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by ExtremePhobia

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/14/12

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Version History

Version: 1.0
Date: Nov 15, 2011
All main memories completed
Some side memories begun
Version: 1.1
Date: June 12,2012
Just updating to the new format

The Hangman

Once you gain control, walk up the beach. After a chat with Subject 16, you'll be told how to escape. When you regain control, go through the giant archway in front of you.

A Narrow Escape

When you gain control of Ezio, follow the ghost of Altair. You'll eventually encounter a single enemy. He will have no weapon but neither will you. just keep striking and kicking him. You can also grab him and throw him off the edge. After you've killed him, Altair will reappear. Follow him upstairs, collect your things, and head back outside.

  • You'll find a small group of Byzantine Templars. To get Full Synchronization, you must kill one of the templars with a counter attack. Just wait for one of them to attack you, counter it, and then chain it into a full set of executions to get rid of the enemies.

Altair will appear again. Follow him until you get to a point where you are hanging from a ledge and a Templar is hanging around near it. Do a ledge assassination and then climb up. Eventually you will hit another spot that looks very much the same but he will be too far away to reach so you'll have to climb up and assassinate him. Get to the roof and push the statue off.

When you get out of the water, kill the guard. Follow the tunnel to the way point. You'll come to a large room with four enemies below you. Do an air assassination on the closest enemy and then the other three will come for you. Counter the first enemy and chain execute the rest.

A Journal of Some Kind

From the start, run strait ahead and up the stairs. On the other side of the door, run ahead and then to the right. Once you reach the courtyard where the Assassin's used to do their combat training. Go up the left side and confront the four guards there. Climb up the ladder and go around the side of the tower to find four more guards. Kill them and run up the side of the building to the right by using the barrels. At the top, jump off and hit the attack button to pop your parachute. Glide towards the yellow target marker.

  • You will have to follow this group of guards through Masyaf. Remember to keep your distance but don't get too far. You must not fail in tailing your target to get Full Synchronization.

A Hard Ride

You'll start this mission being dragged by a cart. Hold on and slide left and right to avoid being hit by rocks and other things. Soon, the rope will begin to break. At this point, you will be allowed to pull yourself up the rope but while you do so, you will be unable to move left and right so be careful with what you choose to do. For the most part, however, you only have to climb up the rope. When you get to the top, you'll gain control of the carriage.

You will continually be slammed into by the enemy who will try to destroy you. You can actually try and destroy them but surviving is really the main goal here. The first carriage that attacks you will be relatively easy, just try and time when you hit him so that he bounces over rubble. The second one is tougher and requires you to bump into him only when necessary. Otherwise, try to avoid him until you get a cutscene.

Wounded Eagle

After the cutscene, you'll be dropped into combat with three enemies. They are nothing special so just chain them together and then head towards the giant water wheel. Turn right and head towards the stairs. You'll find an enemy here that you can assassinate if you're quick. Continue up the stairs and after riding the water wheel, assassinate the guard at the top.

Go back down the tower inside the walls and activate Eagle Vision as prompted. You will see a ghost acting out where the Captain has gone. There is one guard patrolling inside this courtyard so try and make it to the hay on the left side and take him out as he passes. After that, there are two guards in the nearest alley. Wait for them to walk away and kill them. Then head to the southern alley, then east and north so that you come out behind the two other guards in this alley. You can kill both but when you kill the first, the second will notice so you will have to kill him before he can get his sword out.

  • The next area will teach you to blend. The path that the captain took will split. Go left but be careful because there are guards around. You want to walk from one group of people to the next and stay with each group until a guard passes. This is a good spot to pick up a couple of haystack kills. When you get through this section, you'll go through a gate into an open area.

After the gate closes, you'll be attacked by three enemies. Kill them all and loot them to get medicine. Then use the medicine to heal and regain all your acrobatic abilities. Go up to the roof of the building on your right. At the back corner, you'll find a haystack so jump in and kill the man right next to it. Head back around the left side (west) and climb the building there. You can tightrope walk across to another building and then there are a couple of guards on roofs here. If they see you, just drop down on the side of a building away from them so that you put the building between them and you. Then just climb up when they turn away and assassinate them. Go all the way north on this side and jump into the haystack.

Go to the waypoint in the north and start climbing the building. You'll be shot at but just keep moving and you'll be fine. You'll get to a point where the screen will point to the left and sort of hint that you should jump towards a very small pole with a rope on it. You DO actually want to jump for that. When you get to the roof, slowly walk up to your target and do your thing.

A Warm Welcome

After getting of the boat, speak with Yusuf. Follow him through the city but try to stay close to him. He will give you some background about the city as well as tell you things that might help you, like how the Ottoman soldiers can keep Byzantines off your back. You'll eventually get in a fight with three soldiers and then three more will be chased off by the Ottoman soldiers. Follow Yusuf a little more and you'll finish this mission.

