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by Bladre

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Guild Challenge FAQ by Bladre

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/14/14

Assassin's Creed: Revelations - Guild challenges FAQ

Welcome One, Welcome all to this small FAQ about an amazing game, Assassin's Creed Revelations! This small work its a simple guide to know what new challenges its Ezio facing for the Guilds during this new game, providing knowleade of what it entails and how to complete them, plus some tips and tricks to make the work easier. Normally, most of this are easily completed as you play the game but a few of this includes complex moves you may or may not use, ending in the challenge been missed.

Before anything else, I will say this is mostly based on my readings to complete this Challenges myself and my own experience, some mistakes may exist and some better strategies may be out there, and I am more than open to include them in my guide, to email me just send to: Kurotsubasab@outlook.com

As of now, this is at Version: 1.00 at 2014-08-13 23:53:03

With no more to say, lets read some Challenges!

A few details about the Challenges

  • As it is, im sorry to say i do not know the EXACT moment when challenge get fully unlocked but its somewhere around sequence 3. I could advice to keep playing the main misions until the start of sequence 4, and do the side misions to get favor with the Thieves and Mercenaries at the very least, also the Piri Reis's Bombs Memories are quite useful too.
  • You can easily keep track of the challenge as they are the second to last DNA cluster, in the DNA menu when you pause the game, you can check the details and the progress there at any time.
  • As far as I can tell, the challenges do not count some stuff until you can read them in the DNA menu.
  • Challenges can be "Mixed", so to speak, like the ones killing a specific target with a in a certain way may lead to it counting to 2 or more challenges, part of the idea of this FAQ is just that, to Mix as many challenges togheter to finish faster and easier.
  • Challenges are numbered, but this is just for keeping an order, you can progress them and complete them and cash the rewards in ANY order.
  • Rewards includes Skills, Weapons and Discounts. Skills take effect right there and then, so do DIscounts, cutting the hiring price of the specific faction by half, and Weapons gets unlocked at the Hideout or a Blacksmith.

The Assassin's Guild

The most time consuming sets but the easier, even if you don't try, chances are you may get this set just by playing around and completing the game.

Set 1#TipReward
Call Assassins during a fight.x25This two are tricky different from one another, the first one counts when you are in an actual fight, with enemies trying to attack you, even if they havent hit you, when you call the Recruits then, they join the fight and count as the first; on the other hand, calling Recruits on any guard not attacking you counts for the second as they move intro a stealthy assassination move.
Do note that multiple calls can be done in a single figth, quick fire all 3 charges in a single fight and they will all count to the first part.

"Assassins would be more effective when sent on missions, with a chance to succeed in Mediterranean Defense contracts being increased by a base level of 10%."

Basicly makes Mediterranean Defense easier.

Call Assassins on a target.x20
Set 2#TipReward
Use Arrow Storm.x15There is no great secret here, you need to have 6 Assassin Recruits home and resting to have 3 signals open, then just hold the signal targeting an enemy and the arrow will do the rest. this can be done on ANY enemy, even lone enemies or full crews, the only hard part of this is waiting the recharge.

"Ezio's Assassin Signal recharged at an increased speed."

As far as i can tell, the signals normally take a minute to recharge AFTER the Recruits leave the area. The boost lowers it from 60 to 45 seconds.

Call Assassins within a story mission.x5Pretty easy, just call assasins while working on a memory. This tends to solve itself since some memories call for the usage of Assasins to reach full sync. do note that this calls will count towards one of the Challenges for Set 1.
Set 3#TipReward
Recruit Assassins.x12Tricky, as you can have only 11. To get this done, post at least one of the current recruits to watch over a city in Mediterranean Defense, this will free up an spot and allow to recruit more. The way in which you take out the enemies may count for tons of other challenges

Unlocks The Sword of Altaïr, a 5/3/4 main weapon.

Fun fact, by the time you get it, you dont need it, as a Master Assasin memory will give you the best sword in game.

