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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ScrawlKnight

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 11/14/11 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                    ||  \\   
                 ________     |  |  ||  || ______      ______    _
                /        \   | || |    // /  ____\    /      \  / \
               /   ______/   \ \/ / _ //  | /        /        \/   \
              /   /          | || | \\OO  | |   _____|        ||   /
             |   |          _/_\/_\_ \\ \\\ \    | | |        ||  /
             |   |       __|________|//  \\\ \___/ / \        // /
              \   \     /  \| |  | |//    \\______/   \______//_/
               \   \___/    | |  | |\\    ||                  _
                \          /\_\  /_/||    \/                 |_|
                 \________/             GRAVITY                
                   THE    QUEST                         [FAQ/WALKTHROUGH]
       |		     First Written: November 11th, 2011    	           |
       |	        Last Updated: January 4th, 2012 (Version 1.01)             |
       |		   Written and Compiled by Andrew Barker 		   |
       |		Contact the Author: barkera0[at]gmail[dot]com              |
    If you notice any errors in this file or have any suggestions or tips then
    please feel free to contact me using the email above.
    This guide is not to be used without the author's permission under any 
    circumstances. See the bottom of the document for more details.
    +---- TABLE OF CONTENTS [0.00] -----------------------------------------------+
    | Hit Ctrl + F then enter the corresponding number in the table of contents   |
    | to jump to the section you want.                                            |
    [1.00] -- Introduction
    [2.00] -- Game Basics
    	[2.01] -- The Buddies
            [2.02] -- Collecting Fun
    	[2.03] -- Vehicle Building
    	[2.04] -- The Stratosphere
    [3.00] -- Walkthrough
            [3.01] -- Autumn
    	[3.02] -- Winter: Frozen World
    	[3.03] -- Winter: Restarting the Volcanoes
    	[3.04] -- Spring: Breaking the Ice
    	[3.05] -- Spring: Restarting the Eggplant
    	[3.06] -- Summer: The Axis and the Hadron Collider
    	[3.07] -- Summer: Cataclysmic Tornado(s)
    [4.00] -- Blueprints and Parts
    	[4.01] -- List of Parts
    	[4.02] -- Blueprint Locations
    [5.00] -- Sandbox Mode
    [6.00] -- Steam Achievements Guide
    	[6.01] -- Outline
    	[6.02] -- Achievements List
    [7.00] -- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
    [8.00] -- Afterword and Legal Information
    +---- INTRODUCTION [1.00] ----------------------------------------------------+
    Welcome to my walkthrough for the quriky PC game Cargo! The Quest for Gravity.
    After completing my walkthrough for Ice-Pick Lodge's last game (The Void) it
    only seemed right that I took on the task of writing out a guide for this one
    too! ...Don't expect one for Pathologic anytime soon.
    If you've spent any time at all with Cargo, then you'll already be aware what
    a bizarre, yet fun, experience it is. Compared to IPLs previous titles, it's
    certainly a much less complex game in terms of mechanics and is no where near
    as difficult to complete. However, there are still plenty of hints, tricks,
    and tips that can make your time with the game easier and more enjoyable and
    that is the aim of this guide.
    Start off by taking a look at the game basics in section 2. There you will find
    a wide range of helpful hints and explanations to get you started and to make
    your game a success. If you're looking for help on a particular topic, then
    find whatever season you're in and scroll down to section 3.
    You'll enjoy Cargo much more if you just relax and have a good time. There's no
    time constraints, enemies, or anything else stressful to worry about.
    Experiment with vehicles, try new things, enjoy it, and have FUN!
    +---- GAME BASICS [2.00] -----------------------------------------------------+
    Whether you're just loading up Cargo for the first time, or if you've already
    been playing for hours, you're sure to find something of use in this section.
    It aims to be brief and uncomplicated, yet provide you with ways to get the
    most out of your game and general strategies for your adventure.
    +---- THE BUDDIES [2.01] -----------------------------------------------------+
    Buddies were designed to be replacements for Humans after the world was remade.
    They're the small, naked men that run around the islands. Buddies are the only
    known source of FUN and you'll be using them to accumulate that important
    A group of three buddies playing musical instruments will greet you shortly
    after you begin the game. Known collectively as 'The Band', they give you some
    guidance throughout the game along with occasionally bizarre pieces of insight.
    By walking up behind a Buddy and clicking the right mouse button you can give
    them a swift kick to the backside. Contrary to what you might think, the
    Buddies actually love it! Kicking them will send them flying and produce small
    quantities of FUN. For more on FUN and how to collect it, read the following
    If you kick Buddies too many times, they'll start floating up into the sky and
    explode! Luckily, they're not dead. By throwing bits of debris into the
    Sinkhole, new Buddies will be born from the volcano. You can see the mxaimum
    Buddy population for your world by looking in the top right hand corner of your
    screen. By bringing certain items down from the stratosphere you can increase
    that limit. More on that later.
    +---- COLLECTING FUN [2.02] --------------------------------------------------+
    FUN is the term to describe a physical substance that has been discovered since
    the world was remade. FUN can only be created by Buddies and, of course, can
    only be generated by them when they're having fun! If you read the last section
    you'll already know that you can create FUN by kicking Buddies from behind.
    However, there are other ways of creating Fun too.
    Early on, the fastest way of generating fun is by taking Buddies for a ride on
    your vehicles. By attaching a life ring to any vehicle you make, Buddies will
    be able to grab ahold and enjoy the ride! Unfortunately, a small vehicle can
    only hold a limited amount of Buddies. By creating larger vehicles made of more
    pieces the maximum Buddy limit will be raised. The more you have attached, the
    faster you can generate FUN.
    Once you've progressed further into the game an even more effective way of
    generating FUN becomes available. By collecting musical notes spread out around
    the world you can create a treble clef. By pressing ENTER you can drop a clef
    on the ground and all nearby Buddies will come over and start dancing! While
    dancing, FUN is generated. Dropping a clef when a lot of Buddies are around can
    quickly generate tens of thousands of fun in a short space of time.
    I found if I had about 50 Buddies dancing at one time, a single dance would
    give me around 40,000 Fun. Extremely effective towards the end of the game.
    +---- VEHICLE BUILDING [2.03] ------------------------------------------------+
    Cargo revolves around building vehicles. Most missions can't be completed
    without them, plus they're used in generating FUN and to explore. The game does
    a pretty good job of applying real physics to the building process. Each
    component weighs a certain amount and if your vehicle is too heavy in one spot
    you may find it won't work very well. You can find the mass for each part
    listed in the game as well as in a table towards the end of this guide.
    Don't fret if that sounds intimidating! Throughout the game you'll pick up a
    number of blueprints that can be used to instantly generate vehicles, after you
    have the parts required, of course. Blueprints can also be used as bases for
    your own creations.
    Parts for vehicles can be acquired in two different ways. The first is by
    finding cargo containers spread throughout the world. Small containers tend to
    contain simple parts such as metal plates and joints, while larger containers
    usually hold motors, propellers, and so on. The second way is by buying them
    from the store. Accessing the store can be done at anytime by pressing the TAB
    You can open the building interface by pressing the B key. By standing near
    your current vehicle and facing it, pressing B will allow you to edit it.
    Hitting B in empty space will allow you to create a whole new vehicle. You can
    access your parts in build mode by mousing over the blue bar on the right side
    of the screen. You can find out if parts are compatible by choosing a part and
    then clicking somewhere on youe vehicle. If they can be connected, a yellow
    sphere will appear.
    Vehicles can be hybrids, but are usually divided into three categories:
    Water-bound vehicles are usually either submarines or boats. A boat is the
    first vehicle you make and a successful one always requires a way to stay
    afloat along with a sail or propeller for movement. Adding multiple sails will
    only provide a minor speed increase while adding extras propellers can greatly
    speed up your travel time.
    Submarines are used for going under water and require the appropriate base, a
    bottom propeller, and can't have anything attatched that will make it bouyant.
    Submarines are one of the easiest vehicles to control, but usually aren't as
    good for making intricate movements. You'll be required to use one of these
    in the second half of Winter. Other than that, they're not overly useful.
    |   LAND VEHICLES   |
    These are always cars, or some variant of one. A standard land vehicle will
    have two or more wheels, all with a motor attatched to them. 
    It is possible, however, to have a powerful land vehicle without any wheels;
    you can use sponsons as a substitute. Attaching these parts (normally used for
    water bouyancy) to the bottom of your car, and then adding plane-like
    propellers, allow your car to slide on land, rather than drive.
    Pure land vehicles are really only useful in Winter, but creating a car with
    sponsons instead of wheels and then adding propellers make a convinient hybrid
    that is useful in all seasons.
    |   AIR VEHICLES   |
    Any air vehicle you build will either be a plane or helicopter. Planes are
    categorised as having wings and requiring a runway for take-off. Helicopters
    make use of a large propeller on top to allow them to take flight without a
    runway. You won't use these until Spring.
