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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Rata1

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    --__--__--__--__--__--__--__--__--__Farcry 3_-__--__--__--__--__--__--__--__--_
    \---------------------------- ----By Alek Kettenburg------------------------- /
     \--------------------------------Start Date:12/15/12------------------------/
      \-------------------------------end Date:1/01/13------------------------- /
       \------------------------------Type: General Walkthrough----------------/
        \-----------------------------Version 1.00--------------------------- /
         \----------------------------As of 00/00/00------------------------ /
          \---------------------------------------------------------------- /
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    --------------------------------Table Of Contents------------------------------
    Table of Contents----------------------------------Your're looking at it genius
    Tips and Advice----------------------------------------------------------[TAA2]
    Make a Break For It------------------------------------------------------[M001]
    Down in Amanaki Town-----------------------------------------------------[D002] 
    Gathering the Jungle-----------------------------------------------------[J004]
    ---Amanaki Outpost-------------------------------------------------------[001A]
    ---Welshore Wrecker's House----------------------------------------------[002W]
    Mushrooms In the Deep----------------------------------------------------[I003]
    ---Valsa Docks-----------------------------------------------------------[003V]
    The Medusa's Call--------------------------------------------------------[M005]
    Playing the Spoiler------------------------------------------------------[S006]
    ---Mosquito Yard---------------------------------------------------------[004Y]
    ---Northview Gas---------------------------------------------------------[005G]
    Prison Break In----------------------------------------------------------[P007]
    Hotel Port Island--------------------------------------------------------[H008] 
    Keeping Busy-------------------------------------------------------------[K009]
    Meet Citra---------------------------------------------------------------[C010]
    ---Orphan Point----------------------------------------------------------[006O]
    ---Cliffside Overlook----------------------------------------------------[007C]
    ---Hubris Farm-----------------------------------------------------------[008H]
    Optional Stuff----------------------------------------------------------[B0112]
    ---Rust yard-------------------------------------------------------------[009Y]
    ---Cradle View-----------------------------------------------------------[010V] 
    ---Old Mines-------------------------------------------------------------[011M]
    ---AM 12-----------------------------------------------------------------[012A]
    Bad Side Of Town---------------------------------------------------------[B011]
    ---Camp Murder-----------------------------------------------------------[013C]
    ---Tequila Sunrise-------------------------------------------------------[014T]
    Kick The Hornet's Nest---------------------------------------------------[H012]
    A Man Named Hoyte--------------------------------------------------------[N013]
    Saving Oliver------------------------------------------------------------[S014]
    ---Cradle Gas------------------------------------------------------------[017C]
    ---Hubert Shore Power----------------------------------------------------[018H]
    Piece Of The Past--------------------------------------------------------[P015]
    Down In The Docks--------------------------------------------------------[D016]
    The Motherlode-----------------------------------------------------------[M017]
    Lin Cong I Presume?------------------------------------------------------[L018]
    Unhappy Reunion----------------------------------------------------------[U019]
    The Knife's For You------------------------------------------------------[K020]
    Warrior Rescue Service---------------------------------------------------[W022]
    ---The Neck's Diner------------------------------------------------------[019N]
    ---Broken Neck Home------------------------------------------------------[020B]
    New Rite Of Passage------------------------------------------------------[R023]
    Citra's Favor------------------------------------------------------------[C025]
    The Social Club----------------------------------------------------------[S026]
    Fly South----------------------------------------------------------------[F027]
    Three Blind Mice---------------------------------------------------------[B028]
    ---Harmanses Gas & Repair------------------------------------------------[022R]
    ---Satellite Communication Hub-------------------------------------------[021H]
    ---East Ridge Camp-------------------------------------------------------[023E]
    ---Lazy Shore Marina-----------------------------------------------------[024M]
    ---Bridge Control--------------------------------------------------------[025C]
    ---Break Point Docks-----------------------------------------------------[026D]
    ---Longshore View--------------------------------------------------------[027V]
    ---Krige Valley River Fishing--------------------------------------------[028F]
    ---Stubborn Kid Farm-----------------------------------------------------[029K]
    ---Spine Ridge Site------------------------------------------------------[030R]
    ---North Krige Crest-----------------------------------------------------[031K]
    ---Lonely Shore Way------------------------------------------------------[032W]
    ---Maw Docks & Repairs---------------------------------------------------[033R]
    ---Dry Palm Storage Depot------------------------------------------------[034D]
    Defusing the Situation---------------------------------------------------[D031]
    All in-------------------------------------------------------------------[A033]
    Paint It Black-----------------------------------------------------------[K034]
    Black Gold---------------------------------------------------------------[G035]
    Aced in the Hole---------------------------------------------------------[A037]
    Betting Against the House------------------------------------------------[B038]
    The Doctor is Out--------------------------------------------------------[D039]
    Hard Choices-------------------------------------------------------------[H040]
    -----------------------------Optional Stuff/Collectibles-----------------------
    Relics/Memory cards/Letters of the lost tips (Misable relics)------------[T042]
    Trials Of the Rakyat-----------------------------------------------------[T043]
    Signature Weapons--------------------------------------------------------[S044]
    My other Guides----------------------------------------------------------[MOG1]
    /                                                                             \
    --------------------------------Introduction [IT01]----------------------------
    Hello and welcome to my Thirtieth guide. This is definitely my choice for 
    game of the year 2012. There is really nothing to hate about this game. Well,
    maybe a few things, but they are very minor. Let's look at the good first.
    The graphics are phenomenal, even on medium to low settings. The world is 
    open, beautiful, full of things to do, and a blast to explore. The characters
    are creative, well written, and unique. You always have the option to do
    the main story missions or explore the island and do side missions. You could
    also stop and play some poker or make some money in a race.    
    The main story isn't exactly award winning but the rest of the games overshadow
    it. Seizing outposts and do supply drops can get repetitive, but you by no
    means have to do them. This is by no means a survival game. It may appear that
    way at first, but I never once found my self short on money. Herbs to create
    medicine literally grows out of the ground and can be crafted on the spot. 
    Overall, this is a must play for anyone who enjoys FPS games with some sort
    of story. I would definitely take this game slowly and not rush the main story
    If you find any errors or somthing I missed please E-mail me at 
    /                                                                             \
    --------------------------------Tips and Advice [TAA2]-------------------------
    1. always skin the animals you come. You should do this even if you don't have 
    a recipe that needs it. A later recipe might need it. Even if it doesn't, you
    can just sell for extra cash.
    2. Your map and the objective marker is your friend! I won't give specific 
    directions to most missions. Just press M and head towards the circle. 
    3. Use the "refill all ammo" option in the shops to save money on ammo. Only
    use this option a few hours into the game. 
    4. Cook grenades. The AI isn't stupid. Well, that not totally true. The AI
    will run away from grenades if they aren't cooked. (You need to get the proper
    skill before you can cook grenades.)
    5. Try to sieze outposts undetected. You will get 1500XP for taking the outpost
    without being detected, 550XP for being detected without triggering the alarm,
    or 500XP for taking the outpost, being detected, and triggering the alarm. 
    6. The best way to take an outpost undetected is with a silenced sniper. Find
    hill overlooking the outpost, find some brush to hide in, and tag the men in
    the camp. Hit the red alarm boxes first, then start picking off guards.
    Relocate if they start to become aware of your position. 
    7. Tag enemies. Tagging, also known as marking, is when you put your gun sights
    over an enemy and a symbol appears over there head. After, you can see them 
    through the walls from anywhere. Using your camera (default Z) will mark the
    enemies at a faster pace. This will also tell you which enemy is your target in
    a wanted dead mission.  
    8. Stick to the roads. You may look at the map and see that the objective
    is on a parallel road on the other side of a green area. When you try to
    cut through the jungle it will many times result with you hitting an 
    impassible mountain. The roads may be longer, but they are way easier to use. 
    9. How to kill a Heavy. The Heavys in this game are the same as the ones in
    COD and Spec Ops: The Line. Thare are many ways to deal with them. 
    -Only with the "Heavy Takedown" skill can you kill a Heavy with a takedown.
    -A Z93 sniper bullet (Only acquired late in the game) can get a one shot head 
    -One pack of C4 will also do the trick.
    -Mines are also useful but a bit harder to use.
    -Grenades are also effective. Although, it does take 3-4 grenades to kill one.
    -The Tanto (a special melee weapon acquired by gathering "Letters of the Lost
    See the Signature weapon section for more info) can three shot a heavy. 
    -The RPG will also work just fine.
    10. Gather the bag upgrades ealry (Loot sack, ammo capacity etc.). By the 
    third or fourth gird square, you should be able to gather all the necessary 
    skine to get all the upgrades in the game.
    11. If an item isn't a skin, sell it (The shop will tell you if it's loot or
    not). You can't do anything else with them.
    12. Gather herbs. Herbs are literally found all over the island. Always
    keep a good supply of uncrafted green herbs and a couple red and yellow 
    13. Leave a syringe slot open. One mistake I always make is filling all my 
    syringe slots with medicine. Always keep at least one slot open. You never 
    know when you may need to use a "Hunter's Instinct" or "Fireproof". 
    14. Buy bullet proof vests whenever you can. the amount of damage they block
    will essentially increase your health by two bars 
    15. Fire spreads thorugh grass and buildings. You should probably run if just
    one corner of the building is one fire. 
    16. Gather relics, Letters, and memory cads as you pass them. They give cash
    and experience. Both things that you'll need on your journey.       
    /                                                                             \
    ------------------------------Walkthrough [WKH3]-------------------------------
    1. This is meant for survivor difficulty.
    2. If I say "Continue down the path/trail" just keep going down the trail
    and/or head towards the objective marker.
    /                                                                             \
    ---------------------------Make a Break For It [M001]--------------------------
    Once your're free get acquainted with the basic movement controls. Follow your
    brother and listen to the tutorials that pop up. Stay crouched to avoid 
    detection. Inside the hut, grab the stuff from the table and continue to follow
    your brother. Throw a rock in the corner to draw the guard away. this is a 
    very useful way to distract enemies in the game. An important thing to note
    is that they will get suspicious if you throw more then one rock in front of 
    them. Keep following him until you reach a cutscene. Treat his wound. 
    Once in control, RUN into the jungle. Don't stop to look around, just stay 
    sprinting on the path. Jump, crouch, and button mash once prompted. Cross the
    obviously stable bridge to trigger another cutscene. 
    /                                                                             \
    --------------------------Down In Amanaki Town [D002]--------------------------
    Once in control, head into the gun shop and buy a colt 1911. Follow Dennis 
    outside the village. You can draw a weapon inside the village; it will come
    up automatically when you exit the village. 
    Outside the village loot the crates in the shacks and then head up the 
    road to the top of the hill (Just stay on the trail). At the base of the
    radio tower is a snake. Shoot it and then head up the tower. Make sure to
    grab all the items along the way. Rearm the tower at the top and ride the 
    zip line down. 
    /                                                                             \
    --------------------------Gathering the Jungle [J004]--------------------------
    Back at the bottom follow the directions that appear on the screen. Basically
    the map is split up into 18 squares, each with a tower that will reveal the
    map. Head back into town and grab the assault rifle you unlocked. Once you
    unlock an weapon you will always be able pick up a free one at a friendly
    outpost. Even if you drop them you can always pick it up for free at a outpost.
