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Walkthrough by eolsunder

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/21/2014





V 1.0 Completed 1-21-2014

Written and maintained by James Friel
Copyright @2014 James Friel (jamesfriel05@comcast.net) This FAQ is solely
intended for use on Gamefaq.com forum site, and may not be reproduced or
duplicated without permission of myself. If you want to use or duplicate
the FAQ, feel free on other sites, I really am not a greedy person, just
make sure to credit the FAQ and myself when doing it. 

FALLOUT NEW VEGAS is a game published by Bethesda Softworks 10/19/10.
Developed by Obsidian Entertainment.


  I.    Revision History
  II.   Introduction
  III.  Walkthrough

   1. Pass to Canyon Wreckage
   2. Hopeville Silo Bunker Entrance
   3. Hopeville Missile Silo Bunker
   4. Hopeville Missile Base Headquarters
   5. Hopeville Missile Base - West Entrance
   6. Hopeville Missile Base - Loading Station
   7. Marked Men Camp
   8. Marked Men Guard Outpost
   9. Marked Men Supply Outpost
  10. Marked Men Base
  11. Collapsed Overpass Tunnel Entrance
  12. High Road Entrance
  13. The Crows Nest
  14. Ruined Highway Interchange
  15. Junction 7 Rest Stop
  16. Ashton Silo Control Station
  17. Sunstone Tower
  18. Sunstone Tower Roof
  19. Third Street Municipal Building
  20. Cave Of The Abaddon
  21. Boxwood Hotel Roof
  22. Wastewater Treatment Plant
  23. Waste Disposal Station
  24. The Courier's Mile
  25. Ulysses's Temple
  IV.   Last Words


1/21/2014 v1.0
- Walkthrough started
- Added Introduction
- Added Locations 1-25
- Added Last Words

[NOTE: my revision history starts at version 1.0 and each change will be
      noted as a .1 addition, so on the 3rd revision if it gets to that
      will be version 1.3]


This is a walkthrough for the FALLOUT NEW VEGAS DLC LONESOME ROAD. The 
walkthrough is part of a complete New Vegas walkthrough I have posted up on
Gamefaqs.com. I included it solo so that those not following my regular
walkthrough who need help can use the DLC also.

During this walkthrough my characters are already level 50 with maximum skill
points so there isn't any reason to worry about perks and such things. I
will be noting where skill books and special items are for those who might
play the DLC at lower levels.

There are A LOT of random loot boxes, items and stuff in the DLC. Since the
DLC is mostly just a big ruined area with zillions of places to search I 
will not note every place to find random loot, only items that are important
to the DLC like quest items, weapon upgrades, notes, info, etc. If you really
want to spend hours and hours searching every nook and cranny for loot and
items, go ahead. Anyone at high or max levels won't need it.

LONESOME ROAD starts at the west part of your FALLOUT NEW VEGAS map, at the
CANYON WRECKAGE, which is southwest from LONE WOLF RADIO, or west of PRIMM.

Some Info on the LONESOME ROAD DLC before you start..

 ) LONESOME ROAD DLC increases your maximum level by 5, like the other 3 
 ) You cannot take Companions into the DLC. Dismiss your companions ahead of
 ) You can enter and leave the DLC at any time through the CANYON WRECKAGE
 ) You can fast travel in the DIVIDE, but not at certain locations or at
   certain times.
 ) You can bring any items and equipment you want, and can return to the
   DIVIDE after completing it.
 ) There is no opening Narration unlike the other 3 DLCs.
 ) In settings turn your Actor-fade to maximum for best spotting of targets,
   and turn off travel auto-saves to cut down on fast travel lockups and bad
   travel save files. 




You arrive in the DLC at a narrow canyon, leading down to view the great 
DIVIDE, basically a huge rift in the earth caused by nuclear blasts smacking
around tectonic plates, releasing earthquakes, horrific nuclear storms and
wind, and other icky bad things that nuclear war does. 

