavCom parts. 
    Also once you get under way of leaving port you won't come back till 
    you finish the game. So take everything that you will need. Eg all 
    stims all ammo etc. also now would be a good time to do any unfinished 
    quests. And if you want to go level up a few levels before going to the 
    Enclave then the best way and place to do it is by driving round to the 
    east or Navarro and to the west of New Reno. There you can encounter 
    Enclave patrols, aliens, Deathclaw. In other word tough but lots of exp 
    giving things. 
    Now when on the tanker the only thing that you'll need to do now is fix 
    the NavCom parts. Go down stairs and go to the Northwest. There you'll 
    see a door with a console in front of it. You have to use the tanker 
    FOB on it to open the door. I suggest leaving your party there as the 
    passage to the computer is narrow and I don't think that you'll want to 
    be pushing your party around for half an hour so that you can get out. 
    Then go in and climb the ladder. From there go north and use the parts 
    on the computer to the right. You'll get 200exp and the ship can now 
    leave. So go down, pick up your party and go to where the captain is. 
    So then when ready use the computer up top and you'll be on your way. 
    Then you'll get to see the movie and you'll arrive at the Enclave..... 
       17.1 The Enclave
    In a lot of walkthroughs its is suggested that you leave you party in 
    San Francisco if you want to do the sly approach. Well that choice is 
    up to you. Personally I didn't get all those good items and weapons 
    just so that I could not use then in this mad and quite hard battle. 
    But in the end its you choice. I always take my party with me and do 
    things usually around the same way as written. But if your not gonna 
    use your party then I do say leave them at San Francisco. The way I do 
    its is like at Navarro when I scout ahead and then come in for the 
    kill. And as for any idiots out there that might ask can the enclave be 
    take on alone (killing them all wise) well HELL NO. There are quite a 
    lot of the buggers and a lot of them use the M72 gauss riffle. They can 
    pull up to 20-30 damage with each shot and usually get 2 shots to fire. 
    This is with all that armor you wearing. Consider facing 3 alone, each 
    taking 2 shorts of lets say 10 damage, that would equal 60 damage. And 
    that's not mentioning the fact that they also have miniguns, rocket 
    launchers and those big robots like in the Sierra Army Depot. 
    Anyway, in the end thing is how I go about it. First off I do take my 
    party with me as this is the last fight and I've come here to kill the 
    assholes not sneak around. But it does help to sneak ahead. So you get 
    to see the movie of getting there, then you get 15000exp and your 
    there. To the right is the door to enter. Be warned there are a few 
    turrets in here but don't shot at them as they wont at you and later 
    you can use them to help you. So for now leave them. Down to the south 
    is a computer terminal. You can look at the user list from there and 
    then go in under one of the two names to download a power plant report 
    that you can read for your pipboy. Also you will notice that there is a 
    log in for the president. But don't use that now as you need the 
    presidents key for that. If you try to hack in then the system will not 
    work from there on and later you won't be able to use those turrets in 
    the room to help you fight the last boss. So leave that for now. Also 
    on another note you'll need a very high science skill to get better 
    access to download more things. At 130% of my science it wasn't enough 
    to get far. In the end it's just a lot of text about what they plan to 
    do like releasing the Fev virus on the "mutants" which they think are 
    all the people on the mainland. 
    From here you can go two way. Either to the south to go down the stairs 
    or over to the east into a sort of barracks place. I always go to the 
    barracks, as there's a lot of 2mm ammo that you can give to your 3 
    party members that should be using the M72 gauss riffles. You can go in 
    there with party and all to start a fight or you can use the smart 
    tactic. Go in along with the advanced power armor on. This way no one 
    will bother you. Now go along stealing all the ammo and anything else 
    that you can find in the lockers but don't bother with the people. The 
    reason why is because they wont reload either for two reasons. One 
    you'll be dead. Or two you'll have killed them. If your not gonna 
    attack them then you'll want the 2mm ammo so then in that case go and 
    steal the ammo. The guys that have the ammo are mainly in the bed 
    section wearing the silver power armor. Also in the northeast section 
    are a few containers and locker with a few things in them like 
    explosives that you'll need alter as well as a few good weapons like a 
    rocket launcher. Another thing in this room that might come in handy is 
    a set of electronic lockpicks. I'm not sure where I exactly found them 
    but there not that hard to find. So after that if you want to attack 
    them then first thing to do is go near the exit gird, take out that 
    turret in one shot and leave to get your party. Then when you comeback 
    the turret won't start combat and you'll be able to go down further 
    with you part before starting the combat. Then it's just a simple 
    matter of killing all till there dead. Then take what ever you want. In 
    the end when finished go to the main entrance and go down the stairs. 