Upgrade and Explore

This mission starts by going in the building by Yusuf. Exit the HQ and head to the Blacksmith. The new armor will cost you 343 so if you don't have enough, pickpocket a few passerby but make sure you keep walking away from them as soon as you do or they may turn around and attack you when they notice their money is missing. Return to the Assassin HQ.

The Hookblade

For the most part, just follow Yusuf through the streets and do as he tells you. To use the extended reach during a jump, hold the grab button in mid-air. To do the long jump, do the same as you pass by a hanging lamp that you would otherwise use to swing around the corner. The last trick, the hook and run, involves holding down the grab button as you sprint at a standing target. Just make sure you successfully do all three for full synchronization.

The View from Galata

Follow Yusuf up to the top of the tower. The important thing here is mastering the Hookblade sling. Make sure you have the camera facing the wall and you are pressing forward as you climb. When you jump for a ledge, as you reach for the ledge, hit the jump button to have the hookblade throw you upward. In cases where there are more ledges above that you can reach, you can continue to hit the jump button to keeping throwing yourself upward. Make it to the top in under 60 seconds for full synchronization. This may take an attempt or two because there isn't really any trick except for a little bit of practice.

Advanced Tactics

Learn how to use the zipline. Follow Yusuf up to the rooftops and then jump on the ziplines. You merely have to run at a zipline to use it so run at this one and the next one to get moving. The last zipline will be used for an assassination. Wait for Yusuf to set it up for you and then zipline down and wait for the "assassinate" command to appear in the upper right, then hit the strike button. Full Synchronization. Now just continue through the city to the waypoint and meet up with the Assassins there to finish the mission.

On the Defense

This is the Den Defense mode. The beginning will set up how everything works. Place crossbows on the roofs until you gain access to the riflemen and place them anywhere you can. Also, once you are told how to use the cannons, use them as much as possible. One shot can wipe out an entire wave of Templars and save you moral. You are graded at the end based on how many Assassins you lose and how much moral you have left over and using the cannons can save you on both. However, aside from that, saving moral doesn't do anything for you so if you are risking losing to save moral, don't.

Just be careful of the last wave because they will bring a war machine with them. Use the cannons on it but your rifflemen will help with this quite a bit. Once you've defended the Den, head towards the docks and catch a ferry.

On the Attack

When you get off the ferry, Yusuf will ask you to join the fray. Kill the three Byzantines here and then follow Yusuf through the streets. He will teach you how to use the new bombs. Do as he says and follow him. Eventually you will get your chance to try the bombs. You'll be told exactly how to do it and where to throw it.

Once you get to the Byzantine tower, Yusuf will distract the enemy and you will have to kill the captain. Yusuf will prompt you to use your Eagle Vision to figure out which guard is the captain. Out of the line up of four, it is the second from the left. Scan him to save yourself some time. Then follow him over the roof tops but don't kill anybody. Just get above the captain and you can do a double air assassination on him and his companion.

Kill him and then head towards the tower. Now you need to climb the tower and light the fire. Just be careful because there may be enemies shooting at you, in which case, try to circle the tower to break their line of sight. Light the fire at the top to end the sequence.

The Prisoner

This is actually how you are going to recruit your first new assassin so just go to the critical mission waypoint and talk to the man in the cage. Talk to him and he will beg you to let him free.

Head towards the yellow marker on your map and find the guard with the key. When you get close, don't go charging in. Instead, follow the roof line south and then east. Leap into the haystack and then climb up onto the roof of the building the guard is in. Continue along the rooftops northward and you should see a group of about six people between a couple of buildings that also happens to be along the route that the guard continually moves along. Get into the group and just wait for the guard to come by. When he stands next to the group, he will soon turn and walk away. Just walk up behind him and pick his pocket. Then try and make a get away to the west but don't be clumsy like I was. Head back to the prisoner and free him.

The Sentinel, Part 1

Go to the waypoint on your map, enter the building and after assigning an assassin as guild leader, talk to your new apprentice. He will be concerned about assassins disappearing recently. He will tell you to go wait in the park so go to the waypoint and wait. After your apprentice appears, you will have to clear the area of Templars. Make sure you use at least one Assassin Signal so that you can get Full Synchronization. There are three templars and it is easiest to start with the Templar highest up and work your way down. This limits your chances of being seen.

After you've killed them, go to the haystack and talk to your apprentice. You will then have to investigate the area to find signs that something is out of place. It will show you the slumped body of an assassin on a bench. Check it out to see what's going on. After you have searched the body, to the right of that building, on the ground. You should see a puddle of blood (it will show up on the radar as a green mark). Investigate this as well.

The Sentinel will appear. Chase after him for a little bit and then he will drop a smoke bomb. A group of guards will be in the smoke bomb and when you try to cross the smoke, you will get in a fight and have to defend your apprentice. After all the guards are killed, the mission will finish.

Guild Contracts

You will finish the previous mission right next to a pigeon coop. Interact with it and send your only assassin on the only contract available to complete this mission.