First off we will show you what we WON'T be doing in the DIVIDE. There are 
a lot, and I mean a lot of loot containers, random loot, and misc stuff all
about. I guess they wanted to make the DIVIDE a junk pile. I will give you
a quick show of what I mean. After this point I will not tell you where to
find random loot. If you want to explore that is up to you. I will only tell
you where items that you need will be located, quest items, unique items, 
upgrades, etc. You are at a high enough level you don't need regular items
or caps and there isn't any reason to hunt junk for a hour or 2.

Directly when you enter the Pass, up on the right is a dufflebag on a ledge.
To the left is a junk car, on top is a suitcase. Head down the Pass a little
on the left is a tunnel pipe. Go behind the pile and a caravan crate is
there, continue across a board over the 2 large pipes sticking out of the
cliff to some minor loot and a toolbox. Now, go back and climb up inside the
tunnel pipe to the top to another dufflebag. There is a 3rd dufflebag on
top of the tunnel pipe, you'll have to move to the side a little to see it.

Continue northwest and you'll go under a fallen metal tower. On the ledge to
the right is some minor loot and a 4th dufflebag. You can see what I mean
by a bunch of minor loot and loot containers about. This is only in the 
quick entry area, the rest of the ruins are just as bad. From this point on
I won't lead you to such minor loot unless it contains something necessary.

I personally use the first dufflebag on the ledge at the entrance as a 
storage container for the early part of the DLC since it is right at the DLC
entrance and easy to get to.

Continue to the end of the short path to the HOPEVILLE SILO BUNKER ENTRANCE.


Head down the ramp into the entrance room. A CONTROL PANEL is directly ahead
but we can't use it. Access the wall terminal on the right to unlock the
Maintenance Access Door. Continue through into the Utility room. A couple
new items are on a nearby shelf, a [BREATHER MASK] and a [ARC WELDER],
neither of which are very useful unless you totally forgot to bring weapons
with you.

Access the Maintenance Bot terminal and release the prototype ED-E bot. Talk
to him for a minute and get him to join you as a companion. After he joins
talk to him again pass [REPAIR:25] and [GUNS:25] to access his ability to
function as a RELOADING BENCH and WORKBENCH. Lead ED-E to the Commissary
terminal on the wall. He automatically activates such devices when he is in
range. The Commissary terminals act as VENDORS and REPAIR stations. Go ahead
and use the Commissary to purchase the 6 weapon mods for the 2 new DIVIDE
weapons [RED GLARE] and [SMMG] (Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun). Also I would
suggest buying any AUTO-STIM items since you have plenty of caps, and extra
healing never hurts. Should cost you about 65,000 caps to get all the mods.

Head back to the entrance room and ED-E will turn on the CONTROL PANEL. Flip
the switch to restore the SILO power. Go through the now unlocked REACTOR
door and search the DESTROYED EYEBOT on the ground to get the first of ED-E's
upgrade circuit. Unlock the nearby HYDRAULIC LV-3 door to a room with minor
loot. Exit and enter the main Missile Silo. A [DEANS ELECTRONICS] is on the
ground by a desk.

Directly behind a fallen catwalk on the left is a desk with the [HOPEVILLE-
2ND LEVEL SECURITY CODE]. Go up the stairs to the 2nd level, enter the door
ahead and kill the SENTRYBOT. In the hard [LOCKPICK:75] desk is the

Go up the stairs into the next room, ED-E will access some more data files
and you can talk with him some more. Loot and enter the main missile SILO
area again, killing the next SENTRYBOT. On the left REPAIR and HACK the 
turret terminal then kill the turret. Enter the large doors to the west into
the base commanders room. the [SILO SECURITY CODES] are in his desk. Access
the nearby terminal to OPEN PERSONAL SENTRY DOORS. This will let you loot a
few items in the SENTRYBOT alcoves. Exit back to the silo and enter the
MAIN ENTRANCE door on the right.