    Towards the end of my game I found it quite useful to make a plane/helicopter
    hybrid. This gives you the speed and maneuverability of a plane with the
    convinience of a helicopter take-off. Basically, you take either a plane
    blueprint and add a helicopter rotor on top or vice versa. Slight adjustments
    will be necessary to make sure it stays balanced.
    +---- THE STRATOSPHERE [2.04] ------------------------------------------------+
    The main aim of the game is to pull objects out of the stratosphere and drop
    them back down to Earth. This is done by using certain amounts of FUN to give
    them gravity. By pressing the T key you can see what objects are currently
    floating in the stratosphere and how much FUN is needed to pull them down.
    Generally, small objects such as houses, bridges, lighthouses, and weights are
    'side' items that have no relevance to completing the story. However, pulling
    them down will increase the maximum amount of Buddies in your world which is
    very helpful. Try to pull everything possible down whenever you can.
    Large objects often provide either large Buddy increases or progress the story;
    sometimes bringing the game into a new season. To maximise your time and FUN,
    bring down all the small objects first before starting with the big ones.
    Here is a full list of everything you can pull down throughout the game. Please
    note that most of the small objects can be pulled down multiple times at
    different stages of the game. For convienience sake, they're only listed here
      |                     LARGE & STORY-RELATED OBJECTS                       |
      |           OBJECT NAME            |    FUN COST    |   BUDDIES ADDED     |
      |          Huge Iceberg*           |     10,000     |        +30          |
      |               UFO                |     15,000     |        +10          |
      |            Skyscraper            |     20,000     |        +20          |
      |             Big Ben              |     10,000     |        +20          |
      |        Statue of Liberty*        |     10,000     |        +25          |
      |              Train*              |     10,000     |        +15          |
      |     Earth Axis (1st Time)*       |     10,000     |         0           |
      |     Earth Axis (2nd Time)*       |     30,000     |         0           |
      |     Large Hadron Collider*       |     10,000     |         0           |
      |        White Hot Comet*          |      5,000     |         0           |
                     *Indicates an object that progresses the story.
      |                         'SIDE-QUEST' OBJECTS                            |
      |           OBJECT NAME            |    FUN COST    |   BUDDIES ADDED     |
      |         House (Type 1)           |     1,000      |         +1          |
      |         House (Type 2)           |     2,000      |         +2          |
      |         House (Type 3)           |     3,000      |         +1          |
      |         House (Type 4)           |     3,000      |         +3          |
      |           Lighthouse             |     2,000      |         +2          |
      |         Piece of Earth           |     1,000      |         +1          |
      |        Bridge to Nowhere         |     2,000      |         +2          |
      |         Weight (Type 1)          |     1,000      |         +1          |
      |         Weight (Type 2)          |     1,000      |         +1          |
      |         Weight (Type 3)          |     1,000      |         +1          |
    +---- WALKTHROUGH [3.00] -----------------------------------------------------+
    If you're stuck on a section of the game or looking to learn a few new things,
    then you've come to the right section! This walkthrough aims to be as detailed
    as possible about different events in the game and the best ways to complete
    them. It's divided up by seasons, so scroll down to which ever one you're up
    I will mention some of them briefly in this guide, but if you're looking for
    help on completing specific Steam achievements, then I suggest you head
    straight to section 6. I go into much greater detail there about how to get
    each one done in the easiest, fastest way.
    +---- AUTUMN [3.01] ----------------------------------------------------------+
      |           GOALS CHECKLIST              |       BLUEPRINT CHECKLIST      |
      | [ ] Collect 3,000 FUN                  | [ ] Raft                       |
      | [ ] Create a raft and collect cargo    | [ ] Motorboat                  |
      | [ ] Build a motorboat and save Buddies | [ ] Motorboat with Lifesaver   |
      | [ ] Stratosphere: Iceberg              +--------------------------------+
    Your game will begin after an incredibly strange cut-scene. You take control of
    Flawkes; a young Human female and one of the last survivors of the old Earth.
    Wander on down the wooden walkway a little bit until you encounter a peculiar
    being known as a Buddy. Three Buddies that make up a band will greet you and
    speak in poetic rhyme. Once they're done, we can begin the game in earnest.
    Before we get going, it's worth just understanding what everything on the HUD
    means. Take a look at the diagram below for an explanation:
         | (1)       __/\________________                             (3) O  |
         |   /|\     __|/________________                        NUMBER   |  |
         | _/_|_\_   _/|_________________                                / \ |
         |    |      _\/_________________                                    |
         |             | (2)                                                 |
         |                                                                   |
         |                                                                   |
         |                                                                   |
         |                                                                   |
         |                                                                   |
         |         Down the bottom here will be your current task.           |
    (1) Your FUN. This is your current total. FUN acts as a currency in the game
        and is used for buying vehicle parts.
    (2) Treble clefs. You'll find musical notes spread throughout the world. Pick
        up enough to fill the staff and you'll get a treble clef. Drop a treble
        clef and you can make Buddies dance to create FUN.
    (3) The maximum amount of Buddies your world can hold. This can be increased
        by bringing objects down from the stratosphere. More on that soon.
    Head on down the walkway until you hit the land. Start kicking Buddies by
    coming up behind them and clicking the right mouse button. This will send them
    flying off and create some FUN. Kicking Buddies only generates small amounts
    of FUN, but we'll have better ways to do it later in the game. If you're
    planning on unlocking as many achievements as possible, make sure to kick
    Buddies at every opportunity!
    Head around to the left past the tree and up the small hill on your right. You
    should see a mechanical, monorail-like, structure to your right. Wait long
    enough and a mechanical face will come down it and stop beside you. Its name is
    Manipu and its one of the three gods (all named Manipu) who recreated the world
    and designed the Buddies. Most of the time, their dialogue makes no sense so
    don't worry about it.
    Shortly after they speak to you, the band of Buddies will appear to your right
    near a rocky structure with totem poles. Go up to them and they'll explain the
    concept of the Sinkhole to you. Basically, by throwing debris in the Sinkhole
    you can restore Buddies to life if they were killed from having too much FUN.
    You may have noticed them exploding if you kicked one a few times. After
    throwing something in the Sinkhole, Buddies will explode out of the nearby
    volcano. You'll only have to watch the cutscene the first time.
    Your next task is to build a raft and go collect some of the cargo dropped by
    your airship. Head back down to the beach and you should spot a raft further
    on down the coast near a lone tree. Examining the raft will quickly tell you
    the raft is broken and will not work. We're going to need to buy a new one
    before we can go sailing.
    You can press TAB to open up the shop. At the moment the only item available
    is the sail, but more will be added later. It costs 3,000 FUN, so go and kick
    some Buddies until you have it! Once you have enough, purchase it and go back
    to the raft.
    You can open the building interface by pressing B. Doing it while facing the
    raft will allow you to edit it. The in-game tutorial will explain what needs
    to be done, but I'll go through it briefly anyway. First, select the broken
    sail by clicking on it, then press the DELETE key and it'll be put back into
    your inventory. Access the inventory by mousing over the blue bar on the right
    side of the screen and select the new sail. Click anywhere on the raft and
    you should see a yellow sphere appear in the middle. Click on it to place the
    With that done, exit the menu and you'll be put into your new raft! Use the
    WASD keys to sail over to the crashsite where you started the game. At this
    stage you'll find it's quite a slow journey. Soon enough you'll be speeding
    around with the use of propellers and motors.
    After you arrive, sail over some of the crates to pick them up. They all hold
    various vehicle parts in them, so it's quite useful! Steering the raft can be
    a little tricky, but stick with it! Once you pick up five or so, a cutscene
    will activate and the rest of the cargo is lost to the bottom of the ocean.
    A strong gust of wind will build up and you'll be pushed helplessly back to
    shore. Hop out of your vehicle and a short cutscene will be triggered where a
    some Buddies will come sailing in and another will commit a sort of FUN suicide
    by jumping into a turbine. A timer will then start counting down. Just ignore
    it, it's nothing to worry about.
    Our next task is to head over to that turbine to see if we can find the
    Captain. Personally, I was more concerned with putting a stop to the crazy
    Buddies. Anyway, just near where you hopped out of your vehicle should be a
    small floating icon of a spanner. This is a blueprint! These are predesigned
    vehicles that can be built easily. This one is a motorboat, so we'll put it
    to use now!
    Depending on what items you fished up from the ocean, you may need as much as
    14,000 FUN to purchase the parts you need. Open the shop by pressing TAB and
    sell anything you don't need for your new boat--including the sail you recently
    used. With that done, open build mode with B and click the 'Blueprint' button
    down the bottom. Select the new one and, if you just hover your mouse over the
    'buy' button, you'll see how much the missing parts will cost you. Sell any
    spare parts and go kick some Buddies until you have the amount you need. If you
    run out of Buddies then throw some debris into the Sinkhole.