The Sword of Altair

Train recruits to the rank of Master Assassin.

x7Slow but easy, you get the first one free by completing sequence 3. Use calls, Den defense and post and missions of Mediterranean Defense to raise XP of the Assassins, at level 10 they can be posted at a local den, at 15 they can complete the master quest.
Successfully perform a Den Defense.x3The must questioned and buggy of them all! It is contested if by completing the 7 Master Assassin quest, and locking down all dens against attacks, this Challenges gets bugged, locked or completed. If you want to rush it and avoid mistakes just play 3 times Sequence 2, Memory 6: On the Defense.

The Mercenaries Guild

The "combat related" Challenges that mostly will call your to put your fighting skills to the test and focus in battle feats, combos and special kills.

Set 1#TipReward
Use Mercenaries on guards.x10Just hire some Mercenaries, target a guard and send them to battle! But the trick here is this track when you give the order and mercenaries do not get "consumed" by this. once you send them to battle just Arrow storm, call Assassins or just go in and kill the guards yourself in anyway, moving other challenges along and "freeing" the mercenaries, then repeat. This Challenge can be completed with a single crew."The cost of hiring Mercenaries decreased"

Halved from 150 to 75.
Destroy scaffolds by throwing someone into it.x5The only trick here is finding the scaffolds, but its not that hard, just run around looking for a wooden structure next to a building, the lure a enemy group near here and make one stand between you and the scaffold, grab and throw, and you get the count. pay attention in case there are 2 scaffolds near each other to use a single guard crew, and draw the guards using bombs, hook moves or any kills that counts for other open challenges you have.
Kill enemies using a thrown weapon.x5Easy to do but picky, for this you need to use a MAIN weapon, the only ones that seems to work are axes and polearms. this is actually not that hard, get a guard crew with one of this weapon and taunt the user, then peform a disarm, get some distance, since the throw takes a second to "charge", and hold the attack button and then let it go. This kills most guards and leaves the weapon in the floor, pick it up and repeat and you get this easy. To make this "sneaky" you can buy a axe in the Blacksmith and use it to kill archers silently anf with less fighting.
Set 2#TipReward
Disarm and kill a guard with his own weapon.x5Pretty easy, just be unarmed while in combat, get on guard and perform a disarm counter then move in for the kill, pretty easy. I have NOT tested this, but there may be a chance that disarming axe users and killing them with a throw count for this and the previous challenge.

"Unlocked the Mercenaries' faction ability: Bodyguarding"

When you hire a Mercenaries, they will move around Ezio and shove around and block beggers to let him move easier.

Kill Byzantine Almogavars.x25Not to hard since you only need to kill some men, but the Almogavars can be hard to find early game, but there is one very broken trick here! The memory Piri Reis: Datura, makes you kill with poison 5 of this ones. Repeat 5 times and this Challenge is almost to easy.
Perform hook and throws.x10After getting your hook, just run intro a guards and perform this move. if im not mistaken you need to have the target locked to make it work, and counter grabs work too, but this needs some testing. If you dont kill them you can try and do this full Challenge with a single guard team.
Set 3#TipReward
Perform Double assassinations.x10Don't even worry, just playing the game should land you this easy. If you want to rush it, grab a crew of enemies and run up a SMALL wall, should get you 2 double assassinations easy.

Unlocked the Mercenaries' faction weapon, The Broadsword.

A heavy weapon with 5/4/4 stats.

Kill 5 guards in under 10 seconds in melee combat.x1Dont mind this one much, a single Kill Streak will make this, so you will get this while getting next one easy.
Perform combo kill streaks of at least 5 kills.x10This one is a little picky in the details. The streak needs to be "clean", no pauses, and needs 5. you will need at least 2 groups or to get a archer down near a group, start the streak with a counter and just make it FAST, if you counter an attack, even if it doesnt break the streak it resets the count! do not target full health elites since the streak wont kill them. Consider the short blade, its one fo the faster kills animation. if you have trouble with enemies attacking your back, get 2 or 3 enemy teams and get a thieves team with you, that will keep the distracted AND open for the streak. Use thieves, harder to kill than Romanies, less likely to kill the enemies like the mercenaries or assassins and reducing the enemy pool. Try to do this before Sequence 4 since then every guard team has an Janissarie.
Kill Ottoman Janissaries.x25Easy to see with the golden mask and high headress, hard to kill and not able to kill streak them. You can get them at several places but the very easy way is similar to the Almogavars, hit Piri Reis: Sticky Situations, after the first stick, when the bomb goes boom, throw a second and maybe a third to the Janissaries when they give you their back and wait, this is a bit of a luck throw but should land you at least 3 or four each bomb, maybe a full 10 per memory, so just repeat some times and thats game.
Lets make sure you know your targets!