To the right click on the Main SILO door controls and have ED-E unlock them.
Then click on it again to open the doors. SENTRYBOTS will be activated. Go
back into the SILO area and kill the 2 SENTRYBOTS coming from the commanders
office. Then head south into the newly opened corridor and finish off any
SENTRYBOTS and TURRETS left. Loot what you want, head south and up the ramp


As you exit ULYSSES will converse with you through ED-E. You can talk to him
for info, and pass a variety of checks. PERCEPTION:7, INTELLIGENCE:7,

Head east down the hill towards a small building, in front is a NUCLEAR
WARHEAD. Examine it. These warheads can be detonated with a special gun we
will get pretty soon. We will want to explode them all, they lead to special
areas, special events, can be used to kill enemies, and other things. We will
come back to this one later.

Go north to the small gas station and in the repair bay is a WORKBENCH. Head
northeast to encounter 2 MARKED MEN. Kill them, and enter the HOPEVILLE


2 MARKED MEN are inside the building. A [NIKOLA TESLA AND YOU] book is on the
bookcase to the right. The first room down the left has a DESTROYED EYEBOT
with ED-E's 2nd upgrade [EYEBOT UPGRADE CIRCUIT BOARD]. The next office has

Exit and drop down south into the area with a bunch of round military storage
buildings, you'll register HOPEVILLE MISSILE BASE - WEST ENTRANCE.


As you drop down there are 2 metal shed buildings. The one to your left has
a terminal you can unlock the HOPEVILLE ARMORY door. You need a [SCIENCE:75]
[LOCKPICK:100] or the ARMORY ACCESS CODES you picked up from the BASE HQ.
Unlock it and enter. This Armory shed has a bed, [GUNS AND BULLETS] on a 
rear shelf and misc loot.

Exit and head directly southwest between the next 2 metal storage buildings
and a single box on the ground holds a [BASE GATE KEY]. Head southeast and
you'll come to an unmarked building, the HOPEVILLE MENS BARRACKS. Inside are
3 MARKED MEN. A [TUMBLERS TODAY] is in the bathroom under a box. Also
a COMMISSARY can be activated to sell/repair. Talk to ED-E and you can pass
REPAIR:35/65 and EXPLOSIVES:35/65 checks to access other functions. 

Head back west up the hill towards the building with the nuclear warhead then
head southeast down the short road, through the locked gate to the 


Directly after you open the gate to the south (right) is an overturned truck
with some loot crates, and in the toolbox is [ULYSSES' LOG:Y-17 15]. In the
back of the area southeast are 4 PLASMA MINES and some loot containers.

Fast travel back to HOPEVILLE MISSILE BASE HEADQUARTERS and head east, 
through a locked gate and up a rubble ramp towards a large red bus in a 
ruined house. This will drop you down into MARKED MEN CAMP.


You will enter this small street at the north side. There are a couple MARKED
MEN you need to kill first, one has a [RED GLARE] rocket launcher. Loot the
ground street first if you want. On the south side a truck blocks the exit,
it has a NUCLEAR WARHEAD in the back. Now head upstairs and search the roofs
of the buildings. The HOPEVILLE MISSILE BASE - EAST EXIT will register.

On the roof other than normal loot is another [RED GLARE] and a [LASER
DETONATOR] which can activate the NUCLEAR WARHEADS we can find. Picking it
up will cause 4 more MARKED MEN to arrive and attack. Kill them off then
head to the south end, staying back and shooting the WARHEAD until it blows
up. This will clear the truck/obstruction so you can exit the camp. Head west
back up to the very first building we saw with the other WARHEAD. Blow that
one up and it will clear the rubble to a door to the WOMENS BARRACKS.

