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by Andrew Testa

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Guide and Walkthrough by Andrew Testa

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/29/2014
FAQ of the Month Winner: June 2014

Fallout: New Vegas - Honest Hearts

Fallout: New Vegas - Honest Hearts DLC FAQ/Walkthrough

Version 1.0 (6/28/14)

Written by Andrew Testa

Email Address: andrew.c.testa@gmail.com

This document is Copyright (c) 2014 Andrew Testa. All Rights Reserved.


Welcome to my strategy guide for the Honest Hearts DLC of Fallout: New Vegas! In this guide, you'll find a complete, beginning-to-end walkthrough, ripe with pictures of maps and hard-to-find spots. The walkthrough is separated by quest for easy navigation. In addition, I have put the optional quests and side quests in separate sections, as well.

I hope you enjoy your stay at Zion a little more with this guide. :)


To receive the quest, all you have to do is download the DLC! That is, you will automatically receive the quest "Happy Trails Expedition" after you've installed the Honest Hearts DLC to your console or computer.

You can play the DLC from whatever previous saves you may have of Fallout New Vegas, OR from starting a brand new game. Either way, you'll automatically receive the quest and the radio signal.

It is advised, however, that you are level 20+ before you venture into Zion. This is because it can be difficult to kill stuff; of course, if you consider yourself a pro at Fallout, go in whenever you like. :)

As Honest Hearts was the second DLC released for the game, most players originally completed the DLC after at least doing the main quest of the original Fallout New Vegas and completing the first DLC, Dead Money. Completing either of these is not required, but it will help level you up.

You can, however, run straight to the Happy Trails Expedition quest marker right after Doc lets you out of his house; that is, right at the beginning of the game.

Honest Hearts also raises the level cap by 5 so players already at max level can continue to level.

There are a lot less skill checks than the first DLC, but it will be really helpful for you if your character has at least these skill levels for various conversation checks in dialogue:

  • Survival 50 (most important!)
  • Repair 50
  • Lockpick 75
  • Science 75
  • Medicine 75
  • Speech 75

Aside from the 75/100 pounds of equipment that you bring, all weapons and armor that you've previously acquired is gone for the duration of the DLC. You'll get it back after you've completed all the quests in Honest Hearts, however, so don't worry about losing your stuff forever!


The location of the start of the DLC.

Happy Trails Expedition

Change "Happy Trails Expedition" to your active quest and fast travel to the nearest map marker that you have. The start of the DLC is located at a place called "The Northern Passage," which is just a cool way to say a hole in the mountain. But as the name suggests, it is to the far, far north of the Wasteland.

When you arrive, you'll see a caravan about to go off. Talk to Jed Masterson to join the expedition. He states that you can only have 75 pounds of items on you, but you can raise that limit to 100 if you pass a Survival 50 conversation check. Put any items that you don't need in the box near Jed.

When you have less than 75/100 pounds of weight, talk to Jed to begin your journey into Zion.

Arrival at Zion

Welcome to Zion!

After a nice pep talk from Jed, follow the caravan and, very quickly, all hell breaks loose. You'll be assaulted by the White Leg faction. They come from on top of the mountain, on the land below the mountain, and near the bridge. No matter what you do, the entire caravan will die as a result of this assault. So just as quickly as you made a friend in Jed, you lost a friend, too.

At any rate, you'll want to wipe out the White Legs around here before you continue. There are only five or six at medium distance. When you've cleared them, be sure to loot everything -- even your fallen comrades -- and then cross the wood bridge over the river. You'll get fired at by a White Leg, but a mysterious man will kill the White Leg from behind for you.

This is Follows-Chalk, and he is a companion in this DLC. He'll explain some things, and then you're off to the Dead Horses camp. The location is marked on your map -- it's due east of here. The terrain is not very difficult to navigate, but be sure to watch out for enemies that appear from higher terrains.

The location of the camp.

When you get close, you'll have to walk in the river -- you'll know because you'll see a sign with "Eastern Virgin" on it. Follow the river to the camp. Avoid the bear traps in the water, however! These bear traps are usually placed in the center of the river, so be sure to look down and watch your step.

After arriving at the camp, the objective changes to talking to Joshua. He's located inside Angel Cave, which is behind the camp. In the cave, you'll be immediately asked something by a disciple in their native language. If you do an Intelligence 7 check, you can impress the disciple. Otherwise, just be polite! :)

Continue into the very small cave to find Joshua (the band-aid man) working on some guns at a table. Say all the dialogue options, agree to help him, and three optional quests will appear. These quests, Roadside Attraction (A), Gone Fishin' (A), and Tourist Trap (A), all require going to an abandoned cabin and picking up items for Joshua. I have listed them in the Optional Quests section (just click the links above!) because they are completely optional.

After completing those three quests, you'll receive Deliverer of Sorrows, the next main quest.

Deliverer of Sorrows

The Narrows is the next place you need to go.

Head to the Narrows, which is in the northern part of the map. You'll have to go through, well, a narrow canyon to get there. When you first arrive, you'll be greeted by Waking Cloud, who will give you the side quest Rite of Passage.