Bomb Crafting

This is just the tutorial for crafting bombs and it will tell you how to it and which ingrediants to use. Follow the instructions and then test your bombs. Equip them and then head out in search of Piri Reis in the Bazaar. Head to the green mark in the Bazaar. It's not a stall, it's actually a door to a building. If you would like, you can examine the things hanging on the wall here and you will learn how to use some of the more interesting bombs by completing these side missions.

A Familiar Face

You start this mission by heading to the next waypoint to the east. Go inside the building and talk to the woman there. Go into the next room and activate Eagle Vision. Examine the room and you should see a tall shining object that may look like a book shelf in Eagle Vision (it's just a wall). Go up to it and Ezio will open a secret passage.

The Verebatan Cistern

Make your way across the rafters, first to the left and then back to the right. You shouldn't have to go any lower than you are now to get to the next checkpoint. From there you can swing down. Check the two chests to the left and walk up the hall for a cutscene. After the guards talk, you'll have to kill the captain.

The enemy that moves around the most is going to be the captain so wait for him to walk away from you and then find the closest guard to you who is facing west. He never turns around so just go up behind him and kill him. Then make your way to the left (south) and you should see a man on some scaffolding hammering away at the wall. Climb up the side of the scaffolding and kill him, then kill the man on the bench. Then climb up the pillar directly north of the bench and wait at the top. When the captain comes by, assassinate him. Just be careful because directly between you and the bench where you killed the last guard is a pillar that you will bump into if you try to assassinate him from there.

Now that you have his key, head back up that same pillar all the way to the top. You should see a wooden platform hanging down. Jump to that and then jump straight across to the north and use the hook to do a long jump to the next hanging platform. Turn left (west) and jump to the next platform and turn left again. Jump and grab the hook but just use it to swing around to the right rather than for a long jump. To the west you will see two sets of guards and then a lower platform between them. Wait for the patrolling guard to wonder away and then jump down and go straight across to the other side and drop down. Open the gate.

This next room is empty so just run across the water towards the green marked checkpoint. You'll have to climb the wall just to the left of the gate to find it.

When you get to the next room full of guards, hop down to the left side. Your first kill will be the man with the pick axe here. Kill him and then go north, over the boxes, through the water and up to the platform on the otherside. Start climbing the stairs to the left but be careful because there are quite a few guards on the way up. As long as you pay attention the dots on your radar though, they shouldn't be any problem. Just retreat if the dots start moving counter clockwise and climb up they move clockwise. Kill them as you go.

When you reach the top level, there will be the captain below you to the left, a guard on a catwalk to your right, and a guard across the way dead ahead. Wait for the guard on the catwalk to come towards you. He'll stop and then turn the other direction. Get up behind him as quickly as possible and kill him, then move on to the next guard on the far side. You have to be quick because their patrol routes are short so they'll turn around quickly.

Once they are dead, head back to the catwalk and turn north. You should see two platforms directly in front of you leading all the way to the captain. Wait for the Captain to get to the middle of his walkway and he'll turn away from you. Run across the two platforms and assassinate him before he turns around. Now that you have the key, look back south and you'll see a single guard doing a circular patrol just beneath you. Wait for him to turn the corner closest to you and then drop down off of the walkway. Once you get to the ground, head north to the gate, open it and go through.

The next room is NOT empty. Once through the gate, turn left and check the chests and crafting station. Just beyond that, you should see a wall you can climb. Go up the wall, turn right and jump onto the beam. Jump to the next beam and head to the west. Jump across the gap to the next checkpoint.

From here, run forward and do a long jump towards the middle of the room. Scan the guard who was talking just a moment ago with your Eagle Vision. This room is a rather large room and because of it's long sight lines, this is something you'll have to judge for yourself (at least until I have time to try this section a few times) but use the copious amount of beams to get around the room and take out as many guards as you can. Once guards start dying, the two closest to the captain will continually face one direction allowing you to just walk right up behind them and the captain to kill him. Just make sure you are quick to get away after killing him because the sound of him hitting the floor will actually cause the guards to turn around.

Head back up to the rafters and make your way to the gate. Go through the gate and activate Eagle Vision. On the platform ahead and to the right will be a secret door. Open it and collect your prize within. Thankfully, you will not have to get yourself out of the cistern.

Quid Pro Quo

... Basically, just walk out of Sofia's house. You'll automatically talk to Yusuf to end the mission.

The Mentor's Keeper

This mission actually starts inside the Assassin HQ. It may only be accessible during the day.

This memory has you playing as Altair. You will have to make your way up to the castle of Masyaf and kill all the templars along the way to satisfy the bonus objective. Every time you see an enemy that you can kill, do so. Make your way up the hill all the way to the main gate and it will shut on you.

