• Steam Achievements

    ...And Make It Double!Survive all the waves on Slums on Insane difficulty.
    ...You get a Different MachineUpgrade towers 500 times.
    (See?) I've got thisKill an entire wave without aid of towers on Medium or higher difficulty.
    599 US DollarsFully upgrade three towers.
    A Walk in the pARCSurvive all the waves on Arc on Insane difficulty.
    Airborne AssaultKill 1000 enemies while you're in mid air.
    All is DustGib 1337 enemies.
    All ProKill 2000 enemies with the sniper rifle.
    AutomagicKill an entire wave without using your weapons.
    Bang for your BuckKill an entire wave only using the Assault Grenade on Medium or higher difficulty.
    Beach Party!Get the party started on Glade.
    Big Game HunterShoot 9 strawberry fishes.
    Big Guys Require Big GunsKill 1500 Tanks.
    Big TalkerJoin the Group Chat through from Community screen of the Main Menu.
    Bombing RaidHit an enemy with 5 different Mortars.
    Boom! Headshot!Kill 4 enemies in one Sniper Rifle clip.
    Bridge TrollSurvive all the waves on Bridge.
    Buck and BallFully charge and fire the Shotgun 25 times.
    Caves JameronSurvive all the waves on Cavern.
    Chill, Man...Upgrade three Slow Fields to max level.
    Close CallFinish a level with less than 5% Core Life remaining.
    Collateral DamageKill 15 Runners with one Assault Grenade.
    Do you know where you are?Survive all the waves on Glade.
    Domo Arigato, Mr. RobotoFind the Robot buddy on Aftermath.
    EpicenterSurvive all the waves on Aftershock on Insane difficulty.
    Et Tu BruteShoot a teammate into an enemy.
    Festivus for the rest of usCollect 10 presents.
    FlawlessFinish a level on Medium or higher difficulty with 100% Core Life remaining.
    FlyswatterKill 1500 Dodgers.
    Forever AloneReach wave 15 on Hardcore difficulty in singleplayer endless.
    Fully CoveredBuild one of each Tower on Arc.
    GeddanSurvive all the waves on Facility.
    Giant Enemy CrabGet 5000 weak spot hits.
    Good at MathSurvive all the waves on Aftermath.
    Good Day, Mr. WalkerKill 2000 Walkers.
    Hope Rides AloneReach wave 25 on experienced difficulty in singleplayer endless.
    I Am Invincible!Survive all the waves on Facility on Insane difficulty.
    I Feel ClaustrophobicSurvive all the waves on Mine on Insane difficulty.
    I Love StrawberriesGuide Box Boy to the Giant Strawberry.
    I Never MissHit 15 enemy weak spots in a row with the Sniper Rifle.
    I Said STOP!Freeze an enemy in a max level slow field.
    If you Replace the Working Parts...Upgrade towers 250 times.
    It's Cool, I've got thisSurvive a wave without spending any Resources in previous Build Phase.
    Keep quietThis is a secret achievement, can you unlock it?
    LandslideSurvive all the waves on Aftershock.
    LegionReach wave 30 on Casual Endless.
    Lockdown!Kill 250 Blockers.
    Lunch boxFind the sandwiches on Bridge.
    Mach 5Kill 4000 Runners.
    MartyrKill an enemy with a grenade while being knocked back.
    Meet the PresidentMeet the President on Arc.
    MVPDeal the most damage during a wave in a 4 player match.
    Old SchoolComplete a level without teleporting.
    Over 9000!Reach wave 10 only having built Blocks and Lightnings.
    PerfectionistFinish a level on Insane difficulty with 100% Core Life remaining.
    Picking Up The PiecesJoin and finish a 2-player game with a partner who was deserted by their former partner.
    PoacherShoot 15 Strawberry Fishes.
    Pollen AllergyKill 2000 spore pods.
    PredatorShoot 12 Strawberry Fishes.
    Prepare for Trouble!Survive all the waves on Slums.
    ReanimatorTeleport 200 times.
    Running in CirclesSurvive all the waves on Complex on Insane difficulty.
    RymndhaestKill 1000 Hoverers.
    Safe at LastSurvive all the waves on Arc.
    Scatter BrainReach wave 10 only having built Blocks and Scatter Lasers.
    Seven SistersFind the Babushka Doll on Mine.
    Shift's OverSurvive all the waves on Mine.
    Shoot 'em in the head!Kill 250 bobble heads.
    Simple TaskSurvive all the waves on Complex.
    Skeet ShooterKill 500 enemies with the Shotgun.
    Spray and PrayReach wave 10 only having built Blocks and Gatlings.
    StackedUpgrade all 3 weapons to level 6.
    SweetThis is a secret achievement, can you unlock it?
    Teacher's PetSurvive all the waves on Aftermath on Insane difficulty.
    TerminatedKill 3000 enemies with the assault gun.
    The Bigger they are...Kill 250 big walkers.
    The MonumentThis is a secret achievement, can you unlock it?
    The Plot ThickensThis is a secret achievement, can you unlock it?
    This isn't the Golden Gate!?Survive all the waves on Bridge on Insane difficulty.
    Time to ExpandKill 100 Soakers.
    Too FastKill 1000 Chargers.
    TroglobiteSurvive all the waves on Cavern on Insane difficulty.
    Turbo AimKill 300 Gliders.
    Voyage au centre de la TerreThis is a secret achievement, can you unlock it?
    We Will Build HeroesUpgrade Towers 1000 times.
    Without NumberReach wave 12 on Hardcore Endless.
    You shall not PASS!Build 50 Block Towers during one Build Phase.
    You're in the jungle, baby!Survive all the waves on Glade on Insane difficulty.

    Contributed By: Guard Master and th3l3fty.

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