    BTW you might want to clear out that section as later you'll be coming 
    back through there with 10 mins only to get out of this base and it 
    with a party they will attack you there. This can waste a lot of time 
    and there is also the fact that you still have to go fight the final 
    boss after when you reach the main entrance. 
    Once again if you have a party then leave them in the main entrance for 
    now then use the same tactic of sneaking in and stealing and looking 
    around. Just to the left is another storage room full of goodies. Down 
    in the southeast you can find your people as well as the people of 
    Vault 13. You can talk to your elder to get some info and be told of 
    how you can rescue them. Also you can talk to Martin of Vault 13 and 
    get some info of him to. Other then that there's nothing else to do but 
    take some stims from the wall locker in the Northeast and then kill 
    Now again just leave your party and head down a level using the stairs 
    to the south. Down here it gets a bit hard as there's a maze that you 
    have to find a way through in. Basically it's a bunch of room each 
    having an access terminal in it. When you use the terminal in each room 
    certain doors open and close. There is a way to get through the maze 
    but there are a few problems with this way. First off to open the door 
    past the last room that leads to the exit your character won't open the 
    door unless he/she has the Geck with them. Second if taking your party 
    with you they'll also take damage when following you as the floor in 
    the maze lets of electric shocks every now and then. So here's the way 
    of solving these problems. First if you need a Geck then there's one in 
    the room with the enclave people to the east on this level. Second, if 
    you have a lockpick skill of 140% and a skill of 100% in traps as well 
    as the lockpicking device that was on level one, then you can lockpick 
    your way through. First I'll give the lay out of the rooms, who to get 
    through using the terminals and what's the best way to lockpick 
        1, 2, 3,
    12, 4, 5, 6, 11,
        7, 8, 9,
    You'll start at 0. The only doors open will be the ones that are the 
    exits. Eg. 11-6 is open 12-4 is open etc. first I'll start off by 
    giving the order of how to get from one end to another. Start with door 
    2 then 1-2-3-7-8-9. Using the terminals in this order will get you to 
    room 10. If you haven't got the Geck then you can get one from the room 
    11. Just go in your self and don't use terminal 9. Then go in take the 
    Geck from room 11 and then use terminal 6 to get back up to get your 
    party. Then when you're ready to go down a level, use the same order to 
    get your party through. What I do suggest through is to kill the 
    enclave guys in both room 11 and 12 by your self as there not hard and 
    they only use their fists so they wont do much damage to you. 
    Or the other way for those who can and prefer to. Lockpick your way 
    from room 0 to 10 making sure to first use your trap skill on the door. 
    Then lock pick from room 5 to 6 and to room 4. Then kill the enclave 
    your self as mentioned before. If you don't what that then just get the 
    Geck yourself and then lead your party to room 10 and past, tell them 
    to wait there and go down to scout ahead. 
    You'll get 2500exp upon getting here but now that you're practically 
    finished then what's the difference. You can do a thing or two while 
    here. First you can go and talk to the "president of the United States" 
    and find out his plan. Apparently he thinks that all the people on the 
    mainland including other countries are mutants and they should all be 
    killed by the new improved FEV virus that they have created. The new 
    virus is suppose to kill people with in a few days so they plan on 
    letting that out and letting it spread all over the world. Go what a 
    nut. So of course you can't have that. 
    Now there's two ways of going about it from here. The silent way or the 
    kill em all way. If your with your party and you want to go the silent 
    way from here then take them back up to level 1 and be sure to put them 
    in the big room and not the one where you come in through the stairs. 