There is a [GROGNAK THE BARBARIAN] under a table, and when you reach the rear
area of the room 2 MARKED MEN enter and attack. Loot what you want then exit
and head back to HOMEVILLE MISSILE BASE-EAST EXIT. Now head a short walk
southeast to the locked gate and enter. You'll head east into the MARKED MEN


A trio of MARKED MEN guard the area, plus theres another close area east that
more MARKED MEN might wander over. There are 2 houses on the right (south)
side, the first has a WORKBENCH and LOADING BENCH in the back and loot. Head
to the second building and on the east side are some doors leading down into
the basement. A [TALES OF A JUNKTOWN VENDOR] is on the table.

Head east over the rubble pile and drop down into the nearby MARKED MEN 


Dropping down into a trio of red truck trailers, the first one on the right
has a box with a [WAREHOUSE STASH KEY] which opens a gate to the northeast.

There is a WARHEAD you can blow up with the LASER DETONATOR, but it doesn't
do anything except blow up. Go north till you hit the rubble wall then take
an east to the locked gate. Unlock it and on the left shelf sits [ULYSSES
Y-17.21] hololog. Head out and west down the road. At the northwest corner is
another WARHEAD. You'll have to blow this up to clear a path to continue 
north. Do it then head north into the MARKED MEN BASE.


As you head north a half dozen or so MARKED MEN will move to attack. BLISTER
the leader carries a [MARKED BEAST HELMET] which gives +10 ENERGY resist.
One of the other men carries a [FLARE PISTOL] which is good to scare
Abominations if you want. I consider them useless because you really have
to hit them to scare them, and I'd rather hit them with big bullets lol.

To the east on the bridge is a ruined car barrier, with a WARHEAD. Blow it up
to clear the bridge area. Down in the hole is some minor loot, so continue


You'll be transitioned to an interior area. Heading through you'll come to
the body of a dead NCR trooper who has the [BRAVO TEAM MISSION ORDERS]. A
couple more NCR bodies are in a short path to the left. 

As you continue on your encounter a new enemy, the TUNNELER. These are a
pain, as they can appear from nowhere, hit hard and are fast. When they get
close just start punching lol. Near the end of the tunnel to the northeast
you'll run into a big group of them, a half dozen or so at once will attack.
Make sure to keep your health up, 1 is a pain, a half dozen is deadly with
them just appearing next to you.

At the exit, head right and behind a fortified area you'll find a [DUCK AND
COVER] in a box under a [TEDDY BEAR]. Go ahead and exit to the HIGH ROAD


Upon exiting ULYSSES will again talk to you through ED-E. Pass some checks
to get some info. SCIENCE:65, SURVIVAL:35, SURVIVAL:35, SPEECH:75, and
PERCEPTION:6. You'll learn a little about your life before your head injury.

Head up to the top of the large ramp and you'll fight a couple MARKED MEN,
including BEAST. Various loot is about, plus in the back of a military truck
is a COMMISSARY terminal. 

Continue up the road and ahead is the ruined structure of a skyscraper into
the highway. 2 MARKED MEN will attack. A WARHEAD sits on the road. You can
actually climb up a structure beam on the left (has an arrow pointing up)
which takes you to the top area of the ruined skyscraper. Work your way across
to a small camp area and you'll find THE CROWS NEST.


This small sniper/scouting area might have a [SATCHEL CHARGE] or 2 mined on
the way up. There is various loot about including a [ULYSSES LOG:y-17.16] on
the ground. The body of a long dead Riot Control officer has a set of

Loot what you want and head back down. Destroy the nearby warhead and keep
going east. You'll run into a small camper along the way, entering it will
spawn a DEATHCLAW on the roof. Kill it and continue towards another WARHEAD
on the road. At the motorcycle is the [ROUGHIN' IT BEDROLL KIT]. Blow up
the WARHEAD, kill any DEATHCLAWS that bother you and move forward to the


Keep heading southeast down the highway, after a while you'll get another
recorded message from ED-E. Might run into a DEATHCLAW or 2. At the end of
the highway is a huge collapsed tunnel. There is a road heading up the hills
to the left, we will head that way later. For now continue right down the
hill towards the huge tunnel. You can see a red truck cab stuck in the 
tunnel ruins. Head up there and to the right is a small camp area where
[ULYSSES LOG Y-17.22] sits on the ground.