    Sell any loot that doesn't say "Craftable" and then head back outside the 
    village. Get into the car and head towards the objective. All the Diamond 
    symbols on the map are lootable crates. Feel free to stop and get them if you
    At the hunting grounds you need to gather some herbs and harvest some animal
    skins. Shoot or knife the boars and then take their hides by pressing E next
    to them. SKinning certain animals are the only way to hold more ammo, guns, 
    ETC. Green and red herbs are found on land but blue ones are only found in 
    the water. Press Q if you need to heal yourself. Your health will automatically
    fill up partially filled bars. Once you have the objectives, pull up your map
    and fast travel to the village. Refill on ammo and sell any item that ISN'T
    a skin or herb. Meat Dennis outside the village. Craft some medicine and a
    loot sack. Next up is the skill tree. The skills mostly add only slight stat
    boosts so I won'trecommend any skills in particular. You need to pick skills
    that will fit your play style. Definitely grab takedown. 
    ---Amanaki Outpost [001A]---
    Get into the car and listen to Dennis's dialogue. There are two ways to take 
    out an outpost. Sneak in and stealthy kill everyone or shoot the place up.
    Shooting the place up may result in triggering an alarm. I won't cover how
    to do things stealthily because there's to many variables in this game. Just
    make sure to make full effect of the rocks you can throw. If you hit Z you will
    bring up your camera. Place it over an enemy to tag them, allowing you to see
    them through walls and hills. You don't have to take a picture of them to tag
    them! Head on the hill to the west of town and tag the pirates in the camp. You
    can pick them off from afar or go in and kill them. Be warned that there is 
    a dog in the camp that will charge you. Head into the shack at the end of
    the camp for a cutscene. Head inside and grab the Memory card from the laptop.
    Refill on ammo. 
    Now several optional quests are available for you.
    ---Shotgun Hunt Rabid Dogs (Amanaki Outpost)---
    Head over to the bulletin board and grab the "path of the hunter quest". Head
    to the target location and grab the shotgun. The five dogs MUST be killed 
    with only the shotgun. You can't use a grenade or your knife. It only takes
    one shot to kill a dog. Make sure to loot the dogs' bodies. 
    ---Wherefore Art Thou, Juliet?---
    You can grab this quest at the center of the Amanaki Village. Go to the "!" on
    the map and find the couple on the porch. Talk to them. Afterwards head to
    the marker which is outside the village. 
    Cross the bridge and you should see a girl on a rock. Head over and you will
    see several Komodo Dragons eating a body. Tag them all with your camera and
    start shooting. Be careful, as they are aggressive. Harvest the bodies and talk
    to the girl. You will get your reward automatically. 
    ---Supply Drop (Amanaki OUtpost--- 
    This is found outside Amanaki Village. Get on the Quad Bike and rid it through
    the checkpoints in the allotted time. Don't go to fast or else you will bounce
    a lot. 
    ---Wanted Dead (Amanaki Outpost)---
    Head back to the outpost and grab the other quest on the board. The 
    assassination quests in this game are unique. You must kill the target with 
    a knife. There are two ways to do this. Stealthily kill the body guards and
    kill the target. Or you can start a gun fight, kill the guards, and the do
    what I call the Flotman Maneuver. Get the target alone and then run in a circle
    in the brush around the target. Make sure you break the line of site and he'll
    become confused. Move in from behind and stab him in the back. 
    Get to the location and tag the enemies with your camera. Your target is the
    one with the start over his head. There is bambo all around the area which 
    means plenty of cover. Stay low shoot one of the guards. Once they find you
    relocate, break the line of site, and continue shooting. With the guards dead,
    break the line of site with the target, and run in behind him for the kill. 
    Don't forget to grab the chests in the small pond. 
    At this point it would be good buy some stuff if your wallet is full so that
    you can continue to pick up money. Now would be a good time to grab some animal
    skins. I would definitely recommend grabbing at least the following upgrades:
    (All the necessary animals can be found in the current revealed area.) 
    Simple Holster
    Simple Wallet
    Simple Munition Pouch       
    Simple Ammo Pouch
    Rugged Holster
    Simple Syringe Kit
    Rugged Syringe Kit
    Rugged Rucksack
    Heavy Duty Holster (To get shark skins you need to go to welshore wrecker house
    near the coast and stand on the beach. Use the Sniper rifle to hit the 
    sharks that stick their fins' up and then swim in for the skin.)
    Note: When you see a group of animals, Tag them all first before shooting.
    They will scatter when you shoot and you may not get them all before they run
    ---Welshore Wrecker House [002W]---
    This is the outpost in the far north of the map. Approach from one of the roads
    and you can use a rock to lure the gate guard away. Take him out and move ito
    the outpost. You can now move around and silently take out the guards. There
    is a alarm so reinforcements will come if you are discovered. You can silence
    the alarm by hitting it a few times with your knife. There is a sniper in the
    camp so watch out for his laser pointer of death. Pick up the sniper so that
    you don't have to pay for it later. Grab the memory card in the shack once
    you take the camp.     
    Note: you can buy and sell stuff at the cabinet in ALL the outposts. 
    ---Wanted Dead (Found at Welshore Wrecker House)---
    This next target is found in the open at a small farm. Find a spot near by
    and tag the men inside. Pull out the sniper from the outpost and pick off
    the guards. Break off the line of site and move in on the target. If you have
    no sniper you can easily use rocks to distract and stealthily kill everyone
    in the camp. 
    ---Path of the Hunter (Becomes available after taking "Welkshore Wrecker 
    The Poster is found outside Amanaki Village. Go to the objective marker and
    grab the shotgun. Reload. The first Bear is found somewhere outside the cave.
    the second is inside the cave. The Bears are fast so be quick. It should only
    take three shots at most to kill them. Harvest the skins. 
    ---Wanted Dead (Amanaki Outpost)---
    this is found in between Amanaki Village and outpost. Head to the objective area
    and sneak your way onto the hill next to the camp. Pull out a sniper and 
    find a place you can overlook the camp. Tag them and start shooting. Once his
    guards are dead, slip down the side of the hill and sneak behind. Take him
    out with a knife to complete the mission. 
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------Mushrooms In The Deep [I003]--------------------------
    It's time to head into a new grid square. Head into the square to the left and
    find the radio tower. To get up to the tower you need to jump onto two rocks
    to the northern side of the base of the tower. Activate the tower to reveal
    one outpost. 
    Head up the mountain that leads to the main quest. Once you reach the house,
    enter the greenhouse to the right. After the cutscene head up stairs in
    the house for another scene. Head down stairs and outside. MOve down the
    side of the mountain towards the coast. The entrance to the cave is underwater
    so you're going for a swim. Swim through the tunnel and surface on the other
    side. Climb up the rocks. When he says "Leap of Faith" Jump down the seemingly
    bottomless pit. Climb up the vines and jump across the next pit. Keep going
    up the vines.
    Now for the trippy part of the game. Just follow the path after you get 
    "Sprayed". Don't worry, its organic :). 
    Once you come out of it, grab the mushroom and head outside. Climb the vines 
    and cliffs to get back. Talk with the doc at the greenhouse and then
    head up stairs in the house. 
    ---Valsa Docks [003V]---
    This outpost is a bit tricky to take. Make sure you have a sniper rifle 
    full of ammunition. Go to the hill to the east of the camp. Watch for 
    enemy road patrols. Use your sniper to pick off targets below and then use
    a AR to eliminate any guards that charge at you. There is a mounted machine gun
    in the back of the camp, so be careful. Taking the camp will reveal multiple
    side tasks. 
    ---Path Of the Hunter---
    This poster can be found at the dock outpost. (DO Not BUY THE BOLT ACTION
    Head to the marked location. Grab the sniper and then climb into the tower.
    DO NOT SHOOT YET. Pull out your camera and tag the dear ahead. If you have
    trouble finding one then use a yellow herb to craft a "Huter's Instinct" to
    locate them. 
    ---Wanted Dead---
    (The poster on the right). 
    (Buy a silencer for the sniper if you can)
    The target is located on top of the hill of a small island. Do to the location
    you won't be able to snipe your way through. Swim to the island and move 
    towards the temple in the center. Stay low and tag the men. Use the silenced
    sniper to pick off the men around the edges that are alone. If they do detect
    you, use the Flotman Manoeuvre to break their sight. Kill of the guards and
    take the target. Loot the room underground for some more money.  
    ---Wanted Dead---
    The target location is a semi connected island. Place yourself on the nearby
    shore (Across the water from them) with a sniper. Tag the men in the camp.
    Open fire and kill off all the guards. Swim in the water and approach the
    island. Swim in from the side and sneak up on the target. Take him out and
    loot the island.    
    ---Tagging the Past---
    This is a fetch quest at its best. Go to the three locations, Loot the bodies
    for the tags, and return to the quest giver after you have all three. 
    ---Supply Drop Quest---
    (Found just outside of the dock outpost). Standard stuff.
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------The Medusa's Call [M005]------------------------------
    This next quest is found in the first grid square we started at. Head to the
    objective. (Bring a silenced AR or SMG) 
    You now need to take out three radio carries without being detected. Enter the
    mission area and kill the lone guard. Move down the road towards the ship.
    There is one guard outside the boat and one inside the bottom hull. Lure the
    guard on the outside (use a rock) away from the opening in the hull and 
    kill him. Kill the guard inside the ship. 
    Move around the front of the ship and there will be a guard welding and a 
    guard patrolling behind him. Wait for them to separate and pick them off.
    Loot their bodies. MOve further down the other side of the ship and you'll
    find two more. Make or wait for them to separate and kill them. Take the 
    final key. Head aboard the ship and move to the top. Open up the door and 
    interact with the radio. 
    Head back outside and get ready to repel an attack. several pirates will 
    hit the beaches via boats. Stay on the deck and shoot them from afar. They
    will board the ship so be ready. Look for gas tanks to hit to take out several
    enemies at once. 
    Once the six or seven are dead, the mission will end. Head back to the village.
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------Playing the Spoiler [S006]----------------------------
    First things first talk to Dennis in the village. Now its time to head 
    into a new area. First things first, get the radio tower. The area is full 
    of hostiles so be careful. I recommend just driving by and ignoring them. 
    Head to the logging camp and head to the vantage point marked on the map. Tag
    the men in the camp. (You won't be able to tag all of them). This can be done
    without a silenced sniper but it will be a lot more work. Shoot the red alarm
    box marked with the objective marker. Even with a silenced rifle the guards
    will be alerted, but they shouldn't know where you are. Start picking off the
    guards below. Kill one and then duck down before they see you. You should be
    able to take out most of the guards without moving. Move into the camp and 
    pick off any stragglers. I was able to clear the entire camp with the sniper
    without moving (all except for two guards that stayed in the center of the 
    Enter the objective building in the camp. Fill up on ammo and plant the 
    bomb. Exit the building. An enemy vehicle will roll in, ignore it and head
    back to where you entered the camp. You can either kill off the pirates or
    just run away. Either way, you will receive another call from Dennis.   