    Once you've got enough, jump into the water near the coast, press B, and use
    the blueprint (or be creative) to get your new vehicle! If you get stuck on
    the land you can try pressing SPACE to center your vehicle, or jump out and
    push it back into the water.
    Sail your new pride and joy across the island that is connected to the one you
    were just on by the destroyed bridge. Just before reaching the shore, a brief
    cutscene will trigger and a bunch of Buddies will start to sink! Land on the
    shore and you should notice another blueprint sitting next to a lifesaver ring.
    Pick it up. This print gives you a modified version of your current boat that
    allows you to tow buddies!
    Access build mode and dismantle your old ship by clicking th big 'X' button.
    Then, go to blueprints again and create your new one! If you're short on FUN
    there are some Buddies to kick around on this island too. Once you're good to
    go, sail out to the Buddies and pick them up! It's up to you how many you want
    to save as, even if they all die, you don't fail. However, the amount of
    Buddies that die during your game affects what ending you get, so keep that in
    Drag them to sure and jump out of your boat. Once the Buddies have jumped off,
    push your boat back into the water and go pick up the rest!
    With that out of the way, the game will most likely be telling you to press T
    and open the stratosphere. Do so. In the stratosphere you can spend FUN to
    bring objects back down to Earth! Small objects, such as the houses, can
    increase your Buddy limit, whilst larger ones often advance the story. Save up
    enough FUN and pull down all the small objects first.
    Before pulling down the iceberg (which will start the Winter season), do some
    exploring! Head out to the other two islands in your boat to find tons of
    musical notes, treble clefs, and even some cargo crates with parts in them!
    This is a worthwhile task to save you some FUN in the future.
    When you're ready, and have at least 10,000 FUN, dismantle your boat (you're
    going to lose it anyway) and pull that iceberg from the stratosphere!
    +---- WINTER: FROZEN WORLD [3.02] --------------------------------------------+
      |           GOALS CHECKLIST              |       BLUEPRINT CHECKLIST      |
      | [ ] Build a car and beat the penguins  | [ ] Vehicle                    |
      | [ ] Finish the first race              | [ ] Juggernaught No. 556       |
      | [ ] Finish the second race             | [ ] Juggernaught No. 089       |
      | [ ] Finish the third race              | [ ] Juggernaught No. 9         |
      | [ ] Build a submarine and go under ice | [ ] Submarine                  |
    After a very strange, though amusing, cutscene, it's time to start Winter!
    First off, we need to save the Buddies from the huge penguins! Run across the
    ice to where they're duking it out and you should spot a blueprint between a
    couple of penguins in the middle. It contains the schematics for a car, which
    we need to create.
    Chances are you won't have the parts required, or enough FUN to buy them. Take
    a look around the penguins and you'll notice a bunch of small cargo crates.
    Many of them will contain the parts you need for your car, so keep opening
    them until you have enough, or at least until you can afford the remaining
    parts from the shop! If there aren't many crates, just be patient. As the
    Buddies attack the penguins they'll drop some.
    Once your car is ready to go, start ramming into those penguins! It takes quite
    a number of hits, but once you've attacked them enough, they'll float up into
    the air and explode into FUN! If you don't like the first-person view mode
    inside the car you can switch to third-person by pressing the C key.
    Once all the penguins are gone, the Deus Ex Machina will speak to you again.
    Before continuing, use your car and drive up the spiral ramp to the top of the
    iceberg. Along the way you'll pick up some cargo, treble clefs and musical
    notes. Once at the top either drive back down or take a short cut by driving
    off the edge!
    When you're back on the ice, head towards the main island where you'll find
    the Buddies band again. After they're done talking, it's time to race! It's
    a pretty simple course as all you need to do is follow the arrows and clear
    some small jumps. You're only racing ice-skating Buddies, so there's no
    chance of losing. If you can, try to hit as many penguins as possible to get
    some extra FUN!
    After finishing the race, the Captain appears and talks to you for a bit.
    Now it's time for another race! Turn around and you should see the Buddies
    back near the main island. Head over and begin the next race. This time you
    actually have to race other cars, but there's no differences between winning
    and losing, so just enjoy! There's a few boxes of cargo to pick up along
    the course too.
    If you check the stratosphere, a few new large objects will have appeared.
    They're all optional, but bring down as many as you can to increase the maximum
    amount of Buddies in your world. If you're aiming for the good ending, pull
    everything possible down.
    With that done, it's time for the third and final race! Head down towards the
    iceberg and continue past it to the smaller island. Just to the right of the
    island is the Buddies band and the start line. After they're done talking, get
    ready to race! This one is a little harder, but nothing you won't be able to
    Finishing the race will trigger a cutscene of a huge ship falling from the sky!
    Drive over to where it landed and you'll discover a huge hole in the ice...
    along with a submarine base and blueprint! Dismantle your car so we can use the
    parts (we won't need it again) and open up build mode using the submarine base
    that's already in the water. This base won't work by itself, so use the
    blueprint (or be creative and build something yourself) to turn it onto a
    working vehicle!
    +---- WINTER: RESTARTING THE VOLCANOES [3.03] --------------------------------+
      |           GOALS CHECKLIST              |       BLUEPRINT CHECKLIST      |
      | [ ] Start the first volcano            |              None              |
      | [ ] Start the second volcano           +--------------------------------+
    Now that our submarine is in working order, we'll be heading under the ice in
    an attempt to find access to the volcanoes and get them going again. It can
    be a little challenging to control the vehicle at times, but you'll adjust to
    it soon enough. You can use WASD to move the submarine and the UP and DOWN
    arrows to adjust your height. If you have some spare motors or FUN, you might
    want to attach an extra propeller or two to speed it up. Play around and see
    what you can come up with! If you don't feel like it, the blueprint works fine.
    The biggest concern of this section is getting lost. See those railroad tracks
    at the bottom of the ocean? Keep them in sight at all times! Straying too far
    from the path will get you hopelessly lost. Unfortunately, we will need to
    stray a little bit to find Buddies, so I suggest making a new save game here
    just in case you really can't find your way out. At the very least, don't go
    past any flashing lights you see. They act as a sort of warning that you're
    going too far away.
    There are two volcanoes we need to find, so let's get started! Follow the
    tracks a little bit and you'll come to a few road signs. The track splits off
    in two different directions, but ultimately we'll need to head down both.
    Apparently, depending on which of the two volcanoes you start first, you'll
    get a different Steam achievement. You'll have to play through again (or
    reload an ealier save) if you want to get the other! However, I have not been
    able to get this to work myself as of yet.
    It doesn't really matter which set of signs you follow first, but there's one
    thing you need to keep in mind for both: pick up Buddies. Both volcanoes need
    Buddies to activate, so pick some up now to save time. Your submarine will only
    be able to hold around 7 at a time, but it's no problem as we can come back for
    the rest later. Try to avoid the jellyfish as they'll bump you around a bit.
    Buddies can be found floating all over the place.
    For this guide, we're going to be tackling the pipe-organ volcano first. Some
    players have reported their game freezing when doing them the other way around.
    Often simply reloading will fix this if you're having that problem, but I have
    done them both ways and never had any issues.
    The pipe-organ volcano can be found by following the signs (and the railroad
    track) with an organ on them. You'll eventually find a tunnel which you should
    drive inside and them swim up to the surface. Drive your submarine to the side
    of the room and hop out, the Buddies should then automatically start walking
    into the pipe room. You need 13 in total to begin the mini-game so, assuming
    you don't already have enough, take your submarine back out and go catch some
    more! Once you have enough inside the pipe organ, it's time for a rather tricky
    WARNING. MAKE A SAVE HERE. Some players have had glitches occur and it's best
    to be able to reload from this point.
    Walk over to the keyboard near the organ and click the left mouse button to use
    it. This is a sort of rhythym mini-game. What you need to do is watch as the
    Buddies float up the tubes. Notice that each tube is marked with either 1, 2,
    3, or SPACE. When a tube lights up yellow, hit the corrosponding button.
    Hitting the wrong one, or leaving it too late, will cause the Buddies to
    explode! If you get it right the tube will turn green, if you mess up then it
    will turn red.
    You win this game by continuing to play until the song is finished, but can
    fail if too many Buddies are killed by you missing notes. If you run out of
    Buddies simply swim back outside and bring some more back. Or reload the save
    I recommended you make and try again.
    When you do it successfully a short cutscene will trigger showing the Buddies
    moving through the pipes. Run across the hallway (near where you parked your
    submarine) and into the room with a big trampoline. If you look up you'll see
    pipes coming out of the walls. By interacting with the drums around the room
    the idea is to bounce the Buddies onto that big trampoline in the middle. Don't
    worry if you miss, the Buddies will just run back 'round to the organ and try
    You need to get three Buddies on the trampoline to succeed. The timer above the
    trampolie indicates how long until the Buddies will be bounced up. You can
    adjust the drums they bounce off by walking over to them and using the left
    mouse button. Tilt them all quite low and the Buddies still skid across the
    trampoline, stopping just before the edge.