Take a right and west down the hill to the underbelly of the overpass system.
We will be exploring under it for a little bit before we continue with our
main quest.  Going down will register the JUNCTION 7 REST STOP.


Consisting of a ruined building and another WARHEAD. Go ahead and destroy the
WARHEAD FIRST. When you enter the ruined shop 3 TUNNELERS will spawn around
the back and 2 DEATHCLAWS up on the top highway. Go ahead and kill them all
so you don't have to worry about them later.

Now re-enter the shop. Upstairs is a [SNOW GLOBE-LONESONE ROAD]. To the
northwest of the building further in the ruins is a destroyed liquor store
that has misc loot about.

Head back up to the highway and we are now going to take that path up the
hill to the left of the big tunnel. Once you pass under a fallen highway
sign, watch out for a half dozen or so [SATCHEL CHARGES] mined on the road.
Disarm them as you continue up the road entering a ruined building area on
the right.

There are a trio of MARKED MEN, including BONESAW in the housing ruins. Go
ahead and take the time to clear them out. At the very end of the road
southeast is another WARHEAD to blow up. This will open up a small cave
containing some loot containers.

Head back to the entrance of the housing area and head north through the
open gate. You'll come up to a small control station overlooking a ruined


Approaching the controls, ED-E will unlock them. In a nearby footlock you
can find a [INDUSTRIAL HAND] unarmed weapon. Very wierd and strong unarmed
chainsaw like weapon.

Activate the control lever to launch a Nuclear Missile that misfires and
detonates in the air soon after launch. The nearby SILO doors are now open
and you can enter. 

You will be at the top of a large access lift. A couple TUNNELER enemies will
appear so kill them. Activate the lift and you'll take a long ride down into
the bowels of the SILO. During this ride a half dozen or so TUNNELER foes
will appear to attack you, so keep healed and kill them. You'll finish the
ride at the lower level doors, enter them to continue.

You'll see stairs leading down on the left and doors ahead and to the right.
Head through the right door (south) and into the missile launch pad. Go
around to the south door, Hack the hard monitor [SCIENCE:75] and open the
door. Inside is a DESTROYED EYEBOT, with ED-E's 3rd [UPGRADE CHIP]. Exit and
go northeast down the corridor. The first room on the left has a SENTRYBOT,
a COMMISSARY terminal and an AUTO-DOC. Head out the back, follow the 
corridor left and at the next terminal door hack the terminal to open the
door into another room to loot. Go back to the first entrance room and take
the stairs down to level 2.

Go around into the missile launch pad again, unlock the single locked door
if you want and continue down into the center rubble area. There is a [BIG
BOOK OF SCIENCE] in the north corner of the level 3 rubble. Now drop down
to the hidden hole in the floor of the missile pad and a couple TUNNELERS 
will appear to attack. All the way in the back is the door to SUNSTONE TOWER.


As you go up one flight of stairs 3 or so TUNNELERS will attack from both
up the stairs and in the nearby room. Once they are dead there is a hidden
[CHINESE OFFICER TRAINING MANUAL] we have to get, but its tricky. On the
first landing on the left are 2 bookshelves. The right shelf is facing the
wall and the manual is in it, but we can't get it.. Or can we...

Go into 3rd person view (F). Crouch and face directly into the corner where
the shelf meets the wall. Now slowly turn your camera left until your
crosshairs are on your right shoulder area. You should now be able to access
the manual even though you can't see it. Can also try holding F while turning
or even zooming and turning.

Continue up the stairs until you exit out back into the DIVIDE onto the roof


As you exit the tower, ULYSSES will talk with you again. Once finished look
down off the building west. Down below you can see 2 WARHEADS, one on the 
left by the ruined building, and one straight down, by a campsite with 3
MARKED MEN. Use your LASER DETONATOR to destroy the below one, hopefully 
killing the MARKED MEN in the process of exploding. Then destroy the left
one. You want to head down to ground level now, there are some steel antenna
beams that have been set up as a pathway down the building. 