    ---Mosquito Yard [004Y]--- 
    Position yourself on the hills to the south of the outpost. Take out the 
    sniper on the roof first and then pick off the rest of the men in the camp.
    There is a caged tiger so make sure not to hit it till after you take the camp.
    (Grenades are great for disposing of leopards and tigers).
    ---Northview Gas [005G]---
    This outpost is pretty straight forward. Approach from the north and stay in
    the bushes. Pull out the trusty sniper and start picking them off. One of the
    enemies does have a bomb on him that will catch the place on fire; be careful
    and kill him from afar. 
    ---Wanted Dead---
    (Northview Gas)
    Your target is surrounded by two snipers and two guards. The target is in the
    center of the guards. Approach from the south. Go into the water and move onto
    the island behind the guards. Periodically, the guards will split up and move
    to the four corners of the island. Wait for them to do this and then start 
    picking them off with a silenced sniper or a knife. The target is laying down
    so he shouldn't be to aware of his surrounding. With the guards gone, charge 
    in for the kill.   
    ---Love Eternal---
    (West of Northview Gas)
    Talk to the quest giver at the marked location. Now head to the objective 
    marker. Talk to the man without a gun. After talking, shoot at his feet; DO
    NOT kill him. Head back to the quest giver to finish the quest. 
    ---Supply Drop---
    (North of Northview Gas)
    The terrain here is no where near flat. There are several points where the 
    elevation drops and you will go flying if you're going to fast. Watch where
    the the road dips and slow down before you hit them. 
    ---Wanted Dead---
    (Mosquito Yard)
    The guards at the center of the camp are tightly packed and are looking at 
    each other. This makes stealth quite difficult to do. Approach through the 
    forest to the east. 
    You can take out the two guards sitting near the truck with a single sniper
    bullet. Then quickly take out the tow other guards in the camp. Duck back into
    the forest to break the line of site with the target. Take him out. (use
    the Flotman Maneuver to break the line of site). 
    ---Bow Hunt Golden Tiger---
    (Mosquito Yard) 
    Head to the location and grab the bow. (You need to hold down the trigger to
    pull the bow string all the way back). Tag the tiger and then start shooting.
    A single attack from him does two bars of damage. I recommend hip firing since
    ,when fully charged, it is as accurate as aiming down sites.  
    Ok now you should have all the necessary supplies to craft all the ammo 
    pouch upgrades. 
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------Prison Break In [P007]--------------------------------
    Time for another new grid square. First things first, the radio tower. If
    you wan to arrive in style, you take the hang glider from Dr. Earnhardt's 
    house all the way to the tower. 
    Afterwards, head to the objective. The Camp is full of guards. The way you
    want to clear the camp is up to you (Stealthily, far away with a sniper, guns
    blazing), but there are a few things you need to do. Approach the camp from the
    southwest. Perch yourself from the hill and tag the men the camp. You should
    also see a tower with a guard in it. Next to him is an alarm. Make sure that
    the alarm it the first thing you hit. The best way to do this is to stand in
    either the tower or the hill next to the tower, and snipe the men in the
    camp. Your primary target is located On the the northern beach of the camp.
    (He's sitting down in a shack). There is still another active alarm on the
    northern beach. 
    Loot the prison warden's body and head towards the objective marker (You have
    to enter a cave).I advice using a shotgun to clear out the caves. The cave is
    very linear. Make sure to watch for red exploding barrels and shotgunners that
    will rush you. At the end of the cave you will get another cutscene. Maybe
    it wasn't a good idea to be yelling every five seconds?  
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------Island Port Hotel [H008]-------------------------
    What the hell? What kind of criminals don't take your guns!? Whatever. Head
    up the stairs dead ahead. Turn right at the top and wait for the fire to go 
    out. Run past and shoot the red pipe to extinguish the flame. Head through
    the doorway and then up the ladder. Move across the bridge. Button mash as
    instructed and then move across the pillar. Shoot the pipe on the ceiling in
    the hallway. Button mash some more. In the next room go to the opposite corner
    and climb up the vines. Move through the doorway for another cutscene.
    Now we have to protect the truck. Simply blast the trucks that come by and
    reload whenever you get a chance. Eventually you'll  move to the front 
    position with a pistol. Make sure to to take full advantage of the red barrel.
    After you stop, a cutscene will take place and you'll be moved back to 
    the good doctors mansion.      
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------Keeping Busy [K009]-----------------------------------
    Now to find the cave. Just follow the trail to the north of the mansion and
    you'll find it. After the conversation, head into the water and move towards
    the objective marker. Dive down and grab the glowing part. Head back to the 
    boat. After the cutscene, go talk to Liza.  
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------Meet Citra [C010]-------------------------------------
    First things first, get to the radio tower.
    Head to the objective for a cutscene. Now for another "Interesting" scene.
    Walk forward up the path. Walk into the building at the end of the path. Walk
    across the bridge and grab the item on the altar. 
    Once you exit loony town, exit the temple. You can now access more of the 
    skill tree.  
    ---Orphan Point [006O]---
    This outpost is located on a completely isolated island. Swim over to the 
    island from the uninhabited North side. There are four guards, a sniper, and
    probably a Leopard. This is one of the easiest camps to take so I just went
    in guns blazing. Kill the sniper and chill in his tower.  
    ---Wanted Dead--
    Approach the target from the west. You should be on a hill overlooking the 
    group of enemies. The guards should move in such a way that that you can 
    rush down and instantly kill the target. Then all you need to do is hide in
    the shack and kill the rest of the guards. 
    ---Bow Hunt: Black Panther---
    Grab the bow and start searching. It takes four arrows to kill the panther. 
    Make sure to pull the string all the way back and hip fire if he's close. 
    Skin the body. 
    ---Supply Drop---
    The entire course is flat so feel free to really step on the grass. 
    If you haven't already, grab the Rugged Wallet, Heavy Duty Wallet, and Heavy
    Duty Syringe Kit. 
    ---Cliffside Overlook [007C]---
    Approach from the southeast and should get a nice overlook of the camp. 
    Pick off the two on the roof and then pick off the rest. In other words,
    do whatever you've been doing for the past outposts. Now is a good time to
    grab a Heavy Duty Rucksack. 
    ---Supply Drop---
    (Next to Radio Tower)
    All I can say is, don't be afraid to go off the trail to reach the flare. 
    ---Bow Hunt: Blood Komodo---
    It will take about 6 arrows to kill the dragon. (It's the red one, obviously).
    This is the skine needed to craft the final Grenade pouch. Simply backstep
    and hipfire. 
    ---Hubris Farm [008H]---
    This place is crawling with snipers. Approach from the Southwest and hug the
    western mountain. This should allow you to stay in the brush and avoid the 
    snipers. Position yourself to the west and take the snipers first. 
    ---Wanted Dead---
    (Hubris Farm)
    You'll definitely want approach from the east. There are several sniper on
    high points waiting for you. Come from the east and snipe the one sniper. Cross
    the river and flank the enemy position. Knife the sniper on the far left. 
    From this point you can pick off the remaining guards. If you're detected,
    use the Flotman maneuver to break the line of sight. 
    ---Connection To The Past---
    You need to find the three tablets that are at each of the three objectives.
    the first one (the one near the quest giver) is located to the northwest of
    the quest giver in a tower like structure on rocks. Its inside in a corner.
    Now for the objective to the south. Climb up the vines to the right. Shimmy 
    around the edges of the tower to the right. Walk over to the ladder and shimmy
    around the edges of the tower. On the inside is the tablet. 
    The next tablet is found in the temple to the north of the quest giver. Go
    inside and turn off to the left. There is a submerged chamber. You see where
    this is going. Swim to the bottom of the stairs and the tablet should be at 
    the base of the stairs. Deliver your tablets for a reward.  
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------Optional Stuff [B0112]--------------------------------
    Now you have a choice to make. The objective is in a spot two grid squares 
    away. You can either fast travel to it or clear out the adjacent grid squares.
    I like to be thorough so I'll go over all the grid squares, but you definately
    do not have to do these. 
    Let's Start with the northern grid square.
    ---Rust yard [009Y]---
    There are only five or six guards total and no snipers. Make sure they don't
    trip the alarm and it'll be an easy outpost. 
    ---Supply Drop---
    This is again really basic. Most of the course is on a trail and there are 
    very few obstacles. You don't have to move at full speed to make it in time.
    I actually recommend against going at full speed to avoid any fatal collisions.
    ---Bow Hunt: White Belly Tapir---
    Head to the location and grab the bow. Craft a "Hunter's Instinct" and start
    hunting. There are several normal tapir in the area. Your target is the one
    with a white body. The Tapirs not aggressive so this should be a cake walk. 
    ---Cradle View [010V]---
    If you approach from the slopes to the southwest, you can get a nice view
    of the camp. Pick off targets from afar and if they start to see you, run back
    into the plants. Reposition and continue shooting.   
    ---Wanted Dead---
    The objective area is located on a hill top so the sniper won't be very useful.
    Approach from the road. Once you hit the objective are hug the left side of
    the ledge as much as you can without falling. Stay crouched and you will bypass
    the sniper. Keep going and you should come by a fence. Hug the fence till you
    reach the end. Now the target should be directly ahead of you drinking or 
    smoking behind the house. Wait for him to turn his back and take him out. Clear
    out the rest of the guards and loot the place. 
    ---Light at The End OF The Jungle---
    Head outside and go towards the cabin at the southwest of town. Stand about
    10 feet away from the window and only go close enough that you can hear the 
    conversation. Head back to the quest giver an "Interesting" conversation. 
    Now for the next grid square to the east. 
    ---Old Mines [011M]---
    Approach from the northwest and take out the guard in the barricade. There 
    are two guards in the center of the camp, a sniper in the back of the 
    cavern, a guard on a roof, and two dogs. Snipe the sniper at the back (The 
    others shouldn't see it if your sniper is silenced). Kill the two guards in 
    the center and then the one on the roof. Take out the dogs for the outpost.   
    Enter the mine at the back of the outpost. Go down the ladder and through
    the tunnel at the other end will be TONS of loot. This is also how you access
    the supply drop quest below.
    ---Supply Drop---
    (South Of radio Tower)
    Look above for how to get to this quest. This one is kind of annoying because
    you have to hit the ramps and the ski tends to stall after the jumps. One 
    strategy that I found to work is to take your finger off W after you hit 
    the ramp. Don't start pressing down again until after you hit the water. 
    ---Supply Drop---
    (East of Radio Tower)
    Most of the course is on trails. Just make sure to watch for the jump that
    happens half way through the course. 
    ---Wanted Dead---
    The target is inside a building surrounded b several guards. Approach from the
    east. Hug the ride side and stay and in the brush. Stay on the edge and you
    should be able to bypass the guards. Move around the back of the shack. Enter
    the door on the east side and kill the target inside.   
    ---AM 12 [012A]---
    This outpost contains three guards and four dogs. You can snipe the guards
    from a near by hill and then move in with a shotgun for the dogs. 
    ---Sniper Rifle Hunt: Yellow Neck---
    The bird is hostile and can kill you. Stay and pick him off from afar. It will
    take three shots to kill him. 