    Many players have had problems with glitches in this section. Sometimes, when
    doing the organ-playing Buddies won't come back from the other room. Make sure
    they're not stuck on the drums.
    Once you launch three, fireworks will go off and the devil-like machine will
    speak to you. Now it's time for the other volcano! Follow the railroad tracks
    all the way back to where we started and, this time, follow the other signs.
    Again, pick up as many Buddies as your submarine can hold along the way.
    In this volcano, the idea is to make Buddies dance. You should only need about
    seven to get he party started. Drop a treble clef in the middle of the room.
    If you don't have enough Buddies then the game will notify you and won't let
    you drop a clef. If that's the case, just go out and bring some more back!
    The vuvuzelas spread around the room will start to play music too. However,
    from time to time one will become deffective and start spitting out debris.
    The defective ones are marked with a big 'X' above their heads. Pick up any
    debris lying around the room and throw them to block the defective vuvuzelas.
    Just rinse and repeat this process for a while until you're done!
    You'll know you're done when the floor begins to give way. Kick as many Buddies
    away from the lava as possible and just wait for a moment while the ground
    finishes being destroyed. Shortly after that, the survivng Buddies should make
    their own way up into the engine. If all your Buddies died, just go out and get
    some more.
    With both volcanoes done, a cut-scene will trigger and Spring will begin!
    +---- SPRING: BREAKING THE ICE [3.04] ----------------------------------------+
      |           GOALS CHECKLIST              |       BLUEPRINT CHECKLIST      |
      | [ ] Build a heavy iceberg vehicle      | [ ] Juggernaut No. 24          |
      | [ ] Stratosphere: Statue of Liberty    | [ ] Juggernaut No. 26          |
      | [ ] Rescue floating Buddies            | [ ] Helicopter                 |
      +----------------------------------------+ [ ] Juggernaut No. 777         |
                                               | [ ] Juggernaut No. 1978        |
                                               | [ ] Juggernaut No. 778         |
                                               | [ ] Juggernaut No. 123         |
    Once the volcanoes have restarted Spring begins and you'll find yourself on
    top of a moving platform of ice. Your next task is to make it big enough and
    heavy enough to break through an ice wall. If you don't have a lot of FUN
    stored up (or have parts to sell off) this might be tricky.
    First thing I would recommend is dropping a treble clef straight away. All
    the Buddies on the iceberg will start to dance and generate a lot of FUN. Don't
    kick any off; they'll only end up drowning. If you'r going for the bad ending,
    however, then kick them all you want! Make them dance for as long as necessary
    to get the FUN you need.
    If you look down the bottom of the screen you'll see the current task and your
    progress with it. You need to make the iceberg weigh 9600 before the distance
    reaches 0. The easiest way to do this is by making a hulking monstrosity out
    of metal crates.
    Open up build mode while facing the steering wheel on the iceberg and sell off
    anything you don't need. Start buying and stacking crates on the iceberg
    because they give you the most amount of mass at the cheapest price. A word
    of warning though, don't stack them too high! You'll start clipping ice
    bridges and this can cause major problems. Stacking them three or so high
    should be enough. You can attach them straight to the ice.
    Once that's done, we need to build a roof. Buy some flat platforms and create
    a covering using the crate pillars for support. The roof doesn't need to cover
    the whole iceberg, just the middle over the steering wheel. When you have that
    sorted, leave build mode and check down the bottom of the screen to see how
    much mass you still need to add. Then just attach whatever you want to meet
    that target. Just don't build too wide or high.
    Don't freak out if your iceberg submerges a bit after hitting the side of a
    cliff. On one playthrough I actually had a whole ice sheet stuck inebetween a
    couple of my crates! If you get seriously stuck, just reload the autosave at
    the start of Spring.
    Once you have enough weight, all you need to do is sit and wait until you hit
    the ice gate. If you're bored, drop another clef or two and watch the Buddies
    dance. If you don't have enough FUN to build a heavy enough icerbeg, don't
    worry about it. Failing this won't give you a game over.
    After you break through the gate, just patiently wait until the iceberg comes
    to a complete stop. Once it does, a quick cutscene with the Captain will
    trigger. When that's done, dismantle it, and then hop off and into the water.
    You can build a boat if you want, but it's just as easy to swim. Head over to
    the big icerberg that caused Winter to start and swim around the inside until
    you reach the igloo. In front of it is a blueprint for a helicopter! We'll
    need that so grab it now.
    This blueprint helicopter has one major design flaw that you should fix
    straight away: it only has one propeller. On the other side is a crate to
    balance out the weight. Delete that crate, sell off any parts you can for extra
    FUN, and then buy one airscrew and one (if you don't have any) perpetum motor.
    Attach the new parts to the opposite wing and now your new helicopter will
    fly straight! You might want to attach a lifesaver too.
    Now that we have that sorted, I'd advise some exploration before continuing
    with the story! There's heaps of new musical notes, cargo, and blueprints to
    find across the islands and the broken ice. It's highly worth your time doing
    a fly-over to acquire some free parts. You can find detailed locations of all
    the blueprints by heading to section 4 of this guide.
    If nothing else I would HIGHLY recommend you finding the 'helicopter' blueprint
    as it's one of the most useful in the game. It's very close to the main island,
    just on the ice where you picked up the motoboat blueprint in Autumn. Build it
    as soon as you can. Not only can it fly, but it's buoyuant and can be driven on
    land and water. Remember to dismantle your other helicopter first!
    Once you're ready to continue open up the stratosphere. Among the many smaller
    items (feel free to pull them down) is the Statue of Liberty. Spend 10,000 FUN
    and pull it down! Unfortunately, there were Buddies standing on all that
    cracked ice! Time to go save them before it all floats away.
    Attatch a lifesaver to your helicopter if you haven't done so yet and then
    fly over to where the Statue landed. Fly up to the chunks of ice and start
    pulling the Buddies off them. Try to save as many Buddies as you can if you're
    going for the good ending, but just let them all die if you're aiming for the
    bad one. You can check how much time you have left by looking at the number at
    the bottom of your screen.
    As you start saving the Buddies, another custecen will trigger. This time
    you'll see a huge factory, known as the 'Eggplant', emerge from the ice. Don't
    worry about it for now, we'll be coming back to it later. Just keep rescuing
    (or not) the Buddies.
    +---- SPRING: RESTARTING THE EGGPLANT [3.04] ---------------------------------+
      |           GOALS CHECKLIST              |       BLUEPRINT CHECKLIST      |
      | [ ] Bring 10 Buddies to the Eggplant   |              None              |
      | [ ] Stratosphere: Train                +--------------------------------+
      | [ ] Bring a red container to Eggplant  |
      | [ ] Take yellow container to Eggplant  |
      | [ ] Kick the red switch                |
    Once you're done saving the Buddies, fly over to where that large ovular-shaped
    object (the Eggplant) emerged from the ice. You should notice a smaller
    platform hanging off the side of the Egglplant--it has a ferris wheel-like
    object attatched. Land on that platform and chat to the Captain who informs us
    we need to bring some Buddies up here.
    Fly back down and collect some Buddies on your helicopter. If you haven't
    already, make sure you have a lifesaver attatched. You need ten Buddies in
    total to get things moving, so take a couple of trips to bring them all up
    here. Once you land, hop out of the vehicle and the Buddies should
    automatically wander over to the ferris wheel and climb on.
    Once you have enough, a new object will appear in the stratosphere. Open it up
    with T and notice a train-like object carrying tanks full of colour. Drop it
    from the stratosphere using 10,000 FUN. Before we go looking for it, have a
    look behind you and you'll notice a bunch of tubes full of Colour. However,
    two of them are empty. The missing colours you need are red and yellow. We now
    need to go find the yellow and red tanks from where the train crashed.
    The colour tanks are spread out across the world, but I can direct you straight
    to the ones you need! The closest red container is quite close to the Eggplant,
    near where the Skyscraper lands after you pull it from the stratosphere. It's
    sitting right next to it and should be quite obvious as you fly in. Make sure
    to dismantle your helicopter once you land, because we're about to use an
    alternate form of transport.
    Right next to the red container should be a few boxes of cargo containing most
    of the parts we're about to need; so pick them up. Next, walk to the red
    container and open up build mode by facing it and pressing B. There's also a
    blueprint nearby that contains the design we need to get this container moving.
    Specifically, it's on an ice bridge you would have flown over to get here.
    If you have the blueprint, use it to turn the container into a hot air balloon.
    If you don't, you'll need to use a couple of balloons and some airscrews to
    make it mobile.
    If you do it successfully, the red colour container will have been turned into
    a vehicle! Jump in and fly it back up to the Eggplant. You need to drop it in
    the large funnel that sticks out of the top. Fly it right over it and a brief
    scene will trigger showing the red colour filling up the empty tube. If you're
    confident in your skills you can fly high over the funnel and dismantle the
    vehicle mid-flight to save rebuying parts.