Byzantine AlmogavarsOttoman Janissaries
Byzantine AlmogavarsOttoman Janissaries

The Romanies Guild

The somewhat new remplacing faction with quite the attitude and complex Challenges.

Set 1#TipReward
Use Romanies on guards.x10Easy and not really rushable, splitting the faction doesnt seem to count so dont allow it, just grab any Romanies you see and randomly throw them at a guard crew."The cost of hiring Romanies decreased"

Halved from 150 to 75.

Escape from guards using stealth or hiding spots.x10Just perform a Challenge move on a guard to draw the team, and run around until you can hide in any hiding spot, do notice that hiding from an alerted archer work, and remeber to use some tactical bombs maybe to slow them down. The main misions will get you some of this.
Kill guards with a crossbow without being detectedx20The extra easier buddy of the previous game Challenge! This just needs you to kill around with the crossbow and remain undetected, this is extra easy if you shoot at lonely archers.
Set 2#TipReward
Use tactical bombs to escape guards.x10The trick here is the right bomb, just get contact caltrop bombs or contact/stikcy bombs, that will surely stop the guards and lets your run, maybe get to some hding spot for the extra count.

"Unlocked the Romanies' faction ability: Poisoning"

When Romanies split from Ezio, they poison the guards that tail them.

Kill Stalker without getting stabbed.x5Simple but with lots of chance, you need to hit the attack button fast when a Stalker grapples you to counter him, but they are not that common. an easy way to get this is by just doing the Deacon memories, both, and the Sequence 5, first memory.
Kill guards using poison.x15Take note that it doesnt specify the tool to use, this can be done by normal poison blade, poison darts, or the best effect as it could also aid in other Challenge, throw datura bombs around.
Set 3#TipReward
Kill guards with bombs without being spottedx20Ok listen, this is a tricky one. The crazy move here that will feed several Bomb Challenges needs to have this bombs: Tripwire Datura, Sticky Smoke Screen and Sound or Smoke Decoy. Now here it is, throw a decoy to move the guards, then throw a sticky intro a guard and get a closer with eagle vision on. as soon as the smoke goes up, get in the middle and plant the tripwire, then move off. The stumbling guards will explode the bomb even before you leave and count towards several Challenges. Some of this is VERY tricky, so maybe it wont count you all. if you ONLY need this? throw Contact Daturas and this gets easy.

Unlocked the Romanies' faction weapon, the Romani Stiletto, a 5/3/4 short blade

Romani Stiletto

Assassinate guards from behindx10You should get this just by playing half the story! if you want to rush it just stalk some archers.
Assassinate guards from hiding spotsx5If you didnt get Full sync from the memory in sequence 1, you can replay and kill 2 birds with one stone, if you dont need it, just hide in some hay that gets checked by a pikeman and take him out.
Kill 3 guards dazed by a single smoke bombx1If you do the above trick right you may just get this one. If it doesnt want to help just throw a smoke then use Splinter/Thunder bomb or just hidden blade it.

The Thieves Guild

The sneaky, agile and cunning Thieves will get you to peform some fun stuns and a few combat tricks to get the job done.

Set 1#TipReward
Use Thieves on guards.10Similar to the Romanies, but be careful, you need them to lure away, and sometimes the thieves decide they want to fight!"The cost of hiring Thieves decreased"

Halved from 150 to 75.
Sprint uninterrupted for 300 meters.x1Not to hard but you need to pick the right place, early game you may use the river near the south west of the city if you do a lose and carful turn and avoid the boats.
Perform hook and runs.x15Just run up to a guard and press grab to hook and run, then keep running , turn, and repeat. you can actually hook and run 15 times the same poor guy and get this in one go.
Set 2#TipReward
Perform Leaps of Faith.x40Most of this will come from viewpoints and book hunting easy, but if you want to rush it, find a small building with a leap, it does not need to be a huge one, and repeat and repeat.