    ---RPG Hunt: Rabid Dogs---
    Does this seem like overkill to anyone? I didn't think so. Just make sure not
    to blow yourself up. If you need more ammo just go back to where you picked 
    up the RPG. Use a "hunter's Instinct" If you're having trouble finding them.
    --Wanted Dead---
    The target is in the second floor of a shack. There are five guards on the
    lower floor and one sniper on the second floor. Approach from the northeast.
    Stay in the hills and tag them. The Target on the second floor to be occupied.
    Snipe the sniper when he walks off to the left. Now start picking off the 
    guards around the edges. If you are detected, take out the guards and use the
    Flotman Maneuver on the leader. 
    ---Pinned to Earth---
    Head outside and go to the hang glider. REMEMBER, the controls are inverted
    when using the glider. I crashed my first couple of glider before I figured 
    this out. Land on the beach. Look around the plane and then talk to the man
    at the front. I would say things just got weird, but it got weird a long
    time ago.  
    ---Camp Murder [013C]
    Approach from the southeast and set up on the hill there. Tag the men in the
    camp. Start by shooting the two alarm boxs. one is on the left pole and the 
    other is on the shack door. Take out the sniper next. Now just pick off the
    men in the camp. If they start to see you, pull back and reposition. I was
    able to clear the camp without being detected on my first try.   
    ---Shotgun Hunt: One Horn---
    THe only issue with this quest is that the one horn doesn't really stand out
    from the others. Run up close to him and put shots into his head. It 
    shouldn't take more then five shots to kill. Just kill all the buffalo if you
    can't find them. 
    ---Faces Of Death---
    You have to go to the three locations and take photos of three dead bodies.
    The body to the east is found just off the side of the road, next to some red
    leaves. The one to the south is found on the top of the hill next to a tree.
    The final one is found on a rock next to the road. Head back to town for 
    your reward. 
    ---Tequila Sunrise [014T]---
    This outpost is a bit tricky. The soldiers with Shields over their heads are
    "Heavy". They have tons of armor and it takes several sniper bullets to kill
    them. Approach from the east and disable the alarm. There are two Heavys and
    three guards. Try luring some of the guards behind the shack and knifing them.
    One thing about the heavys is that they walk very slowly. Pick off the normal
    guards first. Cook grenades and then throw them at the feet of the guards. 
    ---Wanted Dead---
    Just to the north of outpost you will find a cave entrance. Head inside. Once
    outside. Follow the trail and go down the stairs you come by. I really have
    no idea how to do this one stealthily. Just shoot all the non armored enemies
    (They can't be the objective target) then tag all the armored enemies until 
    you find the target. Wait in the corner of the tunnel and eventually he'll 
    charge you. At which point you can knife him. Be careful as one of the enemies
    will burst into flames after you shoot him. Stay outside and shoot the enemies
    through the window in the bunker.  
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------Bad Side Of Town [B011]-------------------------------
    Fast travel to Badtown. As always, head to the tower and activate it if you
    haven't already (Camps and side quests are above).
    Head back into town and investigate the bar. Interact at the table. After the
    scene, head back outside. Follow the man but don't be too close. When he
    stops, quickly duck in or behind a building.  
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------Kick The Hornet's Nest [H012]-------------------------
    Head to the door and kick it down. Or just open it, that works to. Head down
    the stairs once they reveal themselves.  
    Now it's time to move into a new grid square. Head south and activate the 
    tower. Now head to the drug fields. (Craft some fire Proof Syringes before
    going). Kill the tow guards and starting burning the field. When its all
    on fire, go down the trail to the next field.
    There will be several guards. Take them out and start burning. What you
    can do to speed up the process is to shoot the explosive barrels around the
    field. Push up and make sure both fields are on fire. Three of the fields 
    should be on fire or already burnt. Push your way up to the guard house. Form
    there you can overlook two more fields. Shoot the barrels to set them ablaze.
    Move through the field and you'll hit an outpost. Throw grenades and use 
    cover as much as possible. Duck into the first hut in the left and grab the 
    ammo in the corner. A heavy and some more men will come into the outpost 
    after you kill some men. Throw grenades at the heavy to take him out. Loot the
    outpost and head to the dock. The boat will start to move away. Grab the 
    RPG on the crate on the dock and shoot the boat before it escapes.  
    ---Nat's Repairs [015N]---
    Approach the outpost from the north. Tag the men in the camp. Start with 
    the alarm box and then pick off the guards. If you are sniping the camp, then
    you can shoot the bear cage and the bear will break out. It will then proceed
    to eliminate some of the guards (Warning! You may loose the bear skin if you
    do this!). 
    ---Wanted Dead---
    Approach the location from the Northeast. Hug the coast to the left and hide
    behind the bunker. There are six guards surrounding the target. Pick off the
    guards by using the bunker as cover. Hide behind it and wait for them to come
    around the corner. Use the Flotman Maneuver on the target to end the mission. 
    ---Supply Drop---
    The first part of the cours is down hill. Keep control of the vehicle and
    take your foot off the petal. It's all flat ground from there.  
    ---Kell's Boat Repairs [016B]---
    This is one of the most fun outposts to take. Take a boat and dock off the
    coast to the east of the outpost. Land on one of the small sand islands. 
    Pull out your sniper and take out both of the alarm boxes. Pick off the guards
    and they shouldn't be able to see you. Move in closer if you can't see some
    of the guards. 
    ---Bow Hunt: Maneater--- 
    Grab a bow and a boat. Go to the middle of the objective area and stop the
    boat. Pull out your camera and sweep it over the ocean. If you tag something,
    go to that location and start firing arrows. If you don't tag anything, move
    the boat and start try again. It will take several arrows to kill the shark.
    Once the shark is dead, skin him.  
    ---Dog Soldier---
    Go to the target location and you will find a large pack of dogs. Remember,
    you're only here for one dog. Get close to the pack and the alpha should
    get marked. Kill him and then head back to the quest giver. 
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------A Man Named Hoyte [N013]------------------------------
    It's time to revisit our favorite secret agent, Willis. 
    Now head out to the objective to the north. Move into the shack for a cutscene.
    Afterwards, snipe the two guards and then head down to Rongo. DO NOT go through
    the water, you'll just step on a land mine. Talk to Rongo. 
    Now Stay with Rongo and push across the water. Take them out quickly otherwise
    they'll kill Rongo. Don't waist time looting bodies, just stay with him. Throw
    a grenade at the top of the ramp and then clear any survivors. Watch for 
    enemies inside buildings and make sure rongo doesn't clear them alone. Once he
    reaches his house you will have to guard him. 
    Enemies will come in waves from all directions. Luckily there is only one way
    they can get into the house. Pick them off before they reach the door and
    kill anyone that may get in. When all the enemies are dead, the mission will
    ---Cargo Dump---
    (Northwest of Kell's Boat Repairs)
    Pick up the "Tracking device" and head outside. Head to the objective area.
    Move ahead. Your job to take photos of five different bar codes. The first is
    on the ground next to an open crate. The second is in a tree, found directly
    before you reach the river. (There may be a bear near by so be careful). Go
    across the river and shoot the lock on the red container (the lock is beneath
    the water). Go into the crate and take the picture. Move further down
    the river towards the next objective. (WAtcH for Crocodiles in the river).
    the fourth one is found on land in the middle of the highlighted area. Head 
    down river for the fifth picture. You should reach a waterfall. Jump to the
    bottom. At the bottom, get on land to the right. There you should find some
    rocks with vines on them. Climb up. Turn around and you shouls see another 
    rock. Run and jump at it to climb on. run and jump once more to reach a rock
    behind the waterfall. Look down and take a picture of the package.   
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------Saving Oliver [S014]----------------------------------
    Head to the quest marker north of the Rust Yard Outpost. Quickly get into the
    car and drive to the location. Kill the two guards at the location and run
    to the vantage point. Keep your camera centered on the right. Once the 
    Helicopter lands a car convoy will come through. Tag them as come. 
    The sniper rifle will pop automatically. Reload it first. Zoom in and steady
    the gun. Shoot the guy holding oliver first, and then deal with the rest.
    You do not have to lead your shot in any way. When you see a pause, reload. 
    Shoot any red barrels you can. Make sure to prioritize the guys with the RPGs.
    When Oliver pulls up the boat in front of you, jump in and get into the boat.
    Now just shoot anything that moves. This applies to the helicopter as well.
    ---Cradle Gas [017C]---  
    Tons of trees to hide in and several explosive barrels in the camp make this
    an easy outpost to take. Stay in the forest to the Northeast and use the 
    explosive barrels to your advantage. Ass always, take out the snipers first.
    (Make sure to watch for dogs in the area.)
    ---Shotgun Hunt: Undying Bear---
    Make sure you reload the gun when you pick it up. Head up the trail from the
    gun and enter the small cave entrance. Inside is the bear. This is actually
    remarkably easy. Simply shoot the bear three or four times and he'll die. 
    Skin him to finish the mission. 
    ---Wanted Dead---
    Approach through the rocks to the northeast. There you should have an overlook
    of the camp. The target is near the back cutting a pig. Sneak into the small
    shack near the front of the camp. From there you can draw the guards to you
    and take them out. If the guards discover you, the target will usually charge
    in, at which point you can knife him. Of course, this isn't guaranteed to 
    happen, so be prepared to kill off all the guards, and use the Flotman 
    Maneuver on the target.   
    ---Once More With Dignity---
    Another fetch quest. Simply go outside, gather three of the plants in the
    marked area, and come back. Repeat till the quest ends. 
    ---Hubert Shore Power [018H]---
    Approach from the road to the northwest. Hit the alarm with a sniper and
    then deal with the rest. I found this one difficult to take without being
    detected. It's probably best to draw them out of the camp and then taking
    them out with a silenced weapon.
    ---Bow HUnt Leopards--- 
    Make sure to bring a healthy supply of Medicine and Hunter's Instinct. Stay
    aware and make sure the Leopards don't sneak up on you. Only attack one at
    a time and make sure your shots count. Try to be as far away as possible when
    you fire your first shot so you have plenty of time to put additional shots 
    in. (You can't use explosive arrows, I already tried.)
    --Supply Drop---
    There are a couple turns and one jump near the end, otherwise this is a 
    easy course. 
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------Piece Of The Past [P015]------------------------------
    Head over to the tavern in bad town. Head over to the objective. (Grab a 
    silenced weapon in the shop). 
    Fast travel to "Nat's Repair" and grab yourself a boat. Head to the objective
    marker. The boat is crawling with pirates. Park the boat just off the aft
    of the boat and use a sniper rifle on some of the guards. Head up the ladder
    on the aft. On deck, some more guards will come at you. Kill them and head 
    towards the front of the boat. Watch for lasers that indicate snipers. There is
    one heavy on deck so keep your grenades handy. Reach the door on the right side
    of the boat and head inside. 
    Crouch and head down the hallway. Knife the guard in the doorway. There are two
    guards in the next room. QUickly shoot them both with a silenced gun. Head down
    the stairs and open the door. Quickly crouch and find cover. Throw a rock
    at the other side of the room. This will cause the guard to come towards you.