Climb just to the right of the gate. At the top, wait for the guard to walk by and do a ledge assassination. Climb up and kill the guard further along the walkway. Further along on the wall you will find a guard looking out over the courtyard. Kill him and go all the way to the end of the wall. There will be a hole in the wall letting you drop down to a smaller roof area above your target. Drop down and move along it until you can assassinate him. Kill him to finish the memory.

Curse of the Romani

Use the tunnels to get close to the Romani. You actually need to climb the walls to talk to the right person, not go in doors. Talk to her and she will tell you her plan.

Meet up with the Romani in town. Hire them (with the grab button, not the bomb button) and they will lead you close to the chest. Once you get near it, the Romani will actually follow you around and keep you anonymous. Change your hidden blade to the poison blade and walk up to the man holding the chest. Make sure you are still anonymous and then stab him. Walk away so you don't get hit while he's flailing around. Someone else will pick up the chest and continue moving. When they stop, poison this chest carrier too. You'll go through this cycle one more time before they will run away from the chest.

Grab the chest and go through the green checkpoints to get it back to the Romani camp.

The Sentinel, Part 2

Meet your apprentice by the docks. He will explain that you are looking for two missing assassins. Start searching by the two blue markers on the map. To get to them without alerting the enemy, you're going to have to use bombs to distract the guards. Distract them, go and talk to the assassin and then head to the next assassin. Do the same there to find out what's going on.

Head back to the Assassin HQ. Find the green mark on the map. When you get there, you will find the Sentinel. Chase after him for a ways and eventually your apprentice will drop out of the sky and kill him.

The Prince's Banquet

To start the memory, talk to Yusuf. The first section has the bonus objective. You need to beat Yusuf to the first waypoint. You will start out with the lead so just make sure that you don't get greedy and cut a line too close to the edge or to a wall. Once you get to the checkpoint, the next phase will start. Drop down and punch each of the minstrels once, then pick up the bodies and put them in the haystack. Do that for the next group and the group after as well.

This last group is a little bit tricky to get to. From where you dump the second group, climb the church and go to the corner of the church closest to the wall. Aim for a low part of the wall and jump. Get on the wall and follow it NW until it starts to go lower and you see flower bushes you can Leap of Faith into. Jump into one and take the low path around the outside until you see an unguarded path to the structures in the middle of the restricted area. You can pass entartainers and party goers, just not guards. Get on the roof of the middle buildings and make your way over to the last group of mistrels. Dispose of them.

Head down the stairs and towards the guards blocking entry. Talk to them and start playing the lute. Keep playing until they tell you to go inside. Once you get inside, you'll have to go up to groups of people (important groups are marked with glowing light above them in Eagle Vision) and play the lute. Scan them while you play to find targets. Once you've found a target, you need to put your target at the back of the group by being on the far side of the group and drawing everyone's attention by playing the lute.

Once you've killed the two templars in the courtyard, follow Yusuf inside. Here you will do much the same thing but you will have to do so in close proximity to the Prince. If he gets too far away, you'll fail the mission and if you don't find the Templars fast enough, they will kill him. Mill through the group until you've found all four and then you will find that there is one more. He will charge the prince and you have to kill him before he gets there.

An Uneasy Meeting

You have to return to the Prince's palace to meet up with him again. After talking to him, run up the nearest column to get to the roof. Follow the roof around until it gets you to that tower. Climb the tower and then go in the trap door at the top.

The Fourth Part of the World

This is a Sofia mission. From the start, head right (SW) along the walls and around the corner. From this side of the houses, you can climb to the roof. Use the beams along the wall to jump into the water. Go around the far side of the boat and climb up from the water. If you have an assassin signal, feel free to use it on either guard here. You just need to get up to the higher deck and get the parcel which is a roll of paper on a box. Do so carefully without either of these guards seeing you and you will also get the bonus objective.

After you've gotten the parcel, head back to Sofia's shop by foot.

Signs and Symbols, Part 1

Head to the Hagia Sophia and climb all the way to the top. I mean ALL the way. Once you've gotten to the checkpoint there, activate Eagle Vision and look SE. You want the lower of the two symbols on the dome. Scan that and you will be told to collect the book. If you look down the NW side, you should see the vantage point. Jump off in that direction and you'll land in a haystack. Now you may go collect the book.

Galata Tower

Climb to the top of Galata tower to enter. Head forward and down the spiral staircase to the left. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, turn toward the center of the tower and jump to the lift. You will begin to fall. Guide yourself left around the first obstacle and then right around the next. Keep going right around the third and then back to the center for the fourth.

When you finally stop falling, climb up and around to the inside of the life crane. Keep climbing up until you can't climb up any more. From here, you should be able to jump backwards to the top of the arch. Start making your way to the right along the top of the arch. At the far right side, jump to the platform on the right. Use the zipline to get even further done. Go down into the caverns from here.

When you come to the next large room, you will see a wooden ledge that you can climb up onto. Once there, do a long jump across the gap using the hook. Turn right and climb the wood on the wall. At the top, slide around to the other side of this rock. Keep sliding as far as you can and then jump backwards to the pole. Swing on that and run across the beams in front of you until you come to a solid platform. This platform has a zipline but it can be easy to miss if you just keep running.