Take the first beam down to a room with a stairway. Ignore this for a minute
and continue across another beam into a loot room. A [ULYSSES LOG: Y-17.23]
lies on the floor. Head back to the stairway and go down, through a storage
area, down some more into a ruined building and finally onto the ground

Lets take out the MARKED MEN first then you can look about. Head towards the
first camp, there is a [SATCHEL CHARGE] mined on the way. Head towards the
4 MARKED MEN across to the south and finish them off. A couple more MARKED
MEN may appear behind you on the building roof to the northwest. Once they
are dead you can explore and loot if you want.

Now go back to the campsite. Head east and down in a small rubble hole with
some MOLERATS is a dufflebag containing [PVT. FOSTERS PERSONAL JOURNAL].

When done head down northwest through the rubble and you'll come to a 3rd
WARHEAD blocking the passage. Blow it up and continue northwest. Now to the
left is a steel beam leading up to a 3 level partial building. Head up the
beam up to the room. This will register the THIRD STREET MUNICIPAL BUILDING,
but don't go in yet, instead 3 MARKED MEN appear to the north at the 2 level
white hotel building. Go back down and north to kill them.

Go northeast and the very next building on the left has 2 hallways of the
top level exposed. The first hallway leads down to a holotape on the floor
[ULYSSES LOG: Y-17.17]. Exit and continue northeast then north to the end of
the road. There are 2 WARHEADS here. Destroy the southeast one first, which
will clear a shortcut back to the SUNSTONE TOWER area. There is also a
DESTROYED EYEBOT up here that has ED-E's 4TH UPGRADE CIRCUIT. Don't destroy
the last WARHEAD to the northwest yet, that's our exit area. Instead head
back to the beam leading up and enter the ruins of the THIRD STREET MUNICIPAL


In the first room you enter hack the terminal for some quest info. Go out
the metal walkway and enter the sewer grate to the MUNICIPAL SEWERS. This
small area has 2 TUNNELERS that will attack as you enter, and the last 

Climb up and exit back into the MUNICIPAL BUILDINGS top floor. Here you a 
dead NCR trooper you can find your first set of ELITE RIOT GEAR ARMOR and
HELMET. Now its time to exit the area. Head up to the last WARHEAD on the
north side and blow it up. Enter the underground area that is revealed. ED-E
will play another voice clip. You can pass GUNS:50 and REPAIR:50 to keep the
conversation going. You'll enter the CAVE OF THE ABADDON.


A short hallway leads into a strange darkening as you enter the underground
cavern area. 2-3 TUNNELERS will be about and attack. Head to the far north
part of the cave and there is a SUITCASE next to a skeleton. Inside is

Continue west into the next area, you are going to be swarmed by 6-8
TUNNELERS at once, so prepare ahead of time. On the other side is a half
buried AUTO-DOC, and another buried building you'll enter. Just before you
exit the cave, by the large bed, is a [DC JOURNAL OF MEDICINE]. Before you
exit have ED-E repair your weapons, give ammo, etc we will lose him in a
second. Exit the door onto the BOXWOOD HOTEL ROOF.


When you exit the CAVE OF THE ABADDON, ULYSSES will talk to you again. This
time when he is done he will override ED-E and call him away. Anything he
was carrying will be transferred to you. Head down to the ground level, and
head to the southeast all the way to a water pool. You will run into a
couple DEATHCLAWS on the way. Behind the pool of water is an entrance to a
small cavern. When you enter the entrance is sealed up with a rockslide and
it gets real dark fast.