Continue through the Narrows (just follow the river) to find Daniel. Talk to him to complete the quest. You'll lose Follows-Chalk as a companion after completing the quest.

Now is a good time to complete the side quest Rite of Passage.

River Monsters

These are the spots where you need to plant the explosives.

Deal with the Yao Guai at Pine Creek

You can "deal with" the Yao Guai in two ways: (a) kill the ones at Pine Creek, or (b) set up explosives in their cave. For option A, you just have to go to the quest marker (the southern quest markers) and exterminate the Yao Guai. This can be a little tougher than option B, and is pretty run-of-the-mill at that. Go there, kill, done.

Option B is much more fun and unique. Go to Yao Guai cave and plant the explosives at the quest marker locations. Note that you do not have the explosives in your inventory, so don't get confused and try to swap to them in your inventory. Instead, you simply go to the locations in the cave and "activate" near the quest markers. When you've planted them, exit the cave and the detonator will automatically be equipped. Press the button and kaboom! quest done. :)

Note: It might seem like you need to plant one explosive near the entrance, but that's just the game trying to get you to go kill the Yao Guai in the canyon. It's much more fun to complete it the explosive way. So, don't go looking for a place to plant an explosion near the entrance, because it's not there! :)

The Treacherous Road

A picture of a White Leg trap.

Deal with the White Leg traps

This is another short quest with two ways to complete it. The first way is just to kill all the White Leg sappers in the area, and the second way is to disarm all the traps around the bridge. Just like in River Monsters, the kill quest is boring, while the disarm quest has some uniqueness.

For the kill quest, so just go on over and kill'em all. They aren't tough enemies at all.

For the disarm quest, you should try to sneak your way to the bridge. There are six traps that you must disarm. For each trap, you'll get the "disarm" option screen. Three traps are on the bridge itself, while two are on the north side and two on the south side. Use your minimap if you have any trouble because the quest markers denote the locations of the bear traps.

When you've killed all the sappers, or disarmed all the traps, the quest will be completed.

The Advance Scouts

A picture of a totem.

Deal with the White Legs' camp

Yes, yes, another quest with two ways to go about it. Just as with the other two, the easier -- albeit bloodier -- way to complete the quest is just to kill all the White Legs at the Bluff. There aren't many, and they are a little more tough than sappers. I suggest sneak attacks and maintaining distance.

The more enjoyable way to complete the quest is to sneak into their camp and steak the two war totems. To do this, you'll need a decent Sneak skill and some presence of mind to stay clear of the White Legs. A picture of what the totems look like is above.

When you've killed them all or stolen both totems, the quest will be completed.

The Grand Staircase

Morning Glory Cave is your next destination.

Find a map of the Grand Staircase region

This quest does not have two options, but you can recruit Waking Cloud before the quest begins. I recommend doing this, because she is a good follower and has her own quest.

When you're ready, head on over to Morning Glory Cave. Inside, Waking Cloud warns you about the cave; you can answer however you like as it does not change her ending narration. Continue inside the cave and you'll quickly find out Waking Cloud was correct. The cave has these big plants with teeth (Giant Spores) and they are just plain freaky. Shoot them down from range; there will be three of them, and they are up on higher ground.

With the area clear, go to the south part of the cave to find the locked door. There is a rigged shotgun before the door, so be careful! At the door, you can unlock it if you are better than Average skill, or you can go retrieve the key, which is in a bag in the northern part of the cave.

Either way, enter through the now-unlocked door and take the stuff in the Survival Cache to complete the quest. The cache is located inside the closed-tarped area and is near the Terminal.

Now onto the "Gathering Storms" quest.

Gathering Storms

This is another very short quest. Simply head back to Daniel (fast travel!) to complete half the quest. The other half, you should save the game first. It's just a conversation choice, but it will affect whether you do the "Flight from Zion" quest or the "Crush the White Legs" quest. The game even states that:

"No Going Back! Whether you decide whether the Sorrows should fight or flee, your decision will set their destiny irrevocably in motion. You will be unable to finish any remaining quests in Zion once you make your decision, so choose wisely."

So it's definitely best to make a fresh save file for this point, in case you want to do the other quest but do not want to complete the DLC all over again.

Fleeing leads to Flight from Zion and fighting leads to Crush the White Legs. I've listed fleeing first and crushing second. :)

Flight from Zion

You will receive "Flight from Zion" along with three optional quests. Completing the three optional quests nets you a different ending narration, and it is probably the "most correct" way to complete the DLC the first time. The optional quests are Prisoners of War, Retake the Bridge, and Sanctity of the Dead.

Once you have complete those optional quests -- or decided not to complete them -- we have this quest to complete. It is basically the final quest, as Departing Paradise simply involves leaving Zion.

The quest itself is actually pretty short once you've done the optional quests. Simply fight your way to the quest marker. There aren't many White Legs, and you'll have a lot of friendly NPCs to help you along way. Just remember not to shoot at the friendlies!