Take the zipline, jump forward and turn left. Jump onto the water wheel and slide around to the front of it. Jump backwards onto the plank and then across to the wooden wall. Climb up the wall and jump to the beam on your right. Continue in that direction for a couple of hops and then climb up the wall at the far end. At the top of the wall, zipline down. Keep going until you zipline through a water fall. When you land, run straight up the wall in front of you.

At the top, head right and climb the wall. At the top of that, turn right and jump to the scaffolding. After that collapses, take the zipline down and head left. Do a leap of faith at the water fall. Get out of the water, head right and do a long jump across the gap. Run across the broken bridge and start climbing walls, beams and poles until you get to a zipline at which point you'll begin travelling downward. After the zipline breaks, climb up to the top of the cliff and go into the doorway. Loot the chests and Eagle eye the right wall to find another secret door. Open it to find your second key.

Mentor's Wake

Head back to the Assassin HQ for this mission. When you step into the boots of Altair, you will have to carry Al Mualim down to the pyre below. Light him on fire and you will be tossed off the cliff. A fight will break out. You have to disarm people by countering attacks while unarmed but don't kill anyone. Every time you disarm someone, remember to drop the weapon by pressing down on the d-pad so you don't attack anyone and are ready to disarm the next attacker.

After you fight for a little bit, Abbas will take the Apple and activate it. You need to climb the tower to save him but be careful because the Apple will pulse every so often which may knock you loose. If you do get knocked loose while climbing quickly hammer the grab button and hope you manage to grab a ledge. Try to climb quickly and between pulses to save him before his health runs out. Lastly, don't leave the blue area on the map or you will instantly be desynchronized.

You will have to run up the hill to left side to be able to get to the base of the tower. When you do, make your way up to the second platform. Wait for a pulse, then jump to the beam to the right and from the beam, wall run straight up. Climb up to the top of the tower from here and grab the Apple to save him.

Heir to the Empire

NOTE: Star Wars anyone?

The Janissaries

After talking to the merchant, head to the area marked on the map. If you enter Eagle Vision, you'll be able to follow a trail right to him. Follow him through the crowds by blending in. Try not to get too close or to far and just follow him. When he goes outside, stay indoors. After cutscene, he'll come back inside but not after breaking up the crowd outside. He'll do it again inside but it will be easier to stay concealed. Follow him this second time until he meets another Byzantine. They will stay behind while he goes ahead. They will be looking for you.

Instead of going past them outside, just keep going straight ahead and then take a right to circumvent them and you'll be right back on his trail again. I am not sure if this part is scripted but as you follow him, watch out for an enemy trying to stab you in the back. You'll hear a gasp from the crowd and you will only be given a split second to hit the strike button. If you fail, you'll take massive damage but if you succeed, you'll reverse the attack and kill him.

After this point, you will have to get by groups of guards in front of doors. You should use a bomb to distract them since it's the bonus objective but you can also use your assassins to get rid of them or you could just go around them all together. Climb up on a roof where they can't see you and just continue your pursuit. Eventually you'll have tailed him far enough and the mission will end.

The Arsenal Gates

Walk around the area and bribe the three heralds marked on the map. After that, a riot will start. The rioters will be attacked and you have to defend them. Watch for the markers indicating soldiers. When they enter the crowd, come up behind them and kill them with your hidden blade. As long as they don't target you, you can go on killing them like this until they are gone. Just be careful to be quick about it because you need the rioters to survive.

Arsenal Infiltration

With all the chaos in the area, activate Eagle Vision and follow the trail to Manuel. If you are lucky, you can run all the way there but you may also get attacked by enemies. You can still just try and out run them if you want. You will follow the trail all the way to the docks until it goes into a building. Go into the building, watch a cutscene and then you need to flee the area. Basically just run all the way back from where you came.

For the bonus objective, you need to assassinate someone from a zipline. If you find the opportunity to do so during the mission, do it. If not, on the way out you will find some boats that are half finished. If you climb one of them, it will have a zipline and there is a guard patrol just under it. The mission finishes when you get out of the area.

Portrait of a Lady

Head towards the Bazaar and activate Eagle vision. You are looking for a man sitting on the floor with a couple of other gentlement. Scan the crowd until you find him. When you have found him, unleash your fists of fury. Keep hitting him until he tells you where the portrait is.

Head towards the merchants location. If you happen to have a money bomb then this will provide the perfect distraction for grabbing the portrait. Any other solution you can come up with will work too. Once you have the portrait, head out of the bazaar and return it to Sofia.

Signs and Symbols, Part 2

Head over to the mission start point and stand on the ledge looking NE. The symbol you are looking for (in Eagle Vision) is the one under the broken section of Aquaduct. Jump down and collect it. It's best to climb the building next to that spot to collect it.