    Kill him. Move into the room and kill the other patrolling guard. Open up
    the next door. Move into the cargo room and find cover. There are three guards
    total. Clear them out and head to the cargo doors. In front of is a hostile
    heavy. Step back outside of the room and chuck two or three nades into the 
    room. Once he's dead, interact with the laptop. 
    Swim up towards the objective. Interact with the O2 tank. Maneuver through the
    hallway and you'll reach an air pocket. Move through the hallways and open
    the door at the end. More water. Head forward and down. Button mash as
    Go through the doorway dead ahead and interact with the O2 tank. Go into the
    doorway on the right. Follow the hallway for another tank. Interact with
    the window to end the mission.
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------Down In The Docks [D016]------------------------------
    Head to the objective marker and talk to Buck. Head inside the bunker. Jump 
    onto the crates and jump over the wall with the characters on it. Head forward
    and turn right. Jump across the gap. WATCH FOR SNAKES. Head down the stairs.
    Jump into the water below. Dive into the water in the pipe. On the other side,
    what other then, pirates. You didn't think they would make this easy? 
    Head forward past the boat wreck and you'll find some stairs. Head onto the
    stairs. shoot the guard by the fire. Shoot the net guard that comes patrolling
    down the stairs. If any guards become aware of your presence, simply chill at
    the bottom of the stairs and wait for them to come to you. Look to the right
    and shoot the guard on top of the sub. Next sniper the guard on the catwalk
    Clear out any remaining guards and move up. Enter the cave to the left. 
    A bit down the cave you'll come by a group of pirates. Hide behind the
    sand bags and tag all the guards. Stealth is out of the picture for this 
    group. Cook a grenade and throw it at the mounted machine gun. Mow down the
    rest of the guards. You should be able to kill most of them before they
    realize where you are. With the area clear, interact with the Detonator. 
    Head down the cave and into the water. Button mash as instructed. Swim 
    straight forward and get out. Interact with the door to open it. Head into
    the water. On the other side continue to follow the cave. 
    Flip the switch on the left. The door will get jammed. Go over to the right
    and flip that switch. Knock out the posts so the water will rise. Head over
    to the room on the left and do the same. A rock will block your way so you'll
    have to climb over the wall. Enter the Treasure room. Grab the compass. Head
    to the left and Jason will automatically start to shimmy across. Head into
    the cavern for freedom.    
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------The Motherlode [M017]---------------------------------
    Head to the objective and talk to good old Buck. Head into the mine and 
    down the elevator. Push the minecar forward. Headshot the guard and kill the
    guard around the corner. Move further down the tunnel fore three more guards.
    take them out quietly . Push the minecar forward to help clear out the cavern.
    Move in and finish off any survivors. Move into the cavern. Crouch and move
    behind the cart. Push it and stay behind. If you have a sniper rifle of your
    own you can just take out the snipers. Otherwise, keep pushing up and throw
    a grenade when you can. Head across the bridge and a heavy will enter the
    area. Grenade him and move on. 
    Fill up on ammo at the crates behind the encampment. Move into the tunnel.
    Multiple guards will come towards you. GO loud and mow them down. STAY AWAy
    from the wooden posts. If they get shot the roof will cave in and instantly
    kill you. Keep pushing up. Deal with the snipers first and then the guys
    throwing the fire bombs. Head into the next tunnel. Kill the dragon on the 
    other side of the door. COntinue forward and drop down. Interact with the
    object in the center of the room. Before going down, check out some of the
    other rooms for additional loot. 
    Head down the stairs. Kill the dragon and do some platforming. Head into the
    elevator for a very predictable cutscene. Head down the ramp and watch for
    a snake. Jump down. Watch for another dragon as you enter the temple. Grab the
    compass piece at the objective marker. 
    Jump over the stones and dash outside. Follow the path and keep running. 
    Jump over to the other side once the path runs out. Watch the cutscene and the
    mission will end.     
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------Lin Cong I Presume?  [L018]---------------------------
    After you talk, jump into the pit. 
    That had to hurt. Get onto land and start climbing the vines. Head into the
    cave and open the door. Head forward and climb the vines. Jump through the
    hole on top of the guard to instantly kill him. 
    Kill the two guards in the next cavern. A Heavy will storm across the bridge 
    with two dogs. Kill the dogs and then grenade the Heavy. Push across the bridge
    and clear out the next cavern. 
    Before going down the zipline, grab the body armor and loot in the adjacent
    building. Go down the Zipline. Clear out the first floor you hit. Stay up top
    and clear out the floors below before going down. Loot all the bodies and
    head to the objective marker. 
    Zipline once more. Pick up the ammo and head down the wooden ramps. Stay
    out of the yellow liquid below. Shoot the two guards that come into the area.  
    Move past where they where and follow the stone path. Some more men will open
    fire on you. Snipe them from afar before moving up. Follow the stone path into
    a sun light area. Snipe the men that come into the area above. Move across 
    the stones and climb the vines up the wall.  
    Open up the door. Follow the wooden planks down to the ground. Every couple
    of seconds the water will boil over and hurt you if you stand on it. Move 
    across the stone path and wait on an elevated surface while the water boils.
    Head into the temple and interact with the statue. Head down the stairs and
    kill the dragon. Drop down and kill two more dragons. Open up the tomb for
    your long awaited prize. Quickly run in the opposite direction towards the
    hole. Press the buttons as they appear and freedom will be yours. 
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------Unhappy Reunion [U019]--------------------------------
    Sell your loot and refill on ammo. Head to Buck's Hut just outside Badtown. 
    This entire mission is just one short quick time event. Press or click the 
    buttons as they appear on the screen. Do this five or six times and the 
    mission will end. 
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------The Knife's For You [K020]----------------------------
    Time to head back to Citra's Temple. After the cutscene, head to the objective
    in church town. 
    /                                                                             \
    -----------------------------Ambush [A021]-------------------------------------
    Plant the explosives on the truck and head up to the water tower. Grab the
    sniper rifle in the tower and get ready. No need to aim for the head, this 
    will straight through their armor. Stay in the back of the tower and peak 
    around the sides to hit them. After a few minutes the objective marker will
    change and a timer will start. Get out of the tower a dash for the truck. 
    Get inside and follow the road. Ram your way through the road block and
    take a right where the road splits. At the objective, get out and shoot the
    two guards. Open up the truck for a cutscene. 
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------Warrior Rescue Service [W022]-------------------------
    Start button mashing as soon as the prompt appears. Once free, swim up. Head
    towards the cave entrance. Knife the guard outside and grab his gun. Kill the
    other two guards. Go up the right trail where the road splits. You don't want 
    to go up the main road. You should have a nice overlook of the camp. Tag
    everyone you can see.
    Slip down the rocks to the right and sit in the bush below. Wait for the
    guard to come by and then knife him. Hold down V and pull his body into the
    bush (This requires a specific skill). Make your way into the nearby shack.
    To your right you'll see a sniper in a tower. Wait for him to look away and
    then move in and knife him. Grab all his weapons. Wait for an opening and
    disable the alarm in the middle of camp. Kill the guard in the middle of camp
    and then take out the other guard in the tower. Fill up all your guns at
    the ammo crate in the snipers tower (The one at the front of camp). Make sure
    you have a sniper and a RPG. Knife the guard in the river. Go up the river
    and take the trail leading to the chopper. 
    Tag the two snipers in the towers. It's time to go loud. I'm sure there's a
    way to do this quietly, but I haven't found it. Snipe the two guards and then
    kill the dog that charges you. Pull out the RPG and charge the chopper. Shoot
    the Car that rolls in and use the RPG on the heavy. Clear out the guards and
    head onto the chopper. 
    Press the buttons as they appear. Head down the road towards the camp. Along
    the way loot the small shack for some armor. Head into the center of camp. 
    Knife the guy by the fire and then throw a knife at the other guard (you
    need to have the knife throw take down skill). Now run into the nearby shack
    and wait inside. When the enemies come in, knife like you've never knifed
    before. Make sure you pick up the C4 in the shack. Head to the northwest 
    and you'll run into a heavy. Throw a pack of C4 and detonate it. It should
    kill him. Run into the large shack behind him and grab your guns from the
    cabinet. You can also grab a flare gun from the small shack Northeast of the
    fire and use that on the heavy. 
    ---The Neck's Diner [019N]---
    Approach from the southeast. Snipe the two alarm boxes and then hit the 
    red barrel in the center of the outpost. When they charge you, pull back
    into the brush and throw some Molotovs behind you. If the Heavy doesn't
    die in the fire, grenade him as usual.
    ---Wanted Dead---
    Approach from the northeast. Set up on the other side of the river and tag
    the guards. The target is the sniper. Snipe a few of the guards on the outside
    and then rush in. the target will usually stay in the second floor leaving
    you to kill everyone on the ground. Grenade the heavy. Rush into the second
    floor and knife the target. 
    ---Broken Neck Home [020B]---
    Approach from the north. Find a position where you can take out both snipers
    and see the caged tiger. Shoot the tiger in the cage to release him. Pop both
    the snipers. The tiger will hopefully cause some havic and distract some of
    the guards. Run out into the jungle to draw them out. Kill them and the 
    dog to get the outpost. 
    ---SMG Hunt: Bears---
    The gun they give you is surprisingly effective against bears. It only takes
    two or three full magazines to kill one. One is located a few hundred feet 
    outside the cave. Another is just outside the cave entrance. The last one
    is not inside the cave. Craft a HUnter's instinct to find them. 
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------New Rite Of Passage [R023]----------------------------
    Head back to Citra. Wait at the bottom of the stairs for the giant to 
    spawn. You have unlimited arrows. Fire not stop at the giants face. Side step
    when e bends over to attack. After he disappears some ghosts will attack.
    Make sure not to blow yourself up. The monster will return when the ghosts
    stop spawning. Strafe side to side to dodge his projectiles. Keep firing
    arrows at his face. Stand as far back as possible to avoid the flames. Continue
    firing until the giant falls down. When he does, run up his arm and do the
    quick time event as instructed. 
    Now sit and watch the most "Entertaining" scene of the game. 
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Payback [P024]-------------------------------------
    You now have access to all of the skill tree. 
    Pull out your sniper and hit the guard on the shore. Craft yourself an 
    Endorphin Boost if you haven't already. Swim over to the island. Up the trail 
    are two more guards. Take them out quietly. Further up are two dogs and a 
    guard. There is also a sniper in a tower to the right. Hit the sniper first,
    then the guard, and then the two dogs. Look over to the left and you'll see
    two guards at a guard house. Take them out as well. Go to the objective marker
    on the wall and climb it. Open the door and head inside.
    Quickly run ahead to escape the fire.
    Keep running, turn left and go up the ladder. You can't stay on this roof.
    Run to the right and jump to the ground. Find cover behind the corner of a
    building. Throw a grenade at the car to quickly take it out. Fight your way
    through the enemies towards the large gates. Watch for tigers. As you near the
    gates a heavy will come out. Grenade him as usual and move on. Go to the
    last shack on the left before the gate to grab some body armor. Head into the
    large gates and turn left for another interesting scene.  