When you reach your destination, you'll find Salt-Upon-Wounds, who will initiate a conversation with you. You can simply cut him off and then kill him, or pass a 75 Speech check. With the speech check, you'll have a few options on how to talk to him, each of which end with him leaving. Whether you kill Salts-Upon-Wounds, let him leave, or let Daniel kill him, will determine some of the ending narration.

After dealing with Salt-Upon-Wounds, talk to Daniel. He'll ask you if you've done everything you can -- this is where the optional quests come in -- and then hand you a detonator when you've said you have done everything you could. The screen transitions, then you have to activate the detonator, which will end the quest.

The final quest is Departing Paradise.

Locate the White Legs leader, Salt-Upon-Wounds, and deal with him

You'll get this quest if you decided to fight and not flee. You have Joshua Graham as a companion, and your main objective is just to exterminate the White Legs, with a focus on their leader Salt-Upon-Wounds.

You basically need to fight your way across the map. Just go south-southwest and follow the trails until you get close to the Three Marys. From there, go to the river, and follow the river to the Three Marys Cavern. Inside, fight your way to Salt-Upon-Wounds. You have a few options here: you can kill him yourself, let Joshua kill him, or let him leave. The decision you make will change the overall ending a little.

After dealing with Salts-Upon-Wounds, the lengthy ending plays, and then you have to leave Zion.

Departing Paradise

I really would not even consider this a quest, but the game denotes it as such. All you have to do is open the locker in front of you -- this will contain keepsake items from Zion -- and then exit Zion via the Southern Passage. The exit is right behind the locker. After that, you'll be back at the Wasteland.

Congratulations on beating the Honest Hearts DLC!

Optional Quests

These are the optional quests of the game. They appear alongside the main quests, but you are not required to complete them.

Roadside Attraction (A)

The crashed bus on the map.

Search the ruins for the crashed scout bus for a compass

I have listed this one first because it is closest quest from Angel Cave. Just head on over to the Crashed Scout Bus, which is west of the 'cave, and you'll find a broken-down bus. Inside the bus, the broken compass is on the floor, very near where the bus snapped in half. It's gold and circular, like any other compass, and the black background makes it hard to miss.

The broken compass.

When you interact with the broken compass, you'll have three options: (a) repair the compass, (b) repair with parts, or (c) take the broken compass with you. Since repairing the compass without parts only requires 30 Repair, you should be able to repair it yourself.

After repairing the compass, the quest ends. You do not have to fast travel back to Angel Cave and talk to Joshua about your progress; instead, you can head directly to the next optional quest. The closest is Gone Fishin'.

Gone Fishin' (A)

The fishing lodge on the map.

Search the Zion Fishing Lodge for walkie-talkies

This quest plays out practically the same as "Roadside Attraction." The hardest part is getting there, but I have provided a map (above) of its location in comparison to the whole map. The Zion Fishing Lodge is in plain sight, so it shouldn't be too hard to spot anyway.

When you reach the lodge, head inside and kill the three Young Geckos that appear to be squating. They aren't very tough, but the fact that they are actually inside might give you a scare initially. One geck is behind the Pool Table; the next, in the living room; and the last is in the bathroom behind the counter.

The walkie-talkies are in the cabinet behind the counter. However, the cabinet is locked -- just an Average lock, but you can also find the key. The key is located in the bathroom behind the counter. It is in the crate closest to the doorway.

This crate holds the key to unlock the cabinet.

After acquiring the key in the crate, you can open the locked cabinet. Grab the walkie-talkies to complete the quest.

Tourist Trap (A)

A map of the General Store.

Search the Zion General Store for five Li'l Scout Lunchboxes

Head on over to the general store, which is located to the far west of the fishing lodge. Inside the general store, you'll find three enemies -- two mantises and one bee in the backroom. After disposing of them, you'll have to find the five lunchboxes in the store. The minimap can help here, but I'll describe the location of each lunchbox in more detail.

(1) In the crate near the doorway to the back room. You have to look inside the actual crate, remember that!

(2 and 3) Two more lunchboxes can be found on the counter in pretty plain sight.

(4) Behind the broom in the storage locker in the back room.

(5) This one is inside the desk in the back room. The desk is an average lock, but you can grab the key in the cash register in the main room.

All five lunchboxes on the map.

With all five lunchboxes, we're onto the second part of this quest.

Search the Zion Ranger Station for a medical supply kit

The ranger station is just north of the general store. Inside the station, you'll have to kill three freaky scorpions before you can look around. The medical supply kit is in the back room. You have four options when you interact with the Contaminated Medical Supply Kit: (a) Salvage the Medical supply kit, (b) Replace the contaminated components, (c) Sterilize the kit with alcohol, or (d) Take the incomplete medical kit with you. These require 30 Medicine, and simply salvagint the medical kit is the easiest choice.

The medical supply kit.

With all optional quests complete, you can now continue with the next main quest, Deliverer of Sorrows.

Prisoners of War (B)

Ranger Substation Osprey.

Release the Sorrow prisoners at Ranger Substation Osprey

This quest is the closest to your current location, so you should do it first. To get to the substation, you'll have to go around the mountain it's on -- that is, you have to go up to reach it from the west side. If you look at your map, you will see a dotted line on the west side -- this is the path that leads to the substation.