The Forum of the Ox

Go down to where the gun powder is and turn left. Go all the way to the left and you'll find a cave that leads through the wall. Once you come through on the other side, you get into a race with the boat. Make sure you keep moving. At any given point, it should be pretty obvious what you are supposed to do next. Don't stop moving or you may get shot, though, and lose your bonus objective.

Just a few things to keep in mind. Any time you see a swinging hook, make sure you turn it into a long jump. When you start to see fire, just run through it. When you finally catch up to the boat and you are ziplining over it, you have to assassinate the guards on the boat. And after the boat crashes, you'll get into a four on one fight but they are all just simple guards. Counter one and you can just chain it and kill the all with one button press each. Be careful at this part though because you don't want to go and lose health here.

Loot the chests and investigate the middle secret door section. Open it and claim your key.

A New Regime

Walk with Maria to meet with Abbas. After everything goes to hell, you need to escape Masyaf. Head back into the library and instead of going downstairs, go upstairs and through the big window. Keep running down the hill to escape Masyaf.

You will bump into your son here. Instead of running, you will have to now fight your way out of the city. Use throwing daggers to kill any enemy that is preparing to assassinate you. Usually the camera will shift in some way to show you these enemies. Try to stay by your son's side while you are fighting, if you get too far, you will desynchronize. Some fights will serve only to slow you down but some fights you will have to finish. These are usually the fights that are listed as target in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

Keep fighting your way down the hill and you will be ambushed and have to head back up the hill in a different direction. You will then have to leap down. Be warned that I experienced a glitch here where Altair's son got stuck going up the hill, I don't know how it happened but dying seemed to fix it. Exit Masyaf to finish the memory.

Into the Shadows

Follow the waypoint to a lone Janissary. He will be harassing civilians. Unfortunately, since he wasn't moving, I wasn't able to assassinate him from a hiding spot. If anybody has any ideas (Romani perhaps?), let me know. I just blended with the crowd next to him and had my assassins kill him. Then I grabbed the body and just walked away while my assassins kept the guards from noticing. Throw the body in the nearby haystack and jump in to steal the costume.

Honor Lost and Won

Get in with the group and wander around. You'll eventually come to a boy that you'll have to beat up. So beat him up until the Janissary are satisfied. Follow them for a little while longer until you come to a camp. All of the Janissary wearing the same thing you are wearing will leave you alone but the other guards will not. Try to avoid them.

To get past the first set of guards, there is a group of Janissary that go by them. Just make your way over to them and then just jump from one group to another. Allow yourself to be carried into the next area and then exit into a stationary Janissary group on the other side. On this side, you want to slowly take out the hostile guards by using the tents and the well in the area. When it comes time to move to the next area, you can lure the two stationary guards away from the doors by appearing by a tent and drawing their attention. When they start to walk towards you, jump in the tent and wait fo him to move closer. Then assassinate him. Do the same for the other guard. I would start with the left guard first and I would use the back side of the tent with the bench in front of it. When they are dealt with, hit the checkpoint on the other side.

When you regain control, you will be in a group of Janissary and another group right in front of you will start moving towards the left. Get in this group and go with them until you bump into a stationary group. Join this group and then wait for a good time to stroll over and join the group that's up against the wall. Once you have joined them, wait for the guard that walks along the wall to walk away from you, then use the conveniently placed pieces to gain some elevation along the wall. Keep running along the wall until you get to the scaffolding that is at the back of the area. From here, wait until you've got a good chance to perform an air assassination.

Once you've killed him, you will need to run. Just start running in any direction and try to get to the roofs. The Janissary are actually faster than you are so you need to use the roof tops to stay ahead of them. When you finally escape the area and become anonymous, the mission will be complete.

Bearer of Mixed News

When you get to the compound, the mission will start automatically. You'll have to get in and talk to Suleiman without being seen. If you enter from the west side, you should be able to find some Romani pretty easily. Hire them and you can just walk right in.

Once you've talked to Suleiman, you will have to leave the palace unseen. Turn around and head towards the building (south) and you should see more Romani. Hire them again and just walk right out. I found it was easiest to get over the wall to the SW.

A Little Errand

This is an interesting mission because it's compeletely benign. Head into the market and find the florist. When he doesn't have any tulips, tail him to where he picks his flowers and maybe think how strange it is for a man to tail someone over the rooftops... for flowers. When you get to the end, just walk around to the blue markers on the map and pick three flowers. when you are done, head back to Sofia.

Signs and Symbols, Part 3

You will find this book on the Little Hagia Sophia, directly in across from where this mission starts.

The Maiden's Tower

Inspect the giant round object on the floor in the main room. When it tells you to look for a way to the lower level, it will point you right at the switch so head forward and activate it. When you land on the lower level, there will be a switch just to your right. Activate that and quickly head up the wall to your left. This will bring you over to the section of wall that just opened. Activate the machine that was behind the wall.