Inside is a named DEATHCLAW, RAWR. You can see a WARHEAD across the cavern
near him. Blow it up with your LASER DETONATOR. Now whip out a weapon and
kill this doggie. When done loot him for his RAWR CLAW (which you can make
into an unarmed weapon at the next WORKBENCH you find). You can search
the cavern and in a dufflebag is a [MISSION REPORT]. You will have to shoot
a 2nd WARHEAD in order to unblock the cavern again. Do so and head out back
to the pond.

Go northwest towards a small building and another WARHEAD. Careful. There are
3 MARKED MEN on the structure. Also on the path to the WARHEAD you might
see some dead bodies and there are some [SATCHEL CHARGES] mining the road.
The trouble here is sometimes the charges are under the ground and you can't
see them to disarm them. Easiest thing to do is blast the WARHEAD from afar
hopefully taking down the 3 MARKED MEN also. This explosion opens a tunnel
under the building structure northwest. Go through the tunnel.

On the other side there are 3 ledges along the left/front/right cliff faces
where MARKED MEN snipers are located. Each location has a WARHEAD you can
simply blow up to take out the snipers. Head out into the pool area, and
an invisible MARKED MAN will attack, this is BLADE. 

From here head east up the metal lattice tower to where the earlier 3 
MARKED MEN were. To the right is a small campsite. Two dufflebags contain
footlocker is another [INDUSTRIAL FIST]. Go north up the catwalk, turn left
and in the long room access and read JACKIE'S COMPUTER for info. Go back to
the water pool.

Go south to the 2 level ruined building. Careful on the path to the left side
is a [SATCHEL CHARGE]. Inside the ruins in the back is a WORKBENCH. When
you approach it, 2 MARKED MEN will appear behind you and attack. Just outside
the building is another WARHEAD. Destroying it will form a ramp for easier
access up. Go up the ramp, past a small campsite and at the base of the next
ramp is a [SATCHEL CHARGE]. Disarm and continue north up the ramp. Hug the
rocks to the right and you'll head south up to an open area. Another [SATCHEL
CHARGE] is on the ground. Here is the WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT.


Before you head in, destroy the nearby WARHEAD which will reveal a couple
loot boxes, and forms a ramp down from the area for easier access. Go ahead
and enter the sewer grate to the Plant.

Go through and in the main treatment room some MARKED MEN are fighting a
group of TUNNELERS. Nice, good place to toss a couple grenades. Kill them 
all then head into the back locker room. Access the MANAGERS TERMINAL to get
some info. A [PUGILISM ILLUSTRATED] is hidden behind some lockers. 

Exit the TREATMENT PLANT and head north/northwest up the fallen building to
the top. Theres a metal plank leading across into a ruined building. Take a
hard left and head west down the rubble, hugging the right wall. You will
drop down into a small alcove area, the WASTE DISPOSAL STATION. Before you
enter, the path out on the left has a [SATCHEL CHARGE] to disarm, plus 2
MARKED MEN will appear to attack you. Once they are dead enter the WASTE


This radioactive cavern system has 2 branches, to the left within a mess of
radioactive barrels are some loot boxes and a [WASTELAND SURVIVAL GUIDE]. 

Heading right, a path leads back to a skeleton with a [WHO EVER FINDS THIS]
note on the ground. 3 TUNNELER foes will appear in the cavern to take down
on your way out. Exit the DISPOSAL STATION. 

We are almost done with the DLC. We have the final area ULYSSES TEMPLE but
there is one more place we have to go first. It is the area that was opened
up when we launched the nuclear missile and it exploded. 

Fast travel to HOPEVILLE MISSILE SILO BUNKER, and head south down to the
road and right. Heading to the vehicle wall, you can click on it and enter to


This is a highly radioactive place, with many foes. The area is divided into
a north and south. The south is where IRRADIATED DEATHCLAWS roam, and the
north is where IRRADIATED MARKED MEN are about. The way the area works is
the closer to the "center" you get, the higher the radiation. So try and stay
along the edges if possible. 