"Unlocked the Thieves' faction ability: Looting"

Thieves will loot the guards corpses and steal from the civilians for Ezio.

Climb a total distance of 1 kilometer.x1Pay no mind here, this marks itself way before you finally make the previous one complete.
Steal Akçe with counter stealsx250This is a sum, with any tries you need not a single rob. just counter steal any minor fight you get in and it will eventually work.
Set 3#TipReward
Perform a dive of at least 30 meters.x1No to complex when knowing where to go, hit the arsenal ports and find the biggest boat you can, climb the mast and jump in the water's direction, and remeber to press dive after jump.

Unlocked the Thieves' Faction weapon, the Ottoman Mace, a Main blunt 4/4/2 weapon.

Ottoman Mace

Kill guards with Throwing Knives.x25The small hitch in this simple request is the amount and the fact that some guards can not be one shoted with knives, this can be easily done by taking out archers, and remeber to loot to try and keep up your knive count.
Perform air assassinations from a beam to a guardx5The air assassination its not hard so this is a simple quest with no skill demand but the problem lays in finding guards passing a low beam, that can be tricky, but to help you, use eagle vision to check if there is a patrol that crosses any beam you find.
Perform zipline assassinationsx10Now this is even harder to hunt, but use the same plan as above, most zipline allow to see the end from the start and allow to check if at any point there is a guard around. There is also taking a few runs in Sequence 2, Memory 3, the hookblade training, that teachs you this move also.

The Bombs Challenges

The new toy Ezio got to play besides the hookblade its the rather amazing art of bomb making, and with them, some new challenges came!

Set 1#TipReward
Stick bombs on guards.x10The only trick here is getting the sticky pouch, but you can easily buy them from Piri Reis after doing the related mision. Check the Romanies Challenges, Set 3, First Challenge for a mixed strategy that includes this.Extra bomb ingredients found in Assassin Dens,

Kill a mission target with a bomb.x1This is easily acomplished during Piri Reis misions so just go do them.
Distract guards with bombs.x20Again easy, and this count the guards so with the right placing one bomb marks 4, maybe 8 if you plan it. Try to look for points where patrols cross to distract 2 teams.
Kill 5 guards with a single bomb.x1The Memory Piri Reis: Sticky Situation can provide a chance to do this AND get off a few Ottoman Janissaries. Or you can just trip 2 groups intro a confined space and bomb them.
Kill guards with tripwire bombs.x20The only trick here is getting the tripwire casing, but you can easily buy them from Piri Reis after doing the related mision. Check the Romanies Challenges, Set 3, First Challenge for a mixed strategy that includes this. Sadly, the Piri Reis Tripwire memory is a tactical one not a lethal one.
Set 2#TipReward
Craft a bomb with every shell type.x1This means 4 shells, you get contact and casing by default and tripwire its not that hard to come by, doing Piri Reis shell memories will land you a spare tripwire and sticky pouch should you need it. Note that the "Craft" its not done until you leave the bomb station to count and you need to have the bomb on you, even if you open it up and dismantle it a second after.Bomb capacity upgraded by 1 slot.

Use bombs.x50Long and slow but easy, just doing Piri Reis and repeating the memories for other challenges will neat you really close to this, just focus on the others bomb Challenges and this will come by in the way.
Kill guards incapacitated by bombs.x25The fastest way to make this work its using a large caltrop or smoke screen, the guards will not be able to defende themself and you can peform any sort of assassination. Using the right mix of bombs can neat you a better progress, as before, check the Romanies strategy.
Craft 1 bomb with every effect type.x1This one its also easy but has the catch that early in game some reactives are rare, Coal Dust been pretty imposible to find early, but the trick to this is, as always, Piri Reis. His quest will neat you several ingretients for free if you know what your doing with it, just play all the quest and play around bomb stations with the leftovers. Remeber to leave crafting table for it to count.
Use every bomb effect at least twicex1As always, play Piri Reis, but pay attention since some memories will only demand a single use, yet feed you 3 bombs, so just toss a extra one here and there to make this count.

Final words

Well, with this all the tips are covered and the challenge well explained. if you find any mistakes, dont understand something, or want to show a better tip, then go ahead and email me at Kurotsubasab@outlook.com like i said before. This is all for now, THANKS! and good luck!