At the substation, kill all of the White Legs around the area. There are a few in the upper part of the station itself, as well as a few outside on the ground. With the area clear, go up the stairs and grab the key for the lock in the toolbox. The toolbox is on the ground right near the doorway.

With the key, you can open the cell door, which will release the prisoners and complete the quest.

Retake the Bridge (B)

The Bridge on the map.

Defeat the White Legs holding the bridge to Pine Creek

The second optional quest is at East Fork Bridge, which is the decisive location on the map. It is just a little southwest of the Yao Guai Cave, which was where we planted explosives and blew up the cave.

At the bridge, you must simply kill the White Legs holding the bridge. WHen you've cleared them, the quest is complete.

Sanctity of the Dead (B)

The burial grounds on the map.

Kill the White Legs at the Burial Ground

This is another easy quest. Simply go to the location and clear the White legs in the vicinity. You can also go to the north quest marker and talk to an NPC named Dancing Flames. Doing so reveals a few conversation options. You can immediately end the quest with a 75 Sppech check, fight with Dancing Flames, or just go kill the White Legs at the burial ground like you would before.

In any case, when you've cleared the Burial Grounds, the quest is complete. With the three quests complete, you can now go back to Flight from Zion.

Side Quests

These are the side quests for Honest Hearts. They do not appear unless you talk to the respective character that starts the quest.

Rite of Passage

In the Narrows, head to White Bird's cave and talk to White Bird. To complete this rite of passage, you must acquire the roots from three Sacred Datura plants. You can find all three around the Narrows. Just head to each quest marker on the map and pick the 'plant. They are all located on the higher levels of the Narrows, and you may be pointed toward going through some caves to get them. There are no enemies; this is a very peaceful place, and you are free to pick flowers at your leisure.

The Datura plant.

With the three roots, head back to White Bird. As you may have already seen, you can't fast travel during this quest, which will become something of a nuisance a little later.

At White Bird's cave, tell him you have the roots, and he'll make some spiked tea for you. Games these days seem to love to side on the illicit substances (GTA5, Fary Cry 3), and New Vegas is no exception. For the remainder of this quest, you'll have to deal with this hallucinatory glaze on your screen. It's all cool if you haven't experimented, I guess.

Retrieve the paw from Ghost of She

What makes this quest long is that you can't fast travel. You simply have to go to the location on the quest marker and defeat the enemies -- the walk is the worst part, however. Head all the way through the narrows, and take the upper path the first chance you get.

You'll have to kill several Yao Guai on the way to the quest marker. When you arrive, the screen will go white, and then you'll have to battle the Ghost of She. After the initial takedown, it'll multiply and you'll have to kill a few more Yao Guai. Once you've cleared them all, grab the paw from the Ghost of She and bring it back to White Bird to complete the quest. FYI, you can fast travel back! Yay!

A Family Affair

This might seem like a very secondary quest, but it actually affects Waking Cloud's ending cinematic. I definitely recommend completing it both ways on different playthroughs.

The whole quest is simply conversations. Talk to Waking Cloud, who has suspicions that Daniel isn't telling her the truth about her family. Then go to Daniel and find out the truth (story spoilers).

So now you have a choice: either tell Waking Cloud the truth about "the family affair" or lie to her about it. The decision that you make -- truth or lie -- affects Waking Cloud's ending narration.

Overall, I recommend you make one choice for your first playthrough and the opposite choice for your second playthrough. That way, you can see both endings.

Civilized Man's Burden

This quest is very similar to "A Family Affair," but it instead involves Follows-Chalk's dialogue options. Talk to Follows-Chalk about seeing the outside world, and he'll ask you to question Joshua about it. Joshua is not much help when you ask him and leaves the advice for Follows-Chalk up to you.

There are two options here, and they both affect Follows-Chalk narration in the ending. You can either tell Follow-Chalk to see civilization or to stay in Zion.

Overall, I recommend you make one choice for your first playthrough and the opposite choice for your second playthrough. That way, you can see both endings.

Chaos in Zion

This is the "fission mailed fail quest" of sorts; Fallout always adds quests like this to add flavor to the game. To get this quest, you have to kill Joshua, Daniel, Follows-Chalk, or Walking Cloud. You can also begin the quest by getting caught committing crimes against the tribe.

Basically, you kill a story character, and you have to leave Zion. You forfeit your chance to continue questing in Zion. So, it is basically a quest you'd do on your second or third playthrough of the DLC, just to see what happens. You basically tear the heart out of the DLC, so I don't recommend it on a first playthrough.

To complete the DLC, all you have to do is go to White Bird's cave and get a map, then go back to where you originally started the DLC and, well, leave. It's a very short quest, and I only recommend it to "see what happens."