    Walk forward and watch the creepy images. Walk forward and shoot the ghosts
    as they attack you. Press V at the end to finish the mission.   
    /                                                                             \
    --------------------------Citra's Favor [C025]---------------------------------
    Head to the main gate of the temple for an interesting talk with Dennis. I
    guess we all celebrate in different ways. Fast travel to Earnhardt's mansion
    and fill up on ammo. Head outside and go to the underground cave. The mission
    ends after a very "Emotional scene". Well, at least emotional for Liza. Oliver
    seems to be completely out of it and it's hard to judge Jason's facial 
    expressions seeing as we can't see them.  
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------The Social Club [S026]--------------------------------
    This mission is completely optional. To access it, go to the rocks next to
    the boat in the cave. interact with the bowl of beans to start the mission.
    The entire mission is essentially a flashback to before you arrived on the
    This first one takes place in a bar. Head to the bar and buy some drinks.
    After the toast, the mission will end.    
    You'll wake up again in the cave. Go back to the cave and take another pill.
    This will continue the sequence. Head downstairs. Go down the hallway in the
    corner for a scene with the DJ. Go further down the hallway for another 
    scene. I wonder if the others find it weird that Jason is roaming on the 
    cave on an acid trip. 
    Head back and take another pill. These can't be good for your health. Bust
    out some of the worst dance moves I've ever seen to continue the scene. When
    the guy shows up press the buttons as instructed. Now listen to how you got
    on this crazy island. I want to kill that DJ now.  
    Thats it. No more pills. 
    Now would be a good time to go relic hunting before we move onto the second
    island. Doing so will net you some cool guns. Go to the relic section of this
    guide for more info.  
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------Fly South [F027]--------------------------------------
    Exit the cave and fast travel to Amanaki Outpost. Go to the marker for a
    phone call.
    You're on the clock now. Get into a car and get driving. Stay on the road
    and don't try to take shortcuts off road. I crashed several times, got lost,
    and still made it with two minutes left. As you arrive Willis will be under
    attack. Run over a few pirates and get out. Clear out the rest of the area. 
    Now it's your job to protect him as he does repairs. Get on the MG and hit
    them as they come down the runway. If they start to get around you, then
    get off the gun and use an AR. Use Molotovs to cut the pirates off and watch
    for a heavy that will flank you. 
    There will be three waves like this. One of the waves also includes car with
    MG. Throw grenades at there feet to finish them quickly. Take advantage of
    the pause in waves to plant mines on the road and runway. You still have to
    clear the area even if Willis finishes the repairs. 
    Now lets see if this wingsuit works. Press Shift to deploy. Head to the coast.
    Press C to deploy the parachute. 
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------Three Blind Mice [B028]-------------------------------
    The first order of business is to obtain a car. Go down the beach and tag
    the group of pirates. Crouch and get up close. Throw a grenade into the group
    and then pick off the survivors. Get into the truck and drive to town. Get out
    and walk through the gate. Head to the bar. Now talk to the man in the corner.
    Head down stairs and sit down. I haven't played poker in years. Press shift
    for some help. Essentially you want to make the best card combination using
    the cards in your hand and the ones on the table. Press shift to see the
    hand probabilities. The ones at the top are the best. If you only have one
    pair, then fold. No matter how the first hand goes, a cutscene will be 
    triggered. (You just need to play one hand. You don't even have to win).
    Head up the stairs for another scene. Good to see Willis was close to his 
    8 New guns are now available in the store. 
    I recommend buying some new guns. DEFINITELY get the new sniper rifle (put a 
    silencer on it).
    Now its time to get some outposts (This is optional, of course). The island
    is crawling with the heavily armed and armored men we saw in an earlier 
    ---Satellite Communication Hub [021H]---
    Approach from the northeast. Hit the sniper in the guard tower and the guard
    on the second floor first. Next snipe the two guards standing next to each 
    other. Shoot the dogs and finish off any remaining guards.
    ---Sniper Rifle Hunt: Leopards---
    It can take anywhere from 2-5 bullets to kill a leopard. Craft a hunter's
    instinct so you can see the Leopard before it sees you. Start shooting while
    far away so you can get as many hits in as possible. 
    ---Supply Drop---
    This one quite difficult. This occurs both off and on road; this isn't 
    an all terrain vehicle. Stay at a moderate speed and watch for sharp down hill
    ---Harmanses Gas & Repair [022R]---
    Camp yourself on the hill directly to the west of the outpost. There are three
    guards in the center building, one in a tower, two heavys, and some more guards
    roaming around the camp.  
    Hit the guard in the tower first. If you have the Z93, you can aim for the 
    chest even on armored enemies (even silenced). Hit the sniper first. Wait till
    there is only one person in the center building. Shoot him and then kill the
    guards one by one as they enter the building. It takes three shots to the chest
    to kill a heavy with the Z93.  
    ---Wanted Dead---
    Approach from the north. Move into the bunker and kill the two guards 
    patrolling the area. Stay in the brush and follow the trail up the hill. There
    is one guard working on a car and one further up from him. Knife the one on
    the car and then deal with the one further up. Move up the hill slowly. Ignore
    the heavy. If you can, take out the target. Otherwise, kill the sniper on 
    the hill edge and then deal with the target. 
    ---Father's Burden---
    Head to the objective and talk to the man. Head into the bar and sit down 
    for some poker. The only advice I can give is use the help button and way the
    odds. If you only have one pair, then you should fold. To be honest, if you 
    just have a two pair, you have a good chance of winning. Don't be afraid 
    of folding several times in a row if you really don't have the cards. To win
    the mission you have to beat all three of the men. 
    After you win, head back outside and get the necklace. Now run outside town
    and kill the target. He's unguarded so it shouldn't be a problem. Next target
    is nearby. Run to it and throw a grenade in the group. Kill the dog and loot
    the officers body. Return the stuff to finish the mission.  
    /                                                                             \
    ---------------------------Doppelganger [D029]---------------------------------
    Head up the stairs and talk to our favorite German agent. Oh good, as long as
    the plans not CRAZY or anything. Head to the objective marker. The only guard
    is the one at the top of the stairs. Tag him. Hide behind some rocks near by.
    You cannot kill anybody. Throw a rock a few feet behind the guard. Once he
    checks it out, head down the stairs. 
    Enter the cave and crouch. Follow the guard. stay behind him. When you enter
    the cavern, hide behind the crates next to the dead civilian body. Wait for the
    patrolling guard to enter the next cavern over. Throw a rock at the side of the
    cave you entered from. Move into the next cavern when the guard passes. Throw
    a rock at the bottom of the ramp. When the guard turns around, drop down into
    the rocks and go past the guard. 
    Move into the cavern and turn left. Don't dive into the water. Draw the guard
    back in the cavern you came from and go around him. Ignore the guard that is
    sitting down go down the ramp and enter the cavern. Wait at the entrance till
    the two guards stop moving. Hug the left wall and follow it. Once you see the
    heavy, hug the wall behind the heavy and follow it to the water. Jump into 
    the water and swim to the ship. Go to the other side of the ship and go up the
    ladder. Takedown the guard. 
    Now you are disguised. As long you don't attack them, they won't attack you. 
    Head to the front of the ship for a cutscene. Head to the next checkpoint for
    another scene. Head back to the back of the boat and get into the water. Swim
    to the objective marker and drive the boat out of the cave. 
    You can now access the Privateer Camps as if they were outposts. (Not all the
    outposts have shops in them). 
    Note: enemies will still attak you if try to enter enemy outposts or in Wanted
    Dead missions.  
    ---East Ridge Camp [023E]---
    Approach the camp from the hill to the north. Take out the two snipers in
    the towers first. From there you can pick off the rest of the guards. If they
    start to see you, just duck further back on the hill.   
    ---Wanted Dead--
    Approach from the hills to the west. Snipe the sniper on top of the bunker 
    first. Move in closer. Throw C4 at the Heavys and detonate it from a safe
    distance. kill the normal guards and then use the Flotman Maneuver on the 
    ---Supply Drop---
    This course is nice and short. Just make sure you don't go down the hill to
    ---Lazy Shore Marina [024M]---
    Post up on the hill to the south. From there you can kill everyone in the camp
    without being seen. Head shots with the Z93 will kill a Heavy in one shot. 
    ---Flamethrower Hunt: Rabid Dogs---
    Grab the flamethrower and get burning. Just make sure you don't burn yourself 
    and this will be easy. 
    ---Bridge Control [025C]---
    Post up on the hills to the South. I was able to clear camp sniping the 
    soldiers from 150M away (Using the High Power scope).  
    ---Supply Drop--- 
    Basic sttug. Don't go down hills too fast.
    ---Machete Hunt: Albino Crocodile Hunt---
    Go to the objective area and swim around in the water. All you need to do
    is wait for it lunge at you and then button mash. Skin the animal and sell
    the skin (You can't craft anything with it). 
    ---Machete Hunt: Bear---
    Yep you read correctly. you're hunting bears with just a knife. Craft yourself
    some medicine and a Deadly Hunter. Move in a circular motion around the bear 
    while knifing. Use medicine when you're down to two bars or else. This is 
    surprisingly easy. I only had to use two medicine.   
    ---Break Point Docks [026D]---
    You can either post up on the island to the south or the hill to the north. 
    Either way this is a easy outpost.
    ---Wanted Dead (The one about the pyrotechnics)---
    There are two targets for this one. Quickly snipe the guards from the nearby
    hill. Use the Flotman maneuver and collect your reward. (Use a Fireproof 
    medicine before knifing the heavy target).  
    ---Wanted Dead---
    Snipe the guards and then use the Flotman Maneuver. 
    ---Bow Hunt: Komodo Dragons---
    Basic stuff. Nothing new. 
    ---Home Delivered---
    Go to the watering hole and swim inside. Loot the place. Swim back outside
    and button mash to kill the crocodile. Head back to the quest giver.  
    ---Longshore View [027V]---
    Approach from the west. Camp up on the hill and clear out the camp. 
    ---Wanted Dead---
    Post up on the hill to the southeast. Pick off the heavy and any stragglers
    you can. Use the Flotman maneuver to finish the targets. 
    ---Supply Drop---
    Make sure to hit all the ramps directly in the center and at full speed. If
    you can do this, this mission is easy. 
    ---Dirty Work--
    The first privateer is nearby to the west. Take out the Heavy from afar with
    the sniper and then finish the rest. You could also just snipe the target
    and leave, but what's the fun in that? 
    The next groups next to a river. Three on the shore and two in a boat on the
    water. If you quickly take the guys on the boat, the other guards won't
    The final target is on an island to the north. He is located on the northern
    part of the island. I advice going in guns blazing (No Heavy, only normal
    Return to Joseph to finish the quest. 
    ---Krige Valley River Fishing [028F]---
    Post up on the road, across the river, to the northwest. 
    ---Flamethrower Hunt: Leopards---
    Note: this will set all the grass in a 40 feet radius on FIRE. Use with caution
    and try not to kill yourself. 
    To gain access to the tower north of Dry Palm Storage Depot you need to ride
    the zipline on the hill to the north. 