    Once red is done, we need to find yellow! Rebuild your helicopter (which you
    hopefully dismantled earlier when I mentioned it) and fly over to the small
    island with the large turbine a Buddy killed himself in early on in the game.
    Fly around behind the turbine and you'll see the yellow container lying on
    the ground. Pick up the cargo scattered around it and get building!
    BUG WARNING. If you use the blueprint on this yellow container, it will turn
    it red! HOWEVER, this is only an asthetic bug. Even if it looks red on the
    outside, it'll still contain yellow paint on the inside, so no harm done!
    If you're short on FUN, spend some time selling off old parts, kicking Buddies,
    or making a bunch of them dance. Again, make sure you dismantle your helicopter
    first. Fly the yellow container over the funnel and drop it in. Once that's
    done, the game should automatically place you back near the colour tubes and
    the ferris wheel. If it doesn't, just fly back up there. When you're ready,
    kick the red switch in front of the tubes with the right mouse button.
    Colour will spray out from the Eggplant and get rid of the last of the ice.
    Summer has begun!
    +---- SUMMER: THE AXIS AND THE HADRON COLLIDER [3.05] ------------------------+
      |           GOALS CHECKLIST              |       BLUEPRINT CHECKLIST      |
      | [ ] Stratosphere: Earth Axis x2        |             None               |
      | [ ] Stratosphere: Hadron Collider      +--------------------------------+
      | [ ] Realign the collider               |
      | [ ] Bring Buddies up to the Collider   |
    When Summer begins you'll be back on the main island and all the ice is
    completely gone. First up, take a look around the island there should be lots
    of musical notes, new cargo crates, and plenty of Buddies to kick. Once you've
    explored, open up the stratosphere and you'll see the Earth's axis plus a ton
    of smaller objects. Pull down all of those small objects first.
    While you're doing that, I'd recommend placing a treble clef near the Sinkhole.
    Inbetween bringing down new objects, throw debris generated from the dancing
    into the sinkhole. Rinse and repeat this process until you have a lot of
    Buddies dancing. This is a great way to get some achievements (see section 6)
    and generate a lot of Fun.
    Once you're ready, pull down the Earth Axis for 10,000 Fun. Unfortunately, it
    doesn't work! Wait a few minutes and then open the stratosphere again. Click
    on the Axis again to successfully pull it down at the cost of another 30,000
    -----------------WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!------------------
    Many saves I made after this stage in the game often ended up being corrupted.
    I'd save after dropping the Collider, come back later, and the game would
    crash when I tried to load it. I know others have had this too, but not
    everyone. Make sure to save in different slots from here on in.
    ---------------------------------WARNING END-----------------------------------
    Open up the stratosphere again and you'll see a new object: the Large Hadron
    Collider. Pull this down at the cost of 10,000 Fun, though pull down any
    smaller objects first if some have appeared. The Collider lands not far from
    the main island and it's our next destination!
    Build a helicopter or plane and get ready to take off. I just used the 
    'Helicopter' blueprint at this stage. Feel free to be more creative if you'd
    like. Once your vehicle is ready, fly it up to the platform in front of the
    Hadron Collider.
    If you'd like to view an optional cutscene, first fly to the island with the
    windmill to meet with the the band again. As usual they're quite humerous, but
    don't give you anything useful. Once you've done that, land on the Hadron
    Collider platform and talk to the Captain for an odd cutscene.
    With that out of the way, cross the small walkway to where the big board with
    a bright red light is. Stand in front of it and press the left mouse button to
    interact with it. Use the A and D keys to rotate the pieces of the Collider
    until they're aligned. You know they're in the right spot when it makes a
    clicking sound and starts generating energy. You can move from piece to piece
    using the W and D keys.
    Once they're done, left click to cancel. You'll notice the colour switches
    around you have now been activated, but they need to be hit in the right order.
    I'm uncertain whether there's an easier way for figuring it out, but I don't
    know of a sure-fire way to get it right. I did it through trial and error,
    if you get it in the right order then the switch will stay down. If it's wrong,
    it'll pop back up. The correct order seems to change from file to file.
    If you got it right, the Collider will activate... almost! First, we need to
    go grab some Buddies to power it! Fly back down to the main island and get at
    least five or so attatched to your vehicle. Fly back up to the platform and
    step out of your vehicle. The Buddies will bravely sacrifice themselves into
    the turbine and the Hadron Collider will start! Just watch and wait as it pulls
    the Earth Axis in.
    +---- SUMMER: CATACLYSMIC TORNADO(S) [3.06] ----------------------------------+
      |           GOALS CHECKLIST              |       BLUEPRINT CHECKLIST      |
      | [ ] Stratosphere: White Hot Comet x3   |              None              |
      | [ ] Use helicopter to create tornado x3+--------------------------------+
      | [ ] Stratosphere: Any 3 small objects  |
      | [ ] Use tornados to pick all 3 up      |
    After a minute or two, some new items will be in the stratopshere. Hit T to
    open it up and you should see three comets floating around. Pull it down to
    Earth and you actually get to control its flight path! Use WASD to guide it
    anywhere into the ocean that you'd like. If it lands on an object or ground,
    it dissapates and nothing happens and wastes your FUN.
    If you did it successfully, the water should start bubbling where it landed.
    If you're not already using one, build a vehicle that has a helicopter rotor
    on top and fly over to the water. Hover above it and a tornado should start
    to emerge. Keep levitating up and down in your helicopter to make the tornado
    bigger and bigger. You'll know once it's the maximum size because the
    achievement will be unlocked, one of the gods will talk to you, and you'll get
    a new task (look for the white text at the bottom of the screen).
    Now, if you haven't already during Summer, drop down three smaller objects
    from the stratosphere such as houses or lighthouses. Guide your torano over one
    of them--it will follow you as long as you don't get too far away. Once the
    tornado comes into contact with the small floating object it'll pick it up and
    automatically carry it over to the Hadron Collider.
    Now, we need to do this twice more! Create two more tornados and have them
    pick up two more floating objects. You'll know when these tornados are their
    maximum size because a chime-like sound effect will play. Wait for them to
    reach the Collider and... you're done! Congratulations on beating the game!
    Now, depending on one factor, you'll get one of two different endings and one
    of the two Steam achievements. As far as I'm aware, the only thing that affects
    what ending you get is the amount of Buddies that were permanently killed
    during your game. Letting too many die will give you the bad ending, but saving
    most of them will give you the good ending.
    |  'BAD' ENDING  |
    Requirement: Many Buddies died throughout your game.
    Achievement: Master of FUN
    The devil-like machine turns everything, including Flawkes, into FUN and
    begins to work on his own project.
    | 'GOOD' ENDING  |
    Requirement: Finish the game without letting too many Buddies die.
    Achievement: Master of Gravity
    A happy ending! Plus, you get to watch the Buddies dress up and dance.
    +---- BLUEPRINTS AND PARTS [4.00] --------------------------------------------+
    This section of the guide is all about vehicle building. It gives information
    about all building parts and where you can find blueprints.
    If you're looking for tips on building vehciles or for some inspiration, take
    a look at these two forums:
    The Official Ice-Pick Lodge Cargo Board:
    The Cargo Steam Board:
    There's a number of player uploaded images there to get you started!
    +---- LIST OF PARTS [4.01] ---------------------------------------------------+
    More parts will become available from the shop as you progress through the
    game. Only a small amount can be purchased from the start.
       |       PART NAME        |    COST    |   MASS   |      DESCRIPTION     |
       |        Airscrew        |   10,000   |     50   | Propeller for planes |
       |       Batisphere       |    6,000   |   1500   | Submarine center     |
       |        Car Body        |    7,500   |    400   | Car center           |
       |        Cockpit         |   10,000   |    400   | Plane/Copter center  |
       |         Crate          |      500   |    500   | Increases cargo load |
       |   Drowning Propeller   |    8,000   |     50   | Used to submerge     |
       |  Helicopter Propeller  |   12,000   |     75   | Used to fly vertical |
       |     Hot Air Balloon    |    3,500   |    150   | For flying vertical  |
       |         Joints         |      200   |     50   | For connecting parts |
       |        Lifesaver       |    3,000   |    100   | For towing Buddies   |
       |       Paddle Wheel     |   15,000   |    ???   | To speed up boats    |
       |     Perpetum Mobile    |    4,000   |    150   | Slow motor           |
       |   Very Perpetum Mobile |    8,000   |    200   | Medium-speed motor   |
       |   Most Perpetum Mobile |   25,000   |    250   | Very fast motor      |
       |        Platform        |    1,000   |    200   | For construction     |
       |         Puffer         |    1,500   |    100   | A weaker balloon     |
       |          Raft          |    1,500   |    300   | Raft center          |
       |          Sail          |    3,000   |     25   | For water travel     |
       |     Screw Propeller    |    5,000   |     50   | To speed up boats    |
       |        Ship Deck       |    4,000   |    400   | Boat center          |
       |         Sponson        |      500   |     50   | Keeps vehicle afloat |
       |          Tail          |    5,000   |    150   | For air travel       |
       |        Torn Sail       |      500   |     25   | Useless              |
       |        Wild Wheel      |    2,000   |     50   | Wheel for cars       |
       |          Wing          |    1,000   |    100   | For plane vehicles   |
    +---- BLUEPRINT LOCATIONS [4.02] ---------------------------------------------+
    If you have discovered a blueprint that I haven't listed here, please use my
    email at the top of this guide to get in touch with me! Make sure to include
    your username so I can credit you.