There are 2 NUCLEAR WARHEADS you need to destroy while in here, along with
a few unique items. [BLOOD-NAP] a unique Bowie Knife is stuck in a street
lamp right at the entrance. The WARHEADS of course are in the north and
south. Not really any goal here. Kill everything, grab the unique knife if
you want it, and loot what you want. 

Once you are done in the COURIER'S MILE fast travel back to the WASTE
DISPOSAL STATION. Head west towards the 2 level building. The entrance to
ULYSSES'S TEMPLE is on the 2nd floor. Climb the rocks on the right, watch
out for 2 [SATCHEL CHARGES] before you enter the 2nd floor. Go through and
on the other side a campsite with 3 MARKED MEN is waiting. Once they are
dead enter the door into ULYSSES'S TEMPLE.


When you enter, head through the door right and hack the hard [SCIENCE:75]
terminal and open the door to some misc loot. The next room has a SENTRYBOT
on guard. Take it out. Use the Maintenance terminal to open the main corridor
door and the 2 doors into the EYEBOT room.

Enter the EYEBOT room, take out the SENTRYBOT and the 2 GUN TURRETS. Use the
terminal to open the 2nd storage container, releasing ED-E. Talk to him and
pass a SCIENCE:60 check. Have him join up with you again. Let him activate
the COMMISSARY terminal in the main room. Make sure your gear is fully
repaired, weapons ready, etc. Your soon are going to tangle with ULYSSES.

NOTE: If you want the LONESOME ROAD PERK, which gives 10% damage and 10% hit
increase in vats with no companions, you need to leave ED-E in the chamber.
Normally in a high level game your almost done with the game anyway so it
doesn't matter, but if your a lower level player and want the perk, make sure
not to release ED-E at this time. In my walkthrough your level 50 anyway and
at the final mission, so go ahead and release ED-E, doesn't matter.

Enter the last room, use the AUTO-DOC if you need, and take the doorway into
ULYSSES' TEMPLE. This is a large area. There are 6 NUCLEAR WARHEADS here, the
last 6 you have to blow up. Go ahead and do this before we worry about taking
down ULYSSES. Now approach ULYSSES and talk with him. Ok talk is cheap lets
finish the Legion scum. Doesn't deserve the right to wear any American flag
or cheap knockoff. Kill ULYSSES, then you'll have to fight some EYEBOTS and a
half dozen or so intruding MARKED MEN. At this point it isn't a problem.

Now access the missile controls near the center of the area. They are
blinking so that might make them easier to find. You have a choice on what
targets to pick, or none at all if you have ED-E. Well, we ARE playing this
walkthrough supporting MR. HOUSE which means.. everyone else is toast. 
ULYSSES was right about 1 thing. The NCR are fading in the region, the LEGION
won't last, only you and MR. HOUSE will easily survive anything in the
future and can make it better. Fire the NUCLEAR MISSILES at both NCR and the
LEGION TARGETS. Now exit the room to complete the DLC and arrive back in


Hopefully this Walkthrough might help someone looking to do LONESOME ROAD.
This Walkthrough wasn't designed for you to find every item, or to tell you
how to do every action. Instead it's to find and do most locations and
complete most quests and find most unique items.

You of course will not level up exactly as I state in the walkthrough,
because of random fights, exploring and other things, but you will be in the
general level range. Its laid out as a guideline, not a plan.

Feel free to email me with problems you might catch, such as directional
mistakes, spelling, a skill book that is in an areas that i didn't mention,
you get the idea. Don't email me with "why did you do this first, or that".
This is my walkthrough, not yours. You don't have to do the areas in the
order I put them in. 

Now that you have played and learned the game, the next time you play you
can make it a little tougher or different. Play on hard mode. Stick with a
unique template for roleplaying (Cowboy, Night Stalker, etc). You have to be
careful on hardcore mode, since your companions can die. Due to glitches, 
bad programming, and other reasons this can happen easy. Save a lot.

That's about it. Hope you had fun with the game, and good luck on your next

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