    This is because the way that you came down is going to be sealed off so 
    you can go there. Instead on this level you'll use the stairs in the 
    south to go to the room with all those guys on level 1. If your going 
    the kill em all way then you might want to go back up and kill all the 
    guys there as when your going to be coming back through there with a 
    party then they'll attack you. If the silent way and you didn't kill 
    them then just leave them. Now if you're going to do this the kill em 
    all before that there is one thing you can do first. Its really for exp 
    and only comes in handy when going at it alone. So if the hard way then 
    feel free to skip this next thing.
    If you going to do it the sly way then this is how to go about it. 
    First you might have found out that the people are now yet immune from 
    the new FEV virus. You can go and talk to a scientist in the room in 
    the Northwest section. You can try to convince him to release the FEV 
    virus. Again you'll need good IN, CH, and a decent speech skill. And 
    again I don't know what the lowest for that is as I always was able to 
    convince him. What this does is kill all the people not wearing power 
    armor. Excluding you, the president and your party. This doesn't happen 
    instantly you'll have to rest for like 10 mins but don't just yet. So 
    now you'll need the presidents key. Go and kill him with the super 
    stims trick. You'll need to give him 8. Then when dead take his key and 
    go down a level with the stairs just to your Northwest. Down here 
    you'll see just to the Southeast a few computers and stuff along with 
    some scientists. So rest for the 10mins to have them killed. Now go and 
    stand near the middle console in that room and drop some explosives. 
    You can get some from the room to the east on the entrance level. Then 
    wait till they explode and it'll say that the cores going to melt down. 
    You'll get 10000exp but what's the point. Then go back up a level and 
    use the stairs to the south that you can now access. The other ones 
    have now been sealed. You'll end up on the entrance floor in the east 
    section. Read on past the next section to get info on what next.
    Now for the kill em all way. If you want exp for who knows what reason 
    or if you just don't what to fight the guys down the next level then go 
    and talk top the scientist and get him to release the toxins. Then if 
    you what to take you party with you then go get them and attack the 
    floor. When finished be sure to have president's key when finished. 
    Then go down a level and depending on if you released the toxins will 
    depend on whether you'll have to kill all on this floor. This is 
    because when you drop the explosives in near the console the scientists 
    there will kind of get mad and attack you meaning that every one else 
    will also join in. So when finished, go to level 4 and get to level one 
    via the stairs in the south middle section. 
    Now go to the main entrance section. When you enter don't go into 
    attack mode when you see the enclave guards there next to you. They 
    won't do anything even if you have a party. This is the boss and his 
    band of merry men that have come to kill you. You know the ones going 
    round the desert killing the innocents and also the Deathclaw of vault 
    13. What you need to do is stick to the south and get to the computer 
    console there. Also be sure to pick up your party on your way there. 
    Then use the computer using the president's option of counter 
    insurgency and then activate it. The turrets will now be attacking the 
    main boss Frank Harrigan keeping him busy. So shot with all you got 
    till you take off all his 999 hitpoints. Then when you do he'll split 
    into two and then will have 1 hitpoint left. You can then end combat, 
    talk to him and then he'll die. Leave via the doors you came in and the 
    game will now end. Then you can see the movie of the tanker leaving and 
    then the end game talk. Congratulations you now are a hero. A winner is 
       Special Encounters
    Here is a list of the "special Encounters" that you may encounter along 
    your travels. To find them just ride around the wastes. Having high 
    luck helps, and so do a few perks like Explorer or Ranger, but raising 
    luck or picking those perks just is not worth it.
    1. The Talking Head- talk to the head till you get into a conversation 
    that will make 12 hours (game time) pass. In the end you get a monument 
    piece from him. Apparently you can use it some how to raise your stats, 
    but I didn't have a saved game with this peace, nor in my last playing 
    did I come across it.
    2. King Arthur's Knights- A Monty Python bit. Talk to the main guy and 
    tell him yes and point to a random location to get information on where 
    the G.E.C.K is. But he just points to a random location like you did. I 
    think you can also get a plasma pistol off them, but once again I 
    didn't have a saved game with this peace, nor in my last playing did I 
    come across it.