    ---Stubborn Kid Farm [029K]---
    Approach from the hill to the north. Deal with the heavy behind the building 
    first. Then deal with the guy on the balcony. Take out the guard patrolling
    the trail and then take out the other heavy. Take out the two guards standing
    next to each other with two quick shots. You may need to move down to the 
    outpost to take some stragglers you can't see. 
    ---Supply Drop---
    Watch for rocks, trees, and animals. Slow down when going off road an you'll 
    be fine.
    ---Wanted Dead---
    Approach from the north. Move in and knife the sniper in the back. Slip down
    to the right and knife the patrolling guard. To your left should be two
    guards sparring. stick to the right of camp and move up. Knife the next 
    target. If you line up correctly, you can kill the two guards with a single
    sniper bullet. With them gone, move up to the overlook with the other target.
    Shoot the guard in the head and knife the target. 
    ---Spine Ridge Site [030R]---
    A whole bunch of snipers guard this outpost. Set up on the hill to the south.
    Kill the snipers near the back of the camp (nearest to the hill) first. Then
    deal with those at the front. Finish the outpost with the guards around the
    camp fire. 
    ---SMG Hunt: Tigers---
    Usual stuff. Nothing New. 
    ---North Krige Crest [031K]---
    Approach from the north. Do what you've been doing for the past thirty 
    ---Shotgun Hunt: Bears---
    Nothing new. Both bears are in the cave. 
    ---Supply Drop---
    Watch your speed around the corners and you'll be fine.
    ---Bled Dry---
    The first location is right next to town. Go there, kill the three guards, and
    grab the diamonds. 
    The next location has more guards and a sniper. Set up the hill to the 
    northwest and snipe them. Grab the diamond and return to the woman. You can 
    shoot the man, but the woman will be quite sad.  
    ---Lonely Shore Way [032W]--- 
    You can set up on either side of the ridge surrounding the camp. Take out
    the sniper on the left and the roof to the right. You can create some carnage 
    by shooting the tigers cage. Deal with the patrolling heavy and then the guard
    around the flag post. Note: patrolls passing by may stop if they see dead 
    ---Wanted Dead--- 
    Set up on the island to the west of the target. You can either sit back and
    snipe the enemy targets or swim over and knife them from behind. Most of the
    guards patrol the island alone so the latter isn't that difficult. 
    ---Maw Docks & Repairs [033R]---
    Set up on the hill to the north and do your work.
    ---Wanted Dead---
    Make sure to use a fireproof before knifing the targets. Both targets are
    in the underground bunker.  
    ---Dry Palm Storage Depot [034D]---
    Set up on the hill to the northeast. Same as the other outposts.
    ---Pistol Hunt: Bears---
    The bears are at the entrance of a mine, just off the trail. Fire a magazine,
    run away, reload, turn around and fire. Rinse and repeat. 
    --Supply Drop---
    watch your speed when going over one of the many drops. Watch small rocks
    in the semmingly open grass fields. 
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Triple Decker [D030]-------------------------------
    Fast travel to Romeo camp and head to the objective. 
    The following is a stealthily approach. You can screw all of this and just
    go guns blazing if you want. Just camp yourself at the top of the camp and
    snipe everyone below. Otherwise, listen to the following strategy. 
    The guards won't attack you until you provoke them. Don't kill anyone yet. Take
    this oppurtunity to loot the place. Head to the back of the camp to the 
    West. Tag everyone with your camera. Go through the mine tunnel and exit the
    other side. You should find another target and be on a hill overlooking the
    One target is on the platform (The one at the top of the camp), one in the 
    adjacent tunnel, and one at the bottom of the camp (make sure they're all
    marked). You want to start from the top and work your way to the bottom. 
    Wait for the guard at the top to move into the shed and then take him out.
    Kill the guard just outside and drag his body back into the shed. Kill the
    other guard that is patrolling the area outside the shed. 
    Move into the mine tunnel. Get behind the guard (Not the target) and face
    the target. Takedown the guard and throw a knife at the target. Loot the
    targets body. Move outside and down to the right. You should find two Heavys.
    Wait for them to separate and pull out your silenced Z93. Aim for the head
    and take them out when they're not looking at each other.  
    This nex part gets a bit hairy. I pretty much always get detected at this
    point. Stand to the side of the two snipers at the top of the stairs and
    fire a single bullet through both their heads. Now quickly run back UP the
    stairs and find the three guards coming down. Knife one, throw a knife at
    the next, and then shoot the last one in the head. The mission is still really
    easy if you get discovered. Stay on the high ground and pick them off from
    Now just go around the bottom camp and pick off guards that are alone. Move
    them into sheds and then deal with the target. 
    With the note, head to the location ouside to end the mission. 
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------Defusing the Situation [D031]-------------------------
    Fast travel to alpha camp and head to the objective. 
    Follow Sam to the first house. You might want to crat some fireproof medicine.
    Some pirates will assault the house as Sam disarms. The pirates are push overs
    at this point. The trouble is that the pirates will throw fire bombs at the
    house. Shoot them before then you can throw any. Run out of the house if the
    least bit of fire gets onto the hosue. Also stay out of grass adjacent to
    the building as it will also get set on fire. 
    Head up the stairs when the bomb is defused. Get onto the roof of the shack
    and kill the guard. Throw a fire bomb into the grass to slow the assault. 
    Throw a grenade at the truck when it arrives. Clear out the rest of the guards
    when the bomb is defused. Make sure to take out the sniper in the tower. 
    Move up with Sam to the next target. Cut through the drug field and flank the
    pirates in the green house. Man the machine gun when the greenhouse is clear.
    Shoot the yellow barrels to create a wall of fire. Don't be afraid to get
    off the MG if the pirates get to close. Use the MG to shoot down the chopper
    and end the mission.  
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------Deepthroat [D032]-------------------------------------
    Fast travel to the Lazy Shore Marina and head to the objectivce. 
    Head down the trail and climb up the tower. Zipline across. Go up the ladder
    and go Zipline again. Head up the tracks and climb the stairs. Pull out your
    camera and aim it at the bridge to the west. Take a picture when the reticle
    Zoom out, turn right, and knife the guard. Zipline down. Head forward on the
    path. Mow down the guards and continue forward. Grab the RPG and knife the
    next guard. Use the RPG to destroy the car on the bridge. Go through the
    shack onto the wooden bridge over the river to get the best angle on the car.
    Sit in the shack and snipe the guards on the other side of the valley. Snipe
    any survivors on the bridge. Head up the right side of the valley and ride
    the zipline to the other side. 
    More guards will spawn. Head east and mow down the group of men that come out
    of the mine. Loot the mine they came from and head up the ramp. Clear out the
    guards and continue going up the ramps. Jump at the end to reach the platfom.
    Zipline across to the other side of the valley. Mow down the three guards that
    come out of the mine. Go into the mine for more armor. 
    Follow the outside tracks towards the bridge. Three more guards will charge 
    out. Clear them and zipline across once more. Go up the ramp and throw a 
    grenade into the shack at the top. Move onto the bridge and loot the body. 
    Jump off the bridge and deploy the wing suit. Ride it all the way into the
    water and then into the escape car.
    /                                                                             \
    ------------------------------All in [A033]------------------------------------
    Drive over to the compound and meet Hoyte. Head downstairs and turn right. 
    Turn left into another set of stairs. Loot the chests and talk to Sam. 
    Press the buttons as they come up. One more cutscene and the mission will end.
    /                                                                             \
    ------------------------------Paint It Black [K034]----------------------------
    Fast travel to charlie camp. Approach the objective area.
    This is a restricted area; your disguise won't help you.  I would start out 
    by taking out the sniper in the southern tower. I would then hit the two
    alarm boxes marked on your map. There is another sniper above the bunker 
    entrance. Advance towards the bunker entrance. Stick to the southwestern edge
    of the camp. Hit the alarm box in front of the bunker. Take out the two heavy's
    with a sniper or nades. 
    Plant bombs on the bunker door and run away. Blow the doors and head inside. 
    Watch for grenades and throw some of your own. Move into the first doorway
    on the left. Throw frags at the heavy and stand back. Move forward and clear
    the bunker room by room. Throw a grenade down the hallway at the end. Clear
    it out and push forward. Turn right into the room at the end. GO forward into
    the next hallway. Enter the next room and some red barrels will roll down the
    stairs. Run back into the hallway and wait for the fire to die down. 
    Head up the stairs. Snipe the sniper by the dish. Take out the sniper behind
    you to the left. Clear out the rest of the area. Plant mines on the stairs
    that you came from. Plant explosives on the dish. Take cover next to the dish
    and fight off the waves of enemies. 
    A chopper will arrive after a few minutes (A friendly one!). Get inside and
    watch the fireworks. Deploy your wingsuit when instructed and have a fun ride
    /                                                                             \
    -------------------------------Black Gold [G035]-------------------------------
    Restock on ammo and then fast travel to Delta Camp. Get into the car and 
    drive down the road. Drive through the guards and stop at the first objective
    marker. You have to be quick about this. Get out and go around the fence.
    Kill the guards and plant the bomb. 
    Get back into the jeep and further into the complex. Get out and go into the
    building. A heavy will come down from the stairs. Go up the stairs and down
    the stairs on the other side. Plant the bomb and head back outside. 
    Drive to the next target on the left. Shoot the barrels beneath the cars to
    remove them. Enter the next target building. Two guards and a heavy will
    charge you as soon as you enter. Throw as many grenades as possible to quickly
    eliminate the heavy. Plant the bomb and then head back into the car. 
    Head to the final target on the right. This one is undefended from the inside.
    Plant the bomb and get back inside. Start driving to the north. The target is
    right next to the water tower. Park in the glowing parking space. 
    Get into the MG and start shooting. Shoot the red barrels to help eliminate
    large groups and cars. Don't forget to heal! 
    After a couple minutes Sam will return. He's driving this time. Watch the
    fireworks and the mission will end. 
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Aced in the Hole [A037]----------------------------
    Fast travel directly to the compound. Refill on supplies and meat Sam outside.
    Make sure you have at least 10 or so medicines with some green herbs.
    (It's a good time to loot the compound if you haven't already). Now you have
    to continue on with the story or push it off. If you continue, your access to
    the island will be restricted. I would highly recommend grabbing all the 
    towers/outposts/side missions before doing this mission. (The restrictions 
    will be lifted only AFTER you beat the entire main story).
    WARNING WARNING WARNING If you intend on getting all 120 relics then DO NOT 
    SAY YES. After you beat the game you will not be able to renter the cave
    where your friends are hiding. There happens to be a relic in that cave. 
    Refer to [T042] for the specific locations. 
    Once you say yes, you'll be taken straight to the compound. More poker. Just
    keep pressing enter. This wil end the same way no matter how you play. 
    Hit Q after he deals. Press it again after he deals a new hand.
    Now for another tripp scene. Press the buttons as they appear on the screen.
    You have to be really quick on this one.    
    /                                                                             \
    --------------------------Betting Against the House [B038]---------------------
    Head down stairs and go outside. Throw a grenade at the car that rolls up.
    The north gate is closed. Take a left at the road. FOllow the road but stay
    off the road. You need to get to the western gate. More cars will roll up.