    Blueprints move around depending on the season and you can miss them if you
    don't pick them up in time. So, obviously, I've listed them here by seasonal
    |     AUTUMN     |
    Total Blueprints: 3
    Obtained by default when progressing the story. As soon as you put your new
    sail on the raft base, this is added to your blueprints.
    After picking up cargo with your raft, a strong gust of wind will blow you back
    to shore. This blueprint should be right where you land.
    This modified motorboat blueprint can be found on the island across the damaged
    bridge. You should pick it up towards the end of Autumn when you're fishing the
    drowning Buddies from the water.
    |     WINTER     |
    Total Blueprints: 5
    Picked up near the giant penguins. You'll need it (or something similar) to
    defeat them.
    Underneath the broken bridge, near one of the support columns. Closer to the
    side leading to the main island.
    Past the smallest island, near where the third (optional) race is during
    Winter. Drive past the island and it's just sitting out on the ice.
    Beneath the turbine on the northern island is a small passageway under the
    rocks. The blueprint is just sitting in the middle.
    Next to where the huge ships crash lands into the ice. Part of the main story.
    |     SPRING     |
    Toal Blueprints: 7
    In front of the igloo on top of the huge iceberg that started Winter.
    If you face the sinkhole on the main island, head down to the right where a
    lone tree sits. This blueprint is on the ice not far from the tree.
    Very close to where you got the blueprint for the motoboat in Autumn. This is
    one of the most useful blueprints in the game.
    On top of an ice bridge very close to where the Skyscraper fell from the
    stratosphere. If you didn't pull the Skysraper down the location is much
    harder to describe. If you face the island with the big turbine on it, head out
    on the ice to the left.
    Very close to No. 777. It's on the opposite side of the Skyscraper on a broken
    ice bridge next to a volcano.
    Between the volcano and your crashed airship, the Hippo, on an ice bridge.
    Quite close to No. 1978.
    Beneath the backside of the ship that crashed through the ice in Winter; near
    where you first built a submarine. Just drive around the back of the ship to
    find it on the ice.
    |     SUMMER     |
    Total Blueprints: 0
    +---- SANDBOX MODE [5.00] ----------------------------------------------------+
    At anytime from the main menu you can access Sandbox Mode. However it's not
    recommended you mess around with it until after completing the game as you'll
    spoil some surprises.
    You can access any season you want and your world will always start off with
    30 Buddies. No story events or dailogue will take place and you're free to
    build, explore, and experiment as you want. You're automatically given a large
    quantity of varied vehicle parts to get you started.
    In all seasons you are provided with the following:
    3 Treble Clefs
    30 Buddies
    [Vehicle Parts]
      -- Puffer x20
      -- Hot Air Balloon x10
      -- Crate x40
      -- Lifesaver x4
      -- Very Perpetum Mobile x8
      -- Perpetum Mobile x16
      -- Platform x100
      -- Most Perpetum Mobile x4
      -- Helicopter Propeller x10
      -- Airscrew x10
      -- Car Body x3
      -- Cockpit x3
      -- Ship Deck x3
      -- Raft x3
      -- Sail x5
      -- Batisphere x3
      -- Screw Propeller x10
      -- Torn Sail x5
      -- Sponson x50
      -- Drowning Propeller x10
      -- Tail x5
      -- Paddle Wheel x8
      -- Wild Wheel x16
      -- Joints x100
      -- Wing x50
    It's a great chance to try out some vehicles and ideas without having to worry
    about anything else and not need to accumulate much FUN.
    +---- STEAM ACHIEVEMENTS GUIDE [6.00] ----------------------------------------+
    Here you can find strategies on how to complete all the Steam achievements for
    the game. Some are quite easily or come naturally, while others are far more
    difficult. It will take you two playthroughs to get all of them.
    If you're having trouble with any achievements during story mode, try doing
    them in sandbox mode! You may find this easier for some of the non-story
    related ones.
    +---- OUTLINE [6.01] ---------------------------------------------------------+
    This subsection outlines all the achievements for the game and gives you a
    brief guideline on how to pick them up in an easily accessible order. If
    you're looking for help, or advice, on a particularly achievement then skip
    this part and scroll down to the next section where I detail them all
    Keep in mind this is just a guideline.
    |   STORY-RELATED   |
    These cannot be missed so don't worry about them. You'll have them all by the
    end of the game.
    My heart will go on...................Get the iceberg out of the stratosphere.
    Let the leaves hit the floor..........Finish autumn.
    Curse of the Black Pearl..............Get the ship out of the stratosphere.
    Jingle Bells..........................Finish winter.
    Eggplant..............................Find the eggplant.
    Chattanooga Choo Choo.................Get the train out of the stratosphere.
    Flower Power..........................Finish spring.
    Shish Kebab...........................Pull Earth's Axis from the stratosphere.
    End Day...............................Get the collider out of the stratosphere.
    Caution! It's a white-hot comet!......Get the comet out of the stratosphere.
    Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks!...Create the tornado.
    You will get one of these per play based on the order you did the volcanoes.
    NOTE: I am still unsure how this works. I only have one of these two.
      Hit the Winter........................Start volcano.
      Play with Winter......................Start volcano.
    You will get only one of these two per playthrough:
      Master of FUN.........................Finish game with the regular ending.
      Master of Gravity.....................Finish game with the 'special' ending.
    |     SPEED-RELATED      |
    Some of these you'll complete as you play, but you'll need to go out of your
    way to get the harder ones. Wait until Summer to start working on them and
    then go straight for the most difficult. That way you'll unlock them all in
    one go. Check the next section for building tips.
    Hit The Road Jack.....................Reach a speed of 50 km/h.
    Speeddeamon...........................Reach a speed of 100 km/h.
    Easy Rider............................Reach a speed of 150 km/h.
    Star Truck............................Reach a speed of 200 km/h.
    Full Trottle..........................Reach a speed of 250 km/h.
    Nightmare.............................Reach a speed of 300 km/h.
    |     INTER-RELATED      |
    These achievements fall into different categories, but are best completed at
    the same time to make it easier on you. Take a look at the achievements list
    in the next section for specific strategies.
    STEP #1: Get at least 50 Buddies together and have them start dancing.
      Party Introduction..................Make 5 Buddies dance at the same time.
      Thats what I call a party...........Make 10 Buddies dance at the same time.
      Turntablerocker.....................Make 15 Buddies dance at the same time.
      Ottawan.............................Make 25 Buddies dance at the same time.
      Macarena............................Make 50 Buddies dance at the same time.
    STEP #2: Once you have the 'Macarena' achievement, keep dropping clefs until
             you reach 1,000,000 Fun.
      Get the party started...............Create 25,000 Fun.
      Party on............................Create 50,000 Fun.
      Master of Ceremony..................Create 100,000 Fun.
      Godfather of FUN....................Create 250,000 Fun.
      Omg.................................Create 500,000 Fun.
      Bazinga.............................Create 1,000,000 Fun.
    STEP #3: Start building a huge vehicle. It doesn't need to be functional.
      Mechanic............................Build up a vehicle out of 25 parts.
      Supreme Mechanic....................Build up a vehicle out of 50 parts.
      Inventor of the Mechanics...........Build up a vehicle out of 100 parts.
      The Legoman.........................Build up a vehicle out of 150 parts.
      Master of the Transformers..........Build up a vehicle out of 250 parts.
    STEP #4: All the Buddies that were dancing should now climb aboard your
             vehicle! Make sure you have lots of life rings attatched.
      Chainreaction.......................Get a 5-Buddy chain.
      Double Helix........................Get a 10-Buddy chain.
      No Chainpiece missing...............Get a 15-Buddy chain.
      Little by little....................Get a 25-Buddy chain.
      Come together.......................Get a 50-Buddy chain.
    |     MISCELLANEOUS      |
    There's no real strategy to these remaining achievements. Just keep an eye out
    for the requirements and then get them done. Make sure you spend a lot of time
    kicking Buddies as you play. Check the following section for specific
    guidelines and strategies.
    Super Kicker 50.......................Kick 50 Buddies.
    Super Kicker 100......................Kick 100 Buddies.
    Red Butt-On!..........................Kick 250 Buddies.