    3. Bridge of Death- another bit from Monty Python. Save before talking 
    to the guy in the robes. Answer his first two questions (correctly), 
    then answer the 3rd with a question and he'll die giving you some pretty 
    OK robes.
    4. Cafe of Broken Dreams- You can get Dogmeat here from the original 
    fallout. Just give him an iguana on a stick to get him. Unfortunately 
    in this game he sucks ass. You can talk to a few other people here too.
    5. A Guardian Portal- here go through the stone portal to wind up in 
    Vault 13 80 years back. Here you go up to the computer that's making 
    the noise and brake the water chip. This means that you ancestor now 
    has the 150 days to get a new one. Also before you do that and return 
    to the portal you can get a Solar Scorcher gun from a container in the 
    storage room.
    6. A crashed federation shuttle- you can get 3 or so hypos that can 
    heal you up to full HP. Quite useful.
    7. The Unwashed Villagers Hunting a Spammer- a Scene from "Life in the 
    Global Village". You can get some stims from a container, and also kill 
    the spammer or the villagers for some items. But I think you lose karma 
    for killing the villagers. 
    8. A tin woodsman- more like a guy in advanced power armour. You can 
    get the oilcan to use on him near the ground. He gives you 150 micro-
    fusion cells for helping him.
    9. Exploding Brahmin- need I say more? Get the hell out of there. They 
    have 999 HP and explode when you get near. Plus they keep re-spawning.
    10. Merchant party- Not really a special random encounter, but you can 
    meet two of these. One will only sell to you if you are good and the 
    other only if you are bad.
    A few stats on weapons. Dmg = Damage, Rng = Range, Ammo = Ammo (duh), 
    Min = has a minimum requirement of something. Usually strength. 
    Melee Weapons
    Brass Knuckles
    Dmg: 2-6
    Dmg: 1-7
    Dmg: 1-7
    Combat Knife
    Dmg: 3-11
    Spiked Knuckles
    Dmg: 4-11
    Dmg: 3-11
    Dmg: 4-10 Rng: 2
    Dmg: 3-11 Rng: 2
    Sharpened Spear
    Dmg: 4-13 Rng: 2
    Cattle Prod
    Dmg: 12-21 Ammo: 20 x Small Energy Cells
    Dmg: 15-33 Ammo: 30 x Small Energy Cells 
    Power Fist
    Dmg: 12-25 Ammo: 25 x Small Energy Cells
    Super Sledge
    Dmg: 18-37 Rng: 2
    Mega Power Fist
    Dmg: 20-41 Ammo: 25 x Small Energy Cell
    Throwing Weapons
    Throwing Knife
    Dmg: 3-6 Rng: 16
    Dmg: 3-11 Rng: 8
    Sharpened Spear
    Dmg: 4-13 Rng: 8
    Molotov Cocktail
    Dmg: 8-20 Rng: 12
    Grenade (Frag)
    Dmg: 20-35 Rng: 15
    Grenade (Plasma)
    Dmg: 40-90 Rng: 15
    Grenade (Pulse) - Useful only on mechanicals (robots)
    Dmg: 100-150 Rng: 15
    Small Guns
    Jonny's BB Gun
    Dmg: 1-3 Rng: 22 Ammo: 100 x BB's
    Pipe Rifle
    Dmg: 5-12 Rng: 20 Ammo: 1 x 10mm 
    10mm Pistol
    Dmg: 5-12 Rng: 25 Ammo: 12 x 10mm
    Hunting Rifle - Upgradable - Can add a scope
    Dmg: 8-20 Rng: 40 Ammo: 10 x .223mm FMJ
    Desert Eagle .44 - Upgradable - Expand the magazine to hold 20 bullets
    Dmg: 10-16 Rng: 25 Ammo: 8 x .44 Magnum
    Magnum Revolver
    Dmg: 12-18 Rng: 15 Ammo: 6 x .44 Magnum
    Dmg: 12-22 Rng: 14 Ammo: 2 x 12 ga.