Jump across to the giant block and go down. Jump backwards and climb down and left on this ledge. Go around the left side and jump backwards off of here too. Just across the beams to what looks like a partial bridge section. Now run along the bridge east and down towards the switch in the distance.

After activating the switch, run up the wall to your right (south). Climb up and jump off backwards. Swing on the pole and then do a long jump off the beam. Go all the way across until you jump onto the far wall. Make your way over to the platform to your left, then turn left again and head south across the giant block, across the gaps and to the newly revealed machine. Activate that.

Run over the catwalk and the block to activate a new switch to the west. After that, head north. Just run strait across until the end and take a right so you are going east. Make another hop and then face the center of the room. Cross the beams and climb the pillar. At the top, wrap around the left side of the pillar and jump backwards to the other pillar. Wrap around the right side of this one and then run your way to the machine at the end. Again, run straight ahead after the cutscene and activate the switch there.

Jump to the block after activating the switch and wrap around the left side of it. Jump backwards to the small walkway which is hard to see. Run west along that and jump off the edge. Slide your way along the wall to the right and then jump to the beam coming out of the wall. Jump to the last beam but stop there Run off the end of the last beam, swing on the pole and activate the switch in the room.

After the cutscene, climb onto the giant stone. Turn left and jump across the beams to the next stone. Climb up that and jump off the far side and climb the wall. Just keep climbing until you hit solid ground. Turn left and climb up the wall and you'll find yourself on that stone bridge section from before. Head east and when you get to the giant stone blocking your path, turn right (south) and climb the rock hanging there. At the top of that, turn left and jump to the climbable stone. I'm not sure if you have to but I would use the hook to make sure you grab the ledge. Climb this last stone and then turn left (north) and jump towards the statue. Loot the chests and take the key.

The Mentor's Return

Follow the assassin for a moment and when he leaves you, head up the hill to your first two targets. You can walk right up between the two of them and do a double assassination. Continue up the next hill and your new target will rally some troops. You will see them lined up with the captain and then they will move to attack the two assassins near you. A few more assassins will join the fight to even the odds. Don't kill any of the enemies here except the captain. Just walk up on him and assassinate him while he is fighting.

Head up to the gates of the castle and walk through. On the other side, you will be attacked. Don't fight them, just use your assassin signals to kill them. Walk into the building and confront Abbas. When it is time to kill him, target him and shoot to kill him.

Setting Sail

Head towards the restricted area ahead. When you enter the plaza but before the guards are some Romani to your left. Hire them and use them to get up to the lighthouse ahead. They will get you past the first two guards and the next which should put you right next to the lighthouse. Climb the lighthouse and circle around to the far side. Then you want to drop back down to street level but watch for the two guards that are patrolling. Wait for them to leave and interact with the tower at the point where the chain meets it.

When you land, you'll be in a fight with some guards. Do not fight them, just run up on the boat and head to the front of it. You'll have to wait for your assassins to take care of your enemies because you need to be anonymous to use the Greek Fire. Once you can use it, hold down the strike button and just start brushing all the boats with fire. Get the small ones closest to you first, then go for the big boats. Do a pass over each of them to light them on fire (which I think makes them less accurate), then return to each boat and keep pouring on the flames until it is destroyed.

Once you regain control, start heading west. For the next section, it's kind of on rails. You still control Ezio but you can't really do anything wrong so just keep running forward and adjusting left and right until you get to a fight. Instead of fighting, turn left and run off the front of the ship. Be careful on this last part because it is possible to actually fall of the ship and die here.

The Hidden City

Head up the hills and head into the caves. After you take a look at the caves, head immediately right, over the beam and to the roof. Near you is a zipline. Wait for the guard on the far roof to stand directly under it, then zipline and assassinate him. Cross the beam ahead to get to the middle structure. Go left around the structure and just before you drop off, climb up the wooden section of wall. Go left for two beams and then run up the wall. Turn right and jump to the broken bridge. Once at the top, go either way around and synchronize. Head back around the other side and tightrope walk across. Head right and make your way back to ground level.

Head back towards that center structure. Enter the green area on the map and enter Eagle Vision. Look around and try to find the white/gold trail on the ground. Follow it until it takes you to a market area. Your spy will be in a stationary group near the edge of the market. When you find her, you'll have to chase her to talk.

The Spy Who Shunned Me

Immediately run up the stairs towards the checkpoint. Watch the cutscene and then head back down the stairs toward the market. Make your way to the green area on the map. Your target is in a group of people watching a fist fight. Keep looking until you find it and then use Eagle Vision to find which one. Walk up behind him, pickpocket the key and then immediately turn around and walk through the crowd and away from him.

To get back in to the prison, you can actually climb up the building at the base of the stairs and run along the beams over the stairs. Once you get close there aren't any guards. You could also likely just run right past the guards because if you can out run them, there's just barely enough space that you can get out of their zone and time will run out before they see you again. This is not optimal though. Of course you could always just use a diversionary bomb. However you do it, go free her.