Armor and clothing

  1. Chalk's headdress
  2. Daniel's hat
  3. Daniel's outfit
  4. Dead Horses stalker armor
  5. Desert Ranger combat armor
  6. Desert Ranger combat helmet
  7. Gecko-backed leather armor
  8. Gecko-backed leather armor, reinforced
  9. Gecko-backed metal armor
  10. Gecko-backed metal armor, reinforced
  11. Joshua Graham's armor
  12. Park ranger hat
  13. Salt-Upon-Wounds' helmet
  14. Sorrows adorned outfit
  15. Sorrows outfit
  16. White Legs hide armor
  17. White Legs outfit


  1. Black coffee
  2. Blood shield
  3. Cave fungus
  4. Dark datura
  5. Datura antivenom
  6. Datura hide
  7. Daturana
  8. Healing poultice
  9. Homebrewed Nuka-Cola
  10. Homebrewed Sunset Sarsaparilla
  11. Large wasteland tequila
  12. Sacred datura root
  13. Spore carrier sap
  14. Spore plant pods
  15. Wasteland tequila
  16. Weapon binding ritual


  1. .45 Auto pistol
  2. .45 Auto submachine gun
  3. A Light Shining in Darkness
  4. Compliance Regulator
  5. Fire bomb
  6. Follows-Chalk's .45 Auto pistol
  7. Follows-Chalk's war club
  8. Joshua's Pistol Whippin' .45
  9. Salt-Upon-Wounds' power fist
  10. She's Embrace
  11. Survivalist's rifle
  12. Tomahawk
  13. War club
  14. Waking Cloud's yao guai gauntlet
  15. Yao guai gauntlet

Weapon Mods

  1. .45 AP silencer
  2. .45 AP HD slide
  3. .45 Auto SMG comp.
  4. .45 Auto SMG drums
  5. War club casings
  6. War club honors

World Objects

  1. Campfire sack
  2. Clay pot
  3. Hollow log
  4. Survivalist hidden cache
  5. White Legs war totem
  6. Wooden crate
  7. Workbench crate

Other Items

  1. Compass
  2. Compass sensor module
  3. Ghost of She's paw
  4. Green gecko egg
  5. Green gecko hide
  6. Li'l Scout lunchbox
  7. Medical supply kit
  8. Mining detonator
  9. Scripture
  10. Tanned green gecko hide
  11. Walkie-talkie
  12. Zion National Park snow globe


  1. Dancing Flame
  2. Daniel
  3. Follows-Chalk
  4. Jed Masterson
  5. Joshua Graham
  6. Randall Clark
  7. Ricky
  8. Salt-Upon-Wounds
  9. Stella
  10. Two-Bears-High-Fiving
  11. Waking Cloud
  12. White Bird


  1. Giant cazador
  2. Young green gecko
  3. Giant green gecko
  4. Giant spore plant
  5. Large White Leg mongrel
  6. Ghost of She
  7. Giant yao guai
  8. Yao guai cub
  9. Zion mantis nymph
  10. Giant Zion mantis


  1. Angel Cave
  2. Ant burrow
  3. Bighorn Bluff
  4. Burial mounds
  5. Caterpillar's Mound
  6. Clear Water docks
  7. Crashed scout bus
  8. Court Fork Overlook
  9. Crossroad Cavern
  10. Cueva Guarache
  11. Dagger's Point
  12. Dead Horses camp
  13. East Fork bridge
  14. Eastern Virgin
  15. Fallen Rock Cave
  16. Ghost Den
  17. Glass Chime Cave
  18. Half Mouse Cave
  19. Morning Glory Cave
  20. North Fork bridge
  21. North Fork campground
  22. Old Rockville bridge
  23. Patriarchs' campground
  24. Pine Creek Tunnel
  25. Ranger substation Eagle
  26. Ranger substation Osprey
  27. Ranger substation Peregrine
  28. The Red Gate
  29. Red Rapids docks
  30. Sorrows camp
  31. Sorrows Fork campground
  32. Southern passage
  33. Stone Bones Cave
  34. Sun Sentinels
  35. Sweet Flower Cave
  36. The Aerie
  37. The Bend bridge
  38. The Spine
  39. Three Marys
  40. Three Marys' Caverns
  41. Two Skies Cave
  42. Vault 22 dwellers' guard camp
  43. Virgin River
  44. Virgin Fork campground
  45. White Bird's cave
  46. Wind Wall docks
  47. Yao Guai Cave
  48. Zion Canyon
  49. Zion fishing lodge
  50. Zion General Store
  51. Zion Ranger station
  52. Zion Valley welcome booth


There are several ending combinations for Honest Hearts. These all depend on how you've dealt with the major players in the DLC. More specifically, your decisions with Daniel, Joshua, Salt-Upon-Wounds, Waking Cloud, and Follows-Chalk will all determine the ending combination. I have listed the unlock condition and the narration of each ending here.

Each ending consists of several "sub-endings" for each decision that you make. As such, I have listed the endings by part. For example, with Waking Cloud and her family, you have two potential endings. So, I have a "Waking Cloud" section with both endings. Similarly, there are five endings for Sorrows, so I have include the five endings in the "Sorrows" section.

If you find any more endings, please email me how you unlocked it! :)


The ending always starts with this narration:

SPOILER! Highlight to View

"And so it was that the conflict between the New Canaanites and the White Legs was finally resolved. The Courier's involvement had tipped the scale, shifting the fragile balance of power."