    Shot sawed-off Shotgun
    Dmg: 12-24 Rng: 7 Ammo: 2 x 12 ga. Shot
    14mm Pistol
    Dmg: 12-22 Rng: 24 Ammo: 6 x 14mm
    Needler Pistol
    Dmg: 12-24 Rng: 24 Ammo: 10 x HN Needler Cartridge
    .223 Pistol
    Dmg: 20-30 Rng: 30 Ammo: 5 x .223 FMJ
    Sniper Rifle
    Dmg: 14-34 Rng: 50 Ammo: 6 x .223 FMJ
    10mm SMG
    Dmg: 5-12 Rng: 25 Ammo: 30 x 10mm
    Combat Shotgun
    Dmg: 15-25 Rng: 22 Ammo: 12 x 12 ga. Shot
    H&K CAWS
    Dmg: 15-25 Rng: 30 Ammo: 10 x 12 ga.
    Shot Tommy Gun
    Dmg: 3-20 Rng: 32 Ammo: 50 x .45
    Caliber Assault Rifle - Upgradable- Expand the magazine to hold 100 
    Dmg: 8-16 Rng: 45 Ammo: 24 x 5mm
    FN FAL - Upgradable - Can add Night Sight
    Dmg: 9-18 Rng: 35 Ammo: 20 x 7.62mm
    Dmg: 11-22 Rng: 35 Ammo: 20 x 7.62mm
    Single burst HK P90c
    Dmg: 12-16 Rng: 30 Ammo: 24 x 10mm 
    M3A1 "Grease Gun" SMG
    Dmg: 10-20 Rng: 20 Ammo: 30 x .45 Caliber 
    Red Ryder LE BB Gun
    Dmg: 25-25 Rng: 32 Ammo: 100 x BB's
    H&K G11
    Dmg: 10-20 Rng: 35 Ammo: 50 x 4.7mm Caseless
    H&K G11E
    Dmg: 13-23 Rng: 40 Ammo: 50 x 4.7mm Caseless
    Pancor Jackhammer
    Dmg: 18-29 Rng: 35
    Ammo: 10 x 12 ga. Shot 
    PPK12 Gauss Pistol
    Dmg: 22-32 Rng: 50 Ammo: 12 x 2mm EC 
    M72 Gauss Rifle 
    Dmg: 32-43 Rng: 50 Ammo: 20 x 2mm 
    Big Guns
    Flamer - Upgradable - to Improved Flamer
    Dmg: 45-90 Rng: 5 Ammo: 5 x Flamethrower Fuel
    Light Support Weapon
    Dmg: 20-30 Rng: 40 Ammo: 30 x .223
    FMJ M60
    Dmg: 18-26 Rng: 35 Ammo: 50 x 7.62mm Min. ST 7
    Rocket Launcher
    Dmg: 35-100 Rng: 40 Ammo: 1 x Rocket
    Dmg: 7-11 Rng: 35 Ammo: 120 x 5mm Min. ST 7
    Avenger Minigun
    Dmg: 10-14 Rng: 40 Ammo: 120 x 5mm Min. ST 7
    Vindicator Minigun
    Dmg: 14-19 Rng: 30 Ammo: 100 x 4.7mm Caseless Min. ST 7
    Dmg: 25-35 Rng: 35 Ammo: 30 x .223 FMJ
    Energy Weapons
    Laser Pistol - Upgradable- To a Magneto-Laser Pistol
    Dmg: 10-22 Rng: 35 Ammo: 12 x Small Energy Cells
    Plasma Pistol
    Dmg: 15-35 Rng: 20 Ammo: 16 x Small Energy Cells
    YK32 Pulse Pistol
    Dmg: 32-46 Rng: 15 Ammo: 5 x Small Energy Cells
    Laser Rifle - Upgradable- Expand Ammo cap to hold 24
    Dmg: 25-50 Rng: 45 Ammo: 12 x Micro Fusion Cells
    Solar Scorcher - this weapon can only be used in the day time
    Dmg: 20-60 Rng: 20 
    Plasma Rifle
    Dmg: 30-65 Rng: 25 Ammo: 10 x Micro Fusion Cells
    Turbo Plasma Rifle
    Dmg: 35-70 Rng: 35 Ammo: 10 x Micro Fusion Cells
    YK42B Pulse Rifle
    Dmg: 54-78 Rng: 30 Ammo: 10 x Micro Fusion Cells
    Gatling Laser
    Dmg: 20-40 Rng: 40 Ammo: 30 x Micro Fusion Cells
    Leather Jacket
    AC: 8 Normal 0/20% Laser 0/20% Fire 0/20% Plasma 0/10% Explode 0/20%
    Leather Armor
    AC: 15 Normal 2/25% Laser 0/20% Fire 0/20% Plasma 0/10% Explode 0/20%
    Combat Leather Jacket
    AC: 18 Normal 2/30% Laser 0/20% Fire 2/25% Plasma 0/10% Explode 0/20%
    Leather Armor MK II
