Whenever I run Far Cry 3 on PC, it drops to 2 fps on the loading screen and stays like that forever?

  1. Hello everyone. One day I was playing Far Cry 3 normally, and the other day it became like that. After about 30 seconds of loading, the fps drops to 2 and something like 2500 ms, then it stays like that no matter how much I leave it. I once tried to sleep and let it load for 8 hours but no luck. I tried changing the settings to minimal from the .ini file, uninstalled Uplay, reinstalled the game, played offline, just every possible thing, and nothing works out. I think this problem is related to power management on my laptop, because the day before it stopped working I had unplugged the charger cord, which I didn't do before because I always leave it charging. Now i'm clueless and I don't wanna lose all my progress, especially with Far Cry 3 being so addictive I just can't take one more day of not playing. Anyone can help me please? :(

    User Info: Honiffer

    Honiffer - 6 years ago

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