Unlock Condition: Complete "Flight from Zion," "Prisoners of War," Retake the Bridge," and "Sanctity of the Dead."

SPOILER! Highlight to View

"Daniel evacuated the Sorrows from Zion, but due to the Courier's neglect, the White Legs butchered many along the way. Those who survived barely reached Grand Staircase, but once there, the Dead Horses and New Canaanites helped them settle. The unfamiliarity of their new surroundings, and the loss of loved ones, evoked a terrible and lasting grief among the Sorrows. For two generations, many would die still lamenting the loss of Zion."

Unlock Condition: Complete "Flight from Zion" but none of the corresponding optional quests

SPOILER! Highlight to View

"Daniel succeeded in leading the Sorrows out of Zion, as he had wanted to do from the start. The Courier protected the Sorrows during the evacuation, ensuring that most reached their destination unharmed. Over the weeks and months to come, Daniel would see to the Sorrows' resettlement in Grand Staircase. Their adjustment to their new home was not without difficulty, but eventually the Sorrows came to accept the loss of Zion."

Unlock Condition: Defend Zion and kill Salt-Upon-Wounds

SPOILER! Highlight to View

"The Sorrows fought beside Joshua Graham and the Dead Horses, eradicating the threat the White Legs posed to Zion. When the Courier and Joshua Graham felled Salt-Upon-Wounds, their victory was celebrated with a great feast. The Sorrows' transformation from a peaceful, timid tribe into a proud and warlike people broke Daniel's heart. He tried to take solace in the knowledge that they would remain in Zion, but it was a small comfort. The Sorrows' innocence was lost."

Unlock Condition: Complete "Crush the White Legs" and let Joshua kill Salt-Upon-Wounds

SPOILER! Highlight to View

"The Sorrows fought beside Joshua Graham and the Dead Horses, eradicating the threat the White Legs posed to Zion. Watching as the Courier encouraged Joshua Graham to execute Salt-Upon-Wounds, the Sorrows learned that New Canaan offered no mercy to the wicked. The Sorrows' transformation from a peaceful, timid tribe into a merciless, warlike people broke Daniel's heart. Over time, the Sorrows became ever more ruthless in their dealings - even with each other. Daniel traveled to and from between the New Canaanites and Zion, continuing to plead for a return to the old ways whenever he visited. Eventually, the Sorrows grew tired of his blather, and turned their backs on him."

Unlock Condition: Defend Zion and spare Salt-Upon-Wounds

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"The Sorrows fought beside Joshua Graham and the Dead Horses, eradicating the threat the White Legs posed to Zion. Seeing the Courier convince Joshua Graham to spare Salt-Upon-Wounds, the Sorrows learned that retribution could be tempered by mercy. Though he despaired at the Sorrows' loss of innocence, Daniel took some small consolation in the Courier's lesson, and prayed it would take root."

White Legs

Unlock Condition: Complete "Crush the White Legs" and kill Salt-Upon-Wounds

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"Despite their defeat at Three Marys, and the death of their war chief, the White Legs were determined to pursue the other New Canaanites. But when they finally tracked down their prey in Colorado, they discovered the tables had been turned. The White Legs who survived the New Canaanites' ambushes were hunted down by Dead Horses before they could reach the safety of the Great Salt Lake. When word of the White Legs' diminished numbers reached the 80s tribe, war was declared, and by year's end, the White Legs had been wiped out."

Unlock Condition: Complete "Crush the White Legs" and let Joshua kill Salt-Upon-Wounds

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"Joshua Graham's chilling execution of Salt-Upon-Wounds seared into their minds, the surviving White Legs retreated to the Great Salt Lake. Unable to shake the memory of their brutal defeat and the Dead Horses' savagery in battle, the White Legs feared further reprisals. They fled north, out of Utah, into Wyoming. The wilderness was harsh, and the first winter claimed over half the tribe. When spring came, the survivors parted ways in small bands. And so the White Legs died a quiet, ignominious death."

Unlock Condition: Defend Zion and spare Salt-Upon-Wounds

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"Demoralized by the Dead Horse and Sorrows attack the Courier and Joshua Graham led against them, the White Legs retreated to Great Salt Lake. Their days were numbered. Word soon reached the 80s tribe that the White Legs' spirit was broken, their war chief a dim shadow of his former self. By year's end, the 80s would overrun the White Legs' camps, scattering the tribe to the winds and claiming the Great Salt Lake for its own."

Unlock Condition: Kill Daniel

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"With Daniel dead, the White Legs soon overran Zion and drove the Sorrows and Dead Horses from the Valley. The White Legs plundered all of the pre-War buildings the Sorrows had marked off-limits, their squalor an affront to Zion's natural beauty. By year's end, little trace remained that the Sorrows had ever made the valley their home."