The Renegade

Run up the wall towards the gun men. You will have to jump to a partial column hanging from the ceiling and then go around the side of it. Do an arial kill on this guard and then head for the next one. Slow down when you get close, hop from on railing to another and then kill him from the second railing.

Behind the second guard is a platform and then a beam sticking out of the wall. Get on the beam, swing to the next beam and climb up to the ledge just under the third guard. Do a ledge assassination here and then climb up. Head towards the back, run up the wooden wall and then jump backwards. Assassinate the last guard. Walk out on the cross over looking the pit. Do an arial assassination on Shahkulu.

Fight with your attackers. Most of the guards will be simple but Shahkulu is like the Janissary. Just keep on him and eventually you will kill him.


Head back up the central structure like you did when you first got here. Then you want to head back across the tightrope and down the zipline again. This time, all this will bring you into the weapon depot instead of to ground level. Round the corner and fight a group of guards. Up the stairs are two more. Up the next set of stairs are two more and to the right of them is a box that has the explosives you are looking for. Keep taking stairs and guards until you go down stairs and you'll come to rather large group of about 8 or so guards. Kill them all and head down the last few stairs. Go up to the door and interact with it.

The Last of the Palaiogi

Run straight towards him along the wall on the right side and use the torch for a long jump. Keep after him and when you get close, he will end up behind a giant gate and you will have to fight. Kill a few enemies and when you get the chance, climb the gate and continue your chase. When you catch him at the pier. When he attacks, merely counter to kill him.


Saw that coming. Kill the attacking guards. They shouldn't be too difficult since there are no special enemies in the group. Head up the ramp the way you came. When you get to the city proper, there will be lots of smoke. You need to escape quickly because you will lose health over time. If you don't have extra health from armor, you may not be able to get Full Synchronization until later. Just keep making your way out, following the checkpoints laid out for you. When you get outside, you will be attacked by more guards but they can be ignored and you can just jump off the ledge.

Passing the Torch

Lead the Polo brothers down the hill and out of the castle. Whenever enemies attack, hold the strike button down to get rid of them. Just keep moving down the hill and using the apple to protect yourself until the memory ends.


Search the house and eventually you will find what you are looking for. When you regain control of Ezio, jump right into the streets and walk through the main gate. Kill the enemies here (this is a good time to do the bonus objective). Once you've completed your bonus objective, you can actually head straight for your target, completely bypassing all of the enemies here. Run for the target, climb the building and drop down next to him. You don't actually have to "assassinate" him.

The Exchange

First go to the Assassin HQ and start this mission, then head to the next checkpoint to meet up with your Assassins. After that, climb the wall and meet up for the exchange. Then you want to turn around and climb the tower to the top to save Sofia but when you get to the top, you discover your princess is in another castle so jump off of the building and parachute down. If you keep an eye below you, you should see a zipline that you can fall onto for a trophy or achievement, however this will slow you down causing Sofia to lose health which may cost you the bonus objective. Either way, hurry over to her and interact with her to free her.

There isn't any fighting or sneaking necessary. The only two constrictions are that you need to reach the top of the tower in under two minutes (can probably do it in under one) and that you need to save Sofia before she runs out of health which should not be overly difficult since you can literally go as the eagle flies.

End of the Road

To kill guards, crash into them. If you wind up more (come in at a steeper angle) then you will deel more damage. So keep bouncing off of them to get rid of them. When you end up with carriages on either side, just keep bouncing back and forth between them to maximize damage. Remember to stay on the grass because your carriage takes damage on rocks.

After you deal with this two carriages, you'll end up using your parachute. In this section, you need to take out the guards on horseback that are harrassing Sofias carriage. You can push forward or back to adjust speed, press left or right to dodge obstacles and use the strike button to assassinate the guards. You need to kill 20 of them to finish your bonus objective. Use medicine if you need it. Once this section ends, you'll be caught in an airborn duel with Ahmet.

At first, you can only hit the High Profile button to block his attacks but after that, you'll be able to strike him and block his attacks. After the tussle, you will finish this mission

A Home Coming

Walk with sofia into the library and through the hole in the wall. Go through the door and, in the next room, aproach the door that requires the keys. Activate Eagle Vision to see the puzzle. The Keys belong to only one figure. To finish this puzzle, you must use the keys to finish the upper right figure. There are three pieces with only one line. The narrowest belongs at the tail while the other two belong at the ends of the wings. The disc with three points belongs at the head and the one with four points goes in the middle. Just make sure you rotate these so that the lines on the discs match up with the lines on the wall.

Head down the dusty hallway, lighting the torches on the right as you go. Go straight through the middle to the head chair.

Lost Legacy

Go through the same actions as you just did as Ezio except put out the torches. Head to the back of the room and place the Apple. Then head back to the chair and take a rest.

The Message

Approach the Apple of Eden to learn what's going on...