    The Rear End..........................Kick 500 buddies.
    Butt-Head.............................Kick 1000 Buddies.
    I have a dream........................Drop the Statue of Liberty.
    King Kong Lives.......................Pull the skyscraper from the stratosphere
    Londons Calling.......................Pull the Big Ben from the stratosphere.
    That's not ours!......................Pull the UFO from the stratosphere.
    +---- ACHIEVEMENTS LIST [6.02] -----------------------------------------------+
    Listed in alphabetical order.
    |           BAZINGA CREATE            |
    1,000,000 Total FUN acquired.
    Don't worry about this one too much until you get to the final season of the
    game, Summer. However, throughout the game you should be making sure to bring
    down every object in the stratosphere possible to maximise your total buddies.
    Pick up as many musical notes and clefs as you can too, and save them for
    getting this achievement.
    During Summer, head to the main island where your game begins and, hopefully,
    there's already a sizeable amount of Buddies running around. Drop a clef and
    have them start dancing. As they dance, debris will fall from the sky. Pick up
    many pieces and throw them into the sinkhole. This will recreate any Buddies
    you've lost and place them on the main island.
    Keep this up until you have a huge amount of Buddies on the island (50+ is
    ideal--you can check if you've got this by getting the 'Macarena' achievement
    at the same time).
    Once you have a lot of them, just keep dropping clefs. With approximately 50
    Buddies you'll generate around 40,000 FUN per dance. That means, if you had
    Zero fun, you'd only need 25 dances to reach 1 million. Obviously, you've
    already done most of the game and should have many hundreds of thousands
    NOTE: This is the total FUN you've acquired throughout the game, not what you
    currently have on hand.
    Create the Tornado.
    This is part of the main game and you will get it automatically towards the
    end of the game. In Summer, to be exact.
    |              BUTT-HEAD              |
    Kick 1,000 Buddies.
    This is probably the most tedious and annoying of all the achievements. It's
    exceedingly easy to do, but takes a considerable time committment. The best
    thing to do is to kick as many Buddies as you can throughout your game. By
    the time you get to Summer hopefully you'd be close to (or have passed) the
    250 achievement.
    This is best done with the 'Macarena' achievement. After getting the Buddies
    to dance (if you do it with that achievement, you'll be getting around 50 of
    them to dance at a time) just start kicking them all! Start up another dance
    for the Macarena achievement and then kick them all again! Rinse and repeat
    and you'll get there... eventually.
    --Alternate Strategy--
    Submitted by Dmitry.
    I want only to tell you about some small glitch, that can be used to easily
    get 1000 buddies kicked. You can start Winter (probably should be the main
    game, not sandbox), put a tune on the shore, near the frozen water, and then
    pull Big Ben out of stratosphere. It'll break the ice and somehow buddies
    will get under ice. Then you just kick the one off the shore until you get
    1000 kicks. Just don't leave him for too long - kick, kick, kick and kick.
    He won't be able to burst into FUN since he is under ice.
    Get the Comet out of the stratosphere.
    This will come naturally in Summer in your journey to beat the game.
    |           CHAINREACTION             |
    Get a 5-Buddy-chain.
    You should get this pretty early on in the game. Simply build a vehicle large
    enough to hold five Buddies. You can see the maximum Buddy limit for a vehicle
    by looking at the top right corner of the screen in build mode. Once it can
    take five, attatch a life ring and go find some Buddies!
    |      CHATTANOOGA CHOO CHOO          |
    Get the Train out of the stratosphere.
    You will get this naturally as you play through the game.
    |           COME TOGETHER             |
    Get a 50-Buddy-chain.
    At first glance, this looks quite tricky. Luckily, it's not really too bad.
    First, you're going to need 50 Buddies. I personally did this one straight
    after completing the 'Macarena' achievement so I knew I had 50 for sure. You
    will also need a large amount of FUN to buy all the parts you'll need to
    build a big enough vehicle. Most likely a few hunded thousand, depending on
    how many spare parts you have lying around.
    The important thing to remember is the vehicle doesn't need to work. Buddies
    will climb onto it even if it's just sitting stationary on the ground, so use
    that to your advantage. It doesn't have to work, it just has to be big enough
    to hold 50. 
    If you need some inspiration, you can check out a screenshot of the one I made:
    |      CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL       |
    Get the ship out of the stratosphere.
    This will come naturally through a story event in the game.
    |           DOUBLE HELIX              |
    Get a 10-Buddy-chain.
    Check out the strategy for 'Come Together' to get all the Buddy-chain
    achievements at once.
    |             EASY RIDER              |
    Built a vehicle and try to reach the 150 km/h.
    There's a good chance you'll get this naturally during the racing event in
    Winter. If not, or you want some help, check out the strategy for the
    'Nightmare' achievement to get all the speed rleated ones at once.
    |              EGGPLANT               |
    Find the eggplant.
    You'll get this as you play through the game. It's part of the story.
    |               END DAY               |
    Get the Collider out of the stratosphere.
    Again, this is part of the story. You'll pick it up naturally.
    |           FLOWER POWER              |
    Finish Spring.
    Part of the main game. You'll pick it up naturally.
    |           FULL THROTTLE             |
    Built a vehicle and try to reach the 250 km/h.
    Check out the strategy for the 'Nightmare' achievement.
    |       GET THE PARTY STARTED         |
    Create 25,000 FUN.
    You'll get this fairly early on in the game without doing too much work.
    |          GODFATHER OF FUN           |
    Create 250,000 FUN.
    Take a look at the strategy for the 'Bazinga Create' achievement if you need
    help. This will probably come naturally in the second half of your game.
    |          HIT THE ROAD JACK          |
    Built a vehicle and try to reach the 50 km/h.
    You'll likely get this naturally as you play around with different vehicles. If
    you need help, scroll down and look at the strategy for the 'Nightmare'
    |            HIT THE WINTER           |
    Start the volcano.
    To get this one you need to start the volcano with the trampoline and rythym
    mini-game first. If you start the volcano with the vuvuzelas first, you'll
    get 'Play with Winter'. Or, so I'm told. I have not been able to get this
    achievement yet and it is the only one I am missing. If anyone can fill me in
    on how to get it, please send me an email!
    |            I HAVE A DREAM           |
    Get the Statue of Liberty out of the stratosphere.
    Part of the main storyline. You'll get this naturally.
    |        INVENTOR OF MECHANICS        |
    Build up a vehicle out of 100 parts.
    If you do a lot of building, you'll probably pick this up easily. If you're
    relying on blueprints then check out the strategy for the 'Master of
    Transformers' achievement for tips.
    |             JINGLE BELLS            |
    Finish winter.
    Part of the main story. If you're having trouble with Winter, check out the
    main wakthrough.
    |          KING KONG LIVES            |
    Get the Skyscraper out of the stratosphere.
    Unlike other large objects, you don't need to pull this one out of the
    stratosphere for the main story. It appears sometime during Winter and costs
    15,000 Fun to pull down. Easy enough.
    Finish Autumn.
    Part of the main story. If you're having trouble with Autumn, check out the
    main wakthrough.
    |          LITTLE BY LITTLE           |
    Get a 25-Buddy-chain.
    You're unlikely to get this one naturally unless you're building large
    vehicles. Take a look at the strategy for the 'Come Together' achievement for
    some tips and advice.
    |          LONDON'S CALLING           |
    Get Big Ben out of the stratosphere.
    Unlike other large objects, you don't need to pull this one out of the
    stratosphere for the main story. It appears sometime during Winter and costs
    10,000 Fun to pull down.
    |              MACARENA               |
    Make 50 Buddies dance at the same time.
    Don't bother attempting this until Spring or Summer. It's doable before then,
    but you'd be making it unnecessarily hard on yourself.
    First, make sure you have a maximum Buddy limit of at least 100-150 for your
    world. This basically guarantees at least 50 will be on the same island. The
    higher the better. You'll also need a number of treble clefs to get them
    dancing so collect notes first if you need to.
    Do a lap of the main island to get a rough estimate of how many buddies are
    around. If there's less than 50, throw some debris into the sinkhole. If you
    don't have any debris then drop a clef to have the Buddies dance as this
    makes debris fall from the sky.
    From that stage on, it's trial and error. Keep throwing debris and dropping
    clefs until the achievement is finally cleared. It took me somewhere around 30
    minutes of throwing debris and dropping clefs until I finally had 50 all at
    |        MASTER OF CEREMONY           |
    Create 100,000 FUN.
    This should come naturally as you play through the game. If not, check out the
    strategy for 'Bazinga Create'.
    |           MASTER OF FUN             |
    Get the bad ending.
    You'll get this on most playthroughs. You get the 'normal' ending if you don't
    complete the requirements for the 'Master of Gravity' achievement. In other
    words, you need to let a lot of Buddies die throughout your game. Any story
    events where you have to save Buddies, ignore them and let them die.
    |         MASTER OF GRAVITY           |
    Get the good ending.