Unlock Condition: Tell Sorrows to Evacuate

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"After the White Legs drove the Sorrows from Zion, they celebrated by destroying all traces of the valley's former inhabitants. They appealed to the Legion for assimilation, but were denied. Their failure to eradicate the New Canaanites in Grand Staircase and farther up the Colorado had not gone unnoticed. The White Legs made a half-hearted effort to find the New Canaanites, but were driven off by Dead Horses trained in the ways of Joshua Graham. The White Legs lost all hope of joining the Legion and disintegrated into a number of petty raiding bands, leaving Zion Valley a polluted cistern."

Joshua Graham

Unlock Condition: Complete "Crush the White Legs" and kill Salts-Upon-Wounds

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"Though the Courier had stopped Joshua Graham from executing Salt-Upon-Wounds, the war chief still fell in battle. The White Legs defeated at Three Marys, Joshua led the Sorrows and Dead Horses in tending to their comrades and burning the corpses of their foes. He continued to advocate militant opposition to the enemies of New Canaan and showed little quarter to those he fought. And yet he was changed. He no longer reveled in the brutality and cruelty for which he had been known in his former life. His inner demons, if not extinguished, were at the least... appeased."

Unlock Condition: Complete "Crush the White Legs" and let Joshua kill Salt-Upon-Wounds

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"With the White Legs crushed, Joshua Graham led the Sorrows and Dead Horses in tearing apart and burning the corpses of their enemies. He set about training his army in the "Way of the Canaanite," and soon the New Canaanites and tribes of Zion were feared well into the Mojave. Legends of the Burned Man grew even more depraved, and terrifying."

Unlock Condition: Complete "Crush the White Legs" and spare Salt-Upon-Wounds

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"The threat of the White Legs ended, Joshua Graham helped the Sorrows and Dead Horses tend to their fallen comrades and secure Zion. The Courier's words had stayed Joshua's wrath in his darkest hour, and in sparing Salt-Upon-Wounds, he was changed. While he continued to advocate militant opposition to the enemies of New Canaan, he sometimes showed quarter to those who crossed his family. Eventually this new spirit would diminish the myth of the Burned Man in distant lands - a small price for the peace it brought to Joshua Graham."

Unlock Condition: Kill Joshua

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"After a long and troubled life, Joshua Graham finally found rest in Zion. In the end, his unswerving militancy had accomplished what the NCR's finest sharpshooters and Caesar's wrath could not. The New Canaanites took comfort in the belief that their brother's soul would again dwell in Zion at the end of days."


Unlock Condition: Complete "Crush the White Legs"

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"For years after the defeat of the White Legs, Daniel did his best to minister to the Sorrows' spiritual needs. Try as he might, he could not hold back the tribe's increasing militancy and reverence of Joshua Graham. Demoralized, he returned to his family at Dead Horse Point. His failures haunted him for the rest of his days."

Unlock Condition: Complete "Flight from Zion"

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"After leading the Sorrows from their home in Zion to safety in Grand Staircase, Daniel continued to wonder if he'd made the right choice. He spent his life evangelizing the beliefs of his people to a new generation of young men and women, as his ancestors had for centuries before him. He was happy with his family, but for the rest of his life there were nights when he awoke with sadness to find he had been dreaming of Zion."

Unlock Condition: Kill Daniel

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"In the shadow of Daniel's death, those Sorrows who survived the assault on Zion Valley mourned his loss, as was their custom. Word of Daniel's passing reached the New Canaanites several weeks later. They prayed that their brother would be well-received by their Lord."

Dead Horses

Unlock Condition: Complete "Crush the White Legs" with Joshua

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"Having helped eradicate the White Legs from Zion, the Dead Horses returned to Dead Horse Point in triumph. They remained neutral toward the Sorrows, but as years went on, there were periods of competitive friction, even violence, between the tribes. The New Canaanites - Daniel especially - intervened regularly as mediators, but found it difficult to reconcile the tribes' conflicts."

Unlock Condition: Complete "Flight from Zion" with Daniel

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"Having helped Daniel and the Sorrows escape from Zion, the Dead Horses returned to their home at Dead Horse Point. The tribe continued to learn from the New Canaanites, and over many years built a flourishing community along the banks of the Colorado. Though the tribes' bond would endure, it was Joshua Graham's legend the Dead Horses would revere, not the tenets of New Canaan's faith."

Unlock Condition: Kill Joshua

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"Having revered Joshua Graham as a living legend for so many years, the Dead Horses found it difficult to accept his death. New Canaanite missionaries sought to remain in contact with the tribe, but lacking Joshua's authority, their influence dwindled. Still, as an expression of enduring respect for their lost spiritual leader, the Dead Horses helped protect the lands where New Canaanites settled. As generations passed, the Dead Horses came to worship a spirit of the land, a harsh spirit of divine justice. They called it Joshua."


Unlock Condition: "Civilized Man's Burden" - Tell Follows-Chalk to leave

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"Follows-Chalk took the Courier's words to heart and decided that he would behold the sights and sounds of distant lands with his own eyes and ears. After returning to Dead Horse Point, he quarreled with his family and other tribe members about his ambitions. One morning, they awoke to discover that Follows-Chalk had set off alone, westward, into the wilderness. He was never seen again"

Unlock Condition: "Civilized Man's Burden" - Tell Follows-Chalk to stay

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"Follows-Chalk took the Courier's words to heart and decided that the big cities of the Mojave Wasteland and NCR were best left unexplored. Though he sometimes dreamed of distant lands, he continued to support his family at Dead Horse Point, and eventually his wanderlust faded."