    Grenade them and head out of the complex. Get into the car outside the 
    gate and get driving. Don't get pinned down in the complex and don't try to
    fight everyone.
    Drive forward on the rod and turn right at the bridge. Keep going even if they
    are opening it. Turn left at the next fork in the road. Cross the bridge and
    head into the airfield. Drive all the way to the strange painted helicopter.
    Get out and duck into the building with the tower to the south. Watch for
    the heavy. Open the red door in the back to find Riley. 
    Clear out the remaining guards from the cover of the building. Head to
    the chopper when the area is clear. 
    Use the MG to cover your ascension. Don't bother with aiming down sights.
    Focus on the guys with MGs and RPGs.
    Shoot the gas truck for explosions that would make Sam proud. The mission
    end when you take out the last helicopter. 
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------The Doctor is Out [D039]----------------------------
    Who would do this to such a nice doctor's house? Head forward and talk to the 
    doctor above the cave entrance. I really liked that guy.
     Head back to the helicopter for another swift transition to Citra's 
    temple. It's time for answers.   
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------------------Hard Choices [H040]--------------------------------
    Head through the temple doors for one last time. Head up the stairs for a
    cutscene at the trees. More drugs. I'm suprised he doesn't have an immunity
    I have to say, these cutscenes just keep getting weirder. Once in control,
    Walk forward in a straight line and watch the images pass. Interact with
    the blade at the end. 
    Now you have the choice. This is the choice that will determine which ending
    you get. After the credits you'll be free to continue to explore the island.
    Congratulations, you've beaten Farcry 3. Now you can play through the game
    again on a higher difficulty, get the other ending (or just watch it on
    youtube), grab relics/memory cards, or clear the rest of the ouposts.  
    /                                                                             \
    ----------------Relics/Memory cards/Letters of the lost tips [T042]------------
    If you're interested in finding any relics, memory cards, or letters then
    just buy the 500$ maps from the shop. They will mark the location of almost all
    the collectibles on the map. The maps will not mark 2 of the relics.
    -One relic is located in the cave under the doctor mansion. (The one where
    your friends are hiding). You must grab this one BEFORE you beat the game. 
    Look around the back of the cave, away from your friends, and look for vines
    that you can climb. Climb up and jump across the rocks along the cave wall.
    The rocks should aslo have short vines on them. At the end you should find
    the relic. 
    As far as I know, there is no way to reenter the cave after beating the game.
    A couple tips for finding these things:
    -All memory cards are in Outpost safehouses. 
    -Some relics are hidden behind doors that can't be opened by hand. Use C4.
    -Some of the relics/letters are underground. This means when you go to the 
    symbol on the map it will appear like there is nothing there. Look around for
    cave entrances that are marked by Small thick black lines. 
    -Craft a "Deep Dive" to help recover some of the underwater relics. 
    -Watch for sharks!
    -Temple entrances, marked by small white dots, may also lead to underground
    /                                                                             \
    ---------------------------Trials Of The Rakyat [T043]-------------------------
    ---Hide and Seek---
    Location: Heron's Perch
    For thise trial you need to kill as many pirates as possible in the two
    minute limit. You only have your knife and a silenced pistol. Luckily, you
    have unlimited medicine and there are time and armor pickups in the area. 
    Head forward and knife the first two guards. Turn right and knife the next
    guard. Knife the time stone. Hover around the tower. The pirates will come
    from all directions. Knife as many as you can. Aim for the head when using
    the pistol. Stay low in the grass; try to sneak up on them for additional
    Scoring more then 305 points will net you first place. 
    ---Dashing Assault---
    Location: East of the Mosquito yard, northwest of Calvary Point 
    You get an assault rifle for this one. Medicine is still unlimited. There
    heavys this time around. Remember it only takes two grenades to kill a heavy.
    FOcus down the heavy so that another will spawn in quickly. Aim for the head
    and get takedown kills where you can. Grab as many time bonuses as possible.
    One is in the shack to the right of where you start, another is near the
    fence in the back of the camp, another is near the water. 
    Scoring 440 Points will net you first place.
    ---Bone Crusher---
    Location: Rust Yard
    For this trial you have to run as many people over as possible. Each kill 
    awards 10 points. Stay on the track (The course is blocked off with baracades).
    Just keep going forward and do laps. The pirates will try to jump out of the
    way so be ready to swerve a bit to the side. Don't forget to heal! Don't bother
    hiting the other cars, you won't kill anyone. 
    Scoring 250 Points will grant you first place.
    ---Frag Me Up---
    Location: North of Old Mine  
    This one is really fun. The directions are a bit deceiving. You don't have 
    a gun, only an unlimited supply of frag grenades. Walk forward and SPAM those
    grenades. Keep throwing them; don't bother cooking them. You can even take
    out the helicopter. You can still knife, so don't throw a grenade at somebody
    that's only a few feet in front of you. Don't kill yourself and this is an
    easy trial. 
    Scoring more then 280 points will net you first place. 
    ---Transport Destruction--- 
    Location: Badtown 
    For this one you only have the RPG. Make your shots count. This think had a
    ridiculously slow reload. Stay up on the hill and shoot the time bonuses
    any chance you get. Focus on the helicopter first. YOu don't need to land a 
    direct hit on the cars to kill them. You just need to hit the ground within
    a few meter radius. 
    Getting 215 points will obtain you first place. 
    ---Point Blank---
    Location: South of Badtown
    You have a shotgun for this one and all the enemies are knifers. It only takes
    one shot to kill any enemy. Reload after every kill to make sure you don't
    run out of ammo. Knife all the bonuses. Do takedown klls any chance you get.
    Normal kills will net you 15 points and takedowns will do 30. 
    Scoring more then 650 points will net you first place. (I scored 875 points
    just doing takedowns). 
    ---Bull's Eye---
    Location: West of Neck's Diner
    As the name implies, you're be using a sniper rifle. You'll be automatically 
    placed in a tower overlooking the enemy position. Another thing to notice is
    that you don't have to reload, ever. Don't spam the trigger too much or else
    the recoil will throw off your shot. Aim for the head as much as possible but
    don't waste to much time lining up head shots. Make sure to sue the red 
    barrels to your advantage and to hi all the time bonuses. 
    Scoring more then 315 points will net yuo first place.
    ---Hostile Swap---
    Location: North of Break Points Dock
    Nothing special to this one. You get an assault rifle. Start off by running 
    around the walkway and takedown as many people as you can. This will give you
    nice start on the scoreboard. There are tons of molotov throwers so be ready
    to jump in the water if the platform catches fire. 
    Scoring more then 385 points will net you first place. 
    ---Lord Of Firepower---
    Location: East of Satellite Communication Hub
    For this one you will have a sweet machine gun. If you have the "Chain 
    takedown" skill then you can use it on these first couple of guards and net
    yourself over 150 points! For this map you will need to continuously advance
    to find more enemies. The enemies will not come to you. Move through the
    caverns, find the time bonuses, and watch for red barrels. 
    Scoring 375 points will get you first place. 
    Location: Northwest of Lazy Shore Marina
    For this trial you'll be on a fixed machine gun in the middle of a bridge.
    Tap the trigger, don't hold it down. Don't bother aiming down sights either,
    it'll just slow you down. Expect the pirates to throw everything at you.
    This includes: Boats, trucks, helicopters. Aim for the pilots in the 
    helicopters for several quick kills. Don't forget to heal.
    Scoring 410 pints will earn you first place. 
    ---Decimation Barrage---
    Location: West of Longshore View
    You have the choice of either the RPG or the MG. The machine gun is definitely
    the way to go. You will have to fight off waves of helicopter. Aim for the 
    pilots and the entire helicopter will go down. Don't forget to hit the time
    bonuses on the hill to the left of the bunker.
    Scoring more then 310 points will get you first place. 
    ---Furious Gun---
    Location: Stubborn Kid Farm
    This one is a bit different from the other trials. Every time you get a kill,
    your weapon will change. The guns will cycle through every non signature 
    weapon in the game. This is definitely the most fun trial in the game. Get
    takedowns when possible and stay mobile. A Heavy will spawn in after a minute
    or so. There are more time bonuses off to the left. If you're having trouble
    with a weapon, such as the bow, you can go ahead and knife someone. 
    Scoring over 380 points will net you fist place.   
    /                                                                             \
    ------------------------------Signature Weapons [S044]-------------------------
    Signature weapons are guns that come preloaded with attachments, stat boosts,
    and a paint job. You can't change any of the previously mentioned items. 
    The only way to obtain a signature weapon is to complete a certain task
    (Collect a certain amount of relics, activate a certain amount of towers 
    etc.) and then buy it from the shop for a high premium. 
    Type: Pistol (Colt 1911)
    How to Obtain: Capture any 17 outposts  
    Attachments: Suppressor, extended magazine, red dot sight
    Notes: This is my favorite weapon in the game. Perfect for all your stealth
    killing needs. Laser accurate and lightweight this is a weapon I carried 
    through most of the game. 
    Type: Sub Machine Gun (Vector .45)
    How to Obtain: Collect any 10 memory cards  
    Attachments: Suppressor, extended magazine, reflex sight
    Notes: Tight hip fire accuracy and high rate of fire makes this gun live up to
    its nam. At close range this will mow down large groups of normal enemies. Low
    recoil when aiming down sights. Although, I'm not a huge fan of the reflex
    sight. Then again, who needs to aim down sights with this gun? 
    Type: Sniper (Z93)
    How to Obtain: Collect any 20 Relics 
    Attachments: High power scope, extended magazine.  
    Notes: I personally don't like this gun. The normal Z93 can already one shot
    any enemy (1 shot head shot for a Heavy) plus you can silence it. With this,
    you can't silence it. If you're not going for a stealth playthrough, then by
    all means use this gun. If you are go for stealth, then you're better off with
    the stock Z93 and adding the attachments on your own. 
    Type: Shotgun (M133)
    How to Obtain: Collect any 10 Relics 
    Attachments: Reflex sight, Extended shell capacity  
    Notes: The shotguns in Farcry 3 are better then in most games. I still had 
    consistency issues with this gun when firing at anything farther then 15
    meters. I was struggling to take out pigs in one shot. 
    Type: Melee
    How to Obtain: COllect any 6 Letters of The Lost 
    Attachments: NA
    Notes: This is the only other melee weapon aside from the machete. This weapon
    works the same way as the machete once you equip it. There is absolutely no 
    reason not to equip this. With this, you can one shot any normal soldier and
    three shot a Heavy.  
    Type: Light Machine Gun (MKG)
    How to Obtain: Finish any 6 trials of the Rakyat  
    Attachments: Optical Scope, Extended magazine,
    Notes: This is one beast of a weapon. One MASSIVE magazine makes sure you 
    almost never have to reload in battle. This gun is almost recoilless and can
    kill as fast any AR. This is definitely a must have on the battlefield. This
    also make hunting REALLY easy.  
    How to Obtain: Activate all 18 Radio Towers
    Attachments: Optical Scope, extended magazine, suppressor, 
    Notes: This gun is highly accurate and does great damage. This is a great all 
    purpose weapon. The silence allows for stealth and still does great damage for
    those firefights you're bound to get into.
    /                                                                             \
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