    This 'true' ending occurs if you don't let too many Buddies die throughout the
    game. It is NOT based on how many Buddies are alive/existant, bur rather how
    many were NOT KILLED. I do not know the exact number.
    At least 20 Buddies can be killed and you can still get this ending. Thanks to
    Dmitry for the info.
    |       MASTER OF TRANSFORMERS        |
    Build up a vehicle out of 250 parts.
    This is best done at the same time as the the 'Come Together' achievement. You
    will need a vehicle close to 250 parts for it to hold 50 Buddies, so this one
    shouldn't be too hard. If you're struggling, just keep building and building.
    The vehicle doesn't need to work, it just needs to be big. Obviously, you're
    going to need a lot of fun to afford this. Use the cheapest parts if possible.
    |               MECHANIC              |
    Build up a vehicle out of 25 parts.
    You'll probably get this as you experiment with different vehicles. Using
    blueprints also work. If for some reason it doesn't, just use a larger
    blueprint then add a few pieces of your own.
    |         MY HEART WILL GO ON         |
    Get the iceberg out of the stratosphere.
    Part of the main story. The Iceburg will appear in the stratosphere at the end
    of Autumn.
    |              NIGHTMARE              |
    Built a vehicle and try to reach the 300 km/h.
    This was one of the achievements I had the most fun experimenting with. I'd
    suggest you try and do it yourself first and only come here for advice if
    you're struggling. It's much more satisfying to finally make a vehicle on your
    own that goes fast enough.
    With that out of the way, you want to make something small and fast. Flying
    vehicles will be easiest, but you could do it in Winter with a land vehicle
    or in any other month with an aquatic one (not recommended).
    The way I did it was taking the smallest plane blueprint and the modifying it.
    I added four extra engines and propellers and replaced the existing ones with
    the most powerful motors. I threw a couple of small propellers on top to help
    keep me up, and off I flew at 300 km/h!
    You can see mine here:
    |        NO CHAINPIECE MISSING        |
    Get a 15-Buddy-chain.
    This can be a little tricky. If you're having trouble check out the strategy
    for the 'Come Toegther Now' achievement.
    |               OMG.....              |
    Create 500,000 FUN.
    You may get this naturally towards the end of the game. If you don't, scroll up
    and take a look at the strategy for the 'Bazinga Create' achievement.
    |               OTTAWAN               |
    Make 25 Buddies dance at the same time.
    Take a look at the strategy for 'Macarena'.
    |         PARTY INTRODUCTION          |
    Make 5 Buddies dance at the same time.
    Extremely easy to do and can be done almost as soon as you get your first treble
    clef. Pop one down by pressing ENTER and any Buddies nearby will come and
    |              PARTY ON               |
    Create 50,000 FUN.
    You should get this naturally around the middle of the game. If you don't,
    scroll up and take a look at the strategy for the 'Bazinga Create' achievement.
    |         PLAY WITH WINTER            |
    Start the volcano.
    This should be unlocked after an event during Winter. You will get this achieve
    if you complete the volcano with the vuvuzelas first. Do it the other way
    around and you'll get 'Hit The Winter'.
    |           RED BUTT-ON!              |
    Kick 250 buddies.
    If you've been continually kicking Buddies throughout the game then you might
    get this right near the end. If you don't, take a look at the strategy for
    |            SHISH KEBAB              |
    Get the Earth Axis out of the stratosphere.
    Part of the main story and cannot be missed.
    |            SPEEDDEAMON              |
    Built a vehicle and try to reach the 100 km/h.
    You will most likely pick this up naturally during the race in Winter. If you
    don't, take a look at the strategy for 'Nightmare'.
    |             STAR TRUCK              |
    Built a vehicle and try to reach the 200 km/h.
    It's possible to get this during the car race in Winter, but it's not
    guaranteed. If you need assistance, check out the strategy for the 'Nightmare'
    |          SUPER KICKER 100           |
    Kick 100 Buddies.
    You're likely to get this at some stage dring the game unless you're really
    avoiding the Buddies. If you haven't, check out the strategy for 'Butt-Head'.
    |          SUPER KICKER 50            |
    Kick 50 Buddies.
    You're likely to get this at some stage dring the game unless you're really
    avoiding the Buddies. If you haven't, check out the strategy for 'Butt-Head'.
    |         SUPREME MECHANIC            |
    Build up a vehicle out of 50 parts.
    As long as you're experimenting a bit, you'll probably achieve this without
    really trying. If you need assistance, take a look at the strategy for the
    achievement 'Master of Transformers'.
    |         THAT'S NOT OURS!            |
    Get the UFO out of the stratosphere.
    Unlike other large objects, you don't need to pull this one out of the
    stratosphere for the main story. It appears sometime during Autumn and costs
    5,000 Fun to pull down.
    |     THAT'S WHAT I CALL A PARTY      |
    Make 10 Buddies dance at the same time.
    Pretty easy to get. Wait until you find around 10 Buddies on one island and
    then drop a treble clef.
    |           THE LEGOMAN               | 
    Build up a vehicle out of 150 parts.
    Best to do this at the same time as 'Master of Transformers'. It's not too
    tricky, but does take a bit of time to do. Remember, the machine doesn't
    actually need to work properly, so just build it however you want.
    I'd suggest trying to make it work anyway. Much more fun that way!
    |            THE REAR END             | 
    Kick 500 Buddies.
    This is one of the more time consuimg achievements to get. Take a look at the
    strategy for 'Butt-Head' for help.
    |          TURNTABLEROCKER            | 
    Make 15 Buddies dance at the same time.
    Take a look at the strategy for 'Macarena'.
    +---- FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) [7.00] --------------------------------+
    Stumped? Have a question about the game you just can't find an answer to? Then
    hopefully this section can help you out! Here you can find some of the more
    commonly asked questions about the game and their answers. If it doesn't help,
    try scrolling up and looking through the walkthrough.
    Q. I don't know what to do next!?
    A. First, look down the bottom of the screen to see some white text. This tells
       you what your current goal is. If you don't understand it, try opening up
       the stratosphere (press T) and pulling down any large items. This usually
       advances the story.
    Q. How can I carry more Buddies on my vehicle?
    A. Make it bigger! Take a look at your vehicle in build mode and up the top
       right you'll see the maximum amount of Buddies it can carry.
    Q. What's with the big words that pop up in the middle of the screen?
    A. Nothing, really. Many times I was concerned I messed something up when the
       words "This is a disaster!" popped up. That's not the case at all. Those
       words are just for fun and are not a reflection of what you're doing.
    Q. I got lost underwater on my way to the volcanoes! What should I do?
    A. This is a tricky one. Firstly, try to find a train track, they all lead
       somewhere. If you can't, you don't have many options apart from swimming
       around aimlessly under the ice. What sometimes works is, if you push the
       submarine against the ice, you can see the outlines of objects up on the
       surface. Use that to try and get your bearings.
    Q. I'm trying to restart the volcanoes, but the game keeps freezing! Why?
    A. This is a known bug. Apparently it usually fixes itself if you do the
       musical pipe mini-game first, followed by blocking vuvuzelas with debris so
       the Buddies can dance. I did it the other way around and my game didn't
       freeze, so it might just be a matter of trying again.
    Q. Why do all the colour containers dropped by the train turn red?
    A. This is a bug if you use the blueprint. However, the inside of the containers
       still hold the correct bug and will work as intended. This is only an
       asthetic bug.
    Q. How do I start the Hadron Collider?
    A. Walk up to the big board with the red light, you can then use the left mouse
       button to interact with it. Then just use WASD to maneuver the objects into
    Q. I've created a tornado, but where are the objects for it to pick up?
    A. You need to drop small objects such as houses or lighthouses from the
       stratosphere. Then run your tornado over it and it will pick it up and
       deliver it back to the Hadron Collider.
    +---- AFTERWORD AND LEGAL INFORMATION [8.00] ---------------------------------+
    Thanks for reading this guide, I hope you found plenty of useful information!
    If you feel you have anything to contribute, or noticed any errors, please
    send me an email, my address can be found at the top of this document.
    This file is Copyright(c) 2011 Andrew Barker. This file was entirely written by
    me, unless otherwise noted in a specific section. It may be not be reproduced
    under any circumstances except for personal, private use. Only the following
    sites have permission to use and display this guide:
    -- GameFAQs [http://www.gamefaqs.com]
    If you wish to use this guide on your site, you MUST ask me before copying or
    using any part of it. You must have advanced written permission from me, the
    author, to use it. To contact me, use the email address at the top.
    +---- THE END [x.xx] ---------------------------------------------------------+
                          Written by Andrew Barker. Nov 11th, 2011 - Jan 4th, 2012.
    Version 1.00 (November 11th-14th, 2011)
    	-- Guide written.
    Version 1.01 (January 4th, 2012)
    	-- A couple of new strategies for getting achievements added.

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