Waking Cloud

Unlock Condition: "A Family Affair" - Tell the Truth

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"Waking Cloud was distraught when she learned of her husband's death, but took comfort from her tribe, and the compassion of the New Canaanites. She forgave Daniel for having concealed her husband's fate from her, and learned to accept his fate. When her grief faded, she took a husband from the Dead Horse tribe. At her bidding, he stayed close to home."

Unlock Condition: "A Family Affair" - Lie

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"Waking Cloud turned bitter and resentful toward Daniel and the New Canaanites when she learned her husband's death had been concealed from her. She poisoned some of her tribe against New Canaanite teachings, making relations between the groups difficult from time to time."

Happy Trails Caravan

Unlock Condition: Complete "Flight from Zion"

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"Already weakened by several seasons of bad trading, the Happy Trails Caravan Company was initially discouraged by the results of its expedition. The fate of New Canaan, and the evacuation of the Sorrows from Zion, made the prospect of trading seem fruitless. When Daniel told his family about the exploits of Happy Trails' employee, the Courier, however, New Canaan decided to repay the company's kindness. Twice per year, New Canaanites made the dangerous journey west to trade with the company in the city of New Reno. The Happy Trails Caravan Company could not survive on such trading alone, but the New Canaanite's generosity made tough times go easier."

Unlock Condition: Complete "Crush the White Legs"

SPOILER! Highlight to View

"The defeat of the White Legs in Zion marked a turning point in the fortunes of the Happy Trails Caravan Company. Every two months, the caravan met with the New Canaanites in Zion Valley to trade. Happy Trails soon returned to prosperity. The vigilance of the Sorrows and Dead Horses in defending southwestern Utah, initially startling to Happy Trails caravans, soon proved a blessing. The tribes united against the 80s, driving them back from Highway 50, and thus opening yet another trading route for Happy Trails caravans."

Unlock Condition: Complete "Chaos in Zion"

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"Already weakened by several seasons of bad trading, the Happy Trails Caravan Company was devastated by the failure of its expedition. The New Canaanites never reestablished ties with the caravan. Their experiences with outsiders near the Great Salt Lake and in Zion had been far too negative. Within six months, the Happy Trails Caravan Company was bankrupted and dissolved."

Last Words

The ending always leaves us with these words:

SPOILER! Highlight to View

"And with that, the Courier walked out of the history of the tribes of Zion and back to the gathering storm of the Mojave Wasteland."

Character Perks

GruntYou do +25% damage with 9mm and .45 Auto Pistols and SMGs, Service Rifles, Assault and Marksman Carbines, Light Machine Guns, Frags, Grenade Rifles and Launchers, and Combat KnivesLevel 8, Guns 45, Explosives 20
Home on the RangeWhenever you interact with a campfire, you have the option of sleeping with all the benefits that sleep bringsLevel 8, Survival 70
Sneering Imperialist+15% Damage and Increased Hit in VATS to Zion's tribalsLevel 8
Tribal WisdomYour limbs take 50% less damage from Animal, Mutated Animals, and Mutated Insets, you gain +25% resistance to Poison Damage, and you can eat Mutated Insects when you're in SneakLevel 8, Survival 70
Fight the Power!+2 Damage Threshold and +5% Crit Chance against people wearing armor of NCR, Legion, or BrotherhoodLevel 10
Eye For EyeFor each crippled limb, you do an additional 10% damageLevel 20

Companion Perks

Well-Stacked CairnsAt Summits, you see nearby map marker and temporarily get +3 to PerceptionFollows-Chalk
Quiet As The WatersWhite Leg enemies have -3 PerceptionWalking Cloud
The Way of the CanaaniteDouble crit chance of .45 Auto Pistols; decreased spreadJoshua

Radio Signal Text

This is the radio signal that you'll receive before you enter Zion:

SPOILER! Highlight to View

Howdy. My name is Jed Masterson, and I'm a caravan boss for the Happy Trails Caravan Company. If you're hearing this, I have a job offer for you. Happy Trails is organizing an expedition north into Utah, off the Long 15, and we need people. We're looking for caravan guards, prospectors, couriers - if you're used to humping it across the Wastes straight toward trouble, we want you. If you've got a Pip-Boy, we definitely want you. On the other hand, if you're a greenhorn or a city-slicker spinning tales about your skills, you can kindly go hang. If we like your gumption, we'll pay you square and treat you fair. Find me, Jed Masterson, at the Northern Passage if you're interested. Luck to you.


In a Foreign LandScouted the Zion Valley for signs of the White Legs20/Bronze
May my Hand Forget its SkillEvacuated Zion40/Gold
O Daughter of BabylonCrushed the White Legs30/Silver
Restore Our FortunesResupplied Daniel and the Sorrows30/Silver
When We Remembered ZionArrived at Zion20/Bronze


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