    AC: 20 Normal 3/25% Laser 1/20% Fire 1/25% Plasma 1/10% Explode 1/25% 
    Metal Armor
    AC: 10 Normal 4/30% Laser 6/75% Fire 4/10% Plasma 4/20% Explode 4/25% 
    Metal Armor MK II
    AC: 15 Normal 4/35% Laser 7/80% Fire 4/15% Plasma 4/25% Explode 4/30% 
    Tesla Armor
    AC: 15 Normal 7/20% Laser 19/90% Fire 4/10% Plasma 9/80% Explode 3/20% 
    Combat Armor/Bridgekeeper's Robes
    AC: 20 Normal 5/40% Laser 8/60% Fire 4/30% Plasma 4/50% Explode 6/40% 
    Brotherhood Armor
    AC: 20 Normal 8/40% Laser 8/70% Fire 7/50% Plasma 7/60% Explode 8/40% 
    Combat Armor MKII
    AC: 25 Normal 9/40% Laser 9/70% Fire 5/35% Plasma 4/50% Explode 8/45% 
    Power Armor
    AC: 25 Normal 12/40% Laser 18/80% Fire 12/60% Plasma 10/40%
    Explode 20/50% Hardened Power Armor
    AC: 25 Normal 16/50% Laser 19/90% Fire 14/70% Plasma 12/50% 
    Explode 19/60%
    Advanced Power Armor
    AC: 30 Normal 15/55% Laser 19/90% Fire 16/70% Plasma 15/60% 
    Explode 20/65%
    Advanced Power Armor MKII 
    AC: 35 Normal 18/60% Laser 19/90% Fire 16/70% Plasma 18/60% 
    Explode 20/70%
    A few things after the game...
    Not much really changes. You can go a see how the out side of vault 15 
    looks now. You can go out with Miss Kitty, but that ain't really 
    nothing special. That computer back at Vault City tells you to go to 
    the 3rd floor and use another computer there. When you do it just gives 
    you 20000exps (wow like now you really need that), but as I recall it 
    also gives you a few entries into your pip boy that you can read. I 
    think it was just a few notes and things from the producers. Oh and one 
    more thing that you can do at any time is at the main screen, hold down 
    shift and then click on the credits to get a (quite) a few sayings and 
    words of wisdom from the makers of the game. 
    Bits and pieces
    I'd like to thank a few people that helped with this walkthrough mainly 
    by giving me a few extra quests to do and write down. First Cristian 
    Golumbovici for his walkthrough that I got a few quests out of. Steve 
    Metzler for his walkthrough. Other people that helped and made the 
    walkthrough possible were Daniel Hannah and Glenn Duncan, with a few 
    tips, cheats and quests.
    The reason why I wrote this is because I never found a good walkthrough 
    out there that had all these thing in it and because I wrote one for 
    Fallout. There are a few things that I still have missed and I will 
    update every time I discover something new. I will never tyre of this 
    game that is one thing for sure.
    Walkthroughs I have written:
    Fallout II
    Arcanum- didn't write it but have a hand in it.
    This Document is Copyright 2000-2002 by Igor Lowicki
    Fallout II is Copyright 1998 by Interplay Productions and